Finding so much good stuff in Santa Barbara #localkombucha
realfood - paleo - localkombucha - healthade -
bravoforpaleo : #paleo #realfood
thewholesomefoodie : That's awesome!
goodcleanhealth : I want this ⚓️⚓️
bravoforpaleo : @goodcleanhealth @thewholesomefoodie it's sooo good. I went back and got another :)
bravoforpaleo : #healthade
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Killed it @val_fruition 😤 #itmustbegoodforyou #healthade
itmustbegoodforyou - healthade -
andi_mausi : I looooooooove Kombucha ❤️❤️❤️
val_fruition : 💪💪💪💪💪
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Have you tried #kombucha? Touted the immortal health elixir by the Chinese this delicious probiotic tea is known for it's ability to strengthen your immunity, boost your energy and so much more. At pH Labs, we're dedicated to helping you reach optimal health which is why we only carry the best - including kombucha drinks from @healthade!
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_phlabs : #iheartpH #pHLabs #SantaMonica #healthy #wellness #probiotic #healthade #wellness
healthade : @_phlabs well hey thanks!!
_phlabs : @healthade thank YOU- They are so yummy!
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New favorite! Kombucha heaven. Pink lady apple flavor is also great!
yummy - grape - new - kombucha - drink - favorite - healthade -
lebeccablog : @healthade #new #favorite #kombucha #drink #healthade #yummy #grape
sborboa : I want to try it! Where can I buy it?
lebeccablog : @sborboa I got it at vitamin city in san dimas !
sborboa : Thanks Becca, I'm going to go hunt it down :)
healthade : Great shot!
ladybobie - megs_divizia - hanbust - sborboa -
Bout that bubbly for tomorrow and a craved a chocolate milk too
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beesiebee : @jordianl12 @shelbyguelff805
beesiebee : #drinkingproblems
beesiebee : #expensivehabits
shelbyguelff805 : Yum yum
jordianl12 : Did u try the kombucha yet? @beesiebee
beesiebee : #healthade #kombucha
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Finally trying out @healthade and I have to say...I'm way impressed! Better than synergy by far! #healthade #kombucha
kombucha - healthade -
k8shearlove : Do you still get same benefits as synergy from them
eringobragh14 : @healthade wanna answer that one more specifically?
annabehr : I looooove those. Order from their site and u save a decent amount!
healthade : @eringobragh14 @k8shearlove thanks for the shout out! Heck yes you do ! Not all kombucha is created equal... Brewed in glass, brown bottles to protect our brew, organic, local, no additives, and we think your taste buds will thank you;)
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#nofilter #organic #kombucha #pinkladies #healthade #buylocal
buylocal - organic - pinkladies - nofilter - kombucha - healthade -
themonkey1 : Or! Or..or its poison
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#100happydays Day 6- The best kombucha. #healthade #happybody
100happydays - happybody - healthade -
_phlabs - tinytimemachines -
Surprise delivery to the office this morning. Just in time for my daily boost, thanks to #healthade ☺️ love that Health-Ade Kombucha is completely organic, raw, vegan, natural, and a gluten free probiotic drink!! Looking forward to adding for my cleansers, more to come soon.... #healthade #organic #vegan #cleansinglifestyle #dailykombucha
dailykombucha - organic - cleansinglifestyle - vegan - healthade -
buddhabellywellness : Mmmm nice!
cioffoletti : The California Grape flavor!!
elissagoodman : I can't wait to try the new seasonal flavors too!
yogatasticgurl - naziesaffari - lexanicole_ - mrs_jacob_moller -
New found love. 💙❤️💙❤️ #healthade #kombucha
kombucha - healthade -
quagmager : Oooh 😘
joejoe_brown : It's a good one @quagmager
quagmager : Where from
joejoe_brown : I got it at quick stop across from my work @quagmager
teddimidori : Yum 😍
lindajohnston777 - lrn2smile - sunflowerchild317 - teddimidori -
Love this Kamboucha #healthade #kamboucha
kamboucha - healthade -
mskaylasue : Yeah! We just started carrying them at beaming. Sooo good!
mskaylasue - danivox - emilypolar - maricellaa -
This tea tastes like shit!!!😣😷😷 #healthade #kombucha the bottles what made me but it. Great selling point, shitty and bitter taste
kombucha - healthade -
__liliaann__ : Would I like it?
fes0r : Maybe, it's like sour bitter. But probably not. Tastes and smells like it has vinegar @__liliaann__
__liliaann__ : At least it looks cool lol
jackie_soto14 : I think those have a little bit of alcohol in them
weareagainstthegrain : But it's so good for ya! Love me some kombucha
fes0r : @jackie_soto14 naw, just has the shittiest flavor ha
fes0r : @weareagainstthegrain I might be good for me, but it taste like what rancid feet smell like haha
weareagainstthegrain : Lol no doubt
isaack_feria - weareagainstthegrain - mayer2cbak - jackie_soto14 -
My vegan drink and my meat lovers pizza. Oh the irony. Lol #work #lunchbreak #damores #pizza #healthade #nomnomnom
lunchbreak - pizza - damores - nomnomnom - work - healthade -
someones_hero : Tfti
soeh93 - princess_pamskiis - raymondthecruz - _sunflowerrgirl -
#Againhealthychoice#healthade#cayennecleanse#gojiberry#kombuchaaddict 콤부차....... #사악한가격 이지만 맛있어 ㅜㅠㅠ
cayennecleanse - kombuchaaddict - gojiberry - 사악한가격 - againhealthychoice - healthade -
jkitty81 : What is that? It's healthy? @ramlamb07
thatlamb07 : @jkitty81 well it's kind of probiotic drink! really sparkling :) somethimes too strong for me but usually it taste good lol
jkitty81 : That's good stay healthy 👍 @ramlamb07
super_berry - jkitty81 - hyunnnnnn - wooney09 -
@#healthade @tudelan #lacdcgala
lacdcgala - healthade -
heyitsemily15 - __zaakel__ -
Inspired by the nautical design of my new favorite drink, #Healthade. Classic mix of #neutrals, with a few #polkadots thrown in.
polkadots - neutrals - healthade -
notorioustmc : You're too fucking cute
notorioustmc - bunkerlicious - cbs_reef - chef_dank -
New kombucha!
kombuchalover - drinkkombucha - newkombucha - drinkwell - probiotics - healthylifelounge - booch - healthadekombucha - fermentedfoods - cityofhope - healthystuff - rarekombucha - drinks - rawfoodshare - dietmotivation - fermented - rawfoodie - thankgoshitsfermented - healthade - health - rawfood - healthydrinks - dietinspiration - kombucha - healthspo - veganlover -
healthylifelounge : @starface8309 There's a whole school of thought on the benefits of fermented foods (kimchi, raw sauerkraut, kombucha, even healthy pickles and ACV!) including how the probiotics developed in the fermentation process help you produce good gut bacteria making your digestive processes easier. There's also a lot of micronutrients that naturally occur when fermenting like vitamin b 12!
tiffswyg : Is that brand better than others that are popping up in grocery stores? Haven't seen that one.
healthylifelounge : @tiffswyg This one's new to us as well! It's good but I think our all time fav is still GT's Divine Grape - that one' shard to top, lol!
tiffswyg : I usually get GT brand, too. Haven't tried Divine Grape yet... Will get that next! Where did you find the Health Ade?
healthylifelounge : @tiffswyg You gotta get the grape - amaze!! We found this one at a restaurant (of all places) in Encinitas called Lotus Cafe. They said they just got it in a few days ago!
tiffswyg : Will do...thanks!
healthade : @healthylifelounge Thanks for the shout out! You seem to really know your stuff! Enjoy!
healthylifelounge : @healthade Didn't know you guys were on Insta! Awesome!!
healthade - masami_sushi - natures_ps - hbaker2210 -
Yeehaw there's a NEW post up on my blog today covering my top favorite vegan picks from the @naturalproductsexpo trade show. Learn more about Date Syrup by @thedatelady, Teese Cheese by @chicagoveganfoods, Coconut Bacon by @phoney_baloneys & kombucha by @healthade. Read more at: #vegan #toppicks #naturalproductsexpo #expowest #anaheim #california #tradeshow #blog #blogger #veganblogger #kombucha #healthade #phoneybaloneys #coconutbacon #thedatelady #datelady #datesyrup #teese #teesecheese #chicagoveganfoods #vegansofig #veganfoodshare #whatvegansdo #whatveganseat #cowgirlsandcollardgreens #yeehaw #giddyup
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collardcowgirl : @lonestarinnyc I'm pretty sure it's available online! Right @chicagoveganfoods???
healthade : Aw shucks!
collardcowgirl : @natprodexpo
collardcowgirl : @healthade I'm in LOVE with your kombucha @healthade! Hope you like the post! ❤⚓❤
the_vegan_dad : How was the coconut bacon?
healthade : @collardcowgirl you are so sweet ;) we love the post and <3 your story! A survivor to say the least!!!!! #inspiring
collardcowgirl : @the_vegan_dad Oh my! You've never tried it? You won't believe how incredible it is! And the new flavors, to die for. Right @phoney_baloneys!?! 🐷
collardcowgirl : @healthade Wellp, thanks! I'm spreading the message of how plants did my body good after not one, but two rounds with cancer. I feel it's my job to encourage others to live happier, healthier lives! I hope to see your delicious products in NorCal soon. Yeehaw!
susiecoston - veganzwelovelife - rawveganqueen - celiacandthebeast -
Nice to get a shout-out from a great company. @jennacokerjones has mad skills. @jonesinforlifewithjenna #Healthade
healthade -
minitagandhi - jennacokerjones - shwnrcks125 - bellajoy01 -
When I don't feel like water I grab either a green juice or kombucha. This is my favorite new brand, Healthade. They use only local organic fresh pressed juice, fermented in glass (no leaching), no added flavors and they use a REAL culture (other brands add a powdered probiotic). Plus they are bottled in dark bottles which protect the probiotics from damage from light. Didnt know there was so much that goes into #kombucha huh? Have you tried this brand? #healthade #probiotics #fermentedfoods #fermented
kombucha - probiotics - fermented - fermentedfoods - healthade -
ashleyevanne : @healthade meet @theholykale, blogger extraordinaire!
healthade : Wow thanks so much for the shout out!
brooke_robertson : @alikuriyan
cookerladydebbie : Must try!!!! Faithfully using Amazing Green Powder, and I love it in my daily kale-laced smoothies...any info on Athletic Powder, my daughter is eager to begin using. Looking forward to your take on this product.
healthade - _felish_ - theblueskyismine - janusxoxo -
Better than coffee #healthade #delish #kombucha
kombucha - delish - healthade -
bourgetgerrard : Do thy have that at whole foods?
aquafireld : @bourgetgerrard I got this at Rainbow Acres on Washington 😊
melabenz : So yummmm
addyt - sarenastern - kellylash - jinysisthegolden1 -
Back in stock !! & there's a new flavor: CALIFORNIA GRAPE ! #kombuchaLOVE
body - namaste - love - inspire - mind - yoga - yogasoup - organic - support - peace - healthade - health - kombuchalove - kombucha - local - create -
yogasoup : #yoga#yogasoup#health#mind#body#healthade#kombucha#support#organic#local#create#inspire#peace#love#namaste
bonzsi : Ooooo new flavor!
healthade : It's delicious...but ok I might be biased
livingsantabarbara - jburrey - bonzsi - yoniberk -
Whether you're recovering from a great night, or about kick today in the face, try our favorite Kombucha #AMRecovery #HealthAde #saucey #powermove
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lebeccablog - goesbydaniel - danatthehelm - a_thomo -
Support mom and pops! Plus the packaging on this drink is pretty sweet. #vscocam #kachi #dtla #la #momandpop #healthade
healthade - la - dtla - vscocam - momandpop - kachi -
ingrid_2527 - happyhalle_ - luucrystal - kevinism11 -
The flavor and bottle design are both equally as wonderful.:3 #healthade #awesome #taste #bottle #design #tea #pomegranate
design - bottle - taste - tea - awesome - pomegranate - healthade -
shtinkels : #footashel
death_frm_below - versiecoa - mermaid_poo - bella_kitten13 -
Thank you @healthade for the delicious Pink Lady Apple kombucha! It kept me sane and awake during LA traffic yesterday afternoon! #healthade #kombucha #probiotics #superfood #apple #energy #vegan #vegansofig #veganfoodshare #whatveganseat #whatvegansdrink #glutenfree #glutenfreevegan #raw #rawfood #rawvegan #fitfam #fitspo #fitfood #fitness #eatclean #cleaneats #health #healthy #nutrition #wellness #nourish #crueltyfree #instagood #instadaily
nutrition - nourish - apple - whatveganseat - energy - rawvegan - vegan - raw - instadaily - cleaneats - kombucha - fitfam - fitspo - whatvegansdrink - glutenfreevegan - rawfood - vegansofig - superfood - wellness - glutenfree - crueltyfree - healthy - instagood - health - eatclean - veganfoodshare - fitness - probiotics - fitfood - healthade -
healthade : @wellnessbyjenni We certainly know the feeling !! Glad we could help ;)
applenewspics : Will you mail this beautiful photo? (read my bio)
wellnessbyjenni : @applenewspics I'm confused. Are you sure it's what you're looking for? It's not an "Apple" product, as in the's just the flavor of the drink? If you still want it, I'd be happy to send it to you!
vegan_ninja : Pink lady apple kombucha??? WANT!
pinkbunnies7 : What does it taste like? I tried one of the popular kombucha brands and it tasted sour and fizzy 😝
wellnessbyjenni : @pinkbunnies7 Sour and fizzy is a pretty accurate description! Haha. I always tell people it tastes like vinegar soda. It's an acquired taste. I think the more I drank it, the more I liked it. And now I'm obsessed. Give it another try! I love GT's kombucha. Try a sweeter flavor like the grape one. That's my favorite. ❤️
sherlytan1999 - vegan_ninja - marystestkitchen - mirandarabbit -
DTLA has all the goods.
instafood - goodbites - kombucha - cacao - rawfood - healthade -
miriamvictoria : #healthade #kombucha #rawfood #goodbites #cacao #instafood
seffieb - pearlized - coolass - manaleage -
Haven't been feeling well, but after drinking these bad boys and a couple other home remedies I am feeling a lot better! And a day off and sunshine doesn't hurt either! #healthade #local #organic #imnotsick #sun #anchor #dad
dad - organic - sun - kombucha - local - anchor - imnotsick - healthade -
raney787 : What is this you speak of??? I need some!😷😰
colbychurch : @raney787 look for any kind of #kombucha I like the ginger and lemon.
cuteeyes63 - juliekutner - cinemansugar - lauraashbradley -
Brekkie. #la #kombucha #healthade #timetogohome
kombucha - timetogohome - healthade - la -
healthade : Love this pic @pacificyogaloft
kluksch - qbeatiu - steviliar - kayla__hamm -
몸에 완전 좋을것처럼 생긴 에이드 :-) 가기전에 사먹어봐야겠다 ! #healthade
healthade -
mechloe - musi_sean -
Best #kombucha I've ever had! Tastes like #champagne and #happiness. #healthade #yummy #probiotic
yummy - probiotic - kombucha - champagne - happiness - healthade -
ae_schaefer : Yo that stuff is heaven in a bottle. Cheers!
jcampio2 : Yum, that sounds awesome!
teeky_torch - forkinvegan - monikanelle - mccyrozay -
Ashley left some weird drink in the fridge...guess I'll try it :-) #healthade #kombucha
kombucha - healthade -
lpengilly - ashleylynno7 -
mathklass - healthade -
gabbyygleeson : I'm sorry for slapping you 😂😂😭😭😭😭❤❤❤❤
dillonice_ : @jennyorian it's the kombucha "smell it! It smells nasty" "Jenny go throw that away now" #mathklass
dillonice_ : If u find me some1 2 date were all good ;) @gabbyygleeson
jennyorian : Hahah 😂
__gracecarlson__ : Aww, why did u take out of ur bio that ur "sexy and swaggy" and will someone please date u?
oliviacjacobus - jimmy_loftus - whoisavadelaney -
Statigram feedback