Really true. Lets just all respect life #endabortion #prolife #not #prochoice #antiabortion #love #babies #catholic #conservatie #jesus #christ #holy #thursday
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This picture perfectly describes abortion. You can never reset the clock and get your child back. Like suicide, abortion is forever. So please don't do either. God bless ~ #prolife #prowomen #protecttheunborn #endabortion #stopabortion #adoption #not #abortion #notachoice #antiabortion #antifeminist
stopabortion - prolife - prowomen - protecttheunborn - antifeminist - abortion - endabortion - notachoice - adoption - not - antiabortion -
pro_choice : Giving birth is also forever...
fightforlyfe : @pro_choice true but there's always adoption :)
pro_choice : I'm just saying :) All options are forever.
fightforlyfe : @pro_choice I guess that's true
jasongabriel333 : @fightforlyfe Great post
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One of my favorite quotes of all time. By a Catholic, nonetheless. #abortion #antiabortion #proabortion #antichoice #prochoice #prolife #probaby #stopabortion #endabortion #abortionismurder #womensrights #humanrights #feminism #feminist #fetus #profetus #probirth #birthcontrol #plannedparenthood #crisiscenter #gop #conservative #republican
prochoice - fetus - abortion - probaby - abortionismurder - antichoice - probirth - humanrights - republican - birthcontrol - profetus - prolife - plannedparenthood - feminist - stopabortion - proabortion - womensrights - conservative - antiabortion - endabortion - crisiscenter - gop - feminism -
arielleheinrichs : Republican: no sex ed, no birth control, no abortions, no welfare, no increase in minimum wage. I can't wait to go from the most powerful country in the world to a third country with the dumbest children.
rnurnur : @pro_choice
turtle1422 : We already live in a third world country.
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Amen🙌💃 #prolife #pray #proadoptionnotabortion #progun #progod #antifeminist #antiabortion #america #adoption #nobama #republican #antiobama #conservative #christian #faith #life #thisislegit #endabortion #wakeup #standup
life - antiobama - christian - standup - endabortion - nobama - america - faith - republican - prolife - pray - progun - conservative - antifeminist - adoption - progod - proadoptionnotabortion - antiabortion - wakeup - thisislegit -
not_an_orphan_anymore : 👏 Amen
lubbock_ite : ...kinda funny how you're "pro life" AND "pro gun". I have an idea. How about we let people choose to buy guns or not AND let them choose to have abortions. Pro choice does not mean anti life, just like pro gun does not mean anti life. This is America, choice should be a priority. #gayrights #prochoice
garrettnunez76 : How bout you go play in morning rush traffic lubedbutthole
pro_life_republican : Ha thanks @garrettnunez76 and the fact that being progun means I want self protection and self defense for myself and for my family doesn't mean that I'm not pro life just because I'm progun. I'm saying everyone should have the opportunity to live, but protecting myself from harm is a completely different story. I'm not pro gun because apparently "guns hurt people" no. The bad people that get ahold of guns harm people. I want guns for Hunting and protection. "Ha yeah let's ban guns guys cause criminals follow laws right?" No that's not how it works. @lubbock_ite
fightforlyfe - garrettnunez76 - cbcstudentblog - _kimberlymichelle93 -
This story is truly heart wrenching. This poor little girl was killed by abortion . Thing is, it took 5 years for it to fully happen 😢 why would anyone opt for a late term abortion is beyond me. Truly makes no sense to me why it's ever necessary to kill a women's unborn child and then have her deliver the child that could have been alive had they not been killed in her womb. If you would like to read the full story on this precious little girl, the link will be on my bio #prolife #abortion #sarahbrown #victim #latetermabortion #sadstory #abortionkills #endabortion #chooselife #letthemlive
sadstory - prolife - abortion - abortionkills - letthemlive - sarahbrown - latetermabortion - chooselife - victim - endabortion -
thatswhatkatlinsaid : This girl tried to tell me a fetus isnt a human. Clearly a human being has 46 chromosomes. 23 from the ovum and 23 from the sperm. A fetus is a baby and a baby is a human. She is so stubborn! Im pro-life. ♥
let_them__live : @thatswhatkatlinsaid lol whenever someone tells me that I ask "so what species are they ? " and then I say "if a women is pregnant wig anything but a human they should be contacting the CDC ASAP" by that point most call me stupid and curse lol
let_them__live : *with anything
thatswhatkatlinsaid : Lol well ive been in a debate for two days now ab it. Like it just makes me so mad. They say a fetus isnt a human so does that mean we all werent a human at one point? I mean they are indenil!
thatswhatkatlinsaid : Indenial!*
let_them__live : @thatswhatkatlinsaid gosh how do you put up with their ignorance for that long?? Lol for me once they start getting really rude or repetitive I stop lol
thatswhatkatlinsaid : They keep twisting my words around. I just want thrm to see the truth! Lol
let_them__live : @thatswhatkatlinsaid oh gosh that is so annoying! They tend to do that A lot 😒
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#abort #aborted #abortion #adoption #abortions #antiabortion #abortionkills #abortioniswrong #abortionismurder #stopabortion #endabortion #life #love #liveaction #chooselife #pray #prolife #pregnancy #live #god #valuelife #prolifegeneration
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hunterraeeayee : @scot_alexis
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#prolife #abortion #endabortion #endabortiontoday #antiabortion #abolishabortion #life #chooselife #stopabortion #lifebeginsatconception #definition #belief #protect #law
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cest_poop : AHAHAHA Don't you even know about the children in afrika? -,-
proliferepublican : *Africa
eriksgal24 : @proliferepublican I don't think I care too much for @cest_poop ... just sayin...
cest_poop : My autocorrect @proliferepublican I am from the netherlands, in Dutch it is Afrika
end_abortion_today : What about the children in Africa? Of course I know about them. @cest_poop
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Best question ever. #prolife #endabortion #murder #life #death #living
living - life - death - prolife - endabortion - murder -
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Last time I posted something like this I got a bunch of "prochoicers" telling me that singles moms are sluts, whores, irresponsible.... So much for pro"choice". But seriously to all single moms out there- YOU GUYS ARE AMAZING!!! #prolife #protecttheunborn #endabortion #adoption #not #abortion #antifeminist #antiabortion
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theyounggop : True! And a woman isn't a whore if she has sex repeatedly and gets knocked up and just has an abortion and continues the cycle?
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as Holy Thursday approaches, keep the unborn in your prayers 🙏 #endabortion #prolife #not #prochoice #antiabortion #womensrights #not #murderrights #catholic #conservative #love #babies #pregnant #jesus #easter #rosary
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stinny23 : You mean you are ANIT-abortion. You're not prolife because if that life was gay you would demonize them, if they fought for other women's right you would say God hates them. The God that you preach about Is a very loving and forgiving God and thankfully he knows what is in the hearts of the women who choose to have an abortion. And thankfully unlike most Catholic and Christians God will show us all an unbelievable amount of grace and mercy! Americas founder escaped and came her to get free from religious persecution so please stop trying to persecute women who don't have the same beliefs, they are not hurting you or effecting your life. If you have a problem with their choice pray to God don't pass judgement and make yourself seem like you are better then them. We are all created the same! No one is better then another and like we were commanded we need to love our neighbor. God didn't say love you neighbor except the ones who have abortion or who are gay or who are black ect love your neighbor!!!! It wasn't just a suggestion of how to have a better way of life it was Gods commandment!
prolife_catholic : I love all people. I don't hate anyone because they are gay, or have had an abortion. I hate abortion, not people. God also commanded that we don't kill, so wr can't pick amd choose from the Bible @stinny23
stinny23 : It's not living yet it has no brain wave or heart beat it is not alive so therefor not killing!
prolife_catholic : So you would bury a brain dead person with a beating heart becuase they are "dead" ? @stinny23
stinny23 : Yes I would! If the Dr said they are brain dead I would not leave them on life support. I would pull the plug and bury them.
prolife_catholic : the heart and other organs continue working because their control is located on the brain's stem. therefore, life support is not needed. you would still bury the person? @stinny23
stinny23 : If that body can live on it's own with out a machine or dependent on another body then no,
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Abortion is extremely racist. 1/5 whites are aborted as opposed to 3/5 African Americans. Does that seem even more racist because Margaret Sanger, the founder of Planned Parenthood wanted to exterminate what she called "black and human weeds?"
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proliferepublican : @stefferslovesyou the only problem with that is I'm still paying for it with my tax dollars I payed yesterday.
fightforlyfe : @stefferslovesyou did you just use the prolife hashtag and go on every page that disagrees with you..?
stefferslovesyou : @proliferepublican so do you have a problem supporting all Planned Parenthood services or just abortion? Because what I said was we need reform to fix how abortions alone are payed for. Currently it just seems like you aren't even listening to what I'm saying.
stefferslovesyou : @fightforlyfe No I use the abortion hashtag and call out bullcrap or share my feelings. (: I wouldn't surf the prolife hashtag because I can only handle so much crap.
fightforlyfe : @stefferslovesyou Someone was bored today.
double_o_9drea : @stefferslovesyou you should check out Abby Johnson. She used to be a Planned Parenthood director. She can give you lots of info about their "services" as a matter o' fact I have her autobiography, I'll let you borrow it.
yasfelis : I have so much respect for @alvedaking ✊✌
proliferepublican : @yasfelis wow she's on Instagram
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Saw this on cnn just now #cnn #endabortion #pray #prolife #america #antiabortion #nobama #conservative #republican #life #seemslegit #standup #faith #wakeup
standup - faith - life - republican - prolife - pray - seemslegit - conservative - endabortion - cnn - wakeup - nobama - america - antiabortion -
theyounggop : #proadoptionnotabortion
conservative_arkansas : Thanks for all the likes!! @pro_life_republican
pro_life_republican : Np it was my pleasure! Ps I LOVE your account @conservative_arkansas
conservative_arkansas : I like your account too! I'm also a prolife republican! I like that you are the voice for the unborn! God Bless You and America! 🇺🇸🙏 @pro_life_republican
pro_life_republican : 🙌💃 thank you sir! God bless you too! @conservative_arkansas
shelteredbyhisgrace : 🙌 amen!!
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#endabortion #antiabortion #prolife #thisislegit #republican #pray #conservative #wakeup #america #life #nobama
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Come on people! Let's stop acting like pregnancy is some horrible disease that needs a cure. Pregnancy is beautiful. And if the women is actually supported (the opposite of what prochoicers do) she can do anything. Pregnancy does not make you disabled. Pregnancy is nothing to look down on. Children aren't burden s; they're gifts. Wake up and realize it please. Thanks and may God bless mothers everywhere~ #prolife #protecttheunborn #prowomen #probaby #prochild #endabortion #antiabortion #antifeminist #adoption #not #abortion
prolife - prowomen - protecttheunborn - not - prochild - probaby - abortion - antiabortion - antifeminist - adoption - endabortion -
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It's time we learn to help would who have had an unplanned pregnancy not send them to an abortion clinic to have her child dismembered. Love is the answer. Not death. #prowomem #probaby #prolife #promen #prolifefeminist #feminism #feminist #womensrights #mensrights #equalrights #civilrights #humanrights #endabortion #abortionismurder #abortionisnothealthcare #killingisnothealing #notyourbodynotyourchoice #beautifullife #lifeisbeautiful #savealife
mensrights - equalrights - savealife - prowomem - prolifefeminist - probaby - killingisnothealing - abortionisnothealthcare - lifeisbeautiful - humanrights - abortionismurder - civilrights - notyourbodynotyourchoice - endabortion - prolife - feminist - womensrights - beautifullife - promen - feminism -
mmadinicolee : Even women who are raped and are in no emotional or physical condition no matter how much support they have?
annakathleenn : @mmadinicolee thats a very difficult situaltion, but keep in mind only less than 1% of abortions are due to rape. I believe this post is referring to the 99.9% who get pregnant by choice
prowomen_probaby_prolife : @mmadinicolee women who have children due to rape are less likely to have an abortion than women who have sex with their partner and end up pregnant. It also accounts for less than 1% of all abortions performed.
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end_abortion_today This is a very fascinating video and I recommend everybody watch it! #prolife #abortion #endabortion #endabortiontoday #antiabortion #abolishabortion #life #chooselife #stopabortion #lifebeginsatconception #conceptiontobirth
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And I always will be <3 #prowomem #probaby #prolife #promen #prolifefeminist #feminism #feminist #womensrights #mensrights #equalrights #civilrights #humanrights #endabortion #abortionismurder #abortionisnothealthcare #killingisnothealing #notyourbodynotyourchoice #beautifullife #lifeisbeautiful #savealife
mensrights - equalrights - savealife - prowomem - prolifefeminist - probaby - killingisnothealing - abortionisnothealthcare - lifeisbeautiful - humanrights - abortionismurder - civilrights - notyourbodynotyourchoice - endabortion - prolife - feminist - womensrights - beautifullife - promen - feminism -
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Real Doctors do not practice purposeful killing #prolife #abortion #doctorssavelives #doctorsheal #doctorsprotectlives #saveallhumans #nodiscrimination #endabortion #chooselife #letthemlive
chooselife - prolife - doctorsprotectlives - abortion - letthemlive - doctorssavelives - doctorsheal - nodiscrimination - endabortion - saveallhumans -
pro_choice : @iamsaramcdonald the oath is supposed to protect patients, a fetus isn't a born person. The woman takes priority. The woman can grow into something amazing, an unplanned pregnancy could prevent that. No one is punishing a fetus, it is literally unable to be innocent or guilty. You're the one who wants to punish women for their ability to get pregnant, sitting that they did not choose. God allows a third of the female population become pregnant unwillingly, why isn't he putting those fetuses into women who want to be pregnant? Seems like your god is intentionally cruel.
let_them__live : @pro_choice I don't recall ever commenting on your account but I guess then . And FYI doctors in many was including chance of survival. In many cases the one with the chance of survival with immediate emergency care is the women. Very few times the women has no chance while the unborn child does. Physician will always prioritize the one with the chance to live . Of course they would never withhold the care for a woman but sometimes its just becomes to obvious that no matter their efforts one will cease. That in no way means they can't save the other who does have the chance to live
let_them__live : *prioritize in many ways including
iamsaramcdonald : @pro_choice Quite a lot of feminists are atheists....if you block of God, you won't receive His holiness. My God is amazing. An atheist cannot blame God for something bad happening to them if they don't believe in Him!!! Ever hear of blessings in disguise?? If a woman is willing to kill her unborn baby, then why wouldn't she be willing to put a baby up for adoption? Then it wouldn't get in the way of the "womans potential". Do you even realize that the Bible is against sex before marriage? It is not His fault for someone being impregnated before marriage...they were warned
pro_choice : @let_them__live exactly, the woman is viable. A fetus is not. The woman is the patient, the woman is prioritized.
pro_choice : @iamsaramcdonald so what you're saying is that children are punishment, not blessings?
let_them__live : @pro_choice when we are talking about actual health concerns such as a life threat yes a professions should never withhold care to a patient . But you can't say a fetus is not a patient because many times even when not viable they are patients. Doctors will and have operated on non viable humans .
let_them__live : *professional
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#prolife #abortion #endabortion #endabortiontoday #antiabortion #abolishabortion #life #chooselife #stopabortion #lifebeginsatconception
stopabortion - life - abolishabortion - prolife - abortion - lifebeginsatconception - antiabortion - chooselife - endabortiontoday - endabortion -
end_abortion_today : I personably still believe abortion is wrong in that case. Rape is a very terrible thing, but it doesn't make an abortion right. Thank you for your question :). @thedamgirlonfire
thedamgirlonfire : Thanks 😊 i am pro life too i was just wondering what other people think ✨
end_abortion_today : You're most welcome! And it is very good to get many opinions on that issue! @thedamgirlonfire
thedamgirlonfire : Another issue that i find absolutely ABOMINABLE is that 90% of children diagnosed with Down syndrome in the womb are aborted
end_abortion_today : I know. It's absolutely terrible. I can't believe they are aborted for being "imperfect." They are amazing children. @thedamgirlonfire
thedamgirlonfire : Why do "normal" children get special treatment? We are all human and we should all be equal, mental illness or not, male or femal, young child or unborn
end_abortion_today : I wish I could answer. America is supposed to be a country of equality, and aborting children because they have genetic disabilities is just inhumane. @thedamgirlonfire
chrisandluluu : Amen @end_abortion_today every single one is precious
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😢 we should all live a good life ❤ #endabortion #prolife #not #prochoice #antiabortion #love #babies #catholic #conservative
prochoice - prolife - catholic - conservative - not - babies - endabortion - love - antiabortion -
tittertatter : I don't see you protesting for food stamps or better foster homes or anything that benefits children AFTER theyre born. Sometimes its better to not be born.
jasongabriel333 : @tittertatter I'm part of a pro life group called helpers of Gods precious infants and we do ALOT for the needs and support of the mother and child during the pregnancy and after the child is born to help them with the cost of living and even education
tittertatter : @jasongabriel333 do you also provide therapy for the child to help fix the psychological damage that an unfit parent causes
jasongabriel333 : @tittertatter There are plenty of avenues for children who need counseling and your answer is yes ! We even provide information to women for counseling who have had abortions. Suicide rate goes up 6x the national average for women who have had abortions and drug use is over 10x
tittertatter : @jasongabriel333 i just find it ironic that republican conservative anti-abortion people are the same people that vote against food stamps and social security.
myinnapeace : Because a person should work & not need to depend on the government to care for them. That's part of why we are in the hole we're in now. & honestly, too many ppl are using public asst. as if it's a career! There are too many avenues a person can take to avoid abortion. Murdering an innocent child just because you can't afford him or her should NEVER be a "choice"! You got the chance to live, why not everyone else @tittertatter
fightforlyfe - mary_hintz - courtneydries - lauren_rebello -
Abby Johnson was a former Planned Parenthood director and a post abortive mother of two. In 2007 she realized all the lives and corruption the industry. She left the clinic and by the grace of God she found his love. She founded And Then There Were None (ATTWN,) a charity that provides counseling and financial support to former abortion abortion clinic employees. My thanks and prayers go to the countless abortionists who've left the industry.
humanlife - antiobama - protecttheunborn - republicanparty - republicans - abortionismurder - abortionkills - abort - abortions - conservatives - endabortion - impeachobama - nobama - republican - roevswade - stopabortion - chooselife - prolife - stand4life - standforlife - abortion - hateobama - conservative - obamasucks - antiabortion - righttolife -
proliferepublican : #antiabortion #stopabortion #prolife #republican #republicans #republicanparty #conservative #conservatives #impeachobama #nobama #antiobama #hateobama #impeachobama #obamasucks #standforlife #abortionkills #stand4life #humanlife #roevswade #abort #abortions #chooselife #abortion #righttolife #endabortion #protecttheunborn #abortionismurder
proliferepublican : P.s. "Happy" tax day.
benjamin_wilson : Love abby!
thesamsorboshow : 👏👌👍
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Please go to my fb and finish watching this beautiful 12 year old girl talking about abortion! #pleaseendabortion#prolife#endabortion#givethebabyinadoption. @prolife_catholic @babies_are_a_blessing
pleaseendabortion - endabortion - prolife - givethebabyinadoption -
jax_mom21 : Lauren veloz on fb
briecrystal_mm : I was born away by this speech!
briecrystal_mm : Oops I meant blown
jax_mom21 : It's amaZing how she talks! @briecrystal_mm
myhotpinkpony : I hope she gets raped
ginagomez412 - verozubiaur - upstatenyprolifeadvocates - phwesh -
Okay this is hilarious 😂 #nobama #republican #romney #liberallogic #endabortion #pray #prolife #standup #wakeupamerica #america #antiabortion #conservative #thisislegit
america - prolife - pray - wakeupamerica - romney - conservative - standup - liberallogic - endabortion - nobama - republican - thisislegit - antiabortion -
autumn_bradford : 👍😂😂😂
prayer_warrior_24x7 - briecrystal_mm - annadelight98 - countryboy612 -
Finally someone gets it. Your body is not your child's body. #promen #prolife #prowomen #prochoice #probaby #protecttheunborn #antiabortion #antifeminist #endabortion #adoption #not #abortion
prochoice - prolife - prowomen - protecttheunborn - probaby - abortion - not - antifeminist - adoption - endabortion - promen - antiabortion -
fightforlyfe : @stefferslovesyou so you'd be fine if that child had never existed because getting their breakfast was too hard? If that's the cases adoption. Or daycare. I find it extremely sick that you're fine with killing kids because they're too time consuming.
stefferslovesyou : @fightforlyfe You're kind of stupid because I never ONCE said I support forced vaccination. Yes, not many children are homeschooled but if they oppose vaccination so much, then more can be homeschooled which was the point I was making. Though,like I said, no one should be forced to vaccinate. Especially because there are now treatments to these ailments. I missed nearly two weeks of school for the same reason which is incredibly stupid. My education should not be affected by the fact that I couldn't get to the doctor. Just because you're pretty sure a child would give their parent the choice doesn't mean anything. What about those children that are too young to speak for themselves? A parents hands are tied because they cannot make that decision for the child but the child cannot say for itself. So the statement made within the picture is still flawed.
stefferslovesyou : @fightforlyfe You make it sound so simple. Which leads me to believe you're even more ignorant. Many women get abortions even when they want the child. Getting an abortion is actually quite selfless in many cases (there are women who have no excuse and as much as I disagree, I won't shame them). Being pregnant is physically taxing (and in some ways expensive depending on insurance) but it's 9 months of you and that fetus together. You're going to build a bond after 9 months together all to have it ripped away and have someone else take your place? It's heartwrenching. So I would rather see a fetus terminated in the first 12 weeks when they are a mildly human looking lump of cells that doesn't feel or think then watch a woman be emotionally torn apart and having to give up on a child she loves or to watch a child go without food or a safe home. You put it in general terms like "won't get their breakfast" but it's so much deeper than that. Daycare is also expensive. Yes, children are time consuming and hard work They require a lot of time and attention and they deserve that because... Well they're children enough said. Some people cannot give that child the time they need. Especially if financially you are unstable and having to work to provide for that child. You only have so much time in a day. I would rather see a fetus aborted and that woman get financially stable and then have a child in a few years then watch a woman, her child and/or the father suffer and fail to give them what they need.
fightforlyfe : @stefferslovesyou The reason might not be simple but the product is- a dead child. Abortion is extremely selfish, I'll even go far enough to say its satanic. Really? Because about 40% of abortions are because they don't want the child. And that's the leading reason. Abortion is physically taxing, causing many many issues such as Infertility, breast cancer, Post Abortion Stress Syndrome, depression, etc....okay make up your mind: its either a worthless clump of cells or a baby. You can't change what it is just so you can use a different aurgement. Not everyone has to adopt. Many women can actually grow up, work harder and keep the child. Obviously she doesn't love the child if she's gonna rip its head off and flush it down the toilet. Statistically its more likely she'd be hurt by abortion not adoption. Link in my bio, thousands of stories of regret and tons of stories of relief that they choose adoption instead of abortion.
stefferslovesyou : @fightforlyfe At the point of typical abortions (12 weeks and under) it's a clump of human cells. At that point it isn't some "beautiful child that needs to be saved from murder" it's a clump of human tissue that looks mildly human at best. It's pretty much the same as one of our organs. At 22 weeks and beyond is where it changes. It is still a fetus yes, but at that point it is a viable baby that can survive outside of Mommy's body (with substantial help yes, but it still has a chance). I would like to know where and how the survey was conducted that got you to your 40% statistic. I sincerely doubt that every woman who has ever aborted has been questioned. Statistics can also lie or hide and bend the truth. Even if that is the leading reason, that only makes up 40%, less than half of all abortions. Which means 60% were done because of some necessity or done by women who wanted their child. I have no doubt within my mind that there are women who regret their abortion. Just as I said: There are those who may want their child but don't have what it takes to bring a child into this world. Those that understand that they may love that child but are selfless enough to give up their chance of having a child to love and hold because they know that child doesn't deserve the struggle and pain. Where are your sources on the physical harm of an abortion? Ones that don't come from a source that takes a specific side I hope.
fightforlyfe : @stefferslovesyou Actually I think most abortions happen between 12-14 weeks or so but I could be wrong. Sure it doesn't look human but you forget- the fetus, at that point, has all its limbs. It has facial features. It can smile and get the hiccups. It has all vital organs present. It has a heartbeat and brain activity. Its sceintifcally and biologically alive. By definition it means "developing human" or "little child". 60% of abortions are forced abortions. there's one source.
fightforlyfe : @studentsforlife wait sorry I see what you're referring too (I thought you were referring to forced abortions for some reason). I believe the study was performed at the University of Michgien but I could be mistaken. However most women, after a certain time, do come to regret their abortions. Almost 90% of women regret their abortions at some point.
fightforlyfe : @stefferslovesyou as for my other sources-
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Do you know what the leading cause of death in the African American Community since the Roe vs. Wade decision in 1973 is? Is it heart disease - 2.26 million deaths since 1973, cancer - 1.64 million, or accidents - 307k? It has to be violent crimes... nope, 306k of those. Well, it must be AIDS then - nope, 203k lost there. The overlooked answer happens nearly 1500 times a day in our community. Abortion - 13+ million deaths since 1973. Before you go there, in the USA, less than 1% of abortions occur because of rape or incest. The stats do not lie.. it's US! WE'RE irresponsible.. WE'RE selfish.. WE'RE greedy.. WE'RE in need of help! "The abolition of abortion is in sight. It will be looked back on by future generations the way we currently look back on slavery." #DearGod #Jesus #Gospel #prolife #endabortion
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therealchristophercole : Wow .... So sad.
clutchclutchington : Yes!!! End abortion. It's murder!!!
jalen_royaldavis : Truth
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My own little rendition of this . For those who don't know the story behind the picture, it's quite amazing so here it is: Dr. Joseph Bruner at Vanderbilt is known for his work in fetal surgery, especially on babies with spina bifida, a condition in which the spine does not close properly during development. Vanderbilt confirms that little Samuel Armus was 21 weeks-old in the womb when this surgery took place in 1999, which made the surgery very risky because if anything went wrong, the baby wouldn't survive on its own. Dr. Bruner and his colleagues, however, had done numerous successful spina bifida surgeries on fetuses that are not yet viable. In this particular surgery, photographer Michael Clancy was in the operating room to document surgery on such a young fetus. Clancy said that "out of the corner of my eye I saw the uterus shake, but no one's hands were near it. It was shaking from within. Suddenly, an entire arm thrust out of the opening, then pulled back until just a little hand was showing. The doctor reached over and lifted the hand, which reacted and squeezed the doctor's finger. As if testing for strength, the doctor shook the tiny fist." #prolife #abortion #amazing #story #surgery #tinyhand #human #protectallhumans #nodeath #endabortion #chooselife #letthemlive
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lovinglilaxo : :')
cheyenne_kuder : This is so amazing!
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poor babies. I wish I could save them all 💜 #endabortion #prolife #not #prochoice
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cathy_bg15 : Hitler killed humans so does abortion, they both kill the innocent, @stealer_of_hearts
cathy_bg15 : Type in documentary about Hitler and abortion it's the first one I promise it's worth your time😊 @stealer_of_hearts
cathy_bg15 : In YouTube @stealer_of_hearts
stealer_of_hearts : Nah, I can decide for myself what is truth and what is propaganda. I've talked to many obgyns about my condition, abortion, fertility, and treatment. I've educated myself on the subject to know where I stand on the spectrum of my reproductive organs to completely understand I am the way I am. Not every uterus is the same. Not every set of ovaries are the same. And not everyone's decision is the same. @cathy_bg15
cathy_bg15 : This video has changed so many views on abortion so many have changed from prochoice to prolife you should watch it @stealer_of_hearts
stealer_of_hearts : Listen. I dont need to watch these propaganda videos. Im not prochoice because of videos or people. Im prochoice because I was given a rare opportunity to know my reproductive health at 13. My doctors made me aware of the many options I'd face once I started having sex. (At 13, "ew"). At 13, I started taking BC. Something my friends never had to take until they started having sex. At 25, what I thought was an upset stomach was overgrowth of my lining of my uterus on the outside and onto my bones and blood stream. Why? Because I thought maybe since im not in a relationship maybe I could be off BC. Went back to the doctor. Same old story, different age. Put back on BC, and told the same thing. I'm prochoice for myself. I'm prochoice because there might be someone else having similar issues like me and needs someone who will listen to them. I'm prochoice because no one is the same. Everyone is different. @cathy_bg15
cathy_bg15 : Everyone is different and has different stories but no matter the story killing a baby who has nothing to be blamed for is wrong and disgusting so no matter what abortion is wrong the baby did nothing @stealer_of_hearts
stealer_of_hearts : I'm not killing anyone. If I had the choice I would want an entirely different body with a different set of hormones and uterus. I think its funny that I'm a horrible person just because I think a woman gets to have a say in her body. My body, my choice, because in the end, if and when I'm pregnant, I'm going through it without hormone therapy. That's scary, because I haven't been able to retain a consistent level of any hormone without birthcontrol and estrogen therapy. Most people don't think of these things in depth like I do. Every decision I've made has been thoughtful and carried out. If I could plan an entire pregnancy, I would, but no one can do that. Yes I'm disgusting because I support abortion access. Yes, Im disgusting because I've thought out every detail if something goes wrong. Yes, im disgusting because I have endometriosis and hormone imbalances. Thanks, I'll remember that. @cathy_bg15
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Fight all your battles in silent prayer at SILENT SIEGE APRIL 18 at 12 noon! #surrenderbattles2God #justice #peace #mercy #riseupintercessors #endabortion #resurrection #stand4love #pray4life #gamechangers
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I never got why anti-lifers thought that because we support babies we don't support anything else...? Nothing could be farther from the truth. We care about life, hence the term "from womb to the tomb" So if you could stop spewing that lie I'd be very thankful. #prolife #promen #prowomen #probaby #antifeminist #antiabortion #endabortion #adoption #not #abortion
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tanoathome : Try Numbers 5:11-31 specifically this and I quote "May this water that brings a curse enter your body so that your abdomen swells or your womb miscarries".- sounds suspiciously like an abortion and SURPRISINGLY( sarcasm) it varies from edition to edition... I have a raw unfiltered version and that's what it says
pro_choice : @tanoathome Abortion: Hosea 9:11-16 Hosea prays for God’s intervention. “Ephraim shall bring forth his children to the murderer.  Give them, 0 Lord: what wilt thou give?  Give them a miscarrying womb and dry breasts. . .Ephraim is smitten, their root is dried up, they shall bear no fruit: yea though they bring forth, yet will I slay even the beloved fruit of their womb.” Clearly Hosea desires that the people of Ephraim can no longer have children.  God of course obeys by making all their unborn children miscarry.  Is not terminating a pregnancy unnaturally “abortion”? Numbers 5:11-21 The description of a bizarre, brutal and abusive ritual to be performed on a wife SUSPECTED of adultery.  This is considered to be an induced abortion to rid a woman of another man’s child. Numbers 31:17 (Moses) “Now therefore kill every male among the little ones, and kill every women that hath known man by lying with him.” In other words: women that might be pregnant, which clearly is abortion for the fetus. Hosea 13:16 God promises to dash to pieces the infants of Samaria and the “their women with child shall be ripped up”. Once again this god kills the unborn, including their pregnant mothers. 2 Kings 15:16 God allows the pregnant women of Tappuah (aka Tiphsah) to be “ripped open”. And the Christians have the audacity to say god is pro-life. How and the hell is it that Christians can read passages where God allows pregnant women to be murdered, yet still claim abortion is wrong? Infanticide: 1 Samuel 15:3 God commands the death of helpless "suckling" infants.  This literally means that the children god killed were still nursing. Psalms 135:8 & 136:10 Here god is praised for slaughtering little babies. Psalms 137:9 Here god commands that infants should be “dashed upon the rocks”.
fightforlyfe : @pro_choice I could be wrong about some of the verses but I know a lot aren't talking about human babies- they're talking about the children of fallen angels AKA demon babies. I suggest you read the book of Enoch for more information.
fightforlyfe : @tanoathome that isn't from the bible. That's not how its worded in the original.
tanoathome : Funny I pull something from your holy bible and you won't even admit to it.. But then again pride is sinful, am I right? Anyways I admitted that it wouldn't be in all versions... Publishers like to remove certain phrases to make it less harsh. In some copies I can't even find mention of slavery... It's called bondage for non-Jews and non-Christians... I can find more though
tanoathome : Ayy thanks for the back up :) @pro_choice although I don't think we'll get through anytime soon lol.. S/He's too prideful.. Isn't it ironic, don't ya think? ;)
fightforlyfe : @tanoathome and I told you that's not a direct translation. Besides- I thought religion didn't belong in politics? So why don't you stop hiding behind false interpretations of my religions and insult and actually use some science, logic and facts to back yourself up. Im not terribly prideful. Mocking people is a sign of arrogance and pride though, so I wouldn't be talking. Besides, let's assume for a second that's a direct translation. It would've been translated from ancient Greek or Hebrew and often times when you translate from an ancient language you Dont get the exact wording.
nerdy_feminist_xoxo : @therealseni
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Abortion supporters will never be aborted. Abortion supporters will never have the law value them as much as trash. Abortion supporters will never have someone say they're "a dead clump of cells". Abortion supporters will never be dehumanized because of their size. Abortion supports will never be aborted, yet they are the only ones aborting. - #endabortion #antiabortion #abortion #prolife #prowomen #promen #prochild #probaby #stopabortion #adoption #not #abortion #chooselife
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fightforlyfe : @hislittlefoxgirl no. I Dont see how that's relevant. However my mom was going to have me aborted if that counts.
hislittlefoxgirl : You don't know how hard or uncomfortable being pregnant is. And if your mom had aborted you, you wouldn't know
fightforlyfe : @hislittlefoxgirl I'm smart enough to know its normal. And that there's this thing called pain medication. And testmoines from prolife women who've been pregnant blow that proabort pregnancy propaganda right out of the water. Wow that's cold hearted.
hislittlefoxgirl : Personal experience not propaganda. Not that pro choicers personal experience matters to you and the small amount of pain meds you can take during pregnancy don't work on everybody and uncomfortable doesn't get you pain meds. And good for the few women who have easy pregnancies. I hope they enjoy being able to vomit without going into shock.
fightforlyfe : @hislittlefoxgirl you take a shot during your labor. It does decrease the pain. Doesn't work on everyone? Try like 2% of people. I've thrown up many many times and not once have I gone into shock....
hislittlefoxgirl : I got mine Friday night when labor started. It wouldn't stay in due to inflammation on my spine. Couldn't have another one. And its more than 2%. And I have thrown up a grand total of 5 times in 25 years of life. Its so rare it sends me into shock
briecrystal_mm : @fightforlyfe I've give through two excruciatingly painful deliveries. The first one I didn't get an epidural till the last minute, and was on labor for sixteen hours. I gave my daughter up for adoption and that was a beautiful decision. My second I had an epidural as soon as I got to the hospital, but it quickly wore off during labor and I felt every fiery once of pain during my son's five hour delivery that he almost didn't live through. That is a very natural pain and I don't regret either delivery and I don't regret choosing LIFE. Both pregnancies I had intense morning sickness, in my second pregnancy I worked all day five days a week fifty hours a week on my feet at all times, and never took pain meds. Why? Because I'm a woman and I know how strong I am and I know that life is valuable and abortion is a sad excuse to not take responsibility for our actions. Pregnancy is BEAUTIFUL, life is PRECIOUS. :)
fightforlyfe : @briecrystal_mm :)
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This HAS to end.. America needs to take a moment to stop the genocide in our own country instead of focusing on the genocide in other countries. Stop the hypocrisy. #libertyuniversity #endabortion #prolife
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fightforlyfe : @phallic_wasp I have a question. If a fetus isn't a human what is it? And if that fetus isn't alive why do you have to kill it?
phallic_wasp : @madisonlink95. As an existential nihilist i believe that life has no objective value, the only value human life has is the value the individuals assigns to themselves. A foetus is not self aware and is therefor not capable of assigning value to its existence, therefor a foetus has no value. @fightforlyfe. A foetus is human, but its at the same level as an internal organ. The foetus is alive, but its life does not matter, in the same way the life of a wasp or a rat does not matter.
fightforlyfe : @phallic_wasp and what gives you the right to decide what life is vauleable?
fightforlyfe : @phallic_wasp oh and by your logic, since people can assign their own wealth, someone could kill a suicidal person and wouldn't it be okay, you know since they have such a low value of themselves? No no it would not because weather or not you like it all humans, born and unborn, are equal.
fightforlyfe : @phallic_wasp a newborn isn't self aware I could kill them as well.
phallic_wasp : @fightforlyfe. I am not deciding what life is valuable, i am saying that the value of life is decided by the individual or the people around them. Since a foetus cannot decide its own value, that decision falls to the mother, and if she wants to get an abortion, the value of her foetus is nothing. Technically, but a system like that would never work, you could kill anyone and claim afterwords that they were suicidal. What gives you the right to decide the value of life? Not all people are equal, some are brilliant (neil degrasse tyson, Carl Sagan), some are morons, (Megan fox, rick perry). Some are good (Martin Luther King, Stephen Fry) some are evil, (Adolf Hitler, Caligula). Not all people have equal value. Yea, if the parents do not want the newborn, its life is valueless, however killing the baby in this instance is overkill as it would be easier to just dump it into an orphanage and resume your life.
madisonlink95 : I respect your right to your own opinion.. But it saddens me that you feel this way about life. Ill be praying that one day your heart will change. I hope you have a good day. @phallic_wasp
myhotpinkpony : Never population control!
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Seems legit 👌 #prolife #wakeupamerica #standup #republican #nobama #russia #Romney #America #pray #endabortion
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theyounggop : Mind giving me a shout out please?
pro_life_republican : Sorry I don't do shoutouts :/ but I could mention you in a comment? @theyounggop
theyounggop : That's fine! Thank you !
coolcatcorbin : Is this Olivia???
pro_life_republican : Haha thank you and yes it is olivia 💕💃 @coolcatcorbin
coolcatcorbin : I figured. The philociraptor, Prolife, Romney, republican, and conservative. And the fact that you hash tagged #seemslegit. Couldn't scream Olivia louder👌😂💕
pro_life_republican : Bahahaha oh you know it 😂💃 @coolcatcorbin
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I always found it strange that people think that because I'm pro-life I don't care about humans after the womb. Well just in case you don't know I care about all human life. In and out of the womb. I care about the homeless I care about all the starving children in the world. I care about humans who are being abused. I care about ending other injustices in the world. This is why I donate to charity's to feed and cloth those in need. It's why I help even my neighbors or a friend in a time of need. I don't just sit here and do nothing. So for those mistaken this is what being prolife means to me. It means caring for all humans. Repost from @double_o_9drea #prolife #abortion #fromthewombtothetomb #nodiscrimination #protectallhumans #endabortion #chooselife #letthemlive
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let_them__live : @psycho_bryant I'm actually against the death penalty also for many reasons . To me it makes no sense that we teach murder is wrong by murdering people
psycho_bryant : Okay. That's cool I'm not the only one. I was told that most Republicans are against abortion, but support the death penalty. My family is Republican. But I think that is foolish. Murdering murderers is dumb. What's that gonna teach anyone. Two wrongs don't make a right.
let_them__live : @psycho_bryant exactly my point. I actually don't associate myself with any party. I like to keep my beliefs consistent
annie_noelle2 : Totally stealing this!
let_them__live : @annie_noelle2 go for it 😊 lol
double_o_9drea : I am also against the death sentence. I mean even rapist and murders have a story.
telaperez : True!!!
let_them__live : @double_o_9drea yaaaay for common thoughts 😄👍 lol
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