PalesinoTunisien #tunisie#tounes#tunisia#palestine#freepalestine#fuckisrael
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ichrafb : Tous les Tunisiens sont Palestiniens ds le coeur. ;)
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This is me! #LikeOrNot #Israel #Jew #FuckJew #FuckIsrael #IHateIsrael 😠
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La Quenelle ! La Sens tu ? Pas loin de vos Poto celle la a été prise ! Au calme les Portos ! #team #bordeaux #quenelle #rebelle #paspeur #bro #Bams #vtk @vtkey #dieudonné #anelka #fucksionism #fuckisrael #fuckvalls #fuckhollande #fucksystem #antimacoumégang #tobecontinued
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And they call us terrorist #droneattacks #proudtobepakistani
droneattacks - fuckisrael - proudtobepakistani - wheretheloveat -
mobbinsince_93 : #wheretheloveat????
nelley_nelz : #palestine
mobbinsince_93 : #fuckisrael
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#fuckIsrael A senior Israeli official said that Israel's absence from the United Nations vote was viewed around the world as an extremely irregular measure, a departure from a long-standing Israeli policy of voting with the United States in the UN. While the Americans viewed Israel's behavior as ungrateful, in light of Washington's unshakable support for Jerusalem in the UN, in the Kremlin and in the Russian media Israel's action was seen as an expression of support for Moscow, or at the very least a lack of opposition to the invasion of Ukraine.
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santiagov_ : So what's the point of putting an unnecessary hashtag saying fuck israel at the beginning of the article? @realxfiles common bro, keep ot neutral; no need for your offensive bias. One of your hashtags sais love
realxfiles : @santiagov_ Anonymous doesn't recognise the illegal state of israel
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Happy Independence Day to the Syrian Arab Republic and the Syrian People, Long live Syria, Long live Al Assad, Long live Hezbollah. April 17th comrades #Syria #syrian #syrianarabrepublic #syriancivilwar #syrianarabarmy #fuckerdogan #fuckturkey #fuckfreesyrianarmy #fuckisrael #longlivesyria #handsoffsyria #russia #sangheiliunion #hezbollah #wearewinning #erdoganattacksfreedoms #handsoffkessab #savekessab @saa_pride @syriaarmy @realsyrianinsta @syrianperspective @syrianpresidency
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Save palestine/palestina #Antiisrael #fuckisrael
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lana_fcb : #free_palestine ♥♥♥
sarareich123 : #racistt #propaganda #proudtobeisraeli
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#FreePalestine #FuckIsrael
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jeremywerner73 : I dare you to wear that shirt to Barry's
schoolboyflaws : I'm going to wear it and demand free food. #PowerToTheIndigenous
prideofpalestine : This is why I have hope.. Because Palestinians and non Palestinians everywhere never stop reminding people and fighting for palestine no matter where they are.. This is why palestine will be free.. Thank you... Respect
jdub2311 : Jftpc!
ovoxo_arab_ : Best way of thinking! ♥
nadinee_th : 👌👌
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Free Palästina #anonymus #guyfawks #isreal #palestine #live #gaza #fuckisrael #internet #killuminati #zürich #palästina
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#true #heartbreaking #savesyria #savesyriaschildren #fuckisrael
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moraf97 : @e_maaadahmed The Israeli hospital take care in a Syrian child..
e_maaadahmed : I forgot to laugh
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#fuckisrael #freepalestine #nowar#genocide
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mambukateka : You didn't answer me... Israel is the oppressor yes or not? @droramitay
mambukateka : Add me on Facebook, I will let you see some videos of people Gaza, how people are treated by the IDF by the mossad, how homes and buildings destroyed Children with no family with no place to go, I will let you see how little children be arrested, I will let you see the life condition of the Palestinian prisoners....... The only way to peace is that Israel have to take her hands off Palestine and palestinian @droramitay my name on Facebook is: Alijandro Talbi
droramitay : @mambukateka A. occupier. Not oppressor. B. You think I need you to know and see what's going on there? Do you have any idea how many times I was there? I know it's a shitty situation, I know the Palestinians suffer. It's not even a question. Didn't I give you what needs to be done for peace already?...
droramitay : @mambukateka alijandro? Are you from Argentina?...
mambukateka : And why you still occupying that place if you are the cause of the suffer of millions of people, and also you know it O.o this is unbelievable...nono I'm italian, but I came from tunisia
droramitay : @mambukateka ok. The 3 things that Palestinians need to do in order to have peace are the things that without them their sufferings are elongated: A. Recognize the state of Israel (Notice: I didn't say "Jewish state" or "Hindu state". Just "Israel"). B. Recognize the legitimacy of resolution 242 and the idea of sharing our land with us, like we did back in 47, many times since then, and still do. C. Commit to peace, stop attacking us, and once and for all, drop the ways of terror. - Neither of those 3 have happened yet. When they do, there will be peace by the following day, the settlements will be dismantled after a month and the occupation gone, and a first ever sovereign and independent state called "Palestine" after a week.
mambukateka : Nono my friend what you want is very honest, but even if palestinian burn their weapons, even if all the Arab states in the world recognize israel as a state, your government will still in a occupation mode, always in war bombing and destroying the life of palestinian.... I think that to come a peaceful solution, the first thing to do is that Israel have to take a step back and consider the idea to give back some freedom to the Palestinian in Gaza and west Bank.. For example give them back water 24 hours a day 7 day on 7.. lights education security homes buildings.. I think this is the only way
droramitay : @mambukateka lol. We gave and gave. We evacuated the inner cities in Gaza in 95, we evacuated large parts of the West Bank, we evacuated the WHOLE of the Gaza Strip and MORE land in the West Bank in 2005. Always thinking this time it will bring peace. What did the Palestinian side give? MORE terror, MORE rockets, LESS willingness to compromise. What did that show us? As you said, we control everything. What game are they playing? We didn't BEGIN with a blockade on Gaza right? We didn't BEGIN with the checkpoints right? We were FORCED into those extreme measurs by the ever growing level of terrorism. We will not give more. Enough is enough. If they want war, we will win. Easily. Like we did so many times before. But if they did those 3 very simple things, very trivial things. Recognize a sovereign country. Recognize an international decision. Stop attacking that country and drop the use of terror. Peace is right here, behind the corner.
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#fuckisrael #pali #freepalestine #intifada #palestine #palestinian
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Geziciler Capulcular nerdesiniz simdi niye hala Protesto yok??? Niye hala yangin cikarmadiniz sokaklarda, neden kimsenin sesi cikmiyor?? Die ach-so-wahren Medien in Deutschland: WOOOOOOOOO IST EIN BERICHT DARÜBER?? Warum boomen die Medien heute nicht? Ständig über Diktatur schreiben, ständig Müll über die Türkei berichten. Warum sehe ich heute keine Karikaturen in den Medien, das diesen Sachverhalt beschreibt??? Gezi Zekalilara sesleniyorum, Berkin Elvan icin sokaklarda sucsuz insanlarla satisip, ekmege saygisizlik yapipda yerlere atanlara sesleniyorum: Nerdesiniz????? FACEBOOK HALA NEDEN DOLMADI SIZLERLE ADINIZU DEGISTIRMEDINIZ YA HALA?? Sizde Allah korkusu bukadar iste!!!
stopexecutionsinegypt - idamadurde - r4bia - rabia - worldsilentforexecutioninegypt - idamahayir - are - cnn - fuckisrael - you - where -
barispilvenk : Ey bitte was Labas du !? Jeder grad ist gegen diese Todesstrafen ! Iranda asilirken siz nerdedinnis vicdan diye bise bilmiosunus Ey wie so Tiere von den Erdogan
cirkinpanda : Es geht mir darum dass keiner demonstriert.. Pass auf wie mit anderen leuten redest, sen kim oluyon da bana hayvan diyebiliyorsun? @barispilvenk
barispilvenk : Echt haben akpli demonstriert !? Wir hier in Deutschland können nur eine Petition unterschreiben auch wen das nicht viel ist onu yabtinmi sen? Überleg bisschen erweitert wieso ist überhaupt Musri gestürzt worden weil Israel keine islamische Partei als Nachbar will und wer ist einer der Partner Länder im NATO mit Israel Türkei erdogans Partei also was bringt das euch gegen das zu demonstrierten
cirkinpanda : Es geht um muslimische Brüder und Schwestern die sterben sollen und Erdogan ist wohl der erste Minister der sich endlich mal nicht Israel und Amerika beugt?! Onlara ilk kafa tutan Adam Erdogan. Überprüfe deine Quellen! Ich habe 5 Petitionen unterschrieben und doch man kann demonstrieren. Für Gezi wurde auch in Stuttgart demonstriert und allein was in Taksim loswar angeblich wegen Bäumen.. Nekadar nankör insansiniz anlamiyorum. Erdoğan dan baska kimse kürtlere türkiyede hak tanimadi! Konusma hakkini verdi size. Secme hakki verdi size üniversitede okuma hakki verdi size das hattet ihr alles nicht! Ich stehe auch aufgrund dieser Tatsachen voll hinter erdogan. Ganz anders als alle CHP ler und MHP ler..denk mal darüber nach! @barispilvenk
barispilvenk : Ne sacma biz hayvanmiyis!? Und wo bitte ist Erdogan gegen USA er hat bosborus zu internatzionalen gebiet benannt so dass USA schneller an Russland rüber kann im Notfall das nennst du nicht beugen ? In malatya gibts Raketen von der NATO das nennst du gegen USA ?! Also ich seh da was anderes ich weis nicht von wo du die Inhalte scheißt Aba die sind alle falsch und ich find alle Parteien in Türkei scheisse weil alle Nationalisten sind und stur Köpfe so kannst du kein Land führen !
cirkinpanda : Ben sana hayvan demedim! Die Diskussion mit dir bringt nichts. Du bist respektlos und zusätzlich noch mit dem Kopf nicht so weit, um über Dinge zu diskutieren, worüber Kinder nicht diskutieren sollten. Keine Ahnung wer dir den Müll einhebleut hat, aber es ist falsch. Konu kapanmistir.
barispilvenk : Respektlos genau haha google mal die Sachen was ich gesagt hab Erdogan kürtleri okula burakmis haha Cok komiksin
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#fuckusa #fuckisrael #fuckturkey #fuckalqaeda #fucktaliban #fuckisil #fuckfsa #freepalestine #syria #syrianarabarmy #syriancivilwar #fuckerdogan #nationaldefenseforce #handsoffsyria #hezbollah #areyousyrias #aleppo #savekessab #armenia #azerbaijan #armenian #turkey #saa #bashiralassad #fsa #terrorism #fuckterrorism
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kinq_matt : I agree with @thebigchris617
kinq_matt : And I'm Russian so don't talk about Russia
enochisawsome15 : @kinq_matt that's racist you cockhead.
sugarslk : http://www.funnycommercialsworld.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/05/Assad.jpg
kinq_matt : @enochisawsome15 Bitch Please, This dude talking about Americans to, So shut the hell up you dumb cunt
kyle_wolf_85 : What about Americans lol @kinq_matt
gscpu_polidoro1j8and3to : @kinq_matt IM RUSSIAN TOO!!!
kinq_matt : Cool I guess
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@em_ali_samara @ali_samara @youseph13 @alaa1589 @ismaaelselawy @whf84 @moayyadkh @mamayreh @salahaldeen94 @saidqudaih @dana_mansi @faisal_zyad @falastin1965
itscalledpalestine - freedom - freepalestine - palestinewillbefree - ourland - fuckisrael - israelisnotacountry - palestine - israelisnotastate - fuckzionism -
alaa1589 : ؛)
dana_mansi : على هذه الأرض ما يستحق الحياة: تردد إبريل، رائحة الخبزِ في الفجر، آراء امرأة في الرجال، كتابات أسخيليوس ، أول الحب، عشب على حجرٍ، أمهاتٌ تقفن على خيط ناي، وخوف الغزاة من الذكرياتْ على هذه الأرض ما يستحق الحياةْ: نهايةُ أيلولَ، سيّدةٌ تترُكُ الأربعين بكامل مشمشها، ساعة الشمس في السجن، غيمٌ يُقلّدُ سِرباً من الكائنات، هتافاتُ شعب لمن يصعدون إلى حتفهم باسمين، وخوفُ الطغاة من الأغنياتْ على هذه الأرض ما يستحقّ الحياةْ: على هذه الأرض سيدةُ الأرض، أم البدايات أم النهايات. كانت تسمى فلسطين. صارتْ تسمى فلسطين. سيدتي: أستحق، لأنك سيدتي، أستحق الحياة.
mustafa_sadeh : على هذه الارض ما يستحق الحياة!!! قبل قراءة هذه الكلمات لم اظن ان هنالك ما يستحق الحياة ؛ كنت مخطأ... عرفت انه هنالك رجالا قاموا الفجر من فراشهم الدافيء ليحرثوا و يحصدوا و يحرسوا بلادا ، باعها بعض المخنئثين ، عرفت ان رجالا قدموا ارواحهم لحمايتها واستردادها و قدموا دماءهم ليحيوا زرعا مات من جفاف... عرفت و عرفت و عرفت و كل ما عرفته قد حصل بماض كم ابغى ان يعاد... ماض لا يخشى فيه الرجال شيء.. أعد ان سيدة راسخة بالقلب ستبقى مهما جار عليها الزمان و تغيرت لها اسماء فلن تبقى بالقلب سوى فلسطين... @dana_mansi
dana_mansi : مصطفى يا مصطفى مهما تكلمنا و عانينا من أجل هذا البلد المحتل لن نجدي نفعًا ...كم أود زيارتها و معي كوفيه ركو بندقية...و أقاتل و أقاتل ختى آخر قطرة دم في عروقي...صح أني أنثى و لكن كلمة "رجل" لم تُهلق للذكور فقط...ف أنا رجل ..أريد أن أموت و أعيش كالرجال في ثرى حبيبتي فلسطين...أريد دمائي أن تسقي شجر الزيتون...فكما قال نزار قباني : قصة السلام مسرحية...و العدل مسرحية...إلي فلسطين طريق واحد يمُّر من فوهة بندقية ...و أضيف أنا إلي كلامه...ما أُخذ بالقوة لا يُسترد إلا بالقوة
mustafa_sadeh : لك الحق يا فلسطينية :) @dana_mansi
dana_mansi : @mustafa_sadeh لك كل الشكر و الإحترام :)
mustafa_sadeh : كل العفو و التقدير :) @dana_mansi
dana_mansi : :)
dana_mansi - anasjabiry - rashedrab - alaa1589 -
#Palestine #FreePalestine #PalestineWillBeFree #Freedom #FuckIsrael #FuckZionism #IsraelIsNotACountry #IsraelIsNotAState #ItsCalledPalestine #OurLand
itscalledpalestine - freedom - freepalestine - palestinewillbefree - ourland - fuckisrael - israelisnotacountry - palestine - israelisnotastate - fuckzionism -
aboodkablan : عيش يا كديش
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#fuckisrael #opisrael #thanksalot #anonymoushackers
fuckisrael - anonymoushackers - opisrael - thanksalot -
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#Palestine #Fuckisrael #PalestineVivraPalestineVaincra #Turc #Muslim #NEMUTLUTURKUMDIYENE #Followme
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#ultrasahlawy #ultras #egypt #curva #nord #flag #palestine #freedom #fuckisrael
ultrasahlawy - egypt - freedom - ultras - curva - flag - fuckisrael - nord - palestine -
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#FUCKISRAEL The murderous israhelli regime is Zionism and nazism not jewish
fuckisrael - opisrael -
realxfiles : #opisrael
luis0dias : U need write in portuguese
realxfiles : @luis0dias that can be arranged 👍
luis0dias : Ok
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#israel #telaviv #dubaï #haïfa #psg #marseille #miami #Moscow #russia #booba #jul #retrica #madrid #barcelona #palestina #mexico #usa #california #hollywood #australia #europe #algerie #Bastia #italia #uk #london #flnc #fln #liberta #fuckisrael
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#israel #telaviv #dubaï #haïfa #psg #marseille #miami #Moscow #russia #booba #jul #retrica #madrid #barcelona #palestina #mexico #usa #california #hollywood #australia #europe #algerie #Bastia #italia #uk #london #flnc #fln #liberta #fuckisrael
europe - israel - australia - uk - mexico - madrid - moscow - fln - algerie - jul - psg - london - bastia - haïfa - booba - marseille - dubaï - retrica - usa - miami - barcelona - fuckisrael - italia - liberta - california - telaviv - hollywood - flnc - palestina - russia -
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#fucktheusa #fuckisrael #fuckamerica #illegaleuropeans #USA #america
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dallaspinkerton : 'Mon then ya daft cunt
graves3113 : respect us cuz we conna kick the crap outta u!
dallaspinkerton : You and your country are shite
___tyson___4 : Ha agreed @dallaspinkerton
ghostman28 : ROT IN HELL
shashkoff : Нахуй США!!!
emoocyrus : I RESPECT YOU :) TOTALLY
tasha_rus_insta : рашка рулит
lana_zeineldeen - kaylaamayy30 - shashkoff - tasha_rus_insta -
Welcome to da gun show #fuckisrael #selfie #much #beard #wrestlemania #godblessamerica #onedirection #1D #l4l #f4f #wwe #wcw #ecw #nwa #awa #ecw #czw #aaa #cmll #tna #roh #eire #ireland
roh - eire - cmll - selfie - czw - wwe - nwa - onedirection - awa - wrestlemania - ecw - aaa - wcw - much - fuckisrael - tna - 1d - ireland - f4f - l4l - godblessamerica - beard -
cutenips : Mere youuuu
paulmurpheire : @titsmagee_ mere you titsmagee, you've got exclusive front row tix to the gun show 24/7 x
cutenips : Maybe not if you're gonna start saying stuff like that
cutenips : Who am I kidding, fuck my socks offff
paulmurpheire : @titsmagee_ hahahaha cheekyyyy 🙊
zkubkiemkawyprzezswiat - leanavdb - emmaaaxxo - 3lisa_jade -
fucknwo - fuckisrael - killuminati -
joojooo89 - kemolotov - taaatii___ - mohamed_hawari -
7 April ni website2 Israel akan di hijacked oleh team Anonymous Arab.. Semoga berjaya.. Allahu'akbar #AnonymousArab #fuckIsrael
fuckisrael - anonymousarab -
realbobgonzalez : segala kad kredit, akaun bank, data kerajaan akan di hack. shut down the israhell!
anaszaryn : 👍👍👍
alinaqvi27 : Assad is fighting the Al Qaeda, the ones who claim to be Muslims, so he (Assad) is good
imranadams : @alinaqvi27 are supporting the Syiah?
alinaqvi27 : Who's "Syiah"? I'm sorry I haven't heard the term. But Assad fights the extremists, and the extremists are the enemies of us Muslims. They are like Zionists. Jews=Christians=Muslims and Zionists=Anglicans=Al Qaeda/Al Nusra
imranadams : Al qaeda is not zionist... Al-qaeda is mujahideen... He helps all the Muslims Sunni in Syria... They are against Basshar al-assad... Where u come from? U need to read more
imranadams : @alinaqvi27
alinaqvi27 : Pakistan. I don't like mujahideen because they are to extreme there. They create their own rules. And they suicide bomb, and Quran says suicide is haraam. They control people by fear. Our Prophet SAW never did that. How do you think Islam spread back then and became such a positive thing? By killing like this, you make Islam look bad. Jihad is for when the world has waged war on us. The mujahideens are too narrow minded. Many of them don't even follow proper Sunnah of Prophet SAW
syuhasasaa - emir_luqman - dibaariff - akramtan -
#savegaza #freepalestine #fuckisrael #fuckzionist DID YOU KNOW...
fuckzionist - freepalestine - fuckisrael - savegaza -
abdel_jabbar : #fuckusa
rotekrieger : USA and Israel are fascist terrorist states who only want to make profit
fsemerci : yes we know
alinaqvi27 - ahmad2661 - hunnymuhd - _emaad_ -
#100 #palestine#fuckisrael#justice#quote#funnyshit
palestine - fuckisrael - killa - justice - quote - 100 - funnyshit -
elad_gati : You mother fucking stupid Arabs go fuck yourself in your 22 mother fucking countries and leave my fucking country alone
saallydiop : first of all dont call arabs stupid when there is more stupidity in ur first comment then i have ever heard in my life, "leave my fucking country alone"? the thing is it isnt ur country and stop playing a fucking victim when u are the ones who are murdering/raping palestinians everyday u ignorant fuck, and u call it self defence and ur wepon industries small arms is one of the most popular in the world, so who r u really defending urself against? A small boy with stones? the thing u guys do best is turning blood into dollars so dont ever think its okej to write under my picture again coz thats what u do u think its all good coz ur israeli to do whatever the fuck u want well im telling u right now ainwrite again and i will cut ur face off and wear it while i rape ur mothers anus...or maybe not coz that would turn me into an israeli, a dirty piece of shit. @elad_gati
mkenyaa : @elad_gati please get ur facts right dumb ass no wonder the took ur asses to the camps.
saallydiop : HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA omg:o jävla serafina ska alltid krossa gränser #killa @mkenyaa
mkenyaa : @saallydiop hahahah kolla vad du skrev o jag krossar gränserna! Yes murda
alkhafadjiali : Why doesn't the jew believe in the holocaust? Cause it has the word cost in it.
saallydiop : haha ali kom som backup @alkhafadjiali
sarasaid1 : The first thing you should do in your life it is that you should go fuck your self end then com end talk About Arab your bitch @elad_gati
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#freepalestine #fuckisrael #wontforget1948 #allahuakbar
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truearabstory : Amen
ahmad_chehadeh : @truearabstory dakbir
emoocyrus : I respect you all respect :) people like you who says their opinion loudly are too rare now
ahmad_chehadeh : @emoocyrus yes thats right becuase they are scared. To say their opnion loud.
emoocyrus : Of course they are and they have no place on the map according to all Arabians .. There's no Israel there's only Palestine
ahmad_chehadeh : Your right. After 1948 the israelians startet to invade our country. What did USA do. They didnt do anything they was only helping israel. Israel is shit. Palestine is the real name.
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#Bashar ♥♥ #Assad #AlQaida #fuckisrael #screwisrael #screwNATO
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faisalhussaini : Wallahi Assad haiwan, ya aqi...
alinaqvi27 : Haiwan? @faisalhussaini
faisalhussaini : wild animal
alinaqvi27 : Assad isn't a wild animal. He defends his people. There was peace under his presidency, and the Syrians are/have voting/voted for him again. The FSA are the animals. They kill anyone who opposes them. Plus Hezbollah, Russia, Iran, and China all support Assad. So I'm pro Assad @faisalhussaini
faisalhussaini : Assad is killing inocent people
alinaqvi27 : No, he's only killing the Muslim enemies=Zionists&Takfiris. Assad isn't a Western puppet like Turkey's PM and Saudi tyrants @faisalhussaini
faisalhussaini : i met many syrian people, they all were against him, no one was in his favour..Allah knows best..
alinaqvi27 : Read some content from @saa_pride @faisalhussaini
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Zionism is racism #fuckisrael
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edgarr1917 : @austin_308 Its not first world though, and what makes it fascist, the fact that its political system is controlled by the wealthy.
austin_308 : @edgarr1917 well isn't that pretty much all countries? Rich control politics? I mean most politicians are relatively rich
austin_308 : And yes they are a first world country, like Canada and US.
edgarr1917 : @austin_308 Well, I guess you are right on that, that is why Israel needs to go back to its Socialist roots, and Israel is not really first world, there is a lot of poverty. Its in between developing and first world.
austin_308 : @edgarr1917 well, Canada has a per capita GDP of about $43,000 and we are #9 on the HDI. Israels Per capita is about $35,000, and there HDI is also rated "very high" at #16, so they are not far behind; hardly a developing nation. Not to mention military advancements and weapons industry.
edgarr1917 : @austin_308 All those stats are impressive, but still many Israelis live under poverty, around 20 percent, you can check in Wikipedia.
austin_308 : @edgarr1917 The standard of living in Israel is high and is constantly improving. As of 2012, Israel ranks 16th among 187world nations on the UN's Human Development Index, which places it in the category of "Very Highly Developed". Israel also has one of the highest life expectancies at birth in the world. However, Israel still suffers from poverty with roughly 20.5% of Israeli families living below the poverty line in 2008
austin_308 : That was 6 years ago, and because it is "constantly improving" by now I can assume it is much lower.
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