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Sometimes I worry about myself. And Zach. #lol #shortshorts #skirt #kindagay #imstraght #promise #haha @benchwarmer3
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devin_lewis__ : Don't worry about it bitch @kiki_cupcake_123
devin_lewis__ : You think my mom cares if I cuss? @kiki_cupcake_123
devin_lewis__ : No my mom doesn't give a FUCK @kiki_cupcake_123
xblove : Well I am Devin's mom, so if you have something you need to say then say it to me! Devin get that phone number off here or you will lose your phone for a month. Now @kiki_cupcake_123 you instigated this whole thing, you don't need to know anything about him or where he goes to school or threaten to call me because you won't leave him alone no matter how many times he tells you said you are in 6th grade? Why are you bugging a high schooler? You are in the same grade as one of his brothers, leave him alone! You realize the more you fuss about his cussing the more he's gonna do it to get you to go away? Also don't threaten to call the cops over cussing, it's not a crime... Just leave my son alone or give me your mothers name and number and I can discuss this matter with her
kiki_cupcake_1234 : pleas
kiki_cupcake_1234 : pleaspleaspleaspleaspleas
kiki_cupcake_1234 : thank alot im in troube
kiki_cupcake_1234 : l
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