#vh1 really knew how to end this #Easter on a wonderful and hilarious note. #snl #womenofsnl #kristenwiig #funnylady #sue #iforgotaboutherface #dooneese
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Everyone should get #excited for #FrontRowFollies! Deets coming soon. Stayed tuned ✌️🎭
theatre - brisbane - snl - sofreakinexcited - may2014 - frontrowfollies - acting - kristenwiig - actors - queensland - frontrowtheatre - excited - frontrow -
frontrowtheatreinc : #FrontRowTheatre #FrontRow #KristenWiig #SoFreakinExcited #Brisbane #Queensland #Theatre #acting #actors #SNL #May2014
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#lol #kristenwiig #snl #targetlady #moretargetlady #ifunny
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Happy Easter from Garth and Kat.
csp1203 : @jaykrames
kellyann_xo : @gimmemoorekelly yesssss! Lol #happyeaster
hjpassino : Happy Easter Wayne!!! @vizina_726
sophie_hines : @sarahrigby 😘
kbangg : I think we're better
cowboygray : @blainehickman17
gnatters : @jodymichelle @sarmstro
blainehickman17 : Hahaha
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#kristenwiig #sexyyy #comedian
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Readaaaaaay to partaaaaaay! #bridesmaids #kristenwiig #funny
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getwiigywithit : @beauty_is_kristenwiig whatever you say Stove!
beauty_is_kristenwiig : Are you an appliance?
beauty_is_kristenwiig : omg i am so sorry lmao
getwiigywithit : You're more beautiful than Cinderella. You smell like pine needles and have a face like sunshine! @beauty_is_kristenwiig πŸ˜‚
beauty_is_kristenwiig : lol i just posted that on Twittaaa
getwiigywithit : @beauty_is_kristenwiig lol I can ever stop quoting this movie!
beauty_is_kristenwiig : right so many inspiring quotes.
nbcwannabe : My baby Wiig!!😘😘
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Tomorrow will be #BridesmaidsMonday so be ready (: Goodnight and Happy Easter. #kristenwiig #bridesmaids
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SOMEBODY ON GOOGLE GETS ME #kristenwiig #verafarmiga
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movies27 : @beauty_is_kristenwiig I was watching bates motel today and my gram said she looks like girl from bridesmaids I said kristen wiig she said yes. I never thought of it but they do look a like.
beauty_is_kristenwiig : I mean... put them side by side and they look almost the same ... and they're both 40 and their birthdays are in August and not that far apart @movies27
movies27 : @beauty_is_kristenwiig lol its weird!
listentothesong : It's funny...I always thought that too! They look alike but still have their own style that is unique!😊 ❀
queenkristenwiig - saaaawwaaaa - we_told_jokes_on_saturday - listentothesong -
OMG OMG I just memorized the chords for space oddity yay! I'm not too confident yet but all I need to do is practice! I wish I wouldve learned it sooner tho #Kristenwiig #spaceoddity #guitarpro #chords #happy
happy - guitarpro - kristenwiig - spaceoddity - chords -
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Bridesmaids is on USA now, soo officially doing nothing else with the rest of my night.✌️ #kristenwiig #bridesmaids #fuckingcookie
fuckingcookie - kristenwiig - bridesmaids -
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Will you marry me? #kristenwiig
kristenwiig -
katiews : @rebeccaleag
jdangles7 : @brecheese20
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Bridesmaids is on USA RIGHT NOW!! #kristenwiig
kristenwiig -
beauty_is_kristenwiig : Oh whenever 8:30 pm is
kristenwiigqueen : "I'm trying to make it round but I can't cos I have elbows"πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
emismyname : I bet they had so much fun writing this movie...
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Hotties! 😭 #kristenwiig #jonhamm #bridesmaids
jonhamm - kristenwiig - bridesmaids -
shortieewithdaboobieees : Do u wanna tattoo? Lamo
shortieewithdaboobieees : Lmao
getwiigywithit : @shortieewithdaboobieees "it's fo' free!" Lol
shortieewithdaboobieees : I love the place part
kristenwiigqueen : I'm watching the exact same movie right now
getwiigywithit : @kristenwiigqueen it's the best movie! πŸ˜‚
kristenwiigqueen : I literally watch it every night before bed
emismyname - greercallen - realpoehlerbabe - welovekatemckinnon -
That old man had no idea he was sitting next to royalty! Anyway guys, I've had a pretty good Easter today and I hope you all did too. I watched the Women of SNL a little while ago and now Hairspray and at 9, USA will be showing Bridesmaids so it's a pretty great night! Lol #kristenwiig #womenofsnl #hairspray #bridesmaids #usa #perfect
perfect - kristenwiig - bridesmaids - usa - womenofsnl - hairspray -
kristenwiigqueen : Where did you find this picture😱
getwiigywithit : @kristenwiigqueen Twitter. Some girl posted it because she was on the same flight as her.
kristenwiigqueen : Ahh okay
getwiigywithit : @kristenwiigqueen I would have died!
kristenwiigqueen : Why didn't she just sit in like first class..
kristenwiigqueen : Could be like her grandpa
kennedystowater : That just bothers me that a seat by someone as freaking awesome as Kristen Wiig is being wasted. I'm watching Bridesmaids right now and the plane scene is onπŸ˜‚ @getwiigywithit
getwiigywithit : @kennedystowater I'm watching too. The best scenes! Lol πŸ˜‚
alyssam1025 - realpoehlerbabe - awal9 - amelialibman -
I watch the Women of SNL EVERY time it's on TV. #womenofsnl #saturdaynightlive #mollyshannon #tinafey #mayarudolph #noradunn #anagasteyer #racheldratch #cherioteri #kristenwiig
tinafey - mayarudolph - womenofsnl - racheldratch - anagasteyer - cherioteri - mollyshannon - kristenwiig - noradunn - saturdaynightlive -
poehlcats : I just refuse to delete it from my DVR. Real Housewives is my favorite sketch everπŸ˜‚
saturday_night_life : @poehlcats Hahaha it's the bestπŸ‘ŒπŸ˜‚
gaga_del_snl : IKR I hav it on DVD and I watch it constantly
beauty_is_kristenwiig : I have it on DVD oml the bloopers are hilarious
saturday_night_life : @beauty_is_kristenwiig omfg I want it on DVD soo bad
clairebriggs13 - realpoehlerbabe - hiddleston_kneelbeforeme - _poehlerbear -
#favourite #movie #bridesmaids #kristenwiig
favourite - movie - kristenwiig - bridesmaids -
queenkristenwiig - lovekristenwiig - parksandsnl - wiigerific -
day uno: I couldn't narrow it down to just one favorite skit so here are my fav four
instalike - snl - justintimberlake - jimmyfallon - 10daysnlchallenge - kristenwiig - barrygibbtalkshow - saturdaynightlive - billhader - favoriteskit - thecalifornians - chipendalesaudition - dateline - fredarmisen -
billheyder : #10daysnlchallenge #favoriteskit #snl #saturdaynightlive #barrygibbtalkshow #thecalifornians #chipendalesaudition #dateline #instalike #billhader #fredarmisen #justintimberlake #jimmyfallon #kristenwiig
sassy_shelby : Shit I forgot about the Barry Gibb talk show. Me and my friend do the song and dance every time we work together.
billheyder : @sassy_shelby Jimmy does it so good omg
kenziebro15 : "Devon, whAt are you doing here?" #bestskitever
alex_1722 - laugh_genius - emmakatherine820 - nbc_comedy -
This is why i can never do anything fun bc I get like 5 unfollowers. Bout to watch The Women of SNL so later ✌ #kristenwiig #peace #love #stfu
stfu - kristenwiig - love - peace -
getwiigywithit : Their loss! πŸ‘Ž Forget them! Lol
thewiigers : is it on tv?
beauty_is_kristenwiig : It was Idk if it is now but i have it on DVD @thewiigers
yvv95 - _frankie_frankie_ - gracefaria - billandjimmy -
tbh the only thing i want in life is for her to record an indie, acoustic-y sounding album can you literally imagine how perfect that would be . . #kristenwiig
kristenwiig -
thewiigers : that would actually be perfect😍 she has an amazing voice I love this scene
wiigkristen : yeahπŸ™Œ and even when she was singing as a joke on snl you can just tell she has a great voice @thewiigers
emismyname : Just watched this yesterday <3 lived it
ortizy143 - kristenwiigthequeenofsnl - greercallen - nbc_comedy -
Whatcha thinkin boutπŸ˜‚ #kristenwiig #pretty #thinking #funny #beautiful
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literallyknope_ - justesmarie - feyandbullock - syd__morris -
"I love babies, but I especially love getting babies." #snl #saturdaynightlive #madona #weekendupdate #kristenwiig #nbc
kristenwiig - nbc - snl - madona - weekendupdate - saturdaynightlive -
saturday_night_life - anyaarami - admeyerer - lxcaskyle -
#KristenWiig #JMendel #hateshiploveship #newyork #fashion #moda #stil #style #chic #look #davet #event #kirmizihali #redcarpet #vogue #elle #trendy #fashionlovers #runway #beauty #guzellik #makeup #makyaj #instalook #instastyle #hair #april2014 #bordo #screening
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well I turned 18 on Thursday didn't I and basically I just want to say sorry to my liver. Also, of course I walked home and did the classic 'if I was drunk, how could. I do this?' and did the Kristen walk thing that she does in Bridesmaids πŸ˜” I'm tipsy now so let's have fun 😊😊😊 #kristenwiig #bridesmaids
kristenwiig - bridesmaids -
wheresmywiig : and happy resurrection day!! (is that how you spell it???)
admeyerer : Happy belated Birthday!! Same thing happened to me when I turned 18 πŸ˜‚
saturday_night_life - literallyknope_ - simonne_delano - aftersnl -
my two favourite people😍 I hope everyone is having a good Easter #jimmyfallon #kristenwiig
kristenwiig - jimmyfallon -
jimmyfallonfan23 - lenafalpal - aftersnl - gaga_del_snl -
Happy Easter Guys! πŸ°πŸ’• I'm so happy to have gotten to know some of you and make friends with you. You guys are much cooler than people I've met in person! Love you all and have a great day! 😊 #kristenwiig #bridesmaids #happyeaster #easter
kristenwiig - easter - bridesmaids - happyeaster -
natakoi : Lol @allanna_nicole @mayrasox @eliza714
getwiigywithit - aimee_whelan - emismyname - gracefaria -
#kristenwiig #mileycyrus #yesssssssssss
kristenwiig - mileycyrus - yesssssssssss -
queenkristenwiig - morpatishi - simonne_delano - aftersnl -
#100happydays #day8 how can bridesmaids not make you happy😊 #kristenwiig
100happydays - kristenwiig - day8 -
amyberg12 - weninger25 - _volleypie_ - ellen_was_here -
@goatmilk @xtinextinex
kristenwiig -
angelfangs : Omg
angelfangs : πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
surelyvee : #kristenwiig
goatmilk : Dooneese
legzrush - xtinextinex - pumpkinpal - missybesthename -
Saw hateship loveship last night! Oh my gosh kristen was great :') You guys NEED to see it! My vids suck but heres a cute part #Kristenwiig #haileesteinfeld #hateshiploveship oh yeah and #happyeaster
hateshiploveship - kristenwiig - haileesteinfeld - happyeaster -
amelialibman : @awal9 this is hella cuteeee
k_lsi_ : I have seen this movie twice already! It is so so so so good. Kristen did such a great job. So far, one of my favorite movies of hers!
wheresmywiig - queenkristenwiig - kennedystowater - lex_0306 -
OMG I am so happy!!!!!!!! I got this movie for Easter!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You guys wouldn't understand, movies are my life and I wanted to see this one sooooooooooooooo bad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! When watching a movie, you can be a different person so yep!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Super excited if you can't tell! #thesecretlifeofwaltermitty #easter #benstiller #mobiesaremylife #cantwait #eastergift #kristenwiig
mobiesaremylife - kristenwiig - benstiller - cantwait - thesecretlifeofwaltermitty - easter - eastergift -
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Aww, kinda love Chris O'Dowd in Bridesmaids πŸ’š #bridesmaids #kristenwiig #chrisodowd #loveit #sweetie #inlovewithfictionalcharacters #sunday #sundaybliss #sundaymovies #bgl #bgcl
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Relaxing watching Despicable Me on Easter Sunday!!!xxxx #eastersunday #easter #despicableme #stevecarell #jasonsegel #russellbrand #kristenwiig #julieandrews xx
jasonsegel - despicableme - eastersunday - julieandrews - kristenwiig - russellbrand - stevecarell - easter -
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#TheSecretLifeofWalterMitty #BenStiller #KristenWiig #Movies #Bluray #MovieCollection #BlurayCollection
movies - kristenwiig - benstiller - thesecretlifeofwaltermitty - moviecollection - bluraycollection - bluray -
kellylove3455 : Hey what's up kik my jamie6454 or dm me :)
renanpellegrin : Adorei esse filme.
moh_hpfan : Sensacional nΓ© @renanpellegrin :)
bigdavehopes - blurayjoe - renanpellegrin - buckwell -
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