Pretty happy to be getting my squat mojo back. 5th set of 265. Squat has been my nemesis and it sucks to feel like you work and work and nothing changes. Always have to keep in mind progress takes time. Even if its just an extra rep or set it's still progress. Annnnd to the guys that said my shorts were gonna rip I'm happy to report they did not...bastards. #bodystrut #natty #quadzilla #shortyshorts #noroidsjustrage #pastyasslegs
quadzilla - noroidsjustrage - shortyshorts - bodystrut - pastyasslegs - natty -
bruce_leroy_ : Damn monster
a_blarney_tone : @jamay86 leg day motivation!
rshelton242 : @marisainda I know that feeling but bench is my nemesis!!!
normla1 : Ha ha gym creeper in the corner @marisainda
advenracerchick : Them legs ❤️❤️❤️ plus cute ass shorts sis!!! You make them look good 😘
gamecockmandy : Can you tell these assholes to stop walking in front of the camera. Or I'm going to come beat their asses?!? Looking Greg girl!
jaymack87 : @btanializ1987
_filthyanimal : @_insertnamehere_ you tryin to get right doe?
leggs_mcgee - fincanswim - sciko2006 - roythirtysix -
This is the most I've front squatted for reps. 205x2. Almost lost that 2nd rep thx to the California cross style arms BUT I still can't hold it oly style. Pretty sure 225 could happen in the next couple weeks actually cuz i actually felt strong at these for once. #bodystrut #quadz #demsquats #powerlifting #maybeitstheshoes
quadz - maybeitstheshoes - powerlifting - demsquats - bodystrut -
luvliftmomma : @marisainda 😢so disappointed!!
marisainda : @luvliftmomma exactly how I feel about your work schedule!
luvliftmomma : Awwwww! You got me!!! @marisainda
advenracerchick : Damn you are amazing!!!😘
mssunshine1225 : @monkeymom3 doesn't look like lifting heavy is hurting her any 😉 we got this!
booboosunshine : Didn't even looked like u struggled!! Barely
savory_psyche : #BOSS
kfink_figurecomp : 💪💪💪
teohhoejie - kysmcph - j_biz9 - miscfit27 -
Pull-ups Instead of just repping them out focus on the static hold at the top and bottom positions of the movement-3-5 second hold time and watch your reps increase. Pausing hell isn't just reserved for squats! #bodystrut #calisthenics #pullups #streetworkout #trainertips
calisthenics - trainertips - streetworkout - pullups - bodystrut -
busterstunts : Awesome
lisa_bearr : You make it look so effortless!
ritocovarrubias : @marisainda I remember that day in L.A. you were great and I didn't even say hello to you.
fynessfit : Nice!!
barhunters : Strong beauty 8)
slovationfitness : #justchillin
starkilla_teamnolackin : Wow
dumbinacan4u : Awesome shot!!!
veganhandstandz - randy_yee - zraymane - starkilla_teamnolackin -
Squatting sooooooo fast 225x8.............I wish I was that speedy. #bodystrut #powerlifting #noroidjustrage #momsthatlift #cardio #112lbsoffury
momsthatlift - noroidjustrage - bodystrut - cardio - powerlifting - 112lbsoffury -
jctjoe : That's awesome
reyraisefitness : @herbabeast7
herbabeast7 : @reyraisefitness....THAT'S BEASTIE
jdelgado5304 : Brolic
edinacervantes : Lol #ughson
drchrisgibbons : @marisainda you need to speed it up a fraction more and and put the Benny Hill music on it :)
amptraining : @heatherliana
kt_lep : Hey lady I had a few questions about training. What's your email?
l_mac42 - travla75 - 2sh3ar_alrashidi91 - jay_swolis -
Playing..... Full video on my Facebook. #bodystrut #inversions #handstandcanes #scorpion #igottricks
inversions - igottricks - scorpion - bodystrut - handstandcanes -
truth_i_am : Your just so incredible. I'm forever amazed by what you do. @marisainda
marisainda : @truth_i_am thank you :)
marisainda : @advenracerchick love you sis!!
junebugz__ : I love my canes!! Great job @marisainda
el194 : @famabeatz nice @ms_ms can so do this!
endlinetrainingsystems : @marisainda teach me!
luvliftmomma : I just want to go up to you and tap you!! Bahahahaha!!
gymshark205 : @miss_aprilanne
renaissance_homme - kameleon203 - barbellsquared - delabarbell -
Post hike, target run and taco face stuffing ab check #tacobelly #bodystrut #abs #stayready
stayready - abs - tacobelly - bodystrut -
_gradbunny_ : Your abs and your curves are amazing!
mike_guerra_nj : Nice ,
marisainda : @_gradbunny_ thanks girl ♡
six818 : Ur beautiful js =]
bob3kgt : @marisainda looking amazing as always!! ❤️💪
bestpageintheworld : Ripped
starkilla_teamnolackin : Smh :)
kfink_figurecomp : 👊💪
robcook - elieinc - arqwillmena - kysmcph -
New blog post-link in profile. What is Femininity? Yes we live in the PC age where femininity is however you want to define it, but on some level I still cling to those notions of what stereotypical feminine traits are whether I embody them or not I can appreciate them and even aspire to some of How do you define it as a woman who lifts? #bodystrut #girlsthatlift #momswholift #blogging
momswholift - girlsthatlift - blogging - bodystrut -
tatiana0721 : Love your blog I'll check it out tonight!
marisainda : @tatiana0721 thx girl! ♡
picapausa : Definitely will read
danielwinners : Still being able to spit out kids?
marisainda : @danielwinners if that's the case im not gonna be feminine anymore. Lol
adamnevill : the elegance is always there in a woman, the feminity and and presence of a goddess
charlottechapin : I get told by a decent amount of people that if I keep lifting weights I won't look like a woman so... I'd say the age for femininity is less for us than those who are bold and pursue high-powered jobs. The real difference between men and women is physical strength and when that's threatened people do NOT like it
anniecleavitt : I think it will change over the years, but today in our small town I can't tell anyone I lift weights w/o getting confusion or concern. ;) I think your awesome, subscribed on YouTube!
f369f - og_chas - l_mac42 - hellow_jello -
When you do those first few sets and you get the cold sweats....awful!! Why I like the RPE scale, allows you to really listen to your body cuz lets face it sometimes shit just feels heavier than normal. Drinking obscene amounts of emergenC packets to stave off impending cold doom. 315x4x2sets-on third set I dropped to 2 reps because my right quad decided to charlie horse on me. #fuckery Massage time?? I think so. #bodystrut #powerlifting #blowfishface #deadlifting
deadlifting - blowfishface - powerlifting - fuckery - bodystrut -
thevanillagorilla92 : Everytime you DL it looks like a normal person doing a hummer tire DL.
marisainda : @thevanillagorilla92 haha....good thing I'm still growing! what you didn't see was the wall head but before the pull
thevanillagorilla92 : Video or it doesn't count!
jmejiaa : @jecamomps
jeffboomer : @joedelapena
fitnessfreak1081 : 💪💪💪💪
renaissance_homme : @vgxoxo14 @lejessana @cyncega @nancytammie
teddyyu_ : @ming187 almost 3x her weight. Damn!!
renaissance_homme - mssweetpea - 2sh3ar_alrashidi91 - dbo_huynh -
Need to bring the leggings back in estilo. #tbt #supermodeling #bodystrut #pulpfiction
bodystrut - pulpfiction - tbt - supermodeling -
thenakedwarrior : @marisainda when can I pick you up?
jesszwolle : Hahaha leggings. Leg warmers. Doesn't matter. Didn't notice either
yoohooboowho : Smh. Married soooo I'll refrain from comments. Or the like button lol. Smh
djonez718 : 😳😳😳😳😍😍😍😍
f369f : Hit
mfswede : 😪😪😪😪😪
i_am_fvh : @marisainda I swear your the shit
bestpageintheworld : Nice booty too
liftbig2getbig56 - arqwillmena - prettyhellokitty9894 - 2sh3ar_alrashidi91 -
I'm so tired of seeing those squat challenges that promise a huge ass after 30 days of air squats . I squat heavy and squat often...have been for YEARS and my ass isn't ginormous. Yes squats help but for crying out loud stop telling girls it'll grow them a Jlo or Kim K ass cuz it won't. 255x2x5 sets and the 5th set was UGLY and my ass didnt grow any bigger. Sigh #bodystrut #powerlifting #whereyouatass #yeashesquats #quadzilla #squats
quadzilla - whereyouatass - yeashesquats - squats - bodystrut - powerlifting -
jesszwolle : My ass has gotten bigger (more rounded than anything), as well as my legs. However, it's not from some thirty day challenge of air squats
chase_mannyhattan : I love u marisa u r beautiful 👧 and beastly 💪 at da same Damn time! 💋 I'm a big fan, u r an inspiration. If u follow me I would b honored
marisainda : @chase_mannyhattan awww thank you. Done :)
chase_mannyhattan : Awww thx @marisainda
marisainda : @anjohnf gah I know so annoying. Thx girl ♡
charlottechapin : HELL YEAH! But maybe it's a good ploy to trick people into squatting 😉
cmadrid6 : @halibrown_
miscfit27 : Can confirm I squat semi heavy and still got #noassatall
g_c_ - part_bionic - kopper2153 - miscfit27 -
Where's my plate bitch?!?! I cant imagine how some of these guys squatting 600 plus solo do it. Pretty sure it counts as cardio. What's the hardest part about training solo for you? #bodystrut #meatheadproblemz #platebitchforhire
meatheadproblemz - platebitchforhire - bodystrut -
luvliftmomma : That's what you are for!!!! @marisainda you my bitch!!!!
marisainda : @luvliftmomma dammit I am :(
luvliftmomma : LMAO!!!
abdulhadikhalid16 : Bench press obviously, tfw have my arch and all those legs tight my upper back is tight and during liftoff I lose my tightness and have to reset everything again ;_;
marisainda : @abdulhadikhalid16 yes that happens to me too but I think I still prefer no lift off
thevanillagorilla92 : I hate my life because of this every day ........
marisainda : @thevanillagorilla92 yea you definitely need a plate bitch
djonez718 : No prob loading and unloading, but bench spotting is a prob when solo. That's y I use dumbells. If it gets to be too much I just drop them bitches lol
nawaf_alsowaidi - gurensan - fofa_559 - warriorbarzfly -
Because the tree stump was there calling for an obligatory #handstand. I almost blend in...almost. #arboretum #camouflage #bodystrut #peacocking
peacocking - handstand - camouflage - arboretum - bodystrut -
picapausa : Dope
adamnevill : The ducks are quacking at you
in_the_autumn - fofa_559 - bruce_leroy_ - 2smoothjacobs -
QnA last week I was asked about my bench set up. SIDENOTE: This is powerlifting technique and not bodybuilding hence the arch. I did this video once before but it's buried in iG somewhere so here it is again. *I keep my feet planted and don't move them once set. *usapl and ipf require feet to be flat on the floor-some feds don't so practice according to your feds rules if you intend on competing. *shoulders and booty and head must stay on the bench at all times-although some feds allow head to come off the bench. *I like to squeeze the bench with my thighs. Helps me stay tighter under the bar. Other lifters I suggest watching are Jennifer Thompson-she's probably the most amazing bencher on the planet. #bodystrut #powerlifting #bench #datarch #momsthatlift
datarch - momsthatlift - bench - powerlifting - bodystrut -
mrsfit_faas : I wish more people would research the dif. Btwn bodybuilding and powerlifting technique....literally had a guy stop me the other day and tell me i was loosing power by having the didnt ask him and he is the last person who should give advice on technique of any sort....gotta love those people :-) great arch!!!
_the_kraken_ : When I arch you can hear my old-ass spine separating and cracking.....
marisainda : @_the_kraken_ lol gah that's why im staying 25 fo life
babyeaterlifts : I bench with a HOOGE arch and I've never seen more pec development than when started powerlifitng training. So there. Benching with an arch is also going to keep your shoulders way more healthy if you're doing it right.
christian_castillo_0 : @ken__i
gurensan : @marisainda, great side note! @m_werd, check this out.
m_werd : @gurensan now we know! Good find. So we'll stick to flat back for sculpting. Thx @marisainda !
kyletrav09 : @lmeadows19 try this technique next time you bench 💪
practicalworkingpower - fofa_559 - princegareth - mr_wynnefield -
Im flying......kinda! Scarier than I thought it would be especially on the higher bar. I don't have dental can't afford to knock out my grill. Tryin to #upthelevel ala @alwayzgowide Deadlift on Friday swing on bars today. ..who says you can't do both?! #bodystrut #pleasedontfallpleasedontfall #kips #monkeyface #igottricks
upthelevel - bodystrut - pleasedontfallpleasedontfall - monkeyface - igottricks - kips -
gonzo_1965 : For u n your lady to watch lol my kinda of girl :) @jksantos91
jdelgado5304 : Fucking dope
lensilvia : holy shit lol
slovationfitness : #monkey srs
gready18 : Nice! 👍👍
mc28fit : Lol funny, but nice job catching yourself
lopez4221 : Pro!
stephenophilus : Hahaha that laugh at the end is cracking me up.
roomeroo7 - godssmessenger - 954superman - princegareth -
Sooooo I was challenged by @djonez718 to do these upside down typewriters (not sure if that's what they are called) so difficult can't straighten my arms just yet and it's murder on the delts. Not bad for my first attempts. Original video on @frank_medrano ig. Video cut out the part where the boy calls me a loser. Hahahaha so mean!! #bodystrut #calisthenics #upsidedownthug #handstandqueen
calisthenics - handstandqueen - upsidedownthug - bodystrut -
marisainda : @highaltitudeathletics they are made by @beastmetals he's amazing check him out
boxingnator : @simpleduzit @whystevee @the_firerises soo umm I feel like a lil bitch after watching this vid lol
fissurado : 💪😎⚡️⚡️⚡️
luvliftmomma : Do it again, I was distracted by Lincoln on the scooter!
lommyted : @saytoe @peanutbutternellytime
saytoe : @lommyted ima do this tmrw
kameleon203 : Girl the muscles on you is so sex. I'm sitting here in awww at things you can do you go girl.
djonez718 : @token_liteskin
godssmessenger - bu5alaf27 - princegareth - mr_wynnefield -
Don't let others stifle who you are and what you wanna achieve they call it selfish I call it having a purpose. #bodystrut #bitchdontkillmyvibe #ambition
ambition - bitchdontkillmyvibe - bodystrut -
flyingpurplepeopleeater : 👏👏👏
wod_killa : Damn truth
yetimanster : Boom
advenracerchick : You have always been and continue to be a determined individual that inspires the FUCK out of me!!! I love you so much for who you are and what you represent ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
wjsnharmon : If someone confuses being driven with being selfish, they should check their own priorities first, or take a long walk off a short pier lol
marisainda : @advenracerchick hahah I just love your truck driver mouth. ♡♥♡♥♡♥ you so much
leggs_mcgee - nathalieyounan - johnson_calisthenics - youknow_jack -
Don't worry I still pull conventional. This was after my deficit conventional pulls. Admittedly, I think Im getting stronger at sumos. 315x4x3sets. Worlds is about 8 weeks away. Gotta decide which way to pull. At the end of the day it's about a bigger number and a better team total let's goooo team USA. Decisions decisions. ... #bodystrut #noroidsjustrage #powerlifting #ipf #teamusa
powerlifting - teamusa - noroidsjustrage - ipf - bodystrut -
chase_mannyhattan : Ok thx so much for your help marisa. Is it OK to Kik u if I need your help in the future?
chase_mannyhattan : I added u. I'm Ezee_e on there
marisainda : @chase_mannyhattan definitely
chase_mannyhattan : Thx for being an angel 👼 I just started trainer school so I'm gonna b in the field soon. I'm gonna have all types of questions for u, hope I don't annoy u lol
chase_mannyhattan : This is where I go @aaptschool
teamproscience : Looks good on you boo!
marisainda : @teamproscience thx girl...I think I still pull faster conventional
renaissance_homme : Why are you so hot? It's mind boggling 😫
mr_wynnefield - pk_pikoro - teamproscience - stoney3405 -
What happens when the kids watch me train. Soon enough boy soon enough. Be a good example. #bodystrut #kids #dyel #momsthatlift
momsthatlift - kids - dyel - bodystrut -
herculeshades_ : First deadlift, 4 plates on each side guaranteed.
reykjavikkid : It'll stunt your growth son.
dereks34 : @reykjavikkid false
reykjavikkid : Whoa, relax, it aw a joke @dereks34
noktdidnt : Awww. And going for a mixed grip already. Thatta boy!
katfisch17 : Awwww
advenracerchick : What a cutie ❤️❤️❤️
rachelsgirlcandy - lovefjs311 - sonia_luv85 - whatthehellaintalreadytaken -
Oh Nickelodeon. Parents just teach your kids common damn sense. Mine are watching this eating a toaster strudel why? Because they are kids. Keep em active but let them eat. Food isn't going anywhere especially "bad" foods. Mine are hopefully realizing you can eat just about anything just don't go crazy and eat the entire box in 5 minutes and EXERCISE. #bodystrut #commonsensediet #momlife
momlife - commonsensediet - bodystrut -
lp_fit : I can't stand the disney channel and nickelodeon sometimes. Lol
crescencio_jpeg : No way zoey 101 is on Nickelodeon?
crescencio_jpeg : BTW yup there is misinformation being spewed inadvertently to young minds. Or is it inadvertently?
lensilvia : dat contest prep lol
janaynay16 : Amen!! Such a bad relationship with food!!!
om1kron : lololololol
normla1 : I wish my mom taught me that.. She said eat everything on my plate cuz kids are starving in Africa. @marisainda
liftbig2getbig56 - mj3000 - kgb4 - danielwinners -
Because sometimes you just feel like repping shit out. Loads of fun after pause bench and overload touch n go's. Still managed 15 reps with 135lbs. Couldn't go fast enough to fit em all in da insta clip though :( #bodystrut #benchinglikeaboss #cardio #powerlifting #boobbounce
boobbounce - benchinglikeaboss - powerlifting - cardio - bodystrut -
adamnevill : Yeah but can you do a handstand???huh??
karimahamir : @marisainda keep the small of your back against the bench. You'll get injured.
bruce_leroy_ : Duck lip gangsta
marisainda : @karimahamir thisnis powerlifting technique. Different than bodybuilding ;)
brianjennifer143 : Perfect form. Well done. Whose the stud in the background btw? Lol. B
truth_i_am : That's what I'm talking about @marisainda
d758 : Lol I'm a guy and you make feel like I need to lift more @marisainda
ejvargas116 : Tell them @marisainda that powerlifting life!
ketchupgram - dmcleod1978 - 88blondy - wiseguyfit -
Huge thank you to @totalnutritionmonrovia always helping me keep it right keep It tight with all the best supplements and he carries every brand! Trying out the bcaas by cellucor this time and gotta say I'm digging em. Check his page for great deals and yes he ships!! #bodystrut #tnm #bcaas #supps #abs #stayrightstaytight
supps - abs - bodystrut - tnm - stayrightstaytight - bcaas -
marisainda : @lorenouellette I swear by bcaas..
marisainda : @lorenouellette if I could only choose one it'd be these
luvliftmomma : I need to go there!! I will try that brand!
aleydatalavera : Ese mismo es @francoguzmand será la nueva compra 😜
xerinmariex : Send me your abs stat!! 😍😍
xerinmariex : ...and while you're at it, add some strength for me too lol
omnomnomnomcookies : Hnnnngggghhhh gimme your abs!
lensilvia : hawwwt
liftbig2getbig56 - lensilvia - mattleone13 - truth_i_am -
Favorite exercise aside from benching? Any dumbell work, flat and/or incline. I'm a dominant chest bencher, I dont tuck my elbows much except at the bottom of bench and tend to flare back out. I've tried utilizing triceps more but it's not natural for me so why not play up to your own strengths! What works for others may not work for you. Listen to your own body and find out how you're strongest. 65lbx8x3 sets then I did the crab just kidding. #bodystrut #powerlifting #chesticles #momsthatlift #bodybuilding
momsthatlift - bodybuilding - chesticles - powerlifting - bodystrut -
marisainda : @mattleone13 I might steal your frenchie though ;)
mattleone13 : Hahaha she won't leave my sight! 😊 what gym do you go to?
marisainda : We'll see about that @mattleone13 Im at foothill gym in Monrovia. Where are you?
mattleone13 : Lol i live in irvine lets meet up soon!
88blondy : @amzallsopp this is why u could be like lol .. I wanna be like her lol seeing as my knees are nearly broke may have to learn more about the arms and chest! Xx
thegatsbyof203 : @vinny_da_poo step your game up :P
vinny_da_poo : @thegatsbyof203 lol I need to. No excuses
ironcladbeard : @fit_herbalifemom
kenyonaqui - mc_ronn - 88blondy - mr_wynnefield -
Uh oh 165lbs #BackSquat is feeling light at 5am 😁 🌛Loving my #bodystrut coaching program from the ah-mazing ⭐️@marisainda #squats #squatbooty #barbelle #dayrockstarbynight
squatbooty - squats - bodystrut - backsquat - dayrockstarbynight - barbelle -
xerinmariex : Awwww my girls ☺️thank you! @tassierocks @marisainda @sweetpuppyd @isaolsson 💛💙💚
xerinmariex : @lakelifetraining - thanks! Gotta make it count - always! ;)
xerinmariex : @theangelgraves lol this is my 2nd passion after music \m/
theangelgraves : I appreciate your passion for both equally. 😍
xerinmariex : @sweetpuppyd - I have some killer recent vids too - can't wait to see where my new 1rm is now!
jason7499 : Yeah kill it!!
sweetpuppyd : I can't wait to see them!
garzilla25 : Awesome job!!
the_alexstorm - nipperlove3 - tlopez3221 - smszuch -
She said it...mistakes were made. I actually pulled outta the 2nd one though!! Must keep practicing the circus is calling. #bodystrut #hollowback #upsidedowngirlsrfun #fail #beastmetals #handstands
beastmetals - hollowback - handstands - bodystrut - fail - upsidedowngirlsrfun -
rolando101283 : Get it GORGEOUS..;)
jayhallhimself : #cirquedesoli
douglas_ray : "Mistakes were made" 😂😂😂 Someone is a tough critic!
a_blarney_tone : @jamay86 :O
alexanderjohnsanjuan : Awesome! I saw u in one of Matt Ogus's youtube videos 👍
marisainda : @alexanderjohnsanjuan uh oh were they making fun of my handstand fail there? Lol
ritocovarrubias : @marisainda you should check out @fitqueenirene. She pulls off some crazy bendy poses.
picapausa : Damn, so strong. I need to hold it that long! Great stuff
part_bionic - efren_ap - torrinrhodan - allstar_nutrition -
My #wcw goes to @marisainda. She's strong as hell. She's a powerlifter, strength trainer, and a mom. Her bar workouts are such an inspiration!! If the boys can do it, so can we!!! #FlyLikeTheBoys #strongerthanlife #stronggirl #fitchick #fitfam #muscleandhealth #barwork #streetworkout #bartricks #calisthenics #shebad #loveher #humpdaymotivation #humpday #GuessWhatDayItIs #inspiration #fitspiration #fitspo #dontgiveup #motivation FOLLOW HER!!! 👉👉👉 @marisainda #bodystrut
shebad - motivation - fitfam - fitspiration - streetworkout - guesswhatdayitis - bodystrut - strongerthanlife - muscleandhealth - bartricks - fitspo - calisthenics - loveher - wcw - dontgiveup - stronggirl - fitchick - humpdaymotivation - flyliketheboys - barwork - inspiration - humpday -
fynessfit : @marisainda 🙌🙌🙌😘😘😍😍💪💪💪 I wanna be just like you when I grow up. Lol.
lp_fit : I'll be trying soon, I'll make sure you see the failures. Lol
bodyrocshaun : @fynessfit whole time I'm watching the video thinking you were gettin' busy 😂.
fynessfit : @bodyrocshaun Hahha. Oops. Yea i was afraid people would think that. All good.. I'll be getting my bar skills up by end of the summer!
itzk00 : @fynessfit put mine to shame! Instant inspiration!! 💪
tshapevigor : That's Extremely Neat!!
annora_brennan : @fynessfit crazy good
pinzon80 : Nice 💪😎 @fynessfit
ticofitness_athlete - onur_okur_ - asap_david - dipninanout -
Bands, chains etc do you use them-why or why not? I don't use bands often (I've personally never used chains) maybe every 4 months or so and I go back n forth about em. I think mentally I need to feel heavier weight on my back more often. Helps me get over that feeling of "fuck this is heavy" when walking out and maybe at some point 280 plus won't feel that way. Mental defeat is the worst. 2nd set of 305lbs and I did pause squats first (no bands of course) those are still the worst most hideous things ever and they were an actual 3ct today...for realz. Worst case scenario the overload will get me ready for those piggy back rides that are in high demand! :) #bodystrut #powerlifting #squats #momsthatlift
momsthatlift - squats - powerlifting - bodystrut -
marisainda : Good thing I covered the juggernaut tank I was wearing he'd prbly make me give it back @thevanillagorilla92 @chadwesleysmith
advenracerchick : You are a beast!!! ❤️❤️❤️ you always AMAZE ME ALWAYS WILL
alphadale_ : Why pause squats before and not after?
_the_kraken_ : I'm with you. I use bands, in the 2-3 weeks before meet, to get comfortable with heavier weight on my back. My brain is my biggest issue squatting, so I have to train it along with my body.
un_deadlifter : I use them both @marisainda ..I'm a huge advocate for dynamic resistance in both speed work and max effort work. I feel that it mixes overload training with teaching the user to accelerate through movements allowing them for focus on for and technique while developing confidence with heavier weights. Great post dear :)
marisainda : @_the_kraken_ I knew I liked you for more than just your tattoos and muscles ♥
marisainda : @un_deadlifter yea I know a ton of people that hate them but I thin if used correctly they can definitely help.
un_deadlifter : i agree ma'am @marisainda
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I finally did more than 4!! But only by one- I'll take it, especially after doing all delt work first and ending with these I suppose I can't be greedy. Do the nike cortez make this even more street? I think so. #bodystrut #hspu #calisthenics #crossfit #nikecortez #streetcred
calisthenics - nikecortez - hspu - crossfit - bodystrut - streetcred -
gerardo1522 : Nice
gerardo1522 : That my goal to be able to do
fbbwallpapers : That's my kind a style. I just love a Nike Cortez.
fbbwallpapers : You'll soon be able to do jumping jacks on your hands
picapausa : So dope, and hell yes Cortez make them look Hard! I might get some! Lol
r0se_ay : 💪BEAST MODE
stef_flexing : @minimag47
allornothing_100 : Much respect! The only woman I see putting it down with HSPUs on IG. Keep up the progress, big inspiration!
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#LiftBig2GetFit - Ladies where are you on the scale? Where do you want to be? What are you going to do to get there? #muscle #Fitness #fitchick #bodystrut #weightloss #bodyfat #shredded #obese
obese - shredded - fitness - bodyfat - fitchick - bodystrut - liftbig2getfit - muscle - weightloss -
sedduxion : Yuuup def at 25
sedduxion : 15-22 would be nice
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What do you do when your hands hurt and it's dead day?? I have to grip and regrip...the fact that our bars have no grit doesn't help either. Afterwards I cry silently to myself cause it hurts to make a fist. I prbly need to wear those gloves that promise soft hands for a week maybe 2 weeks straight. #manhands Sumo speed pulls from last week- always feel faster than they look too. #bodystrut #powerlifting #momsthatlift #roadtoworlds
momsthatlift - powerlifting - roadtoworlds - manhands - bodystrut -
tamig30 : LOL @marisainda THOSE gloves are highly acceptable!!! 😉 We don't wanna be rippin blisters off with the dang bar right?!!😳
theklappster : Get it girl! Put a band-aid on it @marisainda and do it again;-)
picapausa : Boss!
peterpencil : i say take a break you deserve one
ferno_562 : What's your max?
marisainda : @ferno_562 best comp pull is 356 @110lbs
lensilvia : my gym has a couple diff bars i go for the lower grit one lol
vince1030 : @mybunnysweethoudini
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#flashback/#flexfriday when I attempted to do a physique show after 12 plus years of not competing. #bodystrut #fbf #gunz #momsthatlift #bodybuilding
momsthatlift - gunz - fbf - flexfriday - bodystrut - bodybuilding - flashback -
dominiquew0084 : Mega Beautiful
kylehennington41 : Very nice!
tchallahawk : O U T S T A N D I N G.
daniellebarkume : Babe!!! 😍😍
missyhenjum : Attempted? Looks more like rocked the hell out of it! Amazing!
danielwinners : This year too!?
theklappster : In control and looking good @marisainda
829filmsbx : Phenomenal
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Sooooo much more difficult behind the neck. Added 25lbs thinking I could knock out at least 8 but only got 5. Dropped the weight and did 8 more reps no weight by set 3 only able to do 3 reps with the weight but made sure I still got in at least 12 reps total. How many can you get?? Tag someone who's up for the challenge. #bodystrut #pullups #powerlifting #momsthatlift #juggergear #calisthenics
calisthenics - momsthatlift - juggergear - bodystrut - powerlifting - pullups -
marisainda : @jjxcv nice!!
lashbear : So strong 💪 get it @marisainda
jjxcv : Yeah I'm tryna get to that handstand level but it's crazy hard lol
dumbinacan4u : Friggin awesome.... #ChallengeAccepted !! @fit2fight @djonez718
djonez718 : Uh oh... I saw this vid but didn't read the comment fully... How much weight @dumbinacan4u
dumbinacan4u : 25lb on the belt! @djonez718
djonez718 : Lol..Aite @dumbinacan4u ima post a video this afternoon for you.
fit2fight : So perfect
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Still trying to master these canes. Had zero mojo today-everything is so sore from training! At least the boys #gunz are on point. #bodystrut #thedink #handstandcanes #crossfit #thearcher #acrodishiac
acrodishiac - gunz - crossfit - bodystrut - thedink - thearcher - handstandcanes -
x12_james : Holy shit
advenracerchick : That's with no mojo??? Wish my no mojo days looked like that!!! The boy had his mojo going ❤️❤️❤️
jenckeck : Hahahahaha!
mattyvsmithy : Amazing!
slovationfitness : Mirin kids bicep
mr_wynnefield : No one told me I had free admission to #TheGunShow #boom lol
haleyblairfitness : Is that your son? Too freaking cute 💛 @marisainda
marisainda : @haleyblairfitness yes. Thx girl ♥
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2 things: *You dont always have to go heavy to make things brutal. *What happened to common sense? Front paused squats suck and doing anything over 5 reps is torture!! Point is sometimes you need to go lighter and do some rep work. Question I hear almost daily-what should I eat?? Ummm use some common sense...yes you can eat chips n candy n "junk" foods BUT prbly not gonna look or feel the way you want to if you eat large amounts several times a day everyday. Common sense people, learn some self control; not talking depriving yourself but portion control. Do you know in some countries Starbucks doesn't sell a trenta size! We're used to everything in large amounts (myself included-hello super sized green tea)....doesn't mean you need it though. #bodystrut #abs #powerlifting #momsthatlift #stayready
momsthatlift - stayready - abs - powerlifting - bodystrut -
picapausa : But your not mad though lol
erikac76 : @raynerstrong "squats were slightly high" u got be freaking kidding uh?...I would like to see you make a video showing us what is depth....
hulk801 : @blasiansrus @latina_pride_forever @jkpracticelaw
88blondy : Seriously 💗 this 👏👏 my knees hurt when I squat 😔 I do them infront of the wall to make sure my knees dont overhanging but there still weak!! I want my ass on the grass too ☺ x
marisainda : @88blondy from a knee injury?
88blondy : I don't ever remember hurting it (when I first started training) I did the squat challenge and I used weights .. Not sure if I damaged it then? I iced and rested! And it randomly starts hurting when I use it mid bend (walking up stairs, sitting, squatting, lunging) but the pain comes and goes .. I've been dead lifting instead to give my knees a brake! I have skinny legs anyway maybe there just weak 😔 x
marisainda : @88blondy lateral band walks strengthen glutes and IT bands which help the knees. Thoroughly warm-up and start back light.
88blondy : I've stopped using weights with my knees completely (except dead lifts as I've found I don't get pain with them) what are IT bands? Thanks 👏
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