But first lemme take a #selfie ♡ #YOLO #YouOnlyLiveOnce #tb #throwback #theresian #fisheyelens #chijstc #ijgirl #chijgirl #Andrea #andreagbt #gbt #goh #gohs #girl #97 #1997 #selfie
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Thank you FEO ♡♡♡ #eastereggs #imissschool #IJgirl
imissschool - ijgirl - eastereggs -
lovetobewrapped : :)
lovetobewrapped - imshaun -
Found this while mum clears her warerobe! Still nicely packed in the plastic bag! Haha! @chanser22 @judy_kang_jing recognise this? #ijgirl
ijgirl -
woeilingsim : @woeichyisim you cannot fit in liao la. Lol
jessejd - purple_cupcakie -
My #school #badges and #class #committee #NECIP #badges #stBernadette #stJaon #blue #yellow #house #yolo #chij #chijtp #secondaryschool #primaryschool #awesome #memories of being #ijgirl for #11years [ #womenofdistinction #friendsforlife ==> @iyliamaleena @vivien_cathlyn @ellayye @nanaphew ]
house - awesome - yolo - secondaryschool - yellow - 11years - chij - friendsforlife - committee - womenofdistinction - necip - class - badges - blue - school - stbernadette - memories - chijtp - primaryschool - ijgirl - stjaon -
aisforaly : #ijspiritburningbright :)
iyliamaleena : #IJSPIRIT
itzalyyy - reginalys - joy_illuminated_garden - iyliamaleena -
Day 76/100 #100happydays In 2003, when we moved out of the old IJ compound for rebuilding, I thought the feeling of being in the new compound won't ever be the same. I mean the corridors, classrooms and meeting places will no longer look familiar - everything would spanking new and squeaky clean. Today, I came back for a catholic retreat for the students and realised that something was still the same and would always remain regardless of time and space - the IJ spirit! Though I couldn't connect with the new buildings, I definitely found a connection with the girls. Once and IJ girl, always an IJ girl! ✌️😁 #ij #chij #ijspirit #chijtp #ijtp #ijrocks #ijgirl #ijgirls #friendsforlife #catholic #convent #infantjesus #school
catholic - school - convent - ijtp - ijgirl - chijtp - chij - ij - friendsforlife - ijrocks - ijspirit - infantjesus - 100happydays - ijgirls -
phoebe_p : @gummyyummy10 I told them "she looks like a cartoon character!"
gummyyummy10 : but there's 2 sarah tan in my level, class HAHAH
phoebe_p : @gummyyummy10 well one of them asked if your bro was Gerard and I said YES!
_pearlynchua : Maybe some are my juniors then they know me that's why they know Gerard and that's why they know Sarah HAHAHAHHA
phoebe_p : @gummyyummy10 @_pearlynchua ooooooooohhhh I'm going to uncover @gerardjansentan reputation in IJ soon 😜
gerardjansentan : HAHAHA
_pearlynchua : HAHHAHAHA
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I recorded down hahaah #11years #ijgirl
ijgirl - 11years -
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so much memories.... Started to pack my stuff in preparation to moving to my new home. Once an IJ girl, always an IJ girl:) #ijgirl #memories
memories - ijgirl -
_charissayvette : Hi5! Am a fellow IJ girl too!^^
cheekaymiang : I lost my badge!!
fickrahc : Hi5 @_charissayvette ! Which IJ were you from?
fickrahc : @cheekaymiang haha! I didn't know I kept so many of mine!
_charissayvette : @fickrahc st nicks!:)
jakachuuu : so you need help with moving not?
cheekaymiang - crystalpoohy - fionaluvyou - cyneelove -
Its been 4years since I left IJ. It feels good to be back home and see my friends again ♥ I miss the times in IJ so much. #ijgirl #chij #ijfiesta
chij - ijfiesta - ijgirl -
minhole : Pretty hair!! ^^
coolchrisssss : Omg wished I was there:(
iatingheish - leneyylim - chelxzc - keyou_shimimira -
Found something reeeeeeally antique!!! 😱 Primary 6 graduation, and it was a tradition to sign on our clothes as a farewell 😊 #memories #ijgirl #kellock
memories - kellock - ijgirl -
krystalgale : I used to do that too! Here
krystalgale : Hehe*
hillarycaledria : Oh god. Is this an IJ thing to do in primary school? I have one too!!
tedzzygram : @hillarycaledria I'm not sure~ guess it's in ij blood! Haha!
amalisuhailah - joesiscxy - ferlianalingxuang - jeremyzxc -
Back home. @celpel
ijfiesta - ijgirl -
dawnlhr : #ijfiesta #ijgirl
dawnlhr - leeboonnnnnnnnn - cosmiccolours - kkristiee -
With ms jo teo! Discipline mistress of chij tpy. Used to bring a metre long ruler herding us ard sch. She actually remembered our class when she taught lit. (: so much nostalgia at ij fiesta today! #ijgirl #thoseweregooddays
ijgirl - thoseweregooddays -
hyun__jun : #naughtyschoolgirls
mirandaagus : Long time no see you!! Hahaha
minnsyyy : @alvin__park that sounds wrong! Haha.
minnsyyy : @mirandaagus are you in sg still?! Meet with tiff leh!
mirandaagus : I am. LOL tiff also in sg (: (: @tifftheresiana
berriesk : It was IJ fiestaaaa?!!!?!?
minnsyyy : YAAA. But you got classes also right? Haha new school not as homely as holding school. Our fiesta more hardcore. @berriesk
berriesk : Agreed!! Holding school was so much love. Remember climbing all the steps. Ahhh. Making me nostalgic too...
eneresserene - hyun__jun - natashaxoxo27 - ofeliaaaa -
Miss my secondary school uniform that I went to try it on 😅👟 #whatido #ithinkicrazy #butimissIJ #IJgirl 💓
butimissij - ithinkicrazy - ijgirl - whatido -
vgy_yo : Crazy 😁
siewmunn : What is crazy? I think you crazier @vgy_yo 😂
vgy_yo : @siewmunn 😒😒😒 I never do anything hor TSK
nrvll : Which IJ babe?
shaleneee : QTPIE HEHE
pegztpq : Act cute
darius_cheong : Eeeeeee
irinaliew : Red house? Aren't you in yellow?
rachaelleee - cesc_jackson - zhenoh - waneesoon -
The beauty of Chijmes #historyofij #chijvictoriastreet #ijgirl
ahbengsch - historyofij - chijvictoriastreet - ijgirl -
victoria_007 : @chezziel simple in virtue, steadfast in duty!
chezziel : @victoria_007 yeah! Lol
skye_agape : 礼仪廉耻忠孝仁爱!#nhss4eva! #instabombed
chezziel : @skye_agape hey y u so random!! >< #ahbengsch :p
lixian_khoo : @skye_agape Skye you are from nhss!?!?
chezziel : @lixian_khoo yeppp haha were you from there???
skye_agape : @lixian_khoo yep :) last batch of express/normal
audreymikele : That's nhps sch motto too!
victoria_007 - lixian_khoo - heigladys - beadsandbaking -
Nostalgic . #reportcard #CHIJ #IJgirl
chij - reportcard - ijgirl -
geritheberi - irishgiraffes - ddeenniisseelim - davustarlz -
Day 10/100 #100happydays returning to IJ for thanksgiving mass to celebrate 160th Anniversary and CNY with Archbishop William Goh is such an honour. So happy to see my teachers who have helped me become who I am today. Thank God for IJ and awesome teachers 🙏😊 #ij #ijtp #ijgirl #chij #cny #chijtp #catholic #archbishop #williamgoh #convent
ijtp - convent - catholic - archbishop - ijgirl - chijtp - cny - 100happydays - chij - ij - williamgoh -
pamela_ho : are u back at IJ doing something? :)
pamela_ho : Mrs Jennifer Chu!
phoebe_p : @pamela_ho well I'm just volunteering to teach Catechism. Erm... Than isn't Mrs Jennifer Chu... But I saw her! 😁
pamela_ho : @phoebe_p hehe oh yah it isn't her! too young! 😄 I taught catechism there too many years ago. would be nice to go back and be among IJ girls again :)
phoebe_p : @pamela_ho they're still looking for catechism teachers if you are interested. But yea, I really like being in IJ ☺️
chin_0078 - mingssss - aristyyy - melanie_goh -
Celebrating 160th Anniversary of CHIJ. So blessed to be back. Once an IJ girl, forever an IJ girl ✌️😁🙏 #chij #ij #ijtp #convent #chijsec #chijtp #ijgirl #infantjesus #catholic
ijtp - convent - catholic - ijgirl - chijtp - chij - ij - chijsec - infantjesus -
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Found some good old memories while spring cleaning for #cny 😌 #chij #ijgirl #sjc #conventgirl #iwannagobacktoschool
chij - conventgirl - iwannagobacktoschool - sjc - ijgirl - cny -
shermaineshimin : @jas_mintea I tk leave...😝 next week also wan to tk..hahaha
magdalyn_ : Oh man, so many memories! I was yellow house!
hahahaze : I don't even remember we have name tags.. Haha!
jas_mintea : @shermaineshimin 👍👍👍
jas_mintea : @magdalyn_ Yeah boy! @lilyneo is frm red house so we're missing one frm St Emily! Kekeke ❤️💙💚💛
jas_mintea : @hahahaze Lol... Introduced in our last yr i tink
lilyneo : @jas_mintea what's that that turn yellow behind?
jas_mintea : @lilyneo Collar pin version of our badge... U didnt hv that?
shermaineshimin - ming_prapatsorn - magdalyn_ - lilyneo -
Simple in virtue. Steadfast in duty. #chij#kc#imisskc#kcian#ijgirl
chij - kc - imisskc - ijgirl - kcian -
bobosaurus47 - amirul_haq - milelocin - lailaalkaff -
Back when I was in Singapore at an all girls convent school in 2009 📒📚🏤#tbt #throwbackthursday #chijstc #chij #2009 #ij #ijgirl #ijblue #stc #singapore #allgirlsschool #conventgirl
conventgirl - ijblue - throwbackthursday - singapore - stc - ijgirl - tbt - chij - ij - allgirlsschool - chijstc - 2009 -
lnbinhnhi - jennngyn - lindemustard - laurapatzll -
Went to katong convent today for work and I really really miss SN ); It's just that feeling when you get when you step into an ij school as an old girl haha. Saw mrs Goh from SN there as well! #SNpride #IJgirl
snpride - ijgirl -
secretlyderek - leeminjanine - ameliaxxng - moju_juju -
1st day of school, primary one! #mygodaughteristhecutest #katongconvent #turquoiseclass #greenteam #IJgirl
mygodaughteristhecutest - greenteam - ijgirl - katongconvent - turquoiseclass -
princefig - shina_zaid - stellaandthomas - jeymeashvin -
I ended up with 7 badges for some reason. That's not too many for 10 years, right? #ijgirl
ijgirl -
auddie : IJ pride!! 😊 I kept losing mine lol
claireacws - cchockolate - tinggs - hellodearyou -
Found th ij sweater and brought it along w me t korea. Lol. Really miss wearing schl uniform...Hahah. #me #selca #selfie #chijsjc #chijstjosephsconvent #ijgirl #nofliter
me - chijsjc - selca - selfie - chijstjosephsconvent - ijgirl - nofliter -
debsquek : very pretty!✨
hityrheartz : @debsquek you're too kind. You're too!^^.
valarysoh - kayteekara - xdaintydaisies - ffy2001 -
#ij #ijgroup #ijmag #ijgirl #havefun #lol #ahah #chicks #marronerosso
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Was tagged on my main so eh...why not here. 1. I'm the youngest out of 5 children 2. I am an #ijgirl 3. I missed Thalia,Grover and all the other characters from PJO 4. Okay don't kill me but Mockingjay was so boring to me 5. I live in Singapore :) 6. I love #ROTBTD so much!! 7. #jarida ;) 8. Some of my favorite bands include Suicide Silence, MCR, sleeping with sirens, Greenday and Pierce the veil 9. I sometimes think that Thalia Grace and I would be great friends 10. I am not freaking emo -.- 11. The Wanted over One Errection 12. No, I did not accidentally write one errection 13. I swear...a lot 15. Tumblr. Is the best website ever 16. My Celebrity crush is Andy Biersack and my YouTube crush is Kian Lawley(my book crush is Percy Jackson) 17. i love eating Nutella, like no joke-it's amazing 18. Refer to 14 19. Percy Jackson can out sass Gerard Way, sorry :3 20. I am diagnosed with ADHD 21. There wasn't a 14 so now there are officially 20 facts :P, yup
rotbtd - ijgirl - jarida -
smoothandslimyballs : You know, there were some facts there that I didn't even know! Like no. 4,11 and 8! Some friend right? @roman_greek_demigods?
pbjprincess - smoothandslimyballs - mmaboxer_twinz504 - taylorfindlayy -
#meeting #ij #ijgroup #ijgirl #ijboy #discus #plan #marronerosso #havefun #friends #lol
discus - havefun - ijboy - friends - marronerosso - ijgirl - lol - ij - plan - ijgroup - meeting -
mrs__president : Ребята от вас столько позитива! Это круто☺️
alua_ab : @mrs__president ахах) спасибо) 😄😄😄
askar_dias - tolganay_moon - alira2112raha - ybraeva -
#meeting #ij #ijgroup #ijgirl #ijboy #discus #plan #marronerosso #havefun #friends #lol
discus - havefun - ijboy - friends - marronerosso - ijgirl - lol - ij - plan - ijgroup - meeting -
aidana_kuluntaeva : TP:)
kakimova_z : Ахахаха
kakimova_z - alikhanb - alira2112raha - ybraeva -
Look at what I found at the home corner in my new childcare centre! A CHIJ St Nicholas doll!! 😊❤️❤️ #sngs #doll #ijgirl #wantsorangebowl
wantsorangebowl - sngs - ijgirl - doll -
orangeyjy - cherio_o - sabbysoong - asyi_khin -
And we got our Theresian Bears last Friday! 🐻💗 #ijgirl #ijfriendsarefriendsforlife #theresian #proud #proudtobeatheresian
theresian - proud - ijgirl - ijfriendsarefriendsforlife - proudtobeatheresian -
mightybean13 : how come you have that!!
jayhayyyyyy : HOW MUCH YOU BUY
_shanee_ : @mightybean13 I went back to school to collect yearbook then they were also selling this so I bought it!
_shanee_ : @jayhayyyyyy $12! Go and get it! It's very cute!!! 😍😍😍
mightybean13 : i see!! Haha okie thanks!!
euniceannabelle : Wo ye Yao!!!
rihansu - annapoopies - zqchan - iamsylvcyx -
"Я не хочу икать!!!" 😂😂😂 #lol #ahah #ij #ijgirl #autumn #fall #october #monday #fun #friends #support #hiccup @korlana_srt @dulatovdaniyar @kakimova_z @mika_kuanisheva
october - monday - support - ahah - ijgirl - lol - autumn - hiccup - ij - fall - fun - friends -
ali_jazz : 😊
mimimisu : 😀😀😀😀😀😀☺️
aidana_kuluntaeva : Ewe i ya byla :)
mimimisu : @aidana_kuluntaeva da ti vsegda vezde, vse znaesh', vseh znaesh', vse tebya znayt, ti vezdesusha ved')
mika_kuanisheva : wlaaaadkaya)
aidana_kuluntaeva : Do do :D! Ne vezde kanew,no tam byla:)
aminazh - sultanoffinland - abylaikhanova -
Swim date with my #ijgirl #bff
watchouttmr - ijgirl - bff -
gabbissc : #step #model hahaha
osnapitsshannen : @gabbissc hahaha #watchouttmr
gabbissc : #imgonnadie
xflzx - spopsicles - venezeyo - dongwenhao -
My lucky sister received such a cute IJ bear upon graduation🐻😍 If only my school gave us one too in 2008 😍 It was the best years of my life and nothing will ever replace it 😍 #CHIJ #thebest10yearsofmylife #IJgirlfor10years #IJgirl #classof2008 #bluepinafore #throwback #missthosedays
thebest10yearsofmylife - ijgirl - chij - ijgirlfor10years - throwback - classof2008 - bluepinafore - missthosedays -
remaineworld : I bought this wen !!! @wenlingalethea
remaineworld : But sumhow hers looks abit cuter! Awwww i luv sjc too cos i met u guys @wenlingalethea @jolowhl @po_ofy @chelschye @sheeerylll
remaineworld : @boreddan
jolenette : Omg so cute!!! Have the sash too!
jolenette : Awww you two are so sweet <3
wenlingalethea : I bought it too:D but my sis it it for free 😤 hahaha @remaineworld omg @boreddan uses insta!!!! Hahaha jo!! @jolowl And yesh I got to know u guys 😍
sheeerylll : 💚❤️💙💛💜
wenlingalethea : 😊😊 @sheeerylll
mindyalison - sheeerylll - claredemoda - prissyyyllaaa -
Look what i still had after all these years ( layout of my sitting arrangement with my clique in KC ) HHAHAHAHA THIS IS SO FUNNY! Gladys and hanks wld always draw rubbish shit on post it and we even had a funeral for one of y'all's stupid dead pet . Then also always eating in class! You both are actually one of the worst role models as councillors! Hahahaha!then y'all always gimme y'all's order for recess cos I finish Chinese class early! Nat Nat n I always laughing at y'all and eating also and always disturbing each other ! And also disturbing the back row! And to think we sat at like right in front of the class! And OP and Yan Ru always fighting with each other! The best parts??? Disturbing Mrs Tan and singing her birthday songs and and also our English teacher remarkable English (sarcasm here) Hahahhahahaha! COME ON LETS POST A PIC OF OUR KC MOMENTS #kcmoments #natnat #hanks #glad #yr #op #ijgirl
kcmoments - natnat - hanks - yr - ijgirl - glad - op -
gladysphanjx : Awwwwww ❤️❤️❤️
hanksadri - natcheng - shakirodeska -
Statigram feedback