So I wrote a story, it be really cool if you checked it out xxx #liam #liampayne #liampayneimagine #liampaynefanfiction #liampaynefanfic #onedirection #onedirectionimagine #onedirectionfanfiction #onedirectionfanfic #1d #1dimagine #1dfanfiction #1dfanfic #harry #harrystyles #louis #louistomlinson #niall #niallhoran #zayn #zaynmalik #mm #midnightmemories #soml #youandi #wwat #bse
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balloonsforlou : Summary: Nineteen year old Annie Thompson has not been able to finish a book in two years. She can read them but only up to the middle or very near the end. So what happens when she meets Liam Payne who just might be her reason to finish this book, and all the others she had abandoned through the years. But what is his deal? Why is he so obsessed with the endings of books?
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Hey guys so I'm doing a Liam imagine/fanfic at the same time as the niall! So here goes! Part 1 your pov-I can't wait, I can't wait, I can't wait!!! I'm finally going to see brother after a whole year! I know what your thinking what sister is actually really excited to see her brother when all brothers do is annoy you! Well come on let's be honest, we still love them no matter how annoying they can be. Anyway it's different with my brother we're more like best friends but argue in a fun way like brother and sister. My names y/n styles. Ya ya I know what your thinking.... OMG HARRY STYLES IS HER BROTHER OMG! it's really not that special.... Of coarse I'm proud of my brother and I've supported him all the way. But I'm really nothing special. Anyway he finally comes home today!!!! I missed him sooooo much!!!! And now here I am standing in the airport waiting for him to come out that big entrance with 5 other weirdos! I've met the boys before but never like properly.... Well except for liam. I hate him. I hate him so much. Who does he think he is bossing everyone around and just being him. Urgh! He just bugs me so much. We cant even stay alone in a room together without arguing. Anyway I’m here to see my brother not liam, definitely not liam. I’m here for my brother and my brother only. I wait there in anticipation, he's gonna come out any minute.... Oh god! I hope he's still the same Harry, the Harry I know I love! A bunch of fans start screaming around me giving me the signals that some of the boys must have come through the entrance. I look over and see louis and niall! They are waving at all the fans and signing some autographs, even with the security telling them to move on. I just think that's so sweet that they care for there fans like that! Suddenly I see zayn and Liam and HAZZA!!!!! (More in comments)
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_foreverdirectionerx : they all come out together and all the girls are proper screaming now because all of them are out together now! I nearly screamed to, but not for the same reason as them...actually I guess it is similar....I screamed because I missed my hazza so much!!!! I look over but I wait patiently because I know how much they mean to the fans. Liam then turns around catches my eye and smiles at me, that amazing smile… wait what am I saying, why the hell is he smiling at me now? We hate each other! Does he not remember, seriously that thick! I almost smile back but I quickly realise what I’m doing and just glare at him. He just looks down, smirks and turns back around to the fans. What was that about. After about 10 minute the boys finally get out of the entrance way and see me! hazza is the first one to do anything, he screams "Y/NNNNN!!!!!!!!" He runs up to me and I run up to him and he gives me a giant brother cuddle! Then I hear louis say, "oh god, this, this is just so emotional for me....GROUP HUG!" Uh oh is all I can think before all of them are on top of us. "Guys....I ....can't .....breaaath...!" I try to say, luckily they all hear and move away! liam just stands there awkwardly, actually he seems a little upset. why should i care i don't even like him... i ignore it but i kinda feel bad. I give all the other boys a hug which they dramatically do as if they haven't seen me for like 10 years! Except Liam that is, I try to smoothly avoid him so that no one notices. But I know that harry sees it. He just sighs and puts his arms around me and whispers, “why don’t you like him? You guys were so close out of all the boys and now you can’t even talk or look at each other without fighting or saying something mean…” harry says, looking a bit concerned. I really don’t want to talk about it. I just said that I find him annoying and quickly changed the subject. “so how was the tour?” (More in comments)
_foreverdirectionerx : "Uh good, great, amazing, awesome, BEST TIME EVERRRRR!" "And we danced all night it was the best time everrrr!" I sang instead of best song ever, they all laughed a bit. "I really missed you y/n.." Haz says. I turn around and look into those cheeky green eyes that we both shared and I just couldn't help it but a tear fell down my face. "I missed you to Haz" I say smiling. A lot happened while he was gone, a reason for why I missed him so much.... I got bullied and hurt, name called, pushed around. They called me a slutty show off. A worthless wanna be worst of a all.....BITCHY UGLY WORTHLESS FREAK GO DIE! That was the one that got to me. As they said that when they narrowed me in a corner, I just started crying. They kicked me and left me there. I ran home and pulled a knife and cut my self over and over again. It distracted me. It made me have a new pain to worry about. A pain to show how worthless I am. And on top of that it was all because I was Harry styles sister. I also got a lot of hate, but some people were nice. I never let the hate get to me before but when people around me started calling me stuff like that I started to think it was real. Anyway that doesn't matter now Harry is back now.
_foreverdirectionerx : #liam #liampayne #daddydirection #liamimagine #liamfanfiction #liampaybeimagine #liampaynefanfiction #imagines #fanfiction #onedirection #onedirectionfanfiction #onedirectionimagines #1d #1dimagines #1dfanfiction #love #directioners #directioner #5soser #5soserforever #directionerforever #foreverdirectioner
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Chapter 8, "Act Naturally" part one: ::: (Listen to Act Naturally by Royal Teeth) ::: The thing about communication between Liam and Daisy was that it wasn't always the simplest of tasks. Often times phone calls were missed, voicemails left unheard, texts left unread and unreplied to; that is, until much later than the intentions of either person. Phone tag was a game often played and familiar between the two; simply because Daisy wasn't really allowed to use her cell while on the clock and Liam was constantly busy, and especially now more than ever as Up All Night had dropped. So when Liam finally had a bit of free time he made plans to visit Daisy's place of work. He only wanted to make sure she would be there first. And when he sent a text to Daisy asking if she was scheduled for the day he wasn't the least bit surprised when he got no response. He figured that was as good a sign as any that he ought to stop by. What he didn't expect was for Zayn to offer to accompany him. But he made no decline. When they arrived Liam ignored the smell of fresh bread and roasted tomatoes as his eyes flew to every corner. He looked at the front counter for the girl with the distinct blue eyes. She wasn't there. He glanced at his watch, seeing that it was a little after four and hoping that Daisy didn't have class today. Zayn watched on in amusement at his friend's apparent distress, finally seeing the truth behind the suspicions and rumors among him and the lads. They muttered and babbled and prattled about the mystery girl that Liam was all smitten with and lovestruck over. And now Zayn was seeing it firsthand without even seeing the girl with the famous blue eyes that Liam fawned over.
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ifangirltokeepcalm : "D'you wanna sit, perhaps?" Zayn's tone was nothing but sarcastic, loving that he was able to dish the same banter out to the boy with mahogany colored eyes; the boy with eyes like honey always being the brunt as he was often teased for his infatuation with a certain blonde-haired female. So they sat, and when they sat Liam was able put his thoughts into words, "I hope she's here. She never texted back which usually means that she's working, cause if she's in class she usually will reply back rather quickly. But usually she's out and about helping people and taking orders and such. So i hope she's here. We really haven't talked much since our date and I hope-" "Liam, shut the hell up! She's here." Zayn gestured to the girl with the blue eyes, only figuring it was her by the way she stared at Liam, by the way her eyes glowed like electricity, by the way her lips curved in such a naturally big smile just by his sight. Liam looked her way and stood up from where he had just parked. It had been four days since they'd last seen each other and it still felt like the unveiling of her pretty blue eyes for the very first time. She was breath-taking, even in the black knit top she wore with equally black pants and the black apron that was entrusted with such a privilege as hugging her body- all only making her oceanic blue marbles for eyes pierce more severely through the annoying space between them. And when they were inches apart from one another Liam couldn't help himself. He just had to kiss her. He didn't think about anything or anyone else - just Daisy like it always was. His lips pressed to hers softly first and he waited with bated breath for her to react in the way he agonized for her to. And he didn't have to wait long because it only took seconds for Daisy's mouth to interact with Liam's as if picking up where they had left off, only this was the very first time they'd met in such an intimate way.
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Yes! 100% true!
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Part 2 I can't believe I'm here. After all theae years of waiting I'm here and it all seems worth it. It all started like I expected it to be and I saw my boys singing their songs in front of me. Crowd singing with them and waving hands with them. There were so many people here. I didn't want it to end so fast. Now I'm here with other fans waiting to meet them. I'm nervous. I mean I want to look perfect but I don't have expensive clothes or prettiest face. I'm wearing a pink dress and yellow wedges. Only some of us girls would be allowed to meet them since they have to leave soon. Someone comes and points out me and four other girls and asks me to follow. We pass through some doors and come to the backstage. They didn't see us coming and still talking and laughing. I think I'm gonna fall down. Girls with me start running to them and hugging them while I'm here stuck. I can't move or breathe. I wanna go there God what's happening. This is my only chance and it's slipping away from my hands. #harrystyles #niallhoran #zaynmalik #louistomlinson #liampayne #TagsForLikes #1d #directioner #1direction #niall #harry #zayn #liam #louis #hot #love #cute #beautiful #boys #guys #instagood #photooftheday #onedirectionfanfiction #onedirectionimagines #liampayneimagines #liampaynefanfiction #onedirection
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killselenahatred : I see Liam step aside from them with his phone on his ear. Suddenly he notices me and starts walking toward me. The more he's coming closer the more my heatbeat is speeding up. He stops in front of me and smiles. "Hey are you with them?" I just blink at his question. He laughs a little "nervous huh? Okay will you do something for me? " I nod stupidly. He keeps his hand on my arms "now take 2 deep breaths. Breathe in and out" I do as he says. "feeling betther?" "yes" "so what's your name?" "I'm (y/n)" I like your name. Someone shouts his name from behind. It's Harry "it's time to leave Liam and hey pretty" Did he just call me pretty and I wave hand in response. "so we gotta go (y/n) it was nice meeting you. Do you want something as memory? " "anything not necessary. This was more than enough." He takes out a small notebook and writes something in it. "This is for ypu don't open it until you reach your room promise? " "I promise" He hugs and whispers "you're beautiful (y/n)" Then in seconds he was out of my sight and I'm standing here with his notebook in my hand and wondering if it's all a dream.
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Sorry being absent for so long. Hey everyone. So my friend asked me to write a fan fiction on any member of one direction. So I chose Liam Payne cuz personally I think he's really hot <3 HOLD ONTO ME Part One I'm a huge fan of One Direction. The wall of my room is filled with thousands of photos and song.lyrics of them. My dad thinks I'm crazy but I'm okay with it. My day starts with them.and ends with them not literally. I haven't been to their concert even once because it's always out of town and my dad thinks I'm not old enough to travel alone. I don't have much friends and pretty much dad is my only good friend. I don't force my dad for anything since he has already done enough for me by raising me all by himself. As usual I'm listening to them after dinner when dad enters my room. "(y/n) what you're doing sugar?" "nothing much dad" He sits next to me "I got something for you like ab early birthday present" "Dad what? Why? " He takes out an envelope from his pocket and hands it to me. I open it and it's something that I can't believe. One direction is coming to our town and dad got me the pass. Tears start rolling down my cheecks. I hug dad and to tell him he's the best dad in the whole world. "I love you darling. I know I've kept you away from your dream from so long but you know I care for you" "I understand daddy and I love you too" He gets up and kisses on my forehead before leaving. "now sleep okay" I jump on my bed and shout and dance. I'm on the top of the world right now. At last my dream will come true and nothing can stop it. I love all the boys a lot but I've got something special for Liam. Every time I look at him I can't help but blush. I wish I could just hold his hand once it would mean world to me. Tomorrow evening is going to be the best evening of my life. #onedirection #harrystyles #niallhoran #zaynmalik #louistomlinson #liampayne #TagsForLikes #1d #directioner #1direction #niall #harry #zayn #liam #louis #hot #love #cute #boys #guys #instagood #photooftheday #onedirectionfanfiction fanfiction #liampaynefanfiction #liampayneimagines
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Nothing Was The Same #Drake
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Concentrate lou, concentrate.. You're in the middle of interview lol 😂😂
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Chapter 2 is up!! "Nineteen year old Annie Thompson has not been able to finish a book in two years. She can read them but only up to the middle or very near the end. So what happens when she meets Liam Payne who just might be her reason to finish this book, and all the others she had abandoned through the years. But what is his deal? Why is he so obsessed with the endings of books?" - link in the description xx #liam #liampayne #liampayneimagines #liampaynefanfiction #onedirection #onedirectionimagines #onedirectionfanfiction #harry #harrystyles #louis #louistomlinson #niall #niallhoran #zayn #zaynmalik #wwat #mm #midnightmemories #soml #fanfic #fanfiction #endingsofbooks #stories #authors
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||i've decided to change the way i do dialogue it's annoying me how i do it so yeah. Hope you enjoy oh and it's kind of Rated R, maybe even Not Rated. So if you don't like smut then don't read this.|| Unexpected Love💕 Chapter 31- The taxi pulls up to the house and we get out. We take out all the luggages and put them on the driveway. Liam pays the driver and we start to bring in the suitcases one by one. "Let's put the luggages inside and then go to sleep it's pretty late." Liam sighs. "Good idea. We'll start our fun tomorrow." <> I wake up to the sun shining bright on my face. I sit up and look at Liam's shirtless back. I drag my hands up and down his back. He starts to groan and opens his eyes. "Morning sleepy head." I say. "What are we gonna do today?" "I don't know but I have an idea of what we could do right now." Liam sits up and I sit on him putting my legs on each side of him. I put my arms around his neck and kiss him. He puts his hands on my butt. I turn my head deepening the kiss and he shoves his tongue in my mouth without permission. I moan as his tongue explores my mouth. His hands explore my body and he squeezes my ass. "mmmm" I moan. "You like that baby?" I start to grind on Liam making him fall back. I straddle over him and dry hump him. "L-Stop teasing and hurry up before I rip those clothing off." I sit on top of him straddling over him and slowly take my shirt off. I slip off one strap down while looking Liam in the eye. Liam let's out a throaty groan I can feel Liam's bulge growing even harder under me. I slip the other strap down strap down and reach back to unclip it. I take off the bra and hold it in my hand and throw it on the floor. Liam flips us over so he is on top. He starts to massage my breast while he sucks my neck. Liam's finger pleasure my breast. I arch my back feeling the amazement of those two strong hands. He leaves love bites down from my neck down to my collar bone. Liam's hands escape down to the place I need him most. His fingers go under the strap of my underwear pulling them down slow and gently.
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Hhmmm bored with feels and omfg THEYS KISSING AND OMFG NO UR WITH WILL U LITTLE SHIT This is what happen when you watch Hannibal no lie
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chrisarah518 : Liam - You tugged on your sleeve, anxious as you peered over your shoulder. “I’ll be out in a minute, babe!” You called to your boyfriend in the kitchen, “just… just cleaning up a bit… damn,” you finished with a murmur, as specks of red caught your eye, on the sleeve of your jacket. You shrugged it off again, and pressed the material under the faucet, splashing cold water again to dampen the stains. You watched your forearm as you worked, the deep cuts still seeping blood in tiny beads. "Babe, come on, I think this is the first time I’ve ever perfected chicken, you have to taste this," Liam called out, "get your sexy bum in here!" "Coming," you yelled out, again. "Well, what’s the hold up, love?" His footsteps in the hallway scared you, and you turned off the tap, flinging your jacket into the bathtub. You bent your arms behind your back, turning to face him as he rounded the corner into the little room. "What’s up?" He smiled when he saw you. "Nothing, I’m… ah, I’m coming," you fixed a smile, long overdue and tried to follow him. He watched you cautiously, eyes pinning on your arm as you hurried by. "Babe, wait, what is that?" "Um, nothing," you swung your arm away from him, biting your lip. "If it’s not nothing then let me see it," Liam urged, reaching for you arm as you tugged further away. "It’s nothing!" You shocked him. "Let me see," he growled, and pulled on your wrist until you gasped, so much so that you didn’t hear the little noise he made when he saw your cuts, still fresh and peeling back red when he eased his hand away. "You…" he measured his voice slowly, "you told me you stopped, babe," you tried to rush away from him, "you told me you stopped this! Why? Why are you doing this to yourself again, babe? Why?" "I’m sorry," you wailed, and fidgeted beneath his gaze, the one you’d always know, hated to see, "I… I tried, Liam, I tried…" tears fell and he took you up against his chest, "I just couldn’t… I… I wasn’t strong enough, I… I’m sorry…" "Babe, shhh, babe," he brushed back your hair, "hey, you’re going to be okay, you’re gonna be okay. We… we’ll get through this again. Just like last time, I’m gonna make it okay…"
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{animals} I kinda like it and the music has bass in it 👌 I have a lot of homework and the next one will kinda take long if I procrastinate
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This will be one of my next video edit ;) and I'm getting more ideas
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Chapter 2: "Ok here you go! Just head on in and give this to the teacher. Now we're late so hurry on up; wouldn't want to give off a bad first impression" Marie smiled "good luck!" She finished and scurried off to her class. Ok I can do this how hard can it be? I inhaled and exhaled a few times and I straightened out my hair. I grasped the door knob and twisted it slightly to the right. As I walked through the door I felt a nauseating feeling in the pit of my stomach. I don't know if it was because of the number of eyes on me, mostly guys drooling over me. It made me feel sick especially when they started arguing over who would get to bang me first.
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_theharryfanfics_ : I was over all confused, no guy had ever looked at me this way at home. Every guy was focused on Carly, the school's slut. She was a sophomore sleeping with eight graders, sounds pretty desperate if you ask me. Thus giving me all the more reason to be happy to attend a new school and all attention on me, but now that I'm experiencing it, it's a bit over-welding. Almost to the point where I'd rather be back home, having little self confidence mostly because of everyone constantly picking out my flaws, and no one ever noticed that Carly didn't even have boobs in eight grade but they just 'magically' appeared freshman year. "That's enough!" My teacher yelled, "Hello sweet heart, how are you?"
_theharryfanfics_ : My teacher yelled, "Hello sweet heart, how are you?" "I'm good thanks" I shyly smiled. "Sorry about all of the fuss, some of us get excited when new students attend especially one as pretty as yourself." I blushed completely embarrassed to the fact that my teacher, probably like twenty years older than me, was just hitting on me. Are all of the men in this school dogs? "Ok there's an empty seat next to Mr. Styles if you don't mind and oh I'm Mr. Lucas but you can call me Mr. L." He finished with a wink
_theharryfanfics_ : I practically sprinted to my seat so that no wandering hands got hold of my backside It took me a second to realize that the person I was sitting next to or 'Mr. Styles' was the attractive guy I saw when we were walking in. I shifted a little in my seat, noticing that he was staring at me. "What's your name beautiful?" He leaned over and whispered in my ear sending shivers down my back. "B-Bella" I said mentally cursing at myself for stuttering. "Mmmm, that's a pretty name for a pretty girl" he smirked. My nerves kicked in when I realized that was the second time someone had hit on me. My forty year old teacher making it much more disturbing, of course
_theharryfanfics_ : I was pulled from my thoughts when a warm hand landed on my inner thy. I looked up only to be centimeters away from his face. "I'm Harry" he smirked traveling his hand up my thy, inching closer to my core. Me, not being able to control the astonishing yet uncomfortable feelings I was experiencing, shot up and asked to use the restroom. "Yeah go ahead babe" Mr. L smirked. I dashed out of the classroom into the bathroom. In the mirror, my cheeks were flushed and my hair sticking out in different directions, I resembled my aunt when she wakes up in the morning. Ok just twenty measly minutes left in the period, I can do this. I spent as much time as I could in the bathroom, but not too much or else my classmates would think I had constipation problems
_theharryfanfics_ : I took one last glance in the mirror and headed into the hallway, only to be greeted by a warm pair of hands around my waist. Immediately recognizing the pair of hands my heart rate sped up and my breathing quickened as well. "Mmmm, you smell good" he said, his head nuzzled inside of my neck and his hands roaming my body. "Please just let me go" I whimpered "I'm sorry princess, but I can't let that happen. The boys in this school are nothing but danger and we wouldn't want any of them hurting a little angel, like you, would we?" I shook my head, " so it's my job to make sure that everyone knows that you're mine."
_theharryfanfics_ : My breathing hitched when he said that. What did he mean? "As much as I would love to continue some people are getting a little nosy so we should probably start heading back" he said referring to Mr. L intently watching us through the tiny window in the door. "Remember what I said baby, every guy in this school is nothing but trouble" with that he turned on his heels and walked back into our classroom.
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Unexpected Love💕 Chapter 28- It's been a couple days and El and I have been setting up everything. Lou and El have been staying with us for a little. Harry and Miranda have been staying with us too since all the girls are staying with us why not start now. These past few days the boys have been at rehearsals all day. The leave early and come home late. All of us girls make sure that when they get home they have food ready for them. Some nights we're asleep so we leave it on the table. Other nights they're so tired we treat them especially well and give them a nice hot bath. Right now El, Miranda, and I are sitting in front of the tv watching Lol. *A-OMG!! We should have a slumber party. Like i haven't seen Miley in months cause of her tour and she has this couple days off. Oh and we can invite Shay Mitchell, Lucy, and Troian. I haven't seen Lucy much cause she's been too busy with my brother.* *E-Definitely. Oh and we should invite Mia (she looks like pic above) too!!* *M-If you don't mind me asking. Who's Mia?* *A-Mia's a friend of our from high school and she goes to the same college as El.* *E-She says she misses you a lot Ash!!* *M-Oh and who's Troian and Shay?* *A-Some old friends of mine.* *M-Oh okay.* I could tell Miranda was getting uncomfortable because she won't know anyone except for us but I be she will have an amazing time. *A-Miranda if you want you can invite a friend so you're not as uncomfortable. But I'm sure you'll get along with everybody just fine.* *M-Thank you, if you'll excuse me I have to make a call.* Miranda walks out of the living room and goes upstairs. *E-Wait ash what about the boys? They can't stay here when there's a bunch of girls!!* *A-The can stay in the guest house. We'll just take their food over there.* *E-How are we going to tell them?* *A-We can call them and if they don't pick up we'll just text them.* I pick up my phone from off the floor and dial Liam's number. He picks up and we hear a bunch of crashing sounds and yelling.
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one_direction_fanfic29 : I give him a kiss and he blushes. *Lou-This is bull shit. I fucking lost the game because of this. I'm out of here!!* *E-Baby!! Where's my kiss?* *Lou-I was just about to give it to you.* *E-Mhm!!* They give each other a quick kiss and Harry and Miranda do the same thing. *A-Alright boy time for you to go.* *Li-Bye baby. I love you!* *A-I love you more!!* *Li-I miss you already!!* I giggle at Liam's comment and we continue to talk. *Lu-So Troian when is the wedding?!* *T-Idk yet.* *E-We're invited right?!* *T-Of course baby. You're all invited. And..I decided Ashley will be the maid of honor!!* *A-Oh my gosh yay!!!* The front door opens and Miley comes in with a bunch of bags of candy and alcoholic drinks. *Miley-I'm here bitchez!!* *A-BABYYY!!!* I run to Miley and give her a bear hug. *Miley-I brought some stuff. Now let's get this party started!!* Miley walked over to the stereo and turned on the music. Show Me by Kid Ink came on and we all started dancing and twerking to it. *A-And let me put your panties to the side, imma make you feel alright!!* Miley and I kept dancing with each other and everyone else danced together. We danced to a lot more songs. Liam and the boys could probably hear the music but who cares. *Mia-Okay I'm getting tired!!* *S-Me too!* Mia, Shay, Troian, Miranda, and El all sat down on our pile of pillows and blankets. Miley stopped dancing so I guess its time for the movies. I grab the candy and junk and put them into bowls. *A-Miley!!! Lucy!! Come in here and help me make some drinks. I set the bowls aside and walked over to the bar where Miley put the drinks. *Miley-Hey babe let's start making some drinks.* *A-Oh girls come take a selfie with me!!* Miley stuck her tongue out of course, I did the duck face, and Lucy made a surprised face. It came out amazing. *A-One more!!* Since I'm in the middle Miley and Lucy both kissed my cheek while I smiled.
one_direction_fanfic29 : *M-Cute!!* I post the picture on Instagram and tweeter with the caption "Lady's night!! Let's fuck this shit up!!!😈" After we all finish posting our pictures we get back to the drinks. We create tasty margaritas and Piña Coladas. We collect all the drinks and bring them back to the group. *Mia-Finally what took you guys so long?!* *A-Selfies!!* Mia lightly laughs and shakes her head. *Shay-Let's watch The Vow first!!* *A-Ok!!!* I put the movie in and we all lay with each other on the floor and couch. We start to eat all the junk food Miley brought and drink the beverages we made. <> *Mir-I'm bored!!* we stopped watching movies because they got boring. *A-I have an idea!! Let's play a prank on the boys!!* *El-Yea!!!* *Miley-I have the best idea in the world!! You guys should act pregnant and scare the fuck out of them!!* *Shay-What are we gonna do?!* Shay pointed at Troian, Lucy and, and Mia. *Miley-We can have three of you call the boys saying that her results came in and you congratulate them.* *A-Okay Shay you call Liam, Mia you call Louis, and Troian you call Harry.* *Miley-But!! You can't call them at the same time. Ashley tell Liam to take out the trash and the Shay that's when you call him. El, tell Louis that you need to meet him by the pool and then you text him telling him you'll be right there you just need to use the bathroom and that's when Mia calls. And then Troian just call when you know all the boys are outside.* *Shay-Who knew Miley could be so devious?!* *A-I did!!* *T-Alright let's get this prank started!!* *A-Okay El have your text all ready written out. And Troian, Mia, and Shay stand by the window so you know when to call!! Aaaaand, GO!!!* El hits send and I hit call Liam picks up quickly. *A-Babe I need you to take out the trash. NOW!!!* *Li-Okay I'm on it.* *Miley-Louis stepped out Mia call!!! Shay, wait for Liam to be all the way at the end of the gate when you call. Oh he's outside!! Troian, call Harry!!*
one_direction_fanfic29 : Everybody is either on the phone or watching. I tune into what Shay is saying because Liam is mine. *S-Hi Mr.Payne this is one of the nurses at the hospital, and the results are in. Congratulations Mr.Payne you're a daddy!!* I put my ear close to the phone so I could hear. *Li-Wait what?! Hold on isn't it a little late to be calling about pregnancy results and when did Ashley get a pregnancy test?! We always use protection!!* *S-Ms.Williams told us we could call at anytime but she wasn't picking up so we called the next number listed. She got the test done a few days ago!! Sorry Mr.Payne but I've got to go other people are waiting to hear news just like you. Congrats on the baby!!* Shay hangs up and we all start to laugh since everyone ended the call. We can see Louis standing there in disbelief of what he was just told. The guest house door open in a flash and a nervous Harry runs out and comes to the house. I turn and see Liam walking up the long driveway back up to the front door. We all rush to the couch as fast as we can and some act asleep and some just talk. I was fake talking with Miley when Harry bursts through the doors. *H-What the fuck have you done?! Are you screwing other men cause I swear none of the condoms broke!!* *Mira-Harry, sweetheart I can explain!!* Just then Liam finally manages to unlock the front door and comes in. *Li-Uh um Ashley i think we need to talk.* *A-Whatever you need to say you can say it out here.* *Li-Ashley, didn't we talk about this already. No kids until we're married.* *H-Ashley is pregnant too?!?! Bloody hell!!* *Mira-I'm sorry what?! You're saying if we have a baby you won't want it or me?!* *H-No, no kitten it's just so sudden I'm just in shock-Wait a minute. Did you if?* *Li-This is a joke isn't it?!* *A-Great, Miranda you blew it!!* *Miley-Wait Louis' still outside we can still get him. Boys I need you to act normal.*
one_direction_fanfic29 : As if on cue Louis comes in with a pale face and wobbles over to us. *Lou-El i-i-i just want to say I'm here for you n-n-no matter what happens. Baby or not i w-will always love you!!* *E-Aaww Louis!!* Liam is sitting down on the arm of the couch and I tell him to lean down so i can whisper something to him. *A-Louis just made you look like a dick!!* *E-Louis umm I'm not pregnant.* *Lou-Y-you're not?!* *E-No, it was just a joke.* *Lou-You are one sick person.* We all laugh and send the boys back to the guest house. *A-Well that was fun.* *Miley-I'm tired!!* *A-We can all stay in my room the bed is HUGE. I bet we could all fit!!* We all walk upstairs and I lay down on my side of the bed while everyone else get's comfy. I feel someone's leg go over my waitstaff and i turn to see Miley falling asleep. Whatever at least her feet don't stink. After a few minutes sleep starts to take over my body and next thing you know my eyes are too heavy that I just give up and let the dreams take over.
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sienna_robins : Its amazing please update soon and this chapter is soo funnyxx
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I just updated! I'm gonna try to update everyday for the next nine days so get excited! #fanfic #fanfiction #wattpad #sayinggray #liam #liampayne #oned #onedirection #liamfanfic #1d #1direction #liampaynefanfic #liamfanfiction #liampaynefanfiction #wattpadfanfic #sayinggrayfanfic #sayinggrayfanfiction #yep #fanfic1d #wattpadbook #book #wattpadfanfiction
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Part 12: The doorknob pushes sharply into my back with every move Louis makes, I refuse to kiss him back, I'm too scared to love properly; frozen rigid, pain sears down my back as the door handle digs in persistently, "kiss me back." Louis growls, I try but I have no idea what to do, Louis moves his hands up and down my tense body; I screw my eyes shut and pray for it to be over soon. I think about the mess I've gotten myself into, Louis hooks me around my bare waist and forces me across the room, the next second I've fallen back onto the bed, Louis positions himself heavily over me, his legs pushing mine together trapping me and his strong arms hold me down with painful force. He kisses me viciously biting down on my sore lips, I lay limply, how stupid was I to think Zayn wanted to protect me? "Take my clothes off." Louis whispers hoarsely against my lips, I shake my head. Shock hits me as there is a slap across my face, my cheek tingles and burns at the shock "you want to say no again?" Louis smirks. I manoeuvre my shaky hands to his jeans and fiddle with them despairingly, they snap open and louis smiles satisfied, my stomach drops at his face as it comes leering towards me again, he pushes his whole body against me kissing me forcefully.
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A/N: last update for today, ily all my followers (even if you're not active!) thank you to all the lovely people who have left comments and sent me msgs on kik, it makes me very happy! 😄 Part 11: I freeze in the doorframe, Louis moves towards me, my heart pounds faster than I thought was possible. I know I said I thought my life was boring before, but I never wanted this. I close my eyes as Louis comes into contact with me, he pulls me into the room and closes the door, his touch is forced, emotionless, he pulls at the gown causing it untie and fall around me on the floor in a silky pool. My body is exposed to louis, he looks me up and down with a spark in his eyes, I want to cry and scream, I want to hit out at him, instead I stand still, Louis hooks his arms around me and his lips crash harshly onto mine; he forces my mouth open, I feel so sick, the horrible truth is that I've never kissed anyone before, I stand rigidly as Louis' hands roam my body making me tense up severely. I can't handle it, my body shakes as he pushes me back against the door. I don't concentrate on what's happening. I can't take my mind off what this sick man is planning to do to me. I hate Zayn for what he's done. And I hate myself for thinking Zayn could've ever been a good idea...
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Part ten: (10+ likes for more!) Liam let's go of my wrist as soon as we're out of the room but makes me walk directly in front of him, I go as slowly as is humanly possible, desperate to postpone meeting with Louis again. Liam directs me into a room as the Irish guy passes by, he catches sight of me, without taking his eyes off me he says "don't worry Liam, I will keep a eye on her." Liam shrugs, obviously not too bothered by everything "if you say so..." As he saunters off I go into the room "oh and Niall, Louis wants her so keep your hands to yourself yeah?" Niall laughs and holds his hands in the air "fine fine!" Niall follows me into the room, there is a bed and drawers, it's a fairly basic, just looks like a normal room, I think that's what's so sickening about what's going on... They act as if it's all so normal. I feel like throwing up as Niall closes the door quietly and goes over to the drawers "get undressed" he says bluntly, I freeze, I've never been comfortable taking my clothes off, not even when I'm alone. Niall turns slightly "did you hear me you stupid bitch? Take your damn clothes off." Tears well up in my eyes, I pull off my clothes relutantly, Niall turns back holding a set of matching red underwear laced with black, he throws them carelessly at me "put these on then I'll take you to Louis." Niall doesn't move, he leans against the chest of drawers watching me, my heart thumps and I change trying my hardest to cover up. Once I've changed Niall throws me a black silk robe that cuts off half way down my thighs. I feel so violated. Niall takes me back through the hallway and downstairs, we pass a room and I hear the a part of a conversation that makes my blood run cold "Zayn thought he'd be able to protect her, he regretted that didn't he?" There's laughter, who are they talking about? I strain my ears to listen to more but all I hear is the words "shot her before she had time to think." My heart freezes as I try to work it out, before I can think straight we're back at Louis' door. It's so cold, the door is swung open and Louis comes over to me signalling for Niall to leave, I've never felt so vulnerable in my life...
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Part 9 (10+ likes for more!) The guy called Liam shrugs and pulls me past the stairs through hallways, I can't bring myself to look up. I clench my fists and try to calm myself down, a million questions buzz through my mind... Why didn't Zayn even try? What did they mean by the last one? Where the hell am I? Liam stops outside a room, his grip on my wrist is sore, I wince as he pulls me inside. I'm shocked at what I see; the person I'm assuming is louis has a girl on top of him, she's very pretty, dressed only in skimpy underwear that makes me feel sick. Her hair is messy and she is wearing thick make up, she is leaving kisses down a bored looking Louis' neck. My heart pounds, she isn't even phased by us. Louis looks up and without a second thought, he pushes the girl off him and ushers her out of the room. What kind of a sick guy is he? He is only wearing skinny jeans, I refuse to look at him properly, he looks young, early twenties. He raises an eye brow "where'd you get this one from?" I don't move, Liam's grip tightens "Zayn." Louis nods smiling, he comes over to me slowly, within a second he puts a hand on my chin and gently pulls my face up to his, I hate the way he's looking at me "welcome" he says shortly, I gather up all my courage "where... Where am I?" I sound so meek and powerless, "this is a pleasure house love, you'll be sold off at some point, but for now, you belong to me." He licks his lips and my stomach lurches, "take her upstairs" Louis says "get her into something more... Appropriate and then bring her back to me."
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