korean bbq octopus with rice vermicelli, ginger-steamed basil and rustic carrot-lime slaw #Cookingasconsolationforgeneraldisempowerment #elpoderdelpulpo
carrotkiller - elpoderdelpulpo - vaguelyasian - excessivelylaborious - cookingasconsolationforgeneraldisempowerment -
rorosiemarie : #loveyourhastags
rorosiemarie : #missyourcooking
kevdunlap : miss your everything, ReinaRomero. a #vaguelyasian & #excessivelylaborious feast courtesy of kev #carrotkiller dunlap might be coming to a kitchen near you in the immediate future. Meaning: June?
kevdunlap : @rorosiemarie
erikamayosorio - dumbmoose - mikhailabear - rorosiemarie -
first walk 🐰#rabbit#bunny#mypet#sweet#cute#bestrabbitever#myboy#garden#spring#sun#beautyfullweather#grass#carrotkiller
mypet - cute - beautyfullweather - garden - spring - myboy - carrotkiller - rabbit - sweet - bestrabbitever - sun - grass - bunny -
victoria_turner : Królikeł :D
zkate97 - juliafcavalcanti - bronislavakadlecova - rocker_dawxxn -
#kitchenpsyco #carrotkiller gleder meg til nytt kjøkken - looking forward to my new kitchen
carrotkiller - kitchenpsyco -
bittan01 : Smaklig spis, nu blev ja hungrig oxå :))
novagb54 : 🍴😉🍷YUM!
nilsjohanfosli : @bittan01 driver å pusser opp kjøkkenet mitt, snart ferdig og jeg gleder meg til å ha ordentlig kokemuligheter :-)
nilsjohanfosli : @novagb54 New kitchen soon finished and then it will be real yum :-)
ponyfony : Yummmmmm! :)
nilsjohanfosli : @ponyfony Almost get hungry too ;-)
anitacpaulsen - sooonia_hh - monjoh42 - eirinoren -
My carrot sprout is doing great! #growthings #oxygenproducer #carrotkiller
growthings - oxygenproducer - carrotkiller -
stpirate_79 - bledwhiite - mervantes - micahbreshearsphoto -
mypet - cute - animals - myboy - threecoloursrabbit - littlerabbit - mybaby - rabbit - carrotkiller - instapet - myfriend - sweety - bunny -
kitty190688 - victoria_turner - alternative_hair_ - gekoniasta -
Dinner is served. Decapitated carrots are on the menu. 😵🐰#carrotkiller #veggiemutilation #evisceratedcarrots @agentlemaninthecity
carrotkiller - evisceratedcarrots - veggiemutilation -
cynthiasha1 : The shadow looks like a squirrel eating a nut
gooberssyndication : I agree with @cynthiasha1 .... 🔪🌰
_cbischoff - kimberlypr0bz - jillchristy - 3rdegreeburns -
Adorable new puppy!! I LOVE HER! #ELLSBELLS #puppy #carrotkiller
carrotkiller - puppy - ellsbells -
vbrrr18 : Can I have her? Please😁 @ofvicenvirtue
ofvicenvirtue : I'm afraid you'll have to fight me she's amazing
pinup_zombie_ - __marshall____ - prettypikkewyn - pinuppaperrockstars -
I ate a carrot's leg today. #ouch #carrotkiller #carrotamputee
carrotkiller - carrotamputee - ouch -
Meidän perhe lisäänty eilen yhdellä pupuvauvalla, Niisku ♥ @artsioo #bunnylove#sweetgirl#cute#bunny#loveintheair#white#carrotkiller
carrotkiller - cute - sweetgirl - loveintheair - bunnylove - white - bunny -
petraeeee : Mul on sitä jo ikävä :'(
mmemmi : Voih :( täällä se tekee pahojaan :D @petraeeee
petraeeee - beckykateh - anuzkii - nellin_ -
#królik #bunny #carrotkiller #pusiek #pet
królik - carrotkiller - pusiek - bunny - pet -
beeforparty : Pusiek <3 ciekawe skąd carrot killer :DD
beeforparty : #animal #cute #rabbit #lovely #instagood #cute #sweet #love
beeforparty : taki cute, że aż 2 razy :D
beeforparty - ula_kedziorska - novijf - elaweronika -
I'm a carrot killer #hate #vegetables #carrotkiller
carrotkiller - vegetables - hate -
jocey_chavez -
Asterix and my new girl! I think Asterix is in love...! He stole her house...😂🙊💑❤️ #love #guineapig #beauty #white #Asterix #please #like #and #follow #happy #food #carrotkiller #my #little #girl #and #my #baby #bro
and - love - beauty - food - bro - baby - follow - girl - little - like - asterix - please - carrotkiller - guineapig - white - my - happy -
sharbel91 - ___yalda - beautymakeupandnails - tony_a_mf_goon -
Ziva's face when I asked her why she tore off Mr. Carrot's nose... #guineapig #carrotkiller #love
carrotkiller - love - guineapig -
bdinorcia - kmariahox - karebear_1434 - gretchen_u -
mana zirga brālis #carrotkiller #tgod #hp
carrotkiller - tgod - hp -
kenas1 - rozvela - sindijaa - adamovicha -
carrotkiller -
michaeldore : nice fine knife skills. :)
aydenporrett : Juliane like a g
keiracampbell -
Typical raw meal 4 before gym this evening #fresh #fitfam #fitfood #fitness #foodporn #fitfoodporn #health #healthy #healthyeating #healthyfoodporn #healthishappiness #eatclean #eatforabs #eatingclean #absaremadeinthekitchen #plantpower #clean #cleanfood #cleaneating #cleanfoodporn #instafood #instafit
fitfam - foodporn - eatingclean - cleanfoodporn - cleaneating - healthyfoodporn - eatforabs - healthyeating - absaremadeinthekitchen - carrotkiller - cleanfood - healthy - instafood - fitfoodporn - health - eatclean - clean - fitness - plantpower - fresh - fitfood - healthishappiness - instafit -
fitandripped : I'm gonna suggest that you take far more time arranging your beautiful food than eating it.
bodyatemple22 : @fitandripped you may be into something there
fitandripped : @bodyatemple22 I bet you don't even eat it! Does your food have to audition to be in your pics?
bodyatemple22 : @fitandripped oh I eat it. Plus lots more than pictures! I eat as I chop and as I arrange too!
arannerwan : Dont act like that's all you ate... #choppingpsycho lol
bodyatemple22 : @arannerwan #carrotkiller
azzz23 : 🙌
azzz23 - lo_powell - soccerbex - healthnut4ever -
Grrrrr.... It's my carrot #bunny#carrotkiller#carrot#healthyeater#nomnom
carrotkiller - carrot - bunny - nomnom - healthyeater -
dgilman3 : #weirdlookingrabbitt
winstonthesir - yahobahne - sincerelyasia - hippiecatlady -
Dugan the #carrotkiller @kelseytoms
carrotkiller -
kelseytoms : So cute thank you!
suserella : He's like Lilli, my parents dog. I think they should have became rabbits... 😉
kelseytoms - parispirzz - nicole_hoang - ang_sarni -
Ahhhhhhhhh! #carrotkiller
carrotkiller -
connornecaise : Ahhh
leviodom4 : Bunny hop🐰
just_another_llama : OMG IS HE KILLING TOUR FAMILY?!?!?! @uglycarrot
just_another_llama : Your***
_andvea : @mayra_cakes shut up you look like this😂
hannah52800 - pollymckenzie - bellagonzales611 - lovely_not_broken -
carrotkiller -
kandiceyvette - asitisinhell - emily1283 - gmataters -
#carrotkiller frick bugs bunny! He's killed so many of my frends
carrotkiller -
brikachu : Lol
foodvoyeuse : Gotta love Bugs! 👍
madii_myers : so not swaggy
plxnetaries : @kkaiyamarie @kaiyamarie13 @take_tim
nuts4_nutella : Can we have a shout out we will like all your pics in return
take_tim : @saraidkwbu what did i ever do to you
jewelieah - pollymckenzie - hannah52800 - basicbooknerd -
Little Lenka was brave and curious as usual #walk #lenka #bunny #rabbit #carrotkiller
lenka - carrotkiller - bunny - rabbit - walk -
susyghg - siljamoon - missnaily - glitterskatan -
He decided he didn't want carrots. I love how's he's just staring at the mess like 'Yea take that ya nasty orange demons!' #messy #little #boy #carrotkiller #max #son #mine #love
boy - little - love - max - mine - son - carrotkiller - messy -
nicole_donech - hpackman2011 - shelleyleblanc1967 - haileyyrenee1102 -
#snus #carrotkiller #sweet #sweetie #cute #love #bunny #instasweet #cutie #adorable #lovely #nose #iphone #picture🐰😇
cute - lovely - love - sweetie - picture - sweet - snus - carrotkiller - instasweet - nose - cutie - adorable - bunny - iphone -
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#felizbirthday to J the #carrotkiller. zanahorias muertas. jugo vivos.
carrotkiller - felizbirthday -
cuteliljess10 - orlmancia - crissyoi - stephen617 -
i seriously just miss you alot im glad you finally have place that actualy shows how just amazing you really are i love you #imissyou #carrotkiller #iloveyoukid
carrotkiller - imissyou - iloveyoukid -
deborahcolimon : Was he your brother??
jsarro11 : no he was someone i was very close with and also my cousin he was like my brother though..
jsarro11 : @debbyflowerbomb
itsac0nspiracy - tinytay7 - xxxameliaannexxx - lexiibreee901 -
warning -{tiny} RANT: 🔥💉🐷🔫💊🏭💔 Everyone wanted bacon, and I managed to regain my appetite after the smell of slimy burnt pig flesh finally dissipated.💡I made myself some #grilled #brusselsprouts and #eggplant! 🍆✨ #heartbroken #animalabuse #veganlove #iloveanimals #ihateplants #carrotkiller #fruitvampire #rant #sad #grilledbrusselsprouts #aubergine #complaint #silentlyscreaming I'm not exactly a "nice person" if you want to abuse: me, women, men, children, anyone, especially animals. Wanting to eat any of the above is the cruelest choice/form of exploitation, discrimination, belittlement & abuse. 🍔=💩 | 🐷=❤ | 🍉=💃
complaint - aubergine - fruitvampire - vegan - sad - ihateplants - rant - silentlyscreaming - heartbroken - carrotkiller - veganism - veganlove - iloveanimals - animalabuse - ethicalvegan - brusselsprouts - eggplant - grilledbrusselsprouts - grilled -
randomveganyogi : I love grilled brussel sprouts!!! And hun, I feel you on this. I have an aunt who kept urging me to eat the "broccoli salad" that she had brought to a family party. When I put my fork into it, I just saw little bits of deep fried pork flesh in it... and needless to say I wanted to throw the plate across the room because it was just MAD! I can't stand how ppl think that a "little bit" of a animal flesh is really nothing because it is there for "flavoring." Like, omfg!
amplepie : 🙌👊🙏 Oh! the friendly, "innocent" food offerings! 😒💦 Green-beans are particularly tricky for me b/c they often do throw pig flesh in it, and sometimes it's just garlic and black-bean sauce, and ya never know. but I've gone through the, "oh just trust me there's no meat etc", tricks enough times I simply don't consume anything from people anymore if they're not sure about ingredients and can't prove it to me, and always hope they don't get offended! Thanks so much for your thoughtful response @randomveganyogi!! 🌻💛☺
littlemissangie : I know how you feel. Just driving by fast food restaurants or smelling people BBQing makes me want to cry at this point. 😢
mandyloudb : @randomveganyogi @amplepie "oh it's only got a tiny bit of tortured murdered flesh in it" might as well put the whole animals head in it. Ppl don't get it do they? That's why I don't trust ppl to serve me food. I will not be tricked. Serve me flesh and ill slap their heads......💙💙sorry to invade your account but I had to comment. ✌
amplepie : Seriously, it hurts SO much watching my friends eat meat or walking by yards full of innocent laughter and innocent animals being thrown on a grill, pains me every time to smell OR see it too. 💔 I have to sit down and cry too, or think and think before the pain subsides to some socially-tolerable degree. @littlemissangie
amplepie : No way, no apologies ever, I love your honesty, it is beautiful. If people only knew they would feel the same way we do. 💜 I imagine sometimes, in the darkest places of my mind as my closest speak and as they eat the animals, if the very animal they were eating walked by and they saw the immense pain they were going through, the torn ligaments and concussions, prolapsed anuses, that these people are consuming, if only they may give it a second thought. @mandyloudb
mandyloudb : @amplepie oh your wickedly evil too. I love you so much more. I sometimes put myself into the shoes of these poor sad creatures and imagine, I almost die from heartbreak and sadness. I see ppl at the supermarket happily choosing their meat and I want to say "oh that's nice, did you know that steak had a face and a mother and died screaming" but I think I would be thrown out of the shop. I did say some awful stuff to a waiter who was taking an order for veal from a young woman seated next to me. Neither one had any idea of what I spoke of. I ranted and raved and asked "was the calf tortured first? Did they poke its eyes out ? I wasn't spoken to for the rest of the night by anyone....they thought I'd gone mad.
amplepie : Oh jeez I've gotten into some of those situations too, with family friends strangers. We have unknowingly been living happily non-societal lives all this time, people reaping the benefits of our fun, innocent, ridiculous nature, yet we begin to speak of our convictions and we are thrown in the 'dog-house'! Seriously?? It's animal abuse! On a plate!! 😓 *sigh*. I hope meat gets just as "uncool" as smoking in restaurants and ultimately cutting that section out altogether, "Oh.. could you please eat that in the corner? The odor of your rot & the cut of your jib offend me...", how awesome would THAT be? 😊 @mandyloudb ❤
emmaschulz28 - glutto - dltvo - _belllaaa___ -
Don't let this cute for ball fool you, he's a killer Lol #Guinea pig #MendezRanchStates #carrotkiller #celerykiller
carrotkiller - guinea - mendezranchstates - celerykiller -
shanicedarien - onpluto17 -
Get this lazy bitch out of my house #carrotkiller
carrotkiller -
kayxyak -
That carrot never saw it coming. #chiwawa #carrotkiller
carrotkiller - chiwawa -
juliana_lolo - princess_pres - jusztme_ - pakalov -
- AFTER THE NOON ZZZ - wake up and see this little carrot killer doing the same thing.
ironlak - sleepingundermydesk - yawnville - finétag - carrotkiller - skate - bw - rabbit - shouldbepacking -
ohmygrizzle : #shouldbepacking #bw #carrotkiller #sleepingundermydesk #rabbit #yawnville #skate #ironlak #finétag
missfancypantaloon : Where you packing for?
ohmygrizzle : Newy @missfancypantaloon
missfancypantaloon : Holiday or forever?
ohmygrizzle : Not forever but a while for sure @missfancypantaloon
sparx_is : 👌
melwhits - malenelilleheim - valerie_vanderhuge - missfancypantaloon -
Vicious! #carrotkiller
carrotkiller -
eclectic_anja : Vegans won't like this @vickipea :)
vickipea : Watch out for your precious carrots!!! Bahaha @eclectic_anja ;)
raidrocker : Ha ha ha carrot! I thought it was an ear plug at first.
vickipea : He woulda ate the ear plug way faster 😓
vickipea : @raidrocker
ehmeebee - eclectic_anja - disconnecdead - cattabunga -
carrotkiller -
kdbridges -
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