Had to go to bed but I still know what's going on from the yelling LOL! πŸ˜‚ #nhlplayoffproblems #beatLA #sanjosesharks #hockeyfanproblems #lol
hockeyfanproblems - sanjosesharks - nhlplayoffproblems - lol - beatla -
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It's that time of year again! #SJSharks #ThisIsSharksTerritory #fearthefin #ItsFeedingTime #hockeyfanproblems #BecauseItsTheCup #stanleycup #playoffs
stanleycup - itsfeedingtime - playoffs - fearthefin - becauseitsthecup - sjsharks - hockeyfanproblems - thisissharksterritory -
jenn8a - _msdee23 - trevorcarlsen - brakedr -
Check out Albert's awesome SJ Sharks cake!!! Happy 10th birthday! #happybirthday #10yearsold #hockeyfanproblems #sjsharks
happybirthday - 10yearsold - sjsharks - hockeyfanproblems -
super_star0817 : Happy birthday Albert
burnzie88_ - jesuki - puddn_me1st - hectizzle -
Happy 10th birthday! Albert picked the Sharks themed party #happybirthday #10yearsold #sjsharks #hockeyfanproblems
happybirthday - 10yearsold - sjsharks - hockeyfanproblems -
mitchgasm : #gosharks
burnzie88_ - aemendieta - thunderstruckin - boomboxj -
Sitting at my brothers hockey, listening to the game live and staring at the plays #hockeyfanproblems πŸ’
hockeyfanproblems -
kaylajohncola - samschiavello - jaredlavelle810 - naomi_pacetti -
Just a lil something I wrote to kick off Game 1! :) #LetsGoSharks #BeatLA #SJSharks #ThisIsSharksTerritory #fearthefin #ItsFeedingTime #hockeyfanproblems #BecauseItsTheCup #stanleycup #playoffs #SJSharksPlayoffsLive
stanleycup - itsfeedingtime - playoffs - sjsharksplayoffslive - fearthefin - letsgosharks - becauseitsthecup - sjsharks - hockeyfanproblems - beatla - thisissharksterritory -
orabbit13 : That was beautiful
mbergdorf09 : Love it but it's for the wrong team!!! ;)
brakedr : @jewbaca8784
panda_fro - _msdee23 -
OMG I love this!!! Can a hockey player tell me this? #hockeyfanproblems #puckbunny #FullSizePhoto
puckbunny - fullsizephoto - hockeyfanproblems -
kadyhobbins - paularnottjr -
So, for the second time in three weeks I had to park in a different garage than I have for the past 12 years while attending #cbj games. Tonight I went to the old garage, to my normal floor, and my normal row only to not see my car. This is the only thing that came to mind. #seinfeld #hockeyfanproblems #ocd #idontlikemyritualsbeingtamperedwith
cbj - seinfeld - ocd - idontlikemyritualsbeingtamperedwith - hockeyfanproblems -
mystory_jsh - ohwowheyitslj - ohemilykei - tattooed_assassin -
#hockeyfanproblems @penguins
hockeyfanproblems -
kaylabelovich -
85 degrees and.... wearing a Hockey Jersey for a Fan Group meetup this afternoon. #Dedication #SoCal #HockeyFanProblems
dedication - hockeyfanproblems - socal -
carltavares : Playoff time
carltavares - trieulove2 - scottology1 -
what happens when I try to copy history notes while watching a sharks game.... -_- #HockeyFanProblems
hockeyfanproblems -
cole_walker8 : This is adorable
rcartelli : @cole_walker8 it was supposed to say "after 6 months of fighting" but isn't hockey close enough? xD
dmariet8 - stefaniloveee - _kareen123_ - einbetween -
Sorry @kyannpepper528... the #Preds shirt you sent me didn't seem to help tonight! This #LAKings fan was really pulling for your boys! (And Isaac was super confused seeing me in this shirt! Hahaha) #CanucksSuck #GoKings #GoPreds #Hockey #HockeyChick #NHL #Smashville #WorldOfEllen #WorldOfKyann #HockeyFanProblems
canuckssuck - heisstilllearning - nhl - gokings - gopreds - worldofkyann - preds - hockey - hockeychick - hockeyfanproblems - lakings - smashville - worldofellen -
kyannpepper528 : Awww poor Isaac! Maybe he needs one too! :)
lakingsellen : @kyannpepper528 - He saw me & said, "WHAT!? YOU'RE FOR ANOTHER TEAM!? THAT'S IT! YOU'RE OUT OF THE FAMILY!" I seriously died laughing! I explained that I liked the Preds too but that us Kings fans wanted the Preds to beat Vancouver tonight. #HeIsStillLearning ;-)
saaaavebyquick : Lol! My "nephew" (friend's son) is learning the same thing right now. We're trying to explain to him that Aunt Ashley roots for the Hurricanes with uncle Dan sometimes, but not when they play the Kings. He got legitimately pissed at me before for wearing Kings.
lakingsellen : Hahaha @saaaavebyquick that's so funny!
kyannpepper528 : Out of the family!! Haha I'm dying! Tell Isaac I wear my Kings shirt sometimes too!
jon9847358 : boo preds go blues
dnzteacher - mommalur - aintneverhadafriendlikeme - 27cristal -
I want this jersey so bad! Better start saving now πŸ˜­πŸ’°#hockeyfanproblems #krisletang #pittsburghpenguins
pittsburghpenguins - krisletang - hockeyfanproblems -
brookenicole_23 - limitededition67 -
"I think that a jersey is high fashion" #hockeyfanproblems
hockeyfanproblems -
jennkills : Fuck yeah it is
jkid5285 : @_jessmeister_ Amen to that!! :)
slaytanic__wehrmacht : thats tight !!
89rockabillyspazz89 : Damn my IG crush right here :3
89rockabillyspazz89 : β™₯.β™₯
gnarly_sweethart - italyblueinla - freddyymartinez - chicos666 -
Martin Jones of the LA Kings. Kid is epic. #lakings #nhl #nhlkings #warmup #goalie #goalies #hockey #hockeyfanproblems #hockeyforlife #Winnipeg #gojetsgo #gokingsgo
goalies - warmup - nhl - gokingsgo - gojetsgo - nhlkings - winnipeg - hockey - hockeyfanproblems - lakings - goalie - hockeyforlife -
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Jonathan Quick of the LA Kings during the warm up here against the Winnipeg Jets. Love this guy! #lakings #nhljets #nhl #Winnipeg #hockey #hockeyforlife #jonathanquick #nhlkings #hockeyfanproblems #torn #gokingsgo #gojetsgo
nhljets - torn - gokingsgo - gojetsgo - nhlkings - winnipeg - hockey - nhl - lakings - hockeyfanproblems - jonathanquick - hockeyforlife -
gametimelakings - mylalifestyle -
March 5, 2014 the day, everything changed! I still remember the day I found out we traded Bishop for Conacher and I was so pissed cuz I loved Bishop! I didn't like Conacher at first but then grew to love him as a player and then got hooked to him! He's so small and has an adorable smile, that I'll miss a lot ... I was very lucky to meet him on Sept 21, 2013 ❀️ I'm so glad I did too, cuz I love Conacher and always will! It breaks my heart to see him go to Buffalo, a team I really don't like! In my eyes, he'll be a Sens even tho we had him for less than a year! Forever my 89 & Senator! I'll miss you Cory, good luck in Buffalo! #OttawaSenators #Sens #CoryConacher #HockeyFan #HockeyFanProblems #breaksmyheart #hateit #GoodLuck #lovehim
goodluck - coryconacher - lovehim - hateit - hockeyfan - hockeyfanproblems - sens - breaksmyheart - ottawasenators -
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#hockeyfanproblems #hockey #nhl I love to watch it!!! Wish I could play it again
nhl - hockey - hockeyfanproblems -
crossfitavengers : Best therapy around
starslover91 : @crossfitavengers yes indeed πŸ‘πŸ˜
debbiepmm - bill_16_19 - crossfitavengers - ljstackz -
Just trying the watch the game from TX. #thestruggleisreal #devilshockey #newjersey #gamecenterlive #hockeyfanproblems
gamecenterlive - devilshockey - hockeyfanproblems - thestruggleisreal - newjersey -
wakeupnowlegacy - gametimenjdevils - laura_christie3 -
Early morning hockey problems #alarms #CanadavsSweden #goldmedalgame #hockeyfanproblems
alarms - canadavssweden - goldmedalgame - hockeyfanproblems -
eskandario - loishrnndz - shayanarex - heatherstewartx -
Come on JMU, why you gotta score so many goals and make me beat the hell out of the glass?! #hockeyfanproblems #JMU #UVA #JMUhockey #hockey #hockeyproblems #BeatUVA
uva - hockeyproblems - jmuhockey - hockeyfanproblems - beatuva - hockey - jmu -
real_hockey - chirpsity - chief_bojangz - sya_mets_14 -
If you take a purse to a hockey game, don't be surprised if these are the kinds of things you pull out instead of your wallet the next time you use it.. πŸ˜œπŸ‘œ #hockeyfanproblems
hockeyfanproblems -
l3manzi - garrett118x - jessecacs - im_just_amabel -
This is me right now. Thanks #TeamUSA. Quick did an outstanding job keeping them in the game. Hopefully we'll at least come home with the bronze. #Sochi2014 #Olympics #MensHockey #Hockey #HockeyFanProblems #LAKings #JonathanQuick #ParksAndRec #RonSwanson
teamusa - menshockey - sochi2014 - parksandrec - ronswanson - olympics - hockey - hockeyfanproblems - lakings - jonathanquick -
gametimelakings - mommalur - nihlus - puremetal33 -
hockeyfanproblems -
kantilles : You forgot #MikeMIlburyisanASS
kingzmeg : it's not on nbc cause it's not the gold medal game
saaaavebyquick : @kingzmeg I still don't think I should have to have an expensive cable plan to watch my country.
kingzmeg : the only other option would be to put it on primetime. I'd rather watch it live. they're not going to preempt the news for a hockey game (or any Olympic event) if it's not for the gold
nanavonsuzyq - dodgerboy07 - missmarissaa - sofiesdad08 -
My son has to hear the @ny_islanders chant from his daddy, then Matt got kicked in the face 😐πŸ‘ͺ #poorbaby #hockeyfanproblems #latepost #24weekspregnant #bondingtime #christianlavelle
christianlavelle - bondingtime - mattnshell - locustpenthouse - hockeyfanproblems - poorbaby - latepost - 24weekspregnant -
ramboly : La kings fan!! Laker fan, dodger fan!
mi_chellerene : @ramboly hockey is the only sport I agreed with since Matt lives, eats, and breathes hockey. Baseball, basketball, and football will be from ME 😬
matt_lavelle7 : Love my shell and Christian ❀️πŸ‘ͺ
matt_lavelle7 : Ps #letsgoislanders
mi_chellerene : @matt_lavelle7 we love you too baby πŸ˜πŸ’‹
ms__jem : Awwww!!!!
mi_chellerene : #locustpenthouse #mattnshell
smgalo : β€οΈπŸ™πŸ˜
amichelle17 - ashleymaree10 - smgalo -
CHANDRA LETS GO! #ihateselfies #thisistorture #nohockey #bruinsnation #nhlbruins #tattootime #meanmug #hockeyfanproblems #toughgirl @thedesignski
meanmug - ihateselfies - thisistorture - toughgirl - nohockey - nhlbruins - tattootime - hockeyfanproblems - bruinsnation -
sansie_ : The straightened hair though πŸ’πŸ’πŸ’
vgilchrest89 : It's so long! @sansie_
bulldog1185 : These daily selfies are entertaining, I hope she takes a while lol
vgilchrest89 : Ugh no!!! I need to get this tattoo before it gets to be spring so I have time to heal... Before sun and water activities start ! @bulldog1185
bulldog1185 : I'll only support it if pictures of you and said activities are posted as well lol
vgilchrest89 : Fine ... β˜€οΈπŸŒ΄I think I can manage that Mike! @bulldog1185
thedesignski : @vgilchrest89 March 1.
the_bruins_insider - molly_demers - mikerugg - sbevg -
What do I do for the next two weeks #hockeyfanproblems #nhlbruins #bruinsnation
canada - nhlbruins - bruinsnation - hockeyfanproblems -
bacon508 : #USA
vgilchrest89 : Bergeron is on #Canada ?
vgilchrest89 : @bacon508
bacon508 : Yes @vgilchrest89
bacon508 : Chara Slovakia, Bergeron Canada, Krejci Czech Republic, Eriksson Sweden, Rask Finland @vgilchrest89
vgilchrest89 : So I can't really watch any of it cause who do I cheer for @bacon508
bacon508 : I want USA and Canada in the gold medal game @vgilchrest89
hockeyhaunt - lindsayperdoo - dirtywatertees - blaizelandry -
Starting off my night the right way #PBR #Sharks #Supercross #hockeyfanproblems
sharks - supercross - hockeyfanproblems - pbr -
logankjohnston - mcgregor276 - trevorcarlsen - yumeno_s -
#hockey #goal #net #post #lovehate #hockeyfanproblems
lovehate - goal - hockeyfanproblems - post - net - hockey -
bevothewarrior : True story.
jabba_the_butt_ - fuucking__gerardo24 - la_petite_mortt - green__rabbit -
hockeyfanproblems -
hockey_hawks - ludelor -
hockeyfanproblems -
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Because this is how I react when they don't score in the shoot out or penalty shots!!! Or even in general!! #hockeyfanproblems #gostars
gostars - hockeyfanproblems -
carlos_hernandez90 - jessloera - alexzander_sutton -
One more week #pens #sidneycrosby #mylove #lakings #myboys #martytheonemanparty #soexcited #meandmybff #hockeyfanproblems
pens - soexcited - meandmybff - mylove - myboys - hockeyfanproblems - lakings - martytheonemanparty - sidneycrosby -
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