Another shot of @1estherrose1 from yesterday's shoot. Bay Area Photographers. She will be in town for another week. Book your shoots with her now before she goes home! #barriogirls #censoredforthecrybabies
censoredforthecrybabies - barriogirls -
2318_ : Damn it!
lunastylezphotography : 👌
picazzoent : What are her rates @mobythick
mobythick : @picazzoent a million an hour. But @1estherrose1 is worth every penny!
rorschachsreal : Idky but I love women in those kind of panties rather then a gstring.
mobythick : @rorschachsreal yea those are sexy. But I prefer no panties myself. But unfortunately I can't post those
rorschachsreal : Haha well if we talking nudies. I'm with ya.
one_luv831 : i think she would look amazing with long hair
alex43088 - franx62 - criketslife - eman0180 -
Another shot of @myrasierra69 from yesterday's shoot. Attention Bay Area photographers. Myra is in town for another week. Book your shoot with her before she heads back home. #barriogirls
barriogirls -
ashley_mmae : @mobythick favorite picture of @myrasierra69 ❤️❤️❤️
artninjiaart - alex43088 - alegria_js13 - _jay_bird -
A pic of @1estherrose1 from yesterday. #barriogirls @barriogirls_mag
barriogirls -
vixendee : right there!!! You just get better and better with your work you truly impress me!!!
mobythick : @vixendee thanks babe 😘
_espee__ - ztillhood - ramirez1408 - daddy_datoe_559 -
Happy Easter everyone! Here's a pic from yesterday @myrasierra69 #barriogirls @barriogirls_mag
barriogirls -
_krazybeautiful_ : Her body
mobythick : @_krazybeautiful_ 👌
_krazybeautiful_ : ♥
broke623 - _espee__ - lunastylezphotography - ztillhood -
Shooting with me is always a good time. I'm done for the night. Pics tomorrow from the shoot today with these lovely ladies @myrasierra69 and @1estherrose1 #barriogirls
barriogirls -
myrasierra69 : I love you ♥♥♥
1estherrose1 : Thank you! @mobythick
_indestructible : Babesss.
nini8052661 : I love @myrasierra69 ♡ gorgeous! And perfect smile
norcalirider : Whoa ;) !
j_pizzel_83 - rubyred_84 - joseplata87 - tiny_varela -
@mobythick sir you are a master (bator) at taking pics. This has to be @myrasierra69 best pic I've ever seen. That smile tho. Can't wait to see the final result #barriogirls
barriogirls -
vacazfinest : 😍😍😍 wow!!
one_luv831 : i agree with you perfect pic!
_babygirllexa_ : She is so beautiful 😍
barriogirls_mag : @_babygirllexa_ offer still stands
_babygirllexa_ : I know I'm still thinkn bout it 😁
mobythick : Thanks boss man
aabbylicious : You look so beautiful! I hope to see u soon♡ @myrasierra69
myrasierra69 : Thank you honey I know sushi soon ? @aabbylicious
osiriselrey - aabbylicious - ondetito - esefatzdog_sgv -
Here is a better pic of that booty shot. That's 100% New Mexico 505 home grown ass meat!!!! @myrasierra69 @1estherrose1 #barriogirls
barriogirls -
xolosalmillon : @chatillo75 I got right
chatillo75 : Pos ya k.... Ami lo k kaiga
biggzo72 : @jduzzle
burquezoo : #Burque
uknowthestilo : @mrwiggles310 Dezzamm!! o(╥﹏╥)o
osiriselrey : DAMN! They forgot, to cross dem feet:)....Lol. #1-00
john_1125 : @rs__jr
rs__jr : @john_1125 oh my fucking science
osiriselrey - aabbylicious - latinwarrior13 - nojuan -
Us fatboys love cake! And these 2 are a couple of my favorites 😊 @myrasierra69 @1estherrose1 #barriogirls @barriogirls_mag @kevin_susio
barriogirls -
_jay_bird : BOOM !!!
danja99 : And that cake is even cakier in live person wish I could stay out here in SF to see them dance at roaring 20's tonight. ;)
mobythick : @danja99 knows what's up 👌
ashley_mmae : @mobythick beautiful shot of two beauties! @myrasierra69 @1estherrose1 Can't wait to see all the photos @barriogirls_mag
mobythick : @ashley_mmae thanks love xo
nerdwithballs - beautyrunzdeep_ - luizgordoofficial - rts441 -
Thanks to the best @mobythick best photographer in the world!!! Our own @myrasierra69 and @1estherrose1 picture taking in cali. #barriogirls
barriogirls -
mobythick : That's why you pay me the big bucks! Haha
nukethecross : @1estherrose1 😍
barriogirls_mag : Yes free .99 @mobythick
mobythick : Barrio girls is the easiest business I have to do for taxes haha
dammitman305 : Damn they are gorgeous!!
jaybby4 : Wtf @karen_o8
karen_o8 : @jaybby4 🙈
bigrubo83 - doggydogg13 - calilivintho - esefatzdog_sgv -
Successful day of shooting with @myrasierra69 and our new girl @1estherrose1 stay tuned for a few pics and go follow these beauties! #barriogirls
barriogirls -
mobythick : @mistahskarface it was uploaded from IG and forever the reason IG loves to delete our page for minor shit
mobythick : @barriogirls_mag @kevin_susio
mistahskarface : #envious
jayyomar : I wanna work with you bro ! Let's link
mobythick : @jayyomar shoot me an email and let me know what you had in mind
jayyomar : What's your email ? @mobythick
mobythick : @jayyomar
jayyomar : Your email lol , just sent
xavier3123 - nerdwithballs - _aleexx0 - apurbanath0201 -
@myrasierra69 @1estherrose1 booty game is strong #barriogirls
barriogirls -
jdmaddictsdr : Perfect 👌
one_luv831 : left 👌
charleebsanchez : @geezy09
bigpapa_al : @michael_badea @edrickp @aviles1181 @papito1079 @baddog83
rjpws : Truste bradasz ❤️ @rtahalele @gnxcrlo @navjadess
nukethecross : Right culo please !
kasinswagg24 - filthy_fil - sophia_lomeli_fans - 40orty -
@mobythick working @kevin_susio sipping with @myrasierra69 #barriogirls #beardgang
beardgang - barriogirls -
rorschachsreal : #beardedmafia
mehran63 - obaid6727 - ashley_mmae - mokhtar20144 -
Doing a bud themed shoot, but with a real smoker. So if you love #barriogirls support the cause and hit up The Green Door in San Francisco and pick up Cherry Cookies!! Believe me, fire!!! 843 Howard St, between 4th and 5th in the city. So stock up for 4/20
barriogirls -
_last_action_hero_ : @barriogirls_mag thanks.
danieltre48 : !!! @mawkusss
weirdos510 : True Smoker!
edmundgonzales - shadow97st - bigrubo83 - juvenalmaster -
I hear yall, I hate my job too............ NOT!! *in my borat voice* 😜 @jynxmazecutie #barriogirls
barriogirls -
barriogirls_mag : She aight
mobythick : @barriogirls_mag yea she needs to be a tad bit freakier.
jackelinstefani : That truck tho...nice
ninerchic77 : Lol Ya right she IS the freakiest I love her work, you men do an awsome job with all the girls, but @jynxmazecutie is my favorite.... 55??
mobythick : @ninerchic77 I love girls who love porn haha
ninerchic77 : Me too ;) haha
beautiful_nightmare408 : Is she in the bay already
mobythick : @dreamz_of_sleepz408 not yet
lalitho05 - katiahernandez90 - mrcyc0 - raider4life -
Lowriding study
chevyimpala - lowrider - lowridermodel - ljshots - barriogirls - chevy - impala63 - impala - barriogirl -
brougham : #Ljshots #lowrider #lowridermodel #barriogirl #barriogirls #impala #impala63 #chevyimpala #chevy
oks18 : надо гриль от волги повесить)
brougham : @oks18 узковат будет))
oks18 : @brougham кустумайзер ж) расширение)
brougham : @oks18 но я приложу)) сфоткаю
oks18 : @brougham на слове поймал. как капот и еще чуть чуть будет
xkatyunx : Мексика, ты щас где вообще ?
brougham : @xkatyunx уже на остров приплыл 
nikonenkoalexandr - jimmyhoffalarm - 1brand_la - coralreefenthusiast -
Must be that San Francisco air, but these 2 just can't keep their hands off each other. @myrasierra69 @1estherrose1 #myrasierramonday #barriogirls
myrasierramonday - barriogirls -
c4_at_ur_door : @myrasierra69
mr_edubb : Lovin this
theguywitthegun : More like this
southside1956 : 😝
christy_bernadette : Nice!!!! I'm jelly!!!! @barriogirls_mag
lashesbymandie : @myrasierra69 and @1estherrose1 I'd love to do your lashes :) check out my page!!
bee_corina : Niners!!
lamberto818 : @alaricdionnesbitt
blu_gobblin - daividson_henrique - bred_by_nature - vendetack -
See?? She takes pics with her clothes on, not many but she does!!! @myrasierra69 #myrasierramonday #barriogirls
myrasierramonday - barriogirls -
miguelrodriguez10211991 : Gorgeous
weirdos510 : Lol!!!
mac_heelz : hayyu beautiful!! 😍😍😍😍😍
still_ff - 40orty - 5ldodgerb62 - juanitos_guey -
@myrasierra69 and @1estherrose1 in cali already and the first thing they do is get naked!!! Welcome them to cali!!! #myrasierramonday #barriogirls
myrasierramonday - barriogirls -
elchubs_desmadre : Hey famm do u know or can u tale us if they gonna be working were we can go see them dance
elchubs_desmadre : Its my bday and i would love to take my boiis to have fun
barriogirls_mag : They will be dancing all over the bay area info will be posted on here and @myrasierra69 ig
myrasierra69 : ♥♥♥♥
general136 : Are you going to do a shoot of them together?
dreamer_202 - nicolocz9 - tonyarellano12 - vendetack -
Just a reminder... My Sweet heart @jynxmazecutie will be touring in SF starting 4/22!! Will keep you updated on where she will be so you can check her out in person. #jynxmaze #barriogirls #alllove #porncommunitysupport
alllove - porncommunitysupport - jynxmaze - barriogirls -
one_luv831 : 😍
beautiful_nightmare408 : My love ♡ @jynxmazecutie
chefjoek : You are absolutely stunning and beautiful
tomaschris - javi120675 - miss_vicky90 - fabian_boxing_life -
Barrio Girl Cassandra Cruz will be dancing at The Gold Club Centerfolds for 4 nights starting April 23rd. Make sure you check her out and show her some love! #barriogirls #porncommunitysupport
porncommunitysupport - barriogirls -
franx62 - jharenas70 - 420motavations - tonz_1 -
So if you are in the 505 make sure to go see our contract girl @myrasierra69 and @1estherrose1 at Fantasy World. They are coming here to cali so this is your last chance to see them for 2 long weeks. So hurry before they are gone. #barriogirls
barriogirls -
xolosalmillon : @chatillo75
chatillo75 : Cual es para ti @xolosalmillon ?
xolosalmillon : @chatillo75 Tatted one Aguevo
chatillo75 : OK I'll take lefty
chatillo75 : Ooooppps RIGHTY
lj_baseball_ : Ass 😍😍
joelbednarz : @lotstockandbarrel
lotstockandbarrel : @Joelbednarz 👙👙👙
bahram60 - myzerable_505 - chrisroarkjr - bred_by_nature -
One more pic of @emeraldlira_ #barriogirls always bringing you the most beautiful latinas. Follow her and welcome her.
barriogirls -
boogiez1976 : She badd
nukethecross : Wow she's gorgeous
thatgirl_syddsm0kes : 😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻
emeraldlira_ : @lt337
neonfil : When is she posing? @barriogirls_mag
juan_studd : In Jesus name she's gonna do porn...
barriogirls_mag : Not everyone we shoot does porn @juan_studd
floresale91 : She's gorgeous 😍
tomkat49tmgmailcom - teebown86 - 39bautista_peter - cl0ser2my_dreams -
Yes we love posing @myrasierra69 nude and doing some crazy poses but pics like this are why she caught my eye. Simple natural beauty is what made her our contract girl. Can't wait to have her back here in cali. #barriogirls
barriogirls -
weirdos510 : She sure is a beauty!!!!
weirdos510 : You gotta get you some Oakland booty!!! ;)
myrasierra69 : ♡
star_status : Sexy smile with that beautiful dimple!
alberto2256 : Rich tits baby
caliboy_626 - mehran63 - martinez0114 - burro31 -
lowrider - lowridermodel - wirewheels - barriogirls - 1558013 - licshop - witewalls - spokes - barriogirl -
brougham : #licshop #1558013 #witewalls #wirewheels #lowrider #lowridermodel #barriogirl #barriogirls #spokes
zaur_bpan : Профиль высоковат, не?
georgetaushev : @zaur_bpan для спиц самое то
brougham : @zaur_bpan в стреч пойдет @georgetaushev
askmefirst - calidipn - ande1714 - hurricane_muscle -
#tbt #barriogirls El Paso Tx. Good times.
tbt - barriogirls -
sire1950s : Yes please @xstayxpuftx
carlito_br1g4nte : @xstayxpuftx she is fuckin bad..shaaaoowww
draggingmc : My home ha
cupcakerosalia : 💞
faisal_m_r : 😍😘🌹
zilla175 : Durty 915 all day
jr_redline : Sexy
bigpaco89 : Looking so sexy and beautiful @cupcakerosalia
beizas_jr - thaboydstaytwisting - jher214 - nick8511 -
Morning ass!! Wake up wake up!!! @myrasierra69 getting her outfits ready for her cali trip!!! #barriogirls
barriogirls -
xoxo_travi : ♥♥♥
byronboudoir : #datkeyhole
noignelson : ^^ lol @aportillo89 @antonio45x @dafinest_mike
theotherclass - onbetty - mosthatedbby11 - kevinvaltierra -
BARBARA LEWIS-HELLO STRANGER ...#oldies #oldschool #lowriders #barriogirls #latinagirls #latinas #cholas #chicanas #xicanas #mexicana #locas
mexicana - locas - lowriders - oldies - xicanas - barriogirls - latinas - chicanas - oldschool - cholas - latinagirls -
waltercarrillo916 : One of my all time favorite oldies for real!!!
redlipzlydz : ♡♡♡♡
angelverm123 - eledri650_ - miwok_all_over_you - la_bonita_chola___ -
THE LOVELITES-HOW CAN I TELL MOM AND DAD #JENAVEVE #barriogirls #latinas #mexicana #chola #pinups #oldies #eastsidestory #lowriders
mexicana - lowriders - oldies - barriogirls - eastsidestory - latinas - pinups - jenaveve - chola -
yolieinsac : Omg! Babe she is sexy as hell..
zulu_kiloz_oner : Dope!
_savage_93036_ : @favi805
angelverm123 - xoxo_bluntsss - ethan_sdx3 -
@myrasierra69 will be dancing at La Ronda in Sunnyvale on the 16th and 23rd, after her stage show she will be available for one on one dances and pics with her. She will be also at the gold club in San Jose Thursday the 17th, Roaring 20s in Sf on the 18th and crazy horse also in Sf on the 19th. Busy girl!!!! $$$$$ #myrasierramonday #barriogirls
myrasierramonday - barriogirls -
neweragottilou : New Era Gottiline wants her and jynx maze in a photo shoot @barriogirls_mag how can we make this possible fam!!
tonytone862 : @chunkyboy408 helloooo
chunkyboy408 : @tonytone862 you ain't ready for the crazy horse
tonytone862 : Hahahahaha @chunkyboy408 already there
barriogirls_mag : @neweragottilou email me at
mobythick : Haha @aaronsenior which one you going to?
havvmoney : @jynxmazecutie. U coming too
havvmoney : I'm only going if @jynxmazecutie there
cupcakerosalia - djceaz408 - dammitman305 - mehran63 -
Spokes are welcome ?
wheel - lowrider - cokertire - lowridermodel - wirewheels - licshop - barriogirls - witewalls - 520 - spokes - спицыboggat - barriogirl -
xruddahx : Подкачана заебись
skatuha : Stay strong
orehovskii : ноги норм)
brougham : @olaalexandrova всех все устроило) а ты как всегда)
olaalexandrova : @brougham даже тут не только я про позу написала ;) а ты как будто специально это выкладываешь чтобы поржать над теми кого все устроило
brougham : Все изза того что я в африке @olaalexandrova
xragsingx : Почему лицо вырезал?
brougham : @xragsingx долгая история
whoshotyahh - kokosik01 - naydenushev - andreylebedew -
I know I always thick girls this and thick girls that but slim @vacazfinest ta bien firme!!!! Hit like if you agree. #barriogirls
barriogirls -
la_leelee_xoxo : She fine.. But Thick girls aré better!
24k_photography : She's nice
rubalcaba82 : @vacazfinest Is very beautiful!
lotstockandbarrel : @joelbednarz @ericdavis44 @jasonstryker 👙💯
209ers : Come over to our club @vacazfinest I'll contract you anyday...
oscar_dagrouch530 : @devilz_reject_
misterdeath83 : ;)))
ericdavis44 : @ugurrrx
matinlike1 - 420motavations - x0___________________ - ayito -
Looking to shoot another milf, just like Kiara Mia. Like an older, experienced, sexy, latina. And don't hit me up unless you are willing to shoot nude. Tag a friend you think is hot enough!!!! #barriogirls
barriogirls -
msalicia_ : @barriogirls_mag ;) ;) ;)
msalicia_ : 31 is better! !
sv1970 : What about 44?
barriogirls_mag : If it's fully nude I'm down
badmanink : @raquelraquel
bighoo_68 : @loweredimagephotography
sv1970 : Let's do it then 😊
m_martinez_m : ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡
geoch23 - m_martinez_m - tookootony -
Спицы Boggat
wheel - lowrider - lowridermodel - wirewheels - barriogirls - licshop - steeringwheel - cockertire - chainwheel - spokes - witewalls - barriogirl -
brougham : @gruba_styloz целиком? Есть центра золотые
gruba_styloz : @brougham полностью, а в основании спиц бордовый глянец
brougham : @gruba_styloz можем оформить в личной беседе ;)
wantedcj : @brougham есть спинеры у вас?
brougham : @wantedcj спинеры? На 24"?
wantedcj : @brougham не только, 20 например
brougham : @wantedcj именно спинеры? Или спицевые диски? Спинер это вращающиеся накладки на диск?
wantedcj : @brougham да, накладки.
thelast_mrbigg - joe_sud - nels_12 - 4almazan1 -
Statigram feedback