"There's a Juice Boxx in my ANUSS" #derbygirlproblems #derbygirllife #roundone #readyGO #tddf
readygo - derbygirllife - roundone - derbygirlproblems - tddf -
darth_punisher -
Next bout is May 17th! #badfish #badfishrollerderby #rollerderby #bout #jam #longbeach #lbc #bayshore #derby #derbygirl #derbygirlproblems
rollerderby - derbygirlproblems - derbygirl - lbc - jam - bayshore - derby - bout - badfish - badfishrollerderby - longbeach -
_madog_13 - bbyjai3 - 562_707 - lazy_teen_ -
Rather proud of le epic derby thigh bruise...walls are not our friends folks... #bruise #rollerderby #skating #injury #derbygirl #derbygirlproblems
skating - rollerderby - derbygirl - injury - bruise - derbygirlproblems -
pow_raygunsmash : It keepa changing colour o.O it is now a rainbow! Gayest bruise ever....
total36 : That's pretty epic!
trixohno : Hpw'd the scrim go? Apart from you getting pulped lol x
trixohno - saraahbox - breakf4st_ - nashvillerollergirls -
I've seen too many broken ankles and am still nursing a bad bone bruise myself. #prepared #derbygirlproblems
derbygirlproblems - prepared -
lushbealady - wilmunnyphotography - alinonymous -
Holy weekend...
ohgoodness - yipsilanti - teammichigantryouts - battlecreek - derbyderbyderby - royaloak - ohhoodness - boutweekend - round2 - derbygirlproblems - interlochen - almost13hoursofdriving -
mace1200 : #derbygirlproblems #ohhoodness #almost13hoursofdriving #interlochen #royaloak #battlecreek #yipsilanti #derbyderbyderby #boutweekend #teammichigantryouts #round2
mace1200 : #ohgoodness
lucyrase : Where's B?
mace1200 : B and D are the same.
mace1200 : @lucyrase
lucyrase : Ahh. Was just curious. ;)
mace1200 : @lucyrase it's all good! I was confused at first too. ๐Ÿ˜œ
mayamercy - jonbarrows - doucheinthepool - 1045bobfm -
I had dreams all night last night about doing sprint intervals and lifting. Today I tried to do planks, but my body said nope. Instead I am now eating peanut butter out of the jar and finishing my 2nd gallon of water for the day. #goawaysick #waterwaterwater #train #sick #derbygirlproblems
waterwaterwater - train - goawaysick - derbygirlproblems - sick -
coletterazorcat : Boo being sick. I want you back on the track with me asap. I misses you
ahhhshes : @coletterazorcat I'm trying to get back this week! I miss you too. :(
vttbomb - imperfectkitty007 - erica_flores_717 - iamkaylanne -
You know you're a derby girl when..instead of using mason jars for actually canning something, you use them to soak your smelly wrist guards in. #smelly #derbygirlproblems #wristguardstank #smellslikedeath #stank #defunkyoself
wristguardstank - smelly - defunkyoself - smellslikedeath - stank - derbygirlproblems -
zebracakes_0 - derbydolls - vane_anzalone - magnoliarollervixens -
Hello wheel marks!! Blooming nicely Lol #rollerderby #derbygirlproblems #derbygirl
rollerderby - derbygirlproblems - derbygirl -
queenwasp77 - heartbreakboutiquepam - anvilsnadvils - dublinerbroozes -
Well it's been a week since the horrific accident. Spirits are as high as my pain and opiate intake. First round of visitors. #Bedrest for 1 month #brokeinthreeplaces #takeiteasy #rollerderby #derbygirlproblems #recovery
rollerderby - roxiroo - bedrest - recovery - misfitfamily - merchantscrew - brokeinthreeplaces - takeiteasy - derbygirlproblems - fatkidsclub -
sfpuchi : Yey!!!!!! ๐Ÿ’‹๐Ÿ’‹๐Ÿ’‹๐Ÿ’‹
hawdawg9 : #Misfitfamily #merchantscrew #fatkidsclub #RoxiRoo
sfpuchi : Look at Roxi!!! ๐Ÿถ
therealteesh : @hawdawg9 You look great and cute Andi! ๐Ÿ˜Š Get healed fast I want you to take me out when I come to Cali ๐Ÿ’–#nococktailsforyou #enjoythepampering
hawdawg9 : @therealteesh Thanks Teesh! You know I have no shame taking you it while I'm still in a wheelchair โ™ฟ๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ’ƒ๐ŸŽ‰๐ŸŒ‰
lindsaynordin : @hawdawg9 a maternity pill works very well if you start to have trouble sleeping I ordered mine online for like 45$$!!! Hope you have a speedy recovery ๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜˜
lindsaynordin : HAHAHAAH PILLOW
lindsaynordin - nikkimaree143 - meukal - queenmcnasty -
Aww I have a heart shaped bruise from derby #derbygirl #derbygirlproblems #rollerderby #bruise #girlswithmuscles #girlswholift
rollerderby - girlswithmuscles - derbygirl - girlswholift - bruise - derbygirlproblems -
chelpy555 - partypoison723 - matthughe5 - greeneyed_devil81 -
MacNcheese Duck Tape for the win!! #awesomeanuss
derbygirlproblems - awesomeanuss -
awesomeanuss : Used this at the last bout, beautiful AAAnD practical!! #derbygirlproblems
chelsey_grin - bruiza_p - dr_57 - lizzybearrr -
Been several months and looks like my knee pads are finally starting to stretch out. Time to break out the good ol gaskets. #kneepadfail #ouch #derbygirlproblems
ouch - derbygirlproblems - kneepadfail -
caviggiastefania - leahkatl - biparous568dti - lunagraveyard -
Eeewwwww!!! #skatemaintenance #rollerderby #derbygirlproblems
rollerderby - derbygirlproblems - skatemaintenance -
queenwasp77 - loosenlawless - deadlykissmag - partypoison723 -
Game was last Saturday & I'm still swollen and bruised...#bruisedanuss #derbygirlproblems
bruisedanuss - derbygirlproblems - stupidelbow -
awesomeanuss : #stupidelbow
dr_57 -
Sad day :( broke my plate at practice. Looks like I'll be getting those new ones sooner rather than later. On the bright side, I got to come home from practice a little early so I could work on my final projects! #derbygirlproblems #derby #skate #broken #finalsweek #skatehard
skatehard - finalsweek - skate - broken - derby - assholes - derbygirlproblems -
gingersauruswrex : I only like the positivity! Not the broken skate! That shit sucks!
ahhhshes : @gingersauruswrex I know. I have wanted new plates for a while. I guess they were sick of being on my skates. #assholes
birdmanskater : follow back?!
dejadejavu1111 : What size are you? I have a pair you can borrow maybe until you get a new plate in! They are size 6.5 narrow though.
ahhhshes : @dejadejavu1111 Pitchet is letting me borrow a pair for the next few days! Thank you so much though :)
cydnie_gaytz - birdmanskater - beastfitness - teamevolfitness -
#rollerderby practice ... The 1 and only reason I will EVER go shopping like this!! Lol #derbygirlproblems
rollerderby - derbygirlproblems -
snarlyquinn : I've been wolf whistled at a few times in the grocery after practice... Guess fish nets and booty shorts aren't appropriate for walmart.
queenwasp77 - beshocking - adelaiderollerderby - bloodandthunder -
Post derby. Not so tidy...I've got all the ladders! ๐Ÿ˜
ladders - newtightsforme - derbygirlproblems -
bammyzuko : #derbygirlproblems #ladders #newtightsforme
keyextraction -
Giant mark right before the @hooters Competition Good job Heidi....derby love #rollerderby#derbygirlproblems#fml
rollerderby - fml - derbygirlproblems -
makeupby_prettyininkbybeth : Put makeup on it
msheidijo : @makeupby_prettyininkbybeth I am but its swollen too.....I have three days still but I'm just going to go with...
msheidijo : Im just a bit more hardcore than most hooters girls
cannibalcunt : Try dermablend! Obviously when you're not so swollen and sensitive. But you rock, girl!
msheidijo : @cannibalcunt oh ty!!!!!!!!! Do they sell it in stores
chelpy555 - scoopsieee - phyn124 - tmt6504 -
Oh ya! I forgot someone rolled over my hand in Saturdays game haha. #highpaintolerance #derbygirlproblems
highpaintolerance - derbygirlproblems -
miserymae : I'm going to go ahead and say that was me ... swarry xo
caitlin_od : oh ouch
thatjuliegirl4 : owies!
miserymae - realcasey77 - malalove - hollygkent -
It's late, I have to be up for work in about 5 hours. Am I in I'm too busy trying out a new wheel set up and doing transitions in my living room. Pretty sure I'll regret this when the alarm goes off. #derbygirlproblems
derbygirlproblems -
coach_brown_bear - keyextraction - dylanrichardson77 -
Lightly #hipchecked a drawer closed and #broke the front off... Don't even know my own strength #lol #derbygirlproblems
hipchecked - lol - broke - derbygirlproblems -
demon_of_light - dbpheeger - jcidaranda -
#rollerderby #derbygirlproblems #rollerskate #swuk #heartlands #triple8 #radar #suregrip #rocknrollerderby PLAY DERBY? BECOME A PRODUCT REVIEWER ... email us now!
rollerderby - rocknrollerderby - rollerskate - triple8 - heartlands - radar - swuk - suregrip - derbygirlproblems -
beckaboo79 - partypoison723 - valentrueno - ladyrollers -
I think this pair of tights has had it. #derbygirl #derbygirlproblems #rollerderby
derbygirl - derbygirlproblems - rollerderby -
kj4dfj : Love the look
natalieanne1818 - donjuandemented - jawjabrewzher678 - tuckdogg69 -
Well my derby career ended before it began. #Brokeinthreeplaces #dislocated #bloodycausethebonepoppedout #sosad
dislocated - bloodycausethebonepoppedout - brokeinthreeplaces - sosad -
evelyndarling : Oh my god! So sorry! The ankle is the worst I'm sorry to say.
frankiehightone : Ouch!!! So sorry
jenniferkostich : OUCH! And I was looking forward to the roller derby mama stories! Take some pain killers with a beer! โ™ก
juliearena82 : Holy mose. So sorry Andi. The worst!
joannerallo : Omg!!! Ouch!!!
michaelaaileen : Am is supposed to "like" this or not?
cathylucin : Well that looks like ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜–๐Ÿ˜ฑ๐Ÿ˜ซ
argumentclinic : Andi!!! Heal quickly so you can get back out there!
cruziesmommy - aljarice - karlajoanne3 - evelyndarling -
Break time! Only 2 more hours of hell. #BayAreaDerbyGirls #derbygirlproblems #mindi500 #postalcervix #rollerderby
rollerderby - mindi500 - postalservix - bayareaderbygirls - derbygirlproblems - postalcervix -
hawdawg9 : #PostalServix
hawdawg9 : Well fuck. That didn't last long. I broke my ankle.
cdecoite19 : What???? Are u ok
impulse120 - rob_ontap - juliearena82 - queenmcnasty -
My wheels and bearings need a major bath. I can clean yours for five bucks raising money to travel =] #derbygirlproblems
derbygirlproblems -
roseygraves : Can u do mine
pinupderbygirl1988 : Yep=]
rumblepie - sjsally_333 -
Pre-game #skate maintenance. #rollerderby #Huntsville #Alabama #derbygirlproblems
huntsville - rollerderby - alabama - skate - derbygirlproblems -
porcheandtori21 - livinlikealocal - windih - track_vader -
Oookay, maybe it's time to invest in some new wheels... I love #derby but why must things cost so much... #derbygirlproblems
derbygirlproblems - derby -
alexalaser : Those are some well weathered bearings!
cherry_bobombn64 : Haha the bearings are only two weeks old! That is what skating at Stardust does to wheels. I'm more concerned about the 3 inch long chunk missing from the wheel :-\
joiemette : Yikes girl!
rcrallstars - bwdphoto - alexalaser - joiemette -
That moment, after practice, you realize half your toe nail is missing.... #derbygirlproblems
derbygirlproblems -
spookytunee - boyflux - hanadoggy - jstatatat -
One of these things is not like the other...
rollerderby - ireallydontwanttolosemytoenailagain - bruisesofrollerderby - ewwww - ouch - derbygirlproblems -
the_ruffian : #derbygirlproblems #rollerderby #ireallydontwanttolosemytoenailagain #ewwww #ouch #bruisesofrollerderby
kittinexploits : :(
paducahaugust - rosierichmond - ur3isgrass - madame311 -
Run away! #jammer #derbygirl #derbygirlproblems #rollerderby #girlswithmuscles #girlswholift #girlswhosquat
rollerderby - jammer - girlswithmuscles - derbygirl - girlswhosquat - girlswholift - derbygirlproblems -
anotherjimmyolson - badkittyy_12 - nattyjoe - amaliawilma -
My left ankle is now a cankle. #derbygirlproblems #derbygirl #rollerderby
derbygirl - derbygirlproblems - rollerderby -
nattyjoe : Haha....cankles!
424go : Yeah, real talk
anotherjimmyolson - badkittyy_12 - kat_pastel - greeneyed_devil81 -
We are after some more product reviewers here at RNRD! Male, female, skater or ref if you are interested in becoming a product reviewer for us then please get in contact,ย ย we would like to know your drive to become one, the team you play for and yourย preferredย position on track. We will send you more information on application.
rollerderby - referee - leadjammer - blocker - productreviewer - derbygirlproblems -
rocknrollerderby : #rollerderby #derbygirlproblems #leadjammer #blocker #referee #productreviewer
teamwestindies : @rocknrollerderby Is it just yes?
rocknrollerderby : Yes just
mandymaniac666 - teamwestindies - 237sugarnvice - track_vader -
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