My Skincare routine is kinda ridiculous. πŸ’‹#murad #muradskincare #chella #chellaskincare #clarisonic #avamd #ptr #peterthomasroth #aczone #olehenriksen #katesomerville #sephora #skincare #skin #beauty #esthetics #makeup #makeupartist #beautiful #healthyskin #facial #cleanser #serum #facemask #treatment #spa
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kaseylohman1010 : #goohoarder
ell3soodd : Just a lil lmao
beccaelizabethyanez : @kaseylohman1010 thanks!! Haha
beccaelizabethyanez : @ell3soodd You know how it is! Lol
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Went 4days without using #aczone because I went out of town and left it at home.. Ugh. Redness is not a fun thing! #hyperpigmentation
hyperpigmentation - aczone -
acne101 : My darker marks are fading! There is hope(:
x_bebetter : That's how my forehead looks like too! I feel your pain
x_bebetter -
Day 35 | #acne #hyperpigmentation #acneupdates #birthcontrol #orthotricyclen #aczone #ziana #sumadanwash
orthotricyclen - aczone - birthcontrol - acne - hyperpigmentation - ziana - sumadanwash - acneupdates -
itsjustacne : Nice!
acnesufferers : Just looked back at your old photos & there is such a difference in just a short period! Can't wait to see how your skin keeps progressing :)
vicspics07 : Your skin is looking amazing!! So happy for you.
alphashenron : Perfect.
acnebountyhunter : I agree it's looking sooooooooooo good!!!!!
livingwithaccutane : Looking great!
livingwithacne : if you had acne like this in high school would you still have gone makeup free??? I want to try doing it but I'm so scared
estroblockprotocol : @acneupdates you have definitely made progress! Yay! Come checkout estroblock and alk my posts...
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Day 33 | #acne #acneupdates #hyperpigmentation #birthcontrol #orthotricyclen #aczone #ziana #sumadanwash #nomakeup #makeupfree #lent
nomakeup - orthotricyclen - hyperpigmentation - birthcontrol - acne - makeupfree - acneupdates - ziana - sumadanwash - lent - aczone -
acnesufferers : Every day you upload a photo your acne has gotten better it's craayy!
accutane_journey_2014 : Wow!!
mckenziemcauley : Woah girl fran u look gorg!
adultacnejourney : Your skin is lookin fab! 😘
just_annabanana : Your brows are ALWAYS on point
alphashenron : You are so beautiful.
acne101 : Did aczone make you break out when you first starting using it??
skinproblemsandmakeup - hlmh170 - yasminmellos - teejaygaines_ -
3rd day on #aczone and redness has gone down soo much. #hyperpigmentation
hyperpigmentation - aczone -
skinupdates : It really helps get rid of the redness, I like that stuff!
skinupdates : What else are you taking or applying? :)
acne101 : It does I love it! I'm also using a cleanser/wash by Clinique called Redness Regimen! It works really well for me. What do you use?? @acneupdates
skinupdates : @acne101 I'm taking birthcontrol, ziana gel and aczone gel and washing my face with sumadan wash! I gotta check out this redness regimen
x_bebetter : My forehead is my trouble area also and it gets red also! What would U recommend me to do? Check out my pics to see @acne101
acne101 : Since I've seen your pictures I honestly see so much improvement in your skin!! You're gorgeous ❀️❀️ and yes!! I really love it! @acneupdates
acne101 : At first I started used two washes by neutrogena, one is a cream cleanser called oil-free acne wash for acne, in an orange bottle, and a cream redness reducer in a green bottle, it reduced my redness so much during the 5 months I used it!! But I'm changing things up and I've noticed an even better improvement. aczone, and epiduo, my face wash is by Clinique called redness reducer! For scars I did exfoliation. If you're not sure what that is, basically Its used a clearosonic brush, and I saw improvement with that. I would really recommend either of these! The neautrogena with exfoliation and epiduo at night, OR aczone with epiduo, Clinique regimen, and exfoliation. It helped me! @x_bebetter
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Day 32 | any tips on getting rid of the scars/hyperpigmentation? #acne #hyperpigmentation #birthcontrol #orthotricyclen #aczone #ziana #sumadangel
sumadangel - ziana - orthotricyclen - aczone - hyperpigmentation - birthcontrol - acne -
makeupexpress101 : @beautifulskiin Has a lot of good tips for scaring.
acneprogress : I don't know if you're interested in only natural remedies but my dermatologist prescribed Tazorac & it helps a lot with my scarring... A LOT! It's take a while to see a difference but it's working for me
acnebountyhunter : I have been using tamanu oil. Some say Frankenscence oil too. All depends on what you want. Rose hip seed oil is really good too.
ioanatanasa : Time, prevention, and retinol a couple if times a week before bed (retinol speeds up the skin's renewal process but dries it out if used too often). For prevention I also take orthotricyclen and use something called the Dermawand a few times a week. It seems to help keep things from popping up.
best_face_forward : Looks so good!
tijenbutler : For scars - unless you are willing to spend a lot of money - time does the healing... Though, twice a week or so squeeze some lemon and use as a mask and let it dry for anything between 5 and 20 minutes then wash it off. It's known to lighten the skin. I've seen it online plus a friend told me about it though I haven't tried it yet because still have to get rid of existing ones!
abraceofpartridge : For acne scars I used bio oil, but it can only be used on the scars and not on active breakouts as it is an oil and tends to aggravate them. :3 Might be worth a shot and it's not very expensive, here in the UK at least I am not sure else where.
juliasjackson : Nerium can really help with that! Email me at
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Day 32 | #acne #acneupdates #hyperpigmentation #aczone #ziana #sumadanwash #orthotricyclen #birthcontrol #makeupfree #lent
orthotricyclen - hyperpigmentation - birthcontrol - acne - makeupfree - acneupdates - ziana - sumadanwash - lent - aczone -
acneinsideout : Looking so amazing!!!!
angelaabarac : Just watching ur old pics... from day 1 and till the day 32... u have changed a lot. Ur skin is better... just believe in yourself... never give up. Cuz i believe in u, bby :-)
jessicarose161 : Your skin is looking amazing now! I've been following you since you started on birth control and it's amazing the difference it's made!! Birth control has almost cleared my skin up as well so it obviously works! Just ignore the people giving you grief because of it, it's doing to do with them! ☺️
skinupdates : @xkateelizabethx I have like only a few cystic acne on my face right now! Idk how to get rid of the scars or hyperpigmentation :/
xkateelizabethx : @acneupdates im struggling with scars and hyperpigmentation too :/
maryk9191 : @acneupdates @xkateelizabethx use honey and aloe vera gel for the scars! It's seriously a miracle. Just put honey on in the morning when you wake up, leave it on for twenty to thirty min, then wash off with water. Dry your face and use the aloe vera as a moisturizer. Then you're set! Do the same before you sleep.
maryk9191 : Make sure the honey is raw, I use manuka honey from New Zealand which is naturally medicinal. The aloe brand I use is called roots from India.
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1st day of aczone! Fingers crossed!! #acne #pigmentation #aczone #darkmarks
pigmentation - acne - aczone - darkmarks -
skinupdates - china_stars_2001 - resther_acne - x_bebetter -
Day 31 | My face is so dry :/ #acne #acneupdates #hyperpigmentation #aczone #ziana #birthcontrol #orthotricyclen #sumadanwash #makeupfree
orthotricyclen - hyperpigmentation - birthcontrol - acne - makeupfree - acneupdates - ziana - sumadanwash - aczone -
acnekilla : your skin is looking less red! woohooo!
_kimberlyx0 : Is this from taking ortho tryclen? I've been doing research on it for for days debating if i should start taking it for my moderate breakouts
myacnebattle : OMG IT LOOKS SO GOOD!πŸ˜±πŸ˜‹
dieaussenseiter_simondesue : You're so beautiful ! <3
jennllove : Have you gained weight or notice a change in your eating habits since the start of the pills?
jennllove : Noticed*
skinupdates : Yes I gained 6 pounds in 1 month @jennllove πŸ‘
faceproducts_sale : @acneupdates im taking accutane. The acne on my neck, chest, back and upper arms seems a lot better :)
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Bedtime face, body and lips (Cetaphil cleaning cloths, Aczone, Elure advanced lightening lotion, Carmex, Aromatherapy Stress Relief with Eucalyptus tea body lotion) #Aczone#Cetaphil#Elure#Carmex#Aromatherapy#skincare#nighttime#regimen#acne#stressrelief#liptreatment#skinlightener#sensativeskin#oilyskin@aczone@cetaphil@bathandbodyworks@elure@carmex
regimen - stressrelief - aczone - liptreatment - oilyskin - skinlightener - carmex - acne - nighttime - skincare - aromatherapy - elure - cetaphil - sensativeskin -
mykindasweet_stings : Goodnight @soulful_butterfly have a safe flight back β™₯
kbhokie : Hmm I need to go back on aczone. That stuff is awesome.
mykindasweet_stings : Yes! I love it. I use twice a day @kbhokie
pink_glitter : I recently states Aczone, but good lord it costs an arm n a leg since my insurance won't cover it. I got a coupon but after that I can't imagine pay $200+. Lucky for you, you got 90g. My coupon only allowed 30g.
mykindasweet_stings : It is $$$..most people get it for a round $30. How much did you have to pay? If you don't mind me asking? @pink_glitter .
pink_glitter : I only paid $25, for the 2nd refill I have to pay $15 and 3rd is free. But after that my insurance has to pay. And they only cover $80. So I end paying $100+.
mykindasweet_stings : Ok. Bummer. Well when u see your dermatologist, ask for samples when they have them to stretch out your tube a little longer. The samples are also great for traveling, so that's another way to get samples too! @pink_glitter
pink_glitter : I don't see a derm anymore, they didn't really help me much. I got the coupon from their website. Heck the derm cost as much as the prescription. Oh well, what can ya do. Does the Aczone help you prevent acne or does it help existing acne?
sarahthayer - soulful_butterfly - ashleyjthomas - days_island -
At the end of day 30 | looks less red, reapplied some aczone gel. It really gets rid of the redness, I swear! #acne #hyperpigmentation #birthcontrol #orthotricyclen #ziana #aczone #acneupdates #sumadanwash
orthotricyclen - aczone - birthcontrol - acne - acneupdates - ziana - sumadanwash - hyperpigmentation -
daciemerollin_ : You're beautiful. ❀️
accutanejourn3y : It looks so much better
acnediary : The hyperpigmentation is looking so much lighter! Keep if up :)
mayeh08 : Where did you get the aczone gel dear?
kailklxx : so glad your skin is doing good, keep up the work
myskincarejourney_ : Looks so good!!!
acnekilla : Yay!
danuccia_2 : Hi @acneupdates do you know the causes of your adult acne??
fighting_thebattle - acnekilla - accutane_15yo -
Day 30 | #acne #hyperpigmentation #birthcontrol #orthotricyclen #aczone #ziana #sumadanwash #makeupfree #nomakeup #lent
nomakeup - orthotricyclen - aczone - birthcontrol - acne - makeupfree - ziana - sumadanwash - lent - hyperpigmentation -
tetecrrd : Hi, I wanna know, at what time did you see the results? I've taken birth control but its femelle 20 cd , but only 6 days . But I see a oittle more acne, its normal that first tge acne get worse?
tetecrrd : Little*
tlhgetrolling : Hun do you have Skype! I'd love to chat with you! And give you some wicked info!
acnediary : It looks so much better in the 30 days of your consistent routine. Keep it up hun!
skinjourney22 : Looking beautiful
olgalolu : Te admiro y espero que tu tratamiento sea todo un Γ©xito. You are amazing and beautiful :-D
mgvr7 - kailklxx - daiisyflower - fighting_thebattle -
Day 29 | just got back from a facial! My face is SUPER smooth! If I were to wear makeup right now my face would look so much better! Redness should go down by tomorrow. The pain of popping pimples is so worth it! 😊 #acne #acneupdates #hyperpigmentation #birthcontrol #orthotricyclen #aczone #ziana #sumadanwash #redness #facial #nomakeup #makeupfree #lent
nomakeup - orthotricyclen - hyperpigmentation - birthcontrol - acne - makeupfree - acneupdates - ziana - sumadanwash - facial - lent - aczone - redness -
acneinsideout : Hahaha so worth it! That cracked me up. Sometimes it so is! 😁
parachxtes : are you supposed to pop them? I have some white heads but I didn't know if popping would create more pimples @acneupdates
skinupdates : @parachxtes don't pop them! Have an esthetician properly pop them for you!
jonghyso : U pop it all by yourself??
skinupdates : @jonghyso no esthetician lol, I get facials
jonghyso : What is esthetician if i may ask??
mazra : How long you have these acne?... i have acne scar just like you and it has been 10 years.. and how many times in a month you do facial?
skinupdates : @eeeeemiliaa ask your doctor about aczone, I swear by it. But if you find something else that cancels or gets you of redness definitely let me know!
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Day 28 | #hyperpigmentation #acne #birthcontrol #orthotricyclen #aczone #ziana #sumadanwash #redness #nomakeup #makeupfree #lent
nomakeup - orthotricyclen - aczone - birthcontrol - acne - makeupfree - ziana - sumadanwash - lent - hyperpigmentation - redness -
skinupdates : @isabelchristinalai thank you!!
love4liv : Wow I see such an improvement! You're so beautiful!
miss_christine_xo : amazing!
my_accutane_updates : Why dont u try accutane?
skinupdates : @my_accutane_updates because birth control is working for me
audreythehairdresser : Once u get that acne gone if u have any scaring u should look into neriumAD They have a 30 day moneyback guarantee.. But the stuff is amazing.. You should try it out :). Www.
acnekilla : Beautiful eyes!
marshmallowbear1 : Your skin looks fantastic beautiful! @acneupdates
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Everything I've been using for my acne! Sumadan face wash, aczone gel, ziana gel, and ortho tri cyclen birth control pills! πŸ‘
orthotricyclen - aczone - pimples - birthcontrol - acne - ziana - sumadanwash - hyperpigmentation -
radrima : If you stop ortho tricyclen or any birth control of that matter, acne will come back, and just as much and worse than before. I heard that happens to a lot of people, because once you stop, it messes up the hormonal balances, and continuing birth control for more than up to five years isn't quite good for the body, and it has consequences...
postaccutane : I've been on ortho tricyclen for almost a year and I love it! :)
aliciagarin : That's true but it's easier to manage acne naturally before it gets bad again. Always nice to start with a clean slate. Just do lots of research and plan out what products you will try once you get off your medications.
_see___hui_ : Do not rely on medications.. it will mess up your hormones trust me! ^^ good luck with improving your skin :-)
angelaabarac : πŸ˜»πŸ˜»πŸ˜»πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ’‹πŸ”₯
dolcemta : I'm using both sumadan and ziana! I hate the smell of sumadan 😷 I've been using this for a week and a half and haven't seen much of a difference πŸ˜– hope it starts working soon πŸ™
msjgray : I used ace zone for a while and it worked for a minute and then stopped like all the rest. I started juicing and using only organic products and it worked. What's your diet like?
nuskinjanet : I agree with you @cseehui Medication will mess up your hormone....
lexijellykat - jonghyso - honenie - dolcemta -
These flaws? I love them. They make me stronger. πŸ’ͺ
nomakeup - orthotricyclen - hyperpigmentation - birthcontrol - acne - makeupfree - ziana - aczone - sumadanwash - lent - flaws -
skinupdates : @mayciedah thanks girl! πŸŒΈπŸ’œ
skinupdates : @best_face_forward thank you so much! 🌸❀️
skinupdates : @beautifulskiin same to you! I love your blog posts πŸ’œ
frankiefreedom : Yes!!
workinprogress777 : Beautiful!
theacnebattle : Your skin has improved so much in such a fast amount of time! It looks amazing:)
accutane101 : Such an improvement, you are gorgeous and strong!!
acnecured : Perfect eyebrows ! @acneupdates
myskiiin - thatballeranthony - countingonclaravis - chickitychang -
One month of acne treatment results. Before on left, after on right. I've been washing twice a day with #neutrogena using #aczone gel in the morning and #epiduo gel at night. I have also been taking #minocycline65mg tablets daily. HUGE improvement. #acnetreatments #pimples #beforeandafter #ftm #transguy #transman #thirtydays
minocycline65mg - thirtydays - aczone - pimples - transman - beforeandafter - acnetreatments - transguy - neutrogena - ftm - epiduo -
epiduoguy : @roguexstud great results! This is tough
ashley_katchad0urian - megslegz - hello_sunshine89 - justice_nicole11 -
Day 27 | #acne #acneupdates #hyperpigmentation #birthcontrol #orthotricyclen #ziana #aczone #sumadanwash #makeupfree
orthotricyclen - hyperpigmentation - birthcontrol - acne - makeupfree - ziana - aczone - sumadanwash - acneupdates -
jackkeeee3 : you're very pretty :)!
love4liv : OMG you look really good!!!πŸ˜‹
acneinsideout : You're skin has improved by a landslide! Awesome πŸ˜„
ahuskie : You are one fearless and brave woman. The world needs more ppl like you. I'm struggling with a breakout on my jawline, which i never have acne at, i'm panicking and stress about it. Then i came across your ig journey thru getting clear skin. You showed me that it takes patience, and it will go away...thank-you so much for doing this. My your creator bless you.
theacnebattle : Your skin is looking fantastic!
marlajean11 : Amazing improvement! Keep up the positivity girl! :)
secretclearskin : no new break outs?? your skin is looking beautiful. i'm so happy for you girl.
skinupdates : @secretclearskin no new breakouts :)
skinproblemsandmakeup - accutane_88 - sweetkeewi - _idarija -
Day 26 | Going to work today. Maybe watching divergent with my cousins and sister after. Haven't gotten a "what happened to you face?" Question in a while! 😳😊
ziana - orthotricyclen - aczone - sumadanwash - hyperpigmentation - birthcontrol - acne -
itsjustacne : Haha we all wish that!:) Still looks awesome though:)❀️
cwolven0322 : @acneupdates I had really bad acne scaring until I started using a product called Nerium. It's very gentle on the skin and even helped with the stretch marks on my belly from my pregnancy and dark sun spots that I had as well. I get a day and night cream every month and have a few bottles I haven't gotten into yet. If you're at all interested in trying it free then inbox me:) also, search the product online for some extra info!
maridupre : I'm in love with your eyebrows β™₯ @acneupdates
skinupdates : @maridupre thank you! 😊
acnebountyhunter : Slooking amazing girl! Smile beautiful!
skinupdates : @acnebountyhunter thanks girl 🌸
jmavromatis : I'm also at the end of the first month. Good luck, hopefully we will both see the results we want by the end of the treatment.
skinupdates : March 29th*
girlonaccutane - jmavromatis - robertfatalis - countingonclaravis -
Day 25 | no new pimps πŸ‘ hyperpigmentation is really going away! #acne #hyperpigmentation #aczone #birthcontrol #orthotricyclen #ziana #sumadanwash #nomakeup #makeupfree
nomakeup - orthotricyclen - aczone - birthcontrol - acne - makeupfree - ziana - sumadanwash - hyperpigmentation -
kvasquez18 : I love your eyebrows! You are beautiful! You go girl!
acneinsideout : Awesome! So gorgeous! πŸ˜ŠπŸŒΈπŸ‘
drmitchellkline : You're doing great! Thank you for updating so often, it's great to see day by day results!
cavewoman_regimen : Looks great!!!
lanimardesic : Do you have an email love?
zombiegirlpl92 : I'm also starting my fight with acne, you're such an inspiration for me! Despite I'm not as brave as you are, and i will wear my make up..good luck honey! You are amazing!
acnerealproblems : which app did u use to do the collage? 😊
sinatra_fit - 3pic_beauty - atwooding - daniwynterc2 -
Day 24 | working 8-8 today -_- I've been working a whole lot this whole week, money money money! Yesterday I spent $100 at target on clothes. When I was paying I remembered how I used to spend $100+ on makeup at target. What a waist, I'm so happy I quit wearing and purchasing makeup 🌸 #acne #hyperpigmentation #birthcontrol #orthotricyclen #aczone #ziana #sumadanwash #makeupfree #nomakeup
nomakeup - orthotricyclen - aczone - birthcontrol - acne - makeupfree - ziana - sumadanwash - hyperpigmentation -
xoxo__linds : How do u go from being scared and insecure what people think in public to not caring? I have dark circles and I don't think I could ever leave the house without makeup. The horrible lighting in stores make it even scarier for me with makeup! 😩
vegananddelish : If you don't mind me asking, do you use anything on your brows to fill in or shape them? I know you said you gave up makeup but they look so perfect! 😍
skinupdates : I use this benefit gimme brow gel! It's like a mascara :) yeah I really just meant no more face make up @vegananddelish
lalazio : Your skin looks so good! It is improving so quickly!
lalazio : I admire your confidence and courage!
skinupdates : @lalazio thank you πŸ’œ
freyzlam : Omg You are beautiful @acneupdates
khanovababyxx : How do you do it? I have bad skin and I'm 13 and I have to stop wearing make up because it's making my skin worse I love the way your so confident please give me some tips because my skin gets me down so badly. You inspire me so much! I feel horrible without make up and so self conscious when I'm not wearing it. Your like my idol x
adultacnejourney - lauri_ale - justjeannettey -
ziana - orthotricyclen - aczone - sumadanwash - hyperpigmentation - birthcontrol - acne -
neslihaninevi : Wow it really does.
acnesufferers : I agree!
uniquelise_ : Sweetheart, you're so beautiful anyway. 🌹🌼
uniquelise_ : @acneupdates
skinupdates : @uniquelise_ thanks hun! πŸŒΈπŸ’œ
itsjustacne : You look amazing!☺️
atoresun : Aah, it's going better and you so pretty *^^^*
neenclay : @acneupdates have you ever tried using any "Lush" products?:)
acne101 - secretclearskin - acne_sucks__ - tijenbutler -
Its possible! Parents don't let your teens suffer the embarrassment of acne..adults don't let acne lower your self-esteem. . I've been there as an adult..and after I thought I had tried everything I tried Herbalife πŸ‘ the best investment I have made! πŸ‘ #herbafit #herbagram #acne #postpartum #fitmom #jesusisreal #godisgood #sweetsixteen #followme #inspiration #transformation #journey #s4s #l4l #nofilter #nomakeup #prego #proactive #aczone #skincare #skintreatment #facial #selfie #invest #business #beautiful #scar #followforfollow #eatclean #columbusga
godisgood - beautiful - facial - columbusga - selfie - skincare - proactive - journey - herbagram - skintreatment - scar - jesusisreal - inspiration - nomakeup - fitmom - herbafit - aczone - business - followforfollow - invest - acne - postpartum - eatclean - s4s - transformation - nofilter - sweetsixteen - followme - prego - l4l -
4m3ric4n : F4f?
divarocket : Wow!!
divarocket : How much is this??
lethalb93 : How much does this cost a suffer from acne ): tried everything nothing works
msaprilfields : @liamjack2k14 unfortunately I can't display prices. Please email me @ or kik : msaprilfields and I will let you view the different prices yourself. We have very affordable packages.
olatunde830 - caylawaylabayla - hodbendavid - lebcali -
Day 23 | Popped a pimp πŸ˜‚ #acne #hyperpigmentation #redness #birthcontrol #orthotricyclen #ziana #aczone #sumadanwash
orthotricyclen - hyperpigmentation - birthcontrol - acne - ziana - sumadanwash - aczone - redness -
anasoria7 : Aren't you on accutane?
robertfatalis : Ate! May i know what soap you are using right now?
theacnebattle : Your skin is clearing so quickly! πŸ˜ƒ
skinupdates : @anasoria7 no I'm just taking ortho tri cyclen/birth control pills
skinupdates : @robertfatalis sumadan wash! I got it from the dermatologist :)
robertfatalis : @acneupdates thank you!
annie_go : Before you gave up makeup, what foundation or other type of cover up were you using?
skinupdates : @annie_go Sonia Kashuk concealer and covergirl 3 in 1 foundation and covergirl oil control powder
willbeatz - myacnebattle - xkateelizabethx - accutaneejourney -
I've been suffering with acne for about 8 months now, young girls, please don't make the mistake I did and wear foundation if your skin is already flawless, I learned the hard way. As my acne cleared up I started noticing scarring, I should've never popped my pimples! I also noticed all these marks and I'm still not sure what they are! I went to the dermatoligist a few days ago and they proscribed me aczone, when I had severe acne on my forehead I used epiduo, IT WORKS AMAZING, I rarelyget pimples now ( thank you epiduo) but I'm 14 years old and dermatoligist said I have some permanent scarring, worst news I've ever gotten. So if anyone could please help me out and tell me what this is and if aczone helps! I also use redness regimen bye Clinique, and foundation is bare minerals PLEASE HELP!! #aczone #epiduo #acne #acnescars #pigmentation
pigmentation - acne - aczone - acnescars - epiduo -
acne101 : My forehead use to be severely red, and horrible, until I started taking care of it, like I used redness reducer by neutrogena, and I saw pretty good results, but I found out that exfoliation helps so much with whatever is on my skin, get a good clarisonic brush or something like it if you can't afford it!! Hope this helped.
acnepractice : hello, the videos "understanding dark marks" and understanding 3d scars"on the lower home page. let me know if these videos help. this is treatable over time. -Dr. Neal
acne101 : Thank you!! @acnepractice
riiviva : Like it!
myacnejourney101 : I know this is on old post but check out @acnesufferers page. She has come up with great ways to treat scars from acne that work really well for her. @acne101
acne101 : Thank you :) @myacnejourney101
bianca_russo_skin : If you're ever interested check our Rodan and Fields Unblemish! Treats acne and the scars and it's amazing results.
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Day 21 | sorry for the bad lighting/quality! #hyperpigmentation #acne #birthcontrol #orthotricyclen #aczone #ziana
ziana - orthotricyclen - aczone - hyperpigmentation - birthcontrol - acne -
mstar2007 : Awesome! Thank you so much for posting your inspiring journey. Your skin is looking lovelier each day :)
p_acnes_sucks : You're skin looks so much better πŸ˜„ I hope this works out for you
acne101 : I have mild hyper pigmentation and scarring all over my forehead.. I was wondering if you knew if aczone helps with this?? I just got proscribed and I would live answers before I spend $250 please please please!!!!
life_with_acne : I was perscribed Aczone, and it did me no good. I was on it for several months, and I never improved. Maybe it's just my skin type, I would suggest you try it first, but it didn't help me at all. @acne101
megankrista : @acne101 hi it's acneupdates and it helps me a lot with the redness! I swear, I remember one day I decided to not wear aczone and my face looked so red that same day. But ask you derm about it!
vegananddelish : Wow your skin is look so good!!! I just went on ortho tricyclen and epiduo gel so I hope it works!
thawrapboss : @acneupdates I have some all natural products that will clear your skin right up and leave your skin looking brand new. You are beautiful let me help you achieve your goals. Email me I will tag you in a pic so you can see what the products can do.
acne101 : Thank you so much @megankrista btw you're beautiful, acne can be a struggle and you honestly inspire me so much.
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Day 20 | #hyperpigmentation #acne #birthcontrol #orthotricyclen #ziana #aczone
ziana - orthotricyclen - aczone - hyperpigmentation - birthcontrol - acne -
renzi1989 : Your face is defiantly clearing up!! @acneupdates
lanimardesic : Clearing up so so well!!!!
anasoria7 : Do u think the birth control pills are helping you?
hannahmaria44 : Looking great!!!
skinupdates : @anasoria7 honestly I'm not really sure yet, it's only been 20 days, but I have been noticing some positive progress. Not sure if it's from the bc or gels that I apply!
skinupdates : @hannahmaria44 thank you!
anasoria7 : Thank you so much for replying, eating healthy and avoiding dairy products also helps a lot to have clear skin. Never give up
danuccia_2 : I can notice, more on your forehead, your face is cleaning more every day!! @acneupdates don't give up.
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Side shot that shows off the forward angle. Shoot as close as you like. This is what quality looks like #aczone #redstitchtactical #steeltargets #staticsteeltargets #shootsteel
redstitchtactical - staticsteeltargets - shootsteel - aczone - steeltargets -
jimmiemcguire : @ryancmartinez
redstitchtactical : I've intentionally shot then with green tip penny of times. Mostly because they are mine and I'm not worried about a little pitting. The forward angle helps mitigate damage from green tips and do does range.
redstitchtactical : Out past 100 yards the damage is reduced considerably. Especially with the angle. Flat targets take a lot of abuse from green tips
thatduderad13 : How much does this one run for?
redstitchtactical : @thatduderad13 $175.00
roosterfish_1 : @derekbart
ryancmartinez : @armadillofuzz look I just noticed this. The only thing that is angled is the actual target it self
smenezes11 : @redstitchtactical Just ordered a 66% target - can't wait till it ships!
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Here's your A-C zone target complete. 3/8" AR500 set at a 15 degree forward angle to direct all splatter into the ground and not back at you. Includes base but the 2x4 is on you. Don't buy half a solution that is sure to send fragments back at you because it hangs flat to the shooter. #redstitchtactical #AR500 #steeltargets #staticsteeltargets #aczone this isn't our hobby, this is what we do.
redstitchtactical - staticsteeltargets - ar500 - aczone - steeltargets -
mcasshl247 : Are these good with 556?
redstitchtactical : All AR500 plate is good with 556. It just depends on how close you are sitting and what type of ammo. These will take 556 far better than a target that just hangs flat to the shooter. It allows the plate to deflect and not have to eat all the energy
captnjack : @mcasshl247 you bet (none green tip - penetrator). Have one from red stitch and they are quality
cneal1387 : Are these availabl? @redstitchtactical
redstitchtactical : @cneal1387 of course. This is what we do. We make targets.
2centtac : Do want
redstitchtactical : @2centtac shot me an email
2centtac : @redstitchtactical you got mail
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Day 19 | #hyperpigmentation #acne #birthcontrol #orthotricyclen #aczone #ziana #sumadanwash
ziana - orthotricyclen - aczone - sumadanwash - hyperpigmentation - birthcontrol - acne -
acnebountyhunter : Looking so good! Healing up so nice!!! And your gorgeous self as always. Love your smiles
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Day 18 β€’ 03.20.14 | went to the gyno for the first time because I've been getting frequent uti's. Gyno suggested accutane instead of birthcontrol, WE'LL SEE ABOUT THAT! #acne #hyperpigmentation #birthcontrol #orthotricyclen #aczone #ziana #redness #cysticacne
orthotricyclen - cysticacne - birthcontrol - acne - ziana - aczone - hyperpigmentation - redness -
skinupdates : @ayy_rora I don't want to go through all the side effects. I'm gonna give birthcontrol a try! Well see in 3 months though!
chelseadeschwanden : @acneupdates you really don't want to go on accutane. I really really don't recommend it.
chelseadeschwanden : Yes it may help to clear your acne but when I stopped taking it I wish I wouldn't have ever started, no matter how bad my acne got.
frankiefreedom : Good for you for sticking being patient and giving birth control a fair try! Your positivity shines right through to your outer beauty, I wish I could have followed you months ago when I was really struggling to stay positive and feel beautiful through my acne. Unfortunately for me I had to resort to my last option of accutane. I was super afraid of the side effects too I've already suffered from severe anxiety in my past so I was worried about that.. I'm on my second month now and so far only chapped lips and a little more tired than usual, I actually had more difficult side effects from birth control! Everyone is different so just trust your gut instinct on what to do, even with acne you are absolutely stunning ! I'm rooting for you, I hope birth control is your cure ❀️
adultacnejourney : Try probiotics? Birth control often throws the body's pH balance off 😊
allnatural_acne : Agreed @adultacnejourney, probiotics definitely help. The pill and antibiotics can lead to an overgrowth of yeast and bad bacteria in your gut, which can lead to UTIs. I had a few BAD ones when I was on birth control and antibiotics. Probiotics help to balance the good and bad bacteria in your intestinal and urinary tracts.
acne_blow_away : Accutane is amazing!
ayy_rora : Ohhh. I didn't realize the side effects were bad!
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Day 17 β€’ 03.19.14 | getting smoother and smoother ☺️ #acne #ziana #birthcontrol #aczone #orthotricyclen #sumadanwash #redness #hyperpigmentation
orthotricyclen - aczone - birthcontrol - acne - ziana - sumadanwash - hyperpigmentation - redness -
jonghyso : Confident girl!!!
adultacnejourney : It's amazing how much clearer your skin looks already 😊
lilianasbeautytips : Bella! Beautiful!
meggieboo55 : @geishasulsona have you tried rodan and fields? It's the same women who made proactiv and they have tons of skin care products! If you have any questions let me know I am a consultant.
nraslinda : Hi dear, i came from Malaysia. I just want to give you suggestion about the facial wash for acne. I'm highly recommend citaphil facial wash. Thats good for all skin type. No side effect and is really works for acne. You can try babe. If you want to know more about citaphil you can search via web @acneupdates
geishasulsona : Thank you
noahthorman : I think your still pretty I have bad acne too
skinupdates : @noahthorman thank you :)
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What do you guys think? #acne #hyperpigmentation #birthcontrol #aczone #ziana #sumadanwash #orthotricyclen
ziana - orthotricyclen - aczone - sumadanwash - hyperpigmentation - birthcontrol - acne -
koleja : Wow it looks much better
eeveesjourney : Such a beautiful transformation! Your skin is healing gorgeously ☺!
skinupdates : @eeveesjourney thank you 😊
eeveesjourney : @acneupdates Very welcome!πŸ’•πŸ’•
acnecured : Waw improvement in just 12 day ! , l'm sure that you will have amazing and clear skin .. =) @aneupdates
acnecured : @acneupdates
acnebountyhunter : Healing up nicely! Lovely!
acneprogress : The aczone helps a lot! Nice progress (:
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