Kimbre showing off Tula's newest, Cosmic Boy. Check out the coordinating leg padding! ⭐️⭐️⭐️ #itsybitsybums #tulalove #tula #wearallthebabies
tula - tulalove - itsybitsybums - wearallthebabies -
julieandpaul : How much is the standard carrier?
julieandpaul : @itsybitsybums
monicardrake : Standard is $149 @julieandpaul
monicardrake : Love the retro stylr of the print!
julieandpaul : Thanks @monicardrake
mrsemilyeliseee : @lovely_burgin you need this one too! 😄🚀👦👶
lovely_burgin : I know!! I love it!! @mrsemilyeliseee
mrs_blakely - lobalisa - staciduguay - lb_cochran -
Amanda and FB showing off the newest Tula carrier - Cosmic Boy. Stocked and ready to go, in Standard and Toddler. 🚀🚀🚀 #itsybitsybums #babywearing #babycarrier #wearallthebabies #tulalove #tula #kansascity
tula - babywearing - kansascity - itsybitsybums - babycarrier - tulalove - wearallthebabies -
lb_cochran : You have it!! I'm trying to sell my Honeycomb so I can get this!!
whyinthenightsky : Love it. A girl can dream. 😍😍😍
kyl3_619 : I NEED this!!!
sandenisda : Love it!!
lovenatalie : @mrsblk @madeline_hunter
lnkeller - lysalou852 - jennifer_geyer - jaugustin28 -
Good evening, Brookside. 😊😊😊 #itsybitsybums #kansascity #brookside #6213oak #clothdiapering #clothdiapers #babycarrier #showergift #baby
kansascity - itsybitsybums - clothdiapering - brookside - clothdiapers - showergift - baby - 6213oak - babycarrier -
leewassem : Beautiful!
itsybitsybums : Thanks @leewassem 😘
sarapurcell : See ya tomorrow, store!
catedinsmore - chelseyd - staciduguay - sarahm808 -
Playing @jujube_intl dress up. 👑👑👑 #tokidoki #belight #jujube #momstyle #jcrewaddict #itsybitsybums
tokidoki - belight - itsybitsybums - momstyle - jujube - jcrewaddict -
kelseyjones7 : @itsybitsybums lol didnt mean to tag when haha
itsybitsybums : @kabirdwell right?! I'm excited about them.
itsybitsybums : @kelseyjones7 Tues 😊
jndata : Cute
jujube_intl : 😍😍😍
mrsemilyeliseee : It the bag your wearing the 'be light'? I'm just trying to get an idea of size 😉☺️
ccmaggio1 : Does this exact bag come in other patterns? I see totes but not crossbody.
bunbunski : @ccmaggio1 @mrsemilyeliseee this is the BeLight with the sold separately messenger strap. The Light comes in just about every JJB print. And I totally recommend it
iowastgrrl - klora38 - jndata - yadjua8182 -
Last minute Easter Basket shopping? We've got your tail covered.🐰🐰🐰 #kansascity #brookside #itsybitsybums #easter #baby
baby - brookside - kansascity - easter - itsybitsybums -
apsofleming : @itsybitsybums we are coming in this evening! 💚
fourxblessed : That's adorable v
kellhartzell - milkybakingco - sleepygorilla - thaliasstyleguide -
#summertime #itsybitsybums #nooutfitrequired
nooutfitrequired - itsybitsybums - summertime -
greengodess6 - yoitschellise - taraleighcarter -
Night night store. What a day it has been. Thank you so much to everyone who came out to help celebrate! Festivities continue tomorrow, 10a-4p. 🎉🎉🎉 #itsybitsybums #storedecor #6213oak #kansascity #brookside
storedecor - 6213oak - kansascity - itsybitsybums - brookside -
chibbigirl : Wish this shop was in Houston!
1900hnmartin : Where are you located?
itsybitsybums : @chibbigirl road trip? 😊
itsybitsybums : @1900hnmartin we are at 6213 Oak, Kansas City, MO, 64113.
lucysnarnia - la_essie - sericson7 - srgaumitz -
Grand opening raffle goodies!! Party starts tonight at 6:30p and goes to 8p. Continues tomorrow 10a-4p. 🎈🎈🎈 #itsybitsybums #6213oak
6213oak - itsybitsybums -
lindseyjo84 : @acherne2 you should go here and sign up and then give it to me if I win 😘
lindseyjo84 : *you
ajtrout : Do you have a product review on lollacup? I've heard it leaks... 😳
acherne2 : Where do I go?
jorjugan : @ajtrout we have a lollacup and it only "leaks" when my 15 month old turns it upside down and shakes it. When the lid is closed, nothing comes out.
lu_and_ed : Hope you sell out!
megan61910 : @ajtrout we love lollacup at our house too. Also only leaks when little man turns it upside down.
ajtrout : Thx @jorjugan and @megan61910! Saw it on Shark Tank and loved the idea!
stephensbd21 - milianta_mama_to_5 - pixylee - whitnaaay_22713 -
My two little helpers - Espresso and the cutest Little Miss in all the land. 👯👯👯 #gettingtoknowibb #coffeepower #jujube #itsybitsybums
jujube - coffeepower - itsybitsybums - gettingtoknowibb -
songkaili : I'm pretty sure our girls wardrobe is 80% the same :) #targetforthewin
itsybitsybums : @songkaili 👌👌haha! Truly.
pamdoe : 😍
stphboyd - shalolady - tarafaith13 - coppersiegel -
CJ's Best Boobie Butter! In lieu of needing it for its original intent, I'm trying it as lip balm. Love! 👏👏👏 #itsybitsybums #cjsbutter #ibbrecs #madeintheusa
cjsbutter - madeintheusa - itsybitsybums - ibbrecs -
monicardrake : Ohhh, I need to pick this up for a friend's baby shower!
kamillepaden : @korbyndanae :)
korbyndanae : @kamillepaden grab some for me on Friday! 😳😁
cicicakes808 - oh_miss_jackie - mommaseifert - aletheiawong -
Gorgeous and timeless. And crazy functional. Legacy Collection @jujube_intl bags stocked and ready to go. Tokidoki pages next on my list to create. 👉 This weekend is our grand opening celebration. The Ju-Ju-Be trunk show will be open for shopping and a bag will be up for the winning in the raffle. Complete details on Facebook. 💃💃💃 #itsybitsybums #jujube #diaperbag #kansascity #brookside #6213oak
kansascity - itsybitsybums - jujube - 6213oak - brookside - diaperbag -
aletheiawong - mommaseifert - oh_miss_jackie - chelibaby -
Seeing spots!! Getting the last of the @jujube_intl product pages up on the website this afternoon. 👉 Join us for our grand opening party this weekend! Details on our Facebook Events page. So much fan swag sent by our amazing vendors / we even have a Ju-Ju-Be we will be giving away!!! 🙈🙈🙈 #itsybitsybums #6213oak #diaperbag #jujube #animalini #kansascity #brookside
kansascity - itsybitsybums - jujube - 6213oak - brookside - diaperbag - animalini -
sewingforfun : Do you have coin purse with purchase?
ohhibskye - babbyjace - chelibaby - whitnaaay_22713 -
GRAND OPENING this weekend! Preview party 6:30-8 Friday / All day Saturday 10-4. And loads of raffle items up for grabs. Anyone who comes either day will be entered, with additional entries for purchases. More information can be found on our Facebook 'Events' tab. 👉 Here - amazing raffle donation from SuperUndies!!! 👯👯👯 #itsybitsybums #6213oak #kansascity #brookside #superundies #madeintheusa #trainers #trainingpants
kansascity - madeintheusa - itsybitsybums - brookside - superundies - trainers - trainingpants - 6213oak -
agoetz83 - oh_miss_jackie - hippiemama_ - sarat1020 -
Restocking in 52 minutes. AKA 8pm ct. Link on our homepage. 💃💃💃 #itsybitsybums #clothdiapering #clothdiapers #fluffymail #fluff #prelovedrestockingwednesday #grovia #bumgenius #totsbots #blueberrydiapers #prefolds #fitteddiapers #onesizediaper
onesizediaper - fluff - prelovedrestockingwednesday - grovia - itsybitsybums - clothdiapering - clothdiapers - bumgenius - fitteddiapers - fluffymail - prefolds - blueberrydiapers - totsbots -
babbyjace : Im on the site but see nothing available?
itsybitsybums : @babbyjace From the link on the homepage it takes you to items organized by type. Once you select a type you will then see the available options in the drop down.
stifflerchik - mcnorman_1 - jessicuhhxoxo - sheena77 -
Eye spyyyyyyy!!! 🙆🙆🙆 #itsybitsybums #jujube #diaperbag #kansascity #brookside #momstyle
kansascity - itsybitsybums - jujube - momstyle - brookside - diaperbag -
jujube_intl : ❤️❤️❤️
motherchaos - autumnbharris - kcaloia1007 - nicole_bonilla -
Typing up the preloved preview list with Mr IBB. Round one done. 😴😴😴 #itsybitsybums #clothdiapers #clothdiapering #prelovedrestockingwednesday
clothdiapers - prelovedrestockingwednesday - itsybitsybums - clothdiapering -
missteencanada : I seriously can't wait. I hope you are planning on spending some of your free time with us bc I certainly am!
itsybitsybums : @ajtrout yes!!
itsybitsybums : @missteencanada oh yes. Yes. Lol. Mr IBB is already tuning up his joke repertoire.
maryperkins7 : What is the red diaper?! I have to know! :)
missteencanada : You mean his lds joke repertoire! 😜That's alright, you know I love it!
itsybitsybums : @maryperkins7 Tots Bots.
itsybitsybums : @missteencanada among others. His Canadian references are more rusty.
mflores00 : Yes he is @missteencanada
panchisud - oh_miss_jackie - sleepygorilla - jackhow -
@weegallery love! Everything they do is stunning. Right down to their packing tape! 🐒🐒🐒 #itsybitsybums #ibbrecs #weegallery #artcards #newbaby #kansascity #brookside #targetstyle
kansascity - artcards - itsybitsybums - brookside - targetstyle - newbaby - weegallery - ibbrecs -
greenmomsco : I adore @weegallery as well! We have sets for both our boys.
weegallery : @itsybitsybums aww thanks guys!
kimmsam - weegallery - kcaloia1007 - sandenisda -
And another look. Frugi Tots Bots. 🐳🐳🐳 #itsybitsybums #allinone #totsbots #clothdiapering #clothdiapers
totsbots - allinone - clothdiapers - itsybitsybums - clothdiapering -
joan_marie86 : @dorianj84 😍😍
julieandpaul : Omg!! These are so cute! It makes me want to make the switch to cloth @itsybitsybums
jacintakaur - amandahspeer - chelibaby - countrygirloh -
First look. Limited Edition Frugi Tots Bots All-in-Ones have arrived!! 👉 Preorders will begin shipping tonight. Still a few left to order, if you want to grab yours. 🐥🐥🐥 #itsybitsybums #clothdiapers #clothdiapering #fluff #fluffymail #allinone #totsbots
fluff - fluffymail - allinone - itsybitsybums - clothdiapering - clothdiapers - totsbots -
5remsbergs : Too cute!!
doxie09 - megan61910 - artistandprofessor - kcaloia1007 -
Newest @chewbeads - Bleecker necklace in 'Black' - stocked. Oh how I love a good neutral. 🙆🙆🙆 #itsybitsybums #momstyle #chewbeads #teethingbaby #ibbrecs
momstyle - chewbeads - teethingbaby - itsybitsybums - ibbrecs -
morganwatson4312 : I need to come see you. How late are you open Thursday??
itsybitsybums : @morganwatson4312 yes, please do! We are open until 8p.
morganwatson4312 : Headed out of town Friday, starting 'vacay' by cutting out of work early tomorrow...might just come by in the afternoon. How's little miss?? 😷😥
itsybitsybums : @morganwatson4312 good for you! She's off school today since she had a fever through last night. Mr IBB and myself will be trading out time with her today, so I may see you yet. 😊
sheilariannon - motherchaos - carrhett - haley_earls -
Tula Rockets stocked! Both Standard and Toddler sizes. 👉 Link to our shop in profile^^. Expecting these to sell out quickly so shop fast! 🚀🚀🚀 #itsybitsybums #wearallthebabies #babywearing #babycarrier #tula #tulalove
tula - babywearing - itsybitsybums - babycarrier - tulalove - wearallthebabies -
mrskneedham : Do you have a toddler size left?
hrj423 : Went to your site to order the retro bikes print and you're out:( Will you be getting more? @itsybitsybums
itsybitsybums : @mrskneedham yes!! One Rockets Toddler left.
itsybitsybums : @hrj423 Toddler size?
mrskneedham : Yayyyyyy! Hoping mine sells today! I've had a lot of interest! Do you offer free shipping?
itsybitsybums : @mrskneedham yes. Shipping is free on orders over $35. Good luck selling!
mrskneedham : I'll take it!!!
mrskneedham : She's sending the money now. Anyway you can hold until tomorrow??
aprilharmon - carrielizo - yadjua8182 - traceface_4 -
A rainbow of Comfy Joey linen ring slings. 👉10% off these and CJ water slings (made from mesh!) through the end of April. 💕💕💕 #itsybitsybums #ibbrecs #wearallthebabies #ringsling #comfyjoey #babycarrier #babywearing
ringsling - babywearing - itsybitsybums - comfyjoey - babycarrier - ibbrecs - wearallthebabies -
kamillepaden : @korbyndanae :) I know a little snuggle bug who would love this!
loviebard : So tempted by the water sling!
blakelyann17 : @amyk9 10% off. I love my Comfy Joey. Can't wait to meet your little.
amyk9 : Thanks for the tip @blakelyann17! Hope to meet your little soon, too! Come on warmer weather! We need some walks!
monicardrake - thekandilee - katieh1230 - korbyndanae -
@tulababycarriers Hot Air Balloon. Stocked! Standard size only. 🍭🍭🍭 #itsybitsybums #wearallthebabies #tulalove
tulalove - itsybitsybums - wearallthebabies -
lu_and_ed : Love it!!
ashmash32 : @bonejava I seriously want this.
mrsblk : @lovenatalie lets go here soon I want one of these!
lovenatalie : I know, me too! Just not on a Monday again 😁
jennyoyoyoyo - catiebug241125 - brooke3583 - jaugustin28 -
Some friends on the shelf. 💕💕💕 #itsybitsybums #adenandanais #kansascity #brookside #bumgenius #flipdiapers #grovia #newbaby #nursery
kansascity - grovia - itsybitsybums - brookside - bumgenius - adenandanais - nursery - newbaby - flipdiapers -
monicardrake : So I've been using the Grovias on my babysitting kiddo, abd those are great! They didn't work for Emma, but the new inserts are really awesome!
jrodina - shelby_sweet - bex627 - amigala -
Introducing the four newest to join the Farm Buddies family: Catnip Kitty, Pork Chop, Robbie Raccoon and Surfer Chick. 👉 Check out these and other Easter Basket favorites on our website Gift Guide. 🐰🐰🐰 #itsybitsybums #ibbrecs #applepark
applepark - ibbbunny - itsybitsybums - ibbrecs -
itsybitsybums : #ibbbunny
stacycypher : The pirate pig was our little guy's favorite we need to get pirate pig a friend too 😉
e_m_c : Do they rattle?
lovenatalie : @mrsblk
itsybitsybums : @e_m_c yes they do!
merdlemac : Our family pooch is named pork chop! I need to get this for our little ones!
lu_and_ed : Cute!!!
canuckjacq - naturallypositive - staciduguay - alyy_nguyen -
BubuBebe stocked! Link to product page can be found on our homepage. 😘😘😘 #itsybitsybums #clothdiapering #clothdiapers #fluffymail #onesizediaper #fitteddiaper #bamboosquishygoodness #madeincanada #ibbrecs
onesizediaper - itsybitsybums - clothdiapering - clothdiapers - bamboosquishygoodness - fluffymail - fitteddiaper - madeincanada - ibbrecs -
bisforbrit - hippiemama_ - whovianpanda - kcaloia1007 -
Bestbottom Watermelon. 👉 Trim-fitting, one-size PUL cover. Pair with their snap-in inserts or tuck in a trifolded prefold or pad-folded flat. 🍉🍉🍉 #itsybitsybums #clothdiapering #clothdiapers #fluffymail #onesizediaper #madeintheusa #bestbottomdiapers
onesizediaper - fluffymail - madeintheusa - itsybitsybums - clothdiapering - clothdiapers - bestbottomdiapers -
jessicuhhxoxo : @chelle_09 Zoey would look so cute in this diaper! :)
kspd5 : pad folded flat and cover is my new favorite - easiest diaper laundry ever :)
ashley_marie_shelton : How do the differ from pocket diapers, absorbency wise? I'm struggling to find diapers that fit around the legs for my skinny mini, we always have leaks around the legs. 😕
itsybitsybums : @ashley_marie_shelton if you use the best bottom inserts, the absorbency will be pretty comparable to your pockets. My recommendation would be to try another style of insert, in natural fibers (e.g. applecheeks 2pli bamboo or Thirsties Hemp Prefold or Blueberry Bamboo Flat). All of these will tuck into the cover well. Then, instead of requiring pressure against the pocket's wicking layer to force the urine through, you instead just need to ensure a snug fit with the cover.
ashley_marie_shelton : Great! Thank you!! @itsybitsybums
tapeschke - merdlemac - sandishores - angiercloud -
Checking in a heap o' amber. Momma Goose coming to the website tonight (maybe tomorrow if this cold kicks me to bed early tonight). 😊😊😊 #itsybitsybums #amber #natural #teethingbaby
amber - natural - teethingbaby - itsybitsybums -
oh_miss_jackie - sandishores - kcaloia1007 - krystalmboggs -
One more B4 preview then I'm off for the night. Aren't they just the squishiest?! 👉 stocking 8pm Wed. 😴😴😴 #itsybitsybums #fluffymail #fitteddiaper #clothdiapering #clothdiapers #onesizediaper #madeincanada #bamboosquishygoodness #ibbrecs
onesizediaper - itsybitsybums - clothdiapering - clothdiapers - bamboosquishygoodness - fluffymail - fitteddiaper - madeincanada - ibbrecs -
bex627 : I need that ooga booga!!
phophelia - _victorianikki - deliahuron - whovianpanda -
My Minneapolis mug and I work on some ju*ju*be ordering. 💃💃💃 #itsybitsybums #ibbrecs #homesick #gettingtoknowibb
homesick - gettingtoknowibb - itsybitsybums - ibbrecs -
meaghanblood : Whaaaaa?!!!!!! I'm so excited!
itsybitsybums : @meaghanblood right!! Should all be here this time next week. I'm pretty excited. 🙆🙆
kelseyjones7 : Are you getting the first lady quick!?!?!
itsybitsybums : @kelseyjones7 yes we are! 😊
iowastgrrl : I have one of these from Chicago. 😍
kristen_marie_c - btalbott01 - ashleighlynne - amandalanelle -
Fluffy fitteds. 👉 BubuBebe one-size bamboo fitteds!! Amazing for overnight. And made by some amazing ladies in Canada. 👉 NOTE: Due to site maintenance we have to reschedule stocking to Wednesday at 8pm ct. 🙆🙆🙆 #itsybitsybums #clothdiapers #clothdiapering #fluffymail #fitteddiaper #onesizediaper #madeincanada #bamboosquishygoodness
onesizediaper - itsybitsybums - clothdiapering - clothdiapers - bamboosquishygoodness - fluffymail - fitteddiaper - madeincanada -
chibbigirl - sachakaye - sheena77 - sarapurcell -
So we got a few packages today! Boba, Comfy Joey, Babykicks, bumGenius, @rockingreensoap, and so much more. 💪💪💪 #itsybitsybums #clothdiapering #clothdiapers #kansascity #brookside
brookside - clothdiapers - kansascity - itsybitsybums - clothdiapering -
heatherjamison18 : Any tots bots in there?!
meinschatz11 : Oh I want to know about tots bots too...but I'm looking for the plain jane ones. :-)
itsybitsybums : @heatherjamison18 @meinschatz11 sorry, still waiting on Tots Bots. The Frugi LE should be here this time next week. But the regular ones still have no ETA.
kacrumbaker : Anything exciting from bumgenius? I still need to come pick up my Audrey.
mrb11 : 😍
itsybitsybums : @kacrumbaker some freetimes and econonums.
mommytotwo26 - rockingreensoap - kdawson620 - sachakaye -
Product editing and coffee drinking. 👉 @tulababycarriers stock tonight at 8pm ct! 👯👯👯 #itsybitsybums #tulalove #tula #gettingtoknowibb #kansascity #brookside
tula - kansascity - itsybitsybums - brookside - tulalove - gettingtoknowibb -
lobalisa : @itsybitsybums any Rockets in that Tula order?
itsybitsybums : @lobalisa not this order. Rockets expected on our next leaving San Diego, so late this week/early next.
kimmsam - shalolady - maryperkins7 - kimmarshall07 -
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