Supporting my Meme with a bracelet that represents bladder cancer. #cancer #fightforacure
fightforacure - cancer -
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I have finally found we're I can do a walk for Alzheimer's :) Me and James will do this walk for you Grandma and for all the other people and family's who are suffering with this horrible disease! I wish I can take this away Abuela :'( but just know your family is here for you no matter the distance . If anyone would like to join with us just Inbox me . It will take place in northern regional 400 Paramus rd Nj 07652 Sunday October 26 at 9am rt length 3 miles ... Words can't describe how much this means to me that your going to be by my side James !! I love you * WALK TO END ALZHEIMER'S* @james_731
fightforacure - thisisforyouabuela - endalzheimers -
wicked_ways_ : #endalzheimers #thisisforyouabuela #fightforacure
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We did it! We raised over $1,000!!! Thanks so much for all your support!!! #americancancersociety #capcity #fightforacure #cure #beatcancer #formydad #lovedones
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#repost #dad and #niece #holding #hands #surgery went well #hospital #recovery #fightforacure #cancer
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I think that what our school does is amazing , and I'm so proud to be a part of this amazing cause. #rideofthemustangs #fightforacure #proud #amazing #georgemacdougall #ride #raisemoney #cancer
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caitlynloth : Ah! your flawless omg :3
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Hey ya'll so a while ago I made these awareness bracelets & now I'm selling them!! Links in my bio - please go check it out! I make each bracelet to order - so you pick what kind of ribbon, the strap color & size! They are like no other! Plus they are comfortable & they fit!!! https://www.etsy.com/listing/186243340/rainbow-loom-awareness-ribbon-bracelets
chronicpain - cancer - rsd - wearpink - breastcancer - creation - fightlikeagirl - soldierribbon - cancerawareness - jewlery - crps - fightforacure - autismawareness - awarenessbracelet - unique - chronicillness - ribbon - cancersucks - etsy - invisibleillness - support - putoutthefire - ovariancancer - burn4cure - special - rainbowloom - nevergiveup - paindisorder - design - awareness -
brookedutridge : #awareness #awarenessbracelet #ribbon #cancer #cancersucks #RSD #CRPS #breastcancer #jewlery #special #unique #rainbowloom #fightlikeagirl #wearpink #putoutthefire #fightforacure #invisibleillness #paindisorder #support #chronicillness #chronicpain #burn4cure #design #ovariancancer #nevergiveup #creation #autismawareness #soldierribbon #cancerawareness #etsy
instamediaxx : This is Awesome!
brookedutridge : @instamediaxx thank you😁
brookedutridge : @taliajoy18 @momma_joy @mattia_joyce
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#StBaldricks #fightforacure #childhoodcancer #Bald for a cause #bebald #bebold #bebeautiful
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jouwstra : Still looking good ;-)
northernbelle53 : You are too kind!β™‘β™‘ @jouwstra
myjet4life : First & foremost, thank you for the support & dedication for the cure for cancer. Have nothing but admiration for people such as yourself πŸ™
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#fightforacure #ohanameansfamily #familymeansnoonegetsleftbehind #orforgotten #ilovethisgirl #mylittlehero #lovelovelove
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Truth. Shove that 🚬 up your ass. #truth #fighter #fightforacure #cf #cysticfibrosis
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brooke_boucher23 : @jordiemag good! Your are amazing! I miss you too. 😍
jordiemag : @brooke_boucher23 you me and @alliewet26 and @alleitalee should do something soon! Girls night 😍😎
brooke_boucher23 : @jordiemag just let me know!!! πŸ˜œπŸ˜˜πŸ‘Œ
jennjenn1992 : You go girl love u 😍
jordiemag : @brooke_boucher23 okay :)
jordiemag : @jennjenn1992 love you too chick
krazy4katie : @jordiemag This is soo true!!! I'm gonna share this as well πŸ˜‰ Stay Healthy !!! 😘
jordiemag : @krazy4katie you too baby doll! 😘
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In so much pain tonight it's unbelievable. My joints hurt SO bad I can hardly move 😣 owie #cfs #gastroparesis #gastroparesiswarrior #spoonie #spoonielife #fightforacure
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I'm asked the "how do you do it" question a lot. Here's my answer: Kai. She is my strength. On the days that I feel like I'm about to crumble, I know that Kai feels beyond exhausted. I know I have to keep being strong for her. On the days that I feel so stressed, Kai reminds me that there are tons of simply great things worth smiling about and reminds me that every moment is full of all the little things that make life so grand. On the days that I feel overwhelmed and start to doubt myself, Kai reminds me that I'm capable of anything and restores my confidence in myself so I can provide everything that she needs. She motivates me. Kai can, I can. When I realize that we have hit rock bottom, I know we can only look up from here. And, I know that I have a happy Kai, and she knows that she has me, and that's all we need. We make a good team. I've learnt to turn what I thought were my weaknesses into my strengths as I've watched Kai prove, day in and day out, that she is stronger than anyone I'll ever know. She's always been a wise soul. She has always been pure happiness. She knows what's really important in this life. She's knows not to let it pass us by. I can't wait till Kai can truly understand these things when I tell them to her, when she will truly understand that she is my hero and she is capable of anything. #lifeisanadventure #kaicanmovemountains #mamateal #mamafoxandbabyfox #gogold #childhoodcancer #fightforacure #atrt #cancer #warrior #lovewins
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smacmonkeys : AMEN!!!!!! πŸ’šπŸ’šπŸ΅πŸ΅
seasonjohnson : Your amazing
dulcevale : πŸ™
mireyagrz : Simply Amazing...Wow!!!
michalapyle : You two are an inspiration to all! Those words are just so beautiful I don't know you personally but from your photos I can tell Kai is so much like you, you both taught me so much how to appreciate what I have and when I have a down day think of everything Kai and you are going through on a daily basis it makes you stop and think you and other children need more positive thoughts their way instead of dwelling on a bad day!! your strength is amazing I just can't wait to see the day kai is free!! Little poem for two lovely ladies. "Strength of a Stone, foundation of a Rock, dear Mum you have been my building block wing's of an Angel Halo of the almighty..... Dear Mum you are everything for me!" :-) xxxx
victory_4_violet : Amen Mama. β™‘β™₯β™‘
catricepatrice : Thank you.
adrianacyganska_ : you are an amazing mamaπŸ˜β˜ΊοΈπŸ’ž sending my love your way😘
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Finished making some Easter #CarmelApples for our #Relayforlife fundraiser at work tomorrow. :) #fuckcancer #fight #Apples #chocolate #walnuts #sprinkles #sweets #fightforacure
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mtabapo : @daze_gee was come back wed lol are u dang cause we off Friday
tutussuperman : They look pretty yummy @whois_adriana
daze_gee : Yea were off Friday... Seee you Monday @mtabapo with your crispy Miami tan lol
mtabapo : @daze_gee alright see ya Monday I know wasn't ready leave yet lol
karina_race : I wamt one! ! Where is ur office at
whois_adriana : @karina_race 4661 Stockdale Hwy
mredefitness : FUAAAAA
missantefit : Oh my!!! 😳
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My mom made these cascarones for the wonderful doctors and nurses at my dad's oncology center! #easter #eastereggs #cascarones #bunny #easterbunny #cute #ihatecancer #wewillbeatthis #wewillwin #mydadisafighter #cancermustdie #fightforacure #cancerwontwin #ilovemydad #pray #hope #faith
cute - mydadisafighter - ilovemydad - cancermustdie - cancerwontwin - ihatecancer - fightforacure - easterbunny - wewillwin - faith - wewillbeatthis - eastereggs - pray - cascarones - easter - bunny - hope -
butterflysue70 : Amazing
csalazar1013 : Omg those are so cute!!!!
mctoula : ❀️
_naida_m : So cute!
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Bought these gems today to support Miranda. πŸ‘πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜ continue to fight honey. God has a special plan for you and YOU WILL beat this cancer again!! I love you and I am bless to have you in my life!! Everyone please continue to pray for Miranda. #iwillNOTsink #leukemia #fightforacure
iwillnotsink - fightforacure - leukemia -
jenluvdonut : I love you @determined_bree !!!
determined_bree : I love you guys!! @jenluvdonut @rachchattin9 ❀️❀️
rachchattin9 : Love you sistas! 😘😘😘😘 @determined_bree @jenluvdonut
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Look at what came in the mail today!! πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸš΄πŸ˜ƒ #teamfox #5borobiketour #michaeljfoxfoundation #fightforacure #soexcited!!!!
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We played for Mrs.Mairena today! I love my team so much! #TeamMairena #RIP #FightforACure πŸ’•πŸ’•
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#family got the #hospital #waiting #room covered #dad having #surgery #cancer #fightforacure
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savagebeastmode : #Praying.
lovesdarich : Praying for you and your family sis
cjeppe : Please let us know how it goes
patricej715 : Praying for y'all!
queenlygina : Hoping the best for you.
kita__b : Thx yall!! @savagebeastmode @lovesdarich @cjeppe @patricej715 @queenlygina 😊
jalowens : He is so in our prayers sister love you...
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It's that time of year when we @romanceanddance go into full stride in supporting and raising the awareness of Cancer research. Come join us in the #Fightforacure @romanceanddance @romanceanddancepole #romanceanddance #polenforcancer #cancer
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Really rough night with side effects of her chemo. Really really rough morning. We were over 2 hours late for the start of her stem cell transplant because there was quite an episode of vomiting that lasted long and got messy enough that I couldn't keep up with cleaning up her crib, my bed, her clothes, the floor, and bathing her in time to get to her appointment so early in the morning. Still, she's smiling. And there's no bad day that can't be fixed with music, ever. So we have @pharrell , Arthur Conley, LaVern Baker, and Jimmy Soul lined up to play for Kai and keep her dancing. Get up offa that thing! And dance till you feel better! Get up offa that thing! Try to release that pressure! #jamesbrown #allday #musicheals #kaicanmovemountains #stemcell #transplant #atrt #cancer #fightforacure #childhoodcancer #pharell #happy
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lilboysrock : @pharrell give Kai a shout out!!!! We all love this little fighter so much
thecharmaeriggs : @pharrell you should totally give Kai a shout out!!!!
victory_4_violet : Love, love, love her spirit! β™‘β™₯β™‘
sarymaryquitecontrary : @pharrell this "beautiful" loves you! Aww I love you @kaiyanna it makes me SO #happy to see you up and about when your chemo was so yucky and scary! β™₯(((Hugs!)))β™₯
rileyfanta : Sending so much love to you guys today!!
bostic31 : Awww Be strin Kai this too shall pass god bless u! @kaiyanna
elidjaymes : What a smileπŸ’–
bspkcreations_official : it's dope
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So happy that I will be having my 2nd laparoscopy surgery in less than 2 weeks! I'm praying it gives me some relief! Screw you Endo!!! You will NOT control my life!!!! #endowarrior #endostruggles #Endometriosis #chronicpain #endosister #chronicfatigue #infertility #nocure #findacure
endosister - chronicpain - endometriosisawareness - endostruggles - spoonie - infertility - fightlikeagirl - fightforacure - spoonietheory - findacure - nocure - endowarrior - chronicfatigue - endometriosis -
charkowalk : You go girl! πŸ‘
nicoleradd1 : Thank you!! :):) @charkowalk
sianbowen85 : Good luck! X
nicoleradd1 : Thank you so much! :):) @sianbowen85
nicoleradd1 : #spoonie #spoonietheory #EndometriosisAwareness #fightforacure #fightlikeagirl
hisforeverqueen2012 : Huggies to u hunni
nicoleradd1 : Thank you so much!:) :) I'm so thankful for all of my #endosister support! :) @hisforeverqueen2012
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Sometimes life becomes to materialistic and we take life for granted. I am guilty of being ungrateful, envious, mean, arrogant etc. but God & life have a funny way of putting things in perspective for us. If you have hate in your heart he will find a way to put love into it. If you are miserable and ungrateful he will humble you. He will teach us all that we should be thankful because it could be so much worse. I'm glad that many of these lessons I learned prior to becoming I'll, because I know this struggle would have been too much for me. I see the big picture now. Make someone smile today. Hug someone. Tell them randomly that you love them. You may not realize how much that may mean to someone. I look fine and in pretty good shape but my inside is beat down. Make someone's day!! #life #lupus #lupusbully #lupustruth #lupussurvivor #lupusawareness #livingwithlupus #surviving #survivor #purpleribbon #prayingforacure #fightforacure #fighter πŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œ
lupus - lupusawareness - surviving - survivor - life - lupustruth - livingwithlupus - purpleribbon - fightforacure - lupussurvivor - fighter - lupusbully - prayingforacure -
lupustruth : πŸ‘πŸ‘
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This is how I feel 85% of my life! But I refuse to give in! I refuse to lose! Life isn't fair! God only gives us what we can handle! Even though I struggle daily with chronic pain, fatigue & mind fog I know that so many others are going through so much more than me!! I have faith that the man upstairs will see me through this. Be positive, Love like you never Loved before. Take a deep breath of fresh air close your eyes and be thankful for all the great things in your life!! #lupus #lupusbully #lupustruth #lupussurvivor #lupusawareness #livingwithlupus #silentdisease #faith #family #fight #fightforacure #prayingforacure
faith - lupus - lupusawareness - prayingforacure - family - fight - lupustruth - livingwithlupus - fightforacure - lupussurvivor - lupusbully - silentdisease -
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#lupus #lupusbully #lupustruth #lupussurvivor #lupusawareness #silentdisease #prayingforacure #purpleribbon #fight #faith #fightforacure πŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œ
faith - lupus - lupusawareness - fightforacure - purpleribbon - fight - lupustruth - prayingforacure - lupussurvivor - lupusbully - silentdisease -
lupustruth : πŸ‘
koya_williams4 - niicki_poo - huythefisherman - mvm513 -
#lupus #lupusbully #lupustruth #lupussurvivor #lupusawareness #silentdisease #prayingforacure #purpleribbon #fighter #fightforacure πŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œ
lupus - lupusawareness - prayingforacure - purpleribbon - lupustruth - fightforacure - lupussurvivor - fighter - lupusbully - silentdisease -
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#lupustruth #lupus #lupusbully #lupussurvivor #lupusawareness #silentdisease #fightforacure #prayingforacure
lupus - lupusawareness - fightforacure - lupustruth - prayingforacure - lupussurvivor - lupusbully - silentdisease -
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This is just sad.. :( #EndAlzheimers #FightForACure
fightforacure - endalzheimers -
Hey everyone.. I need your support... April 27th I am going to walk to raise awareness for this heart whenching disease that I have tragically seen effect one of my #bestestfriends... Help me raise money @ http://lupus.donorpages.com/SanDiego2014/kailaarchuleta2014... #Lupus #LupusAwareness #FightForACure #Strength #Hope #Love #Support #MeetMyGoal #RaisingMoney #DonationsPlease #LoveYouAll
lupus - strength - lupusawareness - meetmygoal - support - loveyouall - walktoendlupusnow - fightforacure - love - raisingmoney - donationsplease - hope - bestestfriends -
simply_kaila143 : #walktoendlupusnow
helloewo : you're an awesome friend!
simply_kaila143 : @helloewo thank you!
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Relay for Life! #piratesoftheCUREibbean #relayforlife2014 #fightforacure
piratesofthecureibbean - relayforlife2014 - fightforacure -
chandler_b18 - carma1799 - daniellaf21297 - niccg_12 -
#Bald and #lovingit! #fightforacure #cancer #StBaldricks fight for #childhoodcancer
stbaldricks - childhoodcancer - fightforacure - cancer - lovingit - bald -
karikarijojo : Gorgeous!
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Lauren's Run was started in 1992 to honor two beautiful girls named Lauren. β™₯ Lauren Zagoria was 21 months old when she was diagnosed with neuroblastoma in 1991. She lost her battle 14 months later. Lauren Kochman was 16 months when she was diagnosed with neuroblastoma. She passed away because her immune system was weakened by her treatment, which made her unable to fight off an illness. Fly high, angels! β™₯ #laurenzagoria #laurenkochman #laurensrun #neuroblastoma #fucancer #cancersucks #fightforacure #angels #neverforgotten #gonetoosoon #rip
laurenzagoria - cancersucks - neuroblastoma - laurensrun - neverforgotten - laurenkochman - fucancer - rip - fightforacure - gonetoosoon - angels -
a_voice_for_all_kids : There is currently no photo available for Lauren Kochman.
angeltaliaxx : @a_voice_for_all_kids f&ck cancer
tahliajayde14 - lolfunnypictures2014backup - albinism_beautiful - heavenslittleangels -
Lauren Zagoria.. β™₯ She battled neuroblastoma for 14 months and passed away at the age of 2. Fly high, angel! β™₯ #laurenzagoria #laurensrun #neuroblastoma #fucancer #cancersucks #fightforacure #angel #neverforgotten #gonetoosoon #rip
laurenzagoria - cancersucks - angel - neuroblastoma - laurensrun - neverforgotten - fucancer - rip - fightforacure - gonetoosoon -
sydney_vans : I love her hair lol!!
a_voice_for_all_kids : @sydney_vans It is pretty! She truly was a beautiful girl! But, don't use Lol because cancer isn't a laughing matter. I know you didn't mean it though. Just giving you a heads up.
sydney_vans : Ya I didn't mean it like that at all!! I know cancer isn't anything to laugh about. Didn't even mean to say lol I just always so I like always type it after my sentences. Sorry though.
a_voice_for_all_kids : @sydney_vans Apology accepted! :)
sydney_vans : Thanks. You are really so kind!
beavtiful__counts_ : She's a cutie
tahliajayde14 : Wow, such beautiful hair.... Wow. Rest in peace beautiful girl
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Rain or shine we had such an awesome time at #RelayForLifeCSU , it's was such a humbling and uplifting experience, can't wait for next year!! #ΔΔΔ #fightforacure πŸ’œπŸŒ„πŸ’ͺπŸ‘―
fightforacure - relayforlifecsu - δδδ -
sigmaalphacsu - breezypews - nicoledavis376 - coloradostatepikes -
You can see the burn line from yesterday where my bracelet was. πŸ˜‚πŸ‘ #sunburn #cancercarewalk #fightforacure #staystrong #instagood #instamood
fightforacure - staystrong - sunburn - instamood - cancercarewalk - instagood -
rad_unicorn_ - _alexis_carter - moneeyy__babii - lil_tacoxx -
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