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>Hetalia< #Hetalia#hetaliaamerica#hetaliabelarus#hetaliajapan#hetaliataiwan#hetaliabritain#hetaliaengland#hetaliaseychelles#amebel#engsey#japtai#anime#otaku - - Day 22/30: Another otp. - Well, I already stated I like Amebel, but I decided to add it again with my other two otps, JapTai and EngSey. I just love these pairings. - Yeah, I'm a hetero shipper, don't hate. - QOTD: Already asked, but any more OTPS out there?
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*Dies from kawaiiness * #JapTai #kikuwan #aphjapan #aphtaiwan #hetaliajapan #hetaliataiwan #nekotalia #nekotaiwan #nekojapan
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Oh how I adore shipping these two , they're so fraking cute!!! *dies from kawaiiness * #JapTai #kikuwan #aphjapan #aphtaiwan #hetaliajapan #hetaliataiwan
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I was board And not home so now yiu have japtai on a napkin
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shipthatship : o(^▽^)o so kawaii!
sellie_bot : Thank you it's one of my favorite pairings
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“He's always eager.. ^-^ It's nice to have company around once in awhile, he's rather loud.” - #hetalia#aph#anime#kawaii#otp#japtai#niwan#japanxtaiwan#animecouple#hetaliajapan#aphjapan#hetaliataiwan#aphtaiwan#shipitlikefedex#femjapan#maletaiwan#nyotalia#sakurahonda
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"Nihon-san? Is there anything you need...?" :D yay big day tomorrow. Okie. Sorry for not posting, but I've finally got everything done! *determined face* (i think...did I miss anything? Lol idk xD) I will come back now and be revived! *le grin* #aphtaiwan #hetaliataiwan #aphjapan #hetaliajapan #aph #hetalia #kikuwan #taipan #japtai #japanxtaiwan #taiwanxjapan #niwan
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((I found this on Tumblr. Cute ^u^)) #hetalia#aph#aphamerica#aphjapan#aphtaiwan#kikuwan#Japtai#AmeJap
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official_taiwan : ((And a lil sad..))
0fficial_japan : WHAT IS GOING ON
official_taiwan : @0fficial_japan i dont know! What you think is going on?
0fficial_japan : Vdepression
official_taiwan : @0fficial_japan that works
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❀ - - - Ashes of soldiers South or North, As I muse retrospective murmuring a chant in thought, The war resumes, again to my sense your shapes. - - Sobbing was heard in the center of a room. ". . . !" Kiku quickly walked towards that noise, the sad sound of a crying little sister. - - Noiseless as mists and vapors, From their graves in the trenches ascending, From every point of the compass out of the countless graves, In wafted clouds, in myriads large, or squads of twos or threes or single ones they come, And silently gather round me. - - "... くそ!" The floor scattered with blood... Red mixed with sweat hat turned slightly purple. "K-Kiku. . ." - - Now sound no note O trumpeters, Not at the head of my cavalry parading on spirited horses, With sabres drawn and glistening, and carbines by their thighs, - - "... Mei-Mei.." The Japanese soldier instantly covered her with his cape, her brown eyes wet. She had never experience such war in her life. - - Nor the long roll alarming the camp, nor even the muffled beat for burial, Nothing from you this time O drummers bearing my warlike drums. (Continued in comments)
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akaimoshiroi : - - "....." The sound of crying came from the Taiwanese girl. - - But aside from these and the marts of wealth and the crowded promenade, Admitting around me comrades close unseen by the rest and voiceless, The slain elate and alive again, the dust and debris alive, I chant this chant of my silent soul in the name of all dead soldiers. - - 'She cried.. And all I could do was hug her till she fell asleep. The tears that dropped and splashed onto the ground were not normal tears. They were tears full of sorrow and despair. You wouldn't want to leave, and feel all this guilt.' - - Faces so pale with wondrous eyes, very dear, gather closer yet, Draw close, but speak not. - - 'This was Madness.. My head throbbed for fresh air, but the air I am in covered was with men from both enemy and good. Honorable blood, but a sad death.' - - Phantoms of countless lost, Invisible to the rest henceforth become my companions, Follow me ever--desert me not while I live. - - 'This isn't the first time... But this was the most deadly.'
akaimoshiroi : - - Sweet are the blooming cheeks of the living--sweet are the musical voices sounding, But sweet, ah sweet, are the dead with their silent eyes. - - 'This was the Shino-Japanese-Chinese War. 1940s. It would be all over news on who won.' - - Dearest comrades, all is over and long gone, But love is not over--and what love, O comrades! Give me to bathe the memories of all dead soldiers, Shroud them, embalm them, cover them all over with tender pride. - - Kiku snapped back into reality. "Mei.. The war is over you know." Sniffles escaped only. "Please don't cry. . You're making my heart hurt." - - Perfume all--make all wholesome, Make these ashes to nourish and blossom, O love, solve all, fructify all with the last chemistry. - - 'Not only was my heart hurt. It was agony. But I think what Mei saw was not only about the dead men.' - - Give me exhaustless, make me a fountain, - - Kiku looked up, over Mei's shoulder. ". . ."
akaimoshiroi : - - That I exhale love from me wherever I go like a moist perennial dew, - - And in the very far view, you can see a man with long hair, his cold dirtied body on the earth. Blood escaped from his back, and that was where Kiku placed his sword. - - For the ashes of all dead soldiers South or North. - - Kiku realized who it was. Who's sword it belonged to. His white gloves were black. "Y-Yao...?" And there he laid. - - - {#APH #APHJapan #KikuHonda #HondaKiku #Anime #Manga #Animation #Fanart #Tumblr #Pixiv #Art #Animeboy #Roleplay #OpenRP} - - - . ❀
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It seems like our cats have liked each other... *tilts head to the side* Cute.. @taiwan_mei ((the text says "excuse me for disturbing you." I think...)) #Nekotalia #adorable #JapTai #JapanNeko #Taiwan #Japan #cats #snuggle #APH
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ccc_madness : You know what they say... "Cats reflect the emotions of their owners"~
nihon_hikikomori : ... That is a truth enough saying, isn't it? ... @ccc_madness
ccc_madness : Indeed @nihon_hikikomori
nihon_hikikomori : @ilha_formosa {caption^}
ilha_formosa : She smiles and blushes lightly, "Aw, how cute-aru~ Their rather adorable together, shì?" V//w//V
nihon_hikikomori : Hai, they are adorabre.. *blushes faintly in turn with yours* @ilha_formosa
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