Black magic! And oooo look a camera. #blackmagic #csumb #cinematicarts
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Not that you guys care, but everything has been processed and recieved. I decided to officially attend CSU Monterey Bay. I was accepted to 4/5 colleges (UNR, East bay, and Sac). Not bad for a guy like me. I never imagined I was college material, but I'm glad I am able to persue my dreams. Being able to move on from this city is a great opportunity I've been waiting for awhile. I'm ready to start fresh and accept the challenges the real world has to offer. Senior is coming to an end, but it only means a new begining for me. Beach life here I come lol 😎 #csumb #otter
csumb - otter -
nicole_yamilet : Great Job ❀️
juleryy : OMG YAY! Congrats Prince Charming! πŸ’•
xanilaaax : Congrats! πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰
_jasmine07 : Congrats Alonzo ❀️
alonzombie : @nicole_yamilet @juleryy @xanilaaax @_jasmine07 thanks you guys, I appriecate itπŸ˜˜πŸ’ž
catalinaaisland : So proud of you!!! Keep it up πŸ˜ƒ @alonzombie
pinkloverjenn : Congrats!!!πŸ˜ŠπŸŽ‰
elishapearl : Monterey beach trips wuuuuuut 😏
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Me next yearπŸ‘Œ 60% resting #CSUMB #Otters
otters - csumb -
clarissaalcala : 10% interacting with others. Seems about right
philopornist - tannerbryce - ladyleed - cacacarlay -
csumb -
sibelle__ : I thought they had it in the library?
michaelruelz : @sibelle__ Today I saw it outside I think they moved it perhaps
sibelle__ : Haha, perhaps.
michaelruelz : #csumb
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Throw back to spring formal. #tbt #springformal #csumb
springformal - csumb - tbt -
callmeluciferr : πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯😚
esquederrz : πŸ”₯πŸ’©πŸ˜πŸ”₯πŸ’©πŸ˜˜
ded_101 : Hahaha! ❀️
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Have we mentioned how much we love big, beautiful organic jewelry? "Lotus Ring" by @mayajewelry. We have an entire case filled with beautiful, hand carved wood jewelry from Maya. Everything from small and petite to big and bold. Come swing by and have a look. #app #appmember #safepiercing #organic #jewelry #maya #mayajewelry #piercing #piercings #monterey #montereybay #csumb #mpc #vaughnbodyarts #associationofprofessionalpiercers
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jaderamona : Zoe!
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Out of the Blues meets today and every Thursday at Building 80 for #CSUMB students in need of support around anxiety and depression.
csumb -
ensnider -
Got a bag full of CSUMB goodies! I am one happy otter! #CSUMB #WeAreMB
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albertdrumz - toffubie - michelleangelique920 - devinmurphy5 -
Headed to CSUMB with the little bro (CSUMB Alumni) to check out my future campus #csumb #imgoingplaces #familyfirst #educatedteam
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montereymb : Hey that's awesome hope you have a great time on campus
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Elefante shmelefante #ArtFromScrap #LifeSchoolUniversity #CSUMB
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montereymb : Isn't it amazing
mayamorcita : On further inspection i've realized its a fat mammoth
michellaphant : Proud mama
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Today's special at #MontesMB MONSTER NACHOS!! #csumb
csumb - montesmb -
montereymb : Yummy that looks good
csumbdining : Thanks @montereymb
corben : Can anyone go there & eat? Or do have a student.
csumbdining : Anyone can come eat with us!! @corben
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Ukraine & EU #310 #protest #freedomofspeech #ukraine #csumb #hcom310
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Looks freaken delicious! #csumb#montes#loadednachos
montes - csumb - loadednachos -
linalove2012 : I want that!!
miichellys : It's really good!
linalove2012 : What does it have
montereymb : That looks yummy!!!
miichellys : @linalove2012 chips guac pico beans sour cream
thatguy_will1 - oohlalabby - linalove2012 - adrianaaabethhh -
It's going to suck having to pack this all up! #college #csumb #dorms #thestruggle
dorms - thestruggle - college - csumb -
brooktiffany : @spacecadet32 the lights will look awesome with your canapΓ© right @secretninja23
spacecadet32 : @brooktiffany I know they will be amazing!!
montereymb : I love the lights
coffeederangedaddict : Are you leaving all your stuff in a storage??
spacecadet32 : Yeah until me and my gf move now I need to find one
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Science πŸ”¬#envs201 #csumb
envs201 - csumb -
montereymb : Science rules!
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#montereyca #monterey #oceanobsessed #futurehome #coast #csumb
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montereymb : That is so pretty!!!!
alicialaurene : Thank you!!
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A @csumb_w_soccer gem from the late 90's, when Jen Netherwood tossed us all shirts to support the #CSUMB team. Definitely a #throwback for #tbt today. #WeAreMB #MBTID Tnx to @mrscairel for the memories.
throwback - wearemb - csumb - tbt - mbtid -
mrscairel : Love it! I'm sure I have one of these somewhere too. It's still strange to me to see all the blue gear. I miss the green & gold!
1917otters : Check what Coach Netherwood is doing in Oregon these days. Posted on FB at https://www.facebook.com/1917otters
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Back it today from noon till 8. Got a few openings between appointments for walk-ins.. First come first served! #monterey #montereybay #montereytattoos #pg #pacificgrove #pebblebeach #carmel #carmelbythesea #carmelbeach #bigsur #bigsurart #seaside #sandcity #delreyoaks #csumb #dli #montereycounty #831 #93940
93940 - monterey - bigsurart - carmelbythesea - montereytattoos - carmelbeach - delreyoaks - pebblebeach - bigsur - 831 - pacificgrove - seaside - montereybay - montereycounty - sandcity - csumb - pg - dli - carmel -
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Be OWT tonight!! #csumb #greekfest #toga #BBC #FREE #dance #oralhygiene #donate
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A picture of one of the original CSUMB squads sent to us by alumni @mrscairel Thank you for your picture!! To get your favorite Otter or Otter moment featured on the women's soccer Instagram page, email photos to anddavis@csumb.edu with the subject line "Otter Throwback Thursday" and a short description of what and who it is. Thank you for your help! #otters #alumni #tbt #throwback #csumb #wearemb #originals #feature #squad #soccer #women
soccer - originals - wearemb - alumni - feature - tbt - csumb - throwback - otters - squad - women -
mrscairel : @modisch52 @reesie_theelf @colycole05 @misspres22
1917otters : @mrscairel Who was the women's coach in that pic?
mrscairel : @1917otters Jen Netherwood (in white shirt on the left). Best coach I ever had in 20 years of soccer.
1917otters : Awesome @mrscairel Jen gave me a @csumb_w_soccer shirt years ago I still treasure. I'll post on my feed.
mrscairel : @1917otters Sweet! I have SO many wonderful memories of CSUMB soccer...the good ole days of my life :-) We had some great fans back then too but no chants that I remember.
1917otters : @mrscairel You deserve SO much more. Thank you for choosing CSUMB! #MBTID
1917otters : @mrscairel I did some digging and found where Coach Netherwood ended up, still helping and doing good. Posted on FB at https://www.facebook.com/1917otters
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HOME STRETCH! πŸ’ͺβ˜€οΈβ˜οΈ #lastmorning #almostfree #wearemb #waterpolo #csumb #sarahlowes
waterpolo - lastmorning - sarahlowes - wearemb - almostfree - csumb -
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Yaaayy for last morning practice!! #wearemb #mbpolo #csumb #webecrazy
wearemb - webecrazy - csumb - mbpolo -
lb_grams : Happy Birthday@otter_love08
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Picture from my personal IG account. Follow @baughnkicks for a possible feature and tag #baughnkicks in your #kotd thanks for the support everyone!!
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baughnkicks : #KOTD #igsneakercommunity #solesociety #uptown2k #whatthekicks #kicks4eva #kicksology #kicksonfire #solecollector #smyfh #WP #cushhhin #whatthekicks #retroopen23 #nike #kickstagram #smyfh #sneakernews #eastbay #champs #footlocker #footaction #CSUMB #todayskicks #s7 #baughnkicks
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Still have everything in stock, check out our store, link in bio, give our IG a follow, thanks for the support!
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baughnkicks : #KOTD #igsneakercommunity #solesociety #uptown2k #whatthekicks #kicks4eva #kicksology #kicksonfire #solecollector #smyfh #WP #cushhhin #whatthekicks #retroopen23 #nike #kickstagram #smyfh #sneakernews #eastbay #champs #footlocker #footaction #CSUMB #todayskicks #s7 #baughnkicks
solecialize : nice
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Come out to Greek Fest tomorrow at 9:30 at the BBC. Don't forget your Toga!!! #CSUMB #RiseOfTheGreeks #GreekFest2014
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It's official! I'm a slug! Acceptance packet! #UCSC #SantaCruz #trailblazer #college #100%slug #workhardplayhard 🌟🌟😎😎
santacruz - ucsc - csumb - college - workhardplayhard - 100 - trailblazer -
1_lovely_chicana : @mariliavalrodrig badass!!! Congratulations! #EducatedChicana
steph243 : Congratulations!!!!!
mariliavalrodrig : Thanks! @steph243 @1_lovely_chicana @mireya_reyna02
aztekie1 : @mariliavalrodrig Congrats!!
rosi_86 : If you put ur mind to it, you can always over do your self! I'm so excited for both our new journeys !πŸ‘πŸŽ“πŸŽŠπŸŽ‰
mariliavalrodrig : @rosi_86 me too, I'm glad we are both headed to beautiful campuses. I plan to start planning some fun hiking trips! Pa ke vengas o yo voy pa ya tambien! #csumb
rosi_86 : Omg yes! I wanna bike the trails in both campuses pero we might #reflame #oldmemories. 🚲🚲🚨I'm just so excited. Even more for the end of the semester.
mariliavalrodrig : @aztekie1 PERSEVERANCE
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Got my lil protector while on that homework grind! #csumb #puppy #ruger #weareMB
wearemb - ruger - csumb - puppy -
laurap4 : Is that the paper for 313?
jasonseannn : @laurap4 nah it's for Visiting Artists
laurap4 : Have u started?
laura_newberry12 - adamvbrewer - orativah - montereyontour -
I made my decision today, looking like a square. I'm going to be an otter. #csumb #monterey
monterey - csumb -
albertopotato : You should ask your mom about how she feels about it, I bet shell support your decision
albertopotato : Omg im on fire, I need to clam down on these otter puns
_leary_ : @albertopotato you're great
ewitsxio : Congrats Lauren I'm really happy for you. πŸŽ‰πŸ‘πŸŽ‰πŸ‘
_leary_ : @ewitsxio thank you Xio ☺️
albertopotato : CONGRATULATIONS BY THE WAY!!!!
_leary_ : @albertopotato Thank you! 😊
montereymb : Yay!!! Nothing is hotter than an otter! Being an otter is otterly amazing!
gustavocuervo_ - clangsjoen - taytaynashdog - montereyontour -
S/O to the homie @aliterarymarvel for inviting me to her class today to talk a little hip-hop history and knowledge of self with her students. #CSUMB #HipHopEd #RAZA580 #DoctorateOnDeck
doctorateondeck - csumb - raza580 - hiphoped -
ms_vero415 : So awesome! ✊
aliterarymarvel : Thankyou for droppin the good word! and making that drive! πŸ‘Š
maggiej67 - elysedm - morganpcampbell - fcsfinest1 -
See ya! #csumb ⚽️
csumb -
kyrobangz : Still can't beat me
zamo4 : You and me 1v1
rg_life : The great zamo, You got it next time you come down aha @zamo4
zamo4 : Graduation weekend I'll be there
tonycar_92 : @rg_life good shit bro keep putting mad work reppin that Bako swag πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘
sirmaxalot9 : Sick!!!!
gav_____ : #thepupera
calistyle94 : πŸ˜πŸ‘ @rg_life
swagientist - jessegama9 - dfitzy19 - joshjimenez_ -
Couple of tattoos from last week and some paintings I have left that I would make a sweet deal on if interested. Comment below or email me for painting inquires. #mry #ca #carmel #california #csumb #paints #painting #duck #mallard #amt
mry - paints - ca - mallard - csumb - california - duck - painting - amt - carmel -
elocinsolrac : Noah My husband & I think you & Kristina are awesome!! Thanks for the his & hers zodiac tats!! We will be back very soon!! @noahb_amt
noahb_amt : Thanks for the love! @elocinsolrac see you guys again soon.
kimberlycoffaro - brandonbtattoo - drewmcginley - cutthroatapparel -
#CSUMB #Flower #Spring The flowers are in bloom! Spring is here at last :)
spring - flower - csumb -
beloved_tumblebrush - tomikovnsr - nomorewe - kidmartin95 -
So close yet so far! Writing about #Tupac so its not so bad now haha #finals #reflection #CSUMB #studyflow #8pages #almost #music
8pages - studyflow - tupac - almost - csumb - music - collegeproblems - finals - reflection -
cole_meets_world : #collegeproblems
prettyliltiamamaa - twineminem - selfpaid_movement - datblesseddude -
Statigram feedback