Viernes santo en CTB #Christtab #CTBUSHWICK
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There is a rugged cross it is proof of unshakeable love, it is enough for me #goodfriday #christtab #chrisdurso #love #God #christian #Jesus
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This dude @christongray album "School of Roses" is amazing!! @justadvocate put me on...and I haven't stopped listening yet!!! He wasn't afraid to go out the box.
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realpae : You missed him last he was at a concert with @andymineo @marzferrer & @christongray...where you been hiding...
magellanlive : What's good @realpae!!! Yeah I def gotta catch @christongray live!
realpae : I'm good bro...been a while since I seen ya...u still at #christtab
magellanlive : #christtab is always my church home...but I been in the dmv area for almost 4 years now.
magellanlive : @realpae
realpae :'s been a long minute's your wonderful family?
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Team praying for weekend service. Thank you JEsus for these faithful servants. #CTBUSHWICK #Christtab
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Behind the scenes...literally! #Easter #tech #prep #ctta #christtab #whatexactlyarewelookingat
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Rabbi Fenchel in the house #christtab #passover #shalom #yeshuathejewishmessiah
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Have a great day! #Sunday #PalmSunday #ILoveMyChurch #ILoveMyTeam #YouAreHere #SoBeHere #ChristTab #Grateful
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jessicahammondmusic : I absolutely love you& your incredible heart! You amaze me bro.
desire_ramos : Thank you @jessicahammondmusic!! You are the amazing one!! Love you!!!
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I love that my pastor @chrisdurso invests his time teaching and developing the gifts of the next wave of communicators, teachers & preachers. #misfit #communicators #christtab #ilovemychurch
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jamesgabriel : #misfitnyc
chrisdurso : Love you too man!!
lynncord : Love both of you! Two of the most influential leaders in my life!
danielmims9 : That's awesome!! Looks like I might need to move to NYC to hear some of this!! Haha @jamesgabriel
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Such an awesome time and experience. To see people praise God is such a great thing and to be there praising him as well... Ahhh๐Ÿ™ #anthem#anthem2014#christtab#love#church
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Live streaming #misfitnyc #christtab Praise God wherever you stand, for His grace is sufficient!
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jayayceekayiie : Love that song!!
sfranquiz34 : Service was powerful! I'm glad that you were able to watch online!
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These two are simply the Best!!! Leading this movement called Misfit NYC..they are setting the youth of NYC on fire for God and so privileged & honored to call them my pastors..#misfitmondays#misfitconf2014#mypastors#leaders#teachers#mentors#theworldislistening#ChristTab#letsgetemNYC
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chrisdurso : Honored to be your pastor! Love you man.
oscarthelionnyc : Thank you pastor...your awesome! May God bless you & renew your strength you too ๐Ÿ˜„โœŒ๏ธ @chrisdurso
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Follow the **NEW** Christ Tabernacle Young Adult Life Group Page. @youngadultlifegroupct @youngadultlifegroupct @youngadultlifegroupct @youngadultlifegroupct @youngadultlifegroupct #Christtab #CT #youngadults #YAlifegroups
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Greekfest 2014 is almost here and the lineup has only gotten better. April 26th at 7pm we have the StayLIT Worship Band, Roaring Lions Praise Dance, spoken word by Krista Jones, Tromain, and Fresh Fire Band. But just announced tonight special guest speaker @ralph_castillo of @misfitnyc #ChristTab. To reserve your spot email us at You have from now until the end of the day April 9th to lock in at a special $5 price after that the price goes up to $7. So act fast! #TeamSaltnLight @staylitministry
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jcrewz21 : @roaringlionsyouth @krisalene @tromain @freshfirepro @misfit_nyc
freshfirepro : @jcrewz21... Definitely can leave out the "BAND" part. It's just Fresh Fire
ralph_castillo : Can't wait!
jcrewz21 : Got ya @freshfirepro
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Greekfest 2014 is almost here and the lineup has only gotten better. April 26th at 7pm we have the StayLIT Worship Band, Roaring Lions Praise Dance, spoken word by Krista Jones, Tromain, and Fresh Fire Band. But just announce tonight special guest speaker @ralph_castillo of @misfitnyc #ChristTab. To reserve your spot email us at You have from now until the end of the day April 9th to lock in at a special $5 price after that the price goes up to $7. So act fast! #TeamSaltnLight @staylitministry
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staylitministry : @roaringlionsyouth @krisalene @tromain @freshfirepro @misfit_nyc
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My #church. #Worshipping the #Kingofkings and #Lordoflords. #Jesus#JesusChrist#God#AlmightyOne#christtab#christtabernacle#mychurch#noplacelikehome#christian#manofGod#womenofGod#family#happy#happiness#bornagain
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Was a packed house tonight!!! #ilovemychurch#OUTCRY#mnyc#worstbehavior#amazingservice#Godwasinthebuilding#christtab
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desire_ramos : Great shot!! & Thanks for what you do bro. Great talent! Praise Him!!
oscarthelionnyc : Thanks bro...your awesome too bro..we can't do what we do without you either..All For Jesus! @usmc_rahhmos
desire_ramos : Amen bro
mizz_starr : What church is this? Is it in NYC ? Are all welcomed to attend service ? @oscars_nyc
oscarthelionnyc : This is my Home church, Christ's located at 64-34 Myrtle Avenue, Glendale NY 11385 you can also check out our website yes! All are ALWAYS welcomed to attend..we always do our best to make you feel at home..we have youth services on Fridays at 7:30pm & Sundays services 9:00 am, 11:00am, & 1:00pm COME OVER ๐Ÿ˜„ @mizz_starr
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Selfie before Band practice...#freshcut#whynot#practice#mnyc#christtab#comingfromLI#TheLion#lionheart#misfit
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Tomorrow we have a good friend joining us at @arise_nyc ...... Jason Ayala from Christ Tab will be bringing word to our young people. It's going to be an amazing time if your free tomorrow night and looking to be blessed this is the place for you!!!! #cantwait #arisenyc #brooklyn #queens #christtab
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This Friday we have Jason Ayala from #Christtab blessing us and some more Special guests..... Don't miss it!!!! #wecanmakeadifference #Arisenyc #brooklyn #queens #manhattan #bronx #kingdomdriven
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Pastor adams' altar call @ctbushwick today #CTBUSHWICK #Christtab #Noah #noe one more week to go of this Awesome series, can't wait to see what Pastor Lorenzo will speak next week..
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Loving this afternoon in church...Pastor Ralph delivering an amazing message.. #ilovemychurch#christtab
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Getting into our last session with my Life Group..."Taking Responsibility" #LoveMyLifeGroup#ilovemychurch#christtab#youngadults
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This was last night...these guys are awesome and I'm privileged to serve in ministry beside them..All of us representing that Love..Do Everything In Love shirt by skate4jesus lead by another amazing leader & friend Diana...Lets Change the World for Jesus! #skate4jesusnyc#christtab#latergram#misfits#misfitnyc#doeverythinginlove
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Guess where I am ministering at #Tonight?!?!?
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jaysh__ : Let's get it boo ๐Ÿ˜˜ there in spirit. Lol
taesinga : @th3saga I thought u said the 22nd???
th3saga : @taesinga it is the 22nd
taesinga : @th3saga no it's the 21st
bronxemcee : @th3saga where this?
th3saga : No @taesinga last night I was just rapping at Misfit today is the gig at that church tho
th3saga : @bronxemcee #christtab
taesinga : @th3saga oh ight
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SUCH a great morning with The Legacy what's going on here in Brooklyn..helped the team give to 150+ families...#christtab#brooklyntab#hillsongNYC#okc#allworkingasone#transformthecommunity#ilovemychurch
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@thelegacycenter teamed up with @redeyeinc @BrooklynTab @christTab and @HarvestOKC today to bring some love to the Families of #Brooklyn!! #JustADayAtTheOffice #TheLegacyCenter #ChurchLife #Church #RedEye #BrooklynTab #ChristTab #HelpUsHelp
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jimhoagnyc : Yes!
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So glad I made it just in time to hear pastor @chrisdurso preach.... I can listen to him preach for days!!!! #ilovemychurch #christtab #prayermeeting
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lynncord : Yes! Well said. Love you both!
nowthatsmajor : I thought that was YOU, mi amigo.
yahrisdurso : I love him.
danielmims9 : @chrisdurso is the man
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At our worst He never fails to give us His best ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ’ž #ilovemychurch #MNYC #ChristTab | FRIDAYS @ 8pm!
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royaltybynature : @charmingmisfit nah. Every Monday they reveal a new person who's gonna be preaching at the misfit conference in August.
charmingmisfit : Ohh okay
_blowyamind : @royaltybynature where is this church?
royaltybynature : @_blowyamind Glendale queens "Christ tabernacle church"
jalitsawrapsit : I go to Hillsong and have been wondering about Christ Tabernacle since I live in Queens. What's your comparison? Have you been to both?
royaltybynature : @jalitsawrapsit I've been to Hillsong 1 time when they didn't have a legit site yet. I must say there's something about Christ tab that feels like HOME to me. โ˜บ๏ธ it's worth the visit. You should visit this Friday. It's gonna be AMAZING.
brandondiaz1313 : Cool
brandondiaz1313 : Misfits worst behavior week
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Serie Noe. No se la pierda en ambos campus. Comienza domingo 16 de marzo. #Noah #CTBUSHWICK #Christtab
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It's that time of the year!!! First practice for CT Royals #christtab #softball #spring
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danielmims9 : I definitely need to be there!
hec_rodriguez : Were there any spots open I've been waiting for a call from tweet mens ministry
hec_rodriguez : The Mens*
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In awe of how amazing our King is! We worship your Holy Name, for You are worthy of it all!
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his_bride07 : Wow! He is so great!!!
mckenna_09 : Indeed He is! It was such a blessing tonight! @his_bride07
mckenna_09 : @lyricallyillmatic I love you bro! Thank you for the invite!!!!!
mckenna_09 : #christtab #christian #shutupand #listentoGod #bestill #misfitnyc #myKingisalive
lyricallyillmatic : Blessed to praise Him wit you mah man.
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After 20 minutes I got it to work. The internet was a gift from God. Live stream is the best thing to ever happen. Let the Spirit of God break through all wall, let the Holy Spirit fall on you and your family. Don't let your pride get in the way of what God wants to do in your life. Let the things of the world go and look unto God and let Him work in you the way He wants to. Lift your hands and raise your voice, the cross was more than enough for you. Do not refuse it let it take over you and see the things God has planed for you. #livestream #lovemychurch #kingjesus #spiritbreakout #misfitnyc #MISFiT #holyspirit #christtab #productsofgrace #Grace #thepowerofthecross
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Helping create a basic floor plan for the Legacy Center Warehouse...#TLC#christtab#ilovemychurch#helping#architect
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xandresworldx : See u tonight bro!! @oscars_nyc
oscarthelionnyc : Yesss bro!! Will be another great night at MNYC! @xandresworldx
nybruno : Bro with you need any help let me know I work in construction! @oscars_nyc
oscarthelionnyc : Thanks bro...I'll def let you know if anything @bancnn
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