{ Enfer Dans England~ } • • • The steamboat arrived in England. He smiled happily as he walked off of the thin bridge to the harbor. The first step in England was a glorious one. Onto the better life? Better feasting was certainly ahead. Lance smiled with angst as his hands slipped into his pockets. The silver tongued demon found his way to a shanty pub on the outskirts of town. Men and women gathered, sang, danced and cheered. He was French, and people could tell. But he didn't get the usual English French reaction most foreigners received. He was sharply dressed, and the opposite of disheveled. He smelled of black cobalt cologne, to hide the blood of course. He didn't exactly receive smiles, but he did receive welcomes. • After a good round or two of Irish Whiskey, Lance Edguard had a lovely lady under his arm. She would most certainly make a fine meal. He'd rent a hotel room, yes he would, he'd finish the job in there... After he'd revealed himself and made another score. His porcelain white teeth glistened in the golden low light of the Gillingham Hotel, which stood right next to the corresponding Stadium for the footballers. He preferred French teams, like Marseille... But Gillingham was in their prime, and relatively new... • The hotel room was paid for, and he and the girl headed up the stairs. "My darling~ You're more fiery beautiful than Enfer itself..." He smiled and gave her a soft kiss on the jaw: he was preparing. He decided to skip the loving. He was hungry. He needed food now. He grabbed a razor from the bathroom counter for shaving. He raised it above her, a smirk on his face. "I imagine your blood is hotter..." • • • { okay, first open roleplay! Please please please follow the plot! I can't tell you how many times people have just done stuff that is completely unrelated or doesn't follow moods... You can be the girl, the bellboy, the housekeeper, anyone really who you can tie into the story! Thanks! #openrp #literaterp #blackbutlerrp #kuroshitsuji #kuro #bbi #bbii #france #england #demon #phantomhive #bæ #instaotaku #lanceedguard #anyrp #ciel #sebastian #claude #alois #hannah #luka #finnian #meyrin #bardroy #angela #ash #doubletap!¡! }
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Dgr riuh2 #anjemomotbubu neh borak2..jenguk kt hall tgk babah ngh layan tv..da tu #bbII neh borak ngn sape?cari punye cari tgk die duk borak2 & pegang2 pic client babah tepi sofa.. Alahai anakkk..kamo busan xde geng na men & borak ek..hehehe..tp ibu kompiusss neh..nape ngn kakak laju je kamo borak2..haha.. #sonshine #IzzIdlan #borak2 #clientphotographer #bbprogress #bbgrowth #bbmovement #6mths #needfrens
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{ Viva La France~ } • • • The knife he held~ Red with blood, it was. The purple eyes demon smiled a wicked smile. His name was Lance Edguard. Well, at least that's what his former master called him. She lay before him, bloody and dead. The demon who hailed from France smirked and licked the delectable blood from his fingers. The girl's name was Dianne. She was an unloved girl who worshipped the devil. He'd been summoned. He signed a contract with her on the condition that he take her like after they had made love. A strange request, but the blood loving demon ha not refused. Her soul had been equally delectable as her deep red blood. Lance knelt, and in her ear, he whispered. "You were one /enfer~/" he smirked, "Of a meal my darling..." He tugged his black gloves back on. A rumor had gotten it's way to him. Some boy, Ciel? Was it? He had gotten the lowly Sebastian Michaelis to guard him. Lance cared not of masters from the past, but only their blood and soul. A truly evil rat, he was. The Enguard boy slipped the knife down his throat the way the Demoness Hannah would Laevateinn. His face was a pale color, which stood him out from the other passersby. This city~ Paris~ His home~ He was going to England soon... The souls tasted much better, he'd heard. The demonic purple in his eyes flew intensely as he neared the steamboat which would take him to London Harbor. 'Soon, Lance~' He thought. 'Soon...' • { #doubletap #bbii #bbi #oc #blackbutler #kuroshitsuji #lance #edguard #demon #askforroleplay?? #france #ciel #alois #claude #sebastian #angela #aliester #scarlett #snake < Thanks for reading up! Remember, spread the word, if you can, shout me out! My main account is @butler_snake!! > }
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{ Transfer... @scarlett_durless } • • • How could he. The master had goddamn transferred him to another manor for a week. A week. He maintained his posture, his spirit intact. But oh, how his blood boiled. That bastard had transferred him! To his cousin's at that... The one with the flamboyant manwoman. Ugh. Snake rolled his eyes as the carriage carried him to the Durless Mansion. • • • Snake opened the door, stepped out, and dragged his small bag o luggage, filled with snakes, to the front door. The door opened to reveal a little girl with hair smoldering as red as the volcanoes of the Galapagos themselves. The rest of her outfit was an elegant icy white. His hand's grip on the bag of luggage relinquished as he warmed up to a smile. "I'm Snake... Your cousin had me transferred here for the week... He said you needed help while your mother was away?" • • • { #closedrp #noahsark #phantomhivebutler #snake #snakeblackbutler #snakekuroshitsuji #kuroshitsuji #kuroshitsujisnake #kuroshitsujirp #bbii #bbi #blackbutlersnake #scarlettdurless < So sorry for the shortness... I've been really busy with music an stuff... Again, So Sorry! > }
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scarlett_durless : "Yes," She nodded with a smile and took his bag for him, leading the butler inside. "Your help is much appreciated around here. I'll show you to your room. Oh and this is Beth, she is my maid." Introducing the demoness to the snake boy, the maid bowed and took his luggage, carrying it to his new bedroom. "I hope you'll like it here." Scarlett smiled and held his hand as they entered said bedroom.
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My lovely #sonshine. ..again, its hard to capture his smiling face.. #anjemomotbubu neh ala2 jinak2 merpati sgt tao.. #bbII #IzzIdlan #mylove #motherhood #smile #6mths
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Salam jumaat sume..wiwiwiw.. Happy happy slalu ye.. Sy eksaited sbb babah pkaikan sy mini jubah.. - #bbII #IzzIdlan #sonshine #anjemomotbubu #mylove #cheekyboy #motherhood #6mths
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#selfie skg xle sorg2 da..si #anjemomotbubu neh akan join same..cer tgk muke eksaited #bbII na selfie..hahaha..oh,im wearing shawl @byabsolute. ..sng na pkai upenye..kain sejuk & besa bidangnya..sng na men pusing2 lilit2..tuh yg si bambam neh sonot men tarik2 shawl neh..pfffttt..anak oh anak..xbg chance lgsung ibu na cun2..haihhh (-,-)...
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{ The Snake's Bite... } • • • Snake smiled. His duty as a butler had it's upsides, and had it's downsides. The Phantomhive household had held a party last night for the Mistress's birthday. She was turning Fourteen. "How do you feel, my lady? It's a milestone, I suppose..." He said, in his soft, pristine tone. The butler, and earlier snake charmer, smiled, washing the soiled dishes from the night prior. The Mistress had stopped at the kitchen for a midnight snack. • The butler, clad in his black uniform had the large, yet slim Wordsworth around his neck. A red and yellow snake. His scales were a bright green that day. He'd colored them that way. The snake like male looked to his master. "Master? You care about me, right? Even though I am your footman?" He raised an eyebrow. He knew Cielia was in a bad mood sometimes, but he hoped she would ultimately care about him. She, in fact, had rescued him from his circus. • The butler never really got much to eat, he tried to remain slim. The apple he'd recently reserved for himself was red, succulently ripe. He looked to his mistress, then looking away. He was told not to look his Mistress in the eyes. He opened his mouth, revealing his unusually long canine teeth. They could pass as fangs. He'd learned a filing trick. He'd filed his canines to points. The apple he held was punctured by his teeth, which ripped a chunk out. He swallowed this chunk and looked back up at his mistress again. "I'm sorry~ I keep glancing at you... I mean, you're no child anymore..." He laughed. "Where is Sebastian... Still in Liverpool?" The demon had left early in the morning for the shady town. A gang had been threatening to blackmail the Phantomhives. Sebastian would take care of it. He knew that the tall demon would. • { #kuroshitsujirp #noahsarkcircus #snake #footman #cielia #mistress #bbi #bbii #literaterp #videorp #doubletap #instaotaku Sorry! I got really deep into my HeadCanons for this! }
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mistress_cielia_phantomhive : *Whispers* I'll reply on Friday. I've just been so busy. Thank you so much for your patience! Amazing starter, btw! :'3 Really sweet!
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mistress_cielia_phantomhive : Cielia fiddled timidly with her hands as Snake made small talk with her. He continuous glances only made her cheeks flush a bright red colour and she couldn't help be glance back at him - looking him up and down. "I really don't care where Sebastian is." The young Mistress sighed sadly, resting her head against her hand. "If the one person who was always supposed to be there for me, couldn't be here for me on my birthday . . . then I could care less ~ " Cielia shrugged, and watched the apple he was eating. "I need teeth like yours." She giggled and bite her lip softly in an almost seductive manner. "The fangs are quite suiting."
butler_snake : "I'm sorry my lady..." The soft voiced butler sighed. He looked away. It must be hard, having your soul partner be away for your day of birth. "Eh? These things?" He opened his mouth wide, the sharp teeth a bit longer than his others. "It's just filing... I can chew and bite much easier, but my tongue can only be out if I open my mouth..." He demonstrated with a giggle. Hi cheeks flushed a bit red. He meant to think that she was calling to him with the bite of her lip, but no matter, he ignored it. It probably was habit. The last person who was interested in him was Clementine, his orange corn snake. The butler reached into his pocket. The time was half past midnight. "M'lady... Aren't you tired? He said in his medium pitch, honey like voice. Sebastian had left a cranberry and apple tart tray on the counter. They were delectable... { @mistress_cielia_phantomhive }
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funkyhelium_cae : @alternexus. .yeszaaa..bwk bb g..sbulan ke ats ngn berat min 4.5kg..msti bb sono..bg bb eksesais..hehehe
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{ Red & White~ } • • • Snake raised an eyebrow. This, apparently was the circus he was to spend the rest of his life with. As he walked into the large striped tent, he was greeted by a man with an eyepatch. He claimed to be Dagger. Snake smiled. "Why, thank you for the ever warm welcome, Dagger! Says Cyrus, and I as well!" The happy boy was meant for circus. It was so interesting. Even if it was hell to him, he loved the faces that came and lived there equally. He walked further into the large tent. He saw a juggler, and other various talents. Then, a wild cat tamer! • "Hello...?" He nervously waved at the girl, hunched over her whip. The girl's curly hair was a-fray, symbolizing her clearly wild nature. "I am Snake... I am new at the... Noah's Ark Circus?" He looked away, feeling small looking at the wild sided character that belonged to the tamer. "What is your name, f-friend... Says Cyrus..." The girl looked more dominant, more powerful than he. He was naturally afraid. As a real snake would be. Snake though, would not neglect a new friend. • { #closedrp #kuroshitsujirp #snake #beast #anyrp #literaterp #noahsark #doubletap #instaotaku #bbii #bbi #bbmanga }
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butler_snake : { @beastly_desires }
beastly_desires : Fixing her posture to properly gaze at the snake like man in front of her, the beast tamer examined the male that she was told to be the newest recruit of the Noah's Ark Circus. "Hello, Snake. I must say Joker's name for you is quite fitting." The ebony haired woman greeted with her first observation of the man. "I'm the beast tamer here at the circus, thus, my name is Beast." She answered his question with a slight hint of a smile in her crimson irises as she spoke. "If you don't mind my asking, who is Cyrus?" Beast inquired with both curiosity and confusion laced in her voice.
butler_snake : "Cyrus? Can you not see him?" He gestured to the pale cobra, of which matched his skin tone. He suddenly felt warmer toward the beast tamer. "I like your name~ it fits you well!" He giggled, looking down at the wriggling snake. He sat down next to her. He liked her subtle demeanor. She wasn't too 'out there' or completely secluded. Beast was seemingly nice, kind to the newcomer who tamed animals as well. Snake fixed his hair up properly, then bowed. "It was a pleasure meeting you. Each circus is different. Each one has a unique set of people..." He sighed. This circus wasn't all that bad. Joker was kind, as were Dagger and Beast. He still had others to meet, but felt as though he could talk to Beast or Joker or Dagger all day. { @beastly_desires }
beastly_desires : "Ah! Oh, yes! I see now!" The female beast tamer responded as she gazed at the light skinned serpent which had wriggled his way to her line of sight. After giving a lovely, ruby smile to the friendly cobra, Beast moved her gaze back to the snake skinned man. "Thank you! And it was a pleasure meeting you as well. I'm glad to have another animal tamer here in the circus. I do hope you like it here!" Her previous grin became sweeter as she extended her arm towards Snake in an invitation to shake her hand in first getting.
butler_snake : { @beastly_desires } Snake gave a gracious smile and shook the hand of the woman. Her hair was a deep coal black, a shadowy black color. He loved it. Like a prowling Jungle Snake... He smirked happily. "I seem to like it already..." He giggled, then held his snake close to him, treating it as a cat or small puppy. He smiled now, feeling content, feeling happy with the way this first encounter had played out.
beastly_desires : The ebony haired woman remained to wear her lovely, greeting grin as she retracted her hand after politely shaking hands with the snake-like man and placed it on the tiger's sleeping form. This somewhat startled the tigress into awakening and to curiously examine the new member of the Noah's Ark Circus. With still groggy steps from shortly napping, Betty slowly walked inches away from Snake and began to cautiously sniff him and opened her mouth, relieving her sharp and carnivorous teeth. Although, what seemed like a menacing act was actually a mere yawn in response to being sleepy. "She seems to like you." The beast tamer lightly chuckled as she watched the female tiger continue to sniff the snake charmer further.
butler_snake : Snake's cow lick most certainly reflected his emotions. And a of now, it shook violently. The snake he held seemed un phased by the enormous cat. "Ah~? are you sure?" The large tiger had a thick coat, fitted with stripes that were as black as the tamer's hair. "Are you sure she won't bite me?" He frowned, then suddenly, he stopped shaking. "No~ I'm nothing of the sort!" He shouted at his snake. His cheeks began to hear up. "I am not a baby! It's just a big cat!" He blushed madly. He usually was known for being shy... { @beastly_desires }
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