Reading bens story makes me wanna cry my eyes out. ❤️ #benbreedlove #story #neverforgotten #rip #books #ily
story - benbreedlove - books - rip - neverforgotten - ily -
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I just want to say thanks to this kid who I didn't know physically but knew mentally. Ben is one of the few people who encouraged me to live each day as your last and not let the fear take control of ur ability to do what ever u want. To hear Ben's story you can find it on YouTube and in his sisters book "When Will The Heaven Begin?" By Ally Breedlove. His story inspired me and hopefully sending this message will inspire u too. RIP Ben Breedlove. #benbreedlove
benbreedlove -
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Definitely recommend this book to anyone! It's so inspirational #BenBreedlove
benbreedlove -
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#ido #benbreedlove #rip #122511 👼
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Bens book💕 #beenbreedlove #ben #ily #rip #youreperfect #neverforgoten #tumblr #instagood #books
benbreedlove - ben - rip - neverforgoten - tumblr - books - youreperfect - beenbreedlove - instagood - ily -
brittbabee7 : #benbreedlove*
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This is by far the most inspirational book I have ever read. It clearly shows that we all have a purpose in life and how much influence one person's faith can have on the world. I highly recommend it! #benbreedlove #believe ❤️ thanks @jessicanmason for sharing it with me!
believe - benbreedlove -
jessicanmason : @h_bree so glad you loved it!!!!
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#lightreading #cuandocomenzaráelcielo #benbreedlove
cuandocomenzaráelcielo - benbreedlove - lightreading -
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Words to live by..#benbreedlove @allybreedlove_ #beautiful #favoritebook #rolemodel #breedlove #prayer #God #nevergiveup #inspiration
beautiful - benbreedlove - rolemodel - favoritebook - god - breedlove - prayer - nevergiveup - inspiration -
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#whenwilltheheavenbegin #love #Godisgood #benbreedlove #seeyouinheaven #church #church #life #amazing #youtube
godisgood - life - benbreedlove - love - youtube - amazing - church - whenwilltheheavenbegin - seeyouinheaven -
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Came across this book at Walmart. Took everything in me not to buy it. But I am going to buy it on amazon. #Rip #benbreedlove #atx
benbreedlove - atx - rip -
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I just cried so hard at his videos. His book (written by his sister, Ally) is beautiful. If you have a chance, watch his videos on YouTube. His story is called 'This Is My Story Part 1' and there is a 2nd part. RIP Ben. Never forgotten ❤️ #benbreedlove #beautiful #mystory #breedlovetv #youtube #angels #god #cheatdeath #christmasday #beautifulhuman #allybreedlove #texas #inlove #love #neverforgotten #rip #restinpeace
beautiful - mystory - love - neverforgotten - breedlovetv - rip - beautifulhuman - benbreedlove - god - youtube - christmasday - restinpeace - cheatdeath - allybreedlove - angels - texas - inlove -
lawlatlyf3 : Okay(: thanks, I'm gonna check it out.
meghanfitzsimmons : Good! It really is an inspiring book. It's changed my whole view on life (: @lawlatlyf3
_megsterjoy_ : @meghanfitzsimmons I read the book and it was amazing, and the end was so sad :'(
meghanfitzsimmons : I only have a few pages left. I'm at the part where his tonsil surgery went wrong and he went on the cruise with DDad. It's a great book though (: @_megsterjoy_
_megsterjoy_ : @meghanfitzsimmons and his YouTube video was truly inspiring ❤️
meghanfitzsimmons : Yesss! I watched that and a few of his OurAdvice4U videos. I also watched Ally's speech at his funeral. It all made me cry. 😭 @_megsterjoy_
emilykowalczykk : I SAW THIS AND IT WAS SO SAD 😭😭
meghanfitzsimmons : RIGHT ?! 😭 @emilykowalczykk
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This book moved me to tears several times. Never knew someone I have never met could change my life. Ben was an amazing person & I wish I could have had the fortunate of meeting him. #BenBreedlove #whenwilltheheavenbegin #amazing
whenwilltheheavenbegin - amazing - benbreedlove -
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This book was so inspirational! Live everyday as if it were your last 🌟 #benbreedlove
benbreedlove -
jjonathano : I like the video he did
marissabryant14 : Yeah it was pretty amazing!
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I don't think I have ever written this much for a book report before.... #touching #justloveit #youshouldreadit #hesmyinsperation #benbreedlove #makeaninpact #dontletitslipby
touching - benbreedlove - youshouldreadit - makeaninpact - dontletitslipby - hesmyinsperation - justloveit -
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Probably the best book I've read in a while... "Ben's example has caused me to want to live my life with no regrets. It makes me wonder what is my purpose? I want to live my life to the fullest, and I want to change someone's life in a positive way the way Ben did. I want to live my life for something... Not just live." -Madeline Nick... ( One of his bestfriends and his crush) I couldn't have said it better... This book has given me a new look on life. #bookreport #greatbook #benbreedlove #whenwilltheheavenbegin
greatbook - whenwilltheheavenbegin - bookreport - benbreedlove -
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Can't wait to read this!! Ben Breedlove went to Westlake, and passed away on Christmas day 2011. He had a viral video on youtube about his experience with death. #BenBreedlove #chapnation #allybreedlove #reading #youtube
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Just a bible verse I like to keep close to me. Reminds me of someone who means a whole lot to me. 🙏❤️#februarychallenge #benbreedlove
benbreedlove - februarychallenge -
ahlexiis : Tbh- you have a nice style :) & ur hair is prettty!
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#benbreedlove #myhero #myinspiration. #1993 #2011
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I make a fantastic Tigger. Amy's birthday with Hannah Jolly and Ben Breedlove #tbt
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xxcarey : #benbreedlove
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Rest in peace baby, fly high my angel ❤️😇👼 #WhenWillTheHeavenBegin #BenBreedlove #Angels
whenwilltheheavenbegin - benbreedlove - angels -
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F I N A L L Y 👼
whenwilltheheavenbegin - benbreedlove -
annasroberts : {#benbreedlove} {#whenwilltheheavenbegin}
miagaunt : lovee thiss @annasroberts
annasroberts : @miagaunt u have to read it omg
miagaunt : @annasroberts omg we need to meet up yeah<3
annasroberts : @miagaunt yES I HAVENT SEEN U IN 5EVER FB ME
miagaunt : OMG OKAAAY
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R.i.p Ben Breedlove. You changed lives. <3 #Ben #Breedlove #christmas. #rip #missed #youre #amazing #life #changer #changed #lives #forever #angels #god look up Ben Breedlove on youtube. He was amazing, funny, cute, and insperational. He died on christmas.. i forgot what year though.. but he had a heart disease and he was only 17 or 18. He was young be he was ready for anything. He had many times when he'd die but be revied. He had experiences in heaven and his story is just amazing and breath taking. Rip Ben. You're love and missed everyday. You're never forgotten and you're cherrished in many hearts and have memories in everyones heart around the world. Thank you.
life - changed - ben - missed - god - youre - forever - rip - breedlove - amazing - changer - lives - angels - christmas - benbreedlove -
abby_loves_catss : #benbreedlove
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#tbt #benbreedlove
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Found this gem during my travels. A great story, and bonus I know the author! #benbreedlove
benbreedlove -
shelbyrose27 : @ryanhowell did u know the family? So cool.
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Just got done reading this Inspiring book #inspiring #benbreedlove #faith #God #Jesus
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If you don't know his story I highly suggest you get this book. #myhero #benbreedlove #whenwillheavenbegin #lifeafterdeath
myhero - lifeafterdeath - benbreedlove - whenwillheavenbegin -
cali_92 : Love him. R.I.P
aaaallyyy : Made an impact in my life his story will live on rip <3
t0ny_mac - aaaallyyy - summercooke - cali_92 -
Finally got my hands on a copy. So excited to start reading. #benbreedlove
benbreedlove -
taylorannenichols : SSSSOOOO GOOD!!!
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Ben Breedlove was 18 years old when he passed away due to a heart condition he was born with. He was best known for his inspiring YouTube videos. R.I.P Ben! ♥ {August 8th, 1993 - December 25th, 2011}
benbreedlove - complications - neverforgotten - angel - heartcondition - rip - gonetoosoon -
dakotacoreyy : Thank you for adding him ❤
a_voice_for_all_kids : @dakota__92 You're welcome! :)
_julies__ : I can't believe he passed on Christmas as well. RIP Ben
a_voice_for_all_kids : #benbreedlove #heartcondition #complications #angel #rip #neverforgotten #gonetoosoon
et_ms : What was his channel?
a_voice_for_all_kids : @et_ms Not sure.. I'm sure you'd fine it if you look up his name.
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Ben rip ! #benbreedlove #breedlove #thebook #rip #missyou #whenwilltheheavenbegin #lovethisbook
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Bedtime story. 😊📖 #benbreedlove #whenwilltheheavenbegin
whenwilltheheavenbegin - benbreedlove -
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Day 4: book, I have yet to finish this but it's good so far.☺️ #day4 #januaryphotochallenge #book #benbreedlove #whenwilltheheavenbegin #goodbook #ibooks #memories #laceup
benbreedlove - januaryphotochallenge - memories - day4 - goodbook - ibooks - laceup - whenwilltheheavenbegin - book -
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So excited for these three new books! <3 #lovedoes #woundedbygodspeople #whenwillheavenbegin #benbreedlove
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This is Ben Breedlove . Even though he died . He is my inspiration . His video gave me hope that you can get through anything . He cheated death a few times . His video told me heaven is for real . Now I am reading his book . I haven't started it yet but I just wanted to say . Even though the Breedlove family probably won't see this but , I'm still praying for y'all . Heaven gained another angel . 😘 #benbreedlove
benbreedlove -
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