Wish my Easter looked like this @barkandbole #barkandbole
barkandbole -
barkandbole : 🐣😊
barkandbole - izabellerose - societybegone -
Hope everyone has a fun and safe Easter weekend! Enjoy 10% off till Monday Use code:EASTER10 #barkandbole #easterbasketsfullofplugs #ilovereeses #easter
ilovereeses - easterbasketsfullofplugs - easter - barkandbole -
davidpacheco_ : Alright cool! Badass plugs man! @barkandbole
barkandbole : @davidpacheco_ thanks bro!
jeanenerr : I just made my order and forgot to use the code :( what is wrong with me!?
barkandbole : @jeanenerr oh no lol. Hmm I'll figure something out for ya. Or I can give you a special code for next time??
jeanenerr : A code next time would be easier haha, can't undo what's done without it being a hassle!! can't wait to see my pluggers!
barkandbole : @jeanenerr I'm excited to make them! And email me and I'll give you a special fancy code lol
dougmamone : I'm not upset about it because I knew I was going to be ordering from you whether or not there was a discount so it was no big deal xD
mattatron9666 : Woah sick!
aj_lawens4371 - canyoucopewiththat - hushvanessa - mattatron9666 -
A couple of my @peachtreats orders, love making the classic looking ebony plugs! 7/16" MF eyelets and 1/2" beveled edge concave and single flared #barkandbole #teampeachtreats
durtythurty - teampeachtreats - barkandbole -
peachtreats : Yay!! 😍😍😘
barkandbole : @peachtreats bottom set is yours! Happy early birthday 😜#durtythurty πŸ«πŸ‘πŸ’˜
peachtreats : #superdirtyolderthanthirty 😭
peachtreats : I love them! I can wait to wear them!
padleyktst - jezzelle2 - wonkyseptum - sprutbajs -
3 sets of 20mm plugs I cooked up for a super cool dude! 20mm concave olivewood 20mm bloodwood eyelets 20mm granadillo with blue skateboard inlaid eyelets All of these and soooo many more can be purchased from our new etsy store!! Please go have a look I'm sure there is something you'll love on there! If not we can probably custom make it! Feel free to ask questions anytime! Cheers #barkandbole #plugs
plugs - barkandbole -
barkandbole : @dabigears thanks dude
barkandbole : @dr_213 you'll love your plugs!!!
barkandbole : @shanable thanks :)
dr_213 : So excited
prodgequeen83 : @deelomusic how nice are these !!
dougmamone : Just placed an order so stoked! Love the work!
barkandbole : @dougmamone just saw!!! Thanks so much! Great choices too! Looking forward to making you awesome new plugs!!!
jepstwogfc : @yfskicks
deesenutzftw - havokinthewest - jessi_loves_you - _jjurado -
#spring10kgiveawayPOIG #plugsofinstagram @barkandbole @xbigearsx @4_leaf_woodworks @ohmyword_bodyjewelry @plugsofinstagram #barkandbole #plugs #giveaway #please #stretchedears #bodymods #guyswithplugs #guyswithpiercings #guitar #sweaty #passion #show #band #tunnels
spring10kgiveawaypoig - guyswithplugs - show - please - guitar - band - stretchedears - giveaway - plugs - guyswithpiercings - plugsofinstagram - sweaty - passion - tunnels - bodymods - barkandbole -
neeenarrr - anabellxxxx - awkwardturtledancer - titsbloodandhorror -
Found a couple really cool photos from @jeanenerr wearing #barkandbole beveled edge concave ebony plugs!
barkandbole -
jeanenerr : Oh goodness, thanks! :D I was just about to email you!!
jeanenerr : By far my most comfortable pair by the way ;) fit like a dream!
clockworkrage : Gosh! I love @jeanenerr ! She's so gorgeous!
jeanenerr : Always such a sweetie! :D I hope you've been well, girl! @clockworkrage
barkandbole : @jeanenerr great minds think alike!
secondhandchoppers : Did you see my text?
ericnojoke - noplaceforheros - diamondsandstars87 - skerky21 -
Turned those three buttons into 3" #custom #tattoo #footswitches tonight for awesome people! #barkandbole #woodworking #barkandbolefootswitches
footswitches - tattoo - barkandbolefootswitches - woodworking - barkandbole - custom -
barkandbole : @sebasfosho thanks man! Can't wait for you to see them and the plugs! Being packaged now!
barkandbole : @juliuswoods thanks dude! I got them figured out now! Work so smooth
frankmurder : @miles_wvu
mistermikelove : @lewis_tattoo
theguytai : Can't... Look... Away #hypnotized
jdub1v : @thehumansprocket
moorestagram : @ryanmooreorless
action135 : @rumseytattoo @vaderface
myrandajae - allisonyvette - jordonjustkidding - _jjurado -
barkandbole : @heatherjjane thanks miss! It's been a journey of long nights no sleep but it's finally starting to pay off
barkandbole : @heatherjjane thanks for the kind words ☺️
psilo_cybin : I want it!
esteve_ : Dude this is epic! What glue are you using?
ladydabbs710 : These are so amazing!!!
barkandbole : @ladydabbs710 y'all could definitely use one of these
ladydabbs710 : Some day for sure, I want everything you make!!! Ahah and like every style if plug!!! πŸ˜³πŸ™ŠπŸ‘€
treehuggerlady : @barkandbole hollow stash pinchers? Hm?
axeman_1759 - mellenball - majestic_gingy_mane_dani - camimei -
Happy birthday eve @rdavis414! #birthday #gift #24 #april14 #barkandbole #woodworking #skateboardwood #grungeoff #rawrollongpapers #tips #oiljars #rasta #stonergift #happybirthdayrob
24 - happybirthdayrob - gift - rasta - skateboardwood - rawrollongpapers - stonergift - woodworking - birthday - april14 - grungeoff - oiljars - tips - barkandbole -
deesenutzftw : @barkandbole made that wooden container!
barkandbole : Hope he likes it!!!
deesenutzftw : @barkandbole he says he's gonna keep panties in it haha
barkandbole : Hahahaha yes!
mrsbarkandbole - barkandbole - mancampcabin - mjd728 -
Two sets sexy of ebony plugs in 22mm looking all fancy lol (In reality it's about $33 I keep for snacks) 😜🍫
inlaidplugs - freshtodeath - skateboard - cash - eyelets - lv - skate - ebonyplugs - tunnels - skateboardart - snackmoney - plugs - bevelededgeplugs - barkandbole -
barkandbole : #barkandbole #snackmoney #plugs #ebonyplugs #LV #cash #skateboard #skate #skateboardart #inlaidplugs #bevelededgeplugs #tunnels #eyelets #freshtodeath 😲
scoundrels_and_bounty_hunters : Used to have that wallet... lol I need some LV plugs!
barkandbole : @scoundrels_and_bounty_hunters lol I could probably get that print laser engraved in a set!
jessi_loves_you : @mrdankness the pink ones of course
ohmyword_bodyjewelry - kieran0092 - jessi_loves_you - jamerstattoos -
25mm bloodwood with deep flares 30mm bloodwood both with skateboard inlaid tunnels! These are headed out to a cool couple! #barkandbole #plugs #couplesthatstretchtogetherstaytogether #plugsporn
plugsporn - plugs - couplesthatstretchtogetherstaytogether - barkandbole -
edwardsassyhands : Bbbbbbbbaaaabbbbbeeee @xoskellington
666_syd_licious : I love those!
barkandbole : @666_syd_licious thanks!!!
elizabethdphotography - woodhavens - muert0 - plugdaddy -
Happy Sunday Instagram! Last day of our 25% off sale Use coupon code: BNB25 #barkandbole #organicplugs #plugs #woodenplugs
plugs - barkandbole - woodenplugs - organicplugs -
barkandbole : 1 3/4" bloodwood flats
barkandbole : 1 3/8" granadillo concave plugs
scummyy : Beautiful!πŸ™€
barkandbole : @scummyy thank you ☺️☺️
666_syd_licious : hey! is that coupon code valid in Canada too?! I keep trying to enter it aaaaand it's saying it's *invalid?!* πŸ˜―πŸ˜•πŸ˜­
barkandbole : @666_syd_licious something happened to it. I'm making a new code now
666_syd_licious : word πŸ‘Š
bodyartbadass : What's up @barkandbole!! How do I get a pair of 1 3/4" bloodwood flats?
eliasstraat - _vsy - 666_syd_licious - ryan_btc -
One last set before bed! 1 1/8" Osage orange with ebony halo inlay. Will be listed on our etsy soon! Mix and match between 12 organic woods for outside and inside color to make the perfect set for you! Use code: BNB25 for 25% off your order #barkandbole #plugs
plugs - barkandbole -
barkandbole : @lasthorizonsam @antoniyoh thank you guys!!
barkandbole : @w0lfdgaf price depends on size, and price will be same as other types of halos already listed on our etsy :)
omgyupls : Such beautiful plugs and so comfortable as well.
barkandbole : @omgyupls thanks! You're awesome!
bluebennu83 : So glad I have a place to buy from you directly! You guys #peachtreats and #bmamodified are my favs, I will forever support you guys. Y'all make such beautiful things!!!
bluebennu83 : Oh and I forgot..... I was wondering if you are gonna have any skateboard plugs available anytime soon. I would love to have another pair of skateboard bangers
thy_art_is_bacon : πŸ‘Œ
barkandbole : @bluebennu83 thanks for the kind words!! Not sure if or when we will make listings for the skateboard plugs but if you'd like a set you can always do a custom order for a set, just message us on our etsy please
dchughes1 - 1479_13 - muert0 - horvath58 -
My old work #my #modified #pale #plug #plugs #pluges #pharoah #plugcollection #taksim #tapper #tattoo #turkye #tattooer #addiction #amazoniteplugs #şaka #sizingup #dâvme #ink #inked #istanbul #bullet #barkandbole #bmamodified #bodybolding
bodybolding - tattooer - amazoniteplugs - plugcollection - sizingup - şaka - pluges - ink - turkye - plugs - pale - plug - tattoo - bullet - istanbul - tapper - modified - bmamodified - dâvme - pharoah - addiction - my - inked - barkandbole - taksim -
baron4747 : Bu dΓΆvme benimki ile aynΔ± aq :-)
karm_tattoo : @king_alonee 😊😊😊
saifo_91 - _miss_m_loves - k_qj - murtadhaking2014 -
A couple of fun sets I made tonight! 32mm granadillo with orange and blue skateboard inlaid tunnels (they need a home) this style will be added to our etsy tonight! You can pick a ton of different wood types and inlay colors! 32mm Katalox with blue and green skateboard inlays in a solid concave plug! (This set is also homeless) this style will also be added to our etsy tonight! Thank you everyone who has already ordered! For everyone else please take advantage of our 25% off sale!! Use coupon code BNB25 sale is good through Monday! #barkandbole #plugs #skateboarddeck #recycledskateboard #recycle #upcycle #skate #skateboad
recycledskateboard - upcycle - skateboarddeck - skateboad - skate - recycle - plugs - barkandbole -
subhumansadie : @mmpbrittneymc
troubledchildren : Ohhhhhh :)
barkandbole : @troubledchildren :D
livlaughs - _audreylynn - kristinahlopina - lunapiaf -
Stole some photos from my homie @reznoc ig! This dude is too cool! And he loves getting #barkandbole #plugs in the mail!
plugs - barkandbole -
barkandbole : @dr_213 thank you sir!
pariahblu : Siiiiiiick!
navasaurusrex : I love this pic
barkandbole : @pariahblu thanks! @navasaurusrex it's cool right!
navasaurusrex : It is!!!
amylynnmisfit : Those are too cool
barkandbole : @amylynnmisfit thanks!!
reznoc : Let's go!!! #salute the #pluggenius every opportunity I get, i tell ppl how amazing all ur stuff is!! (And that's a lot) no matter where I go, someone is always amazed at the plugs I'm wearing literally have had crowds around me just staring in amazement.. Haha (so weird)
ericnojoke - muert0 - _jjurado - jaybeehaltz -
Check it out my boy @barkandbole launched his own site Custom Plugs!! SALE 25% off RIGHT NOW!! @ 25% off everything!!!! U won't be disappointed! HIT HIM UP!! Use the 25%off coupon code BNB25 show ur love and support!! #barkandbole #REZNOCs #plugs #skateboardbearings #bodymodification #pierced #plugs #stretchedears #swag #style
bodymodification - swag - style - pierced - skateboardbearings - stretchedears - reznocs - realtalent - salute - plugs - barkandbole - realartist -
barkandbole : Thanks homie! You're the best
reznoc : @barkandbole any time man!! Rep all day everyday. . #realtalent #realartist #salute
barkandbole - reznoc - babygiirl874 - mia_taryn -
1 7/8" offset "reznocs" ALSO 25% off everything on our new etsy store! This includes something custom that is not listed! Please check it out! We'd love to make you something amazing for your ears! Thanks everyone for the love!! 25%off coupon code BNB25 #barkandbole #reznocs #plugs #skateboardbearings
skateboardbearings - plugs - reznocs - barkandbole -
bc_bang4prez : You ship to australia dude ?
barkandbole : @bc_bang4prez yes we do! Quite often actually
pathay1984 : Ordering 2 pair right now!! Y'all rock!
barkandbole : @pathay1984 thanks so much! Looking forward to making you something awesome!
pathay1984 : Looks like 2" bangers are outta stock so just 1 pair for now. That discount code is awesome! Thanks so much.
barkandbole : @pathay1984 I don't make 2" bangers. I feel like the inlay is too small for 2" plugs, I could however make 2" bangers with the shell offset like I do the Reznoc plugs if you're interested!! Or I could make it in the center and you would just see more wood around outside. Let me know what ya think!
assmastersmokey : @mike_hatelife these are so sick
callmedahlia - jeeprubicon10a - wizardofounce - budjen -
1 5/8" bloodwood "floaters" (this set needs a home) Floaters will be added to our etsy tonight! From 5/8" and up! -12 different exotic woods for outside -tons of skateboard inlay colors! Thank y'all so much! #barkandbole #floaters #plugs #etsy #bloodwood #skateboard #skateboarddeck #recycle #upcycle
upcycle - floaters - skateboarddeck - skateboard - bloodwood - recycle - plugs - etsy - barkandbole -
barkandbole : @kristinahlopina thanks!!
barkandbole : @kurbyskatewax thanks dude! Will do
kristinahlopina : @barkandbole you're welcome!
wagabalooza : @leeharri27 check these out!
leeharri27 : @wagabalooza dude there cool as aha
ladydabbs710 : These are so gorgeous. Next style I'm getting for sure !!!
barkandbole : @ladydabbs710 thanks miss! If you order today ya could get 25% off on our brand new etsy store
ladydabbs710 : Oh I wish I had the skrilla for those and the jar today !! 😰 their both so beautiful 😍😍😍❀️
ukcustomplugs - plugdaddy - _jjurado - laser_made -
My bro in Georga @barkandbole finally got his own web store!! Hit him up for all the coolest/ most badass plugs there are! #plugs #pluglife #barkandboleforever #barkandbole #thisiswhereigetallmyplugsfrom #alliwearisbarkandbole
alliwearisbarkandbole - pluglife - barkandboleforever - plugs - barkandbole - thisiswhereigetallmyplugsfrom -
barkandbole : Dats what's up! Thanks bro, when ya gonna use that coupon code! Lol
navasaurusrex : Thursday!!!! I hope
navasaurusrex : @barkandbole
barkandbole - mrsbarkandbole - keepinitzen - an_endless_serenade_ -
working so hard it hurts #crosseyed #girlswithplugs #girlswithtattoos #girlswithpiercings #piercings #tattoos #plugs #barkandbole #bored #worktime #imweird
crosseyed - tattoos - girlswithplugs - girlswithtattoos - worktime - piercings - imweird - plugs - bored - girlswithpiercings - barkandbole -
skiesbelowus : #wcw tomorrow because self-explanatory <3
ayebeee : @skiesbelowus AWW SNAP πŸ‘Œ
jennfowler_ : You reminded me red lips do look okay. Lol
_littlelittlelauren - chaiebel - bpayne4sho - unworldlyginger -
My good friend @barkandbole has opened up an etsy, so for anyone who likes wood.... Ha.... And aweskme custom plugs check it out #barkandbole #plugs #stretchedlobes #wood
plugs - wood - stretchedlobes - barkandbole -
barkandbole : Thanks for giving my wood a shout out lol
shagzilla_tha_monster : But I love your wood so damn much it fills my holes perfectly Lmfao @barkandbole
barkandbole : You know it gives that good stretch bahaha you love the burn lmfao
shagzilla_tha_monster : Mmmm that burn.... @barkandbole
mrsbarkandbole - vickyvale - yoginidiva - jlyncole -
Check out my good friend @barkandbole for custom unique plugs and tunnels for your ears . He just got an etsy shop Well worth the visit #barkandbole #bodymodification #plugs #tunnels #stretchedears #lobes #custom #bodyjewelry #art
bodymodification - art - stretchedears - custom - lobes - barkandbole - plugs - tunnels - bodyjewelry -
ishoot_ox805 : Dope I need some- _-
koolaidbighairfrank : Bunch of cool work worth it @todo__o__nada
todo__o__nada : @koolaidbighairfrank that's what's up G
koolaidbighairfrank : Check it @ishoot_ox805 worth it
brodette : @b_whipp13 sicky
julio_lp : Are those bearings inside of them @koolaidbighairfrank
koolaidbighairfrank : Yup @julio_lp
julio_lp : @koolaidbighairfrank πŸ‘
eeh_sauhra - theguitarfiend - charlieskates -
1 3/4" plugs that need a home! Olivewood outside with either skateboard centers or ebony centers! These were models for the site! Many more will be listed starting at 3/4" and 12 different organic woods and tons and tons of skateboard inlay colors! Use BNB25 for 25% off all week! #barkandbole #plugs
plugs - barkandbole -
barkandbole : @beef_burrito they are normally $55 but use the coupon code BNB25 and get 25% off which makes them around $41!
barkandbole : @reznoc just messin around and cool stuff keeps happening lol
barkandbole : @dabigears it's a great size to make cool plugs in!
barkandbole : @cleverclear12 that would be super cool!
cleverclear12 : Not sure how that'd work, but you could make the inserts a standard size so they can use them in the next size up! And have multiple different colors and styles! Psh I'm full of ideas at midnight.
tylerw422 : You need a home
barkandbole : @tylerw422 give em a nice home bro lol
cod27r : @hell_z
bmamodified - lunchbox4x - wileybodinewoan - dacetrusis -
32mm katalox with bocote concave plugs! (Front and back shown) these need a good home! Will list them tonight for sale along with a ton of other sizes! Don't forget to use code:BNB25 for 25% off #barkandbole #plugs thanks 😊😊😊
youalreadyknow - plugs - barkandbole -
navasaurusrex : Hell yeah!! @reznoc @barkandbole
666_syd_licious : hahaha.. they look tiger printed! almost like a lighter version of the ice cream.. YUM! 😍
whoalindsey : How much do these run? @barkandbole
barkandbole : @whoalindsey what size? We have them listed on our etsy also!
whoalindsey : I'm at 7/8. @b
barkandbole : @whoalindsey normal price is $38 for that size, but you can use coupon code BNB25 and get 25% off, making them around $28! Hope we can make you something soon, thanks 😊😊
necciebuttall : Mmmmm😍😍😍😍
666_syd_licious : @francesscawithtwoesses .. check this guy's site out! such beautiful work and rad styles aaaand BNB is having a massive sale! πŸ’₯ you'll find something lovely for those lobes of yours.. πŸ˜‰πŸ˜˜πŸ˜
bmamodified - misery_hymns - aenni_one - morgantaylorgang -
Just chillin upside down before work #work #pluglife #plugs #barkandbole
pluglife - work - plugs - barkandbole -
almighty_ife - _ilikecereal_ - ana_ctorres - neeenarrr -
#blackandgrey #selfie #selfiequeen #bored #worktime #itsslow #fuckthisweather #girlswithplugs #girlswithtattoos #girlswithpiercings #piercings #tattoos #plugs #medusa #eyes #elflipstick #barkandbole
tattoos - eyes - girlswithplugs - blackandgrey - selfie - itsslow - piercings - medusa - selfiequeen - plugs - girlswithpiercings - fuckthisweather - worktime - elflipstick - girlswithtattoos - bored - barkandbole -
beeeaaaa_ : 😍😍😍
jeditricked - hiziisperestrelo - 2girls1nathan - atsy1722 -
so it's raining outside #rainyday #worktime #girlswithplugs #girlswithtattoos #girlswithpiercings #piercings #plugs #tattoos #barkandbole #medusa #noglasses #journeyslife #comevisit #andbuystuff #imhereallday
tattoos - andbuystuff - girlswithplugs - rainyday - girlswithtattoos - worktime - journeyslife - noglasses - piercings - comevisit - medusa - plugs - girlswithpiercings - barkandbole - imhereallday -
shearzombie : Stahp being so purdy, damnit
ayebeee : @shearzombie jeesh okay! 😢
beat23box - greatestgeneration - courtneymaypratt - mr_abdel -
@peachtreats and @barkandbole collab.
plugsporn - plugs - peachtreats - barkandbole - woodplugs -
plugsporn : #plugs #woodplugs #peachtreats #barkandbole #plugsporn
__hannimus : @elenah133
carpet187 : @xioscissorhands
_in_disguise_ : @kleverdesign these!!
peachtreats : Thank you!
barkandbole : Tanks πŸ•πŸ•πŸ•πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜ŠπŸ˜œ
melelong - tiffani_skellington - sleeping_sickness__ - ashsmokesxoxo -
Made all these sexy thangs last night and dis morning for @bmamodified #bmamodified #barkandbole #plugs #woodplugs
plugs - woodplugs - barkandbole - bmamodified -
shagzilla_tha_monster : And flowers Bitch, don't forget the flowers!
plugsporn : Hahaha @shagzilla_tha_monster
bigplugs : That is a lot of work for that time :/
barkandbole : It's about a days work from start to packaged @bigplugs
bigplugs : Holy ... i need to speed up then! Im only making a set a day
sarahlundy27 : Hey what is the smallest size gauge you make? :) I'm not looking to go past a 0. Probably only a 4 or 2 and I'm almost there, gonna want some sweet plugs! :) @barkandbole
mrsbarkandbole : @sarahlundy27 the smallest size we make is a 2g for most of our basic styles. Check out our Etsy store for your options! Sorry we haven't got back to you sooner. Thank you :)
sarahlundy27 : Oh it's no problem at all, thank you very much for the reply! Love your products and designs! :)
mountainswillshake - plugdaddy - saboll_ydgn4l - brfa87 -
I spy olivewood plugs
stretchedears - barkandbole - convex - organicplugs - olivewood - plugs - bmamodified -
its_katelyn_biiatchh : Favorite type of wood by far
barkandbole : #plugs #stretchedears #organicplugs #olivewood #convex 35mm #barkandbole #bmamodified
infiniteslumber : Lookin like biggs jasper if i didnt know better. Still sweet as hell
bosstin_twosix - jaybeehaltz - _jjurado - hxcmitch -
Playing with packaging and our new #barkandbole stamp! 😁 @juliuswoods you like?
barkandbole -
juliuswoods : I love😍
faymous1989 : Awesome!
illest_creature_inside - justinodom - jaelyns_mommy - colemethebreeze -
it's that time again #selfiequeen #selfie #girlswithplugs #girlswithtattoos #girlswithpiercings #piercings #plugs #tattoos #barkandbole #tribal #highwaistedshorts #red #elflipstick #cuteoutfit
tattoos - girlswithplugs - girlswithtattoos - selfie - tribal - elflipstick - piercings - highwaistedshorts - selfiequeen - plugs - girlswithpiercings - cuteoutfit - barkandbole - red -
ayebeee : @voguereligion I got it from rue 21 in Hagerstown like 2.5 months ago!
voguereligion : Ughhhhhhhh
sambasmajian : You are just the cutest thing
mr_action_jackson3 : Sweet denim underwear and Native American shirt
riannaaaax : HAHAHA denim underwear.
hellbilly_hipster : Way too hot.
starlightdarling : I WANT YOUR SWEATER!!!! 😈
mei_mayy : I can see some πŸ’‹s ma'am.
lizette__delarosa - wechtless - chucky_the_truth - saulguzman_bmx -
Statigram feedback