We need your story! #inrl starts this Friday! Join us!
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soulyfit : Can't wait! 💕
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Dying #Eastereggs #inrl is a little messy #makingmemories #3under5
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kristentonne : There was also an egg-tastrophe...May Becker's egg rest in peace! 😢🐰
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"Jesus said to her, 'Woman, why are you weeping? Whom are you seeking?'... Mary Magdalene went and announced to the disciples, 'I have seen the Lord'" John 20:15,18 #Godsnotdead My God is #alive. #inrl
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Little #thankyou #gifts and wrapped #prizes purchased from @dayspringcards all in preparation for #inrl next Saturday. All that's left now is a little food prep and then friends to arrive and connect! #community
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sarahjoknits : Too cute! You're such a great hostess :)
happygostuckey : #yourewayaheadofme
barbieswihart : I want to come to your house! :)
dawnpaoletta : I barely have had time to prepare, just looked at site today. Hoping tokeep it simple. Yours look great.
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For God so loved...#inRL #grace #goodfriday
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"If we don’t have both your story and my story, then we don’t have the whole picture, the picture of lives made significant through the brush strokes of His grace. Your story matters. You matter. Your life is an extraordinary masterpiece that God uses to point others to Himself. He connects us in order to fashion a greater story." We could not love this more, especially because we are only eight(!!!) days away from #inRL!
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aboothby90 : I needed to hear this in the first week of my blog!! Thank you for sharing 😍❤
incourage : Oh that's so exciting, @aboothby90!
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Seriously small world. I was scrolling Instagram when I see @alisakeeton 'a photo and to my surprise it's a graphic written @jessicaleighhoover such awesome encouragement from some amazing women. I love my social media feed filling up my spirit! #inRL @ricireid how awesome right?
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jessicaleighhoover : Thanks friend! Humbled, seriously. So glad to offer my little. Thanks for sharing.
incourage : love!!
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Getting ready for our #inrl conference!! @incourage #Focus52 #GodAware @elisapulliam
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incourage : fun stuff!
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We need your story. The one you think is too boring. Too ordinary. Too risky. We need to hear how God is showing up in your life, and how we can use the gifts God has given us to encourage you. Join us for #inrl - the free virtual women's conference hosted by @incourage April 25 & 26. (gorgeous necklace by @Lisaleonard, prints available at @dayspringcards)
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itsjustemmy : I love that @lisaleonard necklace! Lisa, is it available for purchase anywhere??? I didn't see it in your shop.
crystalstine : @itsjustemmy it's on - just search for "bench" 😘
itsjustemmy : Thanks Crystal!
incourage : This photo is awesome! Only 8 more days. :)
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@incourage My prayer for today. #inRL #faith #bebrave
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msmoozysopenhouse : Though of some awesome women with reading this. @houseofbelonging @mary_krause @farmgirlpaints @lemonademakinmama
msmoozysopenhouse : @only1sally
houseofbelonging : @msmoozysopenhouse ..xo @inallthesethings @jeanneoliver @seeking_refinement @honeyholden @jennysimmonsmusic
only1sally : Love it and thank you for thinking of me 💛 @msmoozysopenhouse
msmoozysopenhouse : @only1sally You are most welcome, glad to have you around. :-)
incourage : oh yes.. love this.
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Let's live bold #inrl
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iam_blessedup : Running in the dust of THE RABBI!♥ #happilybreathless
crystalstine : Love this @biancaolthoff quote and her heart for women :)
missmae1992 : LOVE this
biancaolthoff : @crystalstine Thank you, doll! You're the best and I can't wait to see you again. The last time we connected it was so busy we really didn't get to chat. Thanks for all you do!
crystalstine : @biancaolthoff looking forward to it :)
dorinagilmore : Yes, why are we obsessed with safe in our culture when we could be focused on racing brave after glory?!? Love this message!!!
mrsgrly : Sounds like @jenniesallen to me :)
incourage : @missmae1992 @dorinagilmore oh girls, we love this too! That @biancaolthoff is a wise woman.
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@incourage #inRL
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Working on an #inrl craft tonight. Tell your story bracelets. @incourage
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incourage : Awesome!!!
karina268 : @cwillard76 Impressive!
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I'm hosting an #inrl meet-up again this year. The @incourage conference is a great way to connect with women in your community. Are you going?
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incourage : Woohoo can't wait!
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Blogged about the (in)RL Conference. #inRL #incourage #faith #community #linkinprofile
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msmoozysopenhouse : @incourage
incourage : yay we are so excited!
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This is so true, I feel God's love through my friends. @incourage #inRL
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incourage : For. Sure.
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Are you going to an #inRL meetup?! If not, why not?! Free, fellowship, food, and most of all, local community! You need to be there - we need your story! Find out more over at @incourage!
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incourage : yes come one come all!
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This came in the mail today, a fresh reminder that my story matters, that YOUR story matters! #inRL
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incourage : it sure does!!! :)
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"Home, for those in Christ, is wherever we find ourselves. Home isn’t so much about the space between four walls as it is the connection between two hearts and that connection can happen whenever and wherever we open the door. There are more than enough road weary women looking for home that can fill my in-betweens and don’t really care if the hardwoods glisten and the curtains are a mauve floral print from the early 90s. We’re not looking for perfection; we’re looking for connection." @jessicaleighhoover is sharing her story today and inviting you to #inRL!
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kellyfitness3 : You oh Lord, have been my Home for countless generations. Psalm 90:1
l_m_anderson : @dmkimbro 😳
dmkimbro : Yep... I think I'm being invited in!!! This is sooo amazing!! Thank you for sharing!! You are my home!! @l_m_anderson
incourage : @kellyfitness3 oh, that is beautiful! @dmkimbro love that :)
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I can't even handle the weight of this piece! It is simply breathtaking! Thank you @emilypfreeman @lisaleonard & @incourage for this lovely expression of the heart of God! #YourStoryMatters #Bench #Community #inRL
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incourage : Eeekkk it arrived already! #inRL
karina268 : @incourage I know! Things come to me in La. fast! Love it!!!! #inRL Lots of thanks!!!!
mama_dup : LOVE IT!!!!!
karina268 : @mama_dup It's definitely on my Top 10 list of fave jewelry! @emilypfreeman @lisaleonard @incourage
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Your Story Matters #inRL
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incourage : it sure does!
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Just enough for today, Lord. @dayspringcards #inRL
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dayspringcards : All we ask and hope!
reallifetitustwo : I want that bowl!
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This is happening right now. And I must say, it was 67 degrees at 6 am when I went out for a run! #untouched #inrl #crazyweather
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I'm so bored today. Like there's nothing to do.
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x_felinethief : #NoLife
redhood_society : #Yougetnodick @x_felinethief
x_felinethief : #OfCourseIDo #ImAWhore #Duh
redhood_society : #InRl? @x_felinethief
x_felinethief : #Wth #No #LikeHonestly #CanUNot
redhood_society : #LMFAO @x_felinethief
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A little peek at one of my @dayspringcards goodies for the #inrl meet up on the 26th. Will I see you here? for details!
inrl -
incourage : oh yay!!!
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Coming soon! Have you found your meet-up yet? #inrl
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floyds07 : I've got Saturday but not Friday
incourage : @floyds07 on Friday you watch right where you are in the comfort of your pajamas and home :)
ouranthemishope : Love this.
floyds07 : Awesome @incourage! I was afraid that I was missing something.
incourage : @floyds07 no worries, you are all set! :)
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#theidearoom #photoaday #favoriteplace My #creative #art space... My first attempt at #mixedmedia on #canvas #altered #vintage #book #bird #page #ornaments #papercrafts #scripture. This is for above my new desk where I #write my #blog. It also just so happens to fit in with my #inrl decor and theme!
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karrilee_aggett : #yesinmymess for SURE today because creating art can be messy business!
lehuahiialo : And I just really, really, really love those birds!
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Sweet friends, your story is beautiful. Won't you join us at #inRL on April 25 & 26 and offer the pieces of your story in community with other women? Feel free to share in the comments below what God has made beautiful in your story, because we promise - it's a beautiful one!
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denadyer : He has turned depression and anxiety into peace and JOY. Praise His Holy name!
sprightlyamyanne : Love this.
incourage : @denadyer oh that is one powerful sentence right there!
happygostuckey : He has been faithful to weave a beautiful story from what looked to me like a bunch of messy, tangled threads!
latrigo : Selfish choices lead to brokenness but our gracious Savior provided a second chance to serve till the end. The past 15 months have been a beautiful reminder that Jesus is in the business of second chances... It's the power of the Gospel! May He be glorified!!!
kimmandigo : @lacemermaid
incourage : @happygostuckey I love how He does that! He sees the message in the mess.
incourage : @latrigo "Jesus is in the business of second chances." Couldn't agree more!
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Single friends, this is your invitation – divorced, single again, never married, whatever label you wear around – you have been invited to sit at this table. In two weeks, when women across the world will gather around tables and computers and stories, don’t stay home. Don’t tell yourself that your perspective isn’t welcome. Don’t miss out on giving your heart to the other #inRL ladies. [Read the entire post and invitation from @anniefdowns on the blog today.]
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kristynrobb : @teachkjm for you...
l_m_anderson : @dmkimbro
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So thrilled to meet @angieelkins1971 & her husband Robert last night. 2 amazing musicians & worshippers. @staceythacker you were right, she is a delight!! #inRL #friendship
friendship - inrl -
angieelkins1971 : Kate- @staceythacker & I are already making plans for when we can see you again. Hopefully July!
lisawhittle : @katebattistelli you just met one of my long-time friends! I adore @angieelkins1971. Ask her about when we were once make-up artists together. 😱😊
katebattistelli : @lisawhittle @angieelkins1971 Do tell!!
angieelkins1971 : Seminary days!!! @lisawhittle & I worked many a Clinique counter together!!! @katebattistelli
staceythacker : All right dinner for 4 it is!!
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We're just 14 days away from @incourage's #inRL: Story! It's hard to believe women around the world will hear a piece of my story in just two weeks, but "in the middle of the mess He is writing His message." Praying the Truth in these printables would bless those that come to the meetup, and *so* excited to see what He does around the world!
inrl -
incourage : Oh my, we are so excited! And printables - such a great idea! Thank you for sharing your story at #inRL
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We need you. We need your story. #inrl
inrl -
floyds07 : I am SUPER excited to participate in the live retreat on the 26th!!!
bstar0306 : Me2
incourage : We are PUMPED! Glad y'all will be a part! @floyds07 @bstar0306
bstar0306 : I really love this years theme
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We’re getting so excited for #inRL – and we’re only 15 days away! Have you registered yet for our FREE webcast - the virtual girl's weekend that comes to YOU! - on April 25 and 26? Why not go do it now? Go ahead – we’ll wait here. Today only, we’re giving away a special new necklace designed just for (in)RL by @lisaleonard! Last year @emilypfreeman shared the story of the bench that built community in her neighborhood, and that story - and all of YOUR "bench" stories - inspired this beautiful necklace! Everyone registered by midnight tonight(!) will be entered to win 1 of 25 necklaces!
inrl -
incourage : We *totally* agree! @thenester @saritak @charlottebuster @onerebelheart
incourage : @emilypfreeman goodness, just thankful you shared that story and look how it's continuing to reach!
girlwithblog : @amylearns I know!!!
karina268 : @incourage @emilypfreeman @lisaleornard I need this delivered overnight! Love it!
incourage : @karina268 Isn't it just perfect?!
karina268 : @incourage It's beyond perfect! It takes my breath away! @lisaleonard @emilypfreeman
princessnthepopstar : @thelovedovesphotography I am doing this. Want to join?
incourage : @thelovedovesphotography we think you should join @princessnthepopstar ;)
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