Guess I'll try this: horchata with sake (left) and classic with coffee and soju (right) #bobaguys #alcoholicboba #boba #horchata #foodoofus
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eericaau : How long has this place been there?
dtongky : @eericaau since January
paige_courtnaay : @dtongky is this place good?! I been dying to try.
dtongky : @paige_courtnaay yeah its pretty good. It's up there
paige_courtnaay : Yeah? Dope! Thanks for the heads up :)
simbathekimba : Horchata sake sounds fuckin great
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The ice cream sandwich: strawberry rhubarb between sugar cookies #icecreamsandwich #dxdessert #foodoofus #dessert
foodoofus - dxdessert - icecreamsandwich - dessert -
eloquencejazz - myuung1 - isathelion - simbathekimba -
Cherry white chocolate cheesecake #cheesecake #dxdessert #whitechocolate #foodoofus #dessertporn #cherry #southie
dxdessert - whitechocolate - dessertporn - cherry - cheesecake - southie - foodoofus -
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Poached egg and bacon salad with truffle vinaigrette #salad #truffle #bacon #poachegg #dxfood #foodoofus #southie
truffle - dxfood - salad - foodoofus - poachegg - southie - bacon -
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FINALLY #foodoofus is back and in session! We're highlighting this week the underground dining sensation #lazybear in SF. Full article details posted on http://foodoofus.com
lazybear - foodblog - finedining - restaurant - foodoofus - journalism - lazybearsf - blog - wordpress - blogging - ontheblog -
foodoofus : #restaurant #journalism #wordpress #blog #foodblog #finedining #blogging
foodoofus : #ontheblog
foodoofus : #lazybearsf
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#foodoofus test kitchen: #instavideo 3, pan seared NY Sirloin before our Sunday feast.
instavideo - foodoofus -
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Happy Saturday #foodoofus fans: New debut column post from our Assoc. Editor @dtongky . He dives into Berkeley's political sausage: Top Dog. View the full post on http://foodoofus.com
foodblog - topdog - ontheblog - restaurant - foodoofus - berkeley - journalism -
foodoofus : #foodblog #ontheblog #restaurant #journalism #berkeley #topdog
mylee_sewandcraft : Gosh dang, they have the best hot dogs I've ever had!
n0_rey : πŸ˜πŸ˜‹ mmm top dog! Love going to the one inside CVS in oakland...so easy to find parking!
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Finally! A brand new issue of #foodoofus come check it out: Highlighting a prominent #michelin two-star restaurant in SF called Sons and Daughters.
sanfrancisco - michelin - restaurant - foodoofus - journalism - foodblog - blogging - ontheblog -
foodoofus : #ontheblog #foodblog #restaurant #journalism #sanfrancisco #blogging
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#foodoofus #testkitchen: Ciabatta from #acmebread toasted w/ grilled zucchinis, balsamic mushrooms, Fontina Val D' Aosta cheese and special #homemade pesto.
foodoofus - acmebread - homemade - testkitchen -
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We're officially back for #foodoofus 2014! Check out our findings for top five most expensive online #snacks.
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foodoofus : #blogging #ontheblog #treats #limitededition
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Teaser to the next post of #foodoofus . You snooze, you lose...
foodoofus -
wideapertureeyes : Fancy!
tranjanet : Oh yum! I've been wanting to go here!
foodoofus : @tranjanet read into my future article for my insight on the experience 😁
foodoofus : @wideapertureeyes you know it buddy!
tranjanet : Oh ok! I think I'm going to go this weekend bc it looks good!
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Before #foodoofus. I owe a big appreciation to #yelp (and the community members) who pushed me to jump start this whole #foodblog thing. 2 more years and hopefully I'll join the ranks of the #yelpelite black class.
foodblog - foodoofus - yelpelite - yelp -
foodoofus : @laurynyumi you know it πŸ˜‰
foodoofus : @jills0182 tell me about it πŸ˜„
foodoofus : @jnechoi yup my colleagues and Yelp OG Anita L. Is one of the few OC Yelpers to have one
foodoofus : @missfoodaddict it was only revealed the other day after Yelp elite renewals became bound
foodoofus : @sugarknifecandy that's one heartwarming fact I didn't forget πŸ˜„
foodoofus : @inuyaki something new you learn everyday 😁
plurpledragon : @foodoofus we need a double date ! Ya'll eat too good ❀️😁
f_r_o_h : Congratulations!!! And awesome blog!
brewpac_shakur - arnsizzle - asaplucyy - rowr111 -
Happy New Year's to everyone supporting #foodoofus this year and continuing the journey with us to a brighter 2014 for all. Stay safe, enjoy adventurous eats and always remember, #fortunefavorstheflavor !
foodblog - foodoofus - fortunefavorstheflavor - ontheblog -
foodoofus : #ontheblog #foodblog
kendo_u : Happy New Year!
foodoofus : @kendo_u happy new year kendo hope you got a great start to it
thecookingapprentice2010 : @foodoofus happy new year!!!πŸŽ‰πŸ΄πŸ·πŸ·
foodoofus : @thecookingapprentice2010 happy New Years indeed Grace! Hope you got yours off to a great start 😁
thecookingapprentice2010 : @foodoofus I think so...hope yours is, as well!
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The Boss cooked everyone a meal . #latergram #steak #veggies #paleo #foodporn #foodoofus
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Happy Holidays to you and yours! #foodoofus #christmas #wreath
foodoofus - wreath - christmas -
laurynyumi : Merry x-mas!!!! ☺️
_dru_ : πŸŽ„πŸ‘
_stefannycee - eloquencejazz - elindab - lilbublea -
Good afternoon everyone! We finally posted our thoughts on the #ramenburger version 2.0 in #sanjose. Like, subscribe and share as always! View the full article on #foodoofus .com
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Hey there #foodoofus fans! We have the second part to the a Napa series with the introduction of another meticulous mouthful piece highlighting Thomas Keller's #bouchon. Like, Subscribe and Share. Full article on foodoofus.com
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Just experienced the #originalramenburger here in #sanjose. We'll be bringing coverage as well as an exclusive interview on the future of this franchise. Stay tuned at #foodoofus .com
sanjose - foodoofus - originalramenburger - ramenburger -
foodoofus : #ramenburger
swimmalita : nice! I go to Santouka all the time!
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Bam! Hitting you with an extra dose of #foodoofus. Check the Napa Valley and Bay Area restaurant birthday recap issue. Share, like and subscribe. Thanks!
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foodoofus : Also if you love #foodporn this is the issue to peep what I've held back
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Good afternoon everyone we got the ten table worthy #brunch spots in the #bayarea. First official contribution by our very own @dtongky .Check out the full article on #foodoofus .com
bayarea - foodoofus - brunch - foodblog - ontheblog -
foodoofus : #ontheblog #foodblog
chrissy_creme : ooo...love brunch. can't wait to check it out
foodoofus : @chrissy_creme please do Crissy and when you do try a spot feel free to share your thoughts on our we page or @ me here on IG when the time comes πŸ˜„
foodoofus : @american_huney glad you like it. Check out the recent article that we have regarding Napa Valley πŸ˜„
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Good morning #foodoofus IG'ers! Believe it or not the Bay Area started creating their own iterations of the #ramenburger. The verdict... Check out the full article on http://foodoofus.com
ramenburger - ontheblog - sooishii - sfliving - foodoofus - restaurant - journalism - foodblog - berkeley -
foodoofus : Courtesy mention to the buddy @lobese for inspiring me to explore this topic. Check out her delicious feed on food and #sfliving when you get the chance.
foodoofus : #foodoofus #restaurant #journalism #ontheblog #berkeley #sooishii #foodblog
foodoofus : @bruindm thank you for the kind words Jeff. I usually work weekends given my current occupation but if Keizo can reserve at least one original ramen burger for me to try, it would be an honor. I'll willingly drive down an hour plus straight from work just to meet him and share my thoughts about the potential evolution of this creation. I hope you can share this correspondence with the rest of the crew. Thanks again and feel free to check out the other blog posts to get a feel of my background.
foodoofus : @bruindm * I am more than willing to drive down. Looking fwd to the meet up regardless.
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Beef Carpaccio alla Romana for my birthday dinner.
foodoofus -
foodoofus : @jovywovy thanks Ate hope the baby is keeping you happy and on your toes!
foodoofus : @beergal thank you ms. Ale hope HK food and cats remain entertaining and fun! πŸ˜„
foodoofus : @carmenotgw mucho thanks Carmen my awesome YT homie. Keep up the great work with the videos and maybe someday I'll be cool enough to participate or make one like you do 😁
foodoofus : @marianne_is_the_shitnitz aww yeah you're the biz ness for always reading my stuff and supporting #foodoofus . Thanks buddy hope you and DJ is well!
foodoofus : @vylovestoeat thank you very kindly for the greetings! Congrats on the greeting hope the honeymoon was quite at a relaxing pace 😁
foodoofus : @jnechoi thanks Jen. Fellow alum and Scorpio. Hope your birthday was just as eventful as mine one 😁
marianne_is_the_shitnitz : @foodoofus -we love supporting our friend and enjoy reading #foodoofus Hope all is well with you too. Take care! πŸ˜„
vylovestoeat : @foodoofus Wish I could say there was a honeymoon! We are saving up for 2014 :)
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Good afternoon everyone! Here's today's article on #foodoofus. We're highlighting a little thing called #butter. Check out the full article on: http://foodoofus.com. #journalism #flavorprofile #bayarea #ontheblog
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Half empty or half full? Sneak peek to this week's #foodoofus restaurant issue.
foodoofus -
mylee_sewandcraft : Ur drinking water?! Lol
foodoofus : @mylee_sewandcraft yes lol but don't fret my libation liberation will be coming soon. πŸ˜‰
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Happy Halloween everyone from #foodoofus ! Have a safe celebration, whether it consists of crumbly treats or racy costumes!
foodoofus -
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Good morning everyone! Finally after a long struggle with winter sickness, I've climbed out of bed and got this new issue of #foodoofus posted. Check it out the full article highlighting Nikko's on http://foodoofus.com
bayarea - foodblog - ontheblog - restaurant - food - foodoofus - foodblogger - journalism - blogging -
foodoofus : #restaurant #journalism #bayarea #ontheblog #blogging #food
foodoofus : #foodblogger #foodblog
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Still in sick mode. Went the vegetarian/vegan route, got some smoked mozzarella pasta and this drink with a lot of #superfruits from #wholefoods. Hope to get better soon so I can finish my new #foodoofus issue already.
foodoofus - wholefoods - superfruits - latergram -
foodoofus : #latergram
marianne_is_the_shitnitz : Get well soon @foodoofus !
gelatoe : Get well soon
fia_the5footer_ : Ditto here 😷. Get well soon @foodoofus!
alliosn : Get well soon!
foodoofus : @marianne_is_the_shitnitz @gelatoe @fiathe5footer @alliosn thank you road to recovery is officially starting today
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After a long term hiatus #foodoofus is back on Instagram! If you haven't already read it, check out last week's issue already #ontheblog. Got lots to catch up on so enjoy the content everyone!
bayarea - foodoofus - journalism - ontheblog - blogging -
foodoofus : #blogging #journalism #bayarea
carmenotgw : Took a break?
foodoofus : @carmenotgw no got my belongings stolen πŸ˜” but I just started recovering some of it back 😁
carmenotgw : @foodoofus oh no!
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Another collabo for sweets #tcho x #bluebottlecoffee x #foodoofus. Got to sample their Mokaccino and it was pretty tasty. Not too sweet or bitter as I originally thought it would be.
bluebottlecoffee - foodoofus - tcho -
dtongky : As long as it's not 99% cacai
brooklyndiamondcoffee - lyip27 - jlewd - daisy9065 -
Good afternoon everyone! Got a brand new issue of #foodoofus . Featuring #homesteadoakland bringing a different approach to farm-to-table. Read more at http://foodoofus.com #ontheblog #restaurant #food #journalism #bayarea
bayarea - homesteadoakland - ontheblog - restaurant - food - foodoofus - journalism -
silly_sindy : Are u an actual writer?? If not, u should be!!!
foodoofus : @silly_sindy I'm not published but I strive to be one in the long run. Thank you Sindy that means a lot to me. I hope you read more of my posts in the future πŸ˜„
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Sneak peek into the next issue of #foodoofus. Taking you back to the land of green.
foodoofus -
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Wassup everyone! Brand new issue of #foodoofus , check it out! Chulo in Berkeley, the taste of #nepal 's cuisine. #ontheblog #restaurant #bayarea #berkeley #eastbay #journalism #food
ontheblog - restaurant - food - foodoofus - eastbay - nepal - journalism - bayarea - berkeley -
foodoofus : Check out the rest of the article on http://foodoofus.com
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More #HieroDay love. We got to learn a lil more about local food blogger @foodoofus and man, what a cool and just really friendly guy. Little known fact? He's one of Oakland's O.G.s. to the core. #oaklandloveit #thetown #facesofoakland #foodoofus #eastbay
foodoofus - facesofoakland - thetown - eastbay - oaklandloveit - hieroday -
foodoofus : @stroopiegourmet so much Stroopie support, you guys givin me way too much credit. Thanks for sharing your insightful stories as well 😁
agent503 : @foodoofus is the man
foodoofus : @agent503 thanks Josh that means a lot coming from the Sugarknife crew
stroopiegourmet : @foodoofus just giving credit where it's due! @agent503 we endorse that statement. Hope you all had a great Hiero Day! We ache but it was so worth it. Can't wait til next year!
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