Dear Hood River Oregon, we've got 1,300 seats to fill tonight if you're feeling frisky. Love, Ben #damnationfilm
damnationfilm -
chivexp : !!!
willofmine : Awesome!
emilyorbanek : @maggiehanna01 you should go!!!
jrm0531 - mattybstl - scientiacloth - therealjayballs -
Another day at home, another family hike. #lovesit This one with some political importance. We Proffitt's love us some Yvon & Patagonia good ol' stand-up American fight to change the world. #damnationfilm
lovesit - damnationfilm -
drewjgray - heathbystereo - kifka - jerryboyken -
Thanks EcoFilm Fest & Portland for a great event and turn out last night... this city has some dambusters. #damnationfilm
damnationfilm -
spaeth19 : Yeah @mattstoecker! Can't wait to see the film. A crew at Oregon State University is lined up to show #DamNation on May 15. Hope you make it down!
catie_rose128 - truenorth4 - nickwolcott - tigergirl88 -
The Hollywood Theater in #Portland is big & gorgeous & SOLD OUT for tonight's #DamNation premiere ..which is bad news if you're just hearing about it .. but good news, not just for this team of film makers, but also cuz it means there's a lot of enlightened folks here in #PDX who want to learn more about America's history of damming #rivers, & the current movement of reexamining those decisions now that their impacts on aquatic ecosystems are more fully understood ..that was a mouthful! Anyway, meet us at the after party at @velocult & I'll buy you a tasty beverage. 🐟🐟🐟
portland - rivers - damnationfilm - damnation - pdx -
thinkandcapture : lovely!
bedacalhoun : #damnationfilm. Thank you Todd!!
toddgillman : @bedacalhoun 😬😬😬
newbelgium_pnw : #damnationfilmπŸ‘ˆπŸ‘ˆπŸ‘ˆ
mattstoecker : Thnx Todd
victoryloungeseattle - twispwa - runlunarun - savage_models -
What a treat to meet one of the top anglers on the planet, @aprilvokey ! Not only is she a complete BA and accomplished more than most male anglers out there, she's is SUCH a sweetie!! πŸ’œπŸ’œ I can't wait to get some @patagonia waders and get to fishin' with my man @williammb2 πŸ’™πŸŽ£ #starstruck #flyfishing #patagonia #boulder #fishing #aprilvokey #badass #girlpower #damnationfilm #getoutside #sopsyched #nature #outdoors #water #flygal #waders #fisherwoman #angler #youradventureawaits #gonefishing
boulder - girlpower - gonefishing - sopsyched - flygal - damnationfilm - patagoniaboulder - water - youradventureawaits - getoutside - fisherwoman - fishing - patagonia - tenkara - badass - waders - angler - flyfishing - nature - aprilvokey - starstruck - outdoors - patagoniaprov -
mountngoat : Big shout out to Dave as well, who showed us about #tenkara fishing styles! Got to taste some #PatagoniaProv too, yummm!!! #patagoniaboulder
williammb2 - kmalonehartung - kellykel - coltonlschofield -
Q&A with @ben_knight @mattstoecker and @travisrummel at the Portland premiere of #damnationfilm !!! If you missed it, Hollywood theater will have a week-long run starting May 9th!
damnationfilm -
puravida217 : WOW ! A lot of information comin @ ya in a well orchestrated film that will make you wonder, make you mad, make you laugh...... But also make you proud of living in the PNW. After watching the film you KNOW you have to start paying more attention to the larger span of issues @ hand.
toooosh : Looking forward to the LA screening!
tomritz : Will make sure to buy my tickets ahead of time πŸ˜’
ben_knight : Thanks for the great photo! @patagoniaportland
allthatzimmers - krameymartin - indialesh - jbfvansant -
This makes me really happy. #damnationfilm
damnationfilm -
annereeser : Of course. I'm in Colorado the one night I NEED to be at the Hollywood. I hope it went well tonight! Just one night, or multiple showings?
ttwhatcott : How many nights? I'll come check it out! πŸ‘Œ
amialaz : How long is it showing @ben_knight? Would love to see it & you. And btw, chipotle is a client of ours...
firstcast : It makes a lot of people happy... And what an honor to be sponsored by chipotle sauce.
ben_knight : @annereeser @ttwhatcott @amialaz Hi ladies, It runs for a week here starting May 9th
americanrivers : Nice work, @ben_knight !! Rock the house!
karlosdelrio : Free Burritos!!
toddgillman : Good hangs yesterday man. Stoked on the good work you guys are doing! Cc @bedacalhoun @mattstoecker @monikaphaneuf @travisrummel
spokin - larsenflyfishing - apdanger - snackyz -
#damnationfilm Portland people rule @libraryofbabel ❀️
damnationfilm -
hbsaxon : With @tasarubin :)
sjsantamaria : Tried to go but it was sold out!! So happy for you !
jaineedial : The cutest.
trance_essence : So true
monikaphaneuf : @mattlocascio nice work.
mattlocascio : Dang, tough as nails.
chrisburkard : #goodhumans
ben_moon : So good to see you Mon!
travisrummel - mouthfulofjoy - robelam - joyrocker -
So psyched! #damnationfilm
damnationfilm -
mtn2mtn : Yahoo!!!!!
savannah_berlyn - jeremiahcentrella - jes_walton - mikeharvey19 -
#damnationfilm Portland premiere!
damnationfilm -
chrisburkard : in Portland.. Was gonna come but sold out .. Hope it goes off!!
monikaphaneuf : @chrisburkard I have a ticket for you!
paisleystout : ❀️the Hollywood theater! Enjoy Portland, been hearing all the exciting buzz of the project! Killing it.
mrozo : Sweet
trance_essence : So awesome!
newbelgium_pnw - mattstoecker - trance_essence - robelam -
Tonight #damnationfilm Portland.
damnationfilm -
jimi3 : Any showings in SD,CA?
garmentfarmer : Yes!
rhartegan : @jimi3 there's one at the @patagoniacardiff location 6/5/14! Stoked to have one in SD! Thanks again @mattstoecker the message seems to be getting out there. @patagonia
dmahi_mahi : Wish I would have seen this post earlier. Will it be showing again in portland?
jimi3 : @rhartegan sweet thanks!
daveedh : Good job Matt excited for you
ryankp87 - ironorchidevents - bwshrock - ywallin -
The Shasta Dam with Mt. Shasta in the background. Technology and nature meet, beautiful and ugly at the same time. Difficult to look at, difficult to look away. #mtshasta #shastalake #shastadam #ca #california #westcoast #roadtrip #spring #lake #dam #dambuster #blueskies #powerlines #vsco #vscocam #vscophotos
mtshasta - spring - ca - damnationfilm - shastadam - california - vsco - westcoast - dambuster - nofilter - lake - roadtrip - vscophotos - shastalake - blueskies - dam - vscocam - powerlines -
driggio : #nofilter #DamNationFilm
devinabe : I wanna go there sooo bad
malachiwhy - unbecoming - kylecarnesphoto - maijkah -
Tomorrow at Hollywood theater, DamNation film premiers in Portland!! Stay tuned for in-store showing... #damnationfilm
damnationfilm -
deus_descriptagram : @timber_haley
conwaybowman : Blow it up!!!!
nanagagner - conwaybowman - joelr28 - marceloflores -
Me and Erin took the kids down to the #iwff in #missoula tonight to check out #damnationfilm. It's for sure the most compelling #documentary I've seen in awhile. Please don't pass up the chance to see it. #flyfishing #whitewater #kayak #tenkara #edwardabbey #rivers @patagonia
whitewater - edwardabbey - iwff - flyfishing - damnationfilm - missoula - rivers - kayak - tenkara - documentary -
geoffreyholstad : Yes!!
greenecasey : You get a chance to see it yet @geoffreyholstad ?
geoffreyholstad : For sure! A few times now :)
greenecasey : @geoffreyholstad Nice. I figured @ben_knight would have a special screening for you guys. Oh, while we are on the subject, I happened to score one of the dam adjustment tees at the Dillon outlet a few weeks ago. Don't know if you had a hand in the design, but man, it's a good one! Almost as good as that @draplin chouinard tee. It'd be fun to see you do a bike touring design on one. Maybe with the slogan "Ride Loaded". Don't want to give anyone the wrong idea though ;) @adventurecycling
nativewhiterod - flyfishcanada - 1last_cast - l0ranga -
These trees could produce your next Deschutes steelhead! I spent most of the day on a bid tour with a group of contractors competing to harvest and haul 1400 trees (with root wads attached down to our next restoration project. The trees will be used to construct log jams and other habitat features that will provide habitat for summer steelhead and spring salmon. I hope the fish produced from this project can navigate the federal dams and bureaucracy that are killing the recovery of these iconic species. #saveourfisheries #streamrestoration #damnationfilm
streamrestoration - damnationfilm - saveourfisheries -
lcbradley71 - robelam - bartonltd - p_sande -
6.5.14 #damnationfilm
damnationfilm -
patagoniacardiff : Yes! @rhartegan
rhylton : @patagoniacardiff This is cool, damn dams... Do you have the round sticker w/fish and Patagonia Cardiff?
sonnebusenhammer : Sweet! Let me know if I can help with art things
mbruce526 : @bspirnak want to go?!
rhartegan : @patagoniacardiff thanks. Tickets needed?
patagoniacardiff : Nope! Free event behind the shop. @rhartegan
patagoniacardiff : Not at the moment, the ones we have are rectangular. @rhylton
rhartegan : Stoked, thanks. Been waiting for this for some time. @patagoniacardiff
sdmawohl - caitiemac - tmarr1234 - camfig -
Blocked arteries... Columbia & Snake Rivers. please sign our #damnationfilm petition to remove the 4 lower #SnakeRiver dams. Text "dam" to 91990
snakeriver - damnationfilm -
turb12 : Let's not stop with just those 4 #deadbeatdams I know a lot of folks who would like to see celilo falls back.
mattstoecker : @turb12 No doubt. The film and petition support removing all obsolete and low value dams and a gradual transition away from these destructive dams in general. Hope u like the Celilo chapter in the film.
turb12 : @mattstoecker going to see it May 9th in PDX. Can't wait. I have a picture of Celilo in my office to remind me everyday what this is all about. Keep up the good work!
mattstoecker : @turb12 nice. See u there
charles_post : Admirable work @mattstoecker #damnationfilm
andymaser : See you in Portland this month? @mattstoecker
mattstoecker : Thnx @charles_post
mattstoecker : Yes @andymaser . See ya there! Thanks again for helping us with Condit shoot!
anelfandhiszippo - robelam - kareeeeeskye - bjornvanbear -
damnationfilm -
monikaphaneuf : #damnationfilm
monikaphaneuf : A day in the life.
monikaphaneuf : @patagonia πŸ‘Šβ€οΈ
jentalkstory - hstricker - willsea77 - outtherewithbeau -
There are over 75k dams in the US Β­ many obsolete, unsafe & costing taxpayers millions. @Patagonia made a film about it: #DamNationFilm #DeadbeatDams #FreeTheRivers
freetherivers - damnationfilm - deadbeatdams -
magnus4070 - danielnorris18 - onecolorado_oldpasadena - jaytayag -
Hetch Hetchy The lost sister Yosemite Valley #damnation #damnationfilm
damnationfilm - damnation -
mercedesalison88 - tynatynka - akumorton - iraisnavarrete -
Just got the tees and hats w/ my graphic for @damnationfilm, via @StoeckerEco & @patagonia
damnationfilm -
jhtim : @mattstoecker
bedacalhoun : Hope they fit!! Thanks for your vision, Tim! #damnationfilm
firehousejb : When can we get 'em???
rise2fly : Those look sweet Tim! When can they be purchased? @jhtim
itsphuckinjosh : A representative from Friend + Johnson showed some of your work at the ad agency I am working at. Just wanted to let you know that you create some awesome stuff.
jhtim : Hey Josh, thanks a lot man! Much appreciated. @itsphuckinjosh
jhtim : @firehousejb @rise2fly hey guys, they can be purchased now on the Patagonia website: #damnationfilm
mattstoecker - designalista - spreypaint - ktjh25 -
Adult playground. Also a good example of what happens when man tries to build a lake where lakes have no business existing. Water dries up, land silts in.
igutah - hiking - utahisrad - rei1440project - dam - utahlovesyou - gearupgetout - neverstopexploring - canyon - getoutside - damnation - america - desert - landscape - utah - hcs - gtfoutside - redrock - damnationfilm - keepitcontagious - west - explore - instagood - relativityoutdoors - hike - keepitwild - ruggedroyalty -
westeastern_ : #america #canyon #desert #explore #gtfoutside #gearupgetout #getoutside #hiking #hike #hcs #igutah #keepitwild #keepitcontagious #landscape #neverstopexploring #dam #damnation #damnationfilm #rei1440project #relativityoutdoors #ruggedroyalty #redrock #utahisrad #utahlovesyou #utah #west
gracyj1 : Stunning shot!!!πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
westeastern_ : @gracyj1 Thank you! ☺️
anndriggers : Beauty shot but makes me sad. Very. :(
erubes1 : too good 
westeastern_ : @anndriggers Yep. It's almost like they created a bunch of smaller reservoirs out of spite after they weren't allowed to flood Harper's Corner/Dinosaur.
westeastern_ : @erubes1 Thanks!!
westeastern_ : #instagood
sstano - gm_thebomb - jasonsane - bethlizmo -
@ben_knight dropping knowledge after #DamNation at Full Frame Film Festival
damnationfilm - fullframefest - damnation -
hartlroberts : #fullframefest #damnationfilm
m1keblack : You're literally down the street from us. @ben_knight you in town?
__olive__ - kate_bradley - hallthw - emilyrob16 -
May your #rivers flow without end -#edabbey #damnation #damnationfilm #desert #desertsolitaire #abbey #art #portrait #pointillism #pen #writers #getoutside #wilderness @oars_rafting @wilderness_culture #artsociety #wildrivers
art - edabbey - wilderness - damnationfilm - rivers - getoutside - damnation - portrait - pointillism - desert - desertsolitaire - wildrivers - abbey - pen - writers - artsociety -
laurabaker11 : Nicely done Casey Wade!!
dgers001 - driz5 - kristinsturdy - wilderness_culture -
Sound check for #DamNationFilm in our biggest and most beautiful theater yet. Such an incredible honor. #FullFrame
fullframe - damnationfilm - fullframefest -
susan_h_elliott : Can't wait for our turn to see. Hollywood Theater, PDX, April 17th.
susan_h_elliott : @chefkimireid get your tickets soon!
telluridetheatre : GORGEOUS theatre. those seats!
buladeanmartin : NC style, yo!!!
kt_klings : Yes!
ben_knight : #fullframefest
firstcast : Nice spot.
ben_knight : You fucking rock @inevitabletriumph
brettschreck - earthaphotography - jerrodfast - ktstj -
damnationfilm -
gordonklco : @bedacalhoun
monikaphaneuf : @gordonklco yes, looking out for your gurl. πŸ’•
mouthfulofjoy : @tattly they turned out amazeballs! thank you!!
ben_knight : Need one for each ass cheek for my Q&A tomorrow.
blue_doggie : Love it wish I could have seen the movie I was stuck at work :( super bummed
monikaphaneuf : @ben_knight I'd like to see that.
theinspirationfiles : I have a star in the same spot. I call it my north star 😁
monikaphaneuf : @theinspirationfiles I want to see it 🌟
laurencoffieldmalloy - jeremyboxer - theinspirationfiles - jeffjohnson_beyondandback -
#wilderness . The word itself is #music. -#edabbey #desert #desertsolitaire #utah #damnation #damnationfilm #art #watercolor #caseymontandonart
art - edabbey - wilderness - utah - damnationfilm - watercolor - music - damnation - caseymontandonart - desert - desertsolitaire -
classybroad1 - jessminda_joan - kathfont - marktsouth -
May your trails be crooked, winding, dangerous,leading to the most amazing view. May your #mountains rise into and above the clouds-#edabbey #watercolor of the day. #art #monkeywrench #utah #desert #damnation #damnationfilm
mountains - art - edabbey - utah - damnationfilm - watercolor - damnation - monkeywrench - desert -
johnbryantbaker : Love it
thesummerofnopants : ❀️
emilyklarer - johnbryantbaker - dirkbarnhart - carriebeatriceb -
Tt got aggressive with the artwork #latadams #freetherivers
damnationfilm - latadams - freetherivers -
ashleymcevoy : #damnationfilm
mattstoecker - dangerdick - cfrieds3 - aguzman9487 -
#damnationfilm crushing it @ the DC Enviro Film Festival.
damnationfilm -
monikaphaneuf : @ben_knight @mattstoecker @travisrummel πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
mattstoecker : Such a great group. Wish u were here for it.
sbeebe : Nice
laurencoffieldmalloy : Loved the film so much! It's amazing!! Congratulations @monikaphaneuf @mattstoecker
grantnyquist - blue_doggie - woodandmetal - steelychris -
We had a full house for DamNation at the Sebastopol film festival. Great film!! @patagonia @patagoniasf #damnation#damnationfilm#patagonia#sebastopol#flyfishing
sebastopol - damnationfilm - flyfishing - damnation - patagonia -
activitykauai : Success!
timmytimeii : Defiantly!! @activitykauai
timmytimeii : It was a great film. Hope we can restore what the old generation has done. @keena_lv
keena_lv : I have faith πŸ‘Œ
ben_knight : Yes!!!
ben_knight : @travisrummel @bedacalhoun @monikaphaneuf @mattstoecker
timmytimeii : That was a stellar and well put together film. Good job @ben_knight and to all that were involved.
ben_knight : Thank you so much @timmytimeii
activitykauai - alaskaflyshop - gtraversi - beard_doh -
#Damnationfilm wins big at #environmentfilmfest! Congrats to the @feltsoulmedia crew! Text "Dam" to 91990 #patagonia #damnation #patagonia
environmentfilmfest - damnationfilm - damnation - patagonia -
coloradowild : I've heard this is quite the show
garberia : Would love to see this down in Florida.
bedacalhoun - hummoreorgan - nikotgeorge - patagonia_haleiwa -
At the Carnegie Institute for a screening of the film DamNation #damnationfilm the last film and the winner of the documentary award for environmental advocacy @ the DC environmental film festival.
damnationfilm -
billrusso - ashroyale - stufankjian - somophoto -
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