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Quiet time today was inspiring. The view outside my window was amazing cause the sun is shining directly at me. Re-reading the book "Crazy Love" by Francis Chan since I didn't get to finish it. Finished Chapter One and I really enjoyed learning about God for who he is! Today is great day to start directly our lives in the direction of God's will beyond our understanding. #QuietTime #FrancisChan #CrazyLove #Jesus #God #HolyWeek #GoodRich #2014
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Can't wait to start my new book. Passion by Louie Giglio, pastor of Passion City Church in ATL. #Passion #LouieGiglio #FrancisChan #BethMoore #JohnPiper #JudahSmith #ChristineCrain #devotion #challenge #LiveForGod #followernotafan
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saramorganfoote : #ChristineCaine #iphone #autocorrect #dumb
dmartin360 : I looooooooooove Louie Giglio!!!! @saramorganfoote
saramorganfoote : Me too!!! @dmartin360
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Now reading #Multiply : Disciples making disciples. #relentlessgod #francischan #holyweek #reflections #thoughts
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Coming each Wednesday in May from 6:30-8pm...#Courage by #FrancisChan || will you join us?
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I talked about this in a post fromy blog last year titled "I'm Jealous". One of the reasons salvation was made available to non-Jews (Gentiles) was so that God could show off in the lives of these new believers who by faith alone through grace received Gods love, and not by works or keeping the law like Jewish people. With that love, they began to live differently and experience great manifestations of being born again, healing, deliverance and many other signs and wonders. However, we are far from resembling the early church as we've gone astray to pursue our own desires and passions. This has led us to living lives just like the world, trying to gain success, riches, and a reputation. As a believer, your life, if being led by the Holy Spirit may (and probably will) take some crazy turns but these steps of faith are the things that cause unbelievers to pay attention to you, recognizing the distinction of a true follower of Christ. But if you're playing life safe, the God you "follow", will be unappealing since He offers what the world can already get without Him. Dare to live sold out to Jesus, abandoning logic and instead relying on faith. I guarantee your life will change. Mine did! I never thought I'd be living the way I am today, but as I serve God to do whatever He calls me to do I have a tremendous amount of peace and fulfillment that I would have never experienced if I would have gone the traditional worldly way of life. And none of my fulfillment is based on earthly stuff that is temporary and will one day perish. I'm satisfied with Jesus. #Hesenoughforme #tryit #livingforJesus #exciting #stepoutonfaith #nosense #crazylove #francischan #jesus #god #holyspirit #livelife #loveJesus #soldout #amen #potd #qotd #lemondroppeptalk
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lemondroppeptalk : Check out my blog post here:
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My Bestest Good Wife Ever got me the Basic Series! I have only gotten to see parts of the series, but what I have seen is amazing! #jesus #bible #francischan #basicseries #crazylove #bestestgoodwifeever
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So so true.... #FrancisChan #verygoodbook #God #HolySpirit #wisewords
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yankeesfan6288 : Hey @nechy14 What wrong with the oreck
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Were getting a little deep tonight at Wetzel's HS Community Group. See you @ 6:30 #Basic #FrancisChan
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Can't wait for best friend study tonight #readthis #crazylove #francischan #mosaic
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brandonhavas : So good!!!
skyynotsky4 : "Crazy love" - Brian McKnight
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Devotions on this perfect day :) #multiply #francischan #devotions
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Loco amor #Book #CrazyLove #FrancisChan
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victoriabridge : Buenísimo👌
guillesoriano : Me lo han recomendado muchisimo @victoriabridge
berenicepedroza : Como es que editas así las fotos ? Jaja @guillesoriano ?
guillesoriano : Photoshop hahaha es broma, es VSCO
guillesoriano : @berenicepedroza
berenicepedroza : Jajajajjaa bañado ! Aunque pensándolo bien, ya queremos el nivel 2 del curso @guillesoriano
guillesoriano : Jajaajaja vas! Ya pronto ;)
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Let Him lead your life #inspiration #francischan #truth #encouragement #lethimlead
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allisonhayley : LOVE this!! 🙌
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👌 #Verdad #Jesus #Quote #FraseDelDia #InstaQuote #Cristianos #Cristo #Cierto #Lectura #Fe #Venezuela #Dios #LocoAmor #FrancisChan #Libro #InstaSize
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"We can get so accustomed to people begging us to follow God that we forget what a miracle it is that we are invited" #francischan
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francis_chann : ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ @truministry
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Group time @ church. #community242 #acts242 #friends #HolySpirit #ForgottenGod #FrancisChan #Bible #fellowship
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sametkaufmann : nice one, @girl4christ357. Like =)
girl4christ357 : Thank u! @sametkaufmann God's doing great things with it :)
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Getting my sweat on listening to Fracis Chan. You guys have to check it out! Only available until midnight... Free! 👍 #francischan #speaksthetruth #getspirituallyfit
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ashuffnstuff : Francis chan is great! I have 3 of his books!
samialyssa31 : @ashuffnstuff you have to check out the podcast. There's a new one each day until Easter! They aren't real long... Probably 10-15 min each!
ashuffnstuff : Thanks for the tip!
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Amen. God what do you want me to do in 5 minutes? #Francischan #ForgottenGod
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Who/what motivates your work today? #HappyTuesday #FrancisChan #CrazyLove
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Do you think you got to where you are because you networked? You got there because of God. - #FrancisChan @ #CLA14
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jeremybosma : #reposting
francis_chann : ❤️❤️❤️❤️😉
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I so needed this. #quote #Love #God #FrancisChan #Christian
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rpcamp : I'm reading this now too!
msrexti : I need to finally read mine.. Got it last year, Long overdue. How is it thus far?
hannieemery : Its soo good @msrexti !! I hate reading and this has my attention :)
msrexti : Wow, that's a plus. Ok, I'm gonna start mine. Thanks for the reminder and feebback!😉
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Current read. I didn't do my homework last week so I'm catching up. But HELLO! This does NOT feel like homework at all. I'm only half way through the first chapter and I'm so overwhelmed with lots of feelings I feel sick... how can a love that's so majestic and so in our faces be so ignored and forgotten?! Sitting here in the sun wanting to praise my God but can't find any words to.. all the vocabulary I know just falls short #francischan #crazylove
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becc_zhang : #comeatmechapter2 #youmightnotfinishthischapter...
cherylteoh : @becc_zhang hahaha love it! @evangelinewng get on this naoooo!!
evangelinewng : Sounds great! I will Ms Teoh @cherylteoh
wiseque : Lovely!
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Loving this book! #FrancisChan #CrazyLove
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debrawandia : My small group and I are starting with the small group version of this book! Can't wait to get started !!@lois_mat
lois_mat : @debrawandia It's amazing, you'll love it! :)
shesoamazn : I'm jelly! I've been wanting to read that @Lou s_mat
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"O avanço acelerado do conhecimento e nossa crescente autonomia na tomada de decisões alijaram Deus para um segundo plano. Essa separação inconsciente de Deus traz danos incalculáveis. Sendo a vida tão fugaz, perdemos momentos cruciais com o Criador, e esse frio relacionamento nos impede de experimentar o calor e a alegria do verdadeiro sentido da vida." "Seu amor é melhor que a vida." #LoucoAmor #FrancisChan #leituradasemana #book
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Just hanging with my buddy Francis Chan... No big deal. #francischan #cla14 #isthisreallife? Shout out to @mrsliz57
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mrsliz57 : This is who I hang with!
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Love this author!! ❤️#francischan
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francis_chann : ❤️❤️👏
sarahfusaki : Your the best author ever!! @francis_chann
francis_chann : Haha, thanks!! All glory to God!! @sarahfusaki
sarahfusaki : God bless you! @francis_chann
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Today is the first day of the BASIC Series Marathon with Francis Chan! Watch a film of the series free every day this week, beginning with today's free film, Fear God. Watch now only at #francischan #chantheman #basic #basicseries #marathon #fearGod #holyweek
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jon_t_vinson : Such a great series! Beautiful work.
flannelstaff : @jon_t_vinson thanks! Thanks for watching.
jford63 : Simply loved this!
flannelstaff : @jford63 thanks!
flannelstaff : #basicmarathon
jford63 : @flannelstaff 👍👍👍🙏
jenksfam5 : Loved Basic.Holy Spirit!! @flannelstaff Thanks!
flannelstaff : @jenksfam5 great! And thanks for watching this week!
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❤️❤️❤️ #quotes #verses #greatreminders #francischan
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"The wise man comes to God without saying a word and stands in awe of Him" Pretty dope book 👌 #CrazyLove #FrancisChan #God #GodsLove
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love_always_lc : I think I need to get my paws on this!
veronica__vee : @love_always_lc definitely do!! It's not your typical Christian/religious/God book. I mean it is lol but the way he writes it is very in your face modern day life he's real and in your face.. it's dope
love_always_lc : @veronica__vee how awesome is God that I was telling my sister how I wanted to get this book & she has it? LOL
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The #basic #series #marathone #starts #today . All #week, #watch each #video from the series for #free : #FrancisChan
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martafilonova : Fajny jest ten Francis Chan? On jest z ihopu?
staemm : Nie z ihopu , sluzy w us z żoną ale nie ma nic przciwko ihopowi (byl w tym roku na ich konfie onething13) i jo lubie go również :)) ;))
staemm : @martafilonova
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Great, great, great read. I highly recommend it to other believers in Christ. Though it's a challenging read, I believe that in the end that the blessing will outweigh all. #FrancisChan #CrazyLove
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ptlogan : #Jesus #GoodNews #InstaQuote #PhotoOfTheDay #Christ #Love #Bible #God #Agape #unashamed #Cross #path #example #model #ecclesia #inglesia #faith #precious #Christanity #Christians #church #CalledOut #Books #BornAgain #Lord #heaven
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