3rd place cat 4 cross at sea otter today! Thank you @condorcazador @freshairbicycles and my girl @cdezie for making me race today #freshairhunter #huntercycles
unapizzanapoletana - pacenti - freshairhunter - huntercycles -
condorcazador : Major Throw Down !
nesbitts : Yeah buddy
2connected : Sea otter in Cambria?! Nice one!!
josephison : πŸ‘πŸ‘
mikelgarmendia : πŸ’ͺ
simworks : Yessssss!!!
vivelatartecx : U are a beast
thunderbirdbar : Congrats!!
saltydawg518 - nate_alton - goneschaub - goodertimes -
Getting some laps in at Land of the Lost before Saturday's race. #freshairhunter #huntercycles #crossiscoming
crossiscoming - freshairhunter - huntercycles -
condorcazador : Burn Rubber...
travisvanhalen : πŸ’ͺ
freshairbicycles : KICK BUNS
bradhandel : Heck yea! Thank you @senorflaco @jonbek @travisvanhalen
bradhandel : HUGE thank you to @condorcazador and @freshairbicycles!!!!!
shannonmaryassad : We were in there too!
rashupee : Get B rad!
thunderbirdbar : Great pic!
mikelgarmendia - ryeairfield - aniberry8 - lukedarigan -
Paul Thumbies and WTB NANOs for 'froad touring- perfect for trying to keep up with Strykker and not breaking down. #freshairhunter #freshairbicycles #paulcomponents #WTB #condor #Strykker
wtb - paulcomponents - strykker - condor - freshairbicycles - freshairhunter -
condorcazador : Everybody needs an alter ego...
daryl_argh : Cutie condor badge.
rashupee : Thanks @daryl_argh and @condorcazador the name has been earned (worth the passive voice? Certainly)
josephison - kathleenhbryan - guswon - kevin_eduard -
freshairhunter -
cdezie - joelmadrone - jbwfilms - charries_cafe -
Just laced up another nice set of Pacenti SL23 rims for the lovely @leahplack to shred your face off next cross season. #freshairhunter
freshairhunter -
mrkauk : Dude. Yes.
ryanrinn : All the right things.
percymmon : @freshairbicycles what kind of tires are those?
freshairbicycles : @percymmon These are Challenge Grifo, but we'll probably try to talk her into tubeless....maybe @wildernesstrailbikes .......
bradhandel : Ditch the tubes @leahplack
leahplack : No tubes no limits @bradhandel @freshairbicycles
rashupee : Blue spoke nipples. Blue shifted
hubbeller - ivan_obich - geoffcolburn - mcdonaldh -
#candy #paulcomponents #precision #freshairhunter #madeinchico
freshairhunter - paulcomponents - precision - candy - madeinchico -
paulcomponent : Loud and proud
condorcazador : Rims are in... Time to roll...
bradhandel - flatblackhorror - jmkeel - daryl_argh -
First dirt on the new bike! I like the taste of Solo in the morning...
tinytrouble - freshairhunter -
waltness : I like how you out-Travis'd @travisvanhalen by getting him on the road before 7
leahplack : And then we were late, what a bunch of jerks @waltness
cdezie : My bad. #tinytrouble
leahplack : #freshairhunter #tinytrouble
bradhandel - nesbitts - furlycurly - raylasol -
Dialed. Best bike I've ever owned.
kingcage - fromwhereibike - ruckuscomposites - madeinusa - newbikeday - cyclocross - cx - freshairhunter - challengegrifo - thomson - freshairbicycles - sramred22 - enve - huntercycles -
jimsantos : @geoffcolburn Yuuup! Bought it from him last wk.
geoffcolburn : Man, beefcake! Finance the new MTB but what happens when cross comes around? @jonbek Sick, bike. Glad you dudes met up
jonbek : @geoffcolburn the idea is a sscx I can race and don't want a gang of bikes sitting around, not being pedaled.
mjbocobo : Always wanted a hunter.
crizfuh : Sick!
travisvanhalen : That bike is SICK
jimsantos : @travisvanhalen Thanks man! My all time fave so far. Gotta pick up an RD hanger today.
jimsantos : @bluelug
machinecycles - instapreus - bountifulbicycle2 - elitecustomsg -
New #whip chillin...
fromwhereibike - sramred22 - madeinusa - baaw - cyclocross - cx - freshairhunter - localhandmade - discbrakes - newbikeday - supportyourlocals - whip - huntercycles -
jonbek : Yes! Take good care. ✌️
realllyfrench : Fantabulous
jimsantos : @mehdimehdi I still have them all right now. Both for sale now though!
informanddelight : YESSSSS
mehdimehdi : I guess we need to talk then...
kenhobikeshop : I thought that one looked familiar. Nice!
dumfone : Dayum son, where'd you find this?
jimsantos : @dumfone Picked it up used from a local rider.
amanda_panda_ - jim_masahiro - crizfuh - jo5hj -
Is it cross season yet? #freshairhunter
freshairhunter - huntercycles -
ryanrinn : Ima get u one of these days.
condorcazador : You're totally dropping that guy...
rjrabe : The other guy isn't racing. He's doing push-ups.
ryanrinn : Cross is all in the arms.
ryanrinn : @travisvanhalen #liplickin
waltness : haha @rjrabe
marcmarino : Too soon!
travisvanhalen : #huntercycles
kwolfgang - mulletmachine - andy_peterson - ilovesnacks -
I love this #dickicker!! Thank you @condorcazador @freshairbicycles @paulcomponent
pentax - freshairhunter - 110slr - huntercycles - dickicker - 16mm -
1love4jah : #pentax #110slr #16mm
waltness : sutro party zone πŸπŸƒπŸŒΏπŸŒ³πŸ’—
1love4jah : #freshairhunter #huntercycles
josephison - kenhobikeshop - eljessie - kara0704 -
It's been a great season with these guys. #freshairhunter
freshairhunter -
hppotatoes - o_kokoschka - raylasol - nick_in_sf -
Tom stuck his neck out for me today on my ride. Big thanks to Thunderbird for setting the team up with these tasties! #freshairhunter
freshairhunter -
mhbreadbutter : Mmm those turkey jurkey are good. So is the bison.
thunderbirdbar : πŸ‘
daryl_argh - thunderbirdbar - josephison - senorflaco -
Multi-tasking #freshairhunter #freshairbicycles #pacenti #paulcomponents
paulcomponents - freshairbicycles - pacenti - freshairhunter -
thecommonwheel : We have very similar libraries.
rashupee : Ha! I just need some ferret books @thecommonwheel
thecommonwheel : @rashupee I don't claim those to be mine.
hartmame - ascelpias - nesbitts - frederick_lee -
Sunshine in the headlands with #DFL #FreshAirHunter
dfl - freshairhunter -
o_kokoschka : Not pictured, my bare legs feeling awesome
joelmadrone : That must suck...
leahplack : @joelmadrone weather whiplash
joelmadrone : @leahplack seriously...
leahplack - hppotatoes - joelmadrone - klausk11 -
OK. I'm done. #crossisover #yardsale #toast #freshairhunter
toast - yardsale - freshairhunter - crossisover - huntercycles -
rashupee : Hech yeah, my soldier of darkness friend
geoffcolburn : Pretty good course, right? Hey it's not over yet - there's at least one or two more!
benny_benford : Great season !!
mattyee : Time to go shooting!
travisvanhalen : #huntercycles
ryanrinn - freshairbicycles - flatblackhorror - 10speedjunkie -
Another race, another harsh toke! Was leading and feeling very strong, then rolled my rear clincher off! No neutral, but homie @kwolfgang gave me a wheel. Chased my brains out for 8th. EPIC race for sure! Whew! Whoa. So fun tho. 😜
freshairhunter - huntercycles -
bradhandel : Dang! Good work
rashupee : Hell yes!
ryanrinn : Rollin dirt-ay
percymmon : What @benny_benford said!
coffeeandeggs : Ride of the day @travisvanhalen
10speedjunkie : That is the park where I start & end The OV Epic bike race! Weird
leahplack : Travis, I look forward to the day when your tires function properly and we see what you can really do!!
travisvanhalen : #freshairhunter #huntercycles
waltonbrush - jcheetham66 - seldomwright - charries_cafe -
Loving this Cross Wolf/SL23 combo. You know your tubeless setup is locked on good when you're ripping weeds up by their roots without burping. #WTB #Pacenticycles
freshairhunter - wtb - pacenticycles - huntercycles -
geoffcolburn : Mine was not so locked on yesterday :( Thus going to diagnose a little this evening
travisvanhalen : #huntercycles #freshairhunter
eljessie - carlyslemfg - percymmon - badicalblake -
I feel so lucky to rub elbows with so many super rad people in my life. I feel like I should start doing a #thankfulthursday thing. @condorcazador is one of those no-bullshit people who inspires me with his work and even his lifestyle. When you figure out WHY he does what he does, you realize how much he really THINKS about solutions and making things work the way they should. He's also been the co-sponsor of our cross team for 7 years now! The more I get to know him and ride his bikes, the more I respect this guy. Cheers Rick!🍻
huntercycles - freshairhunter - thankfulthursday -
coffeeandeggs : Rick Hunter is the man!
stegoskinner : Yes. Keep it up. Both of you.
condorcazador : Yeah right... That's sweet of you though... Thanks T...
geoffcolburn : Wish I was as fast as the two of yas
darnfriendlylad : Man love!
leahplack : @darnfriendlylad bromance
travisvanhalen : #huntercycles #freshairhunter
rjrabe : Funny. Always looked like you could try harder...
smilesbryan - bicigirl - badvalues - hisashikawai -
Of course he builds bad ass bicycles!! #falconercycles #freshairhunter #ripper #yeahimgettinganotherfalconer
yeahimgettinganotherfalconer - ripper - freshairhunter - falconercycles -
josephison : Many, many more photos from today's DFL race at
metzler : Shralping. 🚴⚑️
nick_in_sf - generate - jcheetham66 - amann186 -
Pretty lucky to get out and ride with these boys. #freshairhunter
freshairhunter -
kirtfitzpatrick : Some people rally downhill, some people rally downhill with their phone out instagramming.
b20abuyen : πŸ‘†what he said😝
huphtur : #THOSETIRES
leahplack : Soooo rad.
_mhsmith_ - georgefleeuk - austinparr9 - joe_pho -
Rad Christmas card for the whole #freshairhunter team from @lesliethunder Thanks and Merry Christmas in return. @coffeeandeggs @travisvanhalen @bradhandel @daryl_argh @rashupee @leahplack @nick_in_sf @smilesbryan @1love4jah @condorcazador and heather!
freshairhunter -
coffeeandeggs : @hppotatoes @jonbek, she joined the fancy party
lesliethridge : Hahahha yes! πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
leahplack : Thank you @lesliethunder!
condorcazador - nick_in_sf - lesliethridge - gregory_james_sf -
Air cooled transit to Sacto cx final with Vive Le Tart Andrew and @travisvanhalen #freshairhunter
freshairhunter -
geoffcolburn : You dudes rule! Go get em
jonbek : Good luck!
realwheelsbicyclestudio : Thanks for coming up you guys
coffeeandeggs : @realwheelsbicyclestudio, super fun. Nice job stomping us today
jasonsilverek : Crazy camper kit in the vdub
hppotatoes - vonerin - argarbarino - realwheelsbicyclestudio -
Real #treecamo super shagged after today. #sscx #freshairhunter #vscocam
treecamo - sscx - freshairhunter - vscocam -
frederick_lee : #dirty
teamterrible : 😎
7lca - bclarson - seldomwright - prozach16 -
Super stoked to be at the top of the podium today at the NCCX race at Lake Cunningham. Thank you @freshairbicycles, @condorcazador, and the #freshairhunter squad, you rule!
freshairhunter -
badicalblake : #bikeracekilla
pluskateboarding : Way to go Brad! πŸš΄πŸπŸ†
zakbelanger : #champ
colinkennery : ☝️
mrwlosek : Stoked for you!! @bradhandel any road or mtb races this year?
2connected : Yes!! Congrats!
bradhandel : Going to do some mtb races for sure! You? @mrwlosek
leonardgarza : πŸ†πŸ’°
kwolfgang - mrwlosek - neighborhood_nikkers - mickeyreyes -
Led race, faded, rallied, and finished 6th. Good times with the team too! #freshairhunter #sscx
sscx - freshairhunter -
tokyo_gomi : This bike does something to me... In a good way. Still building classy bikes I see..
josephison : @jonbek #letthegoodtimesroll
jonbek : Was rad to see you out there @josephison
jonbek : Thanks! @tokyo_gomi
travisvanhalen : .
bclarson - mikeini - sharkinater - freeohio -
I found @jonbek 's first-lap lead aesthetically pleasing. #freshairhunter
freshairhunter -
jonbek - leahplack - sparkla55 - freeohio -
Everyone said really nice things about @bradhandel today. #freshairhunter
freshairhunter -
chrissharp3000 : Is this cyclocross in Oakland?
chrissharp3000 : Whoops! San Jose!
travisvanhalen : Haha you can't go back!
yulgold : Are they trapped?
7lca : @travisvanhalen It was 45 minutes of non-stop mic shaming.
7lca : @yulgold Kind of--you had to spiral in and spiral out (there was a turnaround in the center). Cool course feature.
freeohio : Looks a bit like Barber
coffeeandeggs - travisvanhalen - will_r_walton - chrissharp3000 -
Fresh cornering in the B race @bradhandel @josephison @jonbek @farleyt
freshairhunter -
leahplack : #freshairhunter
freshairbicycles : Smack!
leahplack : @percymmon
rashupee - jonbek - waltness - pengishi -
@bradhandel soloing off the front on the first lap...#sandbagger #freshairhunter
freshairhunter - sandbagger -
coffeeandeggs : #cherrypicker
nesbitts : I thought that fool moved up to As
joelmadrone : I must be seeing things. That looks like mud!
lesliethridge : I thought everyone just upgraded?! I guess he skipped out!
leahplack : @joelmadrone completely manmade and environmentally dubious. @nesbitts @lesliethunder indeed he did, but he was going for series points.
strawfoot - freshairbicycles - mattyee - shosei_k -
You know how Big Bear manufactures snow for their slopes? Here, they use sprinklers to flood our cx course...#freshairhunter
freshairhunter -
ikuzus58 : #muddybutts
bicigirl : Cuties patooties
bradhandel : #bubblebutt
rashupee - jbsycip - mostcoast - waltness -
#freshairhunter #paulcomponents #spiderweb
paulcomponents - freshairhunter - spiderweb -
paulcomponent : Yeah!
jsshayes : Mmmmmmmmmmm
storts : Beautiful
gregory_james_sf : Reminds me of 80's bmx!! 😍
fogindex : Anne O. Diaz
bradhandel - funkycoldmegina - ryanparadiso - khandelin -
This photo of #freshairhunter needs no filter. It's fantastic! Congrats again to everyone on the team for racing their ❀️s out this weekend. We are so happy to support you. #thunderbirdbar #freshairbicycles #hunter #norcalcross #cx #cycling @freshairbicycles @travisvanhalen
thunderbirdbar - cx - cycling - norcalcross - freshairhunter - freshairbicycles - hunter -
coffeeandeggs : @thunderbirdbar, thank you for the support. That's @hppotatoes making it look good
overunity26 : Yes!
travisvanhalen : Hawaiian Crunch bar bailed me out of a bonk on the way back from a long ride yesterday. You guys are the best!
rasktie : Your bars are so amazingly wonderful. I caught my 3 year old digging in my jersey pocket looking for one...
thunderbirdbar : @coffeeandeggs @tierask @travisvanhalen @overunity26 thank you!
bradhandel - leahplack - mk6logan - cassidysdaddy -
Statigram feedback