Junior lightweight titleholder Miguel Angel "Mikey" Garcia, declaring that his promotional agreement with Top Rank is illegal and also expired, sued the company in California State Court in Riverside County on April 8. The suit, a copy of which was obtained by, says that the reason for the action is because of "Top Rank's unlawful attempt to exploit, own and permanently control" Garcia's boxing career "as well as Top Rank's consistent violation of the Muhammad Ali Boxing Reform Act, a federal statute enacted for the express purpose of protecting professional boxers like Garcia from the exploitive practice of boxing promoters like Top Rank." Further, the suit claims that his promotional agreement "improperly provides Top Rank the ability to extend the agreement indefinitely, essentially rendering the contracting fighter an indentured servant of Top Rank." "Mikey has no further obligation to Top Rank under the 2009 promotional rights agreement that he signed," attorney Bryan Freedman, who is representing Garcia, told on Tuesday. "It's very clear for a number of reasons, but that's our position. There are a number of reasons why it's invalid. Even if it hadn't expired under its own terms, Top Rank acted not only as a promoter but also as a manager under the definition of manager in California and that is against the law. This is an absolute fairness issue." The suit uses also claims that Top Rank "violated numerous provisions of both California law and California's strong public policy to protect California-based boxers from unscrupulous promoters and managers," while also accusing Top Rank of acting as Garcia's "unlicensed manager." In another claim in the suit, Garcia said Top Rank violated the Ali act by not making federally required disclosures concerning the amount of money the company would make from Garcia's bouts.
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boxingfan_jose : Smart move
rich_n_nina : @arizonafit pacquiao should of been one to do this if he really wanted to fight floyd.
jr87chevy : @realtalkboxing nice picture bro.
gsm991 : Top ranks is a crap company that's out to use fighters but also gotta read what you're signing
marynegrete7 : nice photo !!!
rammendoza : That's a nice pic @jr87chevy.
realtalkboxing : @jr87chevy I think it may be one of yours from some time back.
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If you would have asked me a year ago today "do I think Pacquiao should fight Mayweather?" I would have told you no, he has lost two times in a row. However, after saturdays win by manny I think it should happen now. It would be one of the best fights; two of the top 5 pound for pound fighters in the ring at the same time. It is crazy to think I have talked to even non boxing fans that say they would even order that fight. This is the fight the world wants to see. They could hold it at @cowboysstadium and would easily sell out a near 100 thousand seat venue in a couple mins. The ppv numbers would shader every record. As hyped as that fight would be I think you could put it up against the superbowl and it would still have great sells. I am tired of the he said she said on who's fault it is the fight hasn't happened. Cut out all the bull and lets give boxing fans, and non boxing fans for that matter, what they wanna see. #mayweatherpacquiao #toprankboxing #floydmayweather #mannypacquiao #mayweatherpromotions #realtalkboxing #instafollow
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topspin765 : I will put 10k maybe 20 on Mayweather. I got the funds to back it😜
ev_831 : @topspin765 how u puttin 20k with only $37 in your bank account! Lol
topspin765 : @ev_831 that's your bank account friend😜👊
topspin765 : @ev_831 👑👑👑
el_khriz20 : @marrkozz
robertmira : That's what I'm talking, it's getting old, let them fight @trboxing @realtalkboxing
docanimation1 : Shoulda happened in 2010 after PAC defeated Cotto. I believe it would have been a very good fight and PAC could have beaten Floyd. I think at this stage in their careers though, it's highly unlikely PAC wins.
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On June 14 at Barclays Center in Brooklyn, Ruslan Provodnikov (23-2, 19 knockouts) will be the HBO-televised headliner with the first defense of his belt against Chris Algieri (19-0, 8 KOs), of Huntington, N.Y. Photo shot by @hbo #realtalkboxing #provodnikovalgieri #instafollow #barclayscenter
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andrade1590 : Make sure y'all watch that undercard tho with Demetrius Andrade 👊 @boobooateam
ng_787 : Should be a good one @jpagan1985
latn_legend : #GreatFight
pinoyboxing : PAC vs prov @ 140
mrcoconuthead : thanks for the like! Glad to see that you're updating current events in the boxing world! @realtalkboxing #boxing #realtalk #realtalkboxing
realtalkboxing : @mrcoconuthead thanks you for the add bro .. we try so stay on top of r game .. be sure to like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter .. and feel free to tell a friend to tell a friend for the latest and greatest in boxing news FOLLOW @realtalkboxing
rayprov : Matalo @provodnikov
realtalkboxing : 😈 #RTB #RTboxing #boxingheads #boxingfanatik #lmc_boxing #boxingfans #lmcboxing #aleetboxing #boxingp4p_news #boxing__memes #vboxing #fightflicks #obsessedwithboxing #cinimodfx
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This Saturday night #goldenboypromotions brings us a triple header card on #showtime. PETER QUILLIN, will open the telecast defending his WBO Middleweight World Champion against LUKAS KONECNY. Also on the card. We will have SHAWN PORTER put u his IBF Welterweight World Champion against against PAULIE MALIGNAGGI and Headlining the card will be Benard Hopkins vs. Beibut Shumenov for the IBF, WBA, and IBA light heavyweight titles. #showtimeboxing #realtalkboxing #instafollow #benardhopkins #beibutshumenov #peterquillin #shawnporter #paulinemalignaggi
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_haaz_ : #followback
pr3ttyrickboxing : @samanthakumiko
raa_0983 : @jonnybear619
el_bayunco23 : @noebeyza
samanthakumiko : 💙💙💙
docanimation1 : Can't wait for tomorrow.
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We are in #sanantonio for the first night of #battleatthealamodome. We should be in for some good action. #leijabattah #goldenboypromotions #alamodome #battleatthealamo
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lyfeasaboxer : This live?
realtalkboxing : @lyfeasaboxer tomorrow is on Foxsports1
realtalkboxing : #coronaboxing #instafollow #foxsports1
blacklistedboxing : Wish they would stream this or something
realtalkboxing : @blacklistedboxing I do 2
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Boxing fans should have a lot of options in what fights to watch tonight. Three different boxing cards will be televised. On #espn2 #fridaynightfights we will get the semifinals of #boxcino middleweight division. On showtime #ironmikepromotions brings us a triple header. we will get Alexei Collado vs. Rod Salka in the main event. Also Felix Diaz vs. Emmanuel Lartey and Samuel Vasquez vs. Juan Rodriguez Jr. Then on #foxsports1 #goldenboyboxing along side #leijabattah brings us Alan Sanchez vs. Jorge Silva in the main event and Errol Spence Jr will be on the telecast. #realtalkboxing #instafollow #leijabattah #goldenboyboxing #sanantonio #alamodome #espn #foxsports1 #showtimeboxing #shobox
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muslimah_rn : Friday nights fights for me
luvalwayz20 : @wacko536
htwngirl : Friday night Fights
lajavillahope : #showbox #teamdiaz #lajavillahope
rjimenez3_ - yolo_coreylee - j0ker4123 - wacko536 -
I get it, I would love to see that fight too but there are other fighters. If the fight happens great but meanwhile RELAX.... #MayweathervsPacquiao #boxing__memes #notsomuch #boxingfanatik #lols #pleasestop @boxing__memes @boxingfanatik @peralta_nikolas @sledgehammer89
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latinpride011 : Lmfao
latinpride011 : Good one
boxingandsports1 : @_alicia_peralta_ NOOOOOO!!! Lmao
vomitonacomet : 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂lmaoooooooo
timeismoney887 : Lmfao
williepills : @_alicia_peralta_ there really aren't any other fighters. Worthy of watching in ppv anyways... pacquiao can't sell out arenas anymore ,, so it's really mayweather they wanna see , mayweather can be fighting doink the clown and everyone will talk and see the fight , #pacquiaowho?
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Happy Birthday to the late great Arturo Gatti. He would have been 42 today. He was a great warrior in the ring and was taken away young. #realtalkboxing #arturogatti #ripwarrior #rip #instafollow #gattiward
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princenaseeem : Arturo Gatti. True warrior.
boxersponsorscom : Great picture!
splatter_thrasher : -he was my first favorite fighter
jayceecobie : Hbd the late former world champion..
aleks1859 : Happy Bornday Champ
vidafit : @
vidafit : @ipopbottles
markowfrt805 : Happy B-Day Gatti
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Finally, fight day is upon us!!!!!!!!! #PacquiaoBradley #cantwait #freakingout #boxing__memes #boxingfanatik #loveit #followthem
followthem - pacquiaobradley - cantwait - loveit - boxingfanatik - freakingout - boxing__memes -
jose_arache : 😂😂
aneuris_a - jose_arache - johnny_rampage - boobi29 -
Tomorrow night on #espn #fridaynightfights this bout will be a war. Jesse Hart vs. Samuel Clarkson. Let's get it. #realtalkboxing #instafollow #samuelclarkson #jessehart #tripled #toprankboxing
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eljuicemen : Naw man Samuel Clarkson got this
fhgboxing : Team Clarkson @tx_mainevent
reddbaby__ : Boy #TEAMCLARKSON #DALLAS @brandyn_smith_ 《《 tell ya boy hart better watch out only thing he gone have to worry bout is not folding .. no worries tho of ya talking fight is real soon
brandyn_smith_ : Just be prepared to see your boy get that Philly beatdown @reddbaby__
rory_raul : #teamclarkson you got this
realtalkboxing : #RTB #RTboxing #boxingheads #boxingfanatik  #lmc_boxing #boxingfans #lmcboxing #aleetboxing #boxingp4p_news #boxing__memes #vboxing #fightflicks #obsessedwithboxing #cinimodfx
brandyn_smith_ : As I said my boy would @1hardworkhart took this with ease #phillyinthisbitch
punchdrunk02 : He's going to get fucked up like his hairline
ricardoiscoo - dsurflyness - jairoincreible - rosie_thebully -
Tim Bradley 145.5 Manny Pacquiao 145 who is ready for tomorrow #pacquiaobradley #PacBradley #realtalkboxing #instafollow #mgmgrand #toprankboxing #timbradley #mannypacquiao @timbradleyjr @emmanuelpacquiao
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shedevildog : Soooo ready!
c14classified : I'm ready!
jim_mice_ster : @samrocks88
paatnichols : @robjr88
teamballo : @berlinkerney4
dandayan9 : @ianlopezz
berlinkerney4 : @teamballo 💪
princenaseeem : Let's get ready to rumbleeeee
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watch the #PacBradley weigh-in show TODAY at 5:30p ET/2:30p PT @MGMGrand via #realtalkboxing #instafollow #toprankboxing #pacquiaobradley
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#tbt old school video game on #genesis. I use to love any boxing video game. #muhammadali #sega #realtalkboxing #instafollow #oldschool #grewupaboxinghead
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raa_0983 : @jonnybear619
x_superc_x : How come I never played this!!!
oldburyboxingacademy : @oldburyboxingacademy
boxing_champ1 : @chramos214
the_bill_collector_ : @realtalkboxing wha??? Buster Douglas, "Real Deal" Holyfield & Super Punch Out For Super Nintendo..... I Don't Remember This!!!
realtalkboxing : @the_bill_collector_ I wanted w be different then any other page. They had it for game boy too
jesus80h8 : I had it but I didn't like it. I liked Evander Holyfield game and the follow up Legends with Rocky Marciano and Larry Holmes.
igetxmulaa : Wow!
ruelperez - losrudos - holyoutlaw001 - 1frederiz -
Can't get enough of this page... @boxing__memes #Lmao #followthem #hilarious #dontbetmoney #wrongprediction #whathadhappenwas #boxingexperts #boxing__memes #boxingfanatik
wrongprediction - lmao - boxingexperts - whathadhappenwas - dontbetmoney - followthem - hilarious - boxingfanatik - boxing__memes -
_alicia_peralta_ : @boxing__memes @boxing__memes @boxing__memes
andy_popeye : Lol
boxing__memes : Classic LOL
boxing__memes : Thanks hun
x_superc_x : You see he wasn't himself that day
_alicia_peralta_ : Lol @x_superc_x
j_t023 - kingnikola - flakzr12 - elsobata18 -
Is this going to be us this weekend? ??? #RP @boxing__memes #followthem #boxing__memes #hilarious #boxingfanatik
boxingfanatik - followthem - rp - hilarious - boxing__memes -
herbatate24 : @_alicia_peralta_ , pacquiao or Bradley? 😜
_alicia_peralta_ : I'm a HUGE Pacquiao fan, so I obviously want Pacquiao to win, I'm bias that way lol. But I wouldn't be upset if Bradley won as long as is a fair judging if it goes to decision. The poor bastard nothing he does Is ever good enough lmao @herbatate
jgoodmoney84 : Lol let me know which or who's window u gonna b at so I can come Thur lol
latinpride011 : Or old school way watching it when it's all fuzzy and weird lines lol
_alicia_peralta_ : Lmao okay @jgoodmoney84
_alicia_peralta_ : @latinpride011 Yeah lmao
boxing__memes : Lmao
johnny_rampage : 😂😂😂😂😂😂
suicide_kiss - flakzr12 - boxingandsports1 - mo_moneymontero -
Don't miss out on back to back nights of boxing in San Antonio, Texas. Goldenboy Promotions and Leija Battah Promotions brings us Battle at the Alamo dome on April 17th and 18th. So call now to get tickets 210-979-3302 for your 2 for 1 tickets. #goldenboypromotions #goldenboyboxing #battleatthealamodome #battleatthealamo #leijabattah #realtalkboxing #instafollow #texasboxing #alamodome #fridaynightfights #sanantonio
lmc_boxing - boxingfans - alamodome - rtb - lmcboxing - fridaynightfights - rtboxing - realtalkboxing - vboxing - goldenboypromotions - texasboxing - aleetboxing - fightflicks - battleatthealamo - battleatthealamodome - instafollow - cinimodfx - boxingfanatik - sanantonio - leijabattah - boxingheads - goldenboyboxing - boxing__memes - boxingp4p_news - obsessedwithboxing -
realtalkboxing : #RTB #RTboxing #boxingheads #boxingfanatik  #lmc_boxing #boxingfans #lmcboxing #aleetboxing #boxingp4p_news #boxing__memes #vboxing #fightflicks #obsessedwithboxing #cinimodfx
vlberto : Is that the silva that fought el perro Angulo ? That kid is good.
realtalkboxing : @vlberto yeah that is him
vlberto : Hes a badass fighter can't wait for this one.
shivaboxing : Errol Spence JR is the real deal.
magic_mikemike : @monsterdg42
teamballo : @berlinkerney4
berlinkerney4 : @teamballo dope
tufmed - dimka0701 - marvkoopa - obsessedwithboxing1 -
We are less then two weeks away from #hopkinsshumenov live from D.C. Amory in Washington D.C. @bhopdaalien @beibutshumenov #dcamory #goldenboyboxing #realtalkboxing #instafollow
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paatnichols : @robjr88
1uisperez : Prepare for a clinch festival!
boxingfan_jose : @1uisperez did you see Hopkins last fight?
realtalkboxing : #RTB #RTboxing #boxingheads #boxingfanatik  #lmc_boxing #boxingfans #lmcboxing #aleetboxing #boxingp4p_news #boxing__memes #vboxing #fightflicks #obsessedwithboxing #cinimodfx
showtimewbc - antontremasov - obsessedwithboxing1 - bbaizhan -
The #showtime telecast will be a good triple header card headlined by Behnard Hopkins vs. Beihut Shumenov. Also feature Paulie Malignaggi vs. Shawn Porter for the #ibf welterweight title and opening the telecast will be Peter Quillin defending his #wbo middleweight title against Lukas Konecny. @kidchocolate @malignaggi @showtimeshawnp #realtalkboxing#showtimeboxing #goldenboyboxing #instafollow #peterquillin #paulinemalignaggi #shawnporter
peterquillin - lmc_boxing - vboxing - shawnporter - boxingfans - showtime - lmcboxing - rtboxing - realtalkboxing - boxingfanatik - paulinemalignaggi - aleetboxing - fightflicks - showtimeboxing - instafollow - rtb - ibf - cinimodfx - boxingheads - goldenboyboxing - wbo - boxing__memes - boxingp4p_news - obsessedwithboxing -
cnote409 : Quillin is a hype job, out him in there with one of the charlo twins and he will surely lose
orrteez : @thenoloshow
h_bey : Damn I thought Paulie was done... He's a decent announcer...
s8_9z : @jweezy99 hype for this
mickiieh : Nice!
boxinghype : Good fight
realtalkboxing : #RTB #RTboxing #boxingheads #boxingfanatik  #lmc_boxing #boxingfans #lmcboxing #aleetboxing #boxingp4p_news #boxing__memes #vboxing #fightflicks #obsessedwithboxing #cinimodfx
malignaggi - wolfysicko - boxingguru - obsessedwithboxing1 -
Looks like @canelopower will be back in the ring on July 12th at the #mgmgrand. He challenges @laraboxing. But he fights on May 2nd. I think that is to quick of a turn around for a huge fight like that. #canelo #caneloalvarez #goldenboypromotions #goldenboyboxing #canelopromotions #realtalkboxing #instafollow
canelo - instafollow - caneloalvarez - mgmgrand - canelopromotions - goldenboyboxing - goldenboypromotions - realtalkboxing -
hugoe12 : They won't fight Lara gots a fight may 3rd @lbj214
boxeo_cerveza : #canle
modernfonzie : @780_ Funny you say that because El Perro had no problem finding Lara. He has slower hands and feet than Nelo, if he found Laras Jaw. So will Canelo. Lara is no Mayweather. Not even close actually.
_pikash_ : @pndas7
_alicia_peralta_ : @sushi221 I love to see this
gordo_chederoni : @rickycelis
rickycelis : @gordo_chederoni I Can't Wait!
mrgroomer : @m3driver3 @dennisricolove
boxingguru - mrgroomer - iainweaver - aragon_eduardo -
We are less then a week away from the rematch Manny Pacquiao vs. Tim Bradley. Who do you think will win? #realtalkboxing #mannypacquiao #timbradley #pacbradley #pacquiaobradley #toprankboxing #tecateboxing #pacman #DesertStorm #rematch #instafollow
lmc_boxing - boxingfans - vboxing - rtb - lmcboxing - desertstorm - rtboxing - rematch - realtalkboxing - boxingfanatik - aleetboxing - boxing__memes - pacquiaobradley - tecateboxing - pacman - toprankboxing - pacbradley - cinimodfx - boxingheads - obsessedwithboxing - timbradley - mannypacquiao - boxingp4p_news - instafollow - fightflicks -
honeythestylist : I think Bradley. Idk where PAC ambition is anymore😓
ghetto_x_nerd21 : All I No Is, Bradley Better Wear Socks This Time 😂😂
raj_ynwa96 : Pac 8th round K.O
lasingako_808 : Fck vegas
j0supreme : Thank you! Keep up the good work. Nice posts!
ynaes : Mannnnnnnny!
estrellitaazteca : hoy se hace la machaca #teampacquiao
nurulloziyaev : @realtalkboxing may i get a shoutout please
estrellitaazteca - robertpj23 - ricardo_theboxer_sanchez - yo44ge -
We are one week away from #pacquiaobradley 2. We cant wait for this rematch. #pacbradley #realtalkboxing #rematch #lasvegas #mgmgrand #mannypacquiao #timbradley #toprankboxing photo shot by @itzcaseyb
lmc_boxing - boxingfans - vboxing - rtb - lmcboxing - mgmgrand - rtboxing - rematch - realtalkboxing - boxingfanatik - aleetboxing - boxing__memes - pacquiaobradley - toprankboxing - pacbradley - cinimodfx - boxingheads - obsessedwithboxing - timbradley - mannypacquiao - lasvegas - boxingp4p_news - fightflicks -
realtalkboxing : #RTB #RTboxing #boxingheads #boxingfanatik  #lmc_boxing #boxingfans #lmcboxing #aleetboxing #boxingp4p_news #boxing__memes #vboxing #fightflicks #obsessedwithboxing #cinimodfx
revolutionwillnotbetvised : Bradley all day
mikeykozma : Pacquiao all day.
jmojica : Thanks for the likes @realtalkboxing #teampacquiao !
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#followfriday here are a couple boxing pages you should check out @boxingplanet for some boxing info and @mayweatherphotos if you are a @floydmayweather fan. Check them out #realtalkboxing #floydmayweather #mayweatherpromotions #themoneyteam #mayweatherphotos #boxingplanet #instafollow
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boxingplanet : @realtalkboxing thanks for the S/O boss
realtalkboxing : @boxingplanet no prob we are all a big #boxingfamily in this
tsboxer123 : @boxingplanet @realtalkboxing
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It seems like every boxer is jumping to work with Al Haymon. I think soon it will be hard for hbo to avoid him. I also wonder how long before he gets a top rank fighter to sign with him. #alhaymon #goldenboypromotions #goldenboyboxing #floydmayweather #dannygarcia #watsontwins #realtalkboxing #instafollow #instaboxing
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erinlovesboxing : @goat_roti EXACTLY. Million dollars to be on an UNDERCARD huh?
father1st_boss2nd : It's a new generation so you can't expect the same results from the previous generations,that's like waiting on Lebron to be Jordan, so we have to accept it like it is ,and the reason why Stevenson didn't take the kovalev fight is because HBO only gave a 1.7 million dollar budget for the card when Showtime double that amount Stevenson gave HBO a chance to match the offer which they didn't. Which one would you take? And on top of that Stevenson first purse with al haymon has doubled more than any of his previous purses, which proves al haymon does what's best for all parties involved instead of just for himself and fans who really just watch judge and analyse @erinlovesboxing
erinlovesboxing : @father1st_boss2nd Haymon is getting top dollar for fighters like Berto when fighters like Kovalev get the shaft
father1st_boss2nd : Sad to say it's who you know more than it is what you know. So if you can't beat Em join Em @erinlovesboxing #teamhaymon
tsboxer123 : @bigslaughter5
bizzybob25 : bobtmt
bizzybob25 : @bobtmt
juancazares1 : Pretty soon is about to hace chavez jr @realtalkboxing
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#boxingfans go get your #ponleboxing t shirt today at they are some awesome shirts. #realtalkboxing #instafollow #boxeo
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ponleboxing : @realtalkboxing thx for the S/O
elisa__81 : @zuniga187 babe this is nice.
zuniga187 : @elisa__81 😱
boxeo_cerveza : @zuniga187 @elisa__81 make sure to get yours thanks have a bless day!!! spread the word!!
elisa__81 : @boxeo_cerveza 👍👍thank u. U have a blessed day too!
matrix31fan : Just ordered the team Mexico shirt got to get this one soon.
boxeo_cerveza : @matrix31fan thanks boss,make sure to spread the love!! have a great day!!
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#tbt the good old days of boxing. All of it was on @hbo. This was a post by @2onetko of his poster. This one would be cool to have. #realtalkboxing #hboboxing #floydmayweather #mannypacquiao #oscardelahoya #shanemosley #miguelcotto #instafollow
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best_photo_planet : @realtalkboxing ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
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_x_fran_x_ : It really was @imwinning216
james40cal : Until HBO became cheap
rickygdup : Damnnn.. Hbo needs to find real title fighters not money hungry fighters SMH
revolutionwillnotbetvised : Floyd is the main man
dmaness_116 : Jermaiiinnneeeeeee
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With two title Fights, including a WBC INTERCONTENTAL SUPER BANTAMWEIGHT TITLE FIGHT and a Texas Super Middle Weight Title Fight, as well 8 other thrilling bouts, Standing 8 Promotions’ Bud Light Pro Fight Series is one month away and already anticipated to be the most electrifying boxing event to hit the  DFW Metroplex in decades. With three quarters of the tickets already sold, a whole month before the 2014 Bud Light Pro Fight Series begins at the Amon Carter Exhibit Hall in Fort Worth, TX, Standing 8 Promotions has already added approximately 400 seats in response to the excitement level for the April 26th event. The main event should certainly be a knock out for the crowd, if not for one of the contenders, as Fort Worth’s undefeated, highly promoted and praised Tony Lopez (9-0) contends for the WBC Intercontinental Super Banamweight Title against Mission, Texas’ (5-0-1) prized prize fighter Isaac Torres, who already has 14 national titles and 4 world titles under his belt.  This main event is guaranteed to be a test of skill and power for two boxers, who are distinguished as Texas’ best. The co-main event promises just as much excitement as one of Texas’ most famous and proven boxers, Tony Mack of Dallas, TX (9-1 with 5 KOS) goes into the ring to defend his highly sought after Super Middle Weight Texas Title against Wichita Falls boxing legend and promoter, James “Boogie” Freeman, who has fought and won on some of the biggest boxing cards against the toughest contenters.
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realtalkboxing : And the thrill will not be limited to the main events at this powered-up Bud Light Pro Fight as the Bud Light Pro Fight Series marks the “release of the Cracking” from the United Kingdom with “Cracking” (4-0) Craig Callaghan in the ring on U.S. soil once again to show Americans how to crack some skulls. In addition to the Cracking, others on the card include the following: the extremely promising boxing pro newcomer Marquis Taylor from Houston, TX (2-0); Fan favorite and KO king, Mike “Italian Stallion” Tufariello from Carrollton, TX (3-1-1); the recently pro debuted David “Roc" Hance from Dallas, TX (0-1); Joey “Panama Flash” Dunmoodie from Dallas, TX (6-2-2); Jonathan Ramierez from Arlington, TX (2-0 with 1 KO); and Kenny “Pitbull” Grammer from Wichita Falls, TX (1-0), who made his boxing pro debut with a ferocity and a fast TKO, along with other boxing favorites from Texas and nationwide. The first 2014 Bud Light Pro Fight Series bell will ring promptly at 7:00 PM on April 26, 2014. Doors to the landmark Amon Carther Exhibit Hall will open at 6:00 PM. Tickets are available now at  Ticket prices start at $35. This event is guaranteed to be sold out at the rate the tickets are moving, so if you have preferred seating don’t wait to get your tickets at the door!  See you at the fights
realtalkboxing : #realtalkboxing #instafollow #standing8promtions #standing8 #ftworth #texasboxing
j1991juliohernandez : Any fights coming to chicago anytime soon?
realtalkboxing : A
realtalkboxing : @j1991juliohernandez I still have one more Monday Night Fights April 14 go look up
jamielewisgardner : That is good lol
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Shane Mosley Jr. Pro Debut Set For 4/26 On UniMas Top Rank, in association with Bash Boxing, Art of Boxing Promotions, and Oceanview Pavilion in Port Hueneme, California, will bring Solo Boxeo Tecate on Unimas to boxing-rich Ventura County on Saturday, April 26, 2014. In the special feature attraction, Shane D. Mosley Jr., the son of Three-Weight World Champion and former pound-for-pound great "Sugar" Shane Mosley, will make his professional boxing debut. The younger Mosley, who got a late start in boxing at the age of 16, will have his legendary father in his corner as trainer for his much-anticipated first bout as a professional. Already known as the Mecca of Boxing talent, Oxnard's next generation of notable boxers will be on display at the premier boxing venue in all of Ventura County, Oceanview Pavilion. Top Rank prospect and Oxnard native Andrew Ruiz (7-0, 4KOs) will seek to improve on his undefeated record while two Oxnard residents with identical 11-1 records, Erik Ruiz and Herbert Acevedo will also appear. Riverside transplant, Super Featherweight Daniel "Twitch" Franco (7-0-2), will look to improve on his sparkling 3rd round technical knockout of Victor Serrano last month in Oxnard. Highlighting a packed card of homegrown talent will be three undefeated blue chip prospects from the Top Rank stable, Trevor McCumby (14-0, 11KOs), Saul Rodriguez (12-0-1, 9KOs), and Erik De Leon (6-0, 2KOs). All three boxers are no strangers to Ventura County as they often migrate to work with Hall of Fame Trainer Robert Garcia in Oxnard. McCumby, a former U.S. National Champion, has become a fast rising Light Heavyweight prospect with an ever-increasing knockout rate. Lightweight De Leon, another former U.S National Champion and two-time Golden Gloves winner from Detroit, was one of the last prospects to work with the late Emmanuel Steward before the young southpaw phenom embarked on his pro career. Riverside's Rodriguez may not be old enough to drink yet but has left a bevy of opponents punch drunk since making his pro debut in 2011.
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warroberts : I saw him at a couple shows we both competed in in so cal he's alright tho nothing special at least not yet
uchihaclan : Hope he's the next mosley! Can't wait
samgarciaboxing : @shanemosley_jr
___laws___ : @dre__suave
eddie9684 : Hope he does as good as his father did or even better.
a_aron650 : @anotherdayinthe650
_leeeoooo : He signed with top rank!?
bodyegos : Ah man. I didn't know he started so late. Hopefully he can make up for lost time. No wonder it took so long to go pro
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Kovalev-Agnew tops 1M viewers!!! According to Nielsen Media Research, the live first airing of the fight drew 1.006 million viewers, who saw Kovalev dominate and score three knockdowns en route to a seventh-round knockout. The audience peaked at 1.048 million viewers, which I view as pretty darn good, especially when you consider that the vast majority of the attention of the sports world was on the NCAA tournament, and the HBO card, which was horrible on paper, did not get all that much publicity. Kovalev’s main event showed a significant increase on the 742,000 viewers who tuned in for the desultory welterweight fight between Thomas Dulorme and Karim Mayfield that opened the show. Now just imagine what kind of numbers Kovalev could do if he had an elite opponent? Paging super middleweight champion Andre Ward. #banghardboxing #boxing_classics #boxingeek #boxingfanatik #boxinghype #royjonesjr #lmc_boxing #anboxeo #rbrboxing #boxing #boxeo #igers #hboboxing #obsessedwithboxing #340boxing #bestOftheday #picOftheday #instadaily #amazing #igDaily #photo #boxingjunky #aleetboxing #boxing__memes #boxingjunky__jr
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boxing_prophet : Kovalev looked questionable to me
el_pirata_973 : Adonis dont want it
pr3ttyrickboxing : 🔥🔥🔥🔥💪👊
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Alvarado Says He Overlooked Ruslan, Will Retire Marquez By Luis Sandoval Losing a fight in boxing comes with harder repercussions in today’s game as most people feel you’re only as good as your last performance. Mike Alvarado and Juan Manuel Marquez are both coming off tough defeats but that’s not stopping them from facing each other in a very interesting and high stakes matchup. Alvarado has been waiting for a big name fight to come his way and now that he has a chance to face Juan Manuel Marquez in the inaugural fight at the newly refurbished Forum in Inglewood, CA, he feels beating Marquez would be the best redemption for him. “I’m excited bro knowing I’m fighting a legend in the boxing game. It makes that standard higher. It makes me dig that much deeper and train that much harder. It gives me more determination and dedication to do what I need to do to win this fight. I’m redeeming myself from a loss so this is redemption for me. Redemption for me is by retiring Juan Manuel. That being said, that’d be the best thing I could do in the game of boxing,” Alvarado would tell BoxingScene. That excitement and desire to dig deeper was not existent en route to his fight last October with hard hitting Ruslan Provodnikov. Having the fight in his hometown of Denver, CO also proved to be a double edged sword as he had a homecoming fight but the distractions at home coupled with looking for bigger opportunities proved to be disastrous. Alvarado admits he did not train properly but has learned from that experience and knows what he needs to do in order to not let that happen against Marquez. “I’m already training deeper and stronger than I already was [for the Provodnikov fight]. I was looking past Provodnikov; I wasn’t looking into him or looking at him. I was looking past him and looking for bigger fights and that plus the people and the distractions was on top of that. It was tough and not balancing that out the way I needed to was different. But where I am now, I took a real huge learning experience from that and I know what I need to exclude myself from to be better,” said the former Light Welterweight champion.
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floss_aka_kingselfie : Does anyone know it there will be extra testing done for Alvarado vs marquez? I wanna place a bet but I need to know if they're testing first
_highzenberg_ : @floss_aka_kingselfie they probably won't lol...
eddie9684 : He didn't overlook shit, he can't beat Ruslan and the only way he beats Marquez is if he aged more suddenly and can't pull the trigger anymore.
eddie9684 : @floss_aka_kingselfie lol who knows, if you see hulk Marquez again go bet on him.
meme_1979 : Alvarado won't beat Marquez....but my god Marquez needs to Retire!!
bodyegos : @floss_aka_kingselfie lmao! Just wait for 24/7 to start. Trust your eyes lol
floss_aka_kingselfie : @bodyegos lol, I've searched all over the Internet and can't find nothing on testing for this fight.. I wanted to put money on Alvarado, but if they aren't testing I'm not betting!
bodyegos : @floss_aka_kingselfie I don't think they are testing bro. Bradley made him do it because he's no fool. Marquez looked monstrous in the fight with Pac 4
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Bradley: Pacquiao is going to try and bring the fight to me – it won’t work “Everybody knows what Manny Pacquiao is going to do. He is going to bring the fight to me and I am just going to show everyone it is not going to work…I feel that Pacquiao is declining and this is my time.” @emmanuelpacquiao @timbradleyjr #pacman #desertstorm #rematchtalk #banghardboxing #boxing_classics #boxingeek #boxingfanatik #boxinghype #royjonesjr #lmc_boxing #anboxeo #rbrboxing #boxing #boxeo #igers #hboboxing #obsessedwithboxing #340boxing #bestOftheday #picOftheday #instadaily #amazing #igDaily #photo #boxingjunky #aleetboxing #boxing__memes #boxingjunky__jr
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javieramos9 : Le vas a destrozas manny
joshjoshjojosh : Bradley hasn't improved much to beat Pacquiao. He lost to Provo and beat a slower opponent in Marquez. I dont know what he's going to do differently to beat Pacquiao.
fsiasat : It's going to be a boring fight. Bradley will be just waiting and backing off and waiting and backing. Trust me that's the game plan for Bradley.
boxing_prophet : Hes already doing something different @joshjoshjojosh trying to play mind games he wants pacquaio to come out hard and fast (which is DUM) I think he wants to try to catch pac and end it early (which he can't) how many times have you watched the rus brad fight. Although he took a beating rus punched himself out every 2 or three rounds and instead of moving away while he recovers he stands and takes punishment something provodnikov rios Alvarado and countless fighters do
aries0422 : He wants pac to attack... so he run and pop shot like what he did to marquez. But that wont work.. foot speed of manny will be too much.
willydeamer : I'm not particularly bothered if you know, or if I know you, I just think you could consider changing your profile name.
boxingjunky : @willydeamer we'll u called me by my nick name witch is Che so I was wondering .., btw don't hate cause I praised PAC everybody got there favorite fighter my just happen to be the one Floyd scared to face lol ..,
boxingjunky : @willydeamer and if u don't like what I post u know what to do
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@emmanuelpacquiao get ready for #pacquiaobradley on april 12th. Photo shot by @ringsidecreative. #mgmgrand #realtalkboxing #instafollow #mannypacquiao #pacbradley
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estrellitaazteca : I did that rope.thing yesterday I cant even move my arms a lot of respect to boxers
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Good morning boxing world!! It's rise and grind time... Those who take the easy way in training, will get taught a lesson in the ring. There's no such thing as shirt cuts . Either u give it your all or get ready to pay the piper. #training #nodaysoff #hardworkpavestheway #banghardboxing #boxing_classics #boxingeek #boxingfanatik #boxinghype #royjonesjr #lmc_boxing #anboxeo #rbrboxing #boxing #boxeo #igers #hboboxing #obsessedwithboxing #340boxing #bestOftheday #picOftheday #instadaily #amazing #igDaily #photo #boxingjunky #aleetboxing #boxing__memes #boxingjunky__jr
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oldburyboxingacademy : @tamim__96 @kiddkidd97 @tomm_oba
strength_courage_faith : Great quote man. I'm the same, train insane or remain the same!
boxingjunky : @strength_courage_faith ... If u wanna be a champion in boxing u gotta train like one that's all I'm saying... A lot of these youngin be thinking that's it's easy it ain't
geo3109 : Point blank so true!...
keenan2026 : @duran2026
josec3490 : Do u have any advice for a 5 '0 fighter I feel like giving up sometimes but I cant because I want to be champion very bad @boxingjunky
boxingjunky : @josec3490 just stay focus don't give up get that thought out ur head if u think of giving up then ur failing already... Ur going to go threw day u just wanna hang them up, but being a champion is fighting the feeling of giving up that's the first step of becoming champ is going threw fazes as u are going threw now. Trust me I was in ur shoes 15 years ago and I regret quiting it hunts me till this day
josec3490 : Oh okay thank you . Iam 24 now I know I started late but I will be a champ 1 day the best class for me is featherweight due to my height @boxingjunky
potizie - 5h_melissa93 - ehrenstagram - jeezus_03 -
This Thursday #goldenboypromotions brings us a night of heavyweight boxing on @foxsports1 starting at 9 pm central time. #nightoftheheavyweights #foxsports1 #goldenboyboxing #fightnight #realtalkboxing #instafollow
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realtalkboxing : #RTB #RTboxing #boxingheads #boxingfanatik  #lmc_boxing #boxingfans #lmcboxing #aleetboxing #boxingp4p_news #boxing__memes #vboxing #fightflicks #obsessedwithboxing #cinimodfx
rubenriverajunior : @chrismurrayremax
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