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gypsyrose510 : #endoscopicultrasound #eus #ebus #colonoscopy #egd #endotechsdoitinthedark #workinggirls #gitechspecalist #santarosamemorialhospital #safetyword #relaxandbreath #thiswonthurtabit #backthatthangup
gypsyrose510 : #idealwithassholesallday
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My life for the next two days. 😭😭😭😭😭 #colonoscopy #endoscopy #colonoscopyprep hopefully we will figure out what has been going on with my stomach. #crazystomach #ireallydreadthis #weightloss #weightlossjourney #fitfam #fitness #fitfriends #tiu #healthy #healthylifestyle
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carper_sarah : Good luck!!! Praying for good results
fitandhappykristen : @carper_sarah Thanks my dear!!!!
mellisak9882 : Oh no! I hope everything is okay! Praying for good results!
fitandhappykristen : @mellisak9882 Thanks so much!!
gab365_tiu : @fitandhappykristen sorry to hear that, I will keep you in my prayers
soniesjourney : Best of luck! In my prayers
fitandhappykristen : @gab365_tiu Thanks my dear!!!
fitandhappykristen : @soniesjourney Thanks very much!!
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I'm all done! #done #childrens #colonoscopy #laughinggas #hospital #single #silly #kik #snapchat
childrens - hospital - laughinggas - snapchat - kik - single - done - colonoscopy - silly -
thehurtingsoul : How you doing?
trevrocks16 : How was it?
d3va5tat0r987 : It was alright I was asleep the whole time so I'm all good @trevrocks16 @thehurtingsoul
thehurtingsoul : Good :)
guuigow - lucy_pratel - lynzie_louu - _michielle_cxx -
I'm sure many of us could use today's article! Joe Schlesser has given us a few tips on how to get through the dreaded colonoscopy prep along with a very well-written story about his first colonoscopy! You can find this on our website in our articles sections! Photo credit: #ibd #crohns #ulcerativecolitis #disease #health #hospital #cure #awareness #colonoscopy #medication #medical #procedure #surgery
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heatheratwood_ : The only good thing about a colonoscopy is that you're asleep for it 😂.
ice_diggity : Lol yes 👆👆very true
hannasain1 : I just had one Wednesday and I'm in remission from my Crohn's!!!! :)
crohnsjourney : @hannasain1 Congratulations! 💜
emilyhurt12 : Just had one this morning.. have a few ulcers but nothing serious enough for surgery.. yay! Going to try new medication!
katiemariebenway : Had one a week ago, still have inflammation at my surgery site (which will be 4 years on Sunday). Ugh.
mikesubers : Humira does wonders.
mikesubers : Oh, and so does pot.
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Multitasking like a baws. #Poogle while attending a webinar for work. #donttrustyourbutt #colonoscopy
donttrustyourbutt - poogle - colonoscopy -
westmoundstar -
Prepped and ready for the procedure 😁 #childrens #hospital #colonoscopy #throatstretched #swag #kik #snapchat
kik - swag - childrens - colonoscopy - hospital - throatstretched - snapchat -
walking_fetus : Whats going on :D
walking_fetus : D: * omgomgomg
thehurtingsoul : I'm at children's all the time 😁 the one in Boston though
boorudd_05 : Goodluck bubby😘
d3va5tat0r987 : Thanks sis 😘 @boorudd_05
ganja_lady - bellajolie200 - _graywallflower - xmbxrrr -
#loveyourbutt and #getscreened! If you have a family history of #colorectalcancer or are having any symptoms, talk with your doctor! #Coloncancer is a preventable disease if it is caught early! 💙💪😳 #colonclub #colonoscopy
colonclub - loveyourbutt - colonoscopy - getscreened - colorectalcancer - coloncancer -
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I look so innocent, yet I'm the complete opposite. It's getting harder and harder to smile.
lonely - okay - fu - f - yousickbastard - loner - goaway - u - colonoscopy - inthebutt - justleave - goeffyourself -
_tvpartytonight_ : #lonely #loner #goaway #justleave #okay #f #u #fu #goeffyourself #inthebutt #yousickbastard #colonoscopy
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Big ulcer in the bulbus duodenum. 3 days after Argon-plasma coagulation and drug therapy. Initially Forrest 2a/ Большая язва луковицы двенадцатиперстной кишки через 3 дня после аргон-плазменной коагуляции и медикаментозной терапии. Изначально Forrest 2a.
больница - medical - хирургия - анатомия - medlife - olympus - anatomy - эндоскоп - futuredoctors - врач - colonoscopy - surgery - surgeon - medicine - нгма - doctor - ercp - hospital - endoscopy - медицина - мед - endoscope - нижгма - хирург - medicalschool - эндоскопия -
sn1vel : #endoscopy #endoscope #surgery #surgeon #doctor #medical #medicine #medicalschool #hospital #colonoscopy #ercp #эндоскопия #эндоскоп #медицина #хирургия #хирург #врач #больница #нижгма #нгма #Olympus #мед #анатомия #medlife #anatomy #futuredoctors
juliamagagnotti : @maneal1987
mparaboli : Great pics My best thanks
geraldjpolanco : @zerofour13
fitandhappykristen - giuliagurza - karandasheva - yellosanchez -
You know swag is in your blood when your mom still has it when she's hooked up to an IV and drinking a powder that's gonna make her shit for hours to prepare herself for a colonoscopy. #swag #hospital #hospitalized #colonoscopy #lol
hospitalized - swag - hospital - lol - colonoscopy -
estrella_spencer - jaxckie_duliere - madisonswift - justiceofthemoon -
#hospital #stomach #colonoscopy #gastroscopy #noschool #hungry
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bigbird6929 - abbeylaree - alexaircraft145 - yoemer94 -
Had a #colonoscopy diagnosis #ulcerativeproctitis could have been something worse, thank God it was not. #beproactive #getacolonoscopy #itcouldsaveyourlife it is scary but the worst part is the crap you have to drink the night before. Colon cancer is the 2nd highest form of cancer and completely preventable. #beatcancer before it starts.
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lawaia_56 : @jerrimontanez , the cleansing stuff ah? Drink that crap every hour for like 12 hours or something like that. Straight water the whole time. And afterwards, you could probably eat a whale. LoL. The whale thing I laughing at, nothing else sorry
jerrimontanez : @lawaia_56 yes that was the worst part. I stayed in the bathroom with a good book. Lol
swagtag_445 -
Sooooooo tomorrow I start the prep for a #colonoscopy on Thursday 🙈 TMI? #sorrynotsorry it's part of life 😁 I used to get these done yearly as my mom had #coloncancer at 32. 👎 The last one I had my polyps were ok so they let me wait 5⃣ yrs. well the time ⌚️ has come. Prepare for some b***hing and moaning tomorrow since I'll be living off #Gatorade, #laxatives and #jello 😫😫😫 #mightneedpreparationhtoo #settingupofficeintheloo #stuffingmyfacebeforemidnight
cancerfree - runsinourfamily - besafe - igfitmoms - preventivecare - mybodyisatemple - workfromhome - settingupofficeintheloo - igfitness - stuffingmyfacebeforemidnight - fitmom - coloncancer - laxatives - gatorade - mightneedpreparationhtoo - colonoscopy - sorrynotsorry - takecareofyourbody - jello - keepitthatway - fitfam -
beckettfitness : #fitfam #fitmom #igfitmoms #igfitness #preventivecare #besafe #takecareofyourbody #mybodyisatemple #cancerfree #keepitthatway #runsinourfamily #workfromhome
mrs_dubshaw : Oh no good luck love and enjoy that meal! 😘
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My night just got worse. #colonoscopy, #colonblow, #Tasteslikelemonseawater
colonblow - tasteslikelemonseawater - colonoscopy -
kimberlydandino : Yuck! Good luck!
Just one of my new jokes I'm working out. #itsFunnyCauseItsTrue #truth #cooper #gotham #comedy #funny #gay #gayboy #instalike #colonoscopy #skinny @dougzie
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aelbordiny91 : Lol I need to come see you perform!
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And so it begins :-/ #prepday #colonoscopy #fml #liquiddietssuck
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sagan_bush : That liquid stuff sucks but the procedures not that bad I had one in high school
kayakgirl315 : I'm not looking forward to any of it....I've downed 2's not awful cold. But idk if I can handle it every 15 minutes lol @sagan_bush
sagan_bush : I couldn't keep it down but man did it clean me out.. My mom though I was gonna die lol. I only drank half of it (give or take from throwing up) and they said I had enough to still do the procedure
kayakgirl315 : I'm. Not throwing up.....but it's working ;-/
_sammi_13 : What's a colonoscopy
kayakgirl315 : Google it @_sammi_13
acarlber : Cruel is what it is! It's like a terrorist attack down there!!
acarlber -
NO POLYPS!!! Yay!!! Everything looked great and the procedure was easy peasy! And this picture? Jeff took it while he was waiting for me to wake up in recovery and texted it to me with the caption, "sleeping like a baby!" I will need to get one every 5 years with our family history. I am so thankful I had this done and for the peace of mind. #totallyworththeprep 👍 Thanks for being supportive as I shared this journey through social media. #coloncancerawareness
coloncancerawareness - totallyworththeprep -
cindylitwin : great news.
maynard4 : Yeah!!
momsteroftwo : Glad everything is good!
momoffourpeas : Whooo hoooo!!
alisonnay : Yay! And you look beautiful.
emmylyn : So glad you're doing well!
raulbar : So glad everything is ok! I need also the same exam.
thehappilyeverafter : How sweet do you look here! 💕 Glad you got good results, hon! 😘
thestoryofouradoption - stelladotcristi - myextraig - bgbyhp -
👍 Almost go time! The reason I'm being so open about this on social media is because my dad died of colon cancer that he got in his 40's. I'm hoping to raise awareness and help people know that screening isn't so scary! #colonoscopy
colonoscopy -
amberw_rn : So proud of you!!
fitandhappykristen : Good for you! I'm having one Monday! How awful was the prep?? Haha
momsteroftwo : Good luck. Hope everything goes well
ivrnnj : You are a beautiful person!
rhonnafarrer : 💛✨
anneke_louise : You are amazing 💖💖💖
bostonttc : You are doing a great thing for yourself and for your family. I'm so sorry for the loss of your dad at such a young age, but I have to imagine he would be so proud of you!!
littlecalimum : 💗🌟💗✨
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Nothing like a bowl of my lady's famous red wine fire-rhea chili to start off tax day. Should keep the IRS at bay for the day. #firerrhea #redwinechili #shartsfordays #taxday #colonoscopy #DIYlaxative #fartawaytheCPA
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stephen_is_cool : @ace_ownsyou
joeygladstoned - burnzsandiego - bearded_muscle - daveyroots -
She's ready to go!!!! 👍🙏❤️ #colonoscopy #yuck
yuck - colonoscopy -
sarahknapp4 : Hope everything goes okay for her!!
ambrygenetics - kwelch91 - stupiddumbbreastcancer - ahub10 -
Did a double take when I saw this #colonoscopy
colonoscopy -
mattpollock : 😂
stephen_is_cool : Hahahaha. That probably the funniest thing in town. Smh
zach059 - jonnyrod9 - samanthalynne312 - mattpollock -
This is what I like to call my drugged up hangover moment I don't remember taking any of these or sending them to the few I did sorry @janis_j24 @lilraeraeboss lol #colonoscopy #cleansing #screening #cancerscreening #cancerawarness #fxckcancer #iwashigh #woooow #drprobedme #allsmiles
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surrender2serenity - extremophile_elite - greenhulk62 - mackypoo91 -
hiyapapayamommy we go! Chug a lug! (Or should I say bottoms up?😉) #colonoscopyprep #tmi?
tmi - colonoscopyprep -
momoffourpeas : At least you can have IG to keep you company while you're, well you know!! ;) xoxo
tperot : My mom did as well. I am due for my second in July. Easy peasy y'all. And you feel so skinny afterwards! #bonus
lnsphoto : So we can assume by all future posts that you have signal in your bathroom? 😂 Good luck! I don't envy you! 😜💩😭💕
lnsphoto : #sorrynotsorry for poo emoji. Praying for you and hoping this makes you smile! 💩💩💩💩
maynard4 : Yuck! That's always the worst part! Good luck sweetie!
dixie_mom : Whoa!
jkdavis6 : The prep is the worst part. Good luck!
rhonnafarrer : Hugs! Been there done that. U can do this!!!! 💛💛💛💛
emilyhigg101 - 22alfox - itsriza - kristilyn911 -
#ambulatorysurgerycenter #allsuitedup #readytogo #colonoscopy #17 #cancerproblems #lovemyanasthesiologist
ambulatorysurgerycenter - allsuitedup - 17 - lovemyanasthesiologist - readytogo - cancerproblems - colonoscopy -
roxtar13 : Hope all goes well
fritterfrazier : Ty! @roxtar13
roxtar13 : No problem. What cancer you have & age
fritterfrazier : I had colon cancer at the age of 26. Im.good now. And 30. Routine colonoscopys.all the time lol
fritterfrazier : Going to a.colorectal.surgeon for a.second opinion. Have an ulceration spot. But all is will be!
debbie2011 : So what about that spot?
debbie2011 : Mommy is going to worry until I know that is nothing.
stephen_is_cool : Might I ask what from? Im 27 and have been smoking cigarettes for 9 years now. Seeing more and more commercials about cancer and very poor health caused by cigarettes.
roxtar13 - stephen_is_cool - debbie2011 -
Hey Dr before you give me the results let's take a selfie lmao yes I got a pic with the Dr. Why the hell not the man just did probe me haha. #colonoscopy #drpatel #probed everything turned out Ok #fxckcancer get screened could save a life I was told I'm good come back in 5 years #cancerawarness #imhigh #screening
drpatel - screening - fxckcancer - colonoscopy - probed - imhigh - cancerawarness -
awesome_allotta - forevertrevors - edenarielle - cheyenne_ted -
April 14th - LUNCH #hiyapapayaphotoaday @hiyapapayaphotoaday Why, oh why did I choose the prompt "lunch" for a day when I can only eat and drink clear liquids? All of your images in the hashtag are making me hungry! 😂 #colonoscopyprepday #brothandapplejuice
vscocam - colonprep - clearliquidsdiet - glasshalffull - clearliquids - photoaday - juice - colonoscopyprepday - brothandapplejuice - hiyapapayaphotoaday - colonoscopy - vsco - broth -
hiyapapayamommy : #colonprep #clearliquids #clearliquidsdiet #colonoscopy #photoaday #juice #broth #vsco #vscocam
breezydesigns : I have that same glass! So pretty! 💙
navajogal : Love your glass! So cute!
angibarrs : I always love my flat tummy after the prep! 😃
hiyapapayamommy : @angibarrs that's a great way to think of it! 😊 #glasshalffull
hiyapapayascloset - thestoryofouradoption - hiyapapayas - shann81311 -
#welcometomoes couldn't have said it better myself #haha #colonoscopy #fireass
fireass - haha - welcometomoes - colonoscopy -
underoath18v : Hahahahahhahahahah
mdeuel23 - jared_manhardt - abbyyyypowell - sweir912 -
Pyloric part of the stomach. Big polyp with ulceration in the central part. Histology: :-) hyperplastic polyp. / Большой полип с изъязвлением в пилорической части желудка. По данным гистологии: гиперпластический полип.
больница - medical - хирургия - анатомия - medlife - olympus - anatomy - эндоскоп - futuredoctors - врач - colonoscopy - surgery - surgeon - medicine - нгма - doctor - ercp - hospital - endoscopy - медицина - мед - endoscope - нижгма - хирург - medicalschool - эндоскопия -
sn1vel : #endoscopy #endoscope #surgery #surgeon #doctor #medical #medicine #medicalschool #hospital #colonoscopy #ercp #эндоскопия #эндоскоп #медицина #хирургия #хирург #врач #больница #нижгма #нгма #Olympus #мед #анатомия #medlife #anatomy #futuredoctors
mparaboli : Great case congratulations differential diagnosis :GIST! Leiomyoma! my best thanks
abdullah__kattan : Great work & Thanks for sharing this with us looking forward for more videos
dadoprsolanre - lara_seagull - forester58 -
Get your booty over to the @cool nclub and follow us! Colon cancer is preventable, and we want everyone to know when and how to get screened! #coloncancer #colorectalcancer #colonoscopy #cancer #coloncancersucks #colonclub #colondar
coloncancer - colondar - coloncancersucks - cancer - colonoscopy - colonclub - colorectalcancer -
lbmotley : That should say @colonclub 😁😳
sarahk_martin789 - jessicamccormac1 - brentbsmith - sassyhines25 -
Yep im naked under this gown #colonoscopy #fxckcancer got to make sure I am good and clean #screening #hospital #nofun
nofun - hospital - screening - fxckcancer - colonoscopy -
mackypoo91 -
Good morning loves 😊⛅️ today I should be getting an endoscopy and colonoscopy at the same time, I'll be asleep hopefully though 😊👌 hope you're all having a wonderful morning and day 😊💕 much much love 💕 #cf #cyster #cysticfibrosis #cirrhosisofliver #chronicpain #chronicinfections #chronicillnesslife #chronicillnesssiblings #dios #diabetes #depression #asthma #anxiety #arthritis #hospitallife #fight #soldier #endoscopy #colonoscopy #morning #nervous #bringit
chronicpain - cyster - cysticfibrosis - arthritis - bringit - cf - chronicillnesslife - dios - morning - depression - diabetes - hospitallife - chronicillnesssiblings - colonoscopy - anxiety - asthma - nervous - endoscopy - fight - soldier - cirrhosisofliver - chronicinfections -
___marilyn___ : Your beautiful
jellyfish_trashboat17_cats : Keep bein strong beautiful :) love u :)
shawnveets : Stay strong I admire your bravery!!My family prays for you!
duchessshannon : Good luck! I've had 2 endoscopes and 1 colonoscopy and they aren't too bad. Your chest will be sore for a day or two and you'll feel a bit bloated but it's not too bad
duchessshannon : Praying for you
strangedayshavefoundus : I hate those! You'll rock it! 🌹❤️
theleonorasabrinaronja - miadai1323 - gendi_fighting_eds -
It's a beautiful day but all I think is about my #colonoscopy tomorrow! I am the only one in this world who really can't drink the prep?! I barely drink water and they think I can afford 3L... Hum nope... I really don't eat that much with my tpn so yeah we'll see... I hope he is gonna do something about my pain because I'm going to be crazy! Even if it's surgery again, just want to be able to eat, sleep, just live... * Juste super stressée à cause de demain, on croise les doigts pour que ça passe vite et que j'ai mes réponses! #nature #sunny #sun #bigdaytomorrow #afraid #crohns #crohnie #spoonie #ostomy
crohnie - afraid - spoonie - bigdaytomorrow - sun - nature - sunny - colonoscopy - ostomy - crohns -
ur_killin_me_smalls85 : It justifies the entire experience. The anaesthesia was fun too actually 😋
xanaria : Yeah colonoscopy prep suck we are agree ahah. I was thinking anaesthesia was the easy part?! @ur_killin_me_smalls85
ur_killin_me_smalls85 : @xanaria they used a New anaesthesia my last 2. I loved it! I woke up more well rested than I've felt in forever. It gave me happy moods for 2 days. It was very easy to wake up from. I hope you get the same one!! Keep us updated!
xanaria : Oh it's seems really good and even more to someone who can't sleep. I cross my fingers to have it ahah. @ur_killin_me_smalls85
gwenhaylock : @xanaria good luck for tomorrow! I had to have one last month xxxx
the_mirrorman : 😁peaceful city
xanaria : Thank you ♥, the colo in itself don't scare me but really the prep is the hard part and of course after that the result! @gwenhaylock
gwenhaylock : @xanaria hope you're ok today. I agree the prep is defo the worst part xxx
meganrm_ - the_mirrorman - gaetanomaddy - crohnscooking -
Breakfast of champions. Well, champion of routine screenings. #colonoscopy #50yearoldprobs #screeningsaveslives #notsobad #gottajustdoit
gottajustdoit - notsobad - 50yearoldprobs - screeningsaveslives - colonoscopy -
sarahqswain : Proud of you!
sarahqswain - elizabethleahb - greglsmith - haleyb_thatsme -
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