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heyrach : That guitar 😍😍😍
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Packed house for The Mowgli's!
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nativesea : #sorryhomie
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WNHU setting up at The Mowgli's show! Still a few tickets left at the door TONIGHT
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manicproduction : #beamowgli
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oruck : @kristenm72 I need this
kristenm72 : @oruck lol
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@themowglis are as good on land as they were at sea. #latergram #beamowgli
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Another spiritually uplifting and freeing evening with @themowglis. @colinmowgli gives the best hugs. @katiemowgli @matthewmowgli @spencertrent @joshuajonmichael @boweryballroom #themowglis #beamowgli #sayitjustsayit #boweryballroom #whereschaski #nyc
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so last night was kind of amazing #themowglis
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Thank you so much to @themowglis for allowing me to spread love to the world today via the @beamowgli account!<3 I love you all<3 #beamowgli
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collinsylvester : Congrats!
superindiekid : @collinsylvester Thank you!(: It was an awesome day<3
mod3rn_hippi3 : Dude that's so rad
superindiekid : @mod3rn_hippi3 It was very rad(:
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@themowglis #beamowgli #loveforboston
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nikitajshah : @colinmowgli
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Had to do this one before I did the last big one! These little eggs where scattered around the Quad on my campus, in it is a little nice note and a candy(: some of the things it said were: "Your face. Is awesome." "Hey you. You rock." and my personal favorite from the green one "What are you doing later tonight?" Props to whoever did this<3 #beamowgli #randomactsofkindness
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The Mowgli's at the Sinclair! @themowglis @thesinclair #cambridge #bostonmusicscene #themowglis #beamowgli
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So here are some people who inspire me in life: In the top left hand corner, we have yours and my favorite people: @themowglis Without them, I wouldn't be talking to you on this page right here, because this page wouldn't exist, they are amazing people who inspire me to do great things all the time. I'm so thankful for them and I love each and everyone of them<3 Next is @shelby__nickel who met me, and quickly became an awesome friend<3 She has a passion for her faith as much as I do, and has reminded me of my faith recently, as college is a hard transition period and you can lose your faith during this time, I love her and am very thankful for her as well. Next would be my parents! @jandaramsey Without them, I wouldn't exist. They raised me up teaching me love and kindness and brought me up to be the man I am today<3 Next is @grouplove Without them, I might not have found the Mowgli's. They saved my life in a powerful way. I love them just as much as I love the Mowgli's and they introduced me to so many amazing people that became my friends such as the next photo which is of the #groupthugs of @grouplovefansofficial These people and I all shared a bond of loving Grouplove, and have been wonderful friends and hopefully we all get to meet one day!<3 I and @b_exx (who is apart the thugs) introduced the rest of them to the Mowgli's. Lastly is someone who became the first person I know that loved the Mowgli's a whole bunch and became a very close friend of mine that I hope to see this Summer, and that's @mowglisfans She is shining beacon of goodness in the world. I'm glad I can call her a friend, we are all beacons of love everyone of us including you if you try to be<3 There are many other people that inspire me, and whether I know you are not, you are beautiful and I love you<3 #beamowgli I have one more post after this, so stay tuned!<3 #friends #family #love #groupthugs #mowglis #grouplove
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beamowgli : @mowglisfans 😘
alex5292 : It's pretty amazing to see how much we've all touched each others lives in, I don't know how long have I known you? It seems like so long in such a short period of time. This is a year I'm never going to forget, meeting all of you and having you in my life has changed it forever whether we are all talking or not talking at all. Hopefully well get the chance to meet soon Sam, things like this make me remember how amazing technology is and can be when people use it for love. see you at Chipotle CULTIVATE (maybe) (I have no idea if that will happen)
thelazylarry : πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
katiemowgli : ❀️❀️❀️
heymelloncollie : ❀❀❀❀
superindiekid : @katiemowgli 😘✌❀
superindiekid : @alex5292 It will hopefully happen!!❀
superindiekid : @heymelloncollie 😊✌❀
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So another inspiring thing in life for me is beauty. I find beauty and wonder in everyone and almost everything, and it brings me joy and makes me want to bring joy to other people and simply smile! Nature is one of the best places to find beauty, and being out in nature is proven to bring joy and happiness, as well as be healthy for you! I feel we're all connected to nature in some way shape or form, much like Mowgli from The Jungle Book. Conserving this natural beauty is a wonderful way to #beamowgli It allows you to show kindness and love to all things in nature, by keeping it alive. #love #nature #beauty #TexasNature
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One of the most inspiring people I know is this cafeteria worker right here! Her name is Susie, also known as "Susie the Viking Goddess of Jones Dining Hall." She is a shining example of love and kindness that inspires me to be kind and loving as well. By far, she is one of the sweetest ladies, asking me and others about our days, and being a light in the mundane days of college lol A couple years back, as I was informed she needed some sort of eye surgery, and the Texas State students came to her need by raising funds for her expensive surgery. So for me this all here is wonderful appearance of love and kindness from all parties<3 #beamowgli #love #susie #inspiring
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pablonoldin : I would really like to meet that wonderful woman!
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As I said earlier, my faith is a big part of my life and I love ministries that go out and promote action! Which is what we need in life from people talking about things is great but actions speak louder than words as the old saying goes! Mission Trips and Homeless Ministries in particular are some of the best. In the top left corner you can see a baby-faced me from 7th grade. I was down in the valley on a mission trip with my Church youth group, and we were building a house for a family in need, I loved going on mission trips, you really got to feel yourself making a difference in these people, who have little to nothing's life. Poverty and homelessness is huge problem everywhere and Texas is no exception. Dallas has the 4th largest homeless population in the United States. Think how large that is! My dad's always been one to think of and look out for the homeless as much as we can. The other photos you see here are from when my dad participated in Cardboard City 2014, which is where people stay out in cardboard boxes over night to raise money for Family Promise, which is a ministry that helps out Homeless families in need. If you wanna get involved in things like this, it can be as simple as bringing supplies to the homeless population in your city, or you can even go to www.familypromise.org to see how you can get involved! More to come<3 Keep spreading love and kindness fellow Mowgli's!<3 #beamowgli #homelessministry #missiontrips
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I handed out 260 bubbles at ACL this weekend. Let's just say I think it was effective. Just spreading the fun! (Photo Cred: KUTX, Austin 360 and Austin Post) #acl #acl2013 #bubblelady #magical
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bandaid91 : The best
whoislisabridges : I love you dearly.
bulgarianbasketweaver : Of course you did. That's got Sunshine written all over it!
safetytess : @bulgarianbasketweaver I did it on a fluke last year (cause my mom bought and gave me 300 bubbles from a garage sale) and now I hand out bubbles at every outdoor show I attend...I'm known as bubble lady...people recognize and call me that. Haha
bulgarianbasketweaver : Oh my gosh! That's you!!! Holy crap you ARE the bubble lady! I love you!!!
safetytess : @bulgarianbasketweaver would you like some bubbles?!
bulgarianbasketweaver : Ummm is that even a real question.
safetytess : #beamowgli
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So giving blood for the first time was a cool experience! It felt great knowing that somewhere on down the line I was making a difference in someone's life(: More inspiring stuff to come! Keep it here on the @beamowgli channel(; #imnotacomedian #lol #beamowgli #officialblooddonorstatus
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Well this is a biggie, and the first time I've ever done this, but I'm giving blood today for THE FIRST TIME! Giving blood is a great way to save a life, to help someone in need, and to #beamowgli Wish me luck!(: #randomactsofkindness
randomactsofkindness - beamowgli -
pablonoldin : It would be really awesomr if you could come to Rosario, Argentina
mowglisfans : 😍😍✌️
cathymo13 : Way to go! I used to donate all the time, now they don't want my blood anymore.
kthrynsmithh : Don't watch the needle going in! 😷
cberms : Diggin the @alexisnryan shirt!
beamowgli : @cberms Thank you!:D
clairej134 : Good luck!
beamowgli : @clairej134 Thanks! It went fantastically:D
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This one's a small update. One of the things I always make sure to do as a Random Act of Kindness, is hold the door open for others! You never know how much this small gesture can mean to someone this or simply allowing someone to cut you off in traffic with out getting angry! I like to put myself in other's shoes as much as possible, and think how would I feel if someone did this to me, and it usually brightens up my day. It's the little things in life as they always say(: You never know how far your little act of kindness will go to change someone's day or even life(: #beamowgli #littlethings #tinyripplesstillmakeadifference
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mowglisfans : 😘
_alysialove : πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘ preach it
alex5292 : As far as driving goes, my Dad sometimes will randomly pay the toll for the car behind, I thought it was really sweet! Imagine just having the shittiest day sitting in your car going about your business, and you realize a stranger did something nice for you. We get so caught up in what we expect from others and from life when we should be asking what life wants from us. I'm going to try and give that feeling to people more whether it be through holding open a door, writing a stranger a note, complementing someone's work, offering advice...the most simple for anyone would be just to SMILE! Smile at strangers and it might catch some of them off guard. Keep up the kindness Sam
beamowgli : @alex5292 Nicely put Alex(: You got the being a Mowgli thing down pact(;
alex5292 : Thank you, xo!! If this is still Sam on here your writing brightened my day, even though I am grossed out with all things needles and blood being drawn :)
beamowgli : It is still me @alex5292 and I'm glad my writing has brightened up your day(:
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Salutations! Greetings! What's Up?! etc.. Lol Welcome to Takeover Tuesday! I'm @superindiekid also known as Sam or Samuel! With this first post, I'm going to introduce you to me and what it means to #beamowgli for me! I am 19 year old college student from South-Central Texas. I've lived in Texas all my life, and I long to travel the world, but more on that in a later post. So I found @themowglis that we all love so much via a @grouplove show back in October of last year. The Mowgli's opened up for them at this one show before ACL. That night I fell in love! I fell in love with love, with the Mowgli's, with their sound, and most importantly, their message. They preach a simple message of love, which is something I identified with as I'm we all can, and this simple message is what being a Mowgli is all about for me. It's showing kindness when you'd much rather show anger, It's being loving to those who are hurt and in need of being loved, and it's doing what you can to make a difference in the world, whether it be a big splash in the ocean or just some tiny ripples here and there. One of the resaons I relate so much to the band and their message is my faith. I'm not trying to offend anyone (and I hope I don't) but, being a mowgli (for me) is the equivalent to striving to be Christ-like. I respect all faiths or lacks of faith and I love you all regardless of that, and that's really what my faith is for me. It's showing love or Random Acts of Kindness! That's how I interpret Jesus' message. Please understand, I'm not using this as a platform to convert anyone, but I'm simply sharing a part of me. Speaking of parts of me, that second photo is my arm. On it, a tattoo resides. My tattoo reminds me to hold onto my faith no matter what happens in the world or in my life. Seeing as my faith is love, It reminds me to hold onto the kindness and love in the world and open everyone up to it. Anywho, this has been a long introdiction, but I hope you enjoy this take on takeover tuesday! ✌Peace for now!πŸ’•<3
texasmowgli - beamowgli -
hey_mickey22 : It's so nice to see Christians like you: open to loving everyone (and good music :P) God bless ✌️☺️
ohwowkatie : Texas represent! ☺️
pachecoooo : Texans are the best kind of people 😎✌️
safetytess : I think I was at the show you described if it had anything to do with ACL I was for sure there! Glad to have a Texan on board with @beamowgli LETS BE TEXAS MOWGLIS BEST FRIENDS AND DO RANDOM ACTS OF KINDNESS TOGETHER!
beamowgli : @safetytess For sure!:D
happychiappe : Such a great show at the Late Night ACL performance! I agree with everything you said wholeheartedly. #texas #texasmowgli
ayraland : #texasmowgli should be a club. We should have gatherings and share the love β€οΈβ€οΈπŸ‘πŸ•
beamowgli : #texasmowgli will now become a thing:3
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griffynjaye : 3 hours and a smeary, black side of my pinky later....#carryyourwill #beamowgli #inspiration @katiemowgli @matthewmowgli @iandyiwarren @colinmowgli @joshuajonmichael @spencertrent @naftaliappelbaum
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Takeover Tuesday is tomorrow with @superindiekid in TEXAS!!!
beamowgli -
beamowgli : #beamowgli
pachecoooo : Texas is the best 😎
superindiekid : @pachecoooo If only it was as sunny as it is for that little emoji right there. Right now it's cold and gray here haha
hey_mickey22 : Texas
chloeeameliaa : Yay can't wait! @superindiekid
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Way to #beamowgli @meeeglong! Thanks for making the world a little bit better and brighter 😘
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This old dude had a hoodie that said "perform random acts of kindness" and he had a bag full of throw blankets. I wanted to follow him to see his plan but I really needed coffee... #randomactsofkindness #beamowgli
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what up mobile we're checking you out @colinmowgli @spencertrent #beamowgli man
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peaceandjay : Riding lefty lol
cristopherchadbennett : Lovin the sky tilts
sukadawgdik : Yall in bham
joshuajonmichael : haha @cristopherchadbennett that's the acid
shiftingkevin : @spencertrent @colinmowgli "this ball feels nice..." hahahaha - I only caught that after the last comment from @joshuajonmichael
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@panda_bandit_ 's first concert!!!! Success!!!! Thank you so much @misterwives @harrisonhudson Missing the @themowglis
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panda_bandit_ : WOOHOO Haha yes!!! Such a success!! I loved it! Got that selfie in the light haha! I'm gonna miss you guys so much. Even though we didn't hang much we had some great times! RBC and our car talks and singing! you are such great ppl awesome friends and an amazing brother and sister! Basically #yallarekinda #abigdeal I wish you the best on your endeavorsπŸ˜ƒbut I am sad to see you go... There is so much more I can say but I don't want to over load I.G. haha can't wait to come visit the new place! Love you guys! (this is the message u missed plus a Lil more;))
heartnsoulofadancer : @panda_bandit_ awwwwwwww thank you so much loved one!!! We are so glad you had a blast
panda_bandit_ : Oh forgot to tag Madeira so she could see it too @madeira_anderson Hehe ur welcome its all true y'all da best! So much fun can't wait to see the mowglis hopefully we will all see them together!
misterwives : So amazing meeting you guys! Keep dancing!!!!! πŸ’ƒβ€πŸŽΆβœŠ
heartnsoulofadancer : @misterwives likewise!!!!! Yall keep rocking out and making awesome vibes!!!!
thugornotathug : These thugs 😑
heartnsoulofadancer : @thugornotathug hmmmmm.....stealthy
heartnsoulofadancer : πŸ‘€ @thugornotathug
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Had such a blast tonight with @misterwives !!!! Great great chemistry and concert! Left to Right: @panda_bandit_ Lead singer of Misterwives @madeira_anderson We missed you @themowglis !!!
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heartnsoulofadancer : #beamowgli
heartnsoulofadancer : #all_shots #bestoftheday #bd #cooloceann #cdphotofeature #featuremeinstagood #featuremewotw #featuremeem #featuremetaaca #infamous_family #ig_best #ig_captures #ig_masterpiece #concert
heartnsoulofadancer : #themowglis #misterwives #ig_energy_people #shoutout
heartnsoulofadancer : #music #pensacola #florida #upsideofflorida
dovebaer : Looks like it was wonderful fun! And they seem like an amazing music group! ✨✌️✨
heartnsoulofadancer : @dovebaer it was!!!! They are very personable and awesome
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Only part of the poster from our friends, @themowglis! Thanks for the amazing time getting to know you at Cain's. We can't wait to hang out again and wish you the best with your next album! Remember our Instagram video together? :) #themowglis @colinmowgli @katiemowgli #sayitjustsayit #beamowgli #cainsballroom @cainsballroom
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rockpk : @candyshopmgmt
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Here are the last couple of things I'm passionate about: I'm part of my school's (G)ay (S)traight (A)lliance, which promotes the acceptance of all people (very mowgli-ey message!), and provides a safe space for people who may not get that anywhere else. The top left picture is my bracelet from last year's Day of Silence (you should definitely look this day up if you haven't heard of it), which by the way is April 11 this year! Equal rights is such an important "battle" for me, as I hope it is for everyone else! However, to refrain from getting political, I'll move on to my next thing! Another group of people that really inspire me are of course the Mowgli's, but also their fans! If you've ever gone to a concert of theirs, or simply have played their music out loud, there is connection between not only the individual and the musicians, but also between the audience themselves. I'm prettttty sure all of us think on the same wavelength (proven when, as shown on the top right, my two friends and I all wore the same Mowgli's shirts we own on the SAME day, randomly). What's beautiful about the Mowgli's is that everyone inspires each other. I've made new friends from this band, but I've also found new inspirations! There's an undeniable connection felt between the band and it's fans, held together by the common bond and promise to make the world a better place. And there is no stronger bond than that, as it cannot be broken as long as we keep believing in it! Although looking up to celebrities who give to charities, volunteer, or start their own organizations is awesome, and definitely contributes to solving some of the ills of our society, I don't think there's anything more beautiful than being inspired by your teacher, your neighbor, or even a stranger! I think that's because we can have that personal connection. I had such a great time posting on this page, and I hope I inspired some people, just like all of you have inspired me! Keep sharing the love y'all :) #beamowgli #ally #inspireothers #behappy
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abbeydiggs : Yay very cool!
beamowgli : @abbeydiggs thanks :)!
clairej134 : Amazing! Have a great day 😘
allonsykatie1 : @clairej134 you too! πŸ˜€
themowglis : You inspire us @allonsykatie1 !!!
allonsykatie1 : @themowglis thank you guys, that means so much to me 😊☺️! Love y'all forever!!! β€οΈπŸ’šπŸ’œπŸ’—
kellyrsampson - ella_the_hipster - kasey_quinn - myers_x -
Here are five different charities/organizations I've either volunteered for or donated to that I've really loved being a part of! Starting on the bottom left is my school's mini-THON! It is a spin-off of Penn State's 48 hour dance-a-thon to benefit the four diamonds fund. We stayed on our feet (no sitting, leaning, phones/any device to show you the time) for 12 hours to raise money to help the four diamonds fund, and raised over $100k! Above that is Cradles to Crayons, where I was lucky enough to go to a location and volunteer there for a day! I hate to only give short summaries because they do SO much, but this organization gives supplies to those in need. On the top left is the thirst project. The idea behind the thirst project is to solve the water crisis in the world by raising awareness, building wells, and educating people! At my school, a group I'm a part of is currently raising money to build our own well in Uganda! On the top left is Philabudance, which is an organization based out of Philadelphia! Although I have never been to any of their locations, I have participated in food drives benefitting them, and they are another fabulous charity! Finally, on the bottom right is my "Giving Key"! The giving keys is an organization that not only employs homeless people, but also works with other organizations! Again, to quickly sum up, you can get basically any word you choose engraved on a recycled key, or any other of their products. Eventually, you are supposed to give this key away to someone (it could even be a stranger) who you think needs this key. It's kind of hard to explain, but if you go on their website, a lot of stories are posted of people who have given away or received the keys, and they're all so inspiring! As much as I love my key, I'm excited to give it away someday! If you can't find the link to any of these websites/organizations by searching google, just tell me and I'll find it for you!
thirstproject - thon - philabundance - cradlestocrayons - thegivingkeys - beamowgli -
beamowgli : I keep forgetting to hashtag!! PS the thirst project, philabundance, and cradles to crayon pics aren't my own! #beamowgli #thon #philabundance #thirstproject #thegivingkeys #cradlestocrayons
mowglisfans : The Giving Keys 😍😍
katiemowgli - jillnbeam - whosklohiekuehneanyways - emmiebewal -
The first topic I'd like to talk about is the extremely rewarding volunteer work I've done. For the past 10+ years, I've gone to a barn in VA, and although I started by taking lessons, I soon began to volunteer. The barn I go to has a therapeutic riding program, which allows physically or mentally disabled people do certain exercises on horses to help either their mobility, or just give them a chance to have fun and relax! It is also a great outlet for emotional therapy! Additionally, we also run programs in the mornings for daycares and other places like that. Working with these people is such a rewarding experience because you can tell that both the adults and children have such a great time riding the horses, and playing the different games. I strongly believe that animals provide a great therapy option for people, and wish more people had the opportunity to explore it! Just being able to help people for an hour or two at a time, and then coming back year after year to see their personal improvements is so amazing, and I'm hesitant to even call it volunteer "work", because I feel like IM the one benefitting, and it doesn't feel like work at all! Even though I only get this opportunity during the summers, the amount of work that goes into this barn year round, and the care of all of the helpers never fails to astound me. From an early age, I was lucky enough to be inspired to help others simply because it is the right thing to do, and because YOU CAN!!! Nothing compares to the feeling of providing support for someone, and seeing them succeed in something that may have seemed impossible to them. I'm so grateful to have worked with such incredible people who have showed me countless times that fears can be conquered, and anything is possible if you work hard for it :).
horses - therapy - beamowgli - volunteer -
beamowgli : #beamowgli #volunteer #horses #therapy
beamowgli : (I wish had pics of me actually volunteering, but we don't have our phones on us when we're helping, and nice technology+barns don't go too well, haha!)
thelazylarry : πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
superindiekid : That's so awesome!
jaysedeface : You rock @allonsykatie1! :)
mowglisfans : Love it 😘
beamowgli : Thanks y'all πŸ˜€πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜ @superindiekid @jaysedeface @mowglisfans. It really is the best experience though...I have such great memories, and I've made great friends from doing this :)
superindiekid : @beamowgli You're welcome! You're doing an awesome job of being involved and changing the world! Keep it up!
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Hello everyone, it's @allonsykatie1, but y'all can just call me Katie! Here's a pic of me with some of Mowgli's friends πŸ˜‰! I just wanted to introduce myself before I began posting everything! Here are some few facts about me--I'm originally from Florida, I love sports, I love singing, I love writing, I love animals, and I of course love the Mowgli's! And lastly, I LOVE putting a smile on other people's faces :)! I can't wait to share with you my inspirations, volunteer work, and favorite charities! #beamowgli #raok #aboutme
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