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thalia_93 : @jgls447 miss you whoreπŸ˜©πŸ’”
jgls447 : Aww come over whore :( I hate working and going to school can't wait for vacation and going to the beach
thalia_93 : @jgls447 Aww me too πŸ˜£πŸ’” & Im sorry can't I've been working on this essay all night😩 when is the next time you're free? ugh I have so much stuff we need to talk about😫 #ihategettingolder πŸ’”
jgls447 : @thalia_93 aww poor you... Text me tomorrow 😘 I know I hate it too, idk why we use to complain so much πŸ‘΅πŸ‘΅β€οΈ
yayito89 - alex_rp17 - roylopez1985 - ___crooks___ -
This is so true! Nobody told us we had to grow up!! #pissedoff #ihategrowingup #ihategettingolder #teenagerpost #thankyoufor46 #notjustacrushanymore #ineed4more #ihavetotellhimilikehim #yay #joy #f4f #followers #followback #quotes #growingupsucks
ihategrowingup - ihategettingolder - notjustacrushanymore - thankyoufor46 - ineed4more - quotes - joy - teenagerpost - followback - ihavetotellhimilikehim - followers - pissedoff - f4f - yay - growingupsucks -
omnomnomnom_ : I'm with you.
truelife_quotes_21 : Ikr! It sucks! I mean forever young isent going to work no more @omnomnomnom_
canadianswaggger - rosbabyboo - _musicom_ - phia_horan01 -
Forever Young ~Fernanda #ihategettingolder #f4f #followers #followback #quotes #growingupsucks #ihategrowingup #herestonevergrowingup #ilovethis #teenagerpost
ihategrowingup - ihategettingolder - followback - herestonevergrowingup - teenagerpost - quotes - followers - f4f - ilovethis - growingupsucks -
canadianswaggger - rosbabyboo - ameliak717 - slimshady_420 -
Best company ever! πŸŽ‚ #mybirthdayis tooclose#ihategettingolder#hesmydailyreminder#shoppingforwheelchairs#goodfood#greatcompany#lovehim
hesmydailyreminder - ihategettingolder - shoppingforwheelchairs - mybirthdayis - greatcompany - lovehim - goodfood -
queenescobar8710 : Pretty I like
ern_da_fern - cocolito75 - soros151 - braveheart1901 -
It's my turn! #goodbyegrayhair #vanity #ihategettingolder
ihategettingolder - goodbyegrayhair - vanity -
posherkat - jessicax100 - runningypsy - shmemily83 -
Happy Birthday #ihategettingolder
ihategettingolder -
meimen24 : happy born day tatttuu :-)
violatatu : @meimen24 thank youuuu
maureengloria : happy birthday ce vio mogaa tambahh cantik , pinter , ++++ wess hhehe sori telat 😘❀🎁
violatatu : @maureengloria gak telat kok.heehehee makasi cantik :)
little_hevih - alessandro_padilha - straight_cheesy - helo_felicissimo -
Tonight doe! #19 #ihategettingolder
19 - ihategettingolder -
onanihinano : You coming tonight? @sierratrinidad
_sarah8n0d8analu_ : happy birthday girl have a good one
onanihinano : Thanks Kai love you too😘😘😘☺️😊 and I will don't worry. @kyleeiseri
_gabbsxoxo : Happy birthday crazy girl!! Have a good day😘
shain_dizzle_ : Party ?
jaaaaaaahh : Happy birthday πŸ˜ŠπŸ’›
sierratrinidad : text me. u was at marines ya? I thought I had see you
kyla_reiko : Happy birthday nanoπŸ’•
pakalakid25 - justwerknigga - dustin_martinez - _leimakua -
Let the Official Birthday Weekend Celebration commence. #happybirthdaytome #ihategettingolder #logantini
logantini - happybirthdaytome - ihategettingolder -
creatureshock -
Roses for My Birthday 🌹#happy #birthday #love #pink #siamese #ihategettingolder
pink - ihategettingolder - birthday - love - siamese - happy -
mombom57 : Nice arrangement. Happy Birthday to my one and only! Love you so much it's disgusting!
jansned : Happy birthday, sweet Joanie! Love you dearly and hope you had a beautiful day! xoxo
squeemymimi : Happy birthday Joanie!!
dianaskidmore : Happy birthday!!!
mizmoneypenny - uhkayshuh_ - mcpartida - jansned -
Last day of being a teenager! πŸ™ Tonight at 12 I turn into a real adult...πŸ˜’πŸ˜£πŸ˜” #Ihategettingolder
ihategettingolder -
jonathanc313 : I'm upset nowπŸ˜” it's been forever since I saw you😩 and my birthday is in two weeks I better see you πŸ˜”
granosx : Ever since I hit 21 I rarely drink lol.
ariannax333 : Yes! In two weeks lets go clubbing boo! 😜 @jonathanc313
ariannax333 : I'm turning 20 lol and when I turn 21 ill be drinking till the next day lmao @granosx
jonathanc313 : Happy birthday boo😘❀️😁 and duh of course we going out 😁!!!
ariannax333 : Thanks boo boo! 😘❀❀❀ @jonathanc313
jonathanc313 : Welcome 😁 enjoy it beautiful😘❀️
granosx : @ariannax333 lmao just invite me :D
jhocesayin - harry_uhrig - kamil__p - slappingputas -
Vegasssss for my birthday!πŸŽ‰ #ihategettingolder #forever21 #happygirl #bestweekever #silly #hotelhallwayshot #sofun ✨
sofun - ihategettingolder - silly - happygirl - bestweekever - hotelhallwayshot - forever21 -
thebobbyjira : I swear you don't have a real job
flyyygirl6 : @thebobbyjira I promise I do... It's called jet setter extraordinaire
thebobbyjira : Pssssssssssh
tatuiasosopo11 : #suitelifeupgrade
flyyygirl6 : @tatuiasosopo11 accept my follow request!
flyyygirl6 - yogawithjaimeleigh - deezofchuck - raqueltiara -
#tbt at Dolphin Cove with Fred #littleboo #faweezeh #zoobear #fredzubair #mrz #letsgetwet #funinthesun #dad #imissthosedays #takemeback #ihategettingolder
fredzubair - dad - ihategettingolder - letsgetwet - mrz - littleboo - takemeback - funinthesun - tbt - faweezeh - zoobear - imissthosedays -
moohavlik1 : Hahahahahahahahahahah
ef_zee : What is so comical about this picture @moohavlik1
eli_villavicencio - fazshizzle - eltwin5 - bvqfitness -
So you agree? πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚#KeepCalmItsMyBirthday #laughwithme #dancewithme #anotheryearolder #ihategettingolder #lol #trulyblessed #enjoyingmythirties #yourfebruaryfave
keepcalmitsmybirthday - trulyblessed - ihategettingolder - enjoyingmythirties - lol - anotheryearolder - dancewithme - yourfebruaryfave - laughwithme -
ari_so_fifi : Happy Birthday ! @mimi_cakes19 πŸŽ€
francesrios82 : Happy Birthday πŸŽ‚πŸŽ‰πŸ»
cindy_831 : Happy BirthdayπŸŽ‰πŸŽ‚πŸŽ€ @mimi_cakes19
treeee_nah : Happy birthday!
na_ni02 : Happy Birthday! :D
pincheparis : Happy Birrffffdayyyy doll face! Hope it's been a fab day beautiful 😘😘😘
b_slzr_hrndz : Happy Birthday Beauty!! πŸŽ‰ Love ya!! And ooh Yes!! H O T U. R!! My other cutie with a bootie!! God Bless I hope you had an amazing day! 😘 @mimi_cakes19
eacosta2324 : Happy Birthday cousin!!! Love you 😘
pincheparis - na_ni02 - mrsvavavoom - rebeccaannruiz -
Baby Strong needs no filter. #babystrong #tbt #babygirl #cutiepie #whydidigrowup #ihategettingolder #peterpansyndrome
babygirl - babystrong - whydidigrowup - cutiepie - peterpansyndrome - ihategettingolder - tbt -
aliciamenendezxo : Stop!
singalongstrong : I can't stop! Memory lane is calling @aliciamenendezxo ! Wait till I post the ones I found of you ;)
syleram : You have the same face. Lol
singalongstrong : Lol @syleram some things never change!!!!!
feelthelight - shabam18 - white_cranberry - camiloabs12 -
Yes its my BIRTHDAY BISHES! Lol Today marks the day X amount of years ago, God decided to put me in the world. All I can think is where has the time went?? But anywhoo I know I will have fun this weekend! Sometimes it sucks when your bday is on a weekday and have to wait for the weekend lolol! Its cool i'll wait to get turned up!! #KeepCalmItsMyBirthday #AnotherYearOlder #TimeFlies #TryingToEnjoyMyTwenties #IHateGettingOlder #LoL #AnotherYearOlderWNoKids #Wow #LookForwardToTravelingThisYear #2014PartyYear
keepcalmitsmybirthday - ihategettingolder - 2014partyyear - anotheryearolderwnokids - lookforwardtotravelingthisyear - lol - anotheryearolder - tryingtoenjoymytwenties - timeflies - wow -
kuinimary : Happy birthday girl!! πŸŽ‚πŸŽπŸŽ‰Enjoy it! One love 😘❀️
tcmcouponer : Happy birthday girly :)
mrsnormabarnes : Happy birthday !!!
cecuetzpalin : Happy birthday
rubi_stay_fli : Love it
waqponnewbie : Happy birthday @couponing_ismy_life n may the good Lord bless u w/ many more yrs to come!!!
popegerian : Hbd
ac2sassy : Hbd its my pops day too
rare_blacdiamonds - toomuch4u99 - dnicest85 - iamjusshaton -
ihategettingolder -
mrs_horan_foreverx : Ok I will @dangerfanfic
alexsteele37 - rayray_campbell - lizzie__lovee -
Today's the day #birthday#birthdaycake#chocolatecake#yum#ihategettingolder
ihategettingolder - birthdaycake - yum - birthday - chocolatecake -
justmartame : Happy Birthday Baby Girl! 😘❀️😘😊
_kassie2212_ : Thank you @justmartame xx
bbarton22 - laurajanefeldman - arvillaurx - sleepylantern -
Quick birthday selfie before church!! πŸŽ‰πŸŽŠπŸŽπŸŽˆ #birthday #december #birthdaygirl #ihategettingolder #15 #idontlikebirthdays #church #car #ilookreallybad
ihategettingolder - 15 - december - church - ilookreallybad - birthday - idontlikebirthdays - birthdaygirl - car -
dancin_queen121 : @laurenluvsnj @onebiteatatimex @toribrockelman @1creator @tori_autrey_ @caitlyn_kitcat @heatherdawnmom @bridayton @rcklss17 @tj1isawesome thanks so much guys; your comments really made my day πŸ˜„ love y'all!
dancegirl1206 : Happy Bday
motavatinq : Happy late birthday🌻
mo_swims_back : Tbh you are really pretty good at dancing but haven't seen u in a while
dancin_queen121 : @mo_swims_back aw thank you 😊 I actually saw u walking out of hobby lobby a few months ago lol
mo_swims_back : Yep ! Lol
gabybeatsed : You're gorgeous!😘 happy late birthdayπŸŽ‰πŸŽπŸŽˆπŸ˜Š
this_lucky_girl_99 : 😍
justinjones2061 - fitz_4life - _jbain3 - bellanagel10 -
#tbt to 2011 in Mr.Perrys history class with @terynnitup lol this makes me miss high school #highschool #besttimes #ushistory #dontjudgeus #duckface #jryear #iwannagoback:( #ihategettingolder
dontjudgeus - ihategettingolder - duckface - tbt - jryear - ushistory - highschool - besttimes - iwannagoback -
brandonkylecook : Shush! Lol you and brenda lag at talking your "best guy friend" @kenia31
terynnitup : I love this picture!! We always had so much fun. Tag me :p
tannerfrink1 : Ayye you need to come back and visit barmann in 6th period cook
brandonkylecook : @terynnitup i know! I loved that class with you!:p ahah
brandonkylecook : @tannerfrink1 i will sooner or later ive been busy
tannerfrink1 : Oh ok well when you do make sure it's 6th period because that's when I'm in there
brandonkylecook : Noo problemo! @tannerfrink1
tannerfrink1 : Ight sweet see ya then!!
yeyo41693 - rose0027 - oscarniebla - ivan_thefilipino -
I stopped by my locker tonight to liberate my stinky workout clothes only to realize that I can't see the combination without my cheaters. #Ihategettingolder
ihategettingolder -
runkag -
20 years old; where has the time gone... So many times I never thought I would make it to this day, and it's still hard to think I'm here, I'll keep trying to fight. To the next 10 years! #me #model #depression #birthday #october #fallbaby #20yearsoldbitches #babyme #baby #imold #ihategettingolder #dontfeel20yet
me - imold - ihategettingolder - october - fallbaby - babyme - dontfeel20yet - birthday - 20yearsoldbitches - baby - model - depression -
t17clarke : Happy Birthday kid. Have a great one! Btw, you don't need to feel like 20, just feel like 19 forever lol
pinkerbell858 : @teinie_ccl thanks doll
t17clarke - live_love_elephants - mandymilandy - cutsdeeep -
Oh how the time flies. #me #model #baby #little #happybirthdaytome #birthday #october #pinkmonth #fallbaby #cute #adorable #timeflies #ihategettingolder
me - cute - little - october - fallbaby - ihategettingolder - birthday - baby - happybirthdaytome - model - timeflies - adorable - pinkmonth -
tinggay322 - live_love_elephants - mandymilandy -
Throwback to 10th grade with my best friend Nikki. Miss those days #nostalgic #kids #crazy #missher #ihategettingolder #highschool #bestfriends
crazy - kids - bestfriends - highschool - missher - ihategettingolder - nostalgic -
fractalphoto : Good times, good times lol
bees__knees : Dude... I have a bunch of funny pics with you too. I'm gonna post one haha @fractalphoto
bees__knees - mwmoser813 - sillymoser - lakadey -
2x the Wishes | #1111 #6october #birthday #ninetales #i4 #apple #fox #wallpaper #pokemon #pkmn #vulpix #lucky #hopefully #wish #wishes #nine #dslr #tooexcitedtosleep #ihategettingolder
apple - wallpaper - i4 - lucky - birthday - pokemon - tooexcitedtosleep - ihategettingolder - dslr - vulpix - wish - fox - 1111 - wishes - nine - ninetales - hopefully - 6october - pkmn -
hayakubaysi : This is a nightmare for me, not a lucky wish making positive thinking or anything nice or gd 4 me :s @ibrahimbalushi and happy birthday dear β™‘ sry 4bein l8 :p
ibrahimbalushi : @hayakubaysi hahaha. 3adi always forget what I wish for 1 minute later :P
ramaamr - bassam991 - photoseekers - kpower91 -
Can I just be 5 again? #ifeelit #storyofmylife #drama #dramasucks #notime #notimefordrama #lies #fakepeople #fakeisthenewtrend #teenager #like #goodnight #ihatebeingateen #ihategettingolder #tears #crying #ughh #icanrelate #highschoolsucks #doubletap #everythingsucks πŸ’”πŸ˜”πŸ˜Ά
highschoolsucks - dramasucks - fakepeople - ifeelit - lies - goodnight - icanrelate - ihatebeingateen - ihategettingolder - like - doubletap - notime - notimefordrama - drama - tears - everythingsucks - storyofmylife - crying - ughh - fakeisthenewtrend - teenager -
pleicdora - agnutetu - ___j0rdan___ - justsabriya -
How am I old enough to have a kid this big! Happy 14th birthday Erik, love you buddy. πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰ @maryashtonw #ihategettingolder #atleastistilllookok #bieberhair
ihategettingolder - myballsarehellayoung - bieberhair - atleastistilllookok -
thejeffery : @alyssajanelle hands off Perv!!! Lol
thejeffery : @lesovoxo #myballsarehellayoung
thejeffery : @starlite_lover lol, he is dead on Spicolli
thejeffery : @10cent_pistol that place is the best Pizza in town. πŸ‘πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡ΈπŸ•
hartzellfamily : Flashbacks !! Oh my ..... U were 14 when I met you 😳 we are old - cute kid !
jxmonty : He was just a baby last I saw him and we were babysitting!!!
bjohnniesmom : @thejeffery that shocked me! Crazy!
thejeffery : @jxmonty crazy huh? He's huge
sbblondie7 - moises_00 - tatiana_209 - damonperasso -
Forever young #Ihategettingolder
ihategettingolder -
aaronn_rod : You still act like a kid lol
_jslee23 : Same here-_- lol
dee_rod86 : Duh that's why I put forever young @aaronn_rod
r_boozer : Your like a giant fat baby lol
dee_rod86 : He doesn't even go to this school @r_boozer
r_boozer : I didn't go to school I bought one lol #riffraff
tjb214 - _misssmariah - andy_man_ - charly_kash -
Hey lovelies, I turned 19 today and let me just say it feels like the most irrelevant age out there. It's not that I dont like growing up, I just dont like getting older because it means people expect more and all my talents (mostly writing) are more criticized. (you still write like a little kid!) The difference is I tend to write more taboo, inappropriate things because I find it interesting and humorous. I would share what I learned but why dont I just tell you in person. It's informative and beneficial! Lol I've been through a lot of challenges the past months but I got through it. It just took time, patience, and motivation. Still an awkward teen though, but the exciting part is I get to overcome all my little phobias. I was always the isolated one, the different one, the weird one; People think I'm funny and excited most of the time which I am super pumped up but that's how I keep my sanity by stroking my pain and looking at things differently. I've released a lot of oxytocin in my life. Thats my only drug. (hugging, handshakes, human contact) All I want most as a gift is quality time. Oh shuttup jade I know you want more voodoo dolls and shirts from hot topic. Eh. #happybirthday #hashtags #ftw #weird #odd #life #hottopic #voodoodolls #ihategettingolder #yay #wrinkles! #awkward #teen #vogue #awesome #function #young #immature #change #pain #temporary #perspective #imisseveryone :'(
teen - function - life - temporary - awesome - hashtags - hottopic - imisseveryone - perspective - didijustcomparelifetoavideogame - pain - odd - weird - change - happybirthday - ihategettingolder - yay - awkward - ftw - voodoodolls - young - wrinkles - immature - vogue -
estr0jenn : Happy birthday! :D
carsyd01 : Happy birthday!
joeyphilly : Happy birthday little cousin! Hope you have a good one! :)
royceeeeeeeeeeeee : Happy Birthday.
lyzaacakes : Happy Birthday cousin! I love you :*
justinebondoc : @jadestwistedstory Happy Birthdayyy!! Its like 1230am in Canada which means its not your birthday here anymore but it still is in California β™‘ Happy Birthday again Jade, lovee you lots
obiwanperata : Birffff dayyyyy!
poeticprosody : 19 sets the stage for the 20s :) @jadestwistedstory
12rainnell - benzmobbin - captainaustin_ - sensaiboba -
Why thank you Google! This goes down as the most unexpected bday-greeting of the day. Unless #Obama walks in through the frontdoor. #haha #google #bday #birthday #bigbrother #greetings #suprise #fun #ihategettingolder
ihategettingolder - google - bday - haha - bigbrother - suprise - birthday - greetings - fun - obama -
m_levine : @iammissery happy fucking birthday u fabulous women!
iammissery : Awww. Tack snygging! @m_levine
drmish - johnnifast - pepperpotemkin - petraeje -
Happy birfday to meeee! #twentyfive #birthdaygirl #ihategettingolder
birthdaygirl - ihategettingolder - twentyfive -
melodyag : HAPPY BIRTHDAY β€πŸŽ‚πŸŽ‰πŸŽˆπŸŽ
indescribablediscription - flygaberiverturtle - itssammijo_hoe - samanthasky333 -
#cousins #ihategettingolder #family #love #strength
cousins - ihategettingolder - strength - love - family -
healthymelissac : Strong like bull. ❀
lindseyannie : @jonbacklash
jonbacklash - poeshuman - mama_koofy -
#birthday #ihateit #ihategettingolder #oneyearclosertodeath
oneyearclosertodeath - ihategettingolder - birthday - ihateit - meh -
rockstarg13 : @pamcake_mayhem thank you
rockstarg13 : @mrsdebauchery thank you
alfal013 : Happy Birthday, bro!!
mzmaryoc : Happy birthday Gee! Cheer up its not that bad !! @rockstarg13 .... #Meh
atomic_2tone : happy birthday!!
rockstarg13 : @alfal013 thank you
rockstarg13 : @mzmaryoc thank you #meh
rockstarg13 : @_atomic_red thank you
westcoast_wallace - pinkfluff1984 - __lilacwine__ - laura_ambriz -
#fatdayz #tbt @veequeen08
ihategettingolder - tbt - fatdayz -
its_justineee : @arib9 no way that's you!!!!
veroneeka26 : @arib9 lol awwwww I love it!
arabianbeauty84 : Remember does days
simbazpride : @arib9 you actually look friendlier. What happened to that friendly innocent look?? O_o
simbazpride : @arib9 wait...i know. Puberty.
sid_crazyy : I love your guys friendship. <3
xtinagx : @arib9 I'm gunna find a throwback of us!!!!! LOL
arib9 : Lol im soooo ready... @xtinagx ... these were the daaayyz .. i miss being young.. #ihategettingolder ahhh
bambamalbii - atomic_poison - jessicapatch - its_justineee -
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