Can jealousy be a good thing or does it ruin relationships? #guysvsgirls #debate #hottopics #guys #girls #men #women #relationships #jealousy #good #bad #realtalk #comment
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LIVE RIGHT NOW‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️by @catonoize "REAL GIRLS ROCK! join us! #HotTopics w/ ur host @TammePha #HeardItAllBefore w/ @iamsunshineanderson and #ChocolateNews w/ @CatoNoize #RGR @realgirlsrocktm (347) 934-0268" via @PhotoRepost_app
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REAL GIRLS ROCK! join us! #HotTopics w/ ur host @TammePha #HeardItAllBefore w/ @iamsunshineanderson and #ChocolateNews w/ @CatoNoize #RGR @realgirlsrocktm (347) 934-0268
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marshellencontrolofmyhappiness : No, I'm gonna pass.. U never know!!
tammepha - reallynaynae - alwayssmiling_ - marshellencontrolofmyhappiness -
LIVE RIGHT NOW‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️by @catonoize "REAL GIRLS ROCK! join us! #HotTopics w/ ur host @TammePha #HeardItAllBefore w/ @iamsunshineanderson and #ChocolateNews w/ @CatoNoize #RGR @realgirlsrocktm (347) 934-0268" via @PhotoRepost_app
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leelee_je_suis_beau : I've done it for fun but we watched it and then threw it in the fireplace
blaq_bunny : Hell NO, there's not enough money in the world that could make me sell my soul...
tkqueen_k070 : No.
classysexy : Nope never did never will not my cup of tea
msmekajae : Y'all full of shit. If I was offered a mil to do a sex tape me and my man jumping on it. I'm pulling out all the tricks lol
chinadoll247 : No no thank you. That mess should stay@private it's not meant for the world.
redpetite_89 : Where is the video lol
naomi_x10 : Yes! #DoSumnStrangeForALilPieceOfChange lmaooo
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Singer turned Escort??? Read now at #hottopics#blogger#vlogger#model#cherishtheword
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rnbkilla : Damn
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@mimi and @nikko and their sex tape got the blogs, magazines, papers and internet world buzzing right now. The two reality tv stars of LHHNY has a new usage for shower rods in this porn flick set to be released on Vivid. All I can say is MIMI where the hell can I buy one of those shower rods? And girl you need to get that things patented! Lol. We will all be swinging into action in our our bathrooms thanks to Mimi and Nikko. Do y'all think Stevie j. somewhere mad as hell? Doing his little rat face, and ready to make a press statement, behind this! Tune into the "Angie T show" tomorrow btw 6-8pmest on @p_c_radio. Click the link in my bio to listen or download the tune in radio app via mobile device to listen on the go. #pa #dmv #california #theangietshow #sextalk #publicity #LHHNY #gossip #tunein #pcradiolive #entertainmentnews #grownfolkmusic #tunein #hottopics #tellafriendtotellafriend #listen #on #1internetradiostation #welcometomyworld #wednesdaynights
lhhny - publicity - theangietshow - welcometomyworld - california - gossip - tunein - wednesdaynights - on - grownfolkmusic - 1internetradiostation - sextalk - pa - hottopics - dmv - tellafriendtotellafriend - entertainmentnews - pcradiolive - listen -
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If you know your partner is STD free and faithful to you.. is how many people they slept with before you important? Would you turn down a good relationship if... they were too experienced/not experienced enough? Share your thoughts #guysvsgirls #debate #howmany #toomany #notenough #guys #girls #men #women #relationships #realtalk #hottopics #comment
toomany - relationships - howmany - realtalk - men - girls - comment - guysvsgirls - hottopics - notenough - guys - debate - women -
tnt_way : No who cares??
misschittychat : Experienced is great no training needed.....inexperienced train them to exactly how you like it 😉
i_meme_well : I wouldn't turn down a good relationship based on experience for the same reason @misschittychat said but I would reevaluate and talk about whats lacking sexually if certain needs aren't being fulfilled months down the line
guysversusgirls : Guy: Even if you're experienced you should never stop training to perform better
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Do you think Rondale is disrespectful? He claims, Lonniesha "sleeps around" and many men could be the father of her children... #paternitycourt #court #courtshow #talkshow #divorcecourt #peoplescourt #judgejudy #judgemathis #daytime #wendyshow #wendywilliams #hottopics #hottalk #stevewilkos #billcunningham #maury
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lex_take_a_pic : When will the new episodes begin?
paternitycourttv : @lex_take_a_pic Look for new cases later this month and in May!
lex_take_a_pic : Thanks! I truly enjoy the show!
c_mellymel : That male is so disrespectful!!! Smh
angie_du : Very disrespectful
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badwayz103_ : 😭
badwayz103_ : #rp
guysversusgirls : Who would rather sleep with..? The one who compliments you constantly or the one who tells you straight up they wanna fuck? #guysversusgirls #debate #hottopics #comment #guys #girls #men #women #whichisbetter #thetruthis #share #realtalk
navygonewild : Hmmm... I been with both types but I like guys with decency lol so the one who compliments me might have a better chance of getting some lol
misschittychat : Compliments are nice to hear but like you said they still wanna fuck you. Think what @navygonewild said is spot on. They have more chance of getting some lol
navygonewild - valeriyabrazinski - samiiemx - tnt_way -
#CurtainRods #Surfboarding what happened 2 "bein a Lady in the streets & bein a Freak b/w the sheets"❓ aye get it how u live! im just wondering tho 😳 what is Mimi Faust gonna tell her beautiful lil girl.. u remember, the 1 she was tryin oh so hard 2 protect from the likes of Joseline on the show❓ Make sure your tuned into @RealGirlsRockTM #RGR @ 8pm THIS & EVERY TUES! Call (347) 934-0268 & feel free 2 press #1 if u wanna speak LIVE ON-AIR w/ ur host @TammePha #HotTopics @CatoNoize #ChocolateNews & Me #HeardItAllB4 we wanna hear your opinions!!
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ibrandiamshe : #repost
nique_toi : @og_ursulajohnson 👌
iyariadore : After you have a child, every decision you make in life should be based well being of your child. Idc if I'm down to my last dollar, I WOULD NOT go that far. What is that teaching her daughter?? It's all over the internet, all she has to do is google her Mom's name and more than likely that (sex tape) will be the first thing that pops up. Chics are doing any and everything for a dollar now a days and that's sad. I'm not saying don't make a sex tape w/your significant other, I'm just saying don't "leak"it out.
iyariadore : *based on the well being...
squaredacee : I might have to call in for this one. Something just don't seem right why now?? She was running with chicks that fooled with known dudes back in the day. 👀👀👀 She gonna make a tape with him???
iamsunshineanderson : @og_ursulajohnson ima save my comments 4 u on the show 2nite‼️
rlbaychic : NEVER EVER.. just my opinion
alwaysfre2bme : Oh I will be calling in for this one ....
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#hottopics 🙉🙊🙈
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by @catonoize "REAL GIRLS ROCK! join us! #HotTopics w/ ur host @TammePha #HeardItAllBefore w/ @iamsunshineanderson and #ChocolateNews w/ @CatoNoize #RGR @realgirlsrocktm (347) 934-0268" via @PhotoRepost_app
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massageoasis : Here's the thing although my answer is NO..... This is simply ridiculous because there us at least a third person viewing your escapades so this definitely is not a personal video !!! If you and your partner decide to do this alone. Your business.
sugarface81 : Umm no ! But nobody knows her reason behind it!
_massagendinnermo : Do what you do..I never knocked nobody's hustle. But ONCE you become a parent your life decisions should change..but who am I???
_dland : I agree with beyondbeautyx2
vision4lyfe : No
geegeestarr : OH HELL NAW!!!
og_ursulajohnson : Do YOU. Who are we to judge her for doing what a LOT of chicks out here don't for FREE. If she bout this life then why not get paid for it. She will be receiving MILLIONS so I'm sure she don't Care what broke folks talkin bout
nellynell914 : @_massagendinnermo 💁ur right but who am I to judge 😒yes ur judge (Mimi) Becuz u dawged everyone out call joseline a slut ass bitch n u didn't want ur child around her 😳then how many times she has say "I have a 5 year old daughter " dat she does not want her to c those things 😣then turn around n let Nikko make a fool out of her worldwide 😣smh 😒I don't feel sorry for her Becuz she cursed everyone else out n called dem hoes n sluts💁oh to answer da ? Would I sell it to get da right type of money NO ! 🙅I don't want everyone to see my private parts I have morals and valaues
misstrinaa39 - preciousli11 - thebeautyfreek - resataylor666 -
REAL GIRLS ROCK! join us! #HotTopics w/ ur host @TammePha #HeardItAllBefore w/ @iamsunshineanderson and #ChocolateNews w/ @CatoNoize #RGR @realgirlsrocktm (347) 934-0268
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silowet2006 : HELLLLLL NAW!!!! But I'd definitely buy that shower rod tho! It gets 👍👍👍from me!
miss_winning : Uh ya
catonoize : @silowet2006 😂
ooh_boy : If this was the 90's HELL YEAH
ooh_boy : No money in it anymore cause they all leak on free sites
ooh_boy : Internet is becoming the greatest killer of all time
geegeestarr : OH HELL NO!!!
catonoize : @ooh_boy 😂 @ the 90's
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Kate Upton is complaining about her boobs and Selena Gomez fired her parents as her manager. Find out Wendy's take on these #hottopics and more!
hottopics -
chrizzy74 : I'm sure women with large breast at times complain.. It's hard to buy cute shirts bras and swimsuits.. I'm one who wishes at times I could be a nice C cup instead of DD so I feel her.. People make stuff out to be bigger then what it was..
tschroeder11 : Wendy ur boobs r wayyyyy to big for that yellow dress!! As ur sitting on ur sofa talking, they are a distraction. J/S
breezebboy : Way to big !!!! Look at that hair how did she get out the door looking like that !
tschroeder11 : They are fake boobs Chrizzy74!!!! It's NOT her real boobs. Doesn't fit her body!!
five_smooth_stones : I love you Wendy but... I gotta agree, your chest is too big for your small waistline.
helaine710 : Wendy looks deformed.
braziliandiva07307 : @wendyshow wat is your take on the mimi sextape?
aestheticallyangeliquenj : I promise you, miss Wendy is NOT losing sleep over what yous think of her boob/waistline ratio. #wheresyourtalkshow ?
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Subscribe #subscribe #youtube #robots #cog #bet #vh1 #mtv #cnn #news #roxxxy #prayer #hottopics #blogs
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REAL GIRLS ROCK! join us! TONIGHT #HotTopics w/ ur host @TammePha #HeardItAllBefore w/ @iamsunshineanderson and #ChocolateNews w/ @CatoNoize #RGR @realgirlsrocktm (347) 934-0268
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// #myfavoriteshow #hottopics @wendyshow #youtube #loveit #springbreak #chillin #inbed
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#WendyWilliams looks breathtakingly amazing today.... #WendyShow #hottopics
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went to stonewood today with her to get some stuff n in n out cx @kryztal_mel_ #gundams#pinkfloyd#thewall#shoes#hottopics#stonewood#great#day#with#her
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Facebook Video Leads To Child Abuse Charges, Right Or Wrong? Read now at #hottopics#currentevents#cherishtheword#blogger
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ycannon3782 : I seen that shit a few weeks ago I'm glad the fuck of it
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Missed the sex tape? Go watch it now at I also have other hot topics coming your way stay tuned. #cherishtheword#blogger#vlogger#hottopics#mimifaust#sextape#love&hiphop
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trevo__ : Full hour and 54 minute long FREE video link on my page, just posted being deleted in ten minutes. Only leak, exclusive 👌👌 🎥🎥🎥📹📹📷📷📹📷📷🎥📷📹📷 Full hour and 54 minute long FREE video link on my page, just posted being deleted in ten minutes. Only leak, exclusive 👌👌 Full hour and 54 minute long FREE video link on my page, just posted being deleted in ten minutes. Only leak, exclusive 👌👌🎥📷📷📹📷📷📹📷📹📹🎥🎥📷
pftjordans : What!!!!! Wow !!!! I'm like ... wow ... wait .... Wow......
_koyaa_ : @kayhollie
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📻Tonight's Topic ☎️Call In: 484 477 6348 or comment below 👇👇👇👇👇👇 #phillyhottradio #thekdotshow #realtalkwithkdot #realtalk #hottopics #tunein #callin
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mrmarc5 : Y'all have me dieing at work great show homie
kyleangels : @mrmarc5 thanks
mrmarc5 - ladydyvp - mzpoetic90 - _still_young -
This Thursday night we'll be hangin out on our back deck with friends, crowding around a fire with hotdogs & marshmallows. We'll also have @pfredcitylife & @vannessamichaux there to answer your questions about relationships, sex, & sexuality. You're invited. Don't miss it! #FiresideChats #hottopics #CYP #CityLife #ThursdayNight #GodwinHouse
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brett_smellford : Figures right when I'm goin back home 😩
arrykkaj - _hannahjoygodwin_ - pd_wylin - natenowotny -
Got dome stuff this weekend ,My favorites from hot topics,mcr is on the radio right now!!! #hottopics
hottopics -
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Where the real #HotTopics happen-the makeup room at #TheView. Gossiping w/ whoopie.
hottopics - theview -
bijou_baby : All smiles
r3v7 : Love love love Whoopi
tshepicom : Awesomeness. .......have fun
corasbuddy : Why doesn't cnn put on a cellphone expert ✈️📞
leeler44 : Loving that smile, Don!
martinavrhovnik : 😀👍🌷nice!
valjeans59 : Love you on the View Don.
corasbuddy : Don does cnn have access to a cell phone expert??? ✈️📞
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We Would Like To Welcome The Newest Member Of The WTXG Radio Family @mjrockefeller, He Will Be One Of The Host Of The New Show "The Gentlemen's Club" Coming Soon #MelCordier #wtxgtalkradio #Live #interviews #music #talkradio #internetradio #onlineradio #hottopics #fashion #events #Uncensored #realtalk #thursday #follow4follw #follow
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My competition enter. #Hottopics #savemerick
savemerick - hottopics -
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Aye we LIVE in less than 30minutes. #StereoAssaultRadio w/ #SpecialGuest #JockeyBlaze We got a lot of #Exclusive #HipHopNews & #HotTopics for today's show. #AsAlways #LinkInMyBio #GiveUsAListen #CollegeRadio #JoinTheMovement
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Wendy is back! #wendywilliams #hottopics #faveshow #chillevening
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Sneak preview of term card for next month. Working progress... #HotTopics #StJames #Youth
youth - stjames - hottopics -
Why oh why Wendy??? Wardrobe malfunction! #hottopics #wendyshow
wendyshow - hottopics -
cristalmt : For real! They triedddd her.
tishkeys - t_h_e_k_i_n_g - bitchonwheels - photosbyjjh -
Quick selfie with @memsor he's back and so are we.... Now time to get @wendyshow done ... Tune in 10a on #fox5ny for #Hottopics @antwonljackson on the other side getting wig ready #theglamsquad #thewendyshow #glam @wendyshow #wendywilliams #merrellhollis #memsor #antwon
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blackopalbeauty : Hey Cutie!
micahjesse : Yassss! Hey @memsor 🙌
kendolllll : YES!!!! My 2 hubby's. Love you both!
songbird501 : 💙💙💙
alliabhan : Ahh Merrell. How I love thee. Let me count the ways... 💞
illmatic_af : Nice
heisjerame : Ooooh
ndzine : Hope all is well guys!
srjotey - jordan3401 - heisjerame - illmatic_af -
Wendy’s back with ALL NEW shows and #HotTopics! The mother of Michael Jackson’s kids, Debbie Rowe, might be suing for custody. Tori and Dean are taping a reality show about their marriage troubles and Khloe Kardashian reportedly has a new man. Find out Wendy’s take on these Hot Topics and more today on an ALL NEW show!
hottopics -
jninehines : @chandrac2 TF -- That mother.
213ale : Goid thing Khloe has a new man cause she's been all over other womens men..
makemesmileconnie : No debbie does not look like a hot mess... She looks like a regular person i see on the streets everyday... not a famous actor... just cause shes not all about looking fabulous does not make her a hot mess... However she is overweight... Still doesnt make her messy!
honeyhoney_b : In my opinion Debbie doesn't need to have custody. Visitation is fine bit she wasn't missing her kids while Michael was alive and that's not right to just change her mind like that. She should be in their life but not have custody if you ask me.
pdidit420 : 😃😃😃😝😏
shoesalicious : Debbie girl, you need a make over!
lj1229 :
anchoredhe4rt : AWE MAN!!! I MISSED THIS!!!!!!?
debekat - ionalipfordwilliams - tamnessa - khmberly -
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