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oyefabi : @zara529 great work ! :-D
oyefabi -
My swaggadoodleβ™₯ #oyeshehry #shehry #db #dbnation #dhoombros #swag #hottie #regram #repost #shehryaar @oyeshehry
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aleeza98 - azampakistan -
Dhoombros & Zaid Ali 😍 Recently I have been obsessing over these guys. They are an amazing source of entertainment if you have nothing to do watch their videos πŸ‘Œ Personally my fav dhoombros video is 'Dhoombros go Kamlay' and my fav ZaidAli video is a tie between 'Confusing People' and 'Pillow Fight Prank' πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ I loved their collaboration video as well πŸ‘ Please god, allah aur bhagwan help me meet these beautiful human beings πŸ™β€ ~Wish requested by me, I know they aren't relevant to bollywood/tellywood but hey they're desi so that counts na?~
atifkhan - shehryaarasif - smithmassey - desiyoutubers - dhoombros - bollywoodwishes - youtube - waqasriaz - hussainasif - zaidali - dbnation -
oyemahnoor : Hayeee!!! I love these two! And hopefully i will get to meet them someday. InshAllah. ❀️❀️
kira_sevim : Omg dhoombros *-* πŸ’–
bollywoodwishes : Hussain ( @ihussainasif) 😍 Is who you're talking about πŸ˜ƒ I find his brother more attractive (Shehry) because of his humour haha πŸ‘ Yesss! The one where he does his mums makeup is too cute πŸ™Š @bollywoodvelleite
bollywoodwishes : You should watch their vlogs! They are amazing as well! You get to see them behind the scenes πŸ˜€πŸ‘ @telly_bollywood
bollywoodwishes : Me too! They are too good! 😍😍😍 @oyemahnoor
bollywoodwishes : They are perf! @kira_sevim
kira_sevim : Of course they are. Love all. πŸ’•
maryamizzat : Omgeeee this is the edit I've been waiting for thanks loadsssssd
kajolbains56 - deepika1padukone_ - bollyworldx - bollywoodkigundi -
Hussain <3 Guys I just uploaded another video of the dhoombros hosting it's hilarious check it out Link in my bio @ihussainasif @oyeshehry u guys were so funny can't wait to watch the full show #hussainasif #hussain #dhoombros #db #dbnation #shehryaar #hosting #psa #houston
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raghnee1 : Omgggggg thanQ @db_a_786 he's sooooo cute πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’šπŸ’™πŸ’›πŸ’šπŸ’™πŸ˜πŸ˜
lazerboi18 : Hi can I know how did u manage to find all these latest videos ? I am lost that's why thank u ji
lazerboi18 : @db_a_786
db_a_786 : @lazerboi18 they were uploaded by someone who filmed them during the live show
goodscheme : Omg...when shehry says nahi nahi nahi...
db_a_786 : @goodscheme lol and he's like 'cover ur ears' LOL @oyeshehry
goodscheme : I didn't hear that part @db_a_786 I need to watch it for the 100th time now!
db_a_786 : @goodscheme haha
oyemahnoor - _aishaaaxo - kamli_dhoomie - its_shikhaaa -
#dhoombros #dbnation #oyeshehry #hussain @oyeshehry @ihussainasif
dbnation - dhoombros - oyeshehry - hussain -
whatthemehakkkk : I was there they are so nice!
rida_azhar : Awww! So cute
iayeshawaheed : THANK U ....THANK U....THANK U ....MERI JAAN!!!!😚😚😚😚😚😚
mhennadesigns : Hahah it was funnyy! :D
ishanjaliaa : @oyedb thanks for the link! that was soo cute! He actually has an AHmzing voice!
oyemahnoor : Omg i just watched it! It was toooo cute they are so talented. 😍❀️
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All you have to do is play a SRK song and Hussain will get moving ❀ #hussain #srk #dhoombros @ihussainasif
srk - dhoombros - hussain -
db_a_786 : <3 <3 <3
goodscheme : Hahaha we knw his weakness now...lmao It ws soooooo nice
igul135 : @goodscheme haha yes
goodscheme : @igul135 :D
oyedb - ninanaeem - iamfawzan - iayeshawaheed -
Omgg 200th post and what better than this, Hussain doing the SRK move live on stage!!!!haayee just uff no words !!!! Huussssaaaaiinnn <3 Guys if u wanna watch the full version of this it's on my youtube channel, Link in my bio, click it And Hussain wow u could hear all the girls screaming in the audience lol @ihussainasif @oyeshehry #hussainasif #dhoombros #db #dbnation #srk #loveuhussain #ijustfainted #psa #houston #haaye
houston - srk - psa - db - loveuhussain - haaye - hussainasif - dbnation - dhoombros - ijustfainted -
babybebe15 : I made some videos if that's what u were wondering
jenifa_jenny : SRK huh ya phir hussain style
arabianpearl93 : Wen vl we get da whole show to watch. ...??? @db_a_786
inabgha_18 : Ye larka haye haye re Allah @ihussainasif asif .....and it was cute and funny jab @oyeshehry Hussain ko rok raha tha ;)
ninanaeem : β™‘β™‘β™‘β™‘β™‘β™‘β™‘β™‘β™‘ killlllllllllll mrreeeeeeeeeeeeee
db_a_786 : @ninanaeem lol I get u
kamli_dhoomie : @bollywoodobsess !!!!
sidrasiddiqui - mariiame_corsziers - samihussainx - oyesana -
This bit, when they were leaving, they sounded so down aww and omg Hussain!!! 'tired' so cute, the bit where he falls asleep awwww *_* #hussainasif, #Hussain #shehry #sherhyaar #Pakistan #leaving #Hussainursocute #howadorable #lovehim #supersta #dhoombros #db #dbnation #pakivlog #awwmoments @ihussainasif @ihussainasif
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_aishaaaxo : Go sleep pls. Before I come!
_aishaaaxo : LOL
db_a_786 : @mehreen__ahmed omgg thank u so much !!! Ur a darling!! I just saw it now, it was amazinnnnnnggg
db_a_786 : @_aishaaaxo I can't lol
mehreen__ahmed : Ur welcome :) @db_a_786
oyeaakanksha - aleezaykhan321 - inabgha_18 - javeriasupersta -
Great dance Performance and hosting by the one and only DhoomBros! #DhoomBros #oyeshehry #HussainsAsif
hussainsasif - psashow - dhoombros - oyeshehry - hussainasif -
dhoombrosfan : I had soo much fun there and I am so blessed that I got to go! :) a dream come true to see then LIVE! Wow
dhoombrosfan : #PSAshow #HussainAsif
igul135 : @dhoombrosfan you are so so so so so so sooooo lucky that you got to go! Did u meet them?
igul135 : @oyemahnoor
db_a_786 : Wow!! Lucky u !!
isaratistic : Ur soooo lucky !!!
raghnee1 : Omg @dhoombrosfan ur sooooo luckyyyy
oyefabi - raghnee1 - romanticgurl09 - sapphirerea18 -
OMG I can't wait to watch the video of this show!!πŸ˜‚πŸ˜› #dhoombros #dbnation #oyeshehry #hussainasif #hussain #shehry #waqas #waqasriaz #atif #atifkhan @oyeshehry @ihussainasif @iwaqasriaz @atifron
atifkhan - dbnation - oyeshehry - atif - hussain - waqas - waqasriaz - hussainasif - shehry - dhoombros -
igul135 : Lol !!!!
x_cookie_crumble_x : I do t know where to watch it!
x_cookie_crumble_x : @oreo_loverrrrr @shishi166
dho0miee4ever : Haha lol xD
oyeshalwa : Hahahaa lol u were there? Volunteering? Lucky u! :) i wish i cud got there too :(
ishanjaliaa : @sapphirerea18 Hussain says that even tho the renaming two ain't there...they're gon remain in their heart. But the aunty mistakes them to have passed away and begins to say an Urdu phrase for them two empathetically.....very then Shehry corrects then saying they're not dead...they're just in NY! :)
dbkhan77 : Follow back
tayabah_s : Omg... Im so excited!!!❀️❀️
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#yaari #dhoombros #dbnation #oyeshehry #shehry #hussain #hussainasif #waqas #waqasriaz #atifkhan #atif @oyeshehry @iwaqasriaz @ihussainasif @atifron
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kamli_dhoomie : !!
tayabah_s : Yayyy!!!❀️❀️
inabgha_18 : thank god yay
db_a_786 : Woohoo!!
igul135 : Yaaaayyyy
jemimah_saan123 : Yeah !!!
raghnee1 : Yaaaayyyyyyy @oyedb
ishalnoor : Yayyyyy ^.^
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I dnt knw why I posted this pic..but..well it's @ihussainasif . I thnk am bored... #dhoombros #dbnation #db
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ipinkprincessz - itsamiirah - tayabah_s - sakinamhaidari -
Aysa met the dhoombros last night at the Houston PSA show at U of H. She's been a fan for quite some time now. Look at that smile. All thanks to her daddy @nabeelnasir1977. @ihussainasif and @oyeshehry #uofh #dhoombros #houstonpsa #backstage #youtubefame #blessed #loved #priceless #memories
loved - backstage - memories - blessed - uofh - houstonpsa - priceless - dhoombros - youtubefame -
kamli_dhoomie : So so happy for Aysa!!!
anooshey_khan - kamli_dhoomie - limelighthouston - mralexrocha -
Anyone know when idewanne episode 5 is coming out? @ihussainasif @oyeshehry @iwaqasriaz @atifron #idewanne #dhoombros #hussain #shehry #atif #waqas
waqas - atif - shehry - dhoombros - idewanne - hussain -
oyemahnoor : Aww shehry's face. 😍😍😍
oyemahnoor - goodscheme - ash_mishap - humayra786 -
It's up, Best moments of Hussain Asif in db vlogs, 3rd video in the Best Moments of Hussain series on my channel. Probably one of my best edits to date, I dno I loved it cos it's all Hussain, check it out !! Like, comment and plz SUBSCRIBE Errr yh tell me what u think of it cos video editing is hardwork , ok thats it, LINK IN MY BIO click it!!!! And plz @ihussainasif It would be so awesome if u watched it #hussainasif #hussain #dhoombros #db #dbvlogs #vlogs #bestmoments #series #loveuhussain #supersta #db #dbnation #youtube #anam @ihussainasif @ihussainasif @ihussainasif
dbvlogs - anam - series - bestmoments - db - youtube - hussain - loveuhussain - vlogs - hussainasif - dbnation - dhoombros - supersta -
inabgha_18 : wow....nice edit...loved the ending ;)
db_a_786 : @inabgha_18 thx so much, u always give amazing feedback love u nabgha!!!
inabgha_18 : awew thanx...well credit goes to ur editing talent ;)
isaratistic : Awsome editing
db_a_786 : @isaratistic thx so much
igul135 - junaikaden4eva - hudz2 - mehreen__ahmed -
Good day with good people 😘#psashow #DhoomBros #PakiThings 😊
pakithings - dhoombros - psashow -
maayyhaayy : We were sitting in the middle but probably the 8th row lol @ktaha18 .
ktaha18 : @maayyhaayy ohh snapp my bad lol
maayyhaayy : You gooooooood @ktaha18
purple_swizzle : Hope you enjoyed my groups dance at the end (red n black outfits) before the show ended @aimen_890
aimen_890 : Hahaha you the wrong person @ktaha18 πŸ˜‹
aimen_890 : Ahhh well, I missed that performance πŸ™ˆπŸ˜« @purple_swizzle
ktaha18 : @aimen_890 lol I figured that out lol my apolgize
aimen_890 : @ktaha18 All Coool ☺️
yamna_irfan - anamsyed96 - maayyhaayy - doreen_licious -
PSA Show was awesome! We met the DhoomBros! πŸ’™ #oyeshery #hussain #psashow #dhoombros #dbnation #checkedoffofbucketlist #fangirls #houston
houston - oyeshery - fangirls - psashow - hussain - checkedoffofbucketlist - dbnation - dhoombros -
isimran : Lucky!
kamli_dhoomie : OMG! SO HAPPY FOR YOUUUU!
romanticgurl09 : @kamli_dhoomie Thank You! I can't I met them! Super excited 😍
igul135 : @oyemahnoor @chanda4eva
oyemahnoor : Ur so lucky
igul135 - afreen_m - mahaaqeel1 - kamli_dhoomie -
PSA UH Show!! Meeting Dhoombros!! @dhoombros @ihussainasif @oyeshehry #dhoombros #pakipride #funtime #Pakistan #green
pakipride - pakistan - dhoombros - green - funtime -
isimran : Wooow!! Lucky!!
kamli_dhoomie : So happy for you!!!
isimran - danishbigdaddyjonesfaraz - aidens_love - larabekhan -
@oyeshehry @ihussainasif you guys did an amazing job tonight! I'm so proud of you two, I had so much fun! 😊❀️
aaye - matchingwithshehry - dhoombros -
punjabi_princess : #dhoombros #matchingwithshehry #aaye
isaratistic : Lucky :)
isimran : Lucky!!!!
ktaha18 : @punjabi_princess @anum_kazi I think y'all were sitting by me right ???
punjabi_princess : Yeah we were! πŸ˜„ @ktaha18
lakayaloser - db0530 - rabeea_khan - purplezebra1jc -
Chilling with my friends @oyeshehry @ihussainasif #dhoombros #kingT amazing friends πŸ‘ŒπŸ˜ƒ
psashow - psa2014 - dhoombros - kingt -
oyeeitsasma : Hope the show went well! :)
ezahra : WHAT!!! NO WAY!
ktaha18 : @oyeeitsasma yes it did :)
ktaha18 : @ezahra yes way
ezahra : The one in the right is the cutest I forgot his name tho lol
ktaha18 : #psashow
ktaha18 : #psa2014
ktaha18 : @punjabi_princess @anum_kazi
anum_kazi - punjabi_princess - asnaali - kamli_dhoomie -
Selfieee before setting the stage on fireee ;) #HussainAsif #shehryaarasif #DhoomBros
shehryaarasif - dhoombros - hussainasif -
oyemahnoor - fardinsam - mahinoor15 - mayurika13 -
Chapter 11 of: "Rani" and Hussain's Love Story is out on Wattpad! Enjoy :) #HussainAsif #DhoomBros #RaniANDHussainsLoveStory
dhoombros - raniandhussainslovestory - hussainasif -
rida_azhar : The story is awsesome!
oyedb - dinobangash - wardaafzal - isaratistic -
@oyeshehry always looking the camera #PSASHOW πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ#dhoombros
dhoombros - psashow -
ktaha18 : Amazing friend
ktaha18 : If y'all using the pictures I took please credit me . Thanks
amaheena : @ktaha18 last night remember them
alphamorsi - hamad_ghwari - abdulahmed719 - kamli_dhoomie -
@ihussainasif always πŸ‘Œ#modelstatus #PSASHOW #dhoombros Amazing friend
dhoombros - psashow - modelstatus -
isimran : Woooow! He is so ADOROBAL
ktaha18 : If y'all using my pictures is took plz CREDIT ME. Thanks :)
ktaha18 : *I
ktaha18 : Met new friends lol @punjabi_princess @anum_kazi
isanaraees - oyedb - humayra786 - oyesana -
My parents should be proud of me :) I m addicted to DHOOMBROS β™‘ #dhoombros #DBnation #indian #canada #Canadian #waqasriaz #atifkhan #hussainasif #oyeshehry
canada - atifkhan - oyeshehry - canadian - waqasriaz - indian - hussainasif - dbnation - dhoombros -
raghnee1 : Lol my parents should be proud to hahhaha @isimran
oyedb - ranvijay_s - isaratistic - tuhiiin -
Good luck guys ❀❀❀❀ #hussain #shehry #dhoombros @ihussainasif @oyeshehry
shehry - dhoombros - hussain -
kamli_dhoomie : Sain looking like Ryan Secrest hereπŸ˜‚πŸ˜œπŸ˜˜
zhenab321 : There show was awsome i wish i was their
igul135 : @zhenab321 ya i wish i was there too πŸ˜• but we can always see it on Youtube later!
anikawashere_12 - kamli_dhoomie - chanda4eva - oyesana -
#showtime #PSA #live πŸ˜€πŸ‘Œ see y'all there #vip
showtime - live - psa - dhoombros - vip -
ktaha18 : #dhoombros
hamad_ghwari - ateefali_26 - larabekhan - divenadonthi -
Its show time baby. @oyeshehry #dhoombros #show #hosting
dhoombros - hosting - show -
sabanawazz : Dimple ❀️
shreyajadav : Hussain's smile....β™‘β™‘β™‘ but still both of u look amazing.
sumayyapakii : Come to Australia :') πŸ‘Œ
babybebe15 : You guys are even better looking in person! Great job hosting the PSA event.
zainah18 : So PRETTY,You BOTH! πŸ‘Œ
perrie_edward2013 : Like gentlemen πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•
sakinamhaidari : @oyepysto THIS ! *.*
jannatulhaqq : Your dimple haha:)
alishba14 - victoria_knight4 - annie_545 - ali16395 -
This guy is so perfect !! <3 #Hussainasif #hussain #asif #love #dhoombros #db #dbnation #PSA #rehearsals #obsessed #perfection #hussainsupersta #howcute @ihussainasif
howcute - love - obsessed - asif - psa - db - hussain - rehearsals - perfection - hussainasif - dbnation - dhoombros - hussainsupersta -
isaratistic : From where u get this pic
db_a_786 : @isaratistic their on facebook check on the PSA show fb page , it's just a few pics from the rehearsals
jenifa_jenny : Aw his so handsome
igul135 : ❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀
koreanboyz1 : Follow back
goodscheme : This picture is literally perfect! Cnt stop staring
imaryam_ahmad : @azka_azka πŸ™ˆ Bae πŸ™ˆ
db_a_786 : @goodscheme lol ikr!! Aw
oyedb - yags_17 - _sariiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii_ - alyesha_ali -
Today is the day. Hussain and Shehry are going to host the PSA show. I wish i could be in Houstan to see it but i can always watch it on Youtube later. Wish them both good luck ❀❀❀❀❀❀ #hussain #shehry #dhoombros @ihussainasif @oyeshehry
shehry - dhoombros - hussain -
isaratistic - arabianpearl93 - oyesana - chanda4eva -
Sums it up pretty much..:p lol @iwaqasriaz #waqasriaz #dhoombros #dbnation #MaarDala #FacebookFriendsMaybe? @sonizsofly88
dbnation - maardala - dhoombros - facebookfriendsmaybe - waqasriaz -
igul135 : @anooshey_khan lol !! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
anooshey_khan : @igul135 😁 LOL !! :P xx
oyepysto : @oyedb I'm not even going to say a word πŸ™ŠπŸ˜±! You probably know what I'm talking about! I still can't believe 😳
oyedb : I know EXACTLY what you mean! 😊 It's like an achievement! You're a REALLY LUCKY girl MashAllah! πŸ˜€
oyedb : @oyepysto
oyepysto : Heheh thank you EERR I don't even know how to respond ☺
anooshey_khan : @oyepysto @oyedb Okay...I am.seriously very jelly now! :Pxx So how'd you get into his friend's list huh?
isimran : Same goes for @ihussainasif
oyemahnoor - igul135 - itsamiirah - humayra786 -
Lol #hussain #dhoombros @ihussainasif
dhoombros - hussain -
__areeeshhaa__ - noorhirraazhar - tayabah_s - zhenab321 -
:D @iwaqasriaz @ihussainasif @oyeshehry @atifron #Dhoombros #dbnation @sonizsofly88
dbnation - dhoombros -
igul135 - junaikaden4eva - humayra786 - sakinamhaidari -
Statigram feedback