This accurately sums up how I feel 90% of the time. It is so great living in different places, but since moving from my home town I have always felt like a part of me was missing, half of my family lives in my hometown, the other half live where I currently am, next year my best friend and I plan to move away for a year (at least) and I know even there I will not be 100% at home. HOWEVER! My current town is going to get a whole lot more home feeling in the next couple of months! I am so happy that my best friend for nearly 10 years is moving to be user to me again! I absolutely can not wait, I miss her dearly every time I have to get back on a plane (like yesterday)
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_justbrooke_ : #mytravelgram #beautiful #beauty #blogger #vacation #cute #selfie #seriously #follow #followme #fun #cantwait #girl #girlswithtattoos #girlproblems #home #look #love #bestie #photooftheday #instagood #instalove #excited #yes #happy #stoked #bestieproblems #wishshewashere #family #move
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This is why we shouldn't go to the store #bestieproblems @izzie5122
bestieproblems -
_pinkky_monroe - soccertagy11 - _magic_hippie - tayindacut -
Seriously?! How about you send me that video I told you to make for me instead!!!! πŸ˜‘πŸ˜‘πŸ˜‘ #bff #bestieproblems #weirdo @tiffanymkemp
bestieproblems - weirdo - bff -
tiffanymkemp : I'm not sorry ! @ladyems00 😘
hearlmariel - mikapatt - bcm550 -
Easter with My Bestie! We didn't plan on wearing the same shorts. #happyeaster #besties #bestieproblems
bestieproblems - besties - happyeaster -
rekstars05 : Haha!! @su_gee1
that_dude_rolo - jesstoimpress21 - rogersquidreyes - ooh__nanaa -
Not a normal conversation and text I got this week from @kcrado .... Haha!!
bestieproblems -
kcrado : @lotte333 not going to lie, when I saw this comment pop up I was a little nerv which convo you were referring to!! #notnormal
lotte333 : #bestieproblems
kwabick3 - kcrado - k8rado -
Shhhhhhhhh! I'm wearing @kellkrm88 clothes tonight haha ;) what are #bestfriends for?! #girls #bestieproblems #oops
bestfriends - girls - bestieproblems - oops -
kellkrm88 : Wrapped in my love <3 @_hamster_11_
_hamster_11_ : @kellkrm88 that love kept me warm tonight ;) haha
kellkrm88 : I need your clothes because I'm cold this morning at market @_hamster_11_ !!!
_hamster_11_ : @kellkrm88 I wanna come! I'll keep you warm!!! Them up there wouldn't know what to do with us.
jrayfalls - _geezyboyz_1725 - kellkrm88 - samanthathe2nd -
Best hash tag ever... #bestieproblems #thatsmypoodle aww 🐩❀️
bestieproblems - thatsmypoodle -
misterchaddavis : @_burny
_burny - darkeyes81 - iamthekimster -
We have this snap chat conversation DAILY..approximately 26 times a day..if she asks ONE more time..I'm throwing sand at her!πŸ™…πŸ’œπŸ˜‚πŸ‘― @aimeep2010
bestieproblems -
jennacton : #bestieproblems
aimeep2010 : Hahaha love this #bestieforlife
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Over 6 Years Of Friendship... Between Snail Mails, E-Mails, Text Msg & Social Network We Manage To Stay Close All These Years. We Definitely Need To See Each Other.. #Tbt #InTheMoment #MissingTheBestie #BestFriend #Friend #Sister #Confidant #MyRideOrDie #MyRightHand #BestieProblems #MissYou #iRemThatDay #JokesForDays #Jamaica #IslandGals #PrettyGirls #MixedChicks
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nessavanelli : Awwww love u too boo!! Miss u bad!!β™₯β™₯ @iammelisa_mandrie ...damn 6 years wowβ™₯β™₯ 100 more to go!
sugadiana : Nessa u fi do betta @iammelisa_mandrie @nessavanelli
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@marina_petersen WE NEEEEEED THESE! #bestieproblems
bestieproblems -
marina_petersen : Lol... Yeah we do 😍!!!!!
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@tradae it's all your damn fault #bestieproblems 😑
bestieproblems -
tradae : I love you more 😘😘😘
#BestieProblems @teenie_lee92010 #NoLiFe #IStillLoveHer
nolife - bestieproblems - istillloveher -
teenie_lee92010 : #SheLovesYouToo
teenie_lee92010 - deycallme_breezy -
Out here being a good friend! πŸ™ˆπŸ™‰πŸ™Š #Gotmydunkin#bestieproblems #noshesnotcrying #morelikehidefromthecamera #realfriends #rainydays #gottaluvus
gottaluvus - rainydays - realfriends - gotmydunkin - morelikehidefromthecamera - noshesnotcrying - bestieproblems -
northphillymeech : Big head over there in the passenger πŸ˜‰
ms_salgado : Lol shut ur trap lol @northphillymeech
northphillymeech : @ms_salgado lol ok
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Had good night!!! #meandmymainchick#Ijustloveher #lastnight#nofilter#snspchat #bestieproblems
snspchat - lastnight - ijustloveher - bestieproblems - nofilter - meandmymainchick -
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But if you close your eyes, does it almost feel like nothing's changed at all? #bastille
neckhugs - bastille - bestieproblems -
kyanders : I think your Instagram is so great and you're so beautiful. Can you follow me too?
natashacammaert : I can't wait to snuggle the shit outta your neck! @frederiqueroyb
wand3rlusting__ : Only if you follow me back...duh @kyanders nothing's free in this world πŸ‘ŒπŸ˜˜hahaha
wand3rlusting__ : #neckhugs ?? #bestieproblems @natashacammaert
kyanders : Lol @natashacammaert snuggle yo neck! I want in
meghanhammacott : You're a babe.
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Do you wanna build a snowman? ❄️⛄️ or nah? πŸ˜‰ @emmieberry #whatwedowhenwearebored #bestieproblems #wecute
bestieproblems - wecute - whatwedowhenwearebored -
keith_sweat16 : I wanna build a snowman lmao
angelicaamarie_ - claa_rawww - littl3_0ne - bonitawendy -
Lmfaooo yo I had no choice but to #repost!!!! I'm weak!! #selfieplus #fatgirlproblems #realshit #weightlossproblems #thethirstisreal #helpmebabyJesus #igproblems #selfieproblems
bestieshit - helpmebabyjesus - weightlossproblems - igproblems - fatgirlproblems - thethirstisreal - selfieproblems - selfieplus - bestieproblems - realshit - repost -
katrice_b : @chynadollno1 #Bestieshit #bestieproblems
chloe_raynes_4ever : Lmaooooo
chynadollno1 : Something is definitely wrong with my twisted ass mind!! Lol @katrice_b
jrzeeqt : I'm Dead WeakπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜«πŸ˜†πŸ˜©πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
_thatbitchhh : @katieebitch
mz_aprild - allgood39 - wdb3 - jrzeeqt -
Today was interesting we ask each other how the heck are we friends if were opposite? Lol idk we just connect &work. Thankful we meet <3 #bestieproblems
bestieproblems -
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Tag your #bestie! #bestieproblems 😳 #partnerincrime #bestfriends #trouble #pethumor #petsofinstagram #designinspired #design #pawswhiskersanddesign #paws #LeLePets #dogstagram #dogsofinstagram #catsofinstagram #dogs #instalove #picoftheday #instapets #instafamous #petlovers #instabest #instagood #photooftheday #ilovemydog #ilovemycat #catlover #mansbestfriend #kittiesofinstagram
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jumski5 : @krissy_creme @tiffoismynameo πŸ™ˆπŸ™‰πŸ™Š
milena236 : @juliedun 😘😘😘
christinacarpi0 : @amandareawicks_ πŸ™ˆ 😘
lizlemon83 : @absurdhuman ain't they cute!
lizlemon83 : @aem126 kitties!!!
krissy_creme : @jumski5 @tiffoismynameo hilarious!!
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Being so alike that we match without trying #copycat #bestieproblems #mymonkey #getoutofmyhead #selfiesunday
getoutofmyhead - copycat - selfiesunday - bestieproblems - mymonkey -
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Consider this your warning ha ha #besties #family #bestieproblems
bestieproblems - besties - family -
teresa_watson : Haha β™₯
jmnzpickle : Lol I don't need you to hit me with your cane to wash them in the toilet just piss me off and I'll do it!!
etisfy : I don't know dentures are expensive lol😁
summerrayyy - anitadiaz - lovelyshalla - mizzkodak -
Anybody know where we can pizza tacos?! #pizza #pizzatacos #mexicanproblems #wehungry #besties #bestieproblems #vine #doitforthevine @lilobug
wehungry - besties - vine - doitforthevine - pizzatacos - mexicanproblems - bestieproblems - pizza -
irv_gomez : Pizza does sound good πŸ•πŸ•πŸ•πŸ•πŸ•πŸ•
gellyb09 : @sinmtz there's an awesome pizza place in pearland!
natigambeezi : Cicis pizza has taco pizza!!! Lol
braddeyoung : You could go to a TacoBell/Pizza Hut?!
ratchet_rabbit - ghrndz10 - gellyb09 - loverfindbe -
#selfiesaturday after a crazy morning of something that would only happen to me. I was walking up a flight of stairs, wearing open toed shoes. Managed to somehow "brush" my toes against something at the bottom of one step in a such a way that resulted in the splitting and eventual removal (by yours truly) of one of my nails. Whatever my toe got caught on basically ripped off my toe nail. Nail bed completely exposed, gushing blood everywhere. Never have I been so grateful for peroxide and neosporin in my life. Did I mention I was at work? Did I mention I had to clean up and keep working for the next 5 hours? Still managed to kick ass. TMI? You can all get back to your breakfasts now. πŸ™ŠπŸ˜Š #adayinthelifeofvalerie #toenailsareoverrated #noexcuses #clumsyasfuck
adayinthelifeofvalerie - selfiesaturday - noexcuses - toenailsareoverrated - clumsyasfuck - bestieproblems -
angiea123 : :(
dustintime2111 : Throw up the picture of that badboy #toenail #bummer
valerieok : @dustintime2111 lol I actually did take pictures... But they won't see the light of day. Trust me, it's for the best.
valerieok : @swinderz I miss poker night at your place! Lol
valerieok : As my best friend, @sharshar27 got the glorious privilege of waking up to pictures of my bloody toenail. #bestieproblems
sharshar27 : Usually I love gruesome stuff but not when it's at the cost of my best friends toe :(. That was terrible. You should have posted the toe pic instead πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹
sharshar27 : πŸ˜“πŸ˜“πŸ˜“
keyraxo - taintedeye - disparux - sharshar27 -
Oh god the things i send to her x'DD #bestieproblems #hashtag cx
bestieproblems - hashtag -
_fatimaleon_ : haha xD @limon_chulaa
anabanana_567 - joceii112 - sanchez_miriam - hi_itsoscar -
bestieproblems - lowkeyjusseat -
_____shortyyy - monkee2000 - lil_angel24 -
here yew go puff I took pics of our old stomping grounds lol I missbyew love yew!! #besties #gooddays #bestieproblems #iloveher @af13495
bestieproblems - besties - iloveher - gooddays -
af13495 : Awe. I love you babygirl. Your one of my best. friend I'll deff. Need to come back and raise some hell
tink_suicide : for ever and always always and for ever till the last star goes out ;) @af13495
af13495 : You should of took a pic of my old house:)
tink_suicide : we were driving by with Steves dad @af13495
af13495 : Oh okay. Lol. I miss that place:(
mikescheuring - pest_uti - gaby_calabi - sammartinez82 -
Happy Birthdaaay to my bestie @x___sammie big 20 you old faaag lol naaah my #1 nigga at uni my clubbing buddy lol forever joking n mocking people mucking around eveything we do taking nothing serious except our uni work now hahaha lunch buddys getting in trouble makin up stories when we wag class haha love ya bestie (gaaay keeeeint)😜😜 #BestieProblems #BestiesForever #BestieDrivers #DancePartners #PartnerInCrime #YoloLiving #Vatos #HappyBirthday
happybirthday - bestiedrivers - dancepartners - partnerincrime - bestiesforever - 1 - bestieproblems - yololiving - vatos -
__aonalas : πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•
x___sammie : Hahaha! So much stupid assss shit in such a short amount of time haha! Thanks bestie! Looooveyou too haha #BestiesForLife lmao
irenekoonwaiyou : Happy Birthday @x___sammie. Hope you have an awesome day girl 😘 Gee @maliks275 that photo on the bottom left corner πŸ˜‰ SIIIKAAAAX!
x___sammie : Thaaanks @irenekoonwaiyou :* when your sittinf right behind me lol
maliks275 : Hahahahaha dont fall in love with me to faaaaast lol @irenekoonwaiyou
irenekoonwaiyou : @maliks275 I'm trying my best not πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ #keeeeeefeeeee lmaaao
nayleerose - karleen_graham - gio_dudey - sifz_belikezzzz -
First assignment done and dusted for the year on to the next one yeeeeah buddy lets get it #WeBusy #Motivated #BestieProblems #StudyGang #KeepYourNightLife
webusy - bestieproblems - keepyournightlife - motivated - studygang -
karleen_graham - mairina_t - __looope - hihifo_status09 -
Buying the same bikini and tank top in various colors. #bestieproblems #neutrals @cherriwaives
bestieproblems - neutrals -
meghanrachelle_ : neutral is my life lately. and btw it's so hard finding kids clothes in neutral shades, it always has to have some garbage like "mommys girl" or "daddy's princess" on a perfectly good ensemble😀
strayfae__ : @meghanrachelle_ I love neutrals. Totally my comfort zone. I bet. I wish they had more stuff for the little ones that had some class to them. Some of the stuff I see is lame. You style her in such adorable stuff though.. dont question it!! She's fabulous lol. πŸŽ€πŸŽ€πŸŽ€
meghanrachelle_ : they have such cute stuff for forever 21 girls so in a couple years she will be set.
leelebug_ - cherriwaives -
These crazy ass people right here...lmao this is what best friends do and we aint ashamed, right @burd1008 ? #noonerecitesmovieslikeus #nofilter #bestfriends #middleschoolfriends #highschoolfriends #pricelessmoments #wedumb #silly #selfie #funtimes #burdandalexis #nomakeup #bestieproblems #cheeks #darkness #dontjudgeus #lookingcrazy #loveyoucrazy
loveyoucrazy - middleschoolfriends - selfie - burdandalexis - pricelessmoments - funtimes - wedumb - highschoolfriends - noonetoldutolikethepicsoearly - lookingcrazy - nomakeup - dontjudgeus - darkness - noonerecitesmovieslikeus - stopbeingahater - bestfriends - silly - uknowulovemypic - noswag - bestieproblems - nofilter - lazyass - cheeks -
burd1008 : #Imsleep #crazyselfie #swagmaster #smoke #thenninite #time #supercheeks
uhh_lex_is_88 : @burd1008 #lazyass #noswag #noonetoldutolikethepicsoearly #uknowulovemypic #stopbeingahater
jacky_the_blade - sweetnessinorlando - _abch8 - burd1008 -
Watching #gayeyeforthestraightguy and all I'm think is " man I wish I had a #fierce gay friend" .... Umm duh I do n he's my #bestie !!! I miss you @james_coons why are you so far away πŸ˜”#tokyo #jessieandjames #mygayerhalf #wediewedietogether #missyou #bestieproblems #shopaholics #rememberthattimewhenwe
jessieandjames - mygayerhalf - missyou - tokyo - gayeyeforthestraightguy - wediewedietogether - bestie - fierce - bestieproblems - queereyeforthestraightguy - shopaholics - rememberthattimewhenwe -
georgezra1989 : Oh ok way better than a bf!!!! Lol cute friendship couple. He's your gaybestie ?
georgezra1989 : Lol
tevin_adele_dazeem : #TeamRocket
jguzman429 : @georgezra1989 exactly!!!
georgezra1989 : Yup better than a bf lol hey u need to follow me back πŸ˜› I wasn't getting your comments. Lol I switched my IG private
jguzman429 : @georgezra1989 done!
georgezra1989 : Yeey😍
james_coons : Love this pic!!! Miss you!!!
jestineleah - justneth - james_coons - rezbeaudion -
Forever taking selfies and gettin in trouble in class for mucking around and talking to much lol that friend that everything turns into a jokes hahahaha #FightAllTheTime #BusBesties #SelfieGang #MatureGang #TaylorGang #EatAllHerFood #SeriousNever #Inapprioateness #BestieProblems #BFFL #BesiteBeCripsLol
taylorgang - fightallthetime - eatallherfood - maturegang - bestiesbetocloselol - inapprioateness - selfiegang - seriousnever - busbesties - bestieproblems - besitebecripslol - bffl -
x___sammie : #BestiesOnThatNextLevel hahahahahahahahahahaha
maliks275 : #BestiesBeToCloseLol
x___sammie - mairina_t - sneemia - hihifo_status09 -
Missin my bestie πŸ˜” #pennsylvania #couplemoredays #bestieproblems
pennsylvania - couplemoredays - bestieproblems -
jamiefrankk : Yesss that's why we're so happy in this pic... Cause the soda 😳😏 @holly_ashby35
holly_ashby35 : Oh ya....caffeine really gets me lol 😏 @jamiefrankk
jamiefrankk : I feel ya, it really hit me at the end hahaha @holly_ashby35
holly_ashby35 : I wanna come home, its too cold here
jamiefrankk : Walk. @holly_ashby35
holly_ashby35 : Im on my way.
zayn_a_thin : @holly_ashby35 Make sure you let Pennsylvania knows how California parties before you leave
holly_ashby35 : It would be easier if i had the shirt @zayn_a_thin
whenyousaidtulips - megann471 - lacatyy - kiyomi_wall -
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