Positive side of today, the basement of our house has been built! View from my room(: #master#blackforestfire#newfrenchdpoors#SOHAPPY
blackforestfire - newfrenchdpoors - sohappy - master -
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This, I believe, is called a skidder. It cuts and hauls trees. This one is in a meadow near where my house burned alone with 500 others in the #blackforestfire last year. The dense fog made it extra creepy with the tree detritus.
blackforestfire -
palermus : @moosh1 Thanks Michelle
palermus : @chiseledlight Thanks Bryan. Digg'n you moon shots last night.
chiseledlight : Thanks!
mrsblose : Ugh! Sad for your loss! Interesting machinery.
davidsypherd : @palermus It's @davidsypherd from trailblazers_rurex. Sorry for the loss. Excellent shot and gallery! I would like to invite you to be a member of our page @trailblazers_rurex If you accept my invitation, please add member trailblazers_rurex or TRB_rurex for short to your bio. We have only two rules.. 1. You must follow @trailblazers_rurex 2. Please tag your pics #trailblazers_rurex Or #trailblazers_urbex Please let me know if you accept my invitation. Thank-you much..
palermus : @davidsypherd Thanks, I accept. I requested follow to rurex and will tag some. I don't put anything in my bio, but that wasn't one of the 2 rules :)
palermus : @mrsblose Very interesting. No worries. Everybody gotta hit some bumps.
davidsypherd : @palermus All our members are proud to put TRB in bio. Thank you for your consideration.
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#colorado #coloradosprings #blackforestfire
blackforestfire - coloradosprings - colorado -
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It's nights like this that make me think. It's still so surreal that almost a year ago I was still I'm the forest and happy, surrounded with trees, wildlife and my family. NO MATTER WHAT this is still my home! Since I was 3 years old I lived in that house it had so much history and was never neglected, I miss it so much. A house is just a house but this was a home. Since the fire I've just been depressed living in a rental In the middle of suburbia. I miss home πŸ’” and that you for everybody who has helped me and my family through this it means a lot, much love. #blackforestfire.
blackforestfire -
keegan1555 : Babe I know it's hard to ever go through something like that but you have a lot of support and you'll get through I love you and your family and I'm going to be there to help not matter what I love you babe
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#blackforestfire site a year later. Very sad sight but at least I'm here to rebuild #workflow #Colorado #blackforest #rebuild
blackforestfire - rebuild - blackforest - colorado - workflow -
magnlou8 : 😊makes me happy you make a difference some how some way. Luv u nephew ❀️
s_tnez : Aw thanks ti. I know me too. I like doin shit that i can be proud to tell Dante later
magnlou8 : UR welcome boo!!! Dante will always be proud of you cuz you are one of few or many fathers who stuck around in their child's life especially for a boy. Just being there for him alone he will be proud to be your son!!! 😊❀️😘
s_tnez : πŸ‘†πŸ‘πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜Ž thanks Maggie
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Black Forest Fire 2013 #colorado #fire #forest #blackforest #blackforestfire #wildfire #disaster #evacuation #elpaso #coloradosprings #smoke #camerphone #nofilter
wildfire - coloradosprings - colorado - fire - blackforestfire - elpaso - blackforest - forest - smoke - evacuation - camerphone - nofilter - disaster -
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Black Forest Fire 2013 #colorado #fire #forest #disaster #evacuation #blackforest #blackforestfire #elpaso #monument #coloradosprings #wildfire
wildfire - coloradosprings - disaster - fire - blackforestfire - monument - elpaso - blackforest - forest - evacuation - colorado -
tenkudrnatej : perfect! 
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Join us as we sponsor a fundraiser, along with Bricks 4 Kidz, to send children of victims of wildfires and children of first responders to a super fun day camp this summer! May 9th, 7:00 p.m. at Sip And Splatter downtown Colorado Springs! Sangria, soda, water and popcorn provided while you create a masterpiece. $40 p.p. Full info and how to register on our Facebook page! Come meet us! ~Kylah #coloradostrong #firstresponders #blackforestfire #waldocanyonfire #communitydoesnotburn #bricks4kidz #sipandsplatter #fundraiser #sangria #popcorn #whatmorecouldyouwant #summercamp #daycamp #dayleelynphotography
waldocanyonfire - sipandsplatter - blackforestfire - sangria - daycamp - bricks4kidz - firstresponders - fundraiser - whatmorecouldyouwant - summercamp - popcorn - communitydoesnotburn - dayleelynphotography - coloradostrong -
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Our 16' long bar for one of our favorite restaurants Garden of the Gods Catering - we also made 24 table tops all from burnt pine trees from our recent Black Forest fire here in Colorado Springs #bluestainpine #pine #blackforest #blackforestfire #wood #woodworking #colorado
blackforest - woodworking - colorado - bluestainpine - blackforestfire - wood - pine -
reclaimedbarnwood - markysmith49 - monarchs9161 - boblo_art -
As a new season is upon us, it has me thinking about how quickly last season escalated. I still remember islt seemed like a record time getting the truck ready to roll. Weston and I knew we had a challenge ahead of us, like every other firefighter. Lets see what this season has instore. #firefighter #wildfire #blackforestfire #ontheline
wildfire - blackforestfire - firefighter - ontheline -
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First pasque #flower of 2014 - life finds a way - burnt saplings from last year's #blackforestfire #colorado #blackforest
blackforestfire - flower - colorado - blackforest -
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Excited to start a new career! #ElPasoCountySheriffsWildlandCrew #WildFire #NewJob #WorkinMan #SummerJob #GettinInShape #HandCrew #Pulaski #BeenDreaminOfThisSinceIWasLittle #BlackForestFire #WaldoCanyon #HotShot
wildfire - elpasocountysheriffswildlandcrew - hotshot - workinman - waldocanyon - blackforestfire - newjob - pulaski - handcrew - gettininshape - beendreaminofthissinceiwaslittle - summerjob -
audreycamp : πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
mac15kcco : Welcome to the fun!
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Found my handprints from when I was 6 βœ‹πŸ˜’ I miss my home. Still surreal to me. 😒😒 #handprints #blackforestfire #blackforeststrong
blackforestfire - blackforeststrong - handprints -
alayna_picchi14 : πŸ˜˜πŸ˜˜πŸ’”β€β€πŸ’”πŸŒ²πŸŒ²
sophie_knapp : πŸ’ͺπŸ‘Š
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#fiero #pontiac #blackforestwildfire #blackforestfire #blackforest #aftermath #leftovers #manvsnature #colorado
fiero - pontiac - bindlepunk - blackforestfire - manvsnature - blackforest - blackforestwildfire - leftovers - aftermath - bndlpvnk - colorado -
elevatedtv : Doooope
johnnyshutterbug : Thanks @elevatedtv! The super 8mm footage is even better!
johnnyshutterbug : @bndlpvnk #bndlpvnk #bindlepunk
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Send us a picture of your green with our gear and get free wristbands or bumper stickers! So easy, even the beer is wearing a wristband! or post them to our Facebook page! #wristbands #coloradostrong #bumperstickers #stpatricksday #greenbeer #freegear #supportwildfirerelief #firstresponders #waldocanyonfire #blackforestfire #communitydoesntburn #tajmapawzgrooming
waldocanyonfire - blackforestfire - stpatricksday - greenbeer - firstresponders - communitydoesntburn - supportwildfirerelief - tajmapawzgrooming - freegear - bumperstickers - wristbands - coloradostrong -
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It's not "home" but it's a home. #blackforestfire #havingahardtime #missinghome
blackforestfire - havingahardtime - missinghome -
imploreformoore : I'm sorry, I couldn't imagine how hard that must be πŸ˜”
melaniewilkins_ - imploreformoore - xstellastarr_ - chyanne_123 -
Firefighters from around the country converged on Colorado Springs to help save the city from fires. #Bravery #ForestFire #Fire #blackforestfire #blackforest #colorado #coloradosprings
blackforest - coloradosprings - colorado - fire - blackforestfire - bravery - forestfire -
Remembering all the first responders that helped save Colorado Springs from fires for two years in a row. #BlackForest #BlackForestFire #ForestFire #Colorado #ColoradoSprings
blackforest - coloradosprings - colorado - forestfire - blackforestfire -
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Back when we had the horses evacuated from the black forest fire. I miss the one I named Copenhagen. #copenhagen #blackforestfire #forestfire #horses #imissit #livestock #cowboy #countryboy #country
horses - imissit - livestock - cowboy - blackforestfire - countryboy - country - copenhagen - forestfire -
the_brandon_robinson : Hint:: never try to ride an unbroken colt who's already pissed off about being shoved in a trailer.
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#myskiingstruggle is life. It doesn't always go in your favor as seen in this picture of a pair of skis and @salomonfreeski bindings burnt along with my home in the #blackforestfire. Followed up by hip surgery the following month. But what else can you do but push on @brodyleven
blackforestfire - myskiingstruggle -
brodyleven : Oh wow, that is a powerful picture. I am truly sorry you lost your home. Thanks for the story and for entering.
stevenjens : Thank you @brodyleven for doing what you do. You've kept me inspired through your all of your posts and writing
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inalamp surreal
blackforestfire -
jjtrim : Forest fires are American
inalamp : #blackforestfire
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Got to Mom's just in time to grab some stuff before the sheriff told us to evacuate immed πŸ˜•
blackforestfire -
megpauline : So sad.
inalamp : #blackforestfire
superlesbo - jazzy_star_77 - little_lamb_chops -
Regrowth after a devastating fire
blackforestfire -
inalamp : #blackforestfire
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My sisters home after the #BlackForestFire in June 2013.
blackforestfire -
taylorswiftasaurus13 : @carlatrout ❀️I Love your Strength.. Your ability❀️~to be powerful& full of love~❀️🌸and OHHH my~ You ALWAYS~make~ realize how precious & fragile life is.. I'm blessed to have you as my very BFF❀️🌸
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Groundbreaking for a family that lost their home in the #blackforestfire.
blackforestfire -
Sauran's eye? #seeingred #dagarden
blackforestfire - seeingred - dagarden -
danubis0 : #blackforestfire
elizabrilliant - trmllkn - steffiedubbz - lara_grant -
#blackforestfire My aunt and uncle were close to getting hit by this fire just outside of Colorado Springs. They were showing me the #distruction it did. Like a #nuclearbomb went off.
blackforestfire - distruction - nuclearbomb -
arcticotter85 : No green. Just burnt black tree's.
goonski - michaelswalgren - here_is_to_now - _moxiechick -
We dug this one out too, @hutchf350! You're entire crew rocks! We hope to run into you guys again...under much different and non-emergency circumstances. #coloradostrong #firefighters #catamountcrew #wristbandposse #heroes #wildfires #communitydoesntburn #blackforestfire #waldocanyonfire #mountainshadowsanniversaryevent
wildfires - blackforestfire - firefighters - wristbandposse - mountainshadowsanniversaryevent - catamountcrew - waldocanyonfire - communitydoesntburn - heroes - coloradostrong -
hutchf350 : That's awesome ! Thanks Taylor
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#blackforestfire #deer #rebuild
blackforestfire - rebuild - deer -
snowprincess5611 - jmay_jmay -
And to think this is my view from work. #nofilter This is the new view from the home of the family I work for who lost their home in the #blackforestfire last summer. Who knew this gem was hiding behind all those trees. #blessed #silverlinings #newhome #rebuilt #colorado #pikespeak
silverlinings - colorado - blackforestfire - newhome - blessed - pikespeak - rebuilt - nofilter -
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I had the opportunity as part of the #blackforestfire group to take a tour inside the Olympic facilities here in Colorado Springs. Would to to smash my #workout here #legionofboom #neversettle @1stphorm #1stphormathletesearch #djonesfit #npccolorado #1stphorm #1AM1STPHORM #fattofit #fitness #fattofitjourney #weightloss
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This was discovered in the blackforest burnscare! #wood #sculpture #beautiful #blackforestfire #bear #eagle #Colorado #sad #tragedy #art #artist
beautiful - eagle - art - colorado - artist - blackforestfire - bear - sad - wood - sculpture - tragedy -
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Feeling excited!!#comcrete#bigtruck#foundation#construction#rebuild#newhouse#blackforestfire
foundation - newhouse - bigtruck - comcrete - concrete - construction - blackforestfire - rebuild -
snowprincess5611 : #concrete. Sorry misspell
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