A new part of Jake's life. #projectlife #andriodinstagram #andriodography
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lchedwards : Hugs Jakey!!
pgup34 : Awe poor boy.
ogradyre : Boo! Asthma? Allergies?
pandabeara : But you're in Canada right? I think you guys have better inhalers than we do. My husband has had asthma since he was little, it's no fun. Hugs to your little guy!
donna_gibson : They're part of my life, too. I'm a lifelong asthmatic. There are worse things, for sure. I hope he adjusts quickly!
taramck : They are hoping it bronchitis asthsma and short term but its looking like asthma and allergies. We'll be seeing the asthma clinic after our trip and an allergist. I myself have asthma now too, but he's just so little. Poor magoo. @ogradyre thanks @donna_gibson and yup we are in Canada @pandabeara
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Rainy morning #andriodography #andriodinstagram #projectlife #morningcommute
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Morning sky #andriodography #andriodinstagram
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gtrexler : Looks like a quilt.
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At the car wash - someones going to give his Nana trouble for going without him. #shemademedoit #justsayin #andriodography #andriodinstagram
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