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spogms : Call simran for tips ๐Ÿ˜‚ tringg *
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#helpplease #haha
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callmebossing : Mantle
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So this is diesels litter box and hes been chewing it up pretty good! Is there any way of stopping him from chewing it?? #help #question #helpplease #please #bunnyexperts #bunnyhelp #bunny #bunnie #rabbit #bunnierabbit #instabunnie #instarabbit #instabuny #chewing #littertraining #litterbox #litter #chew #bunnyschewing #lookingforanswers #stopit #bunniesworldwide #bunniesforpets #diesel
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thorandloki_bunnies : Haha my buns chew theirs too, haven't bothered trying to get them to stop, just figured if they chew it too much eventually I'll replace it with a new one, they are pretty cheap from some online stores.
gizmomylove : @indyanddiesel Gizmo was chewing hers and I dnt want her to get a blockage from the pladtic now had a smalk baking pan for a potty. She had never tried to bite on it! Works wonders :)
gizmomylove : @indyanddiesel Excuse the typing. Getting lazy since I'm
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So I met some one a little while ago maybe a month or so and I have fallen... HARD, I've never really felt this way before, like only about the boys, but the thing is I get this weird feeling and I get all red, I get shakey and tend to be a little more awkward, he barley knows me and I barley know him but I feel like I've know him for years though its only been a few months, I get butterflies in my stomach and I get super happy when I talk to or about him, I see him most days of the week and on the weekend, but our doesn't understand what he means to me, these few short months have turned me into a different person, he honestly means life or death for me, there are few reasons I'm still alive and he plays a big part of it, but to him I'm a girl he met that he likes and we've kissed a few times, I can't really explain what he makes me feel but I know its something I've never felt before, like for example my brother told me he was coming over and I got the biggest smile on my face, also one night he stayed over and we were watching horror movies, I got scared and he grabbed my hand and kissed my forehead telling me everything's ok, he does these sweet simple things tht drive me crazy, I fell hard and fast, this may sound cliche and shit but its true, he's so good to me and I don't know why, he makes me blush and feel amazing inside, he's gentle and he would never hurt me and I know that, the only thing is I don't have the damn balls to say this shit, it would come out as a stuttering mess, and yea he's attractive and all but it's the person inside I really like, he's funny and he really just is chill about everything, he doesn't care if I'm in sweats and a t shirt with no make up, or if I'm dressed up with make up on and whatever, he likes me for me, but still I can tell he doesn't feel the exact same way I do, I'm just really lost on what I'm supposed to do, some one help me I think I need therapy #crush #fallingtohard #helpplease #imlost #bestthing
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alliguerrette : Hmmm I wonder who it is...? @elmo_says_cookie_
da_lax_lady_3 : Shhhhhhh @alliguerrette
da_lax_lady_3 : That took me like 8 minutes to type so be nice @alliguerrette
alliguerrette : Ma lips are sealed @da_lax_lady_3
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Thankyou for 30 followers โ˜บ๏ธ Please Help too 50๐Ÿ˜‰ #thanks#thankyou#followers#helpplease#movisestarplanet#loveyou
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Pour concours avec transat . For contest with transat . #TransatEurope #contest #motherdaughter #tagforlikes #tagsforlikes #helpplease #london #family #trip #europevacation #voteforus #september #airplane #british #britishaccent #queen #england #underground #tea #bigben
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Can someone please tell me where I can get this pattern? Love!! #crochetpattern #crochet #chevron #crochetblanket #helpplease #ineedthispattern #crocheted #yarn #yarnlove #yarnaddict #pattern
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sheeeva : I think I've seen it on Ravelry. It was a vintage pattern. I'll have a look and see if I can find the name.
sheeeva : It's called the vintage fan ripple blanket by Marinke Slump
crochetbylindseyfaye : It's beautiful!
ahoppe03 : @sheeeva hugs!!!! Thank you!
thedabblinghook : Definitely on Ravelry. In my very huge queue.
sheeeva : Glad to be able to help! Marinke is actually on Instagram as @acreativebeing
acreativebeing : Yep, this pattern is on my blog! :)
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I own nothing but Fetus-poster and I'm really desperate: Can I hang them to my walls or can't I do this to myself? #helpplease
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1d_adorablecupcakes : You can I have nothing but fetus either ๐Ÿ’•
the9999thlarryshipper : Then I will ^-^ @1d_adorablecupcakes
shipping_bullshit69 : I havr fetus too ! :* :* โ™ฅ
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Calling all #watercolor #illustration experts - need your expert advice. I did an artwork for a project using watercolour, which looks awesome on paper, but the colour is shocking when scanned :( I've had this experience many times - any advice on how to get it scanned awesomely?
watercolor - helpplease - illustration -
thearticulate : #helpplease
irakibo : Have you tried another scanner? @thearticulate
thearticulate : Yes, a few actually @irakibo
thetenthstate : @thearticulate have you tried getting it drum roll scanned instead of a flatbed?
thearticulate : It's going to be a bit fiddly @thetenthstate as the size of the paper is not a standard A4 or A3 but that's a good idea - I'll give it a try
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Help me out guys! Contact me to book an appointment #cosmolife #student #education #makeanappointment #helpplease
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monikka6 : Count me in for next week. I won't wash my hair all this week ๐Ÿ‘Œ ha
janettep : Ewwww your gross @monikka6 lol jk ok I'm assuming your going for the scalp treatment
janettep : @mypabloescobar ok awesome when can I book you and for what service?
mypabloescobar : I'm free any time after the 16 so you let me know and it don't matter maybe a facial
monikka6 : Yeah unless you're ready to shave one side oh my hair... Skrillex status bahahaha
janettep : Hahaha I'm not doing any haircuts till the 4th week. Cause we are going to learn some new modern cuts. @monikka6
janettep : Ok a facial is good! It's very relaxing :) okay well I don't have anyone booked officially so maybe the 17th at like 10am? @mypabloescobar
jenna_0219 : ๐Ÿ˜‚
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MOTIVATION!! I've hit a road block in my fitness journey lately. I could defiantly use some #motivation in my life. ๐Ÿ˜” What helps you get back on your fitness game?? #progress #moveforward #workoutdaily #workhard #setback #fitness #helpplease #workoutbuddy #health #eatclean #behealthy
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First Coupon experience. Not the best, but not the worst. 2 gain fireworks, 2 gain pods 26 oz., 6 different kind of tropicana far stand juice, 2 busy mini bones, 2 denta sticks, 3 jumbo bones, 1 dreft, 6 packs of razors. TOTAL: 160.78 spending price: 117.78.. Saved about $43.. Still learning. Don't tease me haha. #couponing #learningcouponing #beginner #helpplease #save #savemore
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chase_mom242013 : Lol I be doing that too make sure yu get the store discount cards for CVS an walgreens!!! All comes in handy !!!
chase_mom242013 : @ountae
ountae : @chase_mom242013 yea the bad thing about this tho is I don't have a Walgreens or cvs in eunice!!!!!
chase_mom242013 : Shit yu betta come to Lafayette every once in a while lol still get it u never know where yu gonna go @ountae
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Okay. Completely serious talk here. I need help, or more like my friends friend needs desperate help. Literally life or death. So, my friends friend comes from an insanely rich, traditional, huge family. Like the richest family in a really big country (I'm not saying which to protect her identity). And they are so traditional, their family is, that they do the whole dishonor thing and will throw her out of the family. So here it is: So this girl is getting married Ina few months (it's an arranged marriage, she's 15). But her ex boyfriend has her nudes. And he's asking her for 500,000 dollars or her virginity or else he'll post them. And send them on a chain email, to magazines, everywhere. 500,000 dollars is like nothing to her family, but her family will certainly ask her why she needs the money, and if we tells, then she's out of the family. And if he posts the nudes, she's embarrassed and put of the family. And if she gives him her virginity, a) he has her virginity b) if they find out dishonor and out of the family and c) he might just post them anyway bc it's leverage and she's insanely rich and this could just keep going on and on and she'll be like her slave and she could call the police but if he gets arrested then the emails will send bc he has it set up so they'll post automatically unless he changes the time they'll post and then horrible things will happen and I'm freaking out and so's my friend and of course this girl (she's tried to commit suicide already) so please guys I need ideas HELP THIS GIRL please this is desperate #help #helpplease #helpthisgirl #saveher #please #desperate #needhelp #save #lifeordeath #suicide
save - suicide - help - please - helpplease - desperate - needhelp - lifeordeath - saveher - helpthisgirl -
constantly_reading : So the email sends if he gets arrested? How? Can't they force him to stop it. The parents don't have to know.
fwhoretris : My friend just suggested talking to the boys parents. I think that will work, hopefully. Thank you so much for your suggestions! And if you have any others, please, please share! Once agains thank you so much! @constantly_reading
constantly_reading : Your welcome๐Ÿ’• ๐Ÿ™I hope for the best for her๐Ÿ™ I think talking to his parents is a good idea
smoleman : OMG NO
smoleman : NONO
harvey_c_h : That's really terrible and I hope your friend figures it out, talking to the ex boyfriends parents is a good idea and do you know why the ex boyfriend is doing this? Is there a reason apart from insane selfishness?
fwhoretris : As far as I know, no @harvey_c_h
harvey_c_h : Well I hope it all turns out ok as unlikely as it seems.
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I NEED more followers! #helpplease ๐Ÿ™
helpplease -
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So there's a couple I've seen @picturepolish Good day Matte , or like the Essie one too, or also the Nail Envy one I think (forgot the brand. I just know its my basecoat's brand) and they all look so good ! But I don't know what's the BEST (especially for Quality + a great price) PLEASE COMMENT BELOW !(: I'D appreciate the help
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bananafarmerxd : No I'm In the U.S. (: @kaleidoscopedream89
divafabulousgct : I use Revlon I like it
bananafarmerxd : I looked for it in Wal-Mart ..and it wasn't there :'( @divafabulousgct
divafabulousgct : I got mine at Walgreens
bananafarmerxd : How much was it there ? @divafabulousgct
divafabulousgct : I believe 6 to 8
paintedglam : Go for sephora! Also hard candy matte is amazing
bananafarmerxd : Thank u for telling me @paintedglam
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First instagram, feel so social.. #don'tknowwhatsgoingon#soconfusedwiththishashtangbuisness#helpplease#hashtangwanker#allnightertinz#strawcolouredplasma#paschawasdecenttoday#cantwaitforjenainan#4moredyas#churchwasrockintoday#pumped
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caljb : @snagib those hastags tho
snagib : Lol I try my best man, plenty more to come.. Keep your eyes peeled!!
snagib : @caljb
caljb : @caljb ill be waiting lol
caljb : @snagib
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If someone came and said okay here let's make a deal. You will be miserable for the rest of your life but all the people you know love and care about(like my followers) will be happy forever I would say DEAL. I would give my happiness for all of you. And I'll always try my best to make you happy cause I love all of you so much and you all keep me alive #loveyouguys #love #scars #suicide #kik #snapchat #dm #worthit #okay #beautiful #amazing #amazing #awesome #help #sad #lonely #love #friends #internetfriends #internet #friends #staystrong #recovering #motivation #saveasoul #helpplease #YOUarebeautiful
beautiful - motivation - dm - love - help - staystrong - internetfriends - awesome - snapchat - sad - kik - lonely - saveasoul - okay - friends - suicide - recovering - loveyouguys - scars - worthit - amazing - helpplease - internet - youarebeautiful -
_i_am_ironman_ : I can't be happy.
let_me_help_you3 : @i_am_terrified_of_myself Oh but I would give everything just to make sure you are. Even my own life. If I had one wish I know what I would wish for.
delsin_santori : @let_me_help_you3 do you have a kik?
let_me_help_you3 : @delsin_santori yeah
delsin_santori : @let_me_help_you3 can I kik you?
let_me_help_you3 : @delsin_santori Yeah sure
delsin_santori : @let_me_help_you3 ok
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Pass the butter. #drphil #drphilshow #lifecode #passthebutter #butter #helpplease
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johannalemarc : @elinmoney
hughloveforever : @phacesofphil I love your page ~<3
phacesofphil : Thanks!! @hughloveforever
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Which one is better?! Left or right? Please comment. ๐Ÿ’™ #baby #babygirl #girl #me #babyme #blueeyes #eyes #blueeyedbaby #blonde #blondebaby #blondebabygirl #choose #help #please #helpplease #chooseplease #which #whichone #babypicture #cute #cutebaby
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Someone should seriously go buy my cameras on eBay!! I need a new camera so I can start my YouTube videos ! My username is endlessdream06 on eBay. #canon #nikon #rebelxsi #ebay #buyit #helpplease #camera #cameras #nikonp90 #canonrebelxsi
rebelxsi - nikonp90 - canonrebelxsi - buyit - cameras - canon - ebay - nikon - camera - helpplease -
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So I'm in need of some advice I joined the gym about a week ago now and I am enjoying it, just feeling a little lost! I am persevering and trying to get more comfortable with being there but I am struggling, there are a mix of people using the gym but mainly guys that are already super fit! So I was just wondering if anyone could offer any advice? Maybe if you went through the same kind of thing? Anyone? #gym #excercise #gettingfitter #gettinghealthy gymproblems #needadvice #advice #gymadvice #weightloss #weightlossjourney #justthestary #helpplease #fitfam #instafit #fat2fit #motivated
gettinghealthy - gettingfitter - motivated - fitfam - justthestary - advice - helpplease - weightloss - weightlossjourney - excercise - fat2fit - gymadvice - gym - instafit - needadvice -
jessicalove_mylife : For me personally I asked the girl who works at the gym to show me how to use the equipment so I then became more comfortable and grew more confident overtime.but even still, being a little heavier than most people in the gym if I see a hot guy working out I'm still a little intimidated lol. I have faith you will do great. @letsdothisnow
gracie_fitness : I would you tube, if you want to do back. Search "back workout" and then jot notes. Go to the gym and try each workout at a easy weight. I honestly think that is the best to get educated and to develop more confidence in the gym @letsdothisnow
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"And if you know, how do you get up from an all time low? I'm in pieces, it seems like pieces is the only thing I'll ever know. How do you get up, get up?"๐ŸŒบ
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mishyy_the_fishyy : #alltimelow #thewanted #wanted #depressed #depression #breakdown #anxiety #anxietyattack #blithe #ana #mia #anamia #pieces #getup #helpplease #hair #colouredhair #colorhair #coloredhair
marisawarner : Love the hair!
mishyy_the_fishyy : Thank you! I love yours too! :) @marisawarner
staystrongplease16 : stay strong ok? ily so much!
mishyy_the_fishyy : Thank you. You too c: <3 @staystrongplease16
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#Cadillac #CTS #HelpPlease ๐Ÿ˜ฉ
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stevenhenry94009 : Take it to Jesus and in Ashland
simonecaldwell87 : @stevenhenry94009 where at in Ashland
stevenhenry94009 : Across from Dairy delight He can fix any kind of car
simonecaldwell87 : @stevenhenry94009 thank you. I know him.
stevenhenry94009 : U welcome
nicole_scales : Try Toby Traylor
simonecaldwell87 : @nicole_scales thank you. I thought about him
nicole_scales : No problem @simonecaldwell87
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Should I still be Frosch or Wendy's little sister Winry Marvell (OC)? #helpplease #helpmefindmyoniichan
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lucy_heartfilia_22 : I think u should be whoever u want to be ( and btw winry adorable!!)
lucy_heartfilia_22 - erzatoofab -
Could u guys help me to get more followers? I know that's too much to ask but, it would be nice to have more followers!! Hey, if I get 10 more followers, I'll do Imagines!!! (Sorry not sorry that I'm bribing u) Thank you!!! #1D #5SOSFamily #5sosfam #5SOS #Directioners #MoreFollowers #F4F #HelpPlease #ThankYou #OneDirection
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Yeahhhh I completed the London marathon, great achievement for a fantastic charity: (CMA-cardiomyopathy associasion) in memory of my dad : view my fundraising page and help donate if possible at
dad - massive - helpplease - achievement - challenge - running - sports - charityhelp - wonderful - medals - inshape - marathon - charity -
vassilissv : Gj๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘
ajblythe : #marathon #massive #medals #charity #challenge #charityhelp #achievement #sports #dad #wonderful #running #inshape #helpplease#
lisarose2 : Well done son x Proud mummy x
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Hello Everyone, im asking kindly if you can donate a little something for my grandfathers funeral idc what it is idc how much it is every penny counts. Everyone who knew my grandfather new he was a helpful funny person and had lots of stories. Especially when you got in that cab with him lmao.. I kno because when I will call him for a ride he will have a book of stories for me lol ... But now he has went with the man he loved talking about on April 13 2014 @ 931am .. on jan 2 he got diagnosed with a brain tumor that wasnt removable. it killed us all to see him go through the pain but now hes peaceful I can say. my grandfather loved snooki and always said he will see her this summer I wish we could of made that come true it kills me knowing he won't be here anymore.. .. BUT IM ASKING SO VERY KINDLY PLEASE IF YOU CAN DONATE AS MUCH AS YOU CAN SO WE CAN LAY HIM DOWN TO REST THAT WILL BE SUCH A BIG HELP FOR MY FAMILY .... THANK YOU !!!! @iam_veronicaa @vmo87_xo @cita4413 @misshud @suz_marie73 @allyson233 @theellenshow @snookinic
cancersucks - love - cancer - pray - braintumor - grandpa - helpplease - s4s - donate - l4l -
princesscassx3 : link in my bio
princesscassx3 : #pray #donate #cancersucks #HELPplease #l4l #s4s #love #grandpa #cancer #braintumor
vmo87_xo : Love how u @ snooki in this lol.. ur page is private she wont see it
princesscassx3 : my page isnt private @vmo87_xo
princesscassx3 : @snookinic @theellenshow
_jfxx : โ™ฅ๏ธโ™ฅ๏ธgod bless you and your family. God is great he will do wonders.
kay_lo0ve : Wow I'm just seeing this and I'm so saddened by the news. I'm so sorry for your family's loss. Rip ๐Ÿ™
princesscassx3 : @kay_lo0ve yea its killing me !! & thanks love
iam_veronicaa - yolanda06108 - teamallie - lamarbowers -
GUYS! I need your help please like and repost this pic we need to save this girl from committing suicide nobody deserves to die please help! #loveyouguys #love #scars #suicide #kik #snapchat #dm #worthit #okay #beautiful #amazing #awesome #help #sad #lonely #love #friends #internetfriends #internet #friends #staystrong #recovering #motivation #saveasoul #helpplease #YOUarebeautiful
beautiful - motivation - dm - love - help - staystrong - internetfriends - awesome - snapchat - sad - kik - lonely - saveasoul - okay - friends - suicide - recovering - loveyouguys - scars - worthit - amazing - helpplease - internet - youarebeautiful -
let_me_help_you3 : please like this pic at @behindtheprettyfaces account!
behindtheprettyfaces : It's on @behindtheprettyfaces . Please hurry!
smile_when_im_gone : Your beautiful
let_me_help_you3 : @smile_when_im_gone oh the one from the pic is not me
smile_when_im_gone : Oh
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#littleriddles #Helpplease
littleriddles - helpplease -
chrysa_livanos : Sprinkler
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So this is new... #ImFreakingOut #HelpPlease?
imfreakingout - helpplease -
iamjeremiahmendoza : You're the only person I know who got a virus on a Mac :)
dea_flores : It's a virus!???
dea_flores : @iamjeremiahmendoza
iamjeremiahmendoza : Idk. But if it is then you are the first.
_brandirae_ : Nooooo it's hot your computer is hot
iamjeremiahmendoza : :)
mark_avila : @hectorrmora Check this out. Can you help her out. This is @daniel28flores sis.
cespedesjonathan : Did you turn it off?
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Nails ยฎ FOLLOW ME @rahafjaz_96 | | | #FOLLOWTRICK #FOLLOWBACK #FollowMe #ifollowyou #facebook #Forever #love #live #boyfriend #Google #girlfriend #followforfollow #follow4follow #likeforlike #like4like #Tagpeople #twitter #Tag #Hi #Hello #Hey #helpplease #20LIKE #Drawing #ONEdirection #1D # Nail #nailploish #Cute #Cool
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ยฎ FOLLOW ME @rahafjaz_96 | | | #FOLLOWTRICK #FOLLOWBACK #FollowMe #ifollowyou #facebook #Forever #love #live #boyfriend #Google #girlfriend #followforfollow #follow4follow #likeforlike #like4like #Tagpeople #twitter #Tag #Hi #Hello #Hey #helpplease #20LIKE #Drawing #ONEdirection #1D
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Does anyone know how this is properly pronounced?! #zzyzx #zzyzxroad #helpplease #pronunciation
zzyzxroad - zzyzx - pronunciation - helpplease -
westcft : Whaaaaat? Lol
complexityofitall : @westcft you've never seen this on the way to/frm Vegas on the 15?! I've always seen it, just have noo clue how it's pronounced! Lol
_domo88 : I always wondered too.. I had to look it up.. Lol.. It's Zy-Zick
complexityofitall : Lol, thanks @_domo88!
westcft : Mmm no I haven't lol
westcft : Changing my name to that
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Statigram feedback