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// sometimes the things we want most in life are the things that will kill us // #DonaldMiller #wordstoliveby
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madelineezell : YES YES YES
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#BlueLikeJazz #reading #bored #FoodForMySoul #amazing #beautiful #truth #love #DonaldMiller
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When it's all said & done we want to be able (& have others say) we Lived a Good Life, A Great Story! Our Lives & our Story Matter! Are You Living A Great Story!? How can we help others live a better life, tell a better story with their lives? If we don't like the story of our lives so far, it's never too late (if your still breathing & reading this) to rewrite the script. #LiveABetterStory #LiveAGreatStory #DonaldMiller #AMillionMilesInAThousandYears #LifeByDesign #PUREVision #PuraVida #GetBusyLivin
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Let's prove how beautiful it can really be. 💛 #truth
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marissa8248 : #DonaldMiller #Storyline
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Found this quote today 👌😊 #amillionmilesinathousandyears #donaldmiller
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Great day in Denver #voodoo-donuts, #donaldmiller, #greatfriends
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Nice early book delivery! ❤️☺️ #books #donaldmiller #graemesimsion #mitchalbom
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I want to keep walking away from the person I was moment ago; because the mind is made to figure things out not to read the same page recurrently- #donaldmiller #throughpainteddeserts #lifebook #lifebible #craneorigami #paperatart #vscocam #futureofvsco #vscomuseum #vscocze
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- #donaldmiller
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(Repost. There was a comment glitch earlier.) Let's say someone has approximately 263 books. Let's say all of these books contain exceptionally great and incredibly inspiring stories of both fiction and truth. Let's say they each have their own unique character and warmth; just by holding the book and reading its sweet words, you can feel the love and enjoyment its previous owner bestowed upon it. / / / Let's further say someone is giving these books away for free. Do you want one? In exchange of a donation amount of your choice to Bob Goff's Restore International, I'll send you one that I think you'd enjoy. I'll even write you a handwritten, heartfelt, note. Go here to donate: Click donate & select my name, and you can expect a book within a week. (Link also in profile.) #bobgoff #lovedoes
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tomirose : @jessicaabt you really didn't hafta do that; although I gotta admit I'm pretty excited:) May I ask how your fund raising is going?
jessicaabt : I'm at $380. I've got some other ideas up my sleeve. :)
jessicaabt : @tomirose
shineonyoucraydiamond : I spy "born to run" ❤️❤️❤️
jessicaabt : @shineonyoucraydiamond are you a runner?
jessicaabt : @shineonyoucraydiamond ps - thanks for all the likes! :)
shineonyoucraydiamond : @jessicaabt I am!!! Although I will never go as far or without support like the guys in that book. It's one of my faves!❤️❤️❤️
shineonyoucraydiamond : ❤️and ps you are welcome! Love your photos❤️
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"And if these mountains had eyes, they would wake to find two strangers in their fences, standing in admiration as a breathing red pours it's tinge upon earth's shore. These mountains, which have seen untold sunrises, long to thunder praise but stand reverent, silent so that man'so weak praise should be given God's attention" #donaldmiller #wyoming #thebighorns #mountains #photoshoot #hiking #adventure #adventurer #discoverearth #bootsandspurs #cowboycountry #wildwest #west #explore
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buckdeezz : 👌👌
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"I feel written. My skin feels written, and my desires feel written...It feels literary, doesn't it, as if we are characters in a book...There is a knowing I feel that guides me toward better stories, toward being a better character. I believe there is a writer outside ourselves, plotting a better story for us, interacting with us, even, and whispering a better story into our consciousness." -Donald Miller
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mcneilh : #Seattle #kerrypark #northwestisbest #upperleftusa #spaceneedle #sunset #spring #donaldmiller #amillionmilesinathousandyears
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Empty Shelf Challenge update: Beowulf, The Great Divorce, 98.6 Degrees: The Art of Keeping Your Ass Alive, When Bad Things Happen to Good People, The Responsible Company, Let My People Go Surfing, To Own a Dragon and The Kid Who Climbed Everest. Slow and steady. @jonacuff #afterlight #vscocam #emptyshelfchallenge #books #patagonia #codylundin #donaldmiller #beowulf #libraryprobs
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teeleford : Daaaaaaang.
producedlocally : Shoot. @teeleford we are sunk!
apedosphil : @sethjblanton whats up with born to run?
cmniles : Reading born to run at this very moment. Its a pretty sweet book
sethjblanton : @teeleford @producedlocally y'all better pick up the slack! @apedosphil it's a good read about the barefoot ultra-marathon running Tarahumara from Mexico. @cmniles I really enjoyed it as well!
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I think I just found the best quote ever. #AMillionMilesInAThousandYears #quote #DonaldMiller
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My day is going so so well! #DonaldMiller #AMillionMilesInAThousandYears #recomendations
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cararavenscroft : How do you have the time to read so much! I'm Jel! Haha
alixlouisepage : @cararavenscroft hahaha it help that I've been studying English Lit for two years! Reading is seriously all I do with my time! 😝
cararavenscroft : Hahaha ahhh can't wait for all my exams to be done so I can read my own choice of books, not AQA revision guides 🙈😂
alixlouisepage : Holla to that! That's one of the reasons I read my own books in my own time, I just can't cope with reading revision guides after revision guides for a long period of time! 🙊
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"everybody has to leave their home & come back, so they can love it again for all new reasons." #donaldmiller ... i'm excited for my little brother to leave the mitten in a few days & embark on his own journey of growth & adventure. proud of him & the city we come from. 👊✋detroit, ilu.
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bbbbbeckyy : thanks for recommending it!! i wish i could carry you around in my pocket.
bbbbbeckyy : i read the author's note at least once a month and cry every time.
andiventure : @bbbbbeckyy yay! so glad you enjoy it & get so much out of it like me! it's just so good!!
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I love that. #quote #donaldmiller
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started this today. very excited! #donaldmiller #lifeplan #giftfromsomeonespecial
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I read this book #bluelikejazz a long time ago and lately I've been feeling like God wants me to read it again but I couldn't find it anywhere! Then Friday @jorrush55 suggested I just order it bc I could probably get it for five dollars! I did so LATE Friday night and it arrived today, the shipping said 7-10 days! Apparently God wanted this to get to me on express delivery!! #donaldmiller
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jorrush55 : Girl I'm happy you got it so soon! 😁 that website is great! Happy to help! Get to reading! Haha
hopedieslast228 : I can't believe I got it so soon! @jorrush55 and I've already started! The one I ordered you must be right behind it!
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Beach reading, Port Aransas. #bluelikejazz #donaldmiller #mustread #PortAransas #Texas #PortA #believe
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Holy. Moly. Or shall I say... #Holy #Story. #God is taking me on a major journey down #memorylane today to the place my #dreams began. #Art #Dreams #Storyline #OrcasIsland #AMillionMilesInAThousandYears #DonaldMiller #Pioneer
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Donald Miller, such a wise fellow. I can never get enough of what he has to say. #donaldmiller #inspire
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thetjd : I love that book
jordanboggs : One of my favorite people!
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fear is a manipulative emotion that can trick us into living a boring life_ #donaldmiller #fear #sunset #silhouette #lights #vsco #vscocam #afterlight #16x9
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The four #books that #changedmylife and my view of the #world, #life, and #christianity. #donaldmiller #bluelikejazz #amillionmilesinathousandyears #theshack #tattoosontheheart #finallytogether #myowncopies #fatherboyle #paulyoung
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"There is something beautiful about a billion stars held steady by a God who knows what He is doing" - Donald Miller #quote #donaldmiller #quran #islam #muslim #muslimandproud #script #love #reading
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If you are feeling stagnant in life, I highly suggest this book. #DonaldMiller #AMillionMilesInAThousandYears
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seanniecameras : @carydeeznuts come to DC and visit Bama!
stoopgirl : @carydeeznuts @seanniecameras FOR REAL THO 😏
carydeeznuts : @stoopgirl @seanniecameras who needs this book when I got you two
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Found your card! Loved the quote! @brittstar__ #donaldmiller #boom #onlyyoubrittany #missyou #fellowtraveller #love #notesoflove
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brittstar__ : Awwww @bekaday
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Just picked up all these books for $50!!!! #socheap #harrypotter #gameofthrones #asongoficeandfire #thecaseforchrist #endersgame #searchingforgodknowswhat #jkrowling #georgerrmarrtin #orsonscottcard #leestrobel #donaldmiller #valuevillagefinds #valuevillage #books #edmonton #springbreak #vsco #vscocam #solidreads
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teresamclean : Um... I might beg to borrow a few of those..... 😉
ageheinrichs : @teresamclean wait till you see the what I got!!!
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The awkward looking one on the left is my #mcm. Donald Miller isn't half bad either. #mcm #bestfriend #awkward #donaldmiller
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New pickup for $1.00 at #Mardel. #BlueLikeJazz #donaldmiller
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1lecraefan : One of my favorite books!
mleslie116 : It's great! And I saw it for $1, I was like "what a steal!!" Lol @1lecraefan
treymcreynolds : I love that book!
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Statigram feedback