#fuckstudentloans , an upcoming project from @boysavsociety about the student debt crisis in America #studentdebt #studentloans #financialcrisis
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nan_di_ane : Lmaoooo
jenn_bb : #amen
misscathi : Hate loans so much πŸ˜–πŸ’ΈπŸ’ΈπŸ’ΈπŸ’ΈπŸ’Έ
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#fuckstudentloans we are going to film this generations student debt, shine a light on the hypocrisy of older generations and the shit we have to go through, to try to make it. #studentloans #bavs #studentdebt #nextbigbubble #financialcrisis
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Fuck student loans, whoever is stuck with them, hashtag the fuck out of your shit. #chasebank #salliemae #notpayinganymore #fuckstudentloans #bavs #boysavsociety @boysavsociety
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spoondc4 : Checkout @rudycrown
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Truth, Danny. #fuckstudentloans
fuckstudentloans -
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nadiajomaa : Seriously my life right now
chandlerriggs : same.
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alinamilarose : #scholarship #college #university #fuckstudentloans #imactuallysupersmart
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Interest alone.... damn interest raye man swear ill never get a dent in the loan$8,112.25 in 4 years... I coulda done a lot with rhat money elsewhere..... #FuckStudentLoans
fuckstudentloans -
_indo_jones -
#tbt 2003 Alabama State Univetsity! #bamastate #myasu #educated #bachelorsandmasters #mommadidntraisenofool #fuckstudentloans #almostpaidoff #gump #therosesupperclub #takeitbacktotopflight #dirty #hittheflow #pimpandthegansta #9903 #rexfordroad
educated - bachelorsandmasters - mommadidntraisenofool - takeitbacktotopflight - tbt - myasu - fuckstudentloans - bamastate - almostpaidoff - 9903 - pimpandthegansta - dirty - hittheflow - rexfordroad - therosesupperclub - gump -
areidsincity : U forgot #everyvbodywannabedownwiththesouth
girlfriendzboutique : @areidsincity yes sirrrrr!!!!
sweetypy32 : @girlfriendzboutique hey u miss u...
girlfriendzboutique : @sweetypy32 we need to link up
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So this what my Sorors and I do while working. I had to bust a flow. Why you may ask? Because it's Friday!! #FreeStyleFriday #FuckStudentLoans #ImmaOweMoneyForEternity
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vitaminb12 : Lmbo!
tricia_cole : Shunny i miss u! Drive down here tommorrow!
acephoenixtail : BARS!!!
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Throwback to my college days, by days I mean that very short (very expensive) year and a half of my life! #blonde #tbt #toocoolforschool #fuckstudentloans
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πŸ’«βœ¨ πŸŒ™ #fuckstudentloans #ihateyousalliemae #dontletmecatchuinthestreets #thestruggle
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lito12 : The best news in the world. Hopefully that will be me soon. Congrats @thefashionreject
topcommitment : When I get this piece of mail I should be 89 yrs old 😩😩 the struggle!!
thefashionreject : @laurastemmer @lito12 Thanks guys 😘
thefashionreject : @topcommitment 😩😭😭 you can do it!!
mariajelias : OMG pop a bottle girl! That's amazing!
ide_mrsc : πŸ™ŒπŸ‘Œ I wish I could do the same. Good job cuz
thefashionreject : @mariajelias that's right! πŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒβœ¨
thefashionreject : @ide_mrsc Thanks cuz, ur gonna get there, budget & no shopping, lol
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Well i dont want to fucking do anything for the rest of the day #fuckstudentloans #imsopissed #foreverbroke #damnit
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katwade : Fuck those guys.
grekabekis : @katwade right!? And that was after thinking it was sent and going in and panicking for 2 days. It even ruined half of my trip to disney because i couldn't stop stressing about it. Then i checked again and found this D; it just sucks.
katwade : The whole thing is shitty. I dropped out before I had time to take out loans, but this is happening to everyone I know! I hope @honorcurves post can help you out.
grekabekis : Yeah i had to get loans from the beginning since my school record is not great and i got just a small grant. Eh then i dropped out and moved and just didn't pay on something i should have. They are also taking money out of my check each week from work.. ;3;! @katwade and ive had a fair number of people contact me and i couldnt be more grateful!! All he support is overwhelmingly awesome <3
katwade : πŸ’“ good luck, talented woman!
grekabekis : @katwade thanks lady!! :3
sittin_sideways : Ive been dealing with this for 3 years plus they take 15% of my paycheck. It sucks
grekabekis : @sittin_sideways yeah its a pain =_= but nothing i can do about it now D;
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Two quarters of #school at the #artinstitue god is this #expensive as all get out. #tuitionisridiculous #bachelordegreeinprogress #fuckstudentloans #graphicdesignmajor #brokecollegestudentproblems
school - tuitionisridiculous - graphicdesignmajor - brokecollegestudentproblems - artinstitue - bachelordegreeinprogress - fuckstudentloans - expensive -
escalateyourincome -
This house smells so freaking good right now :) can't wait to share this!!! It's actually pretty healthy: gluten free, made with egg white proteins, olive and coconut oils heavily infused with cannabis, ground cannabis plant material, maple syrup, a touch of organic brown sugar, cinnamon, nutmeg and a tiny bit of a very very secret ingredient that makes this a flavor explosion in your mouth it's also organic and non-GMO but a secret lol
fuckbills - fuckstudentloans -
tesladabber : Plus almonds, pecans, died cherries, bananas, Mediterranean apricots, and coconut
tesladabber : *dried lol the cherries are dead to I guess lmao
dabmountaintech : Gunna need some
tesladabber : Trade @dabmountaintech? Haha irony is even where I work, I usually need meds haha #FuckBills #FuckStudentLoans
dabmountaintech : I'll trade gladly. No oil for a lil while but I have flowers πŸ’
_gmoneyaz : Gangsta! An energy bar that knocks you out?! Flipping the script on em!
tesladabber : @gmoneyaz420 it gives you the right kind of energy and the best medicated but stony functional and zero pain :)
dharmamedsaz : I'll order that to Mesa, lol.. Trade for the RSO.. That or any edibles from TeslaLabs next time u bake em..
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It's a Terror and Lexi kind of day. #madkabs #terror #selfie #lexus #tattoos #girlswithtattoos #ohheytuesdayfuckoff #goldtips #justdrive
tattoos - ohheytuesdayfuckoff - girlswithtattoos - selfie - fuckstudentloans - dowant - madkabs - morelow - justdrive - terror - helpmeimpoor - lexus - moreloud - goldtips -
dropthefeeder : You're not gonna look tough until that Lex has exhaust, bro.
heartlessac13 : πŸ‘Œ
kabsyxx : @drwkr Needs tiresrimsgrillelights then exhaust. But yeah, holy do want exhaust.
dropthefeeder : #becauseracecar can't have you sounding like a grandma should you drive beside a straight piped 350 or other lovely ford products
kabsyxx : @drwkr #helpmeimpoor B just sends me YouTube videos and I sit and listen to them start up. Gaahh #dowant
dropthefeeder : Kabs just remember that food and a place to live is important but loud exhaust is importanter
kabsyxx : @drwkr #fuckstudentloans #morelow #moreloud
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That's for sure. #fuckstudentloans
fuckstudentloans -
mauralaughlin - ryanjustchillinit - casssiiiexo - _milfamous -
Sweeeeeettt Emoooootions! #FuckYes #Finally #2012 #LongOverdue #FuckStudentLoans #Taxes #FeelsGood #Shopping #Saving #HappyMe :)
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ashlynn0215 - rhd_meg -
No refund for me #FuckStudentLoans
fuckstudentloans -
kyariesda4 : Who you telling cuz
nerdboient : @kyariesda4 man cuz dem mfs took 2800 from me lol
kyariesda4 : Damn fam did they let you keep the change
nerdboient : @kyariesda4 yea I left wit abt 1150
imjustkute_tee - freeemlewisboys - prettyondainside - grove_st_kash -
Celebrating the 10th anniversary of The College Dropout by drinking Hennessy and regretting not dropping of more courses #Kanye #Yeezus #CollegeDropout #BrokePhiBroke #FuckStudentLoans #Seriously #ISpentTooMuchOnThatStupidSchool #WonderIfICanDefaultOnLoans #StillSurprisedIMadeIt
collegedropout - yeezus - ispenttoomuchonthatstupidschool - gotajobtho - brokephibroke - seriously - wonderificandefaultonloans - fuckstudentloans - kanye - stillsurprisedimadeit -
victorvaughn : #GotAJobTho
alvinfonseca : that last hashtag πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
edith90 : Got a job though πŸ˜‚
quake18 : Lmfaooo you the man
quake18 : @alvinfonseca πŸ˜‚
victorvaughn : For real tho. My job is the only reason I'm not at the administrations office asking for a damn refund.
dramic91 : All Falls Down will forever be a jam
quake18 - rebeezus - chefboi_an_dee - michaelmadden9 -
#exactlyhowifeel #fuckstudentloans #ahhhh #hatethatshit
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bigboyroy86 : That's why you get grants lol @korina_andy08
korina_andy08 : That still didn't help @bigboyroy86
platnum_p - tuttys_pop - savannal_xo - richari020 -
πŸ™πŸ™ŒπŸ™πŸ™ŒπŸ™πŸ™ŒπŸ™ preach. #truth #fuckstudentloans #ugh
ugh - truth - fuckstudentloans -
nicoletapalakis_ : πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ
sabrina__felicity - abcdefgeenuh - tonidoraz - 267bigkloo_comin_atchya -
Since schnitzel has completely ruined the carpet in my room, I had to buy a big ridiculous rug. And now I have a nice stockpile of decorations for my next apartment. So it's kind of a win win?
fuckstudentloans -
farahpro : Cute! Don't let her ruin the rug! πŸ˜›
ehogan808 : @farahpro it has real and coral pink accents and is sort of a Persian design. I think it will look good with my white couch and if you help me make a wooden coffee table and we stain it with the grey color like my head board? I dunno.. Just a thought..I want a rustic look.
ehogan808 : @farahpro I meant teal not real.. Fucking autocorrect
farahpro : @ehogan808 yes loooove rustic! It's cozy. πŸ’•
farahpro : @ehogan808 gotcha πŸ‘Œ
ehogan808 : @farahpro my next apartment will most likely be tiny, so cozy is good. #fuckstudentloans
xocaitlinemiko - farahpro - nisho666 - jibby_yak -
Study life lets get it Si Se PUEDE!!!!!!!!! #A student#thuglife#tiredof beingbroke#needtobeaboss#mybabyneedsdiapers#fuckstudentloans#needascholarship#2ndtry#Igotthis @meerbodyaesthetics @ctapia_eche @sellyr0ck
a - thuglife - needascholarship - needtobeaboss - fuckstudentloans - 2ndtry - tiredof - mybabyneedsdiapers - igotthis -
sellyr0ck : So proud of you and excited for all you will accomplish. I love you!
hybridfitness : @sellyr0ck right back at you. love you to boo!!!!
ljong34 : Keep at it man. Hard work pays off don't let anybody tell you differently!
hybridfitness : I will gallena cant let the system win @ljong34
the_manimal1 : Always take steps forward bro!
meerbodyaesthetics : #hostoslibrary haha see you playa !
violet_heart21 : You got this!
chaosbjj - violet_heart21 - jacquelinesuzzette_ - the_manimal1 -
LIU Class of 2009' πŸ’•πŸŽ“ Cause ain't nobody giving young single mothers scholarships. #IWorkMy7x3BetterCutMyCheck #FuckStudentLoans #SallieMaeComeGetMyDegreeback
salliemaecomegetmydegreeback - iworkmy7x3bettercutmycheck - fuckstudentloans -
kennythebull : #fucksalliemae #freemypaychecks
lilmscurlyy : 😻😍😻😍😻😍
thecrazymomcook : πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
senny42879 : I love it, Sallie Mae Come Get My Degree Back, u tell em Mama, Tell Sallie Mae to kick rocks 100 times over :-)
malaysiajade : ❀️
desireenicole85 : Ugh student loans 😫
zoe_g521 : A bad bitch with a degree! Holla @ me!!! πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
_angieb_31 : πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
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Payin bills #ugh #realworldsucks #fuckstudentloans #shouldnthaveboutthattruck #bills
shouldnthaveboutthattruck - fuckstudentloans - ugh - bills - realworldsucks -
vincentcianci : Dislike button please
edgarrrrmont : #orthatbag hahaha just teasin
vincentcianci : #youradick @edgarrrrmont
edgarrrrmont : #beleeedat @vincentcianci
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Wish they'd give me the gift of fucking off. #fuckstudentloans
fuckstudentloans -
rose_sabe - kylincollier666 - camelstyleho - daphats -
#fuckstudentloans #localbrew
localbrew - fuckstudentloans -
macattack0208 - studenthelpline -
Funniest email ever; Sallie Mae you're hilarious! That's more than I make a month. Hahahaha good try though. #FuckStudentLoans #StudentLoans
studentloans - fuckstudentloans -
jmstacey : Lol!!! I feel your pain!!! Can't stand Sallie Mae. Trying to pay mine off ASAP
riotgrrlbarbie : I don't make enough to pay them back anytime soon. @jmstacey
jmstacey : I definitely understand the struggle! Just do what you can and keep it moving. Don't let then stress you!!!
riotgrrlbarbie : I don't I just need to set up payments still. @jmstacey
mofuwkinqq_janaa : @riotgrrlbarbie Wassup? How would a second source of income sound?
lor_jewelry - _krempy_ - federisus - studenthelpline -
the last 2 weeks have been a fucking nightmare, pushing me to a limit I wasn't sure I even had. today after a few more fucking hurdles I believe I finally was able to breathe again and realize its gunna be ok. Very special thanks to my Aunt and Uncle for helping me to fix a huge hurdle in my life. A big #fuckyou to student loans and all the other bullshit from the last two weeks! what better way to celebrate then smoking a joint and taking my nephew #SirSneakersOTool to the dog park at sunset! #breathe #fuckbeinganadult #fuckstudentloans #family #grateful #sunset #hopeful
breathe - family - sirsneakersotool - fuckyou - hopeful - fuckbeinganadult - sunset - grateful - fuckstudentloans -
adriennesays : This too shall pass, my love ❀️
seanmicahsiegel - buzzz80 - cult_sd - nowisneverleft -
Hallelujah. #fuckstudentloans #indenturedservitude #salliemaebelike #collegeisoverrated
collegeisoverrated - salliemaebelike - indenturedservitude - fuckstudentloans -
melstacks - denny921 - jejrzy - _hbkdave -
Fuck you and goodbye #fuckstudentloans #fuckird
fuckird - fuckstudentloans -
helloimsam : Best photo ever haha
clearsky119 : Haha $60K 😳 wanna start paying mine
braddallas : Im 23k deep. Fuck them!
callanpaige : Hahahaha only you Broccoli
chloealpe : Love this so much
nzinked : Nice job man !!
rach_milroy : Such a good feeling aye?!
brockfidowtattoos : Best feels
katg_91 - candycain26 - codex0 - theboudinus -
One of my biggest mistakes... The best thing I acquired from this was medical terminology, phlebotomy and venipuncture skills!!! #climbingoutofdebt #financialaid #scholarships #fuckstudentloans
financialaid - scholarships - climbingoutofdebt - fuckstudentloans -
loveall_trust_afew : TYPO:ME
qi1979 : I feel you !!! I most definitely will be one of those success stories too . Like you said its about the debt
chiflygurl_domo : @loveall_trust_afew yes Dr Najam was a great teacher tho...
porshablessbythebest_god : Me too cuz I went there the something
porshablessbythebest_god : And too the something thay
porshablessbythebest_god : They fu
porshablessbythebest_god : They Full of shit.
loveall_trust_afew : yes she was @chiflygurl_domo
chiflygurl_domo - birdmanakabandman - tron_fiend - beautifullee28 -
Love when my mom leaves little articles on my vanity for me to read... So much better than coming home to billsπŸ‘ŒπŸ“‡πŸ“– #fuckstudentloans #fuckinsuranceangencies #success #bestfootforward #beallyoucanbe #professional
bestfootforward - success - fuckstudentloans - professional - fuckinsuranceangencies - beallyoucanbe -
stickicky666 : first thing I read was foot job hah
brittanyminggia : Aw, my Mom does the same thing πŸ’—πŸ‘Œ
mspade12 - schuli00 - brittanyminggia - urfvredhead -
Statigram feedback