#instacollage fellas she didn't leave us out fly custom designs for us to,,,,, leather hoodies available also,,,, so stop scrolling n start shopping #dantonioclothing by @daichiantoniollc #fashion #fashiondesigner #clothing #model #leather #fucdesignergotmyowndesigner
fashion - fashiondesigner - instacollage - fucdesignergotmyowndesigner - dantonioclothing - leather - model - clothing -
tanjii_c : How long does she take to make these?
buildlikekings_fnsnblk : @tanjii_c I believe on her site she says give her about a weeks time to get orders made n shipped, but u can visit her website the links n her bio @daichiantoniollc
bigjdesign - shaeeeee_ - carlitowith_a_k - cecemoney25 -
#instacollage #dantonioclothing kids collection #YoungDaichi keep ya kids fly with styles and designs by @daichiantoniollc #fashion #fashiondesigner #customdesigns #clothing #model #kidsclothing
kidsclothing - fashion - fashiondesigner - instacollage - youngdaichi - customdesigns - dantonioclothing - model - clothing -
bigjdesign - benzo_60 - callme_tbeez - cecemoney25 -
#instacollage up late with nothing to do go shop #DantonioClothing by @daichiantoniollc her designs are very original and will blow u away I've been told her clothes are a mix of sexy n classy which isn't easy to do I've heard,,,,, men n kids clothing available too,,,,,,,, #fashion #clothing #customdesigns #designer #model #dresses #fashiondesigner #OneOfTheBestToDoIt #FucDesignerGotMyOwnDesigner
fashion - fashiondesigner - instacollage - fucdesignergotmyowndesigner - designer - customdesigns - dantonioclothing - model - clothing - dresses - oneofthebesttodoit -
daichiantoniollc : 😍😍😍😘
onlyonetasz : So can I get sum stuff made in 2014 😩😩
onlyonetasz : @daichiantoniollc
mzcharlyhustle - nyckiiiii - missjessicaw_ - ladyrexx -
#instacollage shop #dantonioclothing @ for the latest designs from @daichiantoniollc #fashion #customclothing #customdresses #designer #fashiondesigner #clothing #men #women #kids #model #MeetMeOnTheRunway #1OfTheBestInTheBusiness
fashion - kids - customdresses - fashiondesigner - 1ofthebestinthebusiness - men - meetmeontherunway - instacollage - designer - dantonioclothing - model - women - clothing - customclothing -
onlyonetasz : @daichiantoniollc cousin u n that girl British favor Hellas u just doper den she is
daichiantoniollc : πŸ˜‚πŸ˜©πŸ˜© @onlyonetasz I always here we favor she's actually cool tho
tonia_3x : @onlyonetasz petty πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
chrissy_april17 - tonia_3x - bingyblanco - nikon85mm -
Behind the scenes at the #daichiantonio #fashionshow dress by @daichiantoniollc #dantonioclothing #model #stldesigner #ootd #motd make up by @mintfan4lif #mua #stlmua #stlmodel #stl #shortcutbeauties #thecutlife
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ycyos : Ya digg
love_martice : @ethnicitymodels
moibella : U better be sexy!!! They better be mad bc they still tryin!!! Lhh
tiff_marie220 : Hey what's your number? I wanna ask you some questions about getting my make up done for my bday
love_martice : Hey it's 314-973-0401 @marie_monroe_
love_martice : #intotofashion101 @introtofashion101
love_martice : #introtofashion101
love_martice : @moibella lhh! I'm so late! But thanx boo! U so silly! 😘
jusblaze06 - bgredd27 - mz_leggz - rocmakinmoves -
St. Louis get ready for an epic showcase of @young_addy & @daichiantoniollc #Fall / #Winter clothing lines, these 2 women have worked hard to get where they are, this us an event you don't want to miss, tickets on sale now,,,, #clothes #fashion #fashiondesigner #fashionshow #dantonioclothing #addyclothing #runway #meetmeontherunway #men #women #kids #epicnight
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mens_room - shaeeeee_ -
#tbt #dantonioclothing sweater from a few years ago @daichiantoniollc has taken this brand to another level clink link in my bio to shop new designs for men women and kids #dantonioclothingisfashion
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mzredd_cool_ass - buzybody34 - prettyeyezqueen - dearlysa -
Come out Sun Nov 3 and support 2 of the top designers in St Louis, MO and see what @daichiantoniollc & @young_addy_co have for the #fashion world presenting there fall/winter lines...... #MeetMeOnTheRunway #dantonioclothingisfashion #fashiondesigner #models #runway clink link in my bio to shop #dantonioclothing
models - fashion - fashiondesigner - runway - meetmeontherunway - dantonioclothingisfashion - dantonioclothing -
shawanda_holliday : I wanna go !
buildlikekings_fnsnblk : @shawanda_holliday I called you but I'm trying to go too we just need a rental I ain't fucking with that bus unless I have to
young_addy_co : Yup!!!
encrowd_jj : Bro Pj you back in da Lou boi????
buildlikekings_fnsnblk : @jayrojay yup
encrowd_jj : @buildlikekings_fnsnblk awww shit I need get up wut ya bro
encrowd_jj : @buildlikekings_fnsnblk inbox me on fb and im shoot u ny line ima pull up on ya asap fb @ Jay Encrowd Jay
buildlikekings_fnsnblk : @jayrojay I'm tripping I'm back in MN just left the other day but I be back soon
b_understatement - buzybody34 - queen_mengistu - imonthetoiletrightnowdoe -
#instacollage #dantonioclothing by @daichiantoniollc #customfashion #customdesigns #fashiondesigner #models #fashion #clothes #dantonioclothingisfashion
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buildlikekings_fnsnblk : To shop for #dantonioclothing clink link in my bio
daichiantoniollc : You Move fast lol
buildlikekings_fnsnblk : @daichiantoniollc I stay on my job lol
taste_me25 - tonia_3x - milynmocha - rednbold -
#instacollage click the link in my bio to shop for these gorgeous designs from #DantonioClothing by @daichiantoniollc #fashion #customdesigns #leather #models #fashiondesigner also had men's and kids clothing,,,,,,
instacollage - leather - fashion - customdesigns - models - fashiondesigner - dantonioclothing -
sexy_hustle : Is this located in mn
buildlikekings_fnsnblk : @sexy_hustle in Missouri but she does ship orders I have the link to her website in my bio and follow her @daichiantoniollc to stay updated on new designs,
nachotypee - mrbrks89 - kenyamakekenya -
😍😍😜😘 @hbic_ke killed the *best selling* Pepuramu Top #daichiantonio #dantonioclothing
dantonioclothing - angelaiamapproved - daichiantonio -
neo_geo_84 : This shirt in blk 4 nye, what u think? @dontejenkins
daichiantoniollc : #angelaiamapproved
shhhneek : @ybewhoadi863 this top
mlormina : How do i order this top? invoice, how much
daichiantoniollc : 100 what size I can send now @milo rmina
daichiantoniollc : @mlormina
girlborngorgeous : Are both top & bottom available, or just the top?
msblaque82 : @daichiantoniollc how much for this top
nicole_skyler - jazzo_wright - miss_pucker_up - sexy618 -
#BabyD in his Benz Truc and his #BabyBands and custom #dantonioclothing #youngdaichi @daichiantoniollc
dantonioclothing - babybands - youngdaichi - babyd -
buzybody34 : Flyyy!!!!
keata_g - blaqueisbeautifulll - buzybody34 - benzo_60 -
Act Right!!!! 😏#dantonioclothing #daichiantonio
dantonioclothing - daichiantonio - styledraya -
daichiantoniollc : #styledraya
b_hallewood : πŸ™Œ
slim__kim : πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ
lovinlifeanmyfamy : #styledraya
lovely_mo3 : @kookie4thelasttime
kookieimsleep : @lovely_mo3 😩😍❀️ yessssss that's shit you don't see here πŸ™Œ
lovely_mo3 : This is on the site @kookie4thelasttime I love this ima still get it!!!
kookieimsleep : @lovely_mo3 😍 it's beautiful girl can't wait to see you in it ! I wrote her !
milaya_love - _glamcandy - shes_beaminggg - datbeauty87 -
#instacollage #dantonioclothing killin em with the #leather #customdesigns #mens #womens and #kids #fashion #designer #model #fashionshow #pants #dresses #shirts and more click link n bio to shop and follow @daichiantoniollc to stay updated on the latest #dantonioclothing trends #dantonioclothingisfashion
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#instacollage click link in my bio to shop #dantonioclothing by @daichiantoniollc #fashion #clothing #customdesigns #fashiondesigner #model #dresses #skirts #leather #pants #womens #mens #kids #dantonioclothingisfashion
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juanitakarlia : πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ˜πŸ‘πŸ‘your sister's stuff looks really good.
buildlikekings_fnsnblk : @juanitakarlia thank you @daichiantoniollc works hard and is dedicated to being original with her styles, follow shop support spread the word #DantonioClothingIsFashion πŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒ
daichiantoniollc : 😍😍 @buildlikekings_fnsnblk @juanitakarlia thanks
buildlikekings_fnsnblk : @enofajo
enofajo : Love the skirt!
shaeeeee_ - cecemoney25 - lovinlifeanmyfamy - pokeilla -
We don't rock the same clothes, we don't f%#k the same heauxs.....#LEVELS #dantonioclothing #daichiantonio #leather
dantonioclothing - leather - k - levels - daichiantonio -
neishae : Hi Nini! Do you have this skirt in a xs?
ps_shanda : @lshemone this is cute for you!!
lshemone : @ps_shanda yup... Where can I purchase πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜˜πŸ‘
lshemone : Hella sexy
kymmii2ds : Can this be ordered and if so how?
jamie_ah : Can this be made in white @daichiantoniollc
raychelle_pyt : @iamsodeelishis
mookisha : This is not on ya website do u still make this
prettygirl_randi - vettablu - barbiebee2 - uniquegirlzshoetique -
#instacollage #dantonioclothing by @daichiantoniollc #dantonioclothingisfashion #Fashion #CustomDesigns #Womens #Mens #Kids #FashionDesigner #Model #FashionShow #Dresses #Leather #Designer
designer - fashiondesigner - fashionshow - mens - instacollage - leather - kids - customdesigns - dantonioclothing - model - womens - fashion - dantonioclothingisfashion - dresses -
daichiantoniollc : Love you... My BIGGEST supporter
buildlikekings_fnsnblk : Love you too sis @daichiantoniollc you know we taking your business to the top, they not ready for what I'm on
womensapparel - eb_genes - gpboy86 - fiercemama -
S/o to @stackzsmm supporting that #DantonioClothing by @daichiantoniollc check his new single out #Mexico,,,,, L's up for the Lou #dantonioclothingisfashion #SMM
dantonioclothing - smm - dantonioclothingisfashion - mexico -
stackzsmm : #smm #moblife #smm #mexico #mexico #mexico #mexico
daichiantoniollc - stackzsmm - classiechocolatedoll -
Men's..can't wait to make chocolate brown for some strange reason #daichiantonio #dantonioclothing progress and improvements
dantonioclothing - daichiantonio -
bg_lexx_ : You have these in white?
snob_boutique : @londynapesos @sietevii hot shit
londynapesos : These nastyyyyy @snob_boutique
awlove_ : Oww teach meeee
raybanrome : I need @shamelsays
bhird : I need these in my life HOW DO I ORDER THESE JOINTS? @daichiantoniollc
eyecandy__couture : Love these
brothersmooth : @daichiantoniollc these are the ones I am talking about did u ever add these to site ..
lilhershey_ - raybanrome - pve_bfifty50 - officialdlh -
Website back up for #dantonioclothing by @daichiantoniollc link in my bio
dantonioclothing -
coco_dreamz - jonniebea - tonia_3x - shaeeeee_ -
Late night support STL designer by @nini_554 "Lmao I told @jazzystl find me a filter....she gave me my phone back like I like this it was NORMAL πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Safe to say #NoFilter #KimBdayDinner #DantonioClothing" via @InstaReposts
kimbdaydinner - dantonioclothing - nofilter -
daichiantoniollc : Thanks
mopi42 - _nikolasbrown_ - jakobgrundtvig -
#instacollage #DantonioClothing by @ nini_554 website link in my bio #MeetMeOnTheRunway #DantonioClothingIsFashion
instacollage - dantonioclothing - meetmeontherunway - dantonioclothingisfashion -
buildlikekings_fnsnblk : @nini_554
tonia_3x : I can't see the pics #DAntonio
buildlikekings_fnsnblk : Maybe you need to leave apple alone and get that s4 you might need a bigger screen lol @t_o_n_i_a__
tonia_3x : I'm a loyal apple customer sorry but yea on this 5 that's little as hell
daichiantoniollc : I can see em lol @t_o_n_i_a__
buildlikekings_fnsnblk : I can't lie the iPhone is the shit I'm switching over πŸ“²
buildlikekings_fnsnblk : @t_o_n_i_a__
arniegeezy - victorr_rrt - buzybody34 -
#DAntonioClothing Everything by @nini_554 😘 #bdaydinner #blackandwhite
dantonioclothing - bdaydinner - blackandwhite -
sherenta : Really nice!!!
tonia_3x : This cute
katdaddy3578 - juiccie8 - geminis_hottie - bpstorm -
Lmao I told @jazzystl find me a filter....she gave me my phone back like I like this it was NORMAL πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Safe to say #NoFilter #KimBdayDinner #DantonioClothing
kimbdaydinner - dantonioclothing - nofilter -
pictureperfect2120 : @nini_554
daichiantoniollc : Yea 6431609 @pictureperfect2120
inkredible_benzosmm : 😍😍😍😁😁😜😜😜 @nini_554
dirty_gal_diana : @lecreme 😜😜😜😜😜
dirty_gal_diana : @lecreme you need this aswell
dirty_gal_diana : @lecreme fuxk that we both need this πŸ‘†πŸ‘†πŸ‘†πŸ‘†πŸ‘†πŸ‘†
lecreme : Love this but no more leather for me lol
lecreme : @dirty_gal_diana πŸ‘†
theeonlytink_ - juscallmeb30 - iheartshoes2015 - flydezign -
My baby Daichi and his Cousin Meka dressed alike Happy 4th from them 😍😍 #dantonioclothing
dantonioclothing -
lbowie63 : I want them jeans they r so cute
chingyjackpot : @nini_554 Ni Ni I want ypu to make me this shirt. Hit me up
chinezzdoll : The shit
lexi_beyondbeauty : @nini_554 yo ass got them sandals I see πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯ @ daichi he stay ready
benzo_60 : Soho u fuckin wit me
fastcashash : His face say it all πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
isthather_thewife : You're absolutely awesome! @daichiantoniollc
realroxanne : So cute
1000_island - _tiffmarie3 - da_g3nius - hunterr_dashhh -
#SundayFunday #LuminosityFashionShow #BarNapoliDayParty #DAntonioClothing
dantonioclothing - barnapolidayparty - sundayfunday - luminosityfashionshow -
loutribey : Cute !
pilottalk314 : Styling
fabulyse : you look great Kim! love the dress and the boob action!
droach007 : βœŒπŸ‘
prince_akiem : #dantonioβ„’
rae_williams24 : Do you have any vids from the show?
purposeiam : This might be ya color! Smokin! Yikes!
teezy8308 : glass of kool aid lol
purposeiam - ulive_andulearn - inkhead_starface - mr_murphy_hulk_fit -
😎 Make me feel some type of way #dantonioclothing #FashionShowLaundry 🍸🍸🍸
dantonioclothing - fashionshowlaundry -
salutemycuteazz : Cute
dc_da_don26 : #ASTONISHING....
blu3_dream23 : Cute boo
meshloves_lives_laughs : 
buildlikekings_fnsnblk : I still see my little sister I walkd home with my pocket knife because it was dark. You grew up but your still my babysister in my eyes. Love u sis #MissingYoullLikeCrazy #LivingThruInstagram
bhamptons : Ooooh sexy sexy
don_lucci79 : Cute
mslonghair_ : @parkerveli
artonmybody - kaybee_prettii - marleymarliemarlee - stl6foot7 -
@lexi_beyondbeauty 😍😍😍 Leather Peplum Skirt and BrushStrokes Chiffon Cut Low Shirt #dantonioclothing #SheAlwaysGotItOn
dantonioclothing - shealwaysgotiton -
tonia_3x : 😍😍😍😍😍😍
joli_star : So Dang Cute😍
mellyskye : πŸ˜˜πŸ˜πŸ’œ cute @lexi_beyondbeauty NiNi u always put in work why the f@$& u still in St. Louis???!!
daichiantoniollc : Thanks pretty girl I have no clue but in gonna start traveling more before I jump to another state @mellyskye thanks
mellyskye : Thank u but your deff dope ijs lol
cabbagepatchkiddo : @nini_554 what are the measurements for both a med/lrg in this skirt because i want the lime but not sure which size to get
professor_buffy_bonds : This is dope!
honeybezz : @daichiantoniollc hello is this skirt still available?
shawanda_holliday - cocaine_keashaa - marleymarliemarlee - _kyiimommy -
😏😏 You Know NANN!!!!! #dantonioclothing #SwimSuitFromMySS11LineOld but it's Still in style
dantonioclothing - swimsuitfrommyss11lineold -
juskallmemzc : You fire!!! Don't forget me and my family stuff!!! Ctfu @nini_554 😘😘😘
carmenlanae : CUTE!!!!! @nini_554
richmoneyman : 😁
nat_nicky : πŸ”₯
vannie_victoriasecret : Super cute β˜†
madame_ashleigh : How do I get in contact for a custom piece
mellyskye : 😜😍
minaj05 : Can plz get a swim suit for my bday babe??? It's not until August but I kno how busy u can be...
luhderek_100 - inkredible_benzosmm - stackzsmm - jizzle2real -
@penelopejones_ in my SS13 fishnet Swimsuit Coverup .... #Follow #MusicArtist
dantonioclothing - follow - musicartist -
lalabazar : πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜†
b_understatement : Her hair fire... love that curl
jjjjiaaa : @nini_554 how much is this its not on your website
_penelopejones_ : @nini_554 Thank you so much for your support!! Can't wait to come up with something new!!!!!
cake_babey : 😍😍😍
freeny_ : She cute
domi_more : πŸŒ³πŸ‘€πŸŒ³
domi_more : πŸŒΎπŸ‘€πŸŒΎ
shamicauknowmejennings - rosco_cash - dat_boi_no - londonarde -
😎 Giovanni was choosing 😜😜 #DantonioClothing #LeatherAndSuede #OutHere
dantonioclothing - outhere - leatherandsuede -
abrionn : Omg is this dress for sale?? 😍😍😍
king_desh : I want this, it's not on site! @nini_554
daichiantoniollc : Yes @abrionn
daichiantoniollc : Text me @king_desh
inkredible_benzosmm : U look nice
daichiantoniollc : Thanks @incredible_benzo
luhderek_100 : I need me some leather attire.
rogersalicia : I would like to purchase this dress... ASAP!!! Please
hernandezishername - sleepinginheels - tonyarush_ - myloves2813 -
#DantonioClothing #AfterParty me n @goodlyfe84
dantonioclothing - afterparty -
vez_sprints : Bro put me on this modeling shidd doin Lbs
i_am_sports : Lhh this was at an after party but if i find a modeling call i tell u..
ayshablake__ : Handsome
i_am_sports : @vez_sprints
vez_sprints : Yea yea yea aight
_ajla : β€πŸ˜˜πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘πŸ˜
1stlady_taurus : I never told you this before but ..I think your really cute
whiteprincess1982 : Fine piece of chocolate may I say πŸ™Œ
cheyenne_pasquer - lanapooh_17 - __nyomouth - blkmarketfashion -
#Outfit2 #DantonioClothing @nini_554 #LeatherJoggingPants
dantonioclothing - model - fashion - leatherjoggingpants - outfit2 -
i_am_sports : @faith_trust_training Frm @nini_554
hvrdlex : Damn I just looked on the Site but that wasn't on there
ipersonallydgaf__ : 1,7
i_am_sports : Ooooo u suck ass u kno that lhh @ipersonallydgaf__
ipersonallydgaf__ : Lol why?
lyasha__ : 3
___yaboy : I must admit, you ah cool ass person man just keep yo head up out here when u go to colloge...
i_am_sports : #model #fashion
trackislife17 - rixhgalkhay - reneesweet_ - love_drue -
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