Just dropped that #frs off at the #scionav spot.. That lil think is fun... Think ima have to convince @persiab @icela_rozay , @madzilla & moms to get one.. They are perfect vehicles for the daily driver.. Convenient & fun.. They asked me to do a survey about it too, I said for sure cause I actually like the cars & the tastemaker program they got... If you ever drove a #scion you would understand what i mean.. Thank you @scionav for putting me on.. S/o @frank151 for the connect.. #statuslife #weboutdatlife #wegreat #wedothis #weworking #wedifferent #welovelife #wemaketaste #wedifferent #weeverywhere #scionav #frank151 #weynt
wegreat - wedifferent - scion - wedothis - weworking - frank151 - welovelife - weeverywhere - frs - statuslife - scionav - wemaketaste - weboutdatlife - weynt -
persiab : My car keeps breaking down ... Things keep happening I need a new car soon ๐Ÿ˜”
persiab - errlstarrippedmeoff - tfc_inkmywholebody - eve_129 -
Almost forgot to pickup my Scion Rock Fest wristband in time... That would have sucked... #scionav #scionrockfest #vacationvinyl #wristband
scionrockfest - scionav - vacationvinyl - wristband -
dillsmomma15 -
C U IN DA' PIT POMONA #scion #scionrockfest #scionav #pomona #crowbar #machinehead #exhumed #blacksheepwall #metalmosh #vestfest #getill
getill - scion - scionrockfest - blacksheepwall - scionav - vestfest - machinehead - exhumed - metalmosh - pomona - crowbar -
halesaytin : Still love machine head
metaljohnredcorn - mierda_triste - altonwaldon - dcuddz -
thanks for the test drive @scion #scionav #iq
iq - scionav -
seanlyles : definitely slid in some DM's
youngcorey : #coachella
barberdude818 : #Vybin
itspostas : thats the homie @cryptk work on the wall! ๐Ÿ™Œ #CryptikMovement
gullymarc : Lmfao
niggawhat_ : lol omg
fuckimbored - klaainn - x0xostephanie - tylerxlizola -
#ScionAV presents #saintvitusofficial May 2014 US tour Wni tickets at awe.sm/q5yEt
scionav - saintvitusofficial -
doomoverlord : @oldmanjigs @lanemania @jobhornrecords
ka2unk0867 - necrosemen - lurkerfletch - davemaltby -
Qik hike/walk with Miss Rozay & #Bonnie real qik b4 heading to the #hwood to drop this #frs off at the #scionav installation... Yeah it's a dope day out too.. This is always a good qik workout, but they needed it more than me... Lol I'm almost ready to get back to my real workouts... #statuslife #letsgetit #wegreat #welovelife #wedidthat #weoutchea #weboutdatlife #wedifferent #weeverywhere #frymancanyon #doghike #mygirls #weynt
wedifferent - welovelife - bonnie - weeverywhere - frymancanyon - letsgetit - hwood - weboutdatlife - wegreat - doghike - mygirls - scionav - weoutchea - frs - wedidthat - statuslife - lightwork - weynt -
_weynt : #lightwork
clawwwdiuhhhh - jreedsoon - dliziously - whoisdavemartin -
Download the new @weedeaterofficial track โ€œHot Doughnuts Now.โ€ Visit Brooklynvegan.com to download the track.
scionav - metal - vinyl - weedeater -
scionav : #scionav #weedeater #vinyl #metal
damianzamora33 : Want this 7"
driftwoodindustries : #pinsoflight #hightower
bombshell_overlord - ohmsinbloom - driftwoodindustries - chris_caetano_1983 -
North American @ElectricPunanny tour is a wrap! Thanks to @Scion for the whip ๐Ÿš˜ #ScionAV // And many thanks to everyone involved in our journey, especially @HouseOfMarley + @RevoltTV ๐Ÿ™ // See what went down on ElectricPunanny.com ๐Ÿ˜Ž
scionav -
jasonhoodrich : ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘
jessicalkaplan : Boom shaka!
weldonarts : Dynamic Duo
marie_welsh : Mama be lookin' good!
sneekyguy562 : U got swag girl. Ur a swag beast. Hehe
young___chris - oilkamon - sofiaguitiana - itz_eljay -
@scionav #scionav and #machinehead
scionav - machinehead -
If you donโ€™t have tickets to this yearโ€™s Scion Rock Fest, you can still enter to win VIP tickets plus other great prizes, including this Custom @Schecterguitarsofficial guitar. For more info on how to win, click the link in our profile.
scionrockfest - guitar - scionav - contest - schecter -
scionav : #scionav #scionrockfest #schecter #guitar #contest
_shawnsolo_ : I better win! Just sayin! Haha
nawosuke - mohdzulkifli_a7x - efe_ercig - unholy_nightmare -
See interviews with artists such as @tydollasign, @vicmensa, @weedeaterofficial, Deniro Farrar and many more. Click the link in our profile to see the interviews.
allpurposeshow - scionav - vicmensa - denirofarrar - tydollasign - weedeater -
scionav : #scionav #tydollasign #vicmensa #weedeater #denirofarrar #allpurposeshow
vitushank : Dick-Sea
omidtahan - neng1013 - waynejustwayne - theshopatlantic -
My daughter rocking to the new MASTODON:
heavymetal - scionav - iphoneonly - metal - mastodon -
theinnerstation : #mastodon #metal #heavymetal #iphoneonly
theinnerstation : #scionav
mxgt666 : Preparing for some future headbanging!
theinnerstation : @mxgt666 I've got metal in my DNA.
josieinjapan : @theinnerstation Haha, what a cutie!
monkeybrain13 : @theinnerstation Priceless! She is ridiculously cute!
hahawangchung : Hahaha cute
dimebagferrell - hahawangchung - uyenjammin - hydrangea818 -
The end of an era... #beautylies #eyeofthebeholdermotorclub #highvoltageclub #columbus_exotics #scion #scionav #fiveaxisdesign #sciontc #tc2
scion - columbus_exotics - fiveaxisdesign - eyeofthebeholdermotorclub - tc2 - highvoltageclub - scionav - sciontc - beautylies -
jessmeyers5 : What happened man! That's so sad
eyeofthebeholdermotorclub : Long day, at work last weekend and hit an suv in my own neighborhood...
zoannxd : Oh no!!! :( are you okay?
jessmeyers5 : That's unfortunate:( hope you can make your next one as beautiful
speck_life : That sucks man, always loved the pictures of this tC, is it totaled?
eyeofthebeholdermotorclub : Yeah unfortunately it's a total loss... on to the next ride lol
jtbsciontc16 : It's fine. Just fix it.
eyeofthebeholdermotorclub : Should buff right out...
jessmeyers5 - tylererin - brunette_bombsh3ll - inked20 -
Just grabbed one of these lil #FRS coupes from the homies over at @scionav for a few days... This thing is like. Go kart for real... This is gonna fun for a few.. Idk owning one tho... Maybe for my asst. One day... But for now I'm a tear up these #hwood Streetz for a few days... What's poping I'm the #hwood right now, where my geez at?? #burnone #imapullup #statuslife #wedothis #weoutchea #weconnected #weplayingtowin #wemakeithappen #wedifferent #weeverywhere #scionav #frank151 #scioninstallation #hwood #weynt
imapullup - weeverywhere - weconnected - burnone - hwood - weplayingtowin - wedifferent - frank151 - wemakingmovies - wedothis - scionav - weoutchea - frs - statuslife - wemakeithappen - scioninstallation - weynt -
persiab : Get me one of those ๐Ÿ˜Œ
mopheezy310 : Hey u wasn't in that earlier today! ๐Ÿ˜น๐Ÿ˜น๐Ÿ˜น๐Ÿ˜น๐Ÿ˜น
kobehoneycutt07 : Quick lil 1-2-3 haha
_weynt : @persiab we should work on it..
_weynt : @mopheezy310 I'm so unpredictable... I might be on the space shuttle next time. Lol
_weynt : @kobehoneycutt07 already.. #weeverywhere #wemakingmovies #weynt
jaeigh_simon - alizengin33 - og_dee_dollarsign_o - helpahuman -
Last year Scion AV released the โ€œHigh Tideโ€ EP by @HarryFraud. The release featured @therealTechN9ne, @jodyhighroller and many more. Click the link in our profile to download the EP for free.
riffraff - scionav - rap - techn9ne - hiphop - harryfraud -
scionav : #scionav #harryfraud #techn9ne #riffraff #hiphop #rap
srfschlrico : ๐ŸŒŠ๐Ÿ„
srfschlrico : #SRFSCHL
_shawnsolo_ : @tstronger your boy Techn9ne!
stonerchick67 - meanwhilebacklash - wxzlollol - fxckmeiron -
Moodymann - Picture This #scionav #moodymann #detroit #michigan #picture whatupdoe!
picture - scionav - michigan - detroit - moodymann -
the_amuseum - boblanaranja - omersaar - fatmatz0415 -
@Scion collaborated with artist @DavidChoe on this โ€œMonster Truckโ€ sized version of the Scion XB.
grindyourminds : Laaaaame
vickoner : @quarterbloom I need that
gonz2477 : @j_sleeezy
k0rtni3 : @john_cosby
capitanmiki : @johnjlin haha
john_cosby : No!!!
johnjlin : @capitanmiki lol!
dirtysteve13 : @timazing found you a new truck
jcaswell_2 - cercatrova - aireckone - joinoner712 -
Enter to win 2 FREE tickets for the upcoming @SaintVitusofficial tour. For rules and how to enter, click the link in our profile.
scionav - music - tour - saintvitus -
scionav : #scionav #saintvitus #music #tour
keaganrandall : Christian metal!!!! @bradkearsley33 @camronislame
chriskimbrough : @red_mouth_!
dennisreasez666 : #scionav #scionrockfest #schecter #schecterguitars
red_mouth_ : Fuuuuuuuuck!!
dennisreasez666 - memories_of_shit - mrbabakan - poultrygeistchickenghost -
The Scion AV Installation supports independent artists and their creative visions by hosting monthly exhibitions and offering custom-made products for sale. Check out 12 unique items to spice up your house by clicking the link in our profile.
scionav - art - hollywood - la -
scionav : #Scionav #Art #LA #Hollywood
tombarnes83 : @teacakery
realjasmine_b - shutteretchings - kingdud - bmj1194 -
@scion releasing a hip hop album through an in-house record label? #ScionAV #IntegratedMarketingCommunication #CST301
scionav - integratedmarketingcommunication - cst301 -
kelseyyeeyee -
Tree ~ The @Mctreeg E.P. #vinyl #vinyladdict #recordcollector #promo #hiphop #nowspinning #theangrykorean #Soultrap #ScionAV @scionav
vinyladdict - nowspinning - soultrap - scionav - theangrykorean - promo - hiphop - vinyl - recordcollector -
mctreeg : Niiiice
father_and_son_records - brandonewell - sloppydays - d4nil0c4br4l -
Got my wristband #scionrockfest #scionav
scionrockfest - scionav -
_shawnsolo_ - insectwelfare - koyghost -
Donโ€™t forget, you can win tickets to see @RedFangBand on their tour, โ€œSituation: AWESOME!โ€ To find out how you can win two FREE tickets, check Scionav.com.
redfang - scionav - music - tour - contest -
scionav : #scionav #redfang #contest #music #tour
dennisreasez666 : Blood red fangs #scionav
beheadwear : Doing work
nawosuke - gutju - highdecibels_ru - insidiousx_ -
Scion Rock Fest 2014 is inching closer. Take a look back at some of the baddest guitars from Scion Rock Fest 2013 from members of bands such as testament, @whitechapelband, @arsisofficial, vektor and more. Click the link in our profile to view.
guitar - testament - scionav - scionrockfest - whitechapel - vektor - arsis -
scionav : #scionav #scionrockfest #guitar #whitechapel #testament #arsis #vektor
ericthebull : Vektor! Fuck yes!
claudio7hydro - paulelewin - applecastello - insidiousx_ -
@punknews debuts the new track from Pins of Light titled โ€œLie Detector,โ€ off the Scion AV split 7-inch with @weedeaterofficial. You can check out and download the song over at punknews.com
music - scionav - metal - pinsoflight - weedeater -
scionav : #scionav #pinsoflight #weedeater #metal #music
damianzamora33 : I need this 7"
memories_of_shit - jahoye - kennyperez1800 - frost_giant -
#meshuggah I Am Colossus #limitededition #7inch #vinyl #lp #record by @scionav #scionav #vinylporn #vinyligclub #vinylcollection
record - scionav - vinyligclub - meshuggah - vinyl - lp - 7inch - vinylcollection - vinylporn - limitededition -
enigmagnp : Got a great Meshuggah lp for myself today and now I'm jealous again :(
blackv3lv3t33n : @enigmagnp โ˜บ๏ธAww come on...What did you get??
blackv3lv3t33n : @enigmagnp Ah!!! Saw it!!๐Ÿ‘
longgoneloser : The drummer. Geez. How does he do it?!?! He's insane!
enigmagnp : Its hard to get a complete collection :0
blackv3lv3t33n : @longgoneloser Agreed!!
blackv3lv3t33n : @enigmagnp Haha! But the hunt will never end!๐Ÿ˜Š
souldread - welovemeshuggah - rickymadness - _djenthead_ -
@poketo, @willbryantplz and @etrine collaborated on this special edition #alleyoopla Scion IQ that is on display @thelinehotel until May 5th.
alleyoopla - scionav - scion - scioniq -
scionav : #Scion #Scionav #ScionIQ
mrkiji : @willbryantplz ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿ‘
redslurpeee : ๐Ÿ‘
infraredpharaoh : @ahll33
thelinehotel : Psyched to have it @willbryantplz @etrine @poketo!
0kcorral : @byflore your art belongs on a @scionav
jasongatsby : @life_styles_
skullcollective : Rolling diagram of String theory!
joncalleri - huntingtontoyota - soccer_kid_411 - xbstickerbomb -
Don't forget you can still win tickets to see the @Kadavarofficial North American Tour with @Mothershipusa, @SonsofHuns and @TheShrine. Scion AV will be giving away two pairs of tickets for each tour stop through Twitter. For more info please visit scionav.com
mothership - scionav - kadavar - sonsofhuns - theshrine -
scionav : #scionav #kadavar #mothership #sonsofhuns #theshrine
holymountain : All three of those are playing at Psycho De Mayo fest, but that's a festival I'm producing. Are you giving tickets to our fest as well?
nuclearblastusa - redwizard55 - applecastello - nawosuke -
#redfang #kingbuzzo #scionav #scionrockfest #bringittoNYC
redfang - scionrockfest - scionav - kingbuzzo - bringittonyc -
makingusernamessuck : Better win!
crashbox868 : @makingusernamessuck thanks bebe but it ain't happening. wrong coast anyway :(
highdecibels_ru - makingusernamessuck - somethingthesame - the_faceless_knucklehead -
#scionav #scionrockfest #redfang @scionav
scionrockfest - redfang - scionav -
thepitgoddess - highdecibels_ru - msgdssny -
I work with Scion and we are giving away this custom guitar as part of our Scion Rock Fest promotions. Repost on IG and follow the rules in the pic to win this and other prizes.
scionrockfest - scionav -
ryanglisan : #scionav #scionrockfest
miguelo69 - theoctopusninja - josegodoy699 - arturchist16 -
Tonight in Brooklyn at the world famous @saint_vitus_bar RidingEasy Records recording artists @sonsofhuns join @kadavarofficial on the @scionav sponsored tour. Be there and rock out! #kadavar #sonsofhuns #EasyRiderRecords #ridingeasyrecords #rock #psych #scionav
ridingeasyrecords - scionav - kadavar - psych - rock - sonsofhuns - easyriderrecords -
witches_mass_band : We had a gnarly time hosting suns of Huns Saturday night on their way to NYC! Awesome dudes!
witches_mass_band : Sons ๐Ÿ’€๐Ÿ”ซ
tweested : Yes Minneapolis
sacagawea_and_the_hunters : Philly (:
lolatassels : These guys are amazing!
monstrtlk : Going going gone!
reichundroll : Seeing these dudes wednesday in DC!
mercyfulskate : Go check this show it should be the tits @exhumed2consume
6stonedimmaculate9 - beardmonkey - leesleezyy - moonfuzzz -
Scion Rock Fest RSVP is currently closed, but weโ€™re giving away tickets for our Sweepstakes, plus some more prizes including a new @schecterguitarsofficial Guitar. Visit Scionav.com for rules and how to enter.
scionav - schecterguitars - giveaway - contest - scionrockfest - schecter -
scionav : #scionav #scionrockfest #schecter #schecterguitars #contest #giveaway
farenizzi : Let's do this
slave_on3 : @railroadgypsy @thisf00_
thisf00_ : Told you foo should have signed up for your ticket a long time ago @slave_on3
dennisreasez666 : All or nothing! @Scionva
aaronthetroutman : @scionav when does this contest end
arcane_melodies : @scionav I wanna win :D
vvjonahxpievv : @scionav I really wanna win!! :D \m/ please pick me!!
nawosuke - mohdzulkifli_a7x - ladytechster - _fairfield_yo -
Statigram feedback