#cordwainer #city #pounding
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The first step to setting eyelets.. hole punching! #ryaton #brawler #shoemaking #cordwainer #cordonnier #madeincanada #smallbatch #shoes
shoes - cordwainer - shoemaking - ryaton - brawler - smallbatch - madeincanada - cordonnier -
azcodito : I'd hate to screw that part up
mitchiedagger : Daaamn.
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Civitanova by night! Couple of hours off to relax is always a good thing. Work hard, play hard!!! #italy#civitanova#lemarche#city#shoemaking#cordwainer#acceleration#aliveshoes#design#shoedesigner
acceleration - city - italy - cordwainer - civitanova - shoedesigner - design - aliveshoes - shoemaking - lemarche -
brutus8118 : Fawaka mati
miss_cameleo_nn : ja chce takie buty :-) <3
jessdezwart : 😍😍😍
djeyafashion : πŸ‘Œ
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The Ward of Cordwainer #London #city #cordwainer
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The quarter linings, now glued and stitched to the quarters, are trimmed back to the stitching line. Next up, eyelets! #ryaton #brawler #shoemaking #cordwainer #cordonnier #madeincanada #smallbatch #shoes
shoes - cordwainer - shoemaking - ryaton - brawler - smallbatch - madeincanada - cordonnier -
michaelgreyfootwear : Love it !!
nominlabs : Thanks pal, I'm going to have to pour beer in my pants to get out of this Cold Lake sports bar with what's left of my teeth.
ryaton : @nominlabs I maintain that teeth are overrated but beer is not, so let's not be too hasty!
ryaton : @michaelgreyfootwear Thanks man, much appreciated!
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More (not so) exciting assembly line action! #ryaton #brawler #shoemaking #cordwainer #cordonnier #madeincanada #smallbatch #shoes
shoes - cordwainer - shoemaking - ryaton - brawler - smallbatch - madeincanada - cordonnier -
huntamor : 😍
theothercrispin : Feeling rigid
ryaton : @birchandgrey1 Thanks man! Yeah, I might not sleep until then, but I'll be there!
ryaton : @nominlabs @fridgetfactory Ha! Thanks guys! More coming..ish..!
ryaton : @wykg @huntamor :D !!
ryaton : @theothercrispin Lol! Best compliment ever? Yes.
birchandgrey1 : Well I'll buy you a coffee if it means you'll be awake to kill it those days. See you then @ryaton!!!
ryaton : @birchandgrey1 Sounds good man, looking forward to it!
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The creating has started. My shoes are getting a real shape. Next cutting leather and assembly #shoedesign#shoes#heels#cutting#cordwainer#italy#handmade#designprocess
shoedesign - italy - shoes - cordwainer - handmade - cutting - heels - designprocess -
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\\In love with this spring look//. stay tuned! This month will be loaded with new new new featherchild pieces. And the spring look book up this week ;) @ma_bean //model. #featherchild #wytchlyfe #millinery #haberdasher #cordwainer
featherchild - wytchlyfe - haberdasher - millinery - cordwainer -
anjshaybutta : β™₯
_sadiedeluxe : ⚑️⚑️⚑️
ma_bean : So much fun! You amaze! Mwauh!
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#leatherwork#cordwainer. Leather workshop
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loo69 : cooolio
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@lastshoes #cordwainer #customshoes #madeincanada #shoemaker #shoes
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michelouellette : 😧❀️
bertsugarman : Cordwainers are the shit
midnightcobbler : Nice (toe) box
noahrossimo : Look fantastic!
krystalstaarr : @midnightcobbler look at the guy that posted above you! I thought papa ouellette joined Instagram!
midnightcobbler : @krystalstaarr he should!!
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#handmade #cordwainer #mattoconnor madeinvt
mattoconnor - handmade - cordwainer -
saltydogleather : Did he make them for you?
sm_funk : @thebrotherscrisp I need to put in an order.
thebrotherscrisp : @sm_funk I didnt make these! My friend matt oconnor made these. Hey wilkes be starting to take orders soon.
har_den_co : @saltydogleather yeah, this is the second pair he has made for me....we keep refining the fit each time...he is really making some great shoes
nkhole23 : 😍😍
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Mademoisella chooses the perfect sections of leather before carefully hand cutting the pattern pieces for another shoe in progress. #handmadeshoes #shoemaking #cordwainer
handmadeshoes - shoemaking - cordwainer -
mademoisellabutterfly - glamazonelite - jiyunj - hajicouture -
Ran To Dana Hills High School And Back To The Pad In Less Than An Hour And 40 Minutes Feeling Great But My Legs Don't Seem To Think So Hahah Cx.. A Total If 10 Miles Should Have Done Better Cx... #trynagetthat#beachbody#cordwainer#lovefitness#andrunning
beachbody - andrunning - lovefitness - cordwainer - trynagetthat -
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Interior view of the 5 separate pieces stitched together to form only 1 of 2 uppers. Almost ready to join the lining. The awl on the right is pointing to the vamp quarter. The slit is where a functioning zipper will be concealed. Modest estimate of time spent on this portion alone thus far, over 18 hours. #patienceisavirtue #cordwainer #shoemaking #sewing #leatherwork #handmadeshoes #noeasytask
handmadeshoes - noeasytask - leatherwork - cordwainer - patienceisavirtue - sewing - shoemaking -
georgegonis : πŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™Œ yeah @shoegenius
georgegonis : @shoegenius please get an iPhone!!! It's very much needed!! I ❀️❀️❀️❀️❀️❀️ your work!!!! #1 fan!!!!! πŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™Œ
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There are still a few spots available to make shoes with me and Molly Grant of the legendary Cordwainer Shop. North House Folk School, Grand Marais, Minnesota.
handmade - shoes - bespoke - cordwainer -
candidmarie : *shoes above made by students in last years class. #handmade #shoes #bespoke #cordwainer
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Skiving the upper complete. The secret to perfecting the edges is to keep your blade sharp at all times. In this instance, I am using a beveler which often requires multiple replacements for an individual piece. Next step is to stitch these upper components to the lining. #skiving #cordwainer #shoemaking
skiving - shoemaking - cordwainer -
shoegenius : Notice all of the (used) blades in the upper left of photo.
mademoisellabutterfly - merceyanashob - glamazonelite - georgegonis -
I haven't posted anything for a while, I'm excited for my customer to get this pair of shoes I made. This is the last of this leather. It was good while it lasted! #lastshoes #cordwainer #customshoes #madeincanada
customshoes - lastshoes - madeincanada - cordwainer -
partunia : Wow!!!
midnightcobbler : Love
nykkibean : Beautiful!! That color is so amazing.
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Follow me for a sneak peak into world of Haute Shoeture! Over the next few weeks watch a pair of shoes come to life, from start to finish. The first step: 1.#Patterning; one of the most arduous tasks in #shoemaking. Measurements are plugged into equations based on the design, foot size, and heel pitch (the angle of the slope in the rise from ball of the foot to the heel).
handmadeshoes - cordwainer - hauteshoeture - shoedio - patterning - shoegenius - jamessommerfeldt - shoemaking - jsomme -
shoegenius : #handmadeshoes #shoemaking #hauteshoeture #shoegenius
shoegenius : #jsomme #jamessommerfeldt
shoegenius : #shoedio
shoegenius : #cordwainer
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Hand-skiving the lining. Skiving removes bulk from the edges of leather in order to create a smooth and flush seam later on. As with pattern cutting, this is done using a machine in mass manufacture. Although it's very time consuming, performing this technique by hand allows for the greater finesse required of finer leathers and exotic skins, resulting in a more exquisite product.
skiving - leatherwork - cordwainer -
shoegenius : #skiving #leatherwork #cordwainer
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Lasting complete for this run! #ryaton #brawler #smallbatch #shoemaking #cordwainer #cordonnier #madeincanada #shoes
shoes - cordwainer - madeincanada - ryaton - brawler - smallbatch - shoemaking - cordonnier -
ryaton : @derekhuenecke @birchandgrey1 thanks guys, much appreciated!
pammay88 : Appreciate well ceafted things. I am a weaver I understand the love of the process
pammay88 : Crafted. ...sorry
ryaton : @nominlabs Even at a crawling pace you can get there.. just gotta keep moving forward right!?
ryaton : @thebrotherscrisp They's about to get got! I think..!
nominlabs : You bet, a certain kind of craft person can't help but just grind it out, weary or not, it's the slow trickle of things, the small surprises and hard earned progress that you can't fake that taste so good in the back if your dry throat. And anyway, we don't have a choice do we?
ryaton : @nominlabs Ha! You got that right. It's not exactly freedom, but it's not a bad kind of imprisonment either.. At least some days!
ryaton : @lou5048 Sounds good man! Hoping to do a bunch of fittings coming up this spring and get a sense of how true to size these guys are.
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#dreambig #selfie #daynightdream #ode #beinspired We are the music makers, And we are the dreamers of dreams, Wandering by lone sea-breakers, And sitting by desolate streams;β€” World-losers and world-forsakers, On whom the pale moon gleams: Yet we are the movers and shakers Of the world for ever, it seems. ~Arthur O'Shaughnessy, "Ode," 1874
daynightdream - accessorydesigner - castmemarc - cordwainer - selfie - beinspired - londongirl - london - dreambig - ode -
ninz10 : #londongirl #london #cordwainer #accessorydesigner
psi_report_magazine : @flawless_addiction_media
ninz10 : #castmemarc
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OXBLOOD SHOES Great selection of handmade shoes and accessories
fashion - shoes - patina - zΓΌrich - instapic - accessories - cordovan - handmacher - burgol - class - buday - kreis - style - kaufmann - cordwainer - leather - heinrichdinkelacker - handmade - allenedmonds - shoecare - shoesshine - fotooftheday - luxury - switzerland - 2014 - ludwigreiter -
oxbloodshoes : #class #fashion #instapic #allenedmonds #cordwainer #ludwigreiter #handmacher #heinrichdinkelacker #buday #kreis #kaufmann #burgol
oxbloodshoes : @diolindamaria merci!!
firstclass1 : πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ˜˜πŸ˜˜πŸ˜˜
orchideea : Hahaha... special!! πŸ‘
oxbloodshoes : @firstclass1 thanks
oxbloodshoes : @orchideea thank you
rosssaddler : The epitome of shoe porn.
oxbloodshoes : @rosssaddler :-)))
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#scouse #yawhat #haha #topboy #Northampton #cordwainer
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#shoemaking #shoes #cordwainer I forgot about this shoe. Finished it a couple of weeks ago.
shoemaking - shoes - cordwainer -
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Falling in love with ...Natural vegtanned longwing with #leathersole + micro rubber #goodyearwelted constructions and #naturalfinish courtesy of Mr. B πŸ˜»πŸ‘πŸ‘ #nofilter #MTO #classy #guarantee #handgrade ##indonesianwellmade #customshoes #customworks #craftsmanshiprules #cordwainer #shoemaker #brogue #menswear #mensfashion #quality
goodyearwelted - craftsmanshiprules - customworks - cordwainer - leathersole - handgrade - quality - guarantee - indonesianwellmade - menswear - brogue - customshoes - mensfashion - mto - classy - shoemaker - nofilter - naturalfinish -
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Ootd #ootd #outfit #today #latergram #morning #snob #richandroyal #maze #iphone5 #liebeskind #cordwainer #nikefuel #fuelband #healthydonna #redhair #spring #fitspo #healthy #health #sore #leather #exercise #gym
fitspo - spring - gym - outfit - sore - liebeskind - ootd - fuelband - latergram - redhair - nikefuel - healthydonna - cordwainer - healthy - iphone5 - morning - leather - health - today - richandroyal - snob - maze - exercise -
fall4marquezbenton : πŸ’ͺ
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The underside of the toe puff once lasted. This will dry overnight (or longer) before being trimmed and filed to the final profile. #ryaton #brawler #shoemaking #cordwainer #cordonnier #madeincanada #yegfashion #smallbatch #shoes
yegfashion - cordwainer - shoemaking - shoes - ryaton - brawler - smallbatch - madeincanada - cordonnier -
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Back in the shop today, mixing up paste for lasting. Half exterior grade wood glue + half starch paste = delicious shoey goodness. #ryaton #brawler #shoemaking #cordwainer #cordonnier #madeincanada #yeg #smallbatch #shoes
shoes - cordwainer - shoemaking - yeg - ryaton - brawler - smallbatch - madeincanada - cordonnier -
vintage2a : I thought this was the making of a cocktail at first!
ryaton : @vintage2a Ha! In a manner of speaking I suppose it is :P.
jimshootsfilm : While you're at it, remember to apply to the Bison.
ryaton : @jimshootsfilm Oh yeah! Doing it right now!
lastshoes : Is this instead of wheat paste for between your upper and your lining?
ryaton : @lastshoes That's right, yeah. This batch is actually a cornstarch paste, but the idea is the same, I'd say. I use a 50-50 mix of paste to glue. (PVA glue, I think, is the technical term, but I like the idea of exterior grade for it's water resistant properties).
ryaton : Oops.. "its" I mean :P
shoe_asaoka - caulaincourtparis - wilburnforge - rickardguy -
Things did get a bit dustier later in the week though! Anyway, the test pair held up well on a hike through #BulldogCanyon and I'm now back home to the workshop and the internet.. Oh, and winter too :P. #ryaton #brawler #shoemaking #cordwainer #cordonnier #madeincanada #smallbatch #shoes
shoes - cordwainer - madeincanada - ryaton - brawler - smallbatch - bulldogcanyon - shoemaking - cordonnier -
wilfredwk : nice!
nominlabs : Winter heard you were coming and buggered off.
fridgetfactory : Sexy
ryaton : @nominlabs Ha! About damn time!
ryaton : @wilfredwk @fridgetfactory Thanks dudes!
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My Shoe for Tommy Hilfiger Industry Project. #tommyhilfiger #Cordwainer's #shoemaking
shoemaking - tommyhilfiger - cordwainer -
_alytheunicorn_ : Turned out so well @madelinept !
flickpt - vivalasophieg - allygt - mbaulf -
New look. #ΰΉ€ΰΈ‚ΰΈ΄ΰΈ™ΰΉ€ΰΈ₯ΰΈ’ #Cordwainer #Uniqlo
ΰΉ€ΰΈ‚ - uniqlo - cordwainer -
toppipattop - yammiiii - tiibbss - nan_interior -
Adorable wooden baby #shoe last @brooklynshoespace . Another very inspirational meeting tonight. #Cordwainer #shoemaking
shoemaking - shoe - cordwainer -
brooklynshoespace : Looks so big! Even tho they're so tiny!
bhavastudio - simplecareproducts - ecogypsy - dancedosiadance -
A bit of tourist field testing on a rare rainy day in #Arizona. #ryaton #brawler #shoemaking #cordwainer #cordonnier #madeincanada #smallbatch #shoes
arizona - shoes - cordwainer - madeincanada - ryaton - brawler - smallbatch - shoemaking - cordonnier -
azcodito : What part of Arizona?
derekhuenecke : Looking good on foot!
ryaton : @azcodito This was on a short hike near Tortilla Flat. I was working up an appetite for some prickly pear gelato.
azcodito : Awesome. Send me some boots and I'll test the out for you.
ryaton : @azcodito Ha! You got it.
redstarcobbler - birchandgrey1 - northmontanita - bothrops1 -
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