Got my baby back the other day! So happy she's home :) definitely needs a bath though. #honda #hondacivic #mexilights #ex #coupe #vtech #blownheadgasket #waterpump #timingbelt #header #needsnewcylinderhead #dirtybitch #vroom
timingbelt - dirtybitch - honda - coupe - header - hondacivic - ex - waterpump - mexilights - needsnewcylinderhead - vtech - blownheadgasket - vroom -
awluiz_eg8 : Vtec* and get some Si 50/50 tail lights and lower the girl! Lol
trevte72 : Or you can get out of the mexitec game And sell it
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Working on the truck! #89chevy #350 #v8 #chevy #blownheadgasket
v8 - chevy - 89chevy - blownheadgasket - 350 -
danielward97 : Fix the truck. Yee yee
zanesmith01 : C if at sumbitch ul crank now! @danielward97
danielward97 : Oh dear what am I gonna do with all these tools!
i_am_bray_bray - thegraeber_96 - danielward97 - jshotw -
My dad says "no way I have a blown head gasket" lol #foundonroaddead #ford #techlife #blownheadgasket
foundonroaddead - blownheadgasket - techlife - ford -
betsyfeezelda - worldisempty685 - suhzzy0 - fordpickups -
My husbands truck currently 😒it had a blown head gasket. Good thing we have a warrenty I hope we get it back soon @FramaticApp, #Framatic #2004 #ford #250diesel #blownheadgasket #turbo #turbodiesel #badasstruck
turbo - turbodiesel - framatic - ford - 250diesel - badasstruck - 2004 - blownheadgasket -
Well the #valvecover is off and it's not showing any signs of a #blownheadgasket yet... well nonetheless it's got 250,000 miles on it so it wouldn't hurt to fix it! #jeep #cherokee #xj #engine #repair #lifted #33's #mickeythompson
xj - engine - lifted - repair - jeep - valvecover - mickeythompson - cherokee - 33 - blownheadgasket -
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kp61 - toyota - blownheadgasket - turbobuild - 3tc -
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#Honda #Civic #blownheadgasket
honda - blownheadgasket - civic -
dannyvazquez760 - olivia_cuervo - bumperdumperscott - nextgenracers -
Rolling coal in the 4runner!! #toyota #4runner #blownheadgasket #rollingcoal #coaltrail #chewchew @backwood_diesels @outlawdieselmiami @toyotaprideworldwide @toyotacrawlers
4runner - coaltrail - chewchew - toyota - rollingcoal - blownheadgasket -
luckygillespie : Don't think that is supposed to happen
haydenmk : Haha more like rolling coolant
megandegagne - kawilife18 - 4runner_addicts - barghbains -
#porsche356 #blownheadgasket #356
356 - porsche356 - blownheadgasket -
micahreese1 : I wanna see
lanaatchley - unmodernman - shearedbysarah - micahreese1 -
Working on my baby <3 #hondacivic #1994 #jdmgirls #timetogetdirty #pinkrims #pinknails #blownheadgasket #Imhappy #anythingformycar
1994 - pinkrims - timetogetdirty - jdmgirls - anythingformycar - hondacivic - imhappy - pinknails - blownheadgasket -
sexxy_manny : As of this moment i think i love you ... Lol πŸš—πŸ˜πŸ˜‚
nataliebbyy_ - jazmed4412 - _stphne - cfresh619 -
Dura trash is gone back to the cummins life #6speed #cummins #traded #duramax #blownheadgasket #hedidntknow πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
hedidntknow - 6speed - duramax - cummins - traded - blownheadgasket -
farmerbrown72 : @2ndgen_cummins_only @dieselworld @diesel_commander
cyleabell - jordanconley99 - hann728 - lil_shmads -
@jonroach357 No fucc's givin. #IDRC #BlownHeadGasket #RaceCarProblems #Fontana
fontana - idrc - racecarproblems - blownheadgasket -
gusperez1220 : U blew the gasket
dannyleroyjenkins : Man, u guys are handsome.
fame_racing : Yea @gusperez1220 Thsnk u sir @dannyleroyjenkins
jonroach357 : @dannyleroyjenkins thank you sir
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gettingreadytopullthemotor - dragtruck - thisiswhatwedoonfridaynights - figuredoutwegottadropthetranny - idratherworkonoldenginesthannewones - dustedknuckles - cherrypicking - hangingwiththeguys - blownheadgasket -
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350 - bouthalfwaydonewiththepull - easyshitisdone - blownheadgasket - dragtruck -
georgiaboy3679 -
beforeistarted - timetotearitapart - 350 - milkyoilisanogo - s10 - blownheadgasket -
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Looks like I have some cleaning to do... πŸ˜’ #fml #blownheadgasket #hondacivic #honda #bigassoilstain #anyoilinthecar #dowork #leakinglikeamofo
leakinglikeamofo - dowork - honda - bigassoilstain - fml - hondacivic - anyoilinthecar - blownheadgasket -
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best Friday night ever. 😐#blownheadgasket #yay #cars #cryface #mazda #astina #323 #blowngasket #didntcrackblockluckily
cryface - yay - cars - didntcrackblockluckily - mazda - 323 - blowngasket - astina - blownheadgasket -
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Fresh head all cleaned up and lapped now time to slap this bitch on this weekend and get shit moving again #nissan #makenmoves #headjob #motorrebuild #singlecammerslammer #240problems #s13 #blownheadgasket #blownradiatorhose #warpedhead #bustedchainguide #revivaloftheminibeast #rebuildtime #grimetime #gragaholics
makenmoves - grimetime - s13 - nissan - bustedchainguide - warpedhead - headjob - blownradiatorhose - gragaholics - motorrebuild - rebuildtime - revivaloftheminibeast - singlecammerslammer - 240problems - blownheadgasket -
pandapat408 : Needs more port
pandapat408 : you have them off you mayas well and make the extra 10 at engine
smokedouthatch408 : Yea if I can have it done quickly then yea it would be nice but I just need wheels again ATM @pandapat408
pandapat408 : You knowi have a compressor and a die grinder at my spot right?
smokedouthatch408 : That's what's up but I've never ported so I wouldn't know how to do it and how fast could I do it @mrpeloncb7 has been doing the machine work for me
smokedouthatch408 : @pandapat408
pandapat408 : Tc has perted heada
pandapat408 : Fucking a, that didnt work, anyway, the tc has ported heads and minor as it is, its nice
reyes_na - louiierich - honkster96 - texas_speed -
#rip Sally the Saturn πŸ˜ͺ you will be missed dearly, these past 2 years we're amazing together #Saturn #car #dead #blownheadgasket #ouch #suckstosuck #bye
bye - car - ouch - rip - dead - suckstosuck - saturn - blownheadgasket -
86eatonbill - jordanleanngundy -
blown1uz - thissucks - blownheadgasket - nerveracking -
shawnstone76 : That's a damn shame
sleeperae86 : Yeah, but it'll be fixed in a few weeks though
trinityy_lane - sammyleeann_ - nicholaslilley - _frankiegatdula -
True to form, my luck has blessed me with a potentially blown head gasket, they day of our anniversary. Oil and water temp hit 300+. Soul sucker. #s13 #s14 #s15 #silvia #240sx #180sx #sr20 #hotblooded #nissan #nismo #jdm #blownheadgasket #soulsucker
jdm - nismo - s13 - nissan - sr20 - 240sx - s14 - soulsucker - s15 - hotblooded - silvia - 180sx - blownheadgasket -
rip240sx : Oh my... How long did you drive or keep the engine on with those temps? I'm hoping there's no internal damage... Wishing you the best of luck, dude
that_ugly_ginger : @rip240sx not very long. Oil and coolant look clean. I'm gonna change the oil tomorrow.
that_ugly_ginger : @rip240sx that ks for the support! I may sweet ng by Tay's tomorrow and get his opinion.
sakura_s14 - jaredstein94 - zachbacon_s13 - ingmar_f -
Gross #vw #volkswagen #vwdasher #dasher #diesel #sowoprep #blownheadgasket
sowoprep - vw - vwdasher - dasher - diesel - blownheadgasket - volkswagen -
vedubauman : Milkshake
mulmax : Hope the head is not cracked @vedubauman
vedubauman : Nah @mulmax It runs too good.
mulmax : Lotta fluid mix. Head gasket looked okay. YOLO! We will see what happens.
dozier__ - hunterkey - javaponylinkin - vwhooptie -
Back on the internet looking for parts #blownheadgasket #ds450
blownheadgasket - ds450 -
bobbyjoxo - kristentwolan - ned2014 - 11_68_71 -
I think I blew a head gasket? #sti #subby #subaru #blownheadgasket
subaru - subby - sti - blownheadgasket -
insta_s_a_m : Working on the exact same thing on the exact same motor (minus turbo)
insta_s_a_m : A MLS gasket from Fel pro will do the trick for the next 100k miles at least
jshannon597 : I think we are just going oem with arp head studs. Since the motor is out we are changing a few things also that tend to go out on these things @insta_s_a_m
insta_s_a_m : Yeah I'm doing all the basics for pulling a boxer motor...head gaskets, timing belt/pulleys, water pump, oil pan gasket, cam seals, & also a lesser known thing that's good to do is to re-RTV the piston access caps in the back of the motor. They don't tend to go bad often, but when they do, you have to pull the motor again, so may as well do them since RTV costs practically nothing
jshannon597 : @insta_s_a_m ya that is exactly everything we are doing. I will check and see if we can do the RTV thing since that is really simple. We are also adding a front mount intercooler because it's a daily. If I was racing then the top mount would be great but it just gets heat soaked with normal driving.
insta_s_a_m : Yeah it's really easy to do, just 2 Phillips screws on the left one & 6 on the right. Just make sure you go at it with an impact driver, they're usually in there pretty tight & are easy to strip. That FMIC is gonna look pretty damn sweet!
jshannon597 : Ya the FMIC is going to look great! It limits the performance a little because it has to travel through so much piping but I don't drive like crazy anymore so I'm not worried
jshannon597 : @insta_s_a_m
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hondapilot - blownheadgasket -
magg293 - robert862 - stevepacifico -
And the headaches begin... #blownheadgasket
rps13 - driftcar - stance - s13 - nissan - 240sx - jdm - typex - chuki - 240problems - sr20det - 180sx - blownheadgasket -
doma_rps13 : #nissan #240sx #180sx #s13 #rps13 #chuki #typex #sr20det #driftcar #stance #jdm #240problems
alex_trankle : pos
doma_rps13 : @alex_trankle its a drifting pos
navarros13 : #240sxLife
jjgroll : Time for 1J
kaaitlyynn_ - omnoms15 - jjgroll - cathyyy180 -
That's not supposed to look like that #hfc #blownheadgasket
hfc - blownheadgasket -
themoose1121 : Holy sh!t
onethirtyfiveinc : yea that's gonna be a problem but I knew what it was just had to confirm now to the machine shop
onethirtyfiveinc - t_shap - huntahhaday -
#harleydavidson #blownheadgasket #ridingbysaturday
ridingbysaturday - harleydavidson - blownheadgasket -
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Gsr head !! #jdm#vtec#kick#blownheadgasket#pushed#gohard
jdm - pushed - vtec - gohard - blownheadgasket - kick -
timofeyl - investerivan - jdm_la_works -
Feel bad for dobey #blownradiator #blownheadgasket #smokedout #tll #backtotheS10 #todd @shane_campbell772 @cole_manman
blownradiator - todd - smokedout - backtothes10 - blownheadgasket - tll -
courtniiie_rene : πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚dad's mad
tate_beitler772 : Hahaha I knew he was gonna be pissed @courtniiie_rene
aaron_martson0 : Looked worth it hahaha
jschafe95 : That dumb ass haha @tate_beitler772
tate_beitler772 : Yea I think his injection pump got stuck open and Todd wasn't driving he ran cause he thought it was gonna blow up hahah @jschafe95
_beachparty97_ - mojo0713 - marystrunk13 - aubreybuzzi -
You've been a pain in the ass and you finally have in.. If anyone wants a project car. This would be the one for you. Call or text me if interested. #grandam #02 #gt #blownheadgasket lol
02 - gt - blownheadgasket - grandam -
chillinhard18 : How much?
kayliepaige49 : Well it has a blown head gasket and no catalytic converter, and front end damage. But has a new fuel pump, and water pump. How much would u spend
squadakey : I'll give you 100
kayliepaige49 : I bet you dot even have $100 lol
oxnatxo - luxdivision - countrylover011 -
This boys and girls is why chevy sucks I have my reasons I don't drive a ford for nothing.... It gets me where I need to be with no problems #1996 #cadillac #eldorado #blownheadgasket #shesaboutdone #chevysucks
1996 - chevysucks - cadillac - eldorado - shesaboutdone - blownheadgasket -
loc_luke77 : Yeah, ford never had that issue *cough powerstroke 6.0*
joshp8197 : Duramaxes had head gasket issues too.... And northstars.... I'm not saying ford hasent had problems but every gm I touch blows up every ford iv ever driven has been damn near flawless I owned one dodge and I ain't going back to that shit unless it's a cummins 5 speed or built automatic @loc_luke77
loc_luke77 : @joshp8197 my dodge has a shit differential. So I'm with you on that.
joshp8197 : I'm not just saying it cause I like ford but to be completely honest a ford is the only vehicle iv driven and hasent given up on me and I beat the shit out of my bronco every day and it's got over 206k on it which isn't much but every day and it just never stops I didn't even beat on my suburban too bad and the trans blew on me I had a gmc jimmy that blew 3 computers in 2 weeks and now the cadi with the headgasket and btw 6.0 powerstroke are pretty Nasty when there built just takes a lot of $$ @loc_luke77
loc_luke77 : @joshp8197 you have a bronco? Props! I love the older fords. So far my moms escalade is great. But the minivan with the horrible 3.4 was a piece of shit
joshp8197 : Lol I never said fords are perfect I just never have any trouble with them I had one that was a pain in the ass but it always ran and never didn't start or not get the job done yeah I love my bronco look on my profile I got a shit ton of pics of it @loc_luke77
loc_luke77 : @joshp8197 will look
totally_not_batman - globalautosports - bboulds98_ - chrisco0526 -
Getting ready for summer! #roughshape #lobsterseason #blownheadgasket
roughshape - lobsterseason - blownheadgasket -
kendangalo : Where's the sails?
seanaldenpeters : Scraped them @kendangalo ...bottom paint this week
kendangalo : Me too in 2 weeks
nyphone5 - lizzysweaver - cacover - mmwilley -
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