Tank jr and his friend john dolo #bluelinefamily
bluelinefamily -
all__season : dope flick
aniitaxtv - eastsidazz - domdrizzyboy - rene_martinez13 -
Baby is 6 months old today and looking gorgeous at a solid 47lbs of muscle! #bluelinekennels #bluelinefamily #babywhitefaceassassin @hi_tone @stef_lova1 @eddieblueline
bluelinefamily - babywhitefaceassassin - bluelinekennels -
nikkisplitt : Adorable
rachos - msj_luv - grisselm_ - pitbulls_truelovers -
And you know I had to show my baby girl Domino some IG love too. She waits for this all day long, we call it giving her a manicure. #MyDaughter #MyDog #OneOfMyBestFriends #iLoveYouDomino #BluelineFamily #TFC #TMBH #TFCTMBH #GotSalsa #iGotSalsa #TeeValenz #TonyValenz #HiToneValenz #HiTone
mydaughter - bluelinefamily - gotsalsa - hitone - iloveyoudomino - oneofmybestfriends - tfc - teevalenz - tfclaxtfcnyc - hitonevalenz - tfctmbh - igotsalsa - tonyvalenz - mydog - tmbh -
fukknradd69 : Thatt pup is fucken beautiful @hi_tone
geeeb : @_andreaaag
_andreaaag : I love this!!!! @geeeb
hi_tone : @diorxnoir Appreciate that bro. Real talk. #TFCLAxTFCNYC
diorxnoir : you already..
ashley_pvong : Aww I love domino! She looks like my Bella
hi_tone : @deez_nuts21323 Check the pic before this one. I posted one of him this morning.
alexaweezy : Pretty baby girl. I'm so glad they have owners like you guys. Breed advocates for sure.
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Lmao . You bet your ass them fool are trying what ever to catch up .. #bluelinefamily
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buckeyebulliez_topher : That's how people ruin the breed.
eddieblueline : Yup bro . What people don't under stand is I own and co own like over 60 dogs I can reach for and access to over 200 dogs from my blood line lol I play to win .. Plus I went to shows for like 9 years strait .. My dogs have always been top dogs
_el_rey_de_la_mota : Something your competition would do @hyprlivewire
hurricanedavid : Is that bgk. Lol @eddieblueline
wascosfinest : Lmao @eddieblueline they see something good and wana be a cheap ass n try to make what you have not knowing there gona look like asses when the mutts are born all goofy n fucked up looking lmao fuck head breaders aka cheaters
bluegrassbullieskennels : That looks like that one dude πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
ogbudwatcher : Gotta go with rotts tho
eddieblueline : @hurricanedavid yup lol
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I haven't been able to spend to much time with him lately. I've just been so busy workin on this new music for y'all. I get home at 3, 4, 5am sometimes and he's still so excited to see me. Laying on his side, lookin at me and wagging his tail waiting for me to pet him. #MySon #MyDog #OneOfMyBestFriends #iLoveYouPopeye #BluelineFamily #TFC #TMBH #TFCTMBH #GotSalsa #iGotSalsa #TeeValenz #TonyValenz #HiToneValenz #HiTone
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allisonsuzanne65 : Haha Them scorpio's are feisty!πŸ‘ŠπŸ’’πŸ”₯ @stef_lova1
bunnysosweet : @stef_lova1 😊
stef_lova1 : @crystal__sugar πŸ™πŸ‘Œ I always do mama! I take it as a compliment every time! And im so proud of him always.... And I always appreciate your support, thank you for always showing love!
bunnysosweet : πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯ @stef_lova1
crystal__sugar : @stef_lova1 πŸ™β€οΈ#powercouple
ekblondie : @stef_lova1 you two are great together. Defend whats yours. The love is obvious! Much respect =)
cakefacemommy_mua : Those socks!!!!
lisamariewxo : Awww this is the cutest. Your dogs are so lovely I see yours and @stef_lova1 photos or video's and they well adorable lovely little family there. People say they bad dogs they really not they can be so loving and caring and use have proved that!!!! :):)
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Expecting only the best from this breeding.. Taking deposits now.. Email bluelineimpact@gmail.com or call/text 7734063946 @blueline_impact_tony @max112672 @blueline_impact_mike @eddieblueline #weareyournewfavoritebreeders #bluelineimpactbullies #bluelinebloodline #bluelinewarriors #bluelinekennels #bluelinechapter #bluelinefamily #bluelinestyle #blucheeze #abkc #ukc #nfl #nba #sports #money #music #hiphop #rap #forsale #puppy #pitbull #fame #wethebest #windycity #chicago #chicity #chitown #chicagostyle #cantstopcuzwewontstop #chicagobluelinefamily
bluelinefamily - nfl - bluelineimpactbullies - forsale - weareyournewfavoritebreeders - blucheeze - chicagostyle - hiphop - chicity - rap - cantstopcuzwewontstop - nba - bluelinekennels - bluelinestyle - fame - pitbull - abkc - chicagobluelinefamily - wethebest - chicago - bluelinechapter - bluelinewarriors - sports - music - money - chitown - puppy - ukc - bluelinebloodline - windycity -
abranch10 : #Bluecheeze though personally one of my favorite dogs of yours@eddieblueline
abranch10 : @eddieblueline
blue_gotti_bullies : πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘
humboldtbullypitbulls : Nice breeding
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The little stud muffin in color and black and white . @justwilliet ended up picking up brother and sister ... Lucky puppies. #bluelinefamily
bluelinefamily -
56hellojojo56 : @420_twitch_410
bomani_shine : Can't wait to see this one grow up! He's going to be a problem!!! #badass
tc_romero : Both!!! So lucky! πŸ’œ
kla_143 : @dansoto6586 😊 so cuteee !!
skaterjoe : So cute
family_furrys_forever : Yay! So glad @justwilliet got both...they'll be good companions for each other😊 @eddieblueline
smmusiq90 : What do you give your dogs for a healthy coat?
ruthless_gee : @sm0cahontas
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Today Russia got adopted @diediemydeaddarling follow the adventures of Russia and her new husband ... #bluelinefamily
bluelinefamily -
wutever : @chrisillest it's tongue is so big 😳😍
pookie7489 : @official_skoobylok1 😍😍
_cbreezey : Do your dogs have breathing problems? I've rarely seen a picture of them not panties besides the puppies.
emotattoo : @_cbreezey all dogs w short muzzles breathe like that - they are brachycephalic and pant to cool down
_cbreezey : I have bulldogs & shar peis & it's rare they pant sooooo.
thelastbrenda : @_cbreezey dogs in generally pant when they're hot. Keep in mind the weather' warm and this dog is in a car.
lizzzzzified : @bayareapits_moose
eddieblueline : @sapeezy I have a female pit no frenchies
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This guy was a little crazy and that why I liked him so much , #true #bluelinefamily #ultimatewarrior
bluelinefamily - true - ultimatewarrior -
ryder_rodriguez : @nick_reyes91
04dunlop : glad to see evolution back as well
johnny_slomo : I just slipped into a nostalgia thinking of the undertaker ultimate warrior dude thanks man πŸ‘ŒπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ I needed that
bigghostsgurl : @big_ghost_fx3
lovinglifemiami : Repost
a420world : @starlitogrindhard
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@ogwilliet @justwilliet what comes next will simply be a master piece .. The blue line story #bluelinefamily
bluelinefamily -
bo_c_253 : @arekjones
joshfrost24 : @wildboytay he's gonna be bigger then that
creyes_54 : Check this beast out bro @johnreyes76
4b11josh : @dannaaa_xo
tymonst93 : #animalabuse
julianiflores : @uptown_tito looks great
jacqjax0711 : πŸ™Œ @meee_shelljazmin
kushman213 : @lustoh
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Who's going to #denvercannabiscup2014 make sure you stop by the silika booth for your official blueline gear ... Ask for payaso or sharp shooter mike tell them Eddie sent you for your in house discount ... If you buy a shirt take a pic at the booth and tag me for your shout out #Bluelinefamily #bluelinebloodline
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eddieblueline : @payasogrow you like that one huh
masteryodakush : Masteryodakush is
errlfactory : I'll be there for sure, and Ima ask. They better hook me up!! @eddieblueline @payasogrow wish u were gonna b there eddieπŸ‘Š
johndoe107 : You got them canvas on deck yet? The placasoxkushlifexblueline collab?
adam_frachon : Dam wish I could go
eddieblueline : @johndoe107 not done yet
johndoe107 : I need one
eddieblueline : @johndoe107 ok
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GONNA BE OUT IN DENVER THIS WEEKEND FOR HIGH TIMES EVENT STOP BY THE SILIKA BOOTH WE GOT ALL KINDS OF GOODIES..ILL HAVE SOME BLUELINE SMOKEY AND TANK JR SHIRTS AVAILABLE AND SOME BLUELINE -KUSH LIFE - PLACASO OG THRILLA SHIRTS JUST RELEASED ...SEE YOU THERE !! @silika_glass @beskoe @chubzillaa @payasogrow @idabglass @kushlifebrand @eddieblueline @thecannabisgardner @loudseeds @fish_silika @ograskal @ogsmokenvapeshop #bluelinemike #bluelinefamily #jetlife #hightimes #2014 #hustle #bluelineclothing #ogr #genetics #denver #OG #expensivetaste #wifi #rso #medical #patient #cancerkiller #fuckcancer #blessed #familia #familyfirst
bluelinefamily - cancerkiller - rso - patient - fuckcancer - blessed - ogr - familyfirst - denver - familia - genetics - hightimes - bluelinemike - medical - wifi - bluelineclothing - jetlife - og - 2014 - expensivetaste - hustle -
chubzillaa : Yay! Thanks perro!
fredgxv : Any xxl?
teazydoesit : I want to pick up a thrilla shirt too big dog hit me up when u get em in stock
kingwaxkillah : That's right
bluelinemike : @fredgxv yeah I got 2 x hit me up this week before I leave ..
esjeherb : πŸ”₯ @beskoe can you hook me up with a tank.jrπŸ˜πŸ‘ŠπŸ’š
az_murrayjuana : Yee ill be at hive booth g I was gonna bring some dogs but decided to fly Instead well have to link.
bluelinemike : @az_murrayjuana see u there g..
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Never met a dollar I didn't like that for sure #Bluelinefamily #bluelinebloodline
bluelinefamily - bluelinebloodline -
nunyabiz927 : Okayyyyyy Yes Them Dead Presidents Be My #MCM these lame bitches Crazy they betta get on this right Hurr money motivation
juskepinit_100 : #RealshitπŸ’―
tne_alec : Stealin.this.shitt.
jimenez_mayonfatima : lol
lilmiss_916 : #True!
canyonpitsva : That's some true shit right there !!!
foxnasty : @weflexlike90px all u homie
jackclothier : @m_hufff
enunez300 - gypsysoul710_ - reddevil004 - callumb_99 -
This bad bitch #bluelineasylum #blueline #bluelinefamily
bluelinefamily - blueline - bluelineasylum -
sofarela - flexnbrut -
Came to see my sisters last show !! And they did freaking awesome at the WGASC CHAMPIONSHIPS 2014 #chinohigh I hope they win first place tonight .... Congrats nancy wancy .... You did great I'm very proud of you #Bluelinefamily
bluelinefamily - chinohigh -
ta2dleprechaun : Damn bro, same girl we met when we picked up Annie? Crazy how fast time flies.....ain't it!
eddieblueline : @ta2dleprechaun yea my little dog breeding sister same one lol
joshgamblin : @melissuh__g this made me think of you and when I would go to the football games just to watch you :)
joshgamblin : They did great
mmvo : I did this in high school!
jimenez_mayonfatima : She's freaking awesome i love going to her shows when im there!
wendizzzzzle : She did so good! She was soo happy you came to watch her!
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Vanilla Ice With His New Versace Collar .#bluelinefamily#bluelineblood #bluelineimpact #bluelinekennels #weareyourfavoritebreeders
bluelinefamily - weareyourfavoritebreeders - bluelineimpact - bluelinekennels - bluelineblood -
family_furrys_forever : Fancy...looks nice on him!πŸΆπŸ’Ž @blueline_impact_mike
blueline_impact_mike : Only the best for my boy @family_furrys_forever
family_furrys_forever : Looks like he's geared up and ready to strut his stuff! LolπŸ˜„ @blueline_impact_mike
family_furrys_forever : Where did you get the collar? @blueline_impact_mike
blueline_impact_mike : Thanks ..@freakbytchkennels she does gd work just tell her I sent you ..
vaguila2 : Damn lmao
biggreese71 - _ko_be_ - jeaniebeanie85 - herencia_kennels -
#eastsidaz on my chest tonight get your #eastsidaz gear at @mr_goldie_loc @big_traydeee @eastsidazshop east SIDAZ come out and playyyyyyyyy #bluelinefamily #bluelinebloodline
bluelinefamily - eastsidaz - bluelinebloodline -
jessibaby626 : Easssst siiiiideeeeeee
ryri21 : Cant spell the WEST without the ES!!!
tstarkthebeast : LBC all day.
sleepspma : @doe213 remember
doe213 : Haha yeah man we we came out with logo everybody jocc and copy the "ES" logo @sleepspma
est1989tommyb : @slumcalikid_fokis909
lucky_t2 : I want a shirt, where can I get one
uribe909 - mrlopez_92 - tony2tyma - pipe -
Titan πŸ’― #bluelinebloodline #bluelinefamily
bluelinefamily - bluelinebloodline -
apache_el_bully - 360marc - honeyink77 - 4sistersdelights -
My boy Titan playing frisbee #bluenose #bluelinefamily #bluelinebloodline
bluelinefamily - bluenose - bluelinebloodline -
bluegrassbullieskennels : Boy is a monster
bluelinealphaomegabullies : Thanks @bluegrassbullieskennels
bluelinealphaomegabullies : Thanks for all the likes @johndoe107
calibeachvet - apache_el_bully - tianna_babe - honeyink77 -
#hustleman #workflow no 9-5 here . We do it 24/7 365 days a years .. The mad scientist in his lab #Bluelinefamily #bluelinetshirts #bluelinebloodline #blueline
bluelinefamily - blueline - bluelinetshirts - workflow - bluelinebloodline - hustleman -
eddieblueline : @mrsleebabee I think he loves me to much but it would be a sick tattoo
mrsleebabee : Lmao! I'm glad I'm not the only one that sees that haha.
eddieblueline : @mrsleebabee HA HA it's all good we just need to CONTroll the love .:)
mrsleebabee : Lol nah he just really likes your dogs. That's it lol
eddieblueline : @mrsleebabee I'm kidding !!!!! Lol
mrsleebabee : I know!!! Lol I was too πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
bluegrassbullieskennels : Ur set up is impeccable..super dope
eddieblueline : @bluegrassbullieskennels daddy didn't raise no fool lol
lil_ralph909 - alexaweezy - gvry89 - lirreec -
This guy has a funny personality #MuggsyMalone #Blueline #Bluelinefamily #Expensivetaste
bluelinefamily - blueline - expensivetaste - muggsymalone -
vaness_cee_love - gangsta_mcnugget - e_raw9 - biggvince1985 -
Best buds Armor Tank and the beast Titan
bluelinefamily -
bluelinealphaomegabullies : Thank u for the like @royalfamilybullies
bluelinealphaomegabullies : Thank u for the like @Royalfamilybullies
bluelinealphaomegabullies : Thank u for all the likes @lesliakincaid
lesliakincaid : No thanks needed. Love seeing your pups. They are so cute. 🐢😍
sweetbutterfly_86 : Welcome, and I'm in love with your dogs so I have to like πŸ˜‰@bluelinealphaomegabullies
jugatling : The boys r getting big Titan and Armor Tank look wonderful bro ..
bluelinealphaomegabullies : Thanx @jugatling
bluelinealphaomegabullies : Thanks @blueline_impact_tony for all the love #bluelinefamily all the way πŸ’―
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@ogwilliet @justwilliet needs help picking his pup . Male on the left female on the right ... What do you think ..#bluelinefamily #bluelinebloodline
bluelinefamily - bluelinebloodline -
jaet1deep : πŸ˜‘ @_itskell
_itskell : 😩 @jaet1deep
lalaromero : @eddieblueline How can I contact u re: whatever pup @justwilliet doesn't get?
tngkrbel : @cicisw33t2lick
jordyn__k : @juliannetanchak
mitchell_nagy19xx : Right
drezblunted : Male
jacqjax0711 : @meee_shelljazmin
gypsysoul710_ - homestate_is_best - ninisha - scpools -
Armor and Titan a tank jr son and a War machine son owned by @bluelinealphaomegabullies #bluelinefamily #bluelinebloodline what do you guys think of these pups at under a year old
bluelinefamily - bluelinebloodline -
aspent240 : @renethompson14
lifeasikno : I need one of these in my life @bryon305
bryon305 : @lifeasikno my brother have one for sale
bigghostsgurl : @big_ghost_fx3 on the left
johndoe107 : New pg johndolo
johndoe107 : Old one got reported n erased lol
inokvi : Where do you get your dogs ears cropped?
jacqjax0711 : @tattoosbymando777 daamn
edp252 - kano_the_pitbull_pup - heff_thestaffy - _srynotsorry_4beinme_ -
That pissed off baby face he gives you when you don't let him on the bed #bigbaby#soserious#crybaby #bluenose#tankjrson#bluelinefamily#my110lbbaby#11months @jfw_junior @s_kimmster @eddieblueline
bluelinefamily - my110lbbaby - bigbaby - pitbullinstagram - soserious - crybaby - bluenose - tankjrson - 11months -
sunsy5 : What type of dog is that??? He's so badass!!! 😍
jfw_prisci : @sunsy5 thank you sunsy he's a bluenose pitbull 🐢
sunsy5 : Love him
jfw_prisci : @sunsy5 thanks love
jfw_prisci : @s_kimmster like father like son
family_furrys_forever : So handsome (it does run in the family)! Yeah, once their spoiled it's so hard to change them!lolπŸ˜‹ @jfw_prisci
jfw_prisci : @family_furrys_forever ain't it the truth πŸ™ˆ bigbrats
jfw_prisci : #pitbullinstagram
uva924 - marcos_johan - s_kimmster - chef_dcanjura -
FATHER AND SON PICTURE ... I love this pic of me and my boy tank jr . #bluelinefamily #bluelinebloodline @justwilliet @ogwilliet you got down like James brown ese !!! Lmaoooo thank you seΓ±or
bluelinefamily - dallascowboy - bluelinebloodline -
kimchelicious : πŸ’› this pik @eddieblueline
bluelinealphaomegabullies : Got chest @eddieblueline
pitdenk9s : How much does a puppy go for?
family_furrys_forever : Besides War Machine that's the other main beast! look how he looks up to you with nothing but love and a smile!😊 @eddieblueline
caseyg22 : No problem bruh doing big beautiful things on the west coast well now global haha
caseyg22 : You're*
justwilliet : @lalaromero here he is.. if you
prehistoricpits : How come you didnt go to the atomic dog show like you said you were ? does that mean you won't be at cinco either ? @eddieblueline
9young2 - luciegrant - martinbfartin - _jose_s_ -
This dude @kingleonidasthegreat #blueline #bluelinefamily #bluenosepit #ifuckinglovemypit #ilovemypit #pitsofig #pitsofinstagram #pitbull #MyInstaPit #dontbullymybreed #mypit #nkc #razorsedge #gotti #tattoosandpitbulls
bluelinefamily - gotti - nkc - razorsedge - tattoosandpitbulls - bluenosepit - ifuckinglovemypit - myinstapit - blueline - mypit - pitbull - pitsofinstagram - pitsofig - ilovemypit - dontbullymybreed -
captainsaltydawg - mr_deluna - koo_bah - 00swerve00 -
Big man @kingleonidasthegreat in action #broOut #blueline #bluelinefamily #bluenosepit #ifuckinglovemypit #ilovemypit #pitsofig #pitsofinstagram #pitbull #MyInstaPit #dontbullymybreed #mypit #nkc #razorsedge #gotti #tattoosandpitbulls
bluelinefamily - nkc - bluenosepit - blueline - mypit - broout - myinstapit - tattoosandpitbulls - gotti - razorsedge - ifuckinglovemypit - pitbull - pitsofinstagram - pitsofig - ilovemypit - dontbullymybreed -
iamprairieflower : Strutin'
blucas86 - culverrd - iamprairieflower - scrappycarmen -
Dog park
bluelinefamily - pitbullsofinstagram - pittychick - bluenose - proudpitparent - pitbullsofig - chickswithpits -
shines81 : #pitbullsofinstagram #pitbullsofig #pittychick #chickswithpits #proudpitparent #bluenose #bluelinefamily
lovesanajanan - gishyfishee - itssherribaby - mikegenao -
#tankjr picture by @justwilliet .. Thanks Willie I've have a ton of people tank pics of my dogs .. Your work topped them all .. #bluelinefamily #bluelinebloodline #blueline WHAT DO YOU GUYS THINK OF THIS SHOT ! Leave a comment
bluelinefamily - tankjr - bluelinebloodline - blueline -
eddieblueline : @justwilliet lmao it was cool bro for sure
eddieblueline : @bluegrassbullieskennels I want a puppy to
_mo88 : Beast mode! Tank jr killin the game!!!
teazydoesit : This boy gets better and better with age
whitedevil_4 : @labro02
jcastro_03 : @maateeen
luckylucciiano : @camosandsbs
martinbfartin : He made a great looking dog look better. Great shot on a great specimen!!
gumption_joogs - sammigram710 - javicastro626 - dashingtwinkletoeslol -
bluelinefamily - puppies - pitstagram - pitbull - rpbluelines - jackhammer - wedabest - bluelinebloodline -
em_circles - iputthecityonmyshoulders - expensivehabitz - kauai_kai -
Available! Gi jane x camouflage Daughter! #blueline #bluelineasylum #bluelinebloodline #bluelinefamily
bluelinefamily - blueline - bluelineasylum - bluelinebloodline -
sofarela - chaoticasmar -
Titan at Home Depot #bluelinefamily #bluelinebloodline #bluenose
bluelinefamily - bluelinebloodline - bluenose -
bluelinealphaomegabullies : Thank u for all the likes @t00tsie_annie
eddieblueline : Wow I'm loving him
t00tsie_annie : Anytime πŸ‘πŸΆπŸ˜Š
bluelinealphaomegabullies : Thank you for the likes @sarion0618
family_furrys_forever : Look at that face who could resist showing him some love? Always looks like he's smiling or maybe he's just hamming it for the cam...either way he looks happy!πŸΆπŸ–πŸ“·πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜‰@bluelinealphaomegabullies
leightonhutch - a1_slime - kushman213 - sarion0618 -
Statigram feedback