The #holybowly is happening right now @irideparkcity and it is going off! Almost the entire #celtekclan is up riding the transitions along with all of the homies. Too many to @ Get up there if you can and try and poach it or wait until Sunday for the public shred day. A few heads up there @zacmarben @staxwood @brodiemitchell @bjornleines @erikleines @twsnow @lickthecat @snowboardermag @yobeat @jamiemlynn @bundyvision @sam_hulbert @reis_the_beast @sagekotsenburg @erikleines @gsiebs @justinbennee @chris_grenier @kazukokubo @aaronbiittner @deadlung @lucasillwoodmagoon and on and on! Sickest session! Thanks to krush and @snowboyproductions for killing it! #nothingtoprove #bowls #skateboardpool #pools
pools - holybowly - skateboardpool - celtekclan - nothingtoprove - bowls -
adamverb : @oarsoncneill sweet skate park looking thing damn
jo_gnar : @celtek I'll be there Sunday...
coltonleo4 : @jamesmerrell
pcski : Awesome shot!
aycshanobi - dimasicktm - snow_stalker - staxwood -
#powderdreams with these #timeless #shredders @snowbird @thedavestersfk @deadlung @aaronbiittner #celtekclan @celtek #nothingtoprove @dyesnow @romesnowboards @ua_action @theyouthsheltersupply #tramlaps #sendit #shredaholics
celtekclan - tramlaps - timeless - powderdreams - sendit - nothingtoprove - shredaholics - shredders -
arkadesnowboarding : Good group right there!!
hubbardsteve : @tite___ crew
rc_co : Proper crew... AK missed ya this year, do it again next spring @bjornleines
culminationproject - beachbookjpn - tmace007 - britosaurus -
Stoked to come home to this epic gear from @celtek !!
celtekclan -
jake_tahoe : Yaaa those boa gloves will never fall off your hands haha
pletzel_out : Will you sponsor me
scol_patrol : yo i need sponsors
travis_specht : That boa system #needswork #improvements
mayohmy : Damn boy!!! Pair for every outfit. Worse than a girl n her shoes haha
nickgeisen : Thank you @swoolworth @erikleines
nickgeisen : #celtekclan
willie_gray3 - laramay71 - bryant265 - connor_stohlgren -
Celtek or die! #celtek #celtekclan #trippinmittens
trippinmittens - celtekclan - celtek -
mikeyg_314 - aceaton - mamadwarf -
New @celtek balaclava! So #stoked you guys are the best! @erikleines @bjornleines #celtekclan forever #celtek #gratefulshred
celtek - celtekclan - stoked - gratefulshred -
celtek - dhairstonjr - _tiedyehobo_ - space_trucker -
Happy New Year everyone straight from the #jibfarm in MN. @bjornleines @aaronbiittner @instalazz @darcybacha @kritterbrick @youngastin @shaners4l and the entire #celtekclan regram πŸ“·@lelandmcnamara Wishing you the best 2014 possible!! We are forever thankful of all of your support!
jibfarm - celtekclan -
the_fuzz_man : I live in Minnesota were r u in MN
ogjunker : Happy New year as well friends!!
celtek : @the_fuzz_man it's top secret. ...But you could maybe arm wrestle one of the dudes for the info πŸ’ͺ
shred_mn : Arm wrestle Viktor Simco I dare you @the_fuzz_man @celtek
instalazz : @the_fuzz_man I'll take ya @celtek 😑😝😝😝😜
aaronbiittner - matt_adamss - cory_craig21 - howell_19 -
Merry Xmas!! Thank you SO so much gentlemen! Can't wait to put these too good use! πŸ™πŸ™Œ Support these guys and get yourself a pair...#goodmoralsandvibes #celtekclan #celtekfam. @bjornleines @erikleines @celtek @swoolworth
celtekfam - celtekclan - goodmoralsandvibes -
celtek - vincheesel - daliahv - cdubreppin -
Thanks @celtek for the care package! So stoked to be a part of the #celtekclan. My hands and face will never be cold again!
celtekclan -
celtek : @bjornleines
gros_chef_bandit - shawnrunty - dieguito_guizmo - dycktron -
The spot is #shreddy Out in the streets with rad dudes @e_stone @_jonstark_ #merica #pregame #jibsnotjobs #celtekclan @romesnowboards @dyesnow @celtek @theyouthsheltersupply @remindinsoles @bluebirdwaxandsnowboards
celtekclan - merica - shreddy - jibsnotjobs - pregame -
rkuznetsov - cherni_andrey - willowthekid - chris_coulter -
There are some heavy hitters in yyc! #wintershere #celtekclan
wintershere - celtekclan -
greasus_h_murphy : @gangdirtttt what did you do on it?
mattzuto : Nice
robheule : @jordanpphillips that's my bitch
logiehurd : ha I probably couldn't even land that in a video game
oilcountrycrew : @steveo145 nice call out
oilcountrycrew : Is that the stupid hospital rail?
greasus_h_murphy : @robheule can I be your bitch!??
warwickandrews : High fives if someone cleaned it
wyattlarsonn - warwickandrews - derekhale - beardin -
The #celtekclan always knows how to start the shred season off right!! Thanx for the LOVE @erikleines @celtek @thedavestersfk #celtek @swoolworth @bjornleines
celtek - celtekclan -
larricaf : Time for some #celtek gloves!!! #rasta
dalonart : Early Christmas!
digitalcriminal : Got that wu face mask homie
mercenarymerchandise : I got snapbacks and facemask to match. Haha. #Goodlife
bigmikemayhem - beauknowsphotos - yayawa - therealdannybateman -
No more cold hands on the mountain this winter! thanks @celtek and @milosportorem #celtekclan #milosportorem
milosportorem - celtekclan -
bsouth801 : Where do you ride?
chantellaurendesigns : @bsouth801 Brighton :)
celtek - kensbart - melaniemozer - danyelsnow -
Reppin' my best stickers though. @celtek @catchsurf #forumsnowboards #rip #celtekclan #iridehockeymoms #catchsurf #macbookpro #stickersandstuff
catchsurf - celtekclan - stickersandstuff - forumsnowboards - iridehockeymoms - macbookpro - rip -
celtek - benskiii - rominalovesyou - illeona -
Happy Halloween from @bittenbyamitten and the entire #celtekclan πŸ”₯πŸ”₯
celtekclan -
fonz27 : So nasty!
tcube1 : Sick
artschoolskateboards : @mattfrenchart you draw this one son?
mattfrenchart : @artschoolskateboards yup
artschoolskateboards : @mattfrenchart very amazing
andybschultz - ryuichi_kabeta - holzi66 - darnell701 -
Celtek gloves ain't nothing to fuck with. The Wu collection in shop now. Gloves, toques, beanies and face masks available! Cop em before your friends do. #wutang #celtekclan
wutang - celtekclan -
thesourceladies : Glover 
blairjoseph - highlyintellectual - yayo_plzz - eastbomb -
From the sketchbook to the glove
handwear - snowboardinggloves - fashionhandwear - celtek - wintergloves - cuttingedge - handfashion - fashiongloves - snowboardgloves - forefrontoffashion - skigloves - snowgloves - celtekclan - springgloves - fingerfashion - glove - gloves - glovefashion - celtekgloves - handwearfashion - streetwear -
matthew_gerlach : Once again AMAZING!
mattfrenchart : Thanks @ar4t! I'm working on a group project right now, that I'd like to talk to you about.
mattfrenchart : Thanks @matthew_gerlach! Yer truck is gonna get it tomorrow. So stokedddddd!!!!!!!!!!
mattfrenchart : #springgloves #gloves #skigloves #snowboardinggloves #snowboardgloves #wintergloves #snowgloves #handwear #handfashion #handwearfashion #fashionhandwear #fashiongloves #streetwear #glove #fashiongloves #glovefashion #fingerfashion #forefrontoffashion #cuttingedge
mattfrenchart : #celtek #celtekclan #celtekgloves
85jettadeluxe : @mattfrenchart when and where can I get a pair if these?
mistah_dab : Did you do last years too? The winged eye
mattfrenchart : @mistah_dab yes
rickdfsu - dc_meadows - umagonia - humbleninja77 -
It's #humpday again and you know what that means.. #WuWednesday is back!! @celtek #triggermit #trippin #celtekclan #cream
triggermit - trippin - celtekclan - wuwednesday - humpday - cream -
ginge_j : Tight !!
sharephoto : Celtek rules everything around me!
samuler : Bangbang
thepartysnake : Those are dope! Need a pair.
artyparty7 : Amazing!!!! Must haves #wutangforever
jimhunch : Omg that's sick
mtnlifer : Need me a pair ASAP
denman1979 - neal_scruffy_lally - tysons - doublechee5e -
#WuWednesday brought to you by @celtek Can't wait to throw up some W's this season!! #winteriscoming #celtekclan #wutangforever
wutangforever - winteriscoming - celtekclan - wuwednesday -
snowmanparniak : #epic
dirkyarmush : Sickter!
hip_hop_hypnosis : Soo want
drkillian : @big_j_fizzle
dan_merrell : @kylelderhorst
mickeycal : @sho714 ninja need a pair @anthai
sho714 : Sick @mickeycal πŸ‘
anthai : I see dat @mickeycal
jamie_winehouse - mutskikins - sho714 - explicit_la -
The new issue of @twsnow just dropped featuring @celtek team rider @gigiruef on the cover! He's wearing the #bittenbyamitten One of @jrhagency favorites!! Yep #handpuppets for the chairlift! #morefun #celtekclan
morefun - handpuppets - celtekclan - bittenbyamitten -
linneasimplechaos : @jrhagency do the hand puppets come in kid size?
jrhagency : They sure do! @linneasimplechaos Clown Fish, Killer Whale, Robo Dog, and Rasta Tucan are the choices for the little rippers!
linneasimplechaos : Nice !
mattfrenchart : #idrewthat
erikleines - natetaft - tomhoney - keamowat -
Big day for @celtek in LA checking on the new gear shipping now. Dropping some notes on #evo board shops box with the #mule aka @erikleines @swoolworth #celtekclan #manifestdestiny #straightouttacompton
manifestdestiny - straightouttacompton - mule - celtekclan - evo -
bekett : Great to c u 2 getn er done!
foxboxco : It was awesome meeting you yesterday dude. Thanks for stoppin in the shop (:
nick_panesar - jesschristine2343 - mts407 - commonapparel -
PBR Draught and that @celtek shit. @thedavestersfk #keepwalking #jukeboxtakeover #Pabst #celtekclan
pabst - jukeboxtakeover - celtekclan - keepwalking -
instagrampy : @celtek Do you guys have another of this wallet sitting around? I love it but after 2 years its disintegrating
celtek : @instagrampy man we don't! Those were sick... Need to do another run of them from the sounds of it... We just had another request.. Guy was like.. I bought five of these... But want another ...
instagrampy : @celtek with your brand name being what it is, I'd love to see more nordic/celtic themed design from you guys. Love this biker/viking theme perfectly executed by @thedavestersfk
dhairstonjr - reeyon - meeshkali - randyhaze -
Another day of shooting the pilot for a behind the scenes #realityshow about the shred lifestyle... life is good #celtekclan #jibfarm #tvweekly #minnesotatoutah #wayoflife #letitsnow @celtek @dyesnow @romesnowboards @remindinsoles @theyouthsheltersupply
realityshow - wayoflife - jibfarm - celtekclan - letitsnow - tvweekly - minnesotatoutah -
hairpiece : !!!! Dude don't let them make you sign the moral release form!
rugglesworth : Stoked to meet you and your family, @bjornleines. STS Studios and @bjornleines are doing big things. #realitygold #dreamcometrue #thereasontowatchtv
justinbennee - oxsiorski - asetchko - ditcovandreea -
Thanks @celtek for the stickers and #VIP card! You guys are the best! #celtekclan #celtek #gratefulshred
vip - celtek - celtekclan - gratefulshred -
kcjones23 : @bittenbyamitten
kcjones23 : @bjornleines
burritosandsnow - codyinvegas - diggzdime - space_trucker -
Oh Canada! How blessed art thou mountains! Trail is in, new outerwear working great, conditions are lining up, time to reap the rewards tmrw! #sendit #celtekclan #wayoflife #shreddyornot @romesnowboards @bluebirdwax @dyesnow @celtek #CFR @theyouthsheltersupply
wayoflife - shreddyornot - cfr - celtekclan - sendit -
lelandmcnamara : He'll yeah buddy!!!
celtek : @bjornleines stomp some hammers tmrw. Conditions look epic
baldegal : Minnesota orange
hairpiece : Yeah BJ!
mrk8300 - wonsinpow - janaya67sky96kali - the_fleric -
Today's mission... Replace suspension before driving to Canada... according to Paul it's not that complicated. (ps Paul is a master mechnic) #wishmeluck #sledwrenching #celtekclan #doityourself #nutsnbolts @romesnowboards @celtek @dyesnow #12monthsproject
12monthsproject - sledwrenching - celtekclan - nutsnbolts - wishmeluck - doityourself -
curtisciszek : Turbo time!
danbrisse : Whoa
dyesnow : Def looks like a project. Good luck.
powsurf : Easier said
turbodadd : Let me know if u need help!
dalewooster : It's pretty much just 4 bolts, and some elbow grease
rfvrty : Mellow
bjornleines : Your right @dalewoster Got Er done. Easier than I thought.
travis_specht - sebbyongaro - snoglobe - ak13ck -
Love me some airtime! Thx @bryaniguchi for looking out for the homies. Your an inspiration! #guch #powover$ #celtekclan @romesnowboards @celtek @bluebird @dyesnow
powover - guch - celtekclan -
jbrown_inc : Yeah buddies!
dyesnow : Sick ❕❕@bjornleines @bryaniguchi
kingkruse14 - mstastook - luke__lindberg - bregantephoto -
Shredding in austria with the Rome Crew! Love me some airtime. #12monthsproject #celtekclan #Dyesnow @romesnowboards @rome_europe #celtek #romesds
romesds - dyesnow - 12monthsproject - celtek - celtekclan -
bjornleines : @jordanpphillips @thomasdelfino @teddymuse @sirframeface
cinematowski : Get some @bjornleines #BJL
garelos : Damn is it good? @bjornleines
seankerricksullivan : @bjornleines lets kick this gram up a kilo or two. One a day.
whumphrey20 : @Bjornleines bro idk if you remember this but you and your bro Erik helped me into the back of a Ambulance when I wrecked myself at Highcascade snowboard camp a couple years ago! I'm little shredder WP
leftsfordays - robbiekoeck - unknown1086 - the_fleric -
So stoked for @brodiemitchell and @danbrisse .. Holding it down for the #celtekclan #realsnow #xgames #louif #reachforthecosmos #podium #medals
podium - reachforthecosmos - celtekclan - louif - realsnow - medals - xgames -
bush_party : Bunch of bosses right there!!
snoochieboochies609 : Louif!
snoochieboochies609 : #Villain
deeluxeboots : Go @danbrisse
eklocker : Brisse! Brisse! Brisse!
tibod516 : Louif for prez!
ryo31_0 - yanni_melidones - mattbryer - im_no_weatherman -
did you guys get a chance to check out our new #holidayvalley @boardroomeville collab glove by @celtek ? snag a pair today at the HV Mountain Shops or The Boardroom before they're gone! #ellicottville #celtek #celtekclan #gloves #party
holidayvalley - celtekclan - party - gloves - ellicottville - celtek -
austinhartwig : Thats sick!!!
celtek - jschlanz - john_marchetta - tyler4cohenour -
The #celtekclan is on a rampage! Swoboda just took home another 1st place at the @volcom #snakepit #railjam in Stubai, Austria!
railjam - celtekclan - snakepit -
thedrivenpost13 - mikeegray - gnf_ani - bj_emery -
ENTER AND EXPERIENCE THE ALL NEW CELTEK.COM! @bjornleines @holden_outerwear @aaronbiittner @justinbennee @zacmarben @jjthomas_ @steviebell801 @chris_grenier @brodiemitchell @danbrisse @deadlung @calezima @forrestshearer @danger_p @gigiruef @instalazz @cherylmaas @de_be @bundyvision @bush_party @timhumphreys @redgerard @salmass @tobymiller @simennerarker @torgeirbergrem #prollyforgotsomeone #celtekclan
prollyforgotsomeone - celtekclan -
jedpowers : Rogue facemask fits like a glloovveee!
kevbingham : This is huge!
bfdscottbs : @thinkaudacious
instagrampy - _thejack_ - _madd_maxx_ - lamborghinivision -
Naked lady on a wolf. Nbd
celtekclan -
burritosandsnow : Doman! #thedavester
thoth : Doman is the man!
hustlehustle : #celtekclan
celtek - thoth -
It's official @celtek is shipping Thanks to everyone for there hardwork @swoolworth @bjornleines @nridistribution #celtekclan @jordanbatha @allycrowe @spaceagency @dustinortiz #thedavester and everyone else in the mix #letitsnow #gearup #newnew
thedavester - letitsnow - gearup - newnew - celtekclan -
zacmarben : Woo
douglasfresh : At'a boy!!!
joeyyorba : Get em!
jordanbatha : Oh YAYYYY!!!! You look like a ups guy hahahaha @erikleines
mondophoto : Hell yea
zbruns : Booya!
jakesully : @erikleines if I send you a file would you possibly be able to make me some stickers for our Paddle Of Powell? Just like a dozen. Maybe a bakers doz.
erikleines : @jakesully just saw this, yes, send AI file and size color u want mule@celtek.com
trents_beard - dirkyarmush - captainwinkler - bj_emery -
#snapback #urbanassault #celtekclan
snapback - celtekclan - urbanassault -
ben_charlson - eebear8 - ninja_girl - mpaigem24 -
@brodiemitchell thx for apart of the #celtekclan #chargeit #passion #801 #future
801 - future - passion - chargeit - celtekclan -
baldegal - chris_grenier - brodiemitchell -
Statigram feedback