My little treasure. #wildwood #colinmeloy #carsonellis #thedecemberists #books
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En este momento vivo en Wildwood, "la tierra encantada" !!! At the moment I live in Wildwood "the enchanted land"!! 📖 #colinmeloy #carsonellis #wildwood #mycurrentread #lovebooks #books
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eriwinter : #wildwoodchronicles
alitadegorrion : Que lindas ilustraciones
kevvin13 : I love this book!!
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And another by Carson Ellis. I just Love Carson's illustrations. Central Library, SW PDX, OR #pdx #oregon #whereistood #carsonellis #art #illustrations
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Carson Ellis and The Decemberists' collaboration. Central Library, SW PDX, OR #pdx #oregon #art #carsonellis #whereistood #decemberists #illustrations #creativity
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Carson Ellis' illustrations are being shown at the Central Library. What a beautiful shared gift! Central Library, SW PDX, OR #pdx #oregon #whereistood #carsonellis #art #wildwood
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love visiting the #wildwood exhibit at the #library. thanks, @MultCoLib! #books #reading #illustration #painting #watercolor
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decleyreandco : #nofilter #art
decleyreandco : #colinmeloy #carsonellis
stomatova : Very cool!
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Today's project: scanning the pieces I got from Carson this weekend. Email to get a preview. #carsonellis
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marcusfischer : nice!
allison_bt : love these!
alexhandrawn : @rozequarts
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A fantastic studio visit with Carson Ellis this morning. Feeling so special I got to see a preview of the beautiful book she's just finished, "Home", to be released February 2015. So proud of you, sweet friend! #carsonellis
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bruce_collin_paulson : Amazing being!!
mariainesgul : 💓 wow!
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♡♡♡♡ #Wildwood #WildwoodChronicles #LasCronicasDeWildwood #ColinMeloy #CarsonEllis #Book #Awww #BeatifulBook #Adorable #libro #meencanta
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«We are the inheritors of a wonderful world‚ a beautiful world‚ full of life and mystery‚ goodness and pain» #wildwood #wildwoodchronicles #colinmeloy #carsonellis #map #love #books #goodreads #trilogy #beautiful
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fleurishes : ♡
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#wildwood written by #colinmeloy illustrations by #carsonellis
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ireah59 : 일러스트 너무 예뻐요! 내용 상관없이 사게될듯ㅋㅋ
about1027 : @ireah59 그쵸 일단 책이너무 예뻐서 눈길이간 케이스 내용도 재믹을거같긴해요
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Finally found this number in hardcover. #wildwood #colinmeloy #carsonellis #vscocam
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bwithbooks : Such a gorgeous cover
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The #Wildwood illustrations are such a beautiful thing. #CarsonEllis #currentlyreading
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Nog even lekker genieten van het zonnetje en een boek! #wildwoodchronicles #springisfinallyhere #sun
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rianne0610 : #carsonellis
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Assignment: copy the style of a famous artist. I chose #carsonellis . I like it pretty well! #acrylic #acrylicwash #painting #art #copy
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On to a new adventure! #wildwood #colinmeloy #carsonellis #thedecemberists #currentread #fiction #adventure #extraordinary #book #books #reading
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laurian08 : Not that I should judge a book by its cover, but this looks really good =)
shopeing : @laurian08 I know right? It's the first of three! The illustrations are cool and meld well with the way the author writes.
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#Wildwood book signing w/#ColinMeloy and #CarsonEllis today @ Reading Frenzy. Begins @ 4pm. #pdx #pdxevents #missave #readingfrenzy
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adriannavelazco : @thejanwhovian
thejanwhovian : @adriannavelazco 😫whhhhyyyy didn't I know about this!
thejanwhovian : @jstilgy so not fair!
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I can't wait to go to bed and start reading it!! I have just browsed the illos and they are amazing. Total fan of Carson Ellis' work. #wildwoodtrilogy #wildwoodimperium #booksilove #nightreads #carsonellis #colinmeloy
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herman_marie : Just starting the first :)
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Addicted.... #wildwood #colinmeloy #carsonellis
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lauramazurek : Thanks for the reminder to finish my copy!
shayelaine : yay portland artists! and the third one just came out!
moontomoon : @lauramazurek such A good book :) xx
chazdelux : @gabsven lovely book cover..reminds me of your work. Love you.
beaux_beaux_ : #portland! 💚💚💚
kathleenparrish : @moontomoon I've seen this so many times at bookstores but never picked it up. I think I will now!
moontomoon : @kathleenparrish do. If you go on you tube there is a cute little trailer for it done by the illustrator :)
kathleenparrish : @moontomoon I will look it up, thank you! 💕
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My bro n law Nate @ariel_and_nate said I should read these because they are written by the singer of the #Decemberists . Are they any good? #Wildwood #UnderWildwood #ColinMeloy #CarsonEllis #books #music
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ariel_and_nate : I have the first, but still haven't read it yet.
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obsessed with this #colinmeloy #carsonellis #wildwood
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Ummmm #underwildwood no double entendre intended #kindofamazing thank you for this visual craziness #carsonellis @carsonellis
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babeewoman : @edagg
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My very favorite place to go and relax. Most amazing bookstore on the planet! I love Portland!
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sammikins918 : #powells #powellsbooks #portland #pdx #oregon #colinmeloy #carsonellis #booklove #bestplaceever
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#wildwoodchronicles (loving the illustrations by #CarsonEllis #inspiration)
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Rainy days are for books & tea. #rain
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thewifeybea : @lizschauerte I have never read the wildwood series! I am looking for a new book! I actually had been thinking of rereading screwtape letters but I kinda want a new one! I should check out wildwood ya? What is it about?
lizschauerte : It's actually classified as "children's adventure/ fantasy", which happens to be right down my alley lol. I picked it up cause everyone was comparing it to narnia. It's about a girl who's brother gets kidnapped, she has to save him and discovers a secret world in the forest, etc. It was written by the decemberists lead singer and his wife illustrated it. I wouldn't say it's quite as good as narnia but I'm biased because that's my fav series of all time. If you aren't into fantasy or young adult fiction, you may wanna pass it up as that's pretty much what it is. I really like it, though! There are 2 more books in the series. Screwtape is always a good choice, too! I haven't read it I a few years so I'm starting it up again, too. Too many books, too little time😊 @thewifeybea
thewifeybea : Haha! I don't know if id enjoy it or not! It really isn't my type of read but I Do like narnia soooo maybe I might! Haha!
aliwallin : The Narnia books are my absolute favorites of all time. I'm reading through then right now for the fifth or sixth time. I'm on the horse and his boy. So great😊
themoviesjournal : 👌
lizschauerte : @aliwallin I used to read them every year as a kid. I don't even know how many times I've read through the series! They just get better when you are older, too. So much you understand more deeply as an adult, but still enough to captivate your imagination as a kid. So great!
marah_jean : Ooh I have been wondering about Wildwood. I love Carson Ellis!
lizschauerte : @marah_jean her work is so beautiful! Adds so much to the book. Worth it just for her illustrations😊
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#wildwood #carsonellis Oooh
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dayna_nicole : That's been on my to-read list for years! You like it so far?
whirlybird : Yeah it's good. I love the illustrations. @dayna_nicole
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Oh, Carson! Congrats on completing the project. A few copies of Wildwood Imperium now in stock. #carsonellis
carsonellis -
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Felt horrible all day and stayed in bed with this amazing book. #sickday #book #wildwood #colinmeloy #carsonellis
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Book haul. Bought this one solely based on the artwork. I don't know what it's about just yet haha #illustration #wildwood #book #bookcover #bookdesign #carsonellis
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gogenevieve : @yesitsfran yay! Excited na ako haha thanks Franny! :)
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Just some artwork from the book I am currently reading.
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mrsjessicarosen : #colinmeloy #underwildwood #wolf #smoke #carsonellis
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Do you know about the #Wildwood series of books? They're fun and beautifully illustrated adventures. And at the #PortlandLibrary illustrator #CarsonEllis has shown many of her original watercolors used in the books. I had a lot of fun examining all of it.
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smithandcox : Good find, I've never heard of these
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"Humanity does not pass through phases as a train passes through stations: being alive, it has the privilege of always moving yet never leaving anything behind. Whatever we have been, in some sort we still are." -C.S. Lewis, The Allegory of Love Thank you, Lewis, for summing up my heart for history in two convenient sentences.
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springraine73 : #CSLewis #illustration #ColinMeloy #CarsonEllis #Wildwood #nofilter #ship
ingvald81 : Amazing quote! Lewis is the man.
springraine73 : @ingvald81 Agreed!
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carsonellis -
martimarie : 😍
shielalaufer : @carsonellis at the central library
msmollym : read me a story. :>
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