Still feeling yucky ;-( nothing worse than this girl being sick makes me sad #lifewithautism #autism #sickday #my1in68
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sweetleaff : Same thing goin on here too :(
jenwait : @sweetleaff hope you all feel better soon
mamaamo : Aww.. That was us a week ago, feel better Pie!! Sending you lots of love and get well wishes!! 💜
jenwait : Thank you @mamaamo it's so tuff when she is sick, she can't tell me how she feels ;(
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A quick trip to Columbus with my #littlebuddy! Windows down and the music up! The occasional sporadic squeal and giggle from the back seat... Priceless! #autismspeaks #autism #lifewithautism #liberty
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pzagnut3 : @djacksonair hehehe, he looks like he is having such a great time
julianneatl : We ate at Joe's Crab Shack the other night and they have an Autism Speaks campaign going on right now with proceeds of meals going to research and a new blue tie dye shirt that is really cool with 100% of purchase proceeds going to research. I bought one! :)
djacksonair : Very cool @julianneatl!
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#autismspeaks #autism #lifewithautism
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Yummy chocolate sandwich. #eating #food #yummy #aiden #gorgeous #picoftheday #photooftheday #autismawareness #lifewithautism #autism #autistic #cutie #babyboy #bestpics
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Moved Bryce into our room today so Josie now has her own room. We've had one meltdown to this drastic change so far. Praying he adjusts okay and we can find a better solution soon. Of the two kids, he probably needs to have his own space to decompress the most. #lifewithautism
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Andy in his Autism shirt. I took this picture a couple weeks ago when we were all out playing baseball. Within 15 minutes of taking this picture, he had a major meltdown and we had to leave the park. That's #lifewithautism #1in68 #autismawareness
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cindystanley1980 : Such a cute boy !!!
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We handed out cookies to the families and kids in our neighborhood. We are spreading awareness and acceptance. #lifewithautism #100happydays
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2nd April is Worle Autism Awareness day! 1 in 88 kids is diagnosed with autism... They're special too, let's show out support and wear blue 💙 #autismdayawareness #goodcause #lifewithautism
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Having a child with autism makes everyday a mystery, somedays we as high as the clouds in the sky! Victories are amazing truly , then the bad days, well those can have you exhausted and sometimes crying, but those of us who live it, we cling to those victories like you can't imagine! To all my fellow mommies & daddies out there I love and salute you today!! This is our day #autismawareness #lifewithautism @mamaamo @rjandzane @jazzyjaz921 @_sonia1111 @biggcorns @ig_autism @ariannasarmy @tommywait
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racingraymond : 👏👏👏
jenwait : @my_reverie
jenwait : @racingraymond I knew I would forget a few
my_reverie : @jenwait beautifully said. Hurray for the victories!
mamaamo : Beautifully written! Much love to you Too Jen!!! 😊❤️
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Autism awareness day is EVERY day at our house but today we wear blue along with millions of others around the world to support those we love who have autism. Please join us in wearing something blue today! Don't forget to tag me in your photos of you wearing blue or add the hashtag #teamrecker 💙
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kaylarousselprints : @yoga_april I'd love for you to repost! Just make sure to tag me in it!!
kaylarousselprints : @ama_rojo my online shop/website isnt up and running but I'm still selling prints! Leave me your paypal email and I can send you an invoice, I'm doing a shipment this weekend!
kaylarousselprints : @haleymitch ☝️
amykcurti : I would Love a print of this:
kaylarousselprints : @ama_rojo are you still interested?! I'm shipping out tomorrow!
theweproject : Girl, do you know of any local awareness programs or charities for autism? We want to do an autism awareness badge.
kaylarousselprints : @theweproject I'm in the process of starting my own, to help local families!! When were you wanting to do a badge??
theweproject : That's amazing. We have one in the works right now so it would be the next one after that. That actually might be perfect timing for you to get yours up and running. We would love to support you. Keep us posted on your progress. 😚
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World Autism Awareness day 💙 Dan svjesnosti o autizmu. #autism #autizam #worldautismawareness #dansvjesnostioautizmu #balloons #baloni #rainman #kišničovjek #lifewithautism #trgbanajosipajelačića #zagreb #croatia #crostagram #autismlife
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lorenskaa12 : #volonteer #volonterke #erf #edukacijskorehabilitacijskifakultet #autizamzagreb
lorenskaa12 : #IG_Autism
lorenskaa12 : #ShowMeYourAuptimism
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Ready for decorating when the kiddos get home from school! :) #lifewithautism
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This was made 2 years ago when I was still navigating through all the Autism info feeling very alone. I didn't know anyone or have anyone to talk to about what we were going through. I didn't leave the house out of fear of what could happen unless absolutely necessary. We didn't have the support of all family and some friends. Many doubting his diagnosis telling us "it's all normal", "he's a boy", "he will grow out of it", "he looks fine". I think it was supposed to help us but pushed us away more. The breaking point for us was medication being prescribed for aggressive outbursts. (Which I took but never filled.) We changed his diet drastically and saw a glimpse of hope, which kept us going. We have come so far since this picture. Don't get me wrong we have horrible days, and great days. We still have doubters, but I don't care anymore, usually. I know one thing that I love this kid no matter what. Just because he has a label doesn't mean he's going to look a certain way or act a certain way. And if you see a Mom or Dad with a child in full meltdown throw them a smile. That was me, it is me and at that moment you worry about the looks and judgement. I could have used it. Everyone has a different journey. Not every kid is the same.
tcotw_blue4autism -
daniellercampbell : @michellern thank you. 💙
baunts : 💛Powerful! Beautiful Child Christopher
ajaypal_rangar : Great job! I have a sister who I now 25 and suffers from trisomy 21.... they are special, and the god has sent them so that we can serve them.
jawknee9 : Love this so much. It's amazing to see the evolution of this journey. From diagnosis, when it all is so so impossible feeling to getting in a rhythm of understanding how our kids learn. Letting go of the expectations, not caring what others think and just embracing them. Bravo for your strength and your tenacity. We all have some horrible days to be sure but tomorrow will be a new day, and with it new hope, hope for the boundless joy and monumental learning for all of us. <>
shades_of_violet : 🙏💙
daniellercampbell : #tcotw_blue4autism
yosofine : 💗😘💗
turtle313 : 😘💛
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This is my brother Otto, and he has Autism. When he was a baby he didnt really cry, as he grew to be 2 we noticed he didnt make noises and was non verbal. Many people described this to my mom as autism. What is autism? My mom asked. So by the age of 3 we took him to get analyzed. He was than diagnosed with autism, a social disorder. You never think things like this would happen to you, but nothings impossible, unforunately. So as hes been growing up doctors appointments seem pointless because of the lack of knowledge about autism. Also, the phases he goes through are nuts. Clothes arent an option 99% of the time. The dvds, dvd players, tvs, vcrs and vcr players we go through is ridiculous. Diapers are the worst part. His tantrums are horrible. But there are so many positive things about him (: hes constantly laughing for no reason. He hates when my mom wears anything in her hair. He makes you kiss his cheek when he wants something. He loves the ocean and sand. He dances to his disney music. And so much more. He is truely a gift♥ I wouldnt want him any other way. #autismawarenessmonth #beaware #autism #lifewithautism #mylife #mybrother #OttoBonn #whatilivefor #wearblue #blue
og_greta : baby boy ! 💙💛❤ he definitely gave me a different perspective on life and people . He did a lot for us and he doesn't even know . What you wrote gave me chills tan @tannyahdigg
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Today is World Autism Awareness Day. I will not speak of statistics. Of grieve. Of the days you force through. I will speak of the triumphs. The community of healers. Strangers. Friends. New and the ones who stayed on strong. The journeys shared. The loving parents who have just received the news. No matter where we are on our journey through Autism. We are all in this together. We all feel what each other feels and has felt at one point on this walk. We all cry. Worry. But most importantly we carry on. And we keep fighting. The Tiffee Tribe began our journey when our sweet boy was 17 months. And yesterday I was asked questions by my beautiful fellow autism mama friend @kaylarousselprints and I went back in time. To our beginning. That felt like it was that very day we received our news. Our journeys like our babies are different. But we as their warriors are the same. We fight. We love. We loose sleep. But we come together in a community that holds us when we feel like falling. That makes is laugh when we want to scream. And that loves our babies without a label. I ask you to speak to a mother, a father, a sister, brother, grandparent, aunt, uncle, about Autism. Educate yourself. Educate your family. And wait for that sweet moment when your heart falls in love with the purest souls. Autism is our everyday. Not just a World day. But it does not define who we are. We are love. Listeners. Community. Acceptance. Forgiveness. And we are the warriors. Xoxo
suprtucksmama : #simplychildren
simplychildren : ✨Featured✨
suprtucksmama : #coi_weekfavs43 tagging @btejeda28 ❤️😘
wifeysinger : preach that. press on! ❤
elizabethmadaia : You're inspiring.
jen_wel : 💙💙💙
suprtucksmama : #jj_forum_0843
ashleigh_erin : Great shot & message!
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Don't forget tomorrow april 2nd is NATIONAL AUTISM AWARENESS DAY! autism stats are currently at 1 in 68. Chances are, you, or someone you know, is affected by #autism. Those are some of the hardest words any parent can hear "your child has autism". This is my oldest son, Teagon. He was diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder at 8 yrs old, this is considered a very late diagnosis in the autism world. We are very blessed, and he is considered "high functioning". If you think your child is developing at a slower rate, or if you see signs of #regressive behavior in your child, do not hesitate to get a consultation! Early intervention is key in giving an autistic child the therapies he needs to be equipped with the appropriate tools to cope & function in the world. There is not a cure for autism. There is not a medication for autism. He will NOT "outgrow" autism. He does NOT "need a spanking". He isn't "just a brat". He is NOT doing it for attention. He is not "just like rain man". Autism isn't pretty, or romantic. It isn't what the media tells you it is. It's devastating to families. It is saying goodbye to the life you thought your child would have, and embracing your new reality. *his* new reality. It is hard. For the parents, for the affected child, and especially for autisms silent victims... The siblings. This disorder has taught us many priceless life lessons in empathy, acceptance, & truly appreciating the smallest of accomplishments. Because of autism we understand true joy. This is my son, and he is different. NOT less. Ignorance is the true tragedy. I feel that my mission in life is to not only prepare my son for the world, but to do my part in preparing the world for my son. Through awareness. Education. Acceptance. And finally ACTION. #liub #autismawareness
hopseen : #autismspeaks #asd #lightitupblue #autismaction #specialneeds #lifewithautism #aspie #aspergers #april2 #autismawarenessday
1_hot_potato : 💙 this! My Mama is a special needs teacher and I have lots of human friends with Autism. They're the best- they don't judge me for being a bully 💙
hopseen : @1_hot_potato that is fantastic! Special needs teachers are a different "breed" from regular humans! They are something special 😇 they have the ability to truly make a huge difference in the world 💙💙
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ig_autism : Congrats
kittyboy5 : Congrtas!! And happy birthday buddy!! We are working on that right now with my 2 boys and it's not easy so good job!!
emmy_0913 : Yay congrats....
pzagnut3 : @djacksonair FANTASTIC WTG . Such a great gift to himself! Growing up!
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tinadeen : Rainbow Dash is awesome 😊 ( to dragon dash 😉)
tinadeen : Or**
katiewhitcomb : @tinadeen actually, Bryce typed the name "Huth" in the name box (not that he knows what he typed)
tinadeen : Haha aaw that's a good name for a dragon (:
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1 in 110 they said. He stares ahead. He rocks so lightly. You hold him through his cries that no one can explain. You don't know yet your touch makes it escalade. They stare and point. The children avoid you. He is such a quiet boy you are so blessed. He will talk soon. Boys are slower than girls. But he's just so cute. Don't label him. You will ruin our name. You are thinking too much into this. Maybe it's his mothers fault. She worries too much. 1 in 88 they said. He speaks in colors. You are now "purple". He hugs you. Sometimes. Kisses are now a treasure. Wave at friends. They understand. They hold you up. The group of your "friends" got a lot smaller. And you are slowly painfully learning why. And it is ok. Your friends and healers and army is expanding. He feeds a baby doll. Outside is his favorite. Food is not yet. Give love. Hold your fork. Panic sets in you are not prepared. You always always are. He says your name. Mama. He repeats it. And you cry. In front of a hundred strangers in a noisy store. 1 in 68 they said. He has never met a stranger. His eyes are bright. His scripted words are no longer noticeable. He mainstreamed with an available amazing aide. He never. stops. talking. He gives the best bear hugs. He wants to read. Everything. He eats. Everything. His friends are forgiving kind understanding and the very best. Your friends are unwavering. Still. Your journey began before you knew it was. The path was long. The road is weary like your soul. But your heart is strong like your will and faith. You never forget the 1 in 110. It's where you began. When your heart broke. And your road was detoured. But it's not who you are. We are the Tiffee Tribe and we are the face of acceptance. Of prevail. Of love. And of Autism. Xoxo
katmily : I love reading what you have to write. It makes me think, it makes me understand, it makes me smile but more importantly, it makes me happy to know you and to be able to connect with you on IG. 😊
m_boyko_ : This is beautiful.
picturesfromtheinside : I soooo love the tiffee tribe from the distance!!!
anything4kj_ : So beautiful
livdanegerous : Tiffee tribe forever! High kick!! You are amazing! He is amazing! Love to you all 😘😘❤️❤️❤️❤️
suprtucksmama : #ig_autism
astrokidz : Love you guys infinity
astrokidz : @alison_in_autismland meet my inspiration and a family I love infinity even from the other side of the world
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We don't know what puts this guy into a tailspin of bad behavior, stimming or regression. We stick to the same food plan, give him the same supplements, and follow the same basic routine. But we still have weeks where we feel like we are living with a totally different child. It's a fight for us. A bigger fight for him and tears all around sometimes. BUT at the end of everyday the bedtime bell rings and he calmly, without argument, gets ready for bed, gets tucked in, gives loves to us, and goes to sleep. Every. Single. Night. Insomnia and sleep issues are so common with ASD kids that most parents are sleep deprived for years. Today, I am happy that no matter what happens bedtime is sacred. 20/100 #100happydays #day20 #brynns100happydays #lifewithautism #aspieventures #barbaramanatee #somethingsaresacred #aspergers #autism
brynn_davello : @annhanlon I bet the moon DOES have an effect. @lesliegenchi is reading and posting all kinds of fascinating things about tuning in to things like that. I wonder if there's a a way to even it out. I feel for you. I'm so thankful that for whatever reason bedtime is so easy for us no matter what. We get more meltdowns when we don't let him get enough sleep hahahaha. So hubs and I know we have adult time together every day starting at 8:30. It makes us want to stay up later and hang out though haha
lesliegenchi : @brynn_davello it affects everyone so differently. Staring at the moon brings one in line with the energy and helps ease shifts when both are more in sync. I have been doing it and it balanced my hormones, well..shifted my cycle. Yesterday, I had a bad day. Everyone kept asking me "what's wrong" which of course irritated me so when I huff "I'm FINE", it wasn't convincing. Ha. I also couldn't focus or figure out the day and also got stomach pains and sick to stomach when I had been doing fine. I kinda thought it was my nerves...but maybe it was the waning moon, I do horrible at this time. Also, relocating, in numerology and astrology can shift things in health etc energetically but that requires a natal chart. It's geeky...sorry! I read too much! Ha! 🌚🌒🌑🌛⭐
brynn_davello : I have a lot of water in my chart. Deep well-like water. So I hide things, drown my feelings and don't open up easily. Since learning that I've tried to be more open.
brynn_davello : Not geeky @lesliegenchi I'm in to the same things. I did my astrology chart and one for each one of my family.
lesliegenchi : Cool! More in common!! @brynn_davello a great way to shift and influence those energies is with crystals and crystal grids...which is why I started studying the science behind those and how it works!
hannahbannahbee : Thought so he sounds like me
duvoraku_senpai : I have Asperger's too. I literally cannot fall asleep at night, nor do I get tired, without taking a melatonin supplement. Melatonin is a natural hormone produced by the body when exposed to more dark/less light (nighttime), and it is common for people on the spectrum to produce very little, or none at all. The supplement I take is from the Nature Made brand, and is a dark blue capsule. I recommend trying it out for him, because it helps to regulate my circadian rhythm, and I fall asleep just like anyone else would.
brynn_davello : Thank you @duvoraku_senpai
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rachelpiccoransom : Yay Bryce!
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mcl3385 : He has such a beautiful smile :-)
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