There's a baby in my belly!
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beckys_pix : #12weekscan #babyradford
Congratulations to me #12weekscan #doinbits
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jessrowe_90 : #TrueDat @abzerony
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A little peanut on the way! #12weeks#baby#pregnant#scan#12weekscan
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hoapeanderson : Congrats πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ @danielle_lugia
123fitfam : You should check out USANA Health Sciences BabyCare Prenatal Essentials! Can't beat em :)
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1 years difference. So crazy. 12week scan, 1 year ago today! #crazy #sofast #babyboy #12weekscan #ayearago
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My baba #boy or #girl ?? I don't understand #nubtheory ? #12weekscan #pregnant #preggers #mybaby
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#mylife #pregnant #12weekscan #beautiful #babygirl #2013baby #royalbaby
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angelshavemorefunxox : #babybump
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Our long legged baby @pay_no_mind πŸ’™πŸ’— girl or boy? What do you think!? βœ¨πŸ‘Άβœ¨ 12 weeks and 4 days #12weekscan
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lucyschorn_co_uk : I was pretty close but to be honest im trying not to get too excited til at least 12 weeks, im mostly failing at this but trying to stay grounded, I guess its self preservation coz of my history. Loss really tarnishes subseqent pregnancies but also makes them even more special. Xxx
mamapug : There's a fine balance I guess but positivity breeds positivity! Worrying can only make it so. My advice would be to feel all of the feels! You're almost at the 12 week 'safety net' I'll be thinking of you! @lucyschorn_co_uk xx
lucyschorn_co_uk : @mamapug you're right, positivity certainly cant do any harm! Thanks petal, will be thinking of u too! Xx
bustachrimes : imagine it was a both. that would be excitings right?!?!
jessknowlesxo : It's a boi!!!!! What are you thinking he/she is mama? Xxxx
mamapug : Errrr I don't think I share your enthusiasm on that Kim @bustachrimes and I was sure it was a boy until the scan @jessknowlesxo then I felt like it was a girl! Xx
vintagedaydreamer : I think boy! #skulltheory :) x
mamapug : On all the other pics the skull looks more round though! I can't decide! @vintagedaydreamer xx
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Our little jellybean πŸ˜πŸ’• #baby #scan #12weekscan #babynumber1 #firstbaby #ultrasound #love @jamesmg84
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heath_groom : Thank you, very exciting! xxx
bethan1985 : Congratulations @Heath_groom xx
amycallanan : Oh my goodness, congratulations!!
heath_groom : Thank you :) did well hiding it from everyone! Xxx
meganjadec : Congratulations!
rustayyyyy : @heath_groom OMGGGEEEEEE
gemmagroom81 : Congratulations on your happy news! Xxx
heath_groom : Thanks girls πŸ˜πŸ‘ΆπŸ’•
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Awwwwwww 😍❀️😍❀️😍❀️😍❀️😍❀️😍❀️😍❀️ #myboy #myson #baby #ruthslittlebean #littlebean #love #12weekscan
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My baba brother/sisterπŸ’‹πŸ’• #babybrother#babysister#mum#pregnant#12weekscan#hehe#cute#excited#happy#love#clever#followforfollow#spamforspam#likeforlike#tfl
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Baby number 2 #happy #excited #exciting #12weekscan #baby #number2 πŸ˜ƒβ€οΈ
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kelslilyrose : Ahhhhh congratulations!!! Xx
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So much has gone on the past few weeks, but no more then the past few days, going to my first scan was meant to be exciting but getting told news you wasn't expecting was horriable! But after receiving the results I wanted to hear, that's brilliant. Still a waiting game, but I'm happy to say I have a little boy on the way! And can't be more happier :) #babyboy #myworld #12weekscan #love
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katielizbeth18 : @nadineagardner thank you! Urm past few days have being hard got transferred to Sheffield had to have tests done as they thought the cromeozones weren't forming right, that's how I found out I was having a boy and got a scan at 16 weeks to make sure there isn't a heart problem or anything, like that, so still a waiting game but am good :) xxxx
sarahlouu1992 : Congratulations hun. Hope everythings okay with yoy and baby xxx
alexdavies4 : You can do this xxxx
katielizbeth18 : @sarahlouu1992 thank you! Things are looking okay ATM still a waiting game :)! But we're doing well! Xxx
sarahlouu1992 : Oh good. Hope things stay okay.. I know how hard it is waiting for answers. Xxx
katielizbeth18 : @sarahlouu1992 sure is! Had one trusts back just gotta wait till am 16 weeks so they can look more into it! But everything's looking good ATM :) xxx
nadineagardner : Awh bless you, you've been through a lot! It will be so worth it when he's arrived though xxxx
katielizbeth18 : @nadineagardner yup I sure have! Haha best be little shit, haha give me enough problems as it is lol xx
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& were complete!! #baby #boy #nursery #happy #12weekscan #picture #frame #lovely #draws #need #filling #whitagram πŸ’™
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gabriella91xx : I think thats the quickest from finding out to actually doin nursery iv eva seen! Lol looks lovely. Xx
naomicampbellx : Haha I need to be organised @gabriella91xx xx
danni_1988 : These drawers are gorgeous where are they from? Xxxx
naomicampbellx : Ikea. Xxx
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#ultrasound #sonogram #baby #12weekscan #unborn #impregnant #pregnancy
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kristin_mae85 : Congrats!!!!
zephscakes : Awwww!!! Congratulations @linzineave and to "daddy" too! X
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Lucian's baby brother/sister 12 week scan :) #baby #scan #ultrasound #12weekscan #newbaby #babynumber2
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morrison_hoetel : Congratulations! Seriously, I really hope things work out for you:)
sarah_veck : Thanks Elle :)
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Can't wait to be a dad #baby#12weekscan#proud#
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aimeebirchall : Ahhh congratulations πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒxx
stevenroberts3 : @aimeebirchall thanks mate x
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Baby Rhodes!! Soooo excited!!! #excited#miraclebaby#12weekscan#happy#love#baby
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kellybrad85 : Omg it finally happened for you!!!!!!! Im having my baby tomorrow :))))
nofferlady : Sure has!! Lol awww fantastic kel!! Pictures pictures pictures! What time? Xx
kellybrad85 : 7am beaut. Will upload as soon as hes here. Im having a c section .... babe your gonna love being pregnant. Enjoy every minute of it. Im so happy for you x x x
nofferlady : Awwww hed be here by now kellybrad85! I cant find you on fb tho? Dont wanna miss the piks lol xxx
thatgirlshelleyann : Congratulations huni!! So happy for u xxx
nofferlady : Thanks #thatgirlshelleyann .... cantvwait to find out what were havibg :-) xxx
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#october2014 #pregnancyannouncement #bigbrother #scanpicture #12weekscan #myloves #family #mybabies #sohappy
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sarahmcturkx3 : Congrats!! Thats great news!! Xxx
xemzi_24 : Congrats siobhan!! :-) xx
lucettadeane : Congratulations!! Happy for you xxxx
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Comparing Scans. Harrison at the top at 12 weeks and new baby at the bottom at 12 weeks. What do you think? πŸ’—πŸ’™#12weekscan
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juliebush444 : Can't believe Harrison features xx
saccos83 : When I had Harrison's 20 week scan they couldn't tell me because he's legs were crossed but at 28 weeks we had the 4d scan and found out then @suzihomebird x
saccos83 : Can't u see the features at the bottom @juliebush444 x
suzihomebird : Oh no!! Bet you were bursting! I'd of been jumping about trying to get him to move! Bet you went on a mad shopping spree after the 4d scan though xx
kellysienna : Sarah if you want to find out sooner I found out at 16 weeks at baby bond at woodford they are really good they were correct with sienna and this one xx
saccos83 : We have a consultation appointment when I'm 16 weeks so might find out then. Don't really want to pay as we will prob get the 4d scan done at 28 weeks. @kellysienna z
milz8081xx : The new baby looks bigger xx
saccos83 : The the way she took the scan pic @milz8081xx x
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So excited to officially announce Sammy and I are having a #baby!!! 😊 #14weekstoday #cantwait #26thSeptember #11weekscan #12weekscan #lookslikearoastchicken
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minterdo : Congratulations to the both of you! Very exciting news @bella_rere
bella_rere : Thank you @minterdo !!! 😊
jaclyn_amy1 : So happy for one of my very best friends @bella_rere you will be amazing parents! Looking forward to meeting baby ponte xoxo
a_bouzikas : #princeponte #princessponte
bella_rere : Thanks @jaclyn_amy1 and @a_bouzikas u guys are the best!! Xo
bonanni01 : What a cutie xxx congrats again
savchel : Congrats darling best of luck xx
louisegrr : Very exciting news!
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Today was amazing! #twins #twinpregnancy #13weekspregnant #pregnancy #ultrasound #twinultrasound #doubletrouble #twobabies #thumbsucking #waving
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sofiemoir : #12weekultrasound #12weekscan
sofiemoir : #expectingtwins
donovians_mommy : Omg congrats:)
kaylala_92 : Are those identical or faternal?
sofiemoir : @kaylala_92 fraternal x
kaylala_92 : I juSt found out yesterday, after my ob told practically told me my baby was dead inside me, went to the hospital cause i was freaking out and not only was there one healthy heartbeat but two <3 i'll be 12 weeks monday.
sofiemoir : @kaylala_92 aww bless you. What a wonderful surprise after such stress! I was completely shocked when I found out and didn't really warm up to the idea for a good month but now I'm very happy and feel blessed. Good luck with your pregnancy :)
kaylala_92 : Thank and good luck with the rest of yours :-)
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Today was amazing! #twins #twinpregnancy #13weekspregnant #pregnancy #ultrasound #twinultrasound #doubletrouble #twobabies
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_staciflower_ : That's so lovely!
sofiemoir : @_staciflower_ ❀️
sofiemoir : #12weekultrasound #12weekscan
sofiemoir : #expectingtwins
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Would like to announce me and Daniel are having another baby. Due 6th Oct #12weeks#scan#12weekscan#new#baby
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saccos83 : Thank you girls @laurenjomarquis @milz8081xx @ruthiestar38 @precious2jem @candy_watson @rioroberts22 @sianmabbs @lucyrose_xx πŸ’• Were very excited πŸ’•
quirkyduckling : Congratulations!!!
michellezmurphy : Congratulations :) x
jadebythesea : Congratulations!!
charleybubble93 : Aww congrats xx
saccos83 : Thank you girls @michellezmurphy @jadebythesea @charleybubble93 x
frilly64 : Aww lovely x
saccos83 : Thank you @frilly64 x
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Can't stop looking at my little Flewks #overwhelming #pregnant #12weekscan #20weekscan #littlewriggler
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price_am : Did you find out what your having? :) xx
mrs_flewker_barker : @price_am no we didn't, although I was tempted! :) xxx
price_am : aww you spoil sports haha! xxx
mrs_flewker_barker : Haha @price_am I couldn't or I would've ended up buying loads of stuff pink or blue! Xxx
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Gender guess anyone? Evas 12 week scan on the top and baby bean on the bottom. #gender #genderguess #pinkorblue #boyorgirl #secondbaby #12weekscan #ultrasound #guessgender #babyguess
genderguess - ultrasound - gender - secondbaby - guessgender - 12weekscan - pinkorblue - babyguess - boyorgirl -
boodlesbabyjournal : Boy :-) xxx
brigidg86 : That's my guess too @boodlesbabyjournal because of the pronounced skull shape! Xx
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Tbt - my 12 week scan with Jensen! So clear! You can see his thumb and if you zoom in can see his bits! I knew as soon as I found out I was pregnant I was having a boy but after this scan I even bought some boys baby grows πŸ˜‚ I was convinced! #12weekscan #jensenkai #helloworld #loveatfirstsight #itsaboy
itsaboy - loveatfirstsight - 12weekscan - jensenkai - helloworld -
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Our little bump at 12 weeks 5 days xxxxx πŸ‘Άβ€β€β€ @alex_carey93 #pregnant #babyscan #love #baby #septemberbaby #12weekscan
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barbiebadger : Your 12 week scan looks like mine :) x
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Our bubba #soexcited #cantwait #12weekscan @rhyso11
soexcited - 12weekscan - cantwait -
lisasurtees : So so excited for you @bridie_09 and Rhys ... Lots and lots of love ....😘😘😘😘
tabby_f : ❀️❀️❀️
mintandursh : Congrats @bridie_09 and @rhyso11 😘
gsav12 : I see a #doodle @bridie_09 @rhyso11
nicolemareewoods : Congratulations!! @bridie_09 and Rhys! Super exciting news!
nat_tweddle : Congratulations! Wishing you all the best.
naezo : YAY!!! Unreal, I'm super excited for you both, CONGRATULATIONS!!!
carly_watson_ : Congratulations @bridie_09 ! How exciting! All the best for the months ahead 😘 x
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#12weekscan #13weeks #baby #firstbaby #tinybabe #love #datingscan #ultrasound #excting
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erinamelialamb : OMGOMGOMG!! Congratulations lady!! So chuffed for you πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•
smallsize : @dinkydotlove thank you ☺️ x x x x x
candicezowie : Congratulations xxx
smallsize : @candicezowie thank you 😘 x x x x
angelhammond : Congrats @smallsize
sydneyplus4 : Lovely xx
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#12weekscan #mybaby #love
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Hello Instagram followers! The cats out of the bag! My hubby and I are having a baby! Yay! So super excited. Due 24th September, 2014. Will post sneaky pics of my progress and journey through pregnancy into motherhood :-D #12weekspregnant #firsttimemum #impregnant #12weekscan #ultrasound #baby #babybump #wereexpecting #reveal #surprize #babybooties #collage #pregnant #pregnancy #mypregnancy #babynugget #excited #yay
firsttimemum - babybump - mypregnancy - collage - 12weekspregnant - babynugget - surprize - impregnant - baby - babybooties - reveal - yay - pregnant - 12weekscan - wereexpecting - ultrasound - excited - pregnancy -
lillylocanathugill : Oops! I meant due 28th September!
pinot_grissly : Oh wow!!!!!! That's sooo cool sweetie, massive congrats to you both and much love β€οΈπŸ’—πŸ’‹πŸŽ‰πŸŽˆ
tiatehuna : Woohoo mad congrats lady such wonderful news amd a very exciting 40weeks for you. Embrace every moment of pregnancy, thats the most amazing bonding time in my eyes. Hugs from me and Tui xoxo β™₯β™‘
ladyshanz : 😁❀️
lillylocanathugill : Nawww thank you @pinot_grissly, @tiatehuna & @ladyshanz - it's all very exciting!
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