#Bumpin ! #starlito #donTrip #grindhard #lito #lito #lito #savage @grindhardonline @lilfool @starlitogrindhard
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🎢tell me will you ever wake up will you ever see that this is where I wanna beeee do anything fa you except for leave even when it was hard for meeee kept holding on when I wanted to let go all secrets safe with I'll never tell a soul jus can't figure out why I can't never tell ya NO SAY YOU LOVE ME BUT YIG NEVER LET IT SHOW GUESS ILL NEVER KNO 🎢 #dontrip#starlito#stepbrothers#lovemysolo @saucedupsolo 😍😍😘
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elijahnemilee : *YOU
_nitaj : It's hard not to like y'all pictures lol! I love it though!
elijahnemilee : @_nitaj lol thanks boo
_nitaj : You're welcome!
saucedupsolo : 😘😘😘😘😘
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We got this. #teamUs #nobabynofuss #dontrip #weGotthis #GodspeedherLovetome #poeticjustice #repost from @ledolcevida
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igmcmowgs : #together99
arigurrrl : πŸ‘Œ this
igmcmowgs : @arigurrrl πŸ˜β˜οΈβ˜οΈπŸ™
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N if we was cool n you fucked that up never be cool more. #chilling#studnation#idgaf#likeme#dontrip
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"Get money fuck these hoes from the start. Yu say yur gonna throw it all away for a broad? Fuck yu mean? Must be out his mind. He too focused on the pussy should be focused on the grind. " β˜† #DonTrip #Lito #100 #MoneyOverEverything
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lwilsonstraightflexin : I'm comin from Carmel
xx_dopesensation : Oh . Well ill save yu one
xx_dopesensation : @lwilsonstraightflexin
lwilsonstraightflexin : Good fuckin look I broke my mf finger lmao
xx_dopesensation : Lmao. What tf yu do? Smh @lwilsonstraightflexin
lwilsonstraightflexin : I'll tell you when I'm there. I'll be like 15 min
lwilsonstraightflexin : Bouttta pull up
xx_dopesensation : Ok. I was sleep but I'm Rollin up @lwilsonstraightflexin
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Listening to some A1 classics. #HustleGang #CMG #RIPDOEB #CTE #A1FreeBand #MMG #KEVINGATES #RichForever #TI #YoGotti #YoungJeezy #RickRoss #Rocko #StepBrothers2 #Starlito #DonTrip #TrapsandTrunks
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Good morning it's my birthday and I'm just a man in the position I'd rather not be in but the cream rises to the top #creamofthecrop #dontrip #randysavage
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my_story_my_truth86 : Happy birthday cuz @breadandmeat
basimfresh : Happy B Day Fam
melmel914 : Happy Birthday!!!!
shadinason : Happy birthday dude@ breadandmeat
_the_official_one_ : Happy Birthday!
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If u can be superman who wants to be clark ken #dontrip #superman #clarkken
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keyana_loves_you : Tbh-We Use To Go To Colonial Together '| Rate-7
I been on some, fuck the world shit lately. I got what I need. I'll always have who I need. Ain't worried about the fuckery. Ain't trippin over shit. I just really am not pressed at all. I got my family, my job, schooling, and my lil circle of REAL NIGGAS #LessIsMore. I don't give a fuck if you dont like me, that's my favorite song. #Lito #DonTrip #Fuckery #YallBooty #Trash #FuckedUpInTheHead #NotTrippin
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inkme_down : @anabelle0829 I love you Anastasia PuuurdyLady.
anabelle0829 : @inkme_down love you too little girl!!
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milf_magnet_ : #DonTrip ... #AllenIverson ... #Cool&Dre
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This album never gets old #starlito #dontrip
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Yeah I know right from wrong but can't tell friends from Foe my homieπŸ‘¦acting different old ladyπŸ‘©tripping I think she fucking us both i think to much I know but we done been through to much not ha my dog🐢only one of the people I trust I told him I had a ring picked out a tuk and we was eating off the same plug if I see bout any nigga he got beef with cuz that love #dontrip #starlito
dontrip - starlito -
_jordan_wallace_17 : Y r u holding urself
life_aint_no_joke : Bc I'm awesome @_jordan_wallace_17
xx_bri_back_xx : Tbh-idk u but u cute and u seem cute
xx_bri_back_xx : Cool lol my b
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For those of u who missed out last night (; the RED MOONl #googlepic#dontrip#
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_malianee : HAHAHAHA
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You tired of all these lying ass rappers yet?? #dontrip #gladbagswag almost here!! "everyday like my last" drops tonight at 7!! Ps my psi CLEAN!! Can ya mans say that? #illwait
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antlee1988 : Yeahhhh Felonious bone hawkin 1st dagree #yourguilty
syyoung : Fuk you @antlee1988 go shoot some roids..and don't ever again ask for an autograph on ur little bird chest
antlee1988 : Everyone looks on riods standing next to you. Lil sy gonna have you beat by summer. Poor amber got herself a wifey too.
antlee1988 : @syyoung
antlee1988 : I'd rather listen to @blmaddman instrumentals
blmaddman : Lmao @antlee1988
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jrock_thelifestyle : I swear
_cream_of_nature - _heavy_36 - red_360 - on_the_cum_up -
Don trip like me #dontrip
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ash_moma - kelcieanne16 - llittrell5 - kendall_mb1434 -
If you think I give a flying fuck you got the wrong impression...introduce me to your lady I'll be plotting too undress her. 😝 #DonTrip
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b__i__g : Tahajahahah
what_pineapples : @b__i__g naww but bobby from rush hour the carter shared that dime bag of weed with
b__i__g : Make a caloge fool wit him n bobby so da world can see wt we see n think
b__i__g : Do it @what_pineapples
b__i__g : Aw either one ugly make one wit all three hell
what_pineapples : @b__i__g I Ain't Gone Do It!!! Lol
tiredandthrowed : 😏😐 @aw_ok
b__i__g : Lol
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Anyone else get happy when this happened that night? ‼️(SPOILER ALERT)‼️. #GameOfThrones #HBO #KingJoffrey #DontRIP
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jane_robles : Awesome death.
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Yes I got love for ya but I'm not in love witcha ! #stillgotloveforya #DonTrip #Jeremih
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taelorpaigee93 : Idk ????? 😩😩 and I was wanting to come yesterday but couldn't find anything to wear 😞 @mariahpride
mariahpride : πŸ˜’grrrrr. I told you I could fix that. No more excuses! πŸ˜‰πŸ˜™
taelorpaigee93 : Lol you're wayyyyy smaller than me mariah ! 😩😩 @mariahpride
mariahpride : πŸ˜‘even though that's a lieeeeee...I've got a buttload of maxi skirts. And dresses with no size preference. Trust me- I've got variety😏 I'll drag ur butt naked if I gotta πŸ’ͺ
taelorpaigee93 : That would not be a pleasant sight πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ lol but okay Sunday I'll come !
mariahpride : πŸ˜‚yessss!!πŸ‘Š okay good. I'll bring by a selection Saturday for you to choose from πŸ˜™
taelorpaigee93 : Okay ☺️ @mariahpride
jakenorton25 : Cute
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Old too me new to you's my niece was screaming re head off till I turned up the music she is my brothers child lol @justa80zbaby #jordans #neice #dontrip @mrdontrip @starlitogrindhard @redonthebeat she loves y'all lol
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redonthebeat : #salute
_ipromiseamyours : @redonthebeat #salute
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My favs ! Starlito & Don Trip πŸ˜˜πŸ˜β€οΈπŸ’‹ #stepbrothers #lito #dontrip
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Hard to operate wen it aint no sleep musically easing my mind #DonTrip #RandySavage
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chocolate_dope1 - chanelllyyyy - original_blackgoddess - angelamt19 -
"Tell me will you ever wake up, will you ever see, that this is where I wanna be, do anything for you expect and believe even when it was hard for me, kept holding on, when I wanted to let go, all ya secrets safe wit me, I never told a soul, jus can't figure out why I can never tell you no, you say you love me, but you never let it show so I guess I'll never know" This all I been listening too!!! #FeelingSumTypeOfWay #Starlitto #DonTrip #StepBrothers2 #Track10 ...
feelingsumtypeofway - starlitto - stepbrothers2 - track10 - dontrip -
__bitchitssme : Bitch move around off my song lol that's my shit
shedope100 : And Bitch bye lol @__bitchitssme
shedope100 - its_daddyo - erbdy_hates_carter - datsouthside_chick -
Waking up disgusted with somebodies misses Telling my gal more lies than a politician Lucky her, she's stuck at home watching the chillen While I'm in another city with a flock of bitches She know I'mma dog, she's just being optimistic But she was down when I didn't have a pot to piss in I should marry her I know Instead I'll be taking something home after the show They screaming with their titties out, all in the front row I'm trying to bob and weave, all the pussy that's being thrown Sorry, it's probably too late for an apology I'm not in getting head like I enrolled in cosmetology I can't help the thought of it Am I the kind of man I want my daughters with? Knocking 30, still talking baller shit I can't say I'm proud of it One can only hope, that my daughters never pay for all the hearts they father broke NOTCHHH #norearview #starlito #dontrip #stepbrothers #grindhard
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#DonTrip #DonTripFlow
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mica_cashin_out_sosa : Best rapper alive .
a_sanchez43 : Idk about that--Lil Boosie still alive but he in that category @mica_cashin_out_sosa
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#MyShit #LitoFlow #Starlito #Dontrip ...Yeah I Know Right From Wrong But Cant Much Tell Friend From Foe
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#chillin #board #dontrip
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#dontrip 😁 #goodafternoon
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miss_mollyrae : πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜¬πŸ™Œ
the1theyluv2hate - tomtor - pizzachalk - cj_dont_drop_shit -
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"If we was cool and you fucked that up we won't ever be cool no more" #dontrip even if it was years ago.
dontrip -
slyblue_ : πŸ’―πŸ’―πŸ’―πŸ’―
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Into to the Triangle. #dontrip #vscocam #mextures
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_ikru : Love this!
iakshayvj : Thanks. Please count the triangles then? @_ikru 😊
_ikru : Ah ha ha. Smart you are! :D
iakshayvj : #vsco #vscool #vsco_hub #vscogrid #vsco_spotlight #vscodailydose #vscofeature #vsconature #vscoshout #vscophile #iheartvsco #exklusive_shot #exk_art #picoftheday #editoftheday #topvsco #minimal #wanderlust #webstagram #editfever #igms_ #iphone #instagramhub #instagood #gf_india #gang_family #global_family
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If your really want to finish the night knowing. #doitright #arealfriendfinder #dontrip
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jonnytn - mariah_spicerr - lucabrasibwa -
#StepBrothers #Starlito #DonTrip
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