Sending off a mc predent shirt off to the one & only Chad from "Chad's Videos". #isthisreallife #thechad
isthisreallife - thechad - chadsvideos - excusemygrammar - mcpds -
babieeairy : #chadsvideos #mcpds
babieeairy : I just re-read what I wrote & #excusemygrammar
rwhead : #obsessed ☺️
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Truth about #highschool and #friends and the #people #you #trust
excusemygrammar - people - highschool - trust - friends - you -
ferbzilla_kill_em : #excusemygrammar
c6h12o6_sugga : I miss some of mine too ♥
ferbzilla_kill_em : @c6h12o6_sugga some way more than others
c6h12o6_sugga : :) ♥
rachel_epstein - marie_lopez9 - notsopendery - yaneet_1 -
A lil Vacation ain't never hurt nobody. #excusemygrammar #Jones #ACEJONES #Orlando
jones - excusemygrammar - orlando - acejones -
makinthingshappen : Aye yo hit me on my email
theacejones : @makinthingshappen ok bet
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Got choices? #excusemygrammar #homeschool #schoolroom #art #latin #songchoollatin2 #thankful
thankful - excusemygrammar - art - latin - schoolroom - homeschool - songchoollatin2 -
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Damn @taylor_made1_ does this!!! #ExcuseMyGrammar
excusemygrammar -
taylor_made1_ : Ayyyye!! :-*
the_cut_man : @taylor_made1_ 2 Thumbs Up!
taylor_made1_ : Thx C!!! @the_cut_man
mooretherie : @taylor_made1_ we don't talk to the enemy. @the_cut_man GTFOH
taylor_made1_ : Lol... my bad
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And everybody like where her eyes at? 👀🙈 ✨ #100happydays #day23 #myfam #excusemygrammar
100happydays - excusemygrammar - day23 - myfam -
emmarosemire - swaguillard - livvlou - bry_belaire -
Advertising Workshop Final Presentation #loyaltyกับเลข3 #สุ่มตลอด #โดนตลอด #คืออัลไล #ลิ้นพันกัน #excusemygrammar #lol Cr. @yuuhuuu
excusemygrammar - - - loyaltyก - - โดนตลอด - lol -
l2onsenze : ซวยจิงง โดนอีกละหรออ
psjaneme : @l2onsenze โดนทุกรอบซัง เซง พูดเลย 😪
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Me and my older cousin on my birthday 👊 Glad he loosened up a bit 😁
excusemygrammar -
_jkims : I literally failed in English. #excusemygrammar
allwayswong : @muhp_muhp
_ung_ : Is that long ??
_jkims : Yes, yes it is :) @_ung_
lina_bobinna - bsbhauboih - sopounnn_xo - radc92 -
Simple no bake cheese cake recipe for @eitinejajane 1. Mix cream cheese with sweetened milk until well. 2. 1st layer: spread the milk&cheese mixture evenly in a container. 2nd layer: Sprinkle Milo then Nestum (whichever comes 1st is up to you), to make thin & visible layer. 3rd layer: Soak the Deluxe cracker with the Full Cream Milk, make sure not too soggy. Arrange the soaked biscuit neatly enough to cover the 1st & 2nd layer. 4. Repeat step 1&2. The top most layer will be the cheese mix with sprinkled nestum. Lastly, refrigerate for a few hours. Done =) ps: better pkey see trough container, easier to see the layer. Boleh pkey cheese cracker juak. Biskut ya patah2kan utk kasi muat layer. One cream cheese guna half can sweetened milk jak. Mun mok manis gik, tambah jak. Mun mok layer kacak polah nipis2. pss: aku cedok dr tenet jak, inovasi ckit k nampak kacak jak. U can modify also. Good luck. Dah polah sila share gambar ya =D #excusemygrammar #gambarpinjamdrgoogle #notmypictures
notmypictures - excusemygrammar - gambarpinjamdrgoogle -
eitinejajane : Waaaah! Thanks..will try to do layer cheese cake..
dygkhairunnisazali : Chaiyok2 @eitinejajane hehe.. @srnclre leh try wak tok..kmk salu xda campur nestum n milo..layer k biskut cheese jak..heee..
srnclre : @eitinejajane @dygkhairunnisazali =D
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Giving bearded realness on this beautiful spring day !! It's** #excusemygrammar #drakewannabe #classisover #naturetime #runitout #YOUBETTERWERK
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maieesh_ : Rawr 😜💋
toddjhammond : #Scruff #Beard
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So today during #ROP I think I might have found something to focus on!!!:D this all thanks to our instructors question: What technological advancement would you like to see become a reality? #excited #patentmyidea #lol #wishing!!! #excusemygrammar #ithinkihadarunon? #copyright #haha #collegecomehere!!!
excusemygrammar - copyright - ithinkihadarunon - patentmyidea - haha - lol - collegecomehere - rop - excited - wishing -
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#tb to when me and this girl lived together. I have the best cousin in the world, guys! #missyou #alllove @dudathing
alllove - excusemygrammar - tb - worstpartisthatimanenglishmajor - missyou -
cariyubero : #excusemygrammar #worstpartisthatimanenglishmajor
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Oh yes I did , this bitch really tried it & she had all this extra space behind her & she decides to park all up on me like this . So I left a lovely note on her P.O.S #ExcuseMyGrammar #FuckingWithTheWrongOne #CallMePetty #BadDay
excusemygrammar - badday - fuckingwiththewrongone - callmepetty -
jetliferkhalfani : Lol hope your day gets better 💆 #whoosah
ambitiousgirlx : thank you & I HOPE so too @jetliferkhalfani
kelsey_dee33 : Ahaha ol petty ass
kelsey_dee33 : I love you
ambitiousgirlx : lol so petty :) , love you too @kelsey_dee33
rare_vision : C'mon I thought u left the street life smh
ambitiousgirlx : I did I cant have one slip up ? @rare_vision
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My favorite memory with @samjhernandez #excusemygrammar #hbu #reslife
hbu - excusemygrammar - reslife -
jebreymaier : @thechrisdyer you're welcome for introducing this app to you
waterguy88 : What's the app?
thechrisdyer : @waterguy88 timehop
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Thanks, @brandonkawachi. Haha. #siri #holiday #dafuq #ithoughtthatwaseveryday #dotheynotdothisforonedayayear? #sick #genitalmutilation #bye👋
bye - ithoughtthatwaseveryday - sick - genitalmutilation - siri - dotheynotdothisforonedayayear - excusemygrammar - dafuq - holiday - poorlyconstructedquestion -
roxombie : #excusemygrammar & #poorlyconstructedquestion
kurst_one : Damn. #ForgotToCelebrate😒
doomsayer52 - meandloulou - kimberrlayy - la_gr33neyes -
The President and Vice President gets Long Island pitchers at Rama.. #HRAbarCrawl #ExecutiveBoardBitch 👑👯☎️
excusemygrammar - hrabarcrawl - executiveboardbitch - drunk -
hilschroeder : Love my VP 😘
lauren_steppp : #ExcuseMyGrammar #Drunk
lauren_steppp : Right back atchya 😘 @hilschroeder
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Finally got The Wu-Tang Manual shipped, one of my all time favorite groups. The book, written by RZA, known as the spiritual leader of the group, wrote this to reveal the secrets, history and philosophy of the group and tells where the ideas stemmed from. Two of these being The Iliad, a Greek epic written during the Trojan War speaking of its brutality of its time. The other being The Art of War, written by Sun Tzu, a Chinese war general from the Spring and Autumn period of Ancient China, which is known as a definitive work of military tactics and strategy of its time. It's said in the manual that these two books, along with many others I've yet to find, highly influenced how he worked his business in the music industry and the way he lived. It's some heavy reading to do before February 26th (checked out these two books from the Sac State) but after almost reading all of the Wu-Tang Manual today, it highly intrigued me to look into all of these books that heavily influenced one of the most, if not the most predominant hip-hop groups to ever exist. Time to go 👐 📚 #WuTangForever
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sbalderas8n : #excusemygrammar #fuckinstagramstextbox
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#excusemygrammar #singleNOTreadytomingle
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My favorite nurse to work with 😁😘 where to short to be taking pictures #sundayfunday #coworkers 💰🏥
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monica_k824 : We are* #excusemygrammar
nikkiidee90 : @monicaxox824 love her!!! She's one of my patients at my office!!!!
monica_k824 : @nikkiidee90 lol where?
monica_k824 : @nikkiidee90 she said "awww she's to cute" lol
nikkiidee90 : @monicaxox824 I work at a physical therapy chiropractic office down the block from east neck
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Me right now. #Awkward #WereSuppose ToBeWatchingTheGrammys #ExcuseMyGrammar #TrueStory
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callmedimplezz : Lol
beautifultrouble19 : Lol silly
ll_cool_tray1 : Your beautiful
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I couldn't stop laughing at her lol XD #crarzypeople #lol #excusemygrammar ahha
crarzypeople - excusemygrammar - lamepeople - lol -
ipremyo : @glittergirl617 hahah lol XD
_thisgirljust : Hahahahaha! Smh poor thing aha
ipremyo : @_thisgirljust hahah she was jks... #lamepeople lol
ipremyo : @_pratik__ yeo really she was so darn funny hahah
_pratik__ : I would have died laughing manh.
ipremyo : @_pratik__ when her phone rang she was right next to me and I was literally looking at het and laughing like crazy people were staring at me and she looked so embarrassed hahah but I couldn't help it XD
sincerely_abby_ : Haha
_pratik__ : O B V I O U S L Y. Hahhahahaha.
shradheee - shanispapi12 - jonnyserrany - lyan28_xoxo_ -
I went to visit Dannyboy today and tagged on the doctors' chart && I get a text that Dianita was there too lol 💓 #bffs #getwell #livingonaprayer #excusemygrammar
excusemygrammar - getwell - bffs - livingonaprayer -
kristy_gal - ronnroxx - perla_nl28 - j_knee0702 -
Peanut enjoying a tonight's joy ride with tommy and I. #joyride #goldenretriever #love @tommyboy2087
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sgarvey_ironically : #excusemygrammar :/
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Worry has no place here anymore. I am guilty of worrying. When we worry, we assume the responsibility for things we were never meant to handle. Worrying in Greek translates into "divide the mind" & that's what worrying does, it divides the mind between useful and hurtful thinking. Matthew 6:27 askes "Which of you by worrying can add one cubit to his stature?" To me this is asking what can you gain from worrying? Worrying changes nothing; it takes your focus from God and His faithfulness and righteousness to concerns about things of the world. Worrying is the opposite of faith, suggesting that God cannot be trusted to take care of us or provide what we need. Worrying crowds our faith. Matthew 6:33 says seek first the kingdom of God and these things shall be added unto you. Philippians 4:19 says "And my God shall supply all your needs according to His riches in glory by Christ Jesus." God is everything we need. He will provide! The road from worry to faith begins with recognition that worry is sin and confession of lack of faith. It continues with deliverance and ends with the assurance that nothing can separate us from the love of God. Psalms 34:4 "I sought The Lord and He heard me, and He delivered me from all my fears." #IAintGotNoWorries #ExcuseMyGrammar #NoMoreWorrying #GodIsEverything #MyLight #MySalvation #MyStrength #MyLife #WontHeDoIt #WontHeWill #GoodMorning #HappyMonday Have a blessed day 😊✌️
happymonday - excusemygrammar - mylife - godiseverything - wonthewill - mystrength - mysalvation - nomoreworrying - iaintgotnoworries - wonthedoit - mylight - goodmorning -
k_d_rochon : Amen @_lexibelle 🙏🙌
co_co_chanell : This is absolutely beautiful and such encouraging words!! I wish I could add this to my favorites because it holds so much truth and encouragement!!! Speak!!!!!
productofgrace_bsav - leeanderthegreat - c_tha_future - katrinkalm -
Daamn!!! Shit got real today earlier today... Lets see how the 2014 turns out #newcars #bsp #newcompany #savingtheworld #nohomo #toyota #prius #hellaflush #allshownogo #doingit #alv #ayparaelcafe #ayteencargo #hadlystowing #aaarescue #newyear #maxmph20 😒🚗😔😑🕔 how's my driving #IDGAF #lmao #Callsomeonewhocares #1800fu
ayparaelcafe - callsomeonewhocares - hellaflush - ayteencargo - bsp - newcompany - idgaf - newcars - doingit - alv - maxmph20 - 1800fu - nohomo - allshownogo - excusemygrammar - lmao - savingtheworld - toyota - aaarescue - newyear - prius - hadlystowing -
ar_stunt : #excusemygrammar
rooffuss : I'll race you :)
ar_stunt : @rooffuss battery power or motor power
rooffuss : @ar_stunt Both?
ar_stunt : Meet you at the yard lol
marc_d_2013 - jdm_junkies2 - ruthhhxo - edwincolombia9 -
#2013 is definitely full of life changing moments and adventures! Can't believe it's about to be over. Had amazing adventures into the nightlife with @deepvisionfl , a productive year with my @structure_orlando family, made life changing career plan thanks to my mentors @dun28 @derricks44 . Also met an amazing girl :p . #Readyfor2014 #ToGetDrunkorStaySoberTonight #ExcuseMyGrammar
togetdrunkorstaysobertonight - excusemygrammar - readyfor2014 - 2013 -
kaesmooth : Wya tonight bro
nguyenphat90 : @kaesmooth I'm gonna be at a business NYE function.
requiemkpl - viviantranx3 - pookie_88 - garretlauer -
Through the past twenty years, I've been blessed to have the best mom in the world. Twenty years my mom has given me everything. Especially lessons in life, how to be a good person, survive, and succeed. When I was little and all those times I got a fever, she stood at my side and took care of me until I recovered. You understood me like no other. Without you, I would not be this wise,confident,and lovely like you. This Christmas, I give you my time, my love, and my turn to take care of you. So grateful to have you as my mom and my best friend. I love you mommy! 媽媽我愛你!我最愛就是你. 最開行得時候. 😚😚😚☺😊 #PFChang #bestmom #iloveyou #likemomlikedaughter
bestmom - likemomlikedaughter - pfchang - excusemygrammar - iloveyou -
lilyguinusa : Awww!!!
kimduong92 : Grammar* :P
littlegem7 : @kimduong92 lolz
littlegem7 : #excusemygrammar
lilyguinusa - candybabyyx - iamstbones - heartkoyun -
Probably the worst collaboration ever, but pretty cool too see up close and personal at the #grammymuseum ty @heymissnaynay for the experience! #losangeles #love #music #grammy #daftpunk
excusemygrammar - losangeles - love - grammy - grammymuseum - music - daftpunk -
justintears : #excusemygrammar
crispinfxmua - whoisbee - mardetemor - michael_aaron_smith -
So, is this a thing now #wcw yup it is. So this crazy person behind me is my cousin. I love her so much even though she will drive me to insanity. We do everything together, she is some of my very first memories. We do crazy stuff together, we make friends together, we scream and shout, we obsess over One Direction, we come up with 'fake' excuses to see each other, we are so different but alike this girl is honestly like the other me. So here is to the past of when we used to swim in 'Mimi's' pool and jump on her trampoline and go to the store together and microwave weird stuff 😉 here's to that shower we took in or swimsuits and we were scared someone was gonna see us, here is to the first time we went to Six Flags together, to the time we danced until sunrise to the time we secretly convinced people to buy us food, here's to going to the writing club, being twins, here are to the lazy buns and pony tails and painting little boys nails, here's to playing video games, here is to texting and everything else and here's to the future, the jobs we get, our husbands (gee lookout boys) to our kids, to our future traditions. Here's to us 💖 I'm not gonna lie you drive me crazy but I couldn't live without you. #cousinsforeva #memories #loveyamore #hashtag #excusemygrammar
excusemygrammar - wcw - hashtag - memories - cousinsforeva - loveyamore -
megan_lovee_ : Thank you so much! Exspecially on Christmas it makes it more special! All those memories were the best I do many firsts with you and I trust you with my whole entire life. Making up excuses is something we do best and probably do every time we see each other but that proves hoe much I love being with you I couldn't live without you and your talking and 1D obsession and halo playing at midnight . Also the coffee at Starbucks and going to Walmart for fun I enjoy all our moments together and can't wait to create more! I love so much and I'll see you on Friday and I hope you have the bestest Christmas ever I miss you! (Sorry for the grammar and punctuation )
secretly_a_princess_ : @megan_lovee_ my grammar is far worse. lol don't ever learn my gamer grammar honey. lol. I think my grammar cracks everyone up more than wht I actually say xD and yes Friday is coming soon!
megan_lovee_ : On friday we can just fangirl over everything 1D we got lol XD
remo_rangaka - kitana_h - raeesa_ossman - iheartcaseydee -
Haircut 💀👾💀
tellmemore - excusemygrammar - makingbitcheswetsince2000 -
ize_iz_macy : Perdy
xoebriann_ : Tbh- you are like the cutest 7th grader. We've never really talked before though :(
padenspencer : Thanks:) and I know:/ @xoebriann_
xoebriann_ : & you don't know me!
padenspencer : I know you! @xoebriann_
xoebriann_ : We've never talked before though! & we like never see eachoth at school. Well I don't see you
padenspencer : Yeaahhh....that's true😕 @xoebriann_
padenspencer : Okay @xoebriann_
_samantthamariee - that_one_girl_caleigh - rhyleeedanielle_ - whatahassel -
#ShitISendMyFriendsOnSnapchat #ExcuseMyGrammar #ImRatchetWheneverImNotInAClassroom. 😂
excusemygrammar - imratchetwheneverimnotinaclassroom - shitisendmyfriendsonsnapchat -
soulrebeldiaries : Let the church say Amen
spvcehvze_ : 😩😂😂😂😂
_rorolove : 😂😩😂😩😂😩😂😩💀💀💀💀💀
stardomfame : yess to the good word! 😂
jaypate : it was worse ! @_rorolove @spvcehvze_
loose_screws : It's only right, that I read rights. 😛 @stardomfame
roachyy_roach - jesscrover - fameisthemotive - jaypate -
I have the bestest bestie :'D @justvogueit #excusemygrammar #darcyvienna #4/11/2008 <3
darcyvienna - excusemygrammar - 4 -
shakiral95 - ashleykatu - leoniemills - emilypatroni -
This is something I'm proud of. #flashback #swag #excusemygrammar #2009swag
flashback - excusemygrammar - swag - 2009swag -
alicialynnxx : how was your concert!!?? @andrianagamblin_
andrianagamblin : why u no cum crazy girl!! & I winged it again ;)
andrianagamblin : Vick has video!! I dyed my hair lish
alicialynnxx : okay!! What colour??? @andrianagamblin_
andrianagamblin : like a real darky brown! kind of black
brittanyperreault08 - alicia_drew97 - _mattiazielinski - shy_gurlxo13 -
Statigram feedback